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Chapter I:The Old Cottage


 A secluded cove called the Arden Bay, a beautiful place with a beautiful view. This place was very much known for its mystical rumors. The people who lived nearby acknowledged this place as the place that had the most mystical power source. The Arden Bay was rarely visited by the locals because most of them were afraid that they would be cursed or misfortunate would stalk them if they ever visited the cove. However Arden Bay had the best scenery in the whole area, the white-colored sand covering all over the cove. Every morning and evening each time the sun was set and rose on the horizon, the sand would glimmer each time the sunlight shed the light on the sand. The beach would glow and spark resembled a chandelier, glittered with the orange color of the sun. The view strengthened the mystical atmosphere at the Arden Bay as if everyone who stepped afoot on Arden Bay would enter the unknown and mysterious world.

Two hundred yards from the beach, tall cliffs stood high near the beach, on top of it a classic looking cottage was standing tough, the two stories structure was very old one, the white-colored blue and white cottage was facing towards the wide-open sea. The cottage itself was built 300 years ago. It was built for the newlywed couple as a gift from the groom's mother. Many flower varieties were planted in the front yard of the cottage, especially the rose, it seemed that the rose was the most dominant flower in that garden. Behind the cottage there was a quite spacious backyard, it was a garden that flourished with vegetables. Even though most people wouldn't have a gut to step afoot to Arden Bay, but there was this couple who took care and maintained the cottage. Both of them were Maryn and Henry Miller, Maryn's great-grandfather was the owner of the cottage, the place was passed down to her cousin, but her cousin decided to leave Arden Bay many years ago and decided to move to a bigger town.

Maryn and her husband were appointed as keeper for the cottage by her cousin. Maryn and her husband didn't mind at all because both of them loved Arden Bay so much. They decided to spend their life looking after the cottage, if it was not for them who remained at the cottage, the old cottage might destroy through time. For Maryn the cottage was her family legacy, she spent most of her childhood in that cottage, so many memories for her, the precious family occasions were held and celebrated inside that old cottage. For years she and Henry tried to maintain the cottage so it would stand for a hundred years or more. Henry would paint the fading paint and put brand new paint on its wall each year, Maryn would tend the garden and pulled the weed, she loved being outdoors and enjoying nature. The garden was her favorite place to spend most of her time. Each evening she would prepare two chairs and a small table, then Henry and she would have a light chat and wait for the sunset while enjoying their evening tea. They were fortunate that they witnessed the best scenery in Arden Bay over and over again, both of them were not bored to do it each evening. It was their favorite time after the long and tiring day.

When the night fell on the Arden Bay, the sound of the waves could be heard loudly, the sound of water crashing on the rock formation by the beach was echoing all night. The cottage would make a sound through its wind chimes as if it sang and answering the waves' call. Each time the moon rose at night, its light reflected on the cottage roof, when people saw it from the distance, they would see that the cottage was lightened by the moonlight as if it was a gate to the other world. The rumors of Arden Bay wrapped along with the cottage, the mystical aura also could be felt inside the cottage. One of the rumors said that the house was cursed, the old story said that the cottage was built on land that belonged to the mermaid folks.

A long time ago when the settlers came to Arden Bay, They did not know that the land they landed on belonged to the mystical creature. They built a settlement nearby and set a small port at the cove, but the port was destroyed the next day after they built it. They were filled with confusion, so the settlers tried to build a new port, once again when they checked it in the next morning the port was destroyed. Curious about the unexplained incident, they decided to guard the port the whole night long. Ten men were sent to guard the port, they stood next to it until midnight came and nothing happened. However, a few minutes later one of the men saw something strange came from the sea direction, he told his friend that he saw that the sea started to foam, and then both of them walked in the direction where the foam was spotted. It was true that the sea was covered with foam. The floating foam size became larger and larger, it floated straight to the beach. The two men were trying to check when suddenly they saw mermaid folks appeared from the sea foam. Both of them were shocked, they didn't believe that the mystical creature which they heard from folklore was real. They tried to warn the other but they didn't make it, the mermaid folks dragged and drowned them to the sea. One of the eight men left was worried because he didn't see any sign of his friends, so he decided to check on them. He was surprised that he witnessed so many mermaid folks trying to destroy the port. He screamed as loud as he could, they mermaid folks saw him but he was too far away out of their reach, meanwhile, the other men left came to check him, they were surprised also, they tried to save their friend and left the port.

The next morning the news was spread among the settlers that the cove was no longer safe, they didn't believe at first that the port was destroyed by the mermaid folks. Nevertheless, with eight eyewitnesses and two victims, they believed the news. So they decided to move the settlement to the other side of the island, and they forbade the other people to visit the cove. Therefore when the town folks heard the news about the person went missing because the person was visiting Arden Bay. They knew that mermaid folks drowned and killed that person for sure. There was an unwritten rule which was believed by the town folks who lived near the Arden Bay, which put the Arden Bay as the untouched place. The society who lived near Arden Bay learned from their ancestors that nothing good would come to them if they tried to visit Arden Bay.

The cottage itself might be an exclusion from the rumor, but actually, the cottage carried the misfortune story about the people who lived inside it. Even it was such a beautiful cottage many unfortunate events happened inside it, tears were shed over and over inside the cottage. The legal heirs of the cottage mostly would leave the place as if there was a shadow that haunted them, and made their life unsettled. Most of them would have a suffering life, they lost their precious family members, especially the male. Most of the widows would become mad and lost their minds, so no one could live a peaceful life inside the cottage. There was a time when the cottage left abandoned because no one wanted to live and look after a cottage located on a secluded cove. The cottage was almost shattered and broke down but thankfully there was someone who tried to renovate the cottage. That person was Maryn's father, he didn't want that the beautiful old cottage became a ruin, and he did it to honor his mother in law, who gave so many times to take care of the cottage by herself. One of the reasons also for Maryn and her husband to continue the hard work of her father to preserve the cottage, after her cousin, the legal heir of the cottage left the place and didn't want it. The cottage's structure hadn't changed, it was just the same as the first time it was built. Maryn and her husband did a good job to do some maintenance for the old cottage for years, they were happily lived inside the cottage. It seemed that the curse of the cottage didn't affect both of them. The passed down curse which destroyed her aunt's family, she witnessed how things went upside down for her aunt's life, how happiness was taken from her life all of sudden when her husband suddenly died. It also affected her cousin's life, she saw him struggled through his entire life, so many hardships he had to face, even in his last moment. The cottage gave him so many burdens that he couldn't handle them, so he decided to leave the cottage and never returned. He decided to live in the city which quite far away from Arden Bay with his wife.

The last time Maryn saw her cousin, he came to the cottage for his mother's funeral. He should not have come, because the curse of the cottage took him away, he never came back. The most painful thing, Maryn had to tell her cousin's wife that her husband would never return to her. She remembered that she could hear her crying. Her heart must be broken because she had lost her precious husband. Since the day of the incident Maryn felt guilty, her husband Henry realized the burden inside her heart. Luckily, she had a caring husband like Henry, at least she had someone to share her pain. Year after year passed, the cottage stayed the same, Maryn dedicated almost her whole life to take care of the cottage. The old walls inside the cottage would creak at night as if they tried to tell a story, a secret story of each person who had lived inside the cottage, above all, the secret story of a man who started the curse.

Chapter II: The Weeping Boy


The dark grim sea was stirred by the wind, while the rough ocean made the unsettling sound as the storm came to visit the secluded cove. The waves chased each other and slammed the solid rock along the beach, it was a rough night when a storm came violating the cove. One old cottage located on the cliff nearby creaked tried to stand strong against the violent wind. The cold rain poured endlessly from the sky, it seemed like millions of needles falling from the sky, cold and harsh. An antique pickup truck struggled through the pouring rain, the engine strived at its best to pull its wheels on a muddy road. Inside the truck, an old man and a young boy sat in it, the old man tried to control the steering wheel as it refused to turn. He steered the steering wheel with all his might so the truck would go up on the steep and muddy road which lead to the old cottage which waiting for them. He gave all his strength and pushed the gas pedal so the wheels could set free from the mud. After a few times he tried, the wheels were set free, the truck began to enter the old cottage yard. An old woman stood on the porch, she waved at both of them. The old man and the young boy got off from the truck, the old man fixed his old hat and the young boy lifted his luggage tried to avoid the mud. The old woman walked toward the old man and gave him a towel, then she turned to the young boy, and she gave him a big warm smile.

"You already this big Jason, you were just a cute little boy a few years ago"

"Ten years have been passed Maryn," The old man said,

"But it felt like just yesterday, Henry...oh my, it is already this late, hurry up now boy"

Jason just nodded, he followed Maryn and Henry into the cottage. Henry tapped Jason's shoulder and asked him to follow his lead.

"You'll love the attic Jason, I've cleaned it for you" Maryn talked loudly from the kitchen.

Jason looked up at his surroundings, the cottage was very old, more than a hundred years old if he guessed correctly. As he walked on the old stair he could hear the wooden steps were creaking each time he stepped on it, he recognized the sound just like the sound of the old stairs in a horror movie. On the wall, the pictures of the people who used to live in this cottage were hanged neatly, they wore old-fashioned clothes, with gown and gentleman suit. Jason wondered if the cottage was haunted. They arrived in front of a door with a classic door handle, Henry opened the door and he entered the only room in the attic, Jason followed him. Inside the room, there was an old wooden bed which was large enough for him, an old wardrobe, a large mirror, plus a chair and a desk near the window. Jason put his luggage on the floor, the sound of the sea caught his ear, so he headed to the window. The grey colored curtain covered the window, he opened it and his eyes got wider as he saw the high wave hit and splashed on the reef. The cottage was built on top of a cliff, the highest place on that secluded cove, the best place to watch the wide-open sea.

"Even though this cottage is old but you get the best view from here, especially this room," Henry told him,

"Yes, you are right, Uncle Henry" Jason smiled,

"Maryn is preparing the dinner, you can join us after you clean up yourself"

"I'll get down for a few minutes"

"I'll leave then"

Henry closed the door, he left Jason alone in that room. Jason unloaded his luggage, he put his clothes inside the old wardrobe, he turned his head, he saw a small door in the corner of the room, and then he walked toward it. He held the doorknob and opened the door, the room was a bathroom, with a white bathtub and a closet, he began to take off his clothes. He saw mud's stain dirtied his jeans so he took it off also. He washed his face on the old faucet, the water was so cold, as cold as ice, and he was shivering because of it. He took new clothes and put them on, he looked at the mirror and he tried to tidy his messy hair with his hand after everything looked neat on him, he then went downstairs to have dinner with Maryn and Henry.

Henry already sat at the dining table, while Maryn was serving the Meatloaf, Jason clumsily tried to seat himself, Maryn smiled at him and began to cut the meatloaf for him, she put a big piece of meatloaf on his plate, Jason smiled,

"You should eat a lot, you look so skinny. You should put more weight" Maryn said,

"Thank you..." Jason replied,

"We have a feast tonight, I've baked your favorite apple pie, eat a lot"

"Maryn you spoiled him...his stomach will full with all your cooking" Henry laughed.

The three of them started to eat their dinner, a whole table full of food. Jason munched his food, he looked so happy, the meatloaf tasted very delicious he never had it before. He kept stuffed more and more food into his mouth. He never had such a dinner, not this kind of experience. When he still lived in the big city, he used to eat his dinner alone, only him, his mother was busy with her work, she always came home late. The thing which he only remembered about her was her figure which seemed tired and weak. She might be tired after all with her life. She eventually passed away because her body started to crumble, she was seriously ill. His mother never told him about her illness, everything was too late when he realized it. Suddenly, tears fell on his face, he was so sad. Maryn noticed that he was crying,

"Oh, what's wrong Jason, are you alright?"

"No, Nothing....the meatloaf is delicious aunt Maryn"

Jason wiped his tears, he thought that he was strong enough to acknowledge the death of his mother. Henry tapped Jason's shoulder, he smiled at him, and Jason smiled back. He continued his dinner, Maryn gave him the biggest apple pie slice, and Jason ate it all. He had a big appetite for such a skinny boy. After that, he made the loudest burping sound because he ate too much. Maryn and Henry laughed, Jason embarrassed. They finished the dinner, all the plates were clean because Jason ate it all. Henry told him to get some rest after dinner, Jason just nodded his head, and then he went upstairs. Alone in the room, Jason sat on the chair, and then he opened the grey curtain which covered the window. The storm already stopped, he could see the vast ocean, the wave still high, it chased each other but again it would disappear each time it reached the shore. The moon hid behind the cloud, its light tried to breach the dark cloud but somehow the dark cloud did not give any chance for the moon to shine that night. It was so silent out there, only the wave's sound roared through the night. The sea was having a party. Jason remembered the night his mother passed away, that night was like this night, the sky was covered with black colored cloud. He was sitting next to his dying mother in the hospital, her hand was so skinny and pale. He could see the oxygen mask covered half of her face. She was struggling between life and death, the unbearable pain tortured her, and then she started to tremble. She was sighing in pain and then she started to scream. Jason panicked when he saw his mother's condition, he didn't know what to do, so he went outside to call the doctor. However, his mother prevented him from leaving, she held his hand tight and asked him to stay. Jason looked at his mother, he didn't want to lose her. So he pulled his hand and went outside the room. He screamed for a doctor to help him, to save his mother. The doctor and two nurses ran toward him, and all of them entered the room. The nurses and the doctor stood next to his mother and tried their best to help her, but it seemed his mother's body didn't respond to all the medication which they gave her. His mother's hand tried to reach Jason, she was gasping for air, she hardly could breathe, and he could hear her faint voice...

"Jason...Jason...I love you...I'm sorry"

It was her last words, Jason fell on the floor he cried and sobbed, his mother passed away. The doctor and the nurse gave up, they couldn't resurrect her. He was completely alone that night, he lost the only family he had.

His mother's funeral was held two days ago, he thought that he was the only one who had to handle it. However, Maryn and Henry came, they were his father's relatives, and both of them helped him to hold the funeral. For some reason, they also took him in and became his guardian, he was glad that there were people like Maryn and Henry, so he wouldn't be left alone anymore. He never imagined that he had to lose both of his parents, he was just 16, and he wasn't prepared yet. He felt like he lived the most unfortunate life ever.

Jason covered his face with both of his hands, he sobbed a little, he was crying. He already missed his mother. The only person who raised him, the one who looked after him, the person he called mother. His mother raised him alone since he was 3 years old, she became a single parent when Jason's father went missing. For almost 13 years both of them lived together, taking care of each other, but fate went in a different direction, when she was diagnosed that she had cancer two years ago, everything went downhill for Jason and his mother. Life was too harsh toward them. Jason realized that he became an orphan, but at least he found a new family, another place he could call home. Jason gazed at his smartphone, it was already 11.00 pm, he felt tired, and then he stood and walked toward the bed. He decided to get some sleep, he needed some rest, at least the next day he might feel better and his sadness went away for a bit. However, he could not sleep in peace that night he dreamt about his mother. He cried when he was sleeping.

Chapter III: West Arden Town


Jason was still asleep on his bed, he hardly could sleep last night because he missed his mom so bad. Outside, the sun was already high in the sky, its light tried to breach into Jason's room, but the grey curtain was made from quite thick fabric, even its slightest light barely could enter the room. It seemed nothing could bother Jason and wake him from his sleep, a few minutes later, the loud sound of alarm from his smartphone beeped loudly. Jason's right hand tried to reach the smartphone, he was watching the screen and then he realized that it was already 9.00 Am. Jason turned off the alarm, he put back his Smartphone on the small side table next to his bed. He covered his face with both hands, he could feel that his eyes swelled, he got up from the bed and walked toward the window, he opened the grey curtain. The sunlight blinded his eyes. Jason closed his eyes, he tried to peek at the view outside when he slowly opened his eyes, the vast blue ocean greeted him with the magnificent scenery. The cloudless blue sky made the sea seemed infinite, he was amazed, and he never saw something like this before. Suddenly, the sound of a knock on his bedroom door made him turned his head, it was Maryn...

"Are you awake yet Jason?"

"Yes, aunt Maryn" Jason opened the door.

"Can you help Henry out, He'll be going to the town to buy some supplies"

"Of course, I'll change my clothes first"

Maryn went downstairs, Jason quickly went to his bathroom, he brushed his teeth and washed his face, he took his jacket which he hanged on the wall then he put it on. Jason went downstairs, he saw Maryn busy in the kitchen, and then he walked to the front door, he opened the door and stood on the porch, he could see Henry was trying to turn on the pickup engine. Maryn brought something in her hand, she made sandwiches and packed them in a food container. She wanted to give it to Jason,

"I've made these sandwiches you can eat it with Henry"

"Thank you, aunt Maryn"

Jason accepted the food container and then he went to find his Uncle Henry in the front yard. It seemed that Henry managed to turn on his old pickup, he waved his hand toward Jason, calling him to ride on the pickup. Jason walked toward the truck his right hand holding the food container, he entered the pickup and put the food container on the dashboard in front of him. Henry honked the pickup horn, he waved Maryn goodbye.

Henry drove the pickup to the nearest town, it was located on the west side and it was 5 miles away from Arden Bay. Even though the town was small but it had complete facilities such as a school building, a Market with different kinds of shops, a hospital, and many other facilities. Most of the town's people ran an inn because this town which was called the West Arden town, quite famous for its sea scenery and its white sand which covered the beach. It became a tourist attraction during the summer. The tourist would come and flocked the place each summer, most of the town folks were into the hospitality business, so many restaurants and pubs were built along the beach. Some of them also became fishermen, the small port always busy and full of fresh fish stock.

Henry turned the radio on, an old folk song could be heard from the radio, he sang along with his cheerful tone. Jason opened the food container and grabbed a sandwich, he was quite hungry. He munched his sandwich, it was delicious. Jason thought that his aunt a very good cook, the meal she gave him always taste delicious. Henry laughed at Jason, he looked like he never ate a thing for a week, so Henry also grabbed a sandwich and kept driving. Ten minutes later both of them arrived in West Arden town, it was autumn at that time, not so many tourists visited the town. Henry drove his pickup to the port, he parked his pickup near a small warehouse. He got off from the pickup, and Jason followed him. There was a guy who stood in front of the small warehouse, he was busy fixing his fishing net, Henry called him.

"Hey Scott"

"Henry, how are you?" Scott put his fishing net on a chair,

"Good, any fresh fish for me?"

"You are lucky, Harold and I got the best fish this morning"

"You'd better give me some good stuff, or else Maryn will be nagging me"

"It sounds like her" Scott laughed,

"This is my nephew, Maryn's cousin's son"

"The Evander? Really"

"Who's Evander?" Jason asked Scott,

"No one Jason, why don't you try this place specialty, that Inn and Dine, why don't you order something for both of us, you haven't had your breakfast yet"

"Ok, Uncle Henry"

Jason left and walked in the direction of the Inn and Dine, he felt something odd with his uncle that he tried to cover something. Never mind, it might not an important thing. This small town was something new, everything was a fresh experience for him. He stood in front of the Inn and Dine, a classic fisherman house with its ornament. He opened the door and the bell rang, it looked like that it wasn't opened yet. No one was on standby at the counter. Jason observed the room, there were pictures of fishermen, fishnet, and a paddle hanged on the wall. There were a few tables and chairs in that place. Suddenly he heard a woman voice from behind him,

"May I help you?"

"Oh..." Jason startled,

"You're not from around here..."

"I just came to this town yesterday...."

"Are you lost..."

"No, see my uncle Henry told me to order something from here, but I see no menu..."

"Ah, you're Maryn's nephew, such a handsome young man" the woman giggled.

"How did you know about me?"

"This place is a small town, the news is easily spread here, and I'm Marjory the owner of this place"

"I'm Jason nice to meet you, is there anything you can suggest, a special menu, maybe?"

"Our specialty is fish, how about fish and chips with cheese and sour cream sauce, or a Deep-fried fish sandwich?"

"I already ate a sandwich today..."

"No, no you must try this, we deep fried the whole sandwich, how about that?"

"Ok, I'll try that. It sounds delicious, can I have a coke and...."

"Henry always loves black coffee, I'll tell the chef to prepare the meals for you"

"Ok, I'll be sitting next to the window"

Marjory left Jason alone, she was headed to the kitchen. Jason sat at the table on the corner by the window, a few minutes later, Henry came. He sat in front of Jason, and then he held his smartphone texting his wife Maryn. Jason looked out through the window, there was something that caught his attention. He could see busy fishermen with their fish, freshly caught fish. A large amount of fish was put inside a big plastic container, more and more people gathered around the fish container. A few minutes later Marjory came with the coffee. Jason noticed there was a man who walked behind her, he brought two plates of meals in his hand, he served the meals, Henry stood up and shook his hand,

"Hello, Andy, still busy with your kitchen?"

"Yeah, fortunately, it always crowded here, business doing awesome" Andy shook Henry's hand,

"Our canned fish also, it was quite busy in the factory, someone ordered one thousand canned tuna this month"

"That old factory always busy since it was built," Marjory said,

"So this is your nephew, right? The resemblance is quite uncanny"

"Don't say like that, is weird you know" Marjory tapped Andy's shoulder.

"Enjoy your meals, you'll never find this kind of dish in other places"

Marjory walked to the counter and Andy went back to the kitchen because more and more people entered Inn and Dine to get some breakfast. The sandwiches were very hot, Jason used his fork and knife to cut one of the sandwiches. The sandwiches caught his attention, It was a quite odd meal, a fried sandwich, but it also tasted very delicious. From the first bite, Jason loved the taste. His eyes sparkled with joy when he ate the sandwiches. He enjoyed the sandwiches until the last bite. Henry laughed when he saw Jason,

"Finish your sandwiches, we have to get back"


Jason quickly finished his cola, Henry walked to the counter and paid for the meal. Jason already stood next to the door. He waited for his Uncle so they could go home together. Marjory waved at him, Jason smiled. Henry and Jason left Inn and Dine, Jason followed Henry to the car. After that, both of them got into the pickup, and then Henry drove the pick up back to the cottage. For Jason, it was quite something, he met new people who welcomed him. Total stranger being nice toward him was such a pleasant experience. He never felt like this before when he was lived in the big city. Back then, when he was still in his old place, even though he lived in a big city he always felt alone. Everyone was busy with their own business. Even in his old school, he was a loner, but in this small town, somehow, he found a new reason to open up his world. He hoped that he could find something to fill the hole in his heart. He learned something new in this remote place, friendly faces that brighten his grey world. He had not regretted his decision to


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