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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to travel to happiness instead of expecting it to find you as well as breaking down to you the non-secret secret to find yourself, stop procrastinating, let go when you have to and start living life. This book is the life story of Roy, a rising star in the volcano studies areas in Hawaii as well as the world now. I have interviewed and communicated with Roy for the purpose of this book, aiming to share his experience to motivate the others to do the same, or to live their lives to the fullest potential given by God.


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Chapter 1: My Life


Like most of the children who had a tough childhood, I didn't start noticing my life was much different than the others’ until around the age of ten or eleven. I'm sure that compared to poorer countries, my life would’ve been considered privileged, but not by Western standards and not by a long shot.


My earliest memories, though, were pleasant. I remember riding around on a Big Wheel tricycle in the parking lot of the apartment complex with my father looking on with a glint of a smile.


I remember sitting on my back porch underneath a clothing line, looking out upon rolling hills and watching the blue grass extend from the front of our yard into the distant horizon.


 That was before we moved to the trailer park. In spite of the shabby conditions after the move, my memories were still generally positive. A few things, though did stick out to me. The cold winters were brutal, mainly because we had a gaping hole in the bathroom floor of the trailer that completely exposed us to the outside air. My mother, sister, and I used to bundle up together under several layers of blankets and long john pajamas for added warmth. My father’s absence during that time was another thing that stuck with me.


 I was a year and a half younger than my older sister, and one of my earliest memories was of my mother and I coming to pick up my sister from preschool. She was making pizza with her class, the simple kind with pre-made dough and tomato sauce that was ladled on top before cooking it.


 I have a lot more memories beginning from the age of four. I remember going to church and school and feeling love and closeness from the congregation, teachers, and other people in our community. A couple of school field trips also stood out, including one time where I got to sit on the back of a pony, and another time where we were walking around a historic district of some nearby town.


I enjoyed spending time with my aunts, uncles, and cousins, including the rabbits my aunt kept in her back yard.


I loved school, but I could be a little rascal. One time, my teacher stepped outside the room for a moment, and I ran to her desk and scribbled all over her papers. I'm not sure why it occurred to me to do such a thing, but the teacher was unfazed and surprisingly caring.       


Then there was the time when an early morning rain storm caused flooding in the area. My elementary school was adjacent to a stream that was swollen beyond its banks and moving at a ferocious speed.


During recess, I ran towards the edge of schoolyard field. I was about to turn back when my sister noticed me and assumed I was heading farther out closer to the river, so she started yelling for me to turn around. Like any younger brother, I enjoyed the attention and decided to run closer to the water to get even more. After a short while, I turned back, but not after getting the notice of the teacher, who promptly told the principal and my mother.


Another incident was when my mother’s not-to-bright friend drove us to a local flea market but then proceeded to forget to remove his keys from the ignition. After we walked a couple hundred yards toward the market, I promptly ran back to the truck. I turned on the ignition and put the truck in reverse. It’s a good thing my legs were too short to step on the gas.


In spite of my occasional mischievousness, I was a gifted child. I did my first two years of school in one year, and if we hadn’t moved a short time later I would have skipped another grade.    


There were other times when I remember being completely terrified, including when we went to a local fair and watched a live show where a person appeared to transform from a human into a werewolf. I’m not sure how they did it, but it scared the crap out of me. Then there was the Halloween when my church put on a haunted house show, and one of the rooms had a person with spaghetti for hair. That terrified me as well, more than one might think.


There were other memories that were seared in my mind, like the last time I heard my father’s voice or the time when I decided what I wanted to do for my future profession.


That said, the extreme poverty, ignorance, and tumultuous family issues that occurred around that time did not register in my childhood mind until later and after the move to North Carolina.


At the age of six, I moved from a Kentucky trailer park to an urban ghetto. I lived in government housing and was on the receiving end of physical abuse throughout different periods of my childhood. My mother was on government assistance and earned less than $300 per month plus food stamps. The comfort of not knowing how my life was different, however, kept me from being too miserable.


Once I reached junior high school, I began


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I'd like to thank my co-author Ray for sharing his life story in such a fascinating way as our material to produce this eBook. His ups and downs in life, and more importantly, how he overcomes it will hopefully be an inspiration to the readers. The moral of the story is that we all might get to the difficult stage of life , it's very important to not give up. Roy certainly didn't and he's having a successful life now after his hard work paid off. How he did this in methodology will be shared and discussed extensively in this book. I'd also like to record my highest level of appreciation towards my family and close friends who have given me unconditional mental support while I was spending 5 months with Roy brainstorming and producing the content of this book. Also a big thank you to anyone of you who's reading this!

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