Bubsimouse visits grandma and grandpa


Bubsimouse visits grandma and grandpa


Tomorrow is the day. Bubsimaus is already looking forward to visit his grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa Mouse live in a beautiful house next to a big old tree and Bubsimouse always has a lot of fun them. "I can´t wait to spend the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa," Bubsi whispers to his mum when he goes to bed. Mrs Mouse strokes him tenderly over the forehead and kisses Bubsi good-night.


The next morning, Bubsi is already on his feet before the first rays of sun. Whisteling and singing loudly, he grabs his travel bag. Trousers, shirts, toiletries and many other items are tidily put in the bag. Oh, Bubsimaus almost forgot the toothbrush, but Mrs Mouse gets it from the bath room for him. The packed up bag is placed in the hallway and family Mouse gathers around the breakfast table. There are tasty hot rolls in a bread basket and a rich selection of jam and honey.


"Enjoy," Mr Mouse says with a smile, offering Bubsi a roll. "Up to grandma and grandpa’s it's a long drive." Bubsi’s dad is taking him to the grandparents’ with the car later. Bubsi takes a big sip from his cup and eats roll after roll. "Do you know what you are going to do with grandma and grandpa?" Mrs Mouse asks. "I talked to grandpa yesterday. We are going on a trip to a castle," says Bubsi enthusiastically. "We are also going to ride pedal boats on the lake," he adds, his eyes shining.


After the meal, Bubsi grabs his jacket and the travel bag, and walks over to the car with Mr Mouse. As they are leaving, Bubsi waves to his mum until she is only a small dot in the distance. On the trip to the grandparents’, daddy and Bubsi drive across beautiful country roads, bridges and through small villages. Bubsi takes everything in, eyes wide, and whistles to the music on the radio. At one point the two have to stop, because a goose family waddles across the street. "Oh, nature is so beautiful," Bubsi rejoices, as he looks out the window.


In “Mousestone”, the grandparents’ home town, the car rumbles over a cobblestone street. "Now we have to take the next turn to the right!" Bubsimouse exclaimes excitedly. He knows the path to the grandparents’ house from the many family visits very well. After the next


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