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Lucy Magic Cafe

Mischievous Lady


This is the second series of Lucy’s Magic Café, this is the continuation of the first series, Lucy Magic Café Open. Lucy’s daily life becomes more dynamic as she faces more and more complicated situations. Something that leads Lucy a step bit further to the hidden secret.


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Chapter 1

The plain old Aston town used to be quiet, where the line of old buildings was grey and gloomy. The slow untouchable small-town life recently had changed, because of one building at the corner of the street. From afar people could be seen lined up in front of a café. The center of attraction of the Aston town brought life to the almost doomed small town. Lucy’s Magic café was always busy even during the weekdays. Since the opening ceremony of the café, that line of people was never ended, not only for Lucy, those visitors were also given a great income for the Aston town folks. Thus everyone got their share, Aston town became a well-known place even for the small souvenir shops and the other business in town was making money from the visitors. Everyone was busy welcoming the visitors that came from outside the town. Lucy’s café made a great impact on the economic life of Aston town. It happened because Lucy’s Magic café had its limitation, not everyone who came to visit had the chance to enjoy their time inside the café. Before the evening came, Lucy was already closed her café, because everything was sold out. Those unlucky customers decided to spend their time roaming through the town instead of going home. The charm of a humble small-town enchanted them, lucky for the town folks, it meant more money for them.

Just like this time, Lucy was apologizing to everyone who had not got a chance to enter the café. She felt sorry for them but there was nothing she could do. Actually, she could do something for them, she had her magic power to the max but she was just too lazy to do it. She was politely apologizing to everyone, as usual, she put on the sweetest sugary smile on her face. The customers could not protest, looking at the empty displays they walked away from the café. Lucy felt fortunate, it might be because of her new face. She charmed everyone with her new face. It was not all the youth and porcelain soft skin, she became the enchanting Lucy. She did not know how long the effect would last but it did not matter, she was at her peak moment. She would use the charm until it last and might find a way to prolong it. For Lucy, everything would possible if she had the magic power, not only her magic but also the tremendous income. She was such a materialistic witch, for her, the smell of the bundles of money was more fragrant than any perfume in the world. She even slept on a pile of money, resulting in a backache but she was happy. Just like this time, her cashier machine was full of money, just like a proud mother she held the cashier machine and adored it. It truly was her precious baby, just as she saw the money inside the drawer, a smile bloomed on her face. The profit of today’s selling was satisfactory as always, Lucy quickly collected the money from the cashier machine’s drawer and brought it upstairs.

Meanwhile, Rhine and the others were cleaning up the café. The pile of dirty dishes waited to be washed, it was Emi’s task. It did not mean that she was in charge to wash the dishes but it happened because her friends refused to do so. Emi wished that the magic stone had not been taken away from her, she would do the task easily using her magic. Even though she could do it without the magic stone, it would cost her so much energy. She did not want to spend days in bed to recover just for a simple chore, she had no choice, and she must do it manually. Bo and Ervin were tidying up the tables and the chairs, in the meantime there were two creatures at the corner of the café that debating each other. Another trivial matter, but this time it seemed that Hannah purposely picked up the fight with Leo.

“Can you just let it be?” Hannah pointed at the small flower pot next to the entrance door.

Leo picked up the flower pot and put it against the wall “it won’t block the way in this position”

Hannah pulled the flower pot to its first location “No, it is much better if the pot is located here”

“Are you seriously doing it?” once again Leo put the pot against the wall “a customer had tripped his foot this afternoon”

“But it was just one person” Hannah stood up for her argument “no one could see the beauty of the flowers if you put it on that place”

“It is much safer here for the flowers” Leo kept his opinion, he did not want to lose to Hannah.

“Don’t you tell me that you can talk to a plant?” Hannah was curious and waited for Leo’s answer.

“I’m a Faeln, a guardian of the woods” Leo showed up his power to Hannah by touching the flower bud with his finger.

Hannah was mesmerized when she saw a glimmer of light showing up from the tip of Leo’s finger. As if she watched real-time magic before her eyes, the flower bud bloomed in an instant.

“You have such a great magic trick” Hannah tried to compliment Leo.

“It is not a magic trick” Leo was displeased.

“Are you going to waste your power?” Ervin chimed in “Are you trying to impress that plain human girl?”

“My name is Hannah” Hannah felt insulted by Ervin’s words.

Ervin was ignoring Hannah, he did understand Leo’s behavior who was trying to convince a human about his power “You should not waste your power” Ervin emphasized his words, he put his hand on Leo’s shoulder “You are the one who could support Rhine when she is in trouble”

Leo nodded, he realized that he had made a mistake. He should not have shown his power to Hannah. It was such a waste. Leo stepped back and moved away from Hannah followed by Ervin. Being ignored, Hannah was upset, she then kicked the flower pot and hurt her left foot. Holding back the pain she went to the back to change her uniform. It was already dark outside, the café had been tidied up. There was nothing to do. Rhine and the others went upstairs. Hannah had finished changing, she was left alone. Then she saw the flower pot once again, she squatted next to it. She wanted to apologize,

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to hurt you” Hannah reached out to one of the flowers “I don’t know why I behaved like that”

Hannah stood up, she was ready to go home when suddenly someone rang the bell outside the café. She wondered who came to visit when the café was already closed. Hannah opened up the door, a well-dressed man in a black suit was standing by the door. His firm expression intimidated Hannah,

Nervously Hannah greeted the man “Good evening sir, is there anything that I can help you with?”

“I want to meet the owner of this café,” the strange man said.

Hannah knew she couldn't call Lucy downstairs, she could not be bothered after the operational hour of the café.

“I’m sorry sir, I can't do so” Hannah tried her best to refuse the strange man’s demand “You can see her tomorrow”

The man persisted “I must see her, Lady Holloway asked me to do so”

Hannah was shocked, the strange man must be one of Lady Holloway’s servants. She remembered that Lady Holloway also visited the café after the opening ceremony ended. Hannah quite knew about Lady Holloway’s behavior, she was quite a talk of the town. When Lady Holloway demanded something no one could refuse her. It seemed that Lucy had met her equal opponent. However, it was not a good thing for Hannah, she did not want Lucy to scold her, and on the other hand, it was also a bad choice to refuse Lady Holloway’s demand. Hannah could not decide, but luckily Leo was coming downstairs,

“What are you doing Hannah? You should be going home” Leo stopped talking when he saw Hannah's face. He wanted to scold her at first for not going home soon, but when he saw the man, he understood that the man had troubled Hannah. Hannah stepped back and stood next to Leo, she clung to Leo’s arm and lowered her head. Leo wondered what kind of thing made Hannah frightened.

The servant interrupted “Could you let me see the owner of this café?” he asked again to Leo “Lady Holloway invited the café owner to her mansion”

“This young girl beside me might have told you that the owner could not be bothered” Leo tried to handle the situation “I will tell the owner about this invitation, but it will be her decision if she wanted to come or not”

The servant was aware that he could not push further, so he excused himself and left the café. Leo closed the door, yet, Hannah had not let go of his arm. She was still frightened.

Chapter 2

Another busy day in Lucy’s Magic café, everyone was overwhelmed by the never-ending customers, but somehow Hannah was quiet today. She did not talk much like she used to, the odd thing was she made so many mistakes today. It seemed that her mind was not in its place. Luckily, Leo was aware of Hannah's odd behavior, he was keeping an eye on her through the afternoon until the café was closed. Different from Leo, Lucy could not hold her temper. After everyone finished cleaning up the café, Lucy asked Hannah to follow her upstairs. Hannah realized that she had made so many mistakes today, she was afraid that Lucy might ask her to stop working in the café. Hannah felt troubled since her encounter with the servant of Lady Holloway the day before. There was a reason why she was not focused on her work today at the café.

Lucy entered her office on the third floor of the café building, Hannah was hesitant to enter the office. She just stood there in front of the door. Lucy was impatient with Hannah, so she shouted at her,

“What are you doing there?” Lucy’s voice was loud and strict.

Hannah who stood in front of the door had no choice. She stepped into the office with her head bowed down. Hannah’s little body was shaken as the door behind her suddenly slammed off with the loud bang noise. Lucy with her fierce stare was judging on Hannah.

“For how long that you’ll keep silent?” Lucy asked Hannah.

“I’m so-sorry” Hannah stuttered. She seemed lost for words. Everyone who looked at Hannah could see that she was frightened. Her natural pink lips became pale and almost whitish. Her sweat dripping from her forehead, Hannah was not comfortable with the situation she had to face.

“Do you still want to work here?” Lucy's words were blunt, she directly made a point that cornered Hannah.

“Y-yes” Hannah still stuttered “I-I’ll work carefully”

“What’s wrong with you today?” Lucy stared at Hannah’s figure deep “Is it because of the Lady Holloway’s servant?”

Hannah did not answer, but suddenly, her legs were trembling, and she was not able to support her balance. Hannah fell on the floor helplessly. She did not have the guts to face Lucy, she kept starring at the floor with her defenseless stance. Hannah nodded weakly. There was a pause through the conversation, Hannah wondered what kind of expression that Lucy had. Moreover, she had not been able to control her fear yet. Lucy got up from her chair, walked toward Hannah, and then she picked her up from the floor. Lucy held her and gently patted her hair.

“Please, ignore that woman” Hannah begged Lucy.

“I could not” Lucy sighed, she then continued to speak “You are special Hannah, you could sense that there is something wrong with Lady Holloway”

Lucy then led Hannah to sit on the chair against her working table. Hannah was much calmer than before. However, the fear in her eyes had not disappeared.

“I’m not only sensed it, but I have witnessed by myself” Hannah started to speak “there was a rumor about her among the town folks”

Lucy was all ears, she wanted to know about Lady Holloway. Hannah began her story, about a rumor she heard from the town folks. Lady Holloway was no ordinary, her maiden name was Bethany Lynch, and she was a daughter of a rich merchant Thomas Lynch. Bethany was well known for her beauty. Men from out of town came to see her and propose to her. Moreover, those men were not average men, all of them were rich and came from an upper-class families. Yet, Bethany’s heart landed to a plain salary man, without her father’s permission Bethany married the man. Both of them left the town to avoid the anger of Thomas Lynch. Bethany had left the town for a couple of years until one day the news spread that Bethany had come back home. She was alone without her husband. Rumor spread as fast as the wind that Bethany had divorced her husband because her father would not let her have a peaceful life with her husband. Bethany hid inside her father’s grand mansion then there was news about her. Thomas Lynch announced his daughter's marriage but this time a wealthy suitor would become his son-in-law. A luxurious wedding party was held for three days straight. People said that Bethany looked happy at the wedding party with her new husband. A week after the party ended, both Bethany and her new husband once again left the town. No one


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