Its summer in south Florida and everyone is enjoying the beach. Couldn't ask for a better day for playing in the waves and building castles in the sand. A group of college students are vacationing at this all inclusive resort as part of there entering into there senior year. Many of the guest at the resort are young adults but there are also several older persons as well. The conceriage has informed everyone of the upcoming masquerade ball and invited all to attend the parade ceremony as well.
Jenny Stevens and her roommate Kristy Jones have convienced there boyfriends Jason Croft and Brandon Boyd to accompany them to parade and ball dressed as masked jesters.

"This is going to be so much fun Jen" Kristy said excitely. "Its like a Halloween party in summer". "I can't believe we got the guys to spend this week down here exploring this unique culture" expressed Kristy. "It's been such a mind opening venture and this evening should prove to be a great finale". Meanwhile Jason and Brandon are less than enthusied about the forcoming night. "Dude we have done every little cultish thing these chicks have wanted and I am getting sick of singing and dancing to the wind" Jason says, "As if any of this is really connected any of us to the higher powers." "It's actually been quit enlightning for me" ,Brandon proclaims, "I believe this week has informed my mind of what my soul always felt". "You are starting to talk like one of these yuppies Brandon, Im just glad this is the last night, I can't wait to get back to the city." says Jason.

"Ladies and gentleman, I would like to welcome you all to the "Parade of Choas and Ball" says the event announcer. "


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