(I) Causal
Your best minds, more than that would be your smartest contemporary hinbekommen star systems in our secure a medium of education.
Flat is round, which is fairly new for you, but this is already old hat.
Multi-verse? No matter. Our science knows that the majority of the universe is the universe. Long-term shifts are avoided. It is even worse:
Even if there is a danger that this book is now like a hot potato is dropped is mentioned here that the above word is already a spurious auxiliary crutches, a subject of misconduct within the linguistic and physical sense. This is explored and can be read at a suitable location. We are in the innermost Article physics is a hyperlink over to the Ineffable, the present government. So we pull the curtain open and involved no questions.
The physics describing 49-point Planck Nine percent. The mathematics that is related to the figures calculated by the theorem of Pythagoras judgmental after all, a negative side length as a valid solution. The theory holds everything together, and one hundred percent describing is the de facto impervious. She is the newest discipline of philosophy, but not an issue. It's done: After a thousand pages of the philosophical babble book concludes with the key word.
The empty universe had attracted long term no longer appears behind the stove. Progressive long been talk of the demimonde. Even bolder move, Zentralwortsystem 'or only the central word' the before, even if it is outlawed and feared more than anything else. Even death is ridiculous in comparison.
To say the opposite of a great theory is again one that is just wrong.
Many physicists seem to lack the foundation. That is why we are wasting when you are still a large part of the best resources to inflated pseudo-random theories. Here one is already more different paths.
Instead of even a rolled-up dimension to explain the surrounding solid, with what one finds. Ranging from four dimensions to describe the demimonde.
There is no single event that happens a whole. No process is created or destroyed matter, e = ± mc ². The empty space, the dead universe, the featureless universe. The generic term is the key word. The key word =
What is the situation in the border area of intelligence? It is easy to set up a sub-space model and bend quickly yet another dimension theoretically. In practice it has never had a use out of it.
They exist, the theorists, but they are compassionate smiles. No, by the exceptional talent, unfortunately it must be a different tendency towards suicide and the central word in the noun.
This dominates our thoughts 24 / 7 everywhere. Behind the most adjectives, the core of each sentence lies the inconspicuous word.
It has spread in the minds as well as in the language. The incomprehensibility rises when it is spares, while it underlines the extraordinary importance.
Even if one takes a lying position and is fighting a losing battle more than ever that it is reluctant to part. Formulate the academics as well as we drum rum, let it dead Privately, she is constantly gauze. Like all doomed.
This is sad but so true, and hardly worth mentioning, because it has on the course of this story and everyone else's control. If you like the base is negligible. The brief mention here only for completeness.
In scientific circles, it is a clear world, more precisely, it is useful in our world who are so much different than yours.
We are very close, as you tend to the outer edge, and yet has never been to probe the ground to achieve anything close. Why should they?
It is such missions very far to the rear. Your Sun is one of tens of thousand cataloged solar systems. However, it bears only a cryptic name, like so many others, lacks a proper name.
We know the star systems with planets, your one of them is, of no interest to us if we still have very close to our sister.
Here in the first chapter briefly a note to scurry and teeming. It is a mathematical certainty: We look at myself from behind. In this finite system of mirrors that is the most Hoaxmaterie dark, that is, life is scarce.
But it does happen. Island manner on the outside edge rather than in the center of the galaxy, it just goes to a leisurely pace, which is a prerequisite. The parameters of the evolution that has come into being, are similar.
Us from the Raah is always the brightest extra-solar orb Indi noticed. This little Raah, as we say, shines brighter than any neighboring planet and even our own moon, but more on that later.
There is more inspiration: Trivy addition, the main world of hominids, our moon Trymoo dotted with plants and the strangest creatures. Especially to mention are for example wild Roba who pursue a nomadic wandering until now supplying your life.
Even if we humans claim the green moon, so there are still unexplored, independently and deer. But the reverse is possible: some of Ruba Trymoo have liked to see us as cheap labor.
Their untamed relatives, Roba, you can provide. Most of the time you hide in the forest swamps. Furthermore, there is much more exciting in our two-star system. In the principal's message has brought no Roba attack on Trymoo.
Further out, the Water Planet Eerx despite the relatively large distance is covered on Raah of liquid water. It is a very young planet, which applies a portion of its temperature from itself, its interior.
In Him live Eemits, extremely robust two-legged turtle with a life expectancy of up to two hundred years. They are the rulers of this world.
Due to the absolute dominance of local Their evolution is well advanced. In addition to a complex language of the settlement of the single landmass, the supercontinent Wahira already has begun for thousands of years.
It is an inhospitable, occupied by lakes and volcanoes laced landscape of highly polished granite, hard as the reptiles, they have.
The ninety percent of the water surface Eerx also provide for plenty of Wahira to calm down. Algae plants originally from the sea were the only native rural dwellers. The Eemits are excellent hunters, breeders and he cultivate.
Nearly four hundred years, when we have succeeded, yet no causal relationship between two distant space in time in a reasonable Echtlokalzeit we landed the first man on the Eerx.
Due to their design (coming from the water) you hate to fly, especially in the Interplanetary Space. But you learn quickly. A few years later, the first visit by a Eemits took place on Trivy.
They are highly qualified specialists in food production and processing. By creating an agricultural expertise, these solid whirler have made a significant contribution to us to contribute to the indicators.
The first deep-shot konventionalraum missions could only work through a self-sufficient food-functioning biosystem. Developed by Eemit and kept going.
Even if we man the Raah system so dominated by now occupy the plantations controlled by you have a key role in the care of our home planet.
Yes, we are mentally capable of more, so one has the trivial on agriculture and animal husbandry deported to her. The bissel to do that is our credo. Since you manage this task with ease, inventiveness and bravura.
In addition to the wave-particle duality there is such a well to a certain degree between evolution and machine, or else by between medicine and technology. In this broad field will be discussed later in detail, for social and sociological reasons, firstly it brings us to the Vex, the innermost planet of the Raah system.


Publication Date: 11-29-2009

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