Chapter 1

"Rose?" a voice called from what seemed to her a very distant land, "Rose sweetheart, you need to wake up." Rose realized that it was her master, Aphidelia, who was shaking her but didn't want to wake up because she had been having a very rare very pleasant dream. "Rose wake up I have something very important to tell you." Rose still didn't want to respond to her but then remembered that the last time she refused to obey a master she'd been kicked out of their house. Rose opened her eyes to see Aphidelia in her usual practice cloths, long brown pants that looked as if they had been made of potato sacks and a stained white t-shirt with a pocket on the upper left breast of the shirt.
"Fine I'll get up but you better tell me what you were talking about." Rose said pointedly.
"I will but after you've practiced and had something to eat." she said, "after all we both know how you get you haven't eaten."Rose did know after all she was only 16 years old and us teenagers tend to get a bit irritable without at least a cup of coffee and some type of food, or at least that was true for her. Aphidelia left the room with a nod of her head and a statement all witches held dear to their heart, "Let wind caress your cheek softly, let water cry joyful tears into your hair, let fire warm your spirit with passion, let earth protect you with it's gentle arms, and let magic guide you in the cloudiest nights." These words filled Rose with joy and power enough that she knew whatever the world could throw at her it would not be enough to knock her down.

Rose started to get ready she braided her strait honey brown hair and put on a outfit that emphasized her olive green eyes and fare complexion but was also riddled with magic. She looked in the mirror and couldn't help but think she was beautiful. After all, all witches were beautiful, they were beautiful because of the magic in their blood, she never doubted that. Of course though beauty hadn't always been everything, (now in the 21rst century it is) from the 14th century to 18l century you were burned at the stake if you were found doing witch craft. But she couldn't take much time thinking about the past she had a practice to go to now in the present
As soon as Rose arrived at the arena she and Aphidelia, always, practiced at, her master greeted her with a hug, a very rare thing for such a reserved woman.
"Today we will begin the practice with elemental spells. I'll start you follow." Roses master stated. Aphidelia started with a simple wind spell one that ordered wind to carry an object to her, this time it was a teacup meaning if Rose did something wrong she wouldn't have a second chance. Rose managed to move the teacup perfectly into the palm of her hand.
"Very good, Rose," she said, "now why don't we take it up a notch." Aphidelia was then suddenly propelled upwards by, what looked like a mini tornado and making her sore into the air just like a bird and land on a bamboo pole that Rose hadn't realized was there. Rose proceeded to do the same landing on the bamboo pole next to her masters. From there Aphidelia created ball of fire and sent it hurtling toward dummy on the other side of the arena Rose tried for a second to create a fireball and after several failed attempts managed to set the dummy next to her masters aflame as well. The next element was water which was very simple they just had to douse the flames on the dummy. Then last they drew up pieces of earth to create steps down from the bamboo poles.
"You have done well Rose, you may go eat." Aphidelia stated.

Chapter 2

After a cup of coffee loaded with sugar and a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal Rose started searching around the mansion (Aphidelia is extremely rich because when her husband, who was the president of a major corporation, died a year ago and left every cent of his money to her) for Aphidelia. 15 minutes later she found her in the drawing room talking to a very handsome man,he seemed about 17, wearing a suit that looked like it belonged in a Dracula movie. At this moment Aphidelia looked up and saw Rose."Come on in Rose." she said. "This is Crimson, and Crimson this is the girl I was telling you about."
"So this is the one," he said quizzically, "Do you really think someone as young as her could really be the one." Rose was getting really pissed off now.
"Hey, you don't look so old yourself," Shouted Rose, "and what do you mean by chosen one?"
"Rose, first of all Crimson is a vampire so he's a lot older than he looks so he is much older than you and second I'm not going to tell you just yet what we mean by chosen one, okay." Rose grumbled to herself a little but then she gave up asking questions. "Rose the thing I needed to tell you was that from now on your going to have to live with Crimson."

Chapter 3

"Listen, before you say anything, this is strictly for protection Crimson, from birth, was given the responsibility of protecting "the one" and since we believe that's you it is only natural you go with him to be protected."said Aphidelia.

"But, you said you "believe" it's me," Rose yelled with tears starting to well up in her eyes, "that means your not for sure so why do I have to go with him."

"We may not be for sure but if you don't go and you are the one, I would never forgive myself for putting you in so much danger." Rose tried to push into Aphidelias mind as she said this and was horrified by what she saw.

"No." Rose whispered. She started to run but was caught by Crimsons muscular arm.

"If you run from the future you'll just encounter the past." Rose didn't exactly know what Crimson meant by that but encountering the past sounded pretty good right now. Rose decided the only way to get rid of this vampire was to use a little bit of magic. But Crimson was prepared for something just like that and was able to brush off her every attempt with no effort.


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