The reason i created this book

 I created this book so people would learn that your familia means family andfamily means nobody get left behind. Your family will always be there to support you nomatter what you do.They may be annoying and mean every now an again but they dont mean it.All they want is what is best for you, even if they do make bad situations worse.The best time to be with your family is christmas time.Christmas time is time for forgiveness and a time for love and peace......

The cat family

Once Upon a time there as a family of kittens. The family consisted of two little kittens, a boy and a girl, and their protective mother named Precious. She wouldn't let any dogs near her kittens. Her kittens would never get hurt if Precious is around. Precious will always protect her kittens, no matter what happens. She loved her kittens alot, and she would always would have an eye on her kittens. The kittens would try to have an adventure but they wouldn't leave the blanket just yet. They would just walk over each other and then go to sleep. Precious usually leaves her kittens for mommy alone time but she always remembers to feed her kittens. She is a responcible mother of two really adorale kittens. She don't want to lose her family. It's so cute that she loves her own family more than other people or at least other cats. Her kittens dream of a new friends and a family of their own and never have nightmares. But they should not be scared if mom is around.

A new day

 It's a new adventure for the kittens and they want to leave the blanket but the world looks too scary. They start to sleep again for a few hours and as the hours pass the more time that Precious is getting some time for herself. She deserves some time for herself as being a mom is hard work and it takes a lot of patients. But it is expected for a cat to have a lot of kittens in a litter."I wonder what will happen when my kittens grow up " says Precious looking at her litter. While her litter is sleeping, Precious gets up and goes to the bathroom and uses the litter box and then goes back to her litter.  After Precious lays down here kittens try to drink the mothers milk and they climb over each other. As the kittens are eating Precious is watching the humans and watches if they hurt her kittens. And she watches what the humans are watching. The family a little crazy from time to time but that is what families do. As the kittens feed, the more time for Precious gets to sleep. The more the kittens played the more that the kittens would attack each other and every time they play the more better they get.

The End






Release Date: 8/28/2016


All rights reserved



i dedicate this book tomy faily of cats. I love them to death. They are and will always be my inspiration. They are th cutest things that came into my life


Publication Date: 08-06-2016

All Rights Reserved

I have dedicated this book to the family of kittens I have at home

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