It all started out like any other ordinary day,here I was in my blue heart pattern pajama bottoms and cotton white tank top eating breakfast in the kitchens round table when my dad walks into the kitchen with the biggest grin on his face.
"Um, whats up dad?" i asked.
"Oh nothing" he says sitting down across from me while taking a slice of my toast. "Hey that's mine." I pouted. "You can share" he laughed. I scowled at him "You can make your own bloody toast" I mumbled while fixing my eyes on my remaining breakfast that consist of a half eaten bowl of cereal and half a slice of toast.
He leaned forward his eyes sizing me up "What was that?" he asked. "Oh nothing,nothing at all" i said while moving around the remaining cereal in my bowl.
He eased back into his chair "Uhuh, that's what i thought" Just then our gazes locked and we both started cracking up.
Just when I thought by the look on our red faces that we would both die of laughter he clears his throat and we both uncurl from our crouch positions.
"I think now would be a good time to tell you while we still have a good atmosphere."
My throat suddenly felt dry "Tell me what?" I ask cautiously.
My dad gets up from his chair and walks over to me, nealing down so we are at eye level he grabs my hands. "I got married" he said, eyes pleeding for understanding. The shock was instant "Wh-WHAT?!" I shot out of my chair ripping my hands from his.
"Now honey" he says trying to calm me down "Please don't be like this." But i didn't care , I had questions that needed to be answered. Pacing to put my thoughts in order I finally contemplated the situation and turned to face my dad. "But you haven't even been dating anyone?!" I said while throwing my hands up.
"Yes i have.." he said while sliding back into his seat. "..It was just while you were at school." He mumbled. I felt like he slapped me in the face. "For how long?" I asked. "Six months" he replied.

Hey Guys,I cant wait to see how this book will end up. i hav a feeling it's going to be good.


Publication Date: 07-29-2011

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