Chapter I

A little boy was playing alone on the back porch of a house, someone was staring at him from the second floor. A 29 years old woman was sat by the window inside her room, her eyes were wet because she cried. Her eyes fixed on the young boy, he was her son, her only son named Daryl. Since yesterday, Eyla was officially divorced from her husband, Geoff. Her heart was broken knowing that her marriage life for 8 years had been destroyed. Geoff divorced her because he would prefer to live with a younger woman whom he had met at the gym.

It was all started when Geoff gained weight so much. He hardly could walk because his weight almost reaching 200 Kg. Eyla suggested that Geoff went to the gym and found a personal trainer who could help him losing his weight. Geoff agreed to his wife's suggestion. So one day he decided to have a gym membership and found a personal trainer. Eyla noticed that her husband’s effort to lose some weight was successful. She feared that if he did not lose his weight, he might get ill. Knowing that her husband was getting fit and had a better shape, Eyla supported him when he told her that he wanted to continue his gym membership. However, behind her back, he was playing with fire. He started to date a woman who was younger than him.

Eyla was just a normal housewife living in the house in the suburb. She trusted her husband so much that he would love her always. Geoff was slick as a fox, he had some fun with his mistress and forgot that his wife was faithfully waiting for him at home. Somehow, Eyla had sensed that his husband had changed. He became ruder toward her, especially when he suddenly left the house after receiving a phone call and she started asking him where he would go.

Geoff would look at her fiercely and said, “It’s none of your business”

Eyla did not dare to ask him further, so she just let him left the house even though it was almost midnight. Her husband would leave her for days and came back drunk. He started to abuse her and left her bruised. Eyla’s heart was broken she did not understand at all. She always blamed herself because she thought that she was not good enough for him. She believed that she had annoyed him so he would mad at her. However the abuse started getting worse, Geoff did not even give her money to support her and their son. Eyla was panicked when the bills started to come and she did not have money to pay them.

One day when Eyla went home from picking up her son from preschool, she saw her husband’s car was parked on across the street. She wondered if her husband was not working, he told her that his boss wanted to send him out of town for business. She wanted to see him, so she gathered all her courage to find out about her husband. Holding her son’s hand tightly Eyla tried to find where her husband was. After walking for few meters, she saw her husband. He was sitting at the table of a café, a young woman was sat opposite him. Eyla was not ready for such a situation when she witnessed her husband and the strange woman started to behave like a lover. She was shocked when suddenly Geoff gave the woman a light peck on her lips. Eyla stood like a statue in front of the café, she did not realize that she held her son hand too tight,

“Mommy you are hurting me” Daryl screamed in pain, Eyla realized that she had hurt her son. She loosened her grip and checked on her son’s hand. His right hand was reddened and there was a hand mark on it. Eyla blew her son’s hand and kissed it.

“I’m sorry, mommy is hurting you”

“But mommy, why is daddy sitting there? He said that he’s going out of town” Daryl asked.

Eyla was speechless, she could not answer her son’s question. Eyla felt that she was a coward, she turned back and went straight home. She decided to wait for her husband’s explanation. That night just like it used to be, Geoff did not come back. Eyla sobbed behind the front door. She understood but she could not accept the fact yet.

A few days later Geoff came home, as usual, he was drunk. His smell was terrible as if he had not taken shower for days. He jumped to bed and went to sleep. There were so many curiosities inside Eyla’s head. She wanted to confirm everything with Geoff

“Are you sleeping, honey?”

Geoff did not budge, Eyla tried once again. She put her hand on his arm trying to wake him up. She shook his arm gently and his reaction was frightened her. He pulled her, and it made her fell on the bed. He pinned her down and choked her.

He started to scream at her furiously “Can I get a peaceful sleep? What’s wrong with you woman? You keep bothering me”

Eyla struggled for her life. She tried to break free from Geoff's hands, but he was too strong. She started to kick and luckily her kick landed on Geoff’s private. His eyes were bulging as he felt the pain. When Eyla felt that he loosened his grip. Eyla got off the bed and ran to her son’s room. She locked the door but she was unsure that the door could protect her from Geoff. So she pushed Daryl’s desk and positioned it in front of the door, she wanted to block Geoff’s access to Daryl’s room.

“Let me in! You bitch” Geoff angrily knocking on the door. His scream waking up Daryl. Daryl was terrified because he knew how abusive his father toward his mother. Eyla and Daryl were hugging each other. Geoff continued knocking on the door furiously. Eyla was afraid that he might hurt Daryl, so she screamed out loud,

“Leave us alone, I’ll call the police if you are not leaving the house”

“I’m not scared, this is my house” Geoff furiously threatened Eyla.

“Yeah, but if you hurt me and Daryl, I’ll scream out loud and waking up the neighbors”

Eyla tried her best to warn Geoff. The knocking sound on the door was stopped. However, she was not sure if Geoff had left yet. From the front yard, the sound of the car’s engine roaring, Geoff was leaving the house. Eyla’s heart was sunken, she was frightened that Geoff might kill her. She could not sleep, but inside her heart, she decided that she had to find a way to confirm Geoff’s relationship with the strange woman.

The next day she called her best friend Jessica, the only friend she knew from high school. She asked for her help, she needed someone to babysit Daryl for a day. Unfortunately, Jessica was busy because she was the owner of Starbright Co, an event planner company. Yet, she still offered Eyla to come and see her at the office. Eyla agreed, she prepared herself and Daryl to visit her best friend. Both of them ride on a bus to downtown where Jessica’s company was located. When they arrived, Eyla was surprised, she never thought that her best friend had such great company. Eyla called Jessica that she had arrived in front of her company building. Jessica told her to go to the 9th floor, and then she ended the phone call. Eyla and her son were going to the 9th floor using the elevator. When the elevator’s door opened up, she was amazed at how fancy Jessica’s office was. She was confused at first but luckily the receptionist helped her to see Jessica.

Jessica was already waiting for Eyla inside her office, Eyla was embarrassed with the way she dressed up compared with Jessica, who looked elegant and classy. Contrarily, Eyla was a complete mess. However, Jessica welcomed her long-lost best friend. She was hardly recognized Eyla because she looked thin and fragile, it seemed she had lost her spark. Jessica noticed a little boy who stood next to Eyla, she smiled at him. Daryl shyly hid behind his mommy. Jessica and Eyla had been separated since Eyla decided to marry her now-husband Geoff. They had been sending messages but somehow Eyla stopped sending her any message three years ago. Jessica asked Eyla and her son to sit down on the sofa.

“How are you Eyla?”

“I don’t know, fine maybe…”

Eyla was hesitant to answer her best friend’s question. She looked down on her feet because she felt that she had made the wrong choice to visit Jessica.

“Oh dear, what’s wrong with your neck, are you okay Eyla?”

“Daddy hurt mommy again” Daryl’s innocent words shocked Jessica, she never thought that her best friend had such unfortunate life. Tears broke down from Eyla’s eyes. She could not hide it anymore. At first, she felt awkward that she suddenly contacted Jessica for no reason.

However, she needed help, fretfully, Eyla told Jessica everything that happened to her. How desperate she was that her life was ruined by the third person inside her marriage. She just wanted to confirm her husband’s relationship with the woman, and she wished that she could save her marriage,

“Are you sure? He has been abusing you, but it is up to you, I’m supporting you whatever your choice is” Jessica gave her opinion.

Eyla somehow did not want to divorce him, she still had a hope that Geoff might still love her. As a best friend, Jessica saw Eyla was distressed, but she could not judge Eyla’s choice, even though Jessica wanted to protect her. She offered Eyla to live with her. Eyla refused, but after she remembered what had happened she agreed. Just for a couple of days, she thought it might be best for her and her son.

Jessica gave Eyla such great help. She gave her a place to stay and hired a private detective to investigate Geoff's routine. Eyla was so happy for her friend's kindness, she was all alone all the time, her friend's kind gesture gave her hope. For the time being Eyla waited for the investigation of her husband. However, as Jessica had warned her, she could not save her marriage anymore. The pictures she received from the detective had proven that Geoff had cheated on her. Eyla gave up all her hope. Jessica suggested arranging an appointment between Eyla and Geoff then both of them could decide if they wanted to continue their marriage or would not. Eyla did not have any other option then she agreed. Jessica offered Eyla that a lawyer would accompany her as a conciliator because she was afraid if Eyla went to see Geoff by herself, he might hurt her.

Jessica had already set the date for the appointment, she rented a private room where Eyla could meet Geoff. Jessica asked a lawyer to accompany her. Eyla was anxious on the appointment day, she did know what to do if she met Geoff. The lawyer had waited for her inside the appointment room, few minutes later Geoff came, but he was not alone. He brought his mistress with him. Eyla tried to be brave but before she started to speak, Geoff boldly told her that he wanted to divorce her. Eyla lost her words, she forgot what she wanted to talk about. The lawyer noticed that Eyla could not make a proper decision. He decided to take over on Eyla’s behalf. Geoff demanded about the divorce settlements, he wanted to sell the house. Eyla refused it because if she sold the house, she would not have a place to live. However, Geoff persisted because he wanted to move with his mistress. Eyla had no other option but to agree. It seemed that Geoff had made up his mind to live with his mistress. Eyla did not want to suffer anymore. So she let the house be sold. The appointment went well, the lawyer also protected her from Geoff‘s aggressive behavior. The only thing left for her was the divorcement. The lawyer would settle things that she could not handle. At least she could be thankful that at her worst there was still hope for her. She was glad that she came to see Jessica, a best friend she could count on.

Chapter II

Alone inside her room, Eyla had already packed all her belonging and Daryl’s. She was sad, she could not believe that she had to sell the house. She did not know what to tell Daryl, looking at him playing happily on the back porch made her wondered if he would be sad knowing that his parents had been separated. Little Daryl waved at her, his cheerful smiled was Eyla’s only consolation in this hard time. She waved at him back and shouted,

“Have you finished playing, Daryl?”

“Yes, mommy!”

Daryl went inside the house and brought all his toys with him. Eyla brought the luggage downstairs, Daryl wondering why his mommy brought so much stuff with her.

“Where are you going, mommy?”

“We are going to move out from this house”

“No, I don’t want to go, I like it here”

Eyla knew that Daryl would refuse to go. She hugged him and gently told him that she had to sell the house. Daryl was still upset, he was crying and refusing to leave. Eyla held back her tears, she wanted to be strong for her child. Once again she tried to convince her son, that they would live in a better place, much better than their house. It took a while for Daryl to agree, even though, he was still sobbing but he willingly left the house. Eyla looked at the house for the last time. There were so many memories inside the house, mostly happy memories. Eyla took a deep breath she was ready to go from the house and put all the memories behind.

Eyla still had not decided where to live. However, Jessica offered to stay with her for a while. They could live at the guesthouse behind her mansion. Eyla did not refuse the offer because she knew that she had not had enough preparation to face the reality. She realized that she had to find a job soon enough, but she wondered if there any job for her. Especially she had been a housewife for six years. She was confused about their future, she was so scared that she was not able to become a good parent for Daryl. She wished that everything was a dream that she would wake up and did everything like she used to. The fact struck her that no matter what she wished for, the truth was she already divorced and Geoff did not love her anymore.

Eyla then called a taxi to send her to Jessica’s mansion. She envied how successful her friend was. She felt like a loser, who wanted to be pitied. The taxi arrived, Eyla put all her luggage in the trunk and got on into the taxi with her son. The taxi sent Eyla and her son to Jessica’s mansion. It took them just a couple of minutes to arrive there. When they had arrived, there was someone who greeted them, she was Eleanor and she worked for Jessica. Eyla followed her as she helped her to bring the luggage to the guesthouse. Daryl was still pouting knowing that he could not come back to his old home. After saying thank you to Eleanor who had helped her, Eyla unpacked her luggage. Eleanor left the guesthouse and went back to the mansion.

As the night came and the backyard lights were turned on, Eyla could see a beautiful view as the lights reflected on the pool. Daryl was still asleep on the sofa. Eyla let him like that, he was upset for the whole day. She could not blame him because he had to leave his precious backyard where he used to play. Suddenly there was a knock on her door, Eyla went to check it. It was Jessica, she invited Eyla and her son to have dinner with her family. Eyla took the offer then she gently trying to wake up Daryl. He lazily opened his eyes. Eyla told him that Aunt Jessica invited them for dinner. Daryl was hungry, so he nodded and followed his mommy. Eyla and Daryl joined the dinner. It was their first experience to have such a festive dinner after a long time. The dinner table was crowded, there was Shawn, Jessica’s husband, and the twin, Jessica’s children, Tara and Tyson. Daryl was not upset because luckily he met the twin and easily became their friend. The jolly dinner was full of laughter, for a while Eyla could forget her sadness.

When the dinner had finished, the children were playing in the living room and Shawn followed them. Eyla was helping Jessica to clean up the dinner table. She mounted all the dirty dishes to the dishwasher. Jessica asked Eyla to follow her to have a light chat in the backyard. Both of them sat on the chair by the pool. Eyla was looking at all her surroundings, she was amazed by the view. When she saw Jessica, she thought how lucky she was. She lived a happy life, a faithful husband, and had a good job. Jessica smiled, she knew what inside Eyla’s mind.

“I know what you’re thinking” Jessica seemed able to read Eyla’s thought “You might think, that I live a successful life, I get all of this with my hard work and yes, everything comes by itself”

“I’m sorry, I just feel that life being harsh on me” Eyla smiled, a bitter smile for her unfortunate life but she also happy knowing that her best friend lived a good life “I’m sorry, that I don’t call you often, those endless chores overtake me”

“I forgive you” Jessica hugged Eyla “You are here now, I’ll help you to get through all of this” Jessica was happy, when Eyla called her after a long time, both of them reunited once again.

Jessica and Eyla had a long chat, they were trying to catch up on the lost time between them. Until they stumbled upon, Eyla’s biggest problem, she had to find a job. She had to earn money so she could continue her life, but she wondered if there any job which suit her. After all, the last time she worked was five years ago.

“Why don’t you work at my place?” Jessica offered Eyla.

“I don’t know if I could it” Eyla refused, she felt that she had received all of Jessica’s kindness. She did not want to overexploit her kindness anymore.

However Jessica pushed her, she knew that Eyla needed it. She told her that Eyla could become her event planner because she needed a new employee to replace one of her employees who had resigned recently. Eyla was not confident enough to do such a job because she had no confidence at all. Jessica told her that she would teach her, and helped her to learn to be a good event planner. Eyla felt that her life was full of blessing, she agreed and promised Jessica that she would work for her. She believed that her best friend was an angel in disguise. Eyla was glad that everything went well after her divorce, she had a job and best friend who was such a kind person. She owed her so much that she did not know how to repay her, but she would do her best because this was her time to shine again.

A few days later after Eyla settled all her matters, she started to work for Jessica. She did not officially become an event planner but she learned how to become one. She became an assistant for Jessica and learned directly from her. It was such dutiful work, she had to go to different places and made sure that the occasion of the clients would go well. The hardest thing for her was leaving her only son Daryl, for the moment, she entrusted Daryl to a nanny who worked for Jessica’s family. Jessica told her that the nanny would pick up and sent Daryl back to her mansion. However, Eyla had missed her son so much, she rarely saw him, because her job cost her a lot of time. The only chance she met him was when they had breakfast and dinner. Eyla believed that it would be a good thing for their future, if she had enough money, she would rent an apartment and bought a car. She could commute using the car and sent Daryl to his preschool. She had to work hard to achieve such a thing. For the time being, she had to learn fast and made Jessica believed in her, so she could officially be an event planner.

After a while, Jessica could see that Eyla worked hard and could be trusted. She did a good job, and even though that she was only an assistant, Jessica could count on her. It seemed that Eyla had mastered her job, so Jessica offered Eyla to become an event planner because she was short of personnel. There was a client who asked for her help in planning her future party. Jessica agreed about the project and gave Eyla the responsibility not knowing that the client was an important person. The client made an appointment with Eyla at the Starbright Co.’s office, luckily Jessica had prepared an office for Eyla so she could immediately work and handle the client. Eyla was preparing the files that she needed for the appointment. She was so nervous because it was her first task after she officially became an event planner. At 9.00 o’clock sharp, a fancy young woman came to her office, Eyla could smell her guest's luxurious perfume. She was astonished by her look because she was a very famous person. A true celebrity, she was the heir of the international fashion company.

Eyla was a bit nervous, she asked her client to sit down. Eyla tried to smile, but she realized that her face might very awkward this time. She was Catherine Healy, Eyla’s first important client.

“Good morning, Miss. Healy, Nice to meet you” Eyla greeted Catherine.

“Just call me Catherine” Catherine wanted Eyla to loosen up “and you are?”

“I’m Eyla Steels but just call me Eyla” Eylas gestured Catherine to take a seat “Please have seat”

“Thank you” Catherine sat on a white velvety sofa “I heard that Starbright Co. is a very good event planner company, so I’m here for my birthday party”

“You make a good choice”

“I want to celebrate my 22nd birthday party, and it will be held at my mansion, but as you see I want to have a spectacular birthday party. Can you do it for me?”

Eyla was surprised to hear the compliment about the company, but she thought that Jessica had made mistake. Eyla was guessing if Jessica did not know that the client was Catherine Healy. She asked for permission from Catherine because she wanted to make a call. Catherine let Eyla made a call, a she was very excited about


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