The Christmas Story

              Wednesday, December 20, 2018



                      ( A fictional story)


I was told this story by my dad who in turn was told by his father.

You see my great four times over grandfather was an orphan. He was left on the doorsteps of a mayor of a small German town and was instantly rejected and was ordered to the community orphanage. A peace officer placed the child on a sled and off they went to what hopefully be a nice warm friendly orphanage, but Divine Providence had plans otherwise. A great wind out of nowhere swooped down on them and miraculously snatched the child up. This great wind as of great wings of love gently took the child way into the deep forest never to be seen by the townspeople for many years. This great gentle wind placed the child on the doorsteps of a loving family that would come to love him. It was none other than the Kringle family. A family full of love and love of God. doubt this was a big surprise and a big change in the Kringle family, but love knows no end..and their love for him knew no bounds. Of course, they named him Cris Kringle.

The boy grew up into a young man. On one particular Sunday at church young Cris Kringle went to the altar and there low and behold gave his heart and life to Jesus Christ. What joy there was among church members and the Kringle family. As the years went by his love for Christ and for all people grew to know no bounds.

On one particular day, the day before Christ birth, Chris had a visitation from on High...It was Christ The Lord: "Chris...Chris Kringle...would you please your Lord". Chris turned around and saw the Lord and instantly fell to his knee's and said " your desire is my command, command me, Lord. The Lord said " I have seen your love for all mankind and it pleases me. I have a mission for you to perform in the world, a mission that expresses my love to all the world. For I love the world and gave my only son as a sacrifice for them, that they might be saved. Chris, I want you to go into all the world and give gifts as a symbol of my love for them. Chris would you please your Lord". Chris with trembling lips and tears in his eyes said: " I will be honored to do your will, Lord". The Lord smiled and vanished.

So, folks, Chris Kringle did the bidding of the Lord. So on Christmas eve, he delivers all the toys and gifts to all children and adults in the world. His big belly jingling: Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Night". You see Merry Christmas is the description of Jesus birth, life, and resurrection in the symbol of a gift on Christmas day under the Christmas tree. So over the years, children all over the world write their letters to Chris, who fondly became known among the children of the world as SANTA CLAUS. Oh, I forget to mention that on his baby blanket was a tag with the name of Claus.

So if you teach your children strickly the bible version of Christ birth, Go for it. God Bless.

So if you teach your children the Bible and Santa Claus version. Go for it. God Bless.

so if you teach your children just the Santa Claus version. Go for it. God Bless

You see Christ died on the cross and rose again so that we can enjoy Christmas.







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