The awakening.

I was quiet... their comments never bothered me. I never got angry so easily. Im not stubborn... Whats going on with me ?

Whats going on with me ?

I was in my own world. Memorize by this book. Reading and reading. Its like this trance... but it was all ruined.... 

'crash' is all I heard. Silence was ruined and well.. so was my book. I stay in the back alot not really pay attention to anyone or anything. Just keep to myself.. but today. She really knows how to piss me off. Marilyn oh Marilyn. The most sexiest girl in school. Oh gag me. More like the sluttiest, hazel eyes, big lips, and honey voice that can tie a guy round her little finger. I dont like her, never did, but than again, shes never noticed me. Despite that i caught myself staring, so did she.

"What the hell you looking at freak." 

"Obviously you. what the hell are you looking at hoe." omg did i really just say that.

"OMG she speaks, whatever daddy says to leave fugly people alone.!"

"ooo i bet daddy taught you more than that, by the looks of it" what the hell am i saying !

"ugh you ugly bitch !!"

i smirked and sat back down, wondering what the heck was going on with my mind. When i look back up i see everybody staring at me astonished. I mumbled sorry and ran out of class. Damnit Saffire whats wrong with you !!! i thought to myself while i ran to the restroom. Once i got to the restroom tears whelled up in my eyes. I dont even know why im crying.. maybe because i have no idea what the hell i just did. I looked at my brown, hazel like eyes, they looked a bit darker with my smeared makeup. I fixed my makeup and re did my cat eye, it gives me more of an intimidating look, which never really works, i put my nappy wavy brown hair in a bun and looked at myself in the mirror for a bit. Im 5'3. Very short for my age. Im 17 looking 13, i giggled a little. i put some lipgloss on my lips, there big and have a v shape at the top, and i said to myself

"Well, she was right about one thing you really are ugly Saffire" I laughed because i didnt care.

I walked out the restroom and went to lunch, sat at my loner table, i was stuck in the book for a bit till i heard Marilyn and her friends walk by... "What a freak." Than laughter.

For some reason the comment bothered me, i felt my anger rise up but i calmed myself down and decided to go home. On the way home, I was thinking on why i get mad so easily.. and why i stopped staying quiet.. welp, who knows.

When i got home my momma asked why i was home so early, i just said i felt sick and went upstairs. I ran into my little brothers room, they got scared than attacked me with hugs after a while i felt sick, so i went to my bedroom and fell asleep.


I wake up to the door bell and see, a man, a woman, and a really really hot son. I mean like gorgeous... thats when my mom called me.

Lies, their lying right ?

(Adrians p.o.v)

She ran down the staires.. omg shes stunning. No stop. I cant like her. Shes going to ruin my life.. I cant believe im going to marry her ! Shes probably uses guys like all the others.

'but shes so pretty' my wolf said

'shushh alexander' i said to him.

I wonder if she knows were going to get married. I wonder if she even knows shes a wolf. If she doesnt than well this is going to be fun. She looks so innocent and gaawd look at her lips and her eyes, shes so so, STOP. God Adrian keep yourself together. She sat on the couch, she looked at me than looked away, and turned to her mother... i wonder what she thinks of me. Than thats when i read her mind.


(Saffiers p.o.v)

"yes mom ?"

i plopped on the couch and looked at him. Hes cute, extremely cute but i dont know him hes probably an ass like the rest, and plus he'd never be intrested in me. I mean look at me.

I thought. I looked away.

"Sweetie theirs something i need to tell you." My mom said with tears in her eyes

"Mom spit it out" I said with sympathy

"Well sweety you see this man and his family, thats going to be your father in law-" 

I interrupted. " MY WHAT !?"

"Sweetie hear me out." she said. I kept quiet.

"When you were young i promised this man that you'd marry his son."

i looked at him, and anger shot threw my face.

"Listen, your very special, and this young man, his name is Adrian, you will be marrying him. He is alpha. You are an omega. Your father was Alpha and left you to protect you."

A tear went down my face, i hated looking so weak.

"IM SPECIAL !?! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY THAT MOM ! WHAT ABOUT YOU, AND MY BROTHERS IM NOT GOING TO LEAVE JUST LIKE THAT ! My father, left me no. us for our own. I dont know this boy so the hell im going to marry him, why are you making me. You lied. Mom you lied to me..." I started crying... thats when my mom also started crying and said

"Your a werewolf."


(Adrians p.o.v)

When i read her mind i blushed. I wonder if she saw that ? Than my face turned to anger.Asshole. Did she really call me that? Well no but she thinks i am but why i kept overthinking and ignoring her and her mothers conversation. Tham she looked at me. Angry, why the hell is she mad at me, Its not my fault! I looked away and after a while she started to yell but she looked angry yet she was crying and i felt bad i just wanted to hug her and tell her everythings gunna be okay. I looked at her with sympathy and hate at the same time, She covered her face.. thats when her mom said it. Shes a werewolf. Her face went plain. And she started to laugh and yell.

" Do you honestly expect me to believe that! Mom im not stupid more lies! ugh."

I managed to speak "its true i said."

mom and dad looked at her and said the same thing. She mumbled sorry and ran upstairs.


(Saffiers p.o.v)

Could it be true ? Is that why ive been acting so strange. Is that why ive been getting so mad, no their lying. They all are, but why would they lie ?... I ran upstairs to my brothers and cried my eyes out, they hugged me and cheered me up. Boy am i going to miss them. I better still be able to see them beause if not. Id hang myself. I cant believe i have to marry him. UGHH i hate life right now. I bet every girl wants him but me, and yet im stuck with him !!!! UGHH i was falling asleep.. and than im asleep.



My new life .

(Saffires p.o.v)

  "Where am i ?" I said, looking at my surroundings, i knew i was in an airplane but how did i get here ? Why am i here, and where am i going ?

"In an airplane if it isnt obvious enough." Adrian said. I was right he is an ass, a smart ass. I swear .

"Ya dont say, but how did i get in a damn airplane. Where am i going, and wheres my family?!" I yelled a litte, im worried and confused.. my brothers, i didnt say bye.. my mom. 

"Were going to my house. I carried you here, your little family is at your old house, you'll see them soon no need to cry about it" he says. I looked at him with hurt and quickly looked away, how could he just say that to me? Of course he wouldnt know how it feels. He has his family. 

"Wheres all my stuff?" i said

" Your mom packed for you" he says

i said k. Than looked out the window and shut my eyes.


(Adrians p.o.v)

We needed to catch our flight back home. So i went up stairs to say lets go, i didnt see her in her room. So i tried the next room she was asleep in her brothers room they were laying their with her. I looked at her, i saw a tear on her cheek, her arms tightly around her brothers. I felt bad for her, shes beautiful. No stop. I removed her arms from her brother and picked her up in my arms nearly cradling her, shes so light, its like picking up a baby. Her eyes closed and gawd she is short! I walked out the room and something tapped my thigh. Her brother.

"Where are you taking my sister.?" The boy says

"Home, with me." i said rather harshly.

"Will i see her again.?" tears started to well up in his eyes.

"yes. i promise." i said, he nodded and went to his mom who was packing her clothes.

"Is she heavy?" her mother asks me

"No not at all." i told her smiling. I walked away.

I looked down at her. Her lips... gawd her lips. I wanted to kiss her. No my wolf wanted to it took all my strength not to. 

When all her bags were put in the car i set her down, shes such a deep sleeper i thought to myself.


We arrived at the airport. I picked her up and put her in the plane. A few hours after her eyes fluttered open. She asked me all these questions. I replied rudely and regretted it . When i read her thought i felt bad. Even though she called me an ass i deserved it. When she shut her eyes again i stared at her. Man shes beautiful...


(Saffires p.o.v)

I awoke to someone poking me. "Were here." i knew his voice i was hoping this was all a bad dream but its true... Some nice ladies took my bags to what i thought was my room. Man their house is HUGEEE! Well anyways when i went to my room. He was in there as well.

"Yes?" I answered. He just glared at me, and smirked.

"This is my room to yanno." he said. I just looked at him dumb struck.

"We sleep together..?" i asked dumbly

"Yes, yes we do ."

i looked away asking for privacy. He walked into his. No our restroom. I started putting my undies and bras in my drawr. I didnt want him to see them. Right than and there he walked out the restroom in just a towel. I looked at him. OMG hes hes... amazing. His hair was wet and pulled back. He smiled at me. And i find myself blushing and back into the world than i looked down at my hand... my black laced victoria secret bra. I quickly put it in the drawr and blushed. I kept hoping he didnt notice but he just seems to just smile at me.

"Ugh go ahead laugh ." I said. He just looked at me

" I like it when you blush." is all he said. i looked away, blushing harder than a red tomato. Than turned back at him.

"Yes?" i said

"Nothing.." he says

"Than why are you staring." i say

He walked up to me and grabbed me by my waist. I blushed so hard. He just laughed and let me go. God im stupid. Is this really my new life ? Big house, arranged husband and werewolf? Which i clearly still think is a lie . This is my life now... a tear goin down my face.



I walked down stairs and found Adrians mom and dad sitting there asking me to come and talk. I sat down i dont even know there names it i thought.


"Im sorry but i never got your names?" I asked


"Oh im sorry dear were mrs. and mr. kingston but call me Ellie" The wife says.

"And call me Adam." The husband says.


"okie dokie, well uhm.. Adam and Ellie, what did you guys need to speak about?" i say


"Oh yes well it is a long story so please do not interruped" Adam says. i nod my head.


"Okay well where do i begin.. a long long time ago, you were born and your father left because he was a leader of a pack and to protect you, your fathers alpha, so other alphas would come after him, and most likely you. When your father left your mother was very poor, nd so your father sent me to help. I gave your mother alot of money enough for a house and food for a whole 5 years. I made a deal with your mother. That you would marry my son, Adrian. She accepted. You will be meeting your father very soo, dear. He misses you and loves you very much. Well anyways. Your father is a werewolf and so are you. Have you been dealing with aggression and sudden out burst lately?

he says. i nod my head.

"He goes good. Good, your change should be in 1 week. When the full moon starts, it wont hurt. It will be quick. You will be sick for a while. Oh and your wedding is in 2 months, but thats only if on the full moon night, if you see if Adrian is your true mate." he says.

" But how do i turn ? and how do i know if hes my mate?" i say

"You call your wolf by her name. You name her. And you two will be able to read eachothers minds if you both are mates" he says

"okie dokie. Is that is?" i say

"Yes."he says

"K thanks." i said

I walk back upstairs and think of what i willl call my inner wolf... hmm bella? no. Stacey? no.


Ohh Mariah. Mariah. 

"Yes?" she says.

I jumped a bit. and asked in my head

"is he really my mate, Mariah?" 

"Omg yes! Isnt he such a cutie." 

"Yes but how do you know for sure?" 

"ugh because i do. If you dont believe me just wait and find out." 



Thats when i realized. I Saffire Marie Valenzuela. Am a werewolf.



 I quietly said thank you and walked up stairs. Warm hands grabbed me, i loved the way they held me but what am i thinking?? Who has me, i fought the hands off of me, or well tried, but than i couldnt i can feel hands on my eyes and mouth. Than a laugh. Its his laugh . WHAT THE HELL! This isnt funny .

Than i opened my mouth and bit him, he grunted and got angry. My turn to laugh.


"What the hell was that for!?" he said.


"hmm,, you kidnapped me!" i laughed


"I was bored i just wanted to play around" he said still angry.


He was on the ground, just sitting their holding his hand. I stared at him. I looked at him in the eye and he looked at me hungrily, i just smirked at him, and he smirked back i sat on him and i felt his manhood, i wiggled around a bit, than i looked him in the eye, i guess he thought i was going to kiss him, But right before our lips touched i said


"Game on." i said and quickly jumped off and ran.


I heard him grunt, i can teel he was mad, i ran to my new room, and quickly shut the door. God how badly i just wanted to taste his lips.. ughh focus saffire, I ran to the closet and i crouched down. Thats when i heard a key. Damn. Than the doorknob turn, i moved a little more farther back. I closed my eyes. And crossed my fingers.


Adrians p.o.v

I was bored, so i just waited for Saffire to come back up, i wanted to scare her. I heard foot steps, and when i saw her on the top step looking confused, i grabbed her, covering her eyes and mouth, she was going crazy, i accidently laughed and i had a feeling she knew it was me, than a sudden pain hit my arm. Ughh! She would. Next time ill read whats going on in her mind, i let go and fell n the floor, sitting there, holding my hand in pain. She was talking to my.


"I was just bored, i just wanted to play" i said


Than this weird thing happened she sat on me, and i immidietly got turned on, i barely ever get turned on though. i leaned back while she was wiggling her ass, thats when i fely my manhood go up, oh god. Than she went up to my face, very close. I wanted to kiss her so bad, her lips so plump and pink, but than all i heard was


"Game on" she said.


My face went straight, i just wanted to yell, but i was a bit turned on, on how she did that. How could i let her do that to me. Ughh her and her revenge. How could she. I saw her run, i know she ran to our room, i got up and ran in there. Door locked. Luckily theres a key. I unlocked it and walked in. She wasnt in. I got scared, i dont know why, i just did. Than commen sence hit me. Shes hiding. I looked in the restroom, Nope. Bottom of the bed, no one. Hmm... a. Closet. I grinned madly and walked towards the closet slowly. No one ???? I looked up where the last shelf was and there she was, eyes closed, and fingers crossed. I laughed to myself, and picked her up, she screamed and struggled. I felt like shrek, and heres the annoying fiona.


"Jesus, fiona, were just taking you to your prince" i laughed


"Ass." she said


I ignored her comment and through her on the bed, and i tightened my grip on her. My turn to play her.


"My turn" i growled.


i got on top of her and kissed her neck, she bit her lip, damn she looked so sexy, i kissed her to where her jawline was, a moan escaped her lips, her soft spot, i went to her collar bone, and sucked on it, she bit her lip even harder


"s-stop. You win" she practically moaned. 


I wanted to kiss her on the lips. But i couldnt, thats what she wants, i read her thoughts, their pretty loud. I tugged on her and left a hickie on her neck and walked away. Schools tomorrow. I realized i might like her, and no guys better go after her.


saffires p.o.v

im pissed. I looked at myself in the mirror after that little incident. Memories hit me, i felt like, like every time he touched me i could feel these tingles, i loved the way it felt. Stop. I looked at my neck.


"Bastard.'' I said to myself.


I saw a hickie, I have school tomorrow. And worst part, ITS A NEW SCHOOL AND A FIRST DAY. Ughhh. I walked put the restroom and saw it was already eleven at night. And i found, Adrian on the bed, i just got on top of him and left a hickie on his neck, he moaned, than grunted after he noticed what i just did. He looked at me with fierce eyes, i stared back, than kicked him off the bed, and took the blanket and got on the bed, i looked up to see him staring at me. But he was smiling?? He layed down next to me, we were back to back, i can feel him on me, i just loved the way his skin felt.. I slowly fell asleep.



First day

 I woke up, to a stupid alarm than remembered school. I quickly got up, but i struggled. I found Adrians big fat arm around me, i blushed at that. I removed his arm . Or well tried, his grip tightened. I looked at him mad.


"Helloo, mr bear, cuddling time over, school. Remember, i need this hickie off." i said


I heard him chuckle. Than i did to, he ran his fingers through my hair, i shivered, and closed my eyes. I opened my eyes, 20 seconds, later. He still had his hand in my air, He was sleeping again, ughh. I did whatever it took. I grabbed his balls, and said wake up while gripping them, he looked at me surprisingly. On the inside i was surprised too. His uhmm manhood, is uhm. WOW. lol. anyways. His eyes looked at me hungrily. Damn he was turned on, i quickly got up. He smirked at me. I ran to the restroom and he went in with me, damn. I smirked at him. I started with my hair, i curled it. Than i was distracted, I looked at adrian. He was in the shower. Focus. I looked back in the mirror. I finished my hair, i picked up the foundation, and i put it on the hickie, i heard the curtains open. Shit, right behind me he was changing. I kept applying the foundation.


"You need some?" i asked him, laughing, now that i remember his hickie


"Haha. Damn. Eh girls will only want me more" he said plain.


I got mad, jealousy??? NONO. Ugh how could he just say that to me. I smiled.


"Good thing i can cover this up, i plan on making friends. Maybe guy friends too" i said


His face went straight. I heard him growl. He stormed out the restroom. Oops. Im not the only one. I started doing my make up I looked at my crystal eyes... i put on mascara, and the cat eye, i put on some pink lipsick. I went to get ready and my outfit turned put like this...


well i was outside, looking for a ride to school. Thats when Adrian showed up, he grabbed me, i was confused. Thats when he kissed me. I pushed away, and looked in his eyes, thats when i kissed him. I knew we werent together it was just one of those play things, I know when i said game on. Okay look game on means, were friends with benefits, and that game ends when one of us falls in love with one another.

I let go at this thought.


"change." he said


w-what?" i asked puzzled


"You are not going to school like that." he said mad. aaa still jealous i see.


"aha, okay daddy uhm no. Like i said i wanna make friends." i smirked.


"Well than. So do i, i might bring one home btw" he said


"take the guest room" i said mad.


Ughh. He wouldnt if he did i would never forgive him. EVER.


He tossed me keys.


"Your car, over there" he pointed to the bugatti. I screamed YESSS. 


Than i realized, i cant drive. My face went straight.


"whats wrong?" he said laughing


"i cant drive." i said mad.


"oh god. ahahha, getcho ass in the car" he said


i walked angrily in his car, which was pretty sweet. He started to drive, i realized something, im sure as hell, hes popular and the a man whore in school, what will they think of me???


"well, ehhem. Theyll think your my girl, or that your a slut. i doubt it tho, i dont really go for those girls, but ayee, anyways, girls will hate you. I dont know about the guys, and i know what your thinking because im alpha, i read minds."


Shit. i thought, than blushed.


"heard that."


"uhm so girls will basically kill me, well try to" i said smirking.


"yes, nice confidence tho" he laughed.


We arrived at the school, i got out the car. and so did he, i had no idea where to go and thats when all these girls came running. I felt threatened. For some reason, my nails started to grow and i felt my teeth getting sharp. SHIT SHIT. Than adrian grabbed me and we ran. Really fast, he took me inside,.


"control yourself." he said.


I was so shocked.


"h-how.?" i felt so weak.


"ugh, go make friends" he said.


I forgot, im the quiet one, im not pretty, i just... dont make friends... ive been called ugly so many times, and freak plus weird. I dont make friends... I mean look at me. Im just ugly. That confidence i had this morning. Gone .


He was looking at me with sympathy. Great i forgot, mind thing.


"dont give me that look. I dont need sympathy" i wiped a tear and turned quickly.


I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around, his face was angry.


"what." i said


"You are not ugly. You are the most beautiful person, i know. Thats the reason why i dont deserve you." he walked away.


"wait" i yelled.


"yea" he said.


"dont lie to me, you dont want me, because im ugly a-and... theres so many girls out there, u cant have just one. Thats just the kinda guy you are." i said, tears in my eyes.


adrians p.o.v

- Just the kind of guy you are" the words hit me hard. Anger hit me. She doesnt know me. She doesnt know me at all.


"your right." i said looking away, i regretted that imedietly. I heard a small cry. And the restroom door close. Shit.



 I walked away from the bathroom door, the bell rang, i went to my first class, i was focused for once, trying to distract my self. i couldnt, her cry, the pain in her face, stuck in my mind. I heard the door open. It was Saffire. crap. Shes in my class, her head was held down, i could tell her confidence was just off. The teacher told her to present herself.

"im saffire" she says picking her head up giving the class a light smile.


I heard guys whistle, i heard them look at her, like she was a goddess. I saw girls with envy. I growled. And my pack heard, they all looked down. The teacher pointed her assigned seat, right next to me great. She seemed stuck for a sec, than continued walking head held down. She didnt bother to look at me. Pain in my heart. I felt it. I saw her wipe her face, seemed like a tear. God...



(Saffires p.o.v)

I cried and cried, what he said hurt.. alot more than it should have. It felt like rejection. He rejected me... He officially rejected me as his mate. B-But i cant believe im marrying him. Ughh, i heard the bell and walked into my first class.. I saw him. I put my head down, than the teacher tapped me, and told me to introduce myself, because shes never seen my face.


"I-Im saffire." i managed to say putting a light smile


Guys whistled, and their eyes full of hunger, confidence came back a little, girls looked at me with hatred. All of the sudden a growl from the back of the class, put them silent. Adrian. It eve scared me, what the hell, he rejected me and now hes jealous. Pathetic. I had to go sit next to him, i put my head back down and walked slowl towards my desk, i felt eyes on me, i sat down.. Remembering what happened, a tear fell down, i quickly wiped it




Hour past, and well... bell rang, i quickly got out and ran to my next class, but on my way i bumped into this handsome guy, not as handsome as Adrian, but handsome.  Like wow. 

I cant think this way. It felt wrong. I was about to fall, but warm hard hands held me up..


"s-sorry" i said


"my fault" he said staring into my eyes


"i b-better get going"i said


"wait"  he said


"yea?"i said


"whats your name?" he said smiling


"Saffire, and you" i smiled back


"Andrew" he said


"its a pleasure to meet u" i said


Than he kissed me on the cheek, i stood in shock.


"same here" than he walked away.


I started walking to, smiling at the thought of what just happened, than i saw Adrian, pissed off. Fist clenched, i saw who he was staring at. Shit, Andrew. I saw him walking towards him. My fault. I know Adrian cares. I can feel it. I literally stood right in front of him, before he could get any farther, He tensed in front of me, i needed to calm him down, immedietly, my body reacted before my brain, i put my arms around his neck and i hugged him, it felt so warm. So-so... right. I felt him relax...


"stay calm... its okay" i said


"he k-kissed you" he tensed again.

"you rejected me." i said coldly. I walked away i felt the tears.


I could feel him burning a hole in the back of my head. I left him while he was calm... I entered the restroom and cried again... I walked out to find andrew, he held me, and i held him. Its like he knew what was wrong with me, he knew that i wasnt okay... I opened my eyes while hugging him. And i saw Adrian, making out with a girl... My world crushed . Everything crushed.. I tightened, Andrew noticed and looked where i was staring. He realized it. He let me go, trying to coprehend, he didnt seem mad, he just seemed like he was trying to put things together, i collapsed to the ground. And boom. Everything went black.


'flash back'

"Saffire! Saffire!" my brother screamed


"haha, yes" i twirled him around.


"your back!!!" the two of them screamed


I giggled at them, all excited, jumping in the air. I got on my knees and closed my eyes embrassing them. Than i didnt feel anything in my arms. I heard voices. A tornado. W-What!?


"Saffire, saffire" i heard my brothers scream in terror


I ran as fast as i could and i could never reach them they just screamed my name






Adrians p.o.v

-fire, saffire!!" I screamed, seeing her like this hurt. I saw her open her eyes in terror.


"NOOO!" she screamed, looking panicked.


I grabbed her into a hug, Andrew beside me, he felt tense. Good.


"M-my brothers. Tornado, help." she said all at once


"shh, shh it was just a dream" i said putting my hands through her hair.


She looked at me and let go.


"b-bastard. You get jealous. I calm you down, than you make out with a girl right in front of me!!!!" she yelled at  me, i see where i deserved that.


"You were hugging Andrew!!" i yelled back, andrew left the room quietly.


"He saw me crying!! He understood, how i was feeling, he hugged me, i told him nothing of what happened, and he understood me HES NOT EVEN MY MATE AND HE UNDERSTOOD ME!!! Adrian, he was just comforting me. Than theirs ou making out with some blonde right infront of me." she cried.


I stood there in silence. How foolish ive been. I love her. I know i do... When i sa her collapse, i panicked, i pushed my uhm friend, lets say and ran to her, i picked her up and took her to the hospital, i noticed andrew following. i just didnt care. I looked at her, tears on her face... Foolish.


"Im sorry." all i coul say.


"Y-You rejected me.." she said.


"I did. Now i know. i love you." she looked puzzled.


I kissed her. She didnt respond for a few seconds but than she did, i bit her lip asking for entrance, and she granted it, i picked her up and walked out that hospital room. I put her in the car, thats when i let go.


"We are not doing this in a car." i said catching my breath.

"Y-yeah" she said


I got in the car and drove.


"Where are we going?" she asked


"Payson, i have a cabin up there, we needa get away" i said smiling


"uhmm school?" she said smiling


"dnt worry babe" i smiled


She blushed,


"babe.." she said


" yeah?" i say


"stop the car." she says. With fierce in her voice. Woah.


I pulled to the side, outta no where the seat went down, and i find her on top of me, she kissed me passionatly than fierclly, i felt my manhood, slowly lift up and im guessing she did too because she giggled and slowly wiggled her ass. Damn.


"not funny." i managed to say.


"very" she winked at me.


I grabbed her, and i got on top. My turn. I gave her a smirk and ripped her shirt, she looked offended.


"ehem. this was my favorite" she said cheesily.


" too bad" i said


I unhooked her bra. Amazing. I looked at them in shock. Huge. H-Huge. I was mindblowm, she giggled and pulled me into a kiss, i put one hand, grabbing her boob, and the other teasing her cookie, yes lol i call it a cookie, she bit her lip, trying hard not to moan, damn shes so sexy. She unzipped my pants, and started to yanno rub "it",  i kissed her hungrily, than i bit her, making my mark, i can tell it hurt, but than satisfction came in, she kissed me hungrily, i gave her the "can i" look and she nodded her head. I put my manhood inside her.


She was in pain i could tell, i kissed her saying sorry, she said its okay, one more time.

'Again, thrushh"

Damn shes tight. my wolf said.

I kissed her, than went faster and faster, she started moaning loudly, i kissed her, she started to kiss me on my neck, i moaned, damn. Than next thing you know. We finished at the same time. I slowly backed out... and i layed her next to me, she had her head on my chest and her hand i held her in my arms. The best time ive had, in my entire life, i began to close my eyes... Drifting to sleep.


"saffires p.o.v"

Woah is all i could say, did this reallly just happen, virginity gone. Poof. I cudddled with him, knowing he is my life now. I noticed he was asleep and i kissed him on the cheek, and slowly drifted to sleep...

1 year..

 "Babe" he said


"yeah?" i say yawning


"were here" he says chuckling at my face.


I got out the car and saw a huge cabin, i think we were in payson.. yeah that was it. I saw a creek at the bottom, i grabbed his hand and went through some trees, i love nature... I saw the water and touched it, it was cold, but it was also hot, about 87 degrees out a litte colder than usual but still. I started following the water by the side lines, adrian still hand in hand.


"Uhmm, can we at least shower, pack and all that, and than go for a hike" he said smiling.


"oh uh yeah sorry aha" i said


We walked back i was sad cuz i wanted to continue but later. I packed all my things and got in the shower than the door opens to my surprise, its adrian. Aha.


"Babe out" i said.


"nope"he says opening the curtain 

i cover my bare body


"babe really" he squinted at me


"Im insecure" i say laughing a little


He grabbed me and i was still a little shy about my bare body in the light. He looked at me with his face surprised and kissed me.

"Your the most beautiful girl ive ever known" he says


I kissed him back, i than let go.


"Let me take a shower sheesh" i said giggling


I washed my body and so did he, i heard music, and i barely noticed it..


"The song?" i say


"oh theres a radio in here" he says, i nod my head.


'light up, dont know how i did it my heads kinda spinnin, light up, i wont be forgiven, my life is forbidden they say its a miracle, sometimes i dont even know if im wrong or right, i try to drown the sorrow that surfaces every night im moving at a speed that makes everyone look slow, what happens if i let go, their aint no way your pulling me down, I recharge to speakers and sounds, its okay it isnt your fault, everything is alright, take me to a place i know, anywhere that feel like home, somewhere that if i let go, someones gunna catch my soul" I sang while Rinsing my body. The shower stopped. So did the music. I looked up to see adrian staring at me in shock ..


"uhmm..?" i said


"You sing" he said surpried


"I do??" i said confused


"wow, you have a voice." he says still surprised.


"thanks" i say awkardly.


I got out the shower changed into my bathing suit than clothes on top, as so did adrian. Except he wore his shorts as shorts. We walked off down the creek and saw a place where we could actually i swim. But you had to jump to get int he water, unless you wanted to climb all these rocks. I held his hand and closed my eyes.


"1..2..3" we said, than jumped.


I screamed in the air and he pulled me into a hug, and immidietly, the water hit us, cold, refreshing, i felt sand, at my toes, i was still in that hug, that warmed me, in cold water, he kissed me.. we swam. and swam. Its beautiful here.


After an hour or so, i layed on a part where it was like wet sand. Adrian layed next to me..


"Babe" he said


"Yea"? i say


"1 year." he says


"marriage?" i say smiling, actuall happy at the thought.


"yea" he said, i questioned if he was still going along with it


"and?" i say


"well... do you agree to it?" he says


I sat there smiling nodding yes. I jumped on top of him and kissed him..


2 days later


"Were home" Adrian yelled


His parents came rushing out, oh thank god, i thought you two were so devasted you killed eachother, they said, we laughed, Adrian kissed me on the fore head, actually the exact opposite he said, While pulling me up stairs, i lyed down super tired... and fell asleep. 

2 months later

 "Baaabeeee, wake uppp"  i say basically screaming


"Okay okay," he says.


"Babe" he says


"Yes lazy butt" i kiss him on the cheek.


"Happy 2 months" he smirked at me


"You know what that means" i say winking


"A long good date equals, long and very good sex" he grinned hoping


"Long date yes, sex, maybe" i smirked


he laughed, i got ready for school, i decided to walk. Adrian of course came running with, i smiled, He is not an outside person.


"Babe" he says


"yes" i say


"can we take a pic" he said shyly

"yess" he doesnt like pictures so i never bothered asking, so im surprised and happy.


This is the pic.. damn bae


I loved the pic, we walked to school. He kissed me and went to his classes and i went to mine our classes switch every semester, and i only have him in my last class sadly and lunch.


best friend??? mate trouble???

 I walked into class and looked to see theres a new face, well not new face if anything old face. ANDREWW! i screamed and gave him a hug, he chuckled,


"Well someone missed me" he said


"well duh!" i say


Andrew, the one who comforted me, when adrian rejected me. He left for two months, we became close, but now hes different, way hotter, not hotter than adrian but still. Hes back! I backed out from the hug and smiled at him, i can feel my wolf urging at me, but i didnt feel like talking to her, i looked at him, and i had this urging feeling? It wasnt as strong as adrians but still... Adrians my mate tho.. Could we have 2 ? No.. Bur Andrews human. Im so confused. I poked Andrew still grinning and when i did a flash of feelings went through me, problem is they werent my feelings, i put them together

Love. Confusion. Regret. Happiness.

They were his feelings.

"sorry g2g Andrew see ya soon" i said and just walked out confused.

I walked to go Tell adrian, and off i went.


End of school\


Okay, im gunna tell Adrian.. Right when i was about to speak to Adrian, I saw a girl on him.. I remembered her.. His old ex his first love... BOOM. A kiss, they kissed. I walked madly. Pissed,

I pulled her off.


"happy 2 months, asshole" i said screaming. The hall went quiet.


"Saf-saffire, im sorry it j-just hap-" i cut him off.


" Screw the wedding. Screw it all really." i slapped him tears going down my face

i turned to his ex.


"Congratz, you can have him again. I guess he never lost feelings for you" i say walking away.


I ran to the school exit, tears in my eyes, i could hear Adrian just screaming my name i ran faster, but i ran into Andrew, he just pulled me ina fast hug, and i stayed there crying, and crying. I heard a growl.. Shit. I backed away and turned to him.


"You have no reason to be mad at andrew, hes comforting me, hes a friend, how pathetic is it, that my friend comforted me instead of my own fucking soul mate, huh adrian, tell me TELL ME! My own  mate, cheated on me, kissed his ex in front of me, you.. you bastard" I screamed, pushing him. I glanced at Andrew who looked pissed. Tears strolling down my face.


"EXACTLY! Im your mate, that will never change, you can never be able to love that dick face" he pointed to andrew. Andrew began to walk over here.. great.


"No andrew, stay over there, please lemme handle this." he listened thankfully


"You, you bastard, have no say.! Why was i so unlucky to love such a man whore like you! Why you! Exactly im your soul mate, yet look at you, yur still making out with whores, nothing ever stops you. Ugh i cant believe i actually fell for all your words, i cant believe you!!" I started hitting him on the chest. He grabbed my wrist.


'Im sorry! What do you want me to say!? Just cuz were arguin, you dont go to that sick bastard" he said


"Guess what," I pulled away.


"This isnt no argument. You cheated... Also, i have 2 mates. You and Andrew, hes my human one... Its rare. Very rare. I even have a power now... No worries, ill pack my shit and get the hell outta your house." i said... He grabbed me.


"LET HER GO" Andrew yelled.


In one glance, andrew got on top of Adrian and started punching, poor andrew. Adrian quickly threw him off and grabbed him by the neck and ht him towards the locker. "STOP!" i cried. Nothing. Boom. One hit to andrews face, than another, Blood. One other.. Andrews knocked out cold, i run to him. Yes hes breathing. Im  on my knees crying.


"Why just why?" i cried. That minute i saw sympathy in adrian.


"Just keep in mind, you still have to marry me." he said roughly. sympathy gone.


I cried and cried. Than got up and looked at him.


"I rather kill myself." i said coldly than away i walked...


Adrians p.o.v

"I rather kill myself." she said coldly i let her walk away.


What tf is wrong with me. I looked at Andrew, on The ground, badly i just wanted to kill him. Hes her other mate. Ive only ever heard of having 2 mates once... Its rare, especially her power. Rare. I can read minds... She reads feelings. Shit. I hit the locker remembering Miranda, my first love. Shes to blame. No... its my fault... Ugh. Shes just so hot, not hotter than Saffire, but hot... She just seduced me, and i-i just kissed her yanno... Than saffire saw, and the pain in her eyes, a pain in my heart. I ignored it.


"Ill pack me shit-" shit. I remmebered her words.


I ran to the house and saw Saffire still walking. She seemed depressed, i heard her thought


'I dont know what to do, i cant, maybe itd be better off if im dead. maybe, life would be easier, i love adrian, i can only see andrew as a friend, mate or not... Adrian just doesnt love me... Im a gonner. Im done im tired...." she thought. No.


No! i screamed inside my head


"No!!" i screamed. Than she screamed


"Yes." after she calmed down.


"I love you, i really do saff"


"Than why cheat!!"


"It just happened"


I felt a pain in my heart and i can tell she felt the same because she fell to her knees, i quickly grabbed her, the curse of the mates... When we argue, the more we argue, that pain in your heart gets stronger.


"i-im sorry. I love you" i coughed.


"Im to ugly, to be loved" she said.


I felt weak. Just than, got the pills out of her bag, and just swallowed them. 

"NOOO, SAFFIRE" I screamed, 


I used every inch of strength i had, to grab her, fuck that, i transfomed, and put her on my back, I ran to the house, my dads a doctor he'll know what to do


"Keep your eyes open, keep breathing" I thought.


I finally got there.


Hours passed

 Im just waiting to see if she'll make it or not.. My eyes were puffy, the pain in my heart hurt, i could barely move.


"Well son....


-shes alive." he said my breath, im breathing, i got up, and ran straight for the room.


"s-son. Shes not awake. Shes alive but barely. She wont wake up till another few days weeks, months maybe, she could wake up today but i doubt it." i took in his words. I went up to my room and sat and sat.


8 months before the wedding

ive sat for 4 months, not leaving the room till saff wakes up, the pack needs me, but i cant, instead, my bestfriend took over. Its time, i heard my wolf tell me. I got up, everything weak, i havent ate, and i know i stink. Im weak very weak. I stink. Im skinny, yet my muscles dont go away, bags under my eyes and i just dont know how ugly i could ever get. I walk out the room. To see her dull expression laying down in the bed. I did this to her, I looked at her and slumped in the chair, the desire to kiss her... I cant. This isnt no sleeping beauty shit. I would know i already tried to kiss her it didnt work. She skinny too, heart still beating, i see flowers from andrew. Pissed. I ate, and ate, exercised ad exersiced. Back to school. Back to andrews bitch ass.




I see him, i pushed him to the locker, his expression blank, everybody surrounding going quiet.


"Keep on sending flowers to MY GIRL, ill come back and rip you limb to limb." I growled slamming him against the locker.


"I dont think saffire would like that, now would she, to kill her bestfriend. You wouldnt" he smirked at me Thats it.


I picked him up.


"No i wont kill you. But ll make your life a miserable hell. Leave my girlfriend alone and stop sending her flowers. No fuck that my fianceeee. Shes mine."i said.


"I wouldnt have to send her flowers, if someoneee didnt make her so miserable." he snarky told me. This boy has balls.


That was it. One punch. Two punch. Third punch. Hes bleeding barely breathing. Good


"Dont make me start sending you flowers you dick." i growled.


I walked out, everybody silent. I didnt care. I thought about what he said. My fault. Yes... i know, the pain in my heart, is pounding. I got home, i couldnt take it anymore...


at my desires

 I ran inside. Its killing me.. Everything its killing me. Im on my knees... Sitting by her bed i turn on the radio... Music, is not helping.

"all were waiting, all will wait,as they go over. Held between heaven and hell. as their dancing.  As they dance. Over and over. Cold" I switched the radio... Shes not going to die. She will wake up...

Another song began to play i closed my eyes

"ive waited a hundred years, but id wait a million more for you... nothing prepared me for. The privlidge of being yours a do... If i had only felt, the warmth with in your touch" I reached for her hand and grabbed it

" If i had only seen how you smile, when you blush. Or when you curl your lip, when you concentrate enough oo i would have known what i was living for, what ive been living for..."

"What ive been living for saf.." i opened my eyes.. She looks weak, so fragile... 


"stop feeling so sad for me, im okay, just tired" A voice said in my head. ITS HERS, ITS HERS!!!!!


"SAFFF!!!!!" I yelled embracing her kissing her all over her face.


"shh.. t-tired.." she croaked yet smiled


"Baby im so sorry. so so sorry, i promise nevr again. Only you. Only us, i dont know what i was thinking I-i"


"shshsh... Its okay, you look weak... Tired." she sat up worried. I couldnt move, i had no energy.


"Can you even walk ?" she asked


"Y-yes, just get very tired, i collapse alot. I layed in bed the past 3 months." i saiy sheepishly


"Shower now." she commands, shes about to get up


"No, its okay lay down."

"Idc, i am fine. Lets go."


She led me to the shower half way collapsing, i managed to keep myself awake.


Saffires p.o.v

I felt his hand, i felt his feelings, and this song just makes everything ten times worst like sheesh. I was ina good mood for some reason, i felt tired. But okay, i looked at him, his heart beat was slow, extremely slow, worry over powered me, i couldnt talk much, so i decided to send him a mind thingy, lol. He instantly started kissing me, shivers from head to toe. God. I cannot get turned on not now. Good, hes not reading my thoughts. I wanted to ask how he was taking care for the pack, but i didnt bother. Hes been miserable. Weak, practically dying but how, why? I led him to the bath, knowing damn right he hasnt taken one ina while, and even if he did not right . 

He was falling asleep as i led him up the stairs.


"Sit." i commanded. He sat on the toilet. 5 min later m back with a towel and hes asleep. Great.

 I took off his shirt, i can see he had no energy in him. I took of his pants, than his under wear, for some reason i didnt really mind, it felt normal to me.


"Hey, wake up, get in babe." I tapped on him, and he awoke.


"Did you undress me?" he asked containing his laughter. 


"Yes, since youre lazy ass was asleep. Now hurry in." i said tring not to laugh but failed miserably


"I love it when your in charge" He whispered seducivly in my ear, sent shivers down my spine.


"Not now." i said knowing im turned on


He got in, and god how i wanted to join in.

Than get in, the dirtyer your thoughts get, the more i wont be able to contain myself.

"Reading my thoughts, really." i told him, he smirked at me


"Are you smirking at me, mr. Kingston" I said


"I dont know am i, soon to be Mrs. Kingston" He winked.


I bit my lip and began to wash him.


"Stop." he said


"What?" i say


"Stop biting your lip." he said


"aha why?" i  didnt notice i was stilll doing that.


"because-" At that moment he just kissed me, he took off my hospital dress ew. How un attractive. Lol. He pulled me in the water, and i laughed.


"You dont know how badly i missed you." he whispered in my ear.


Thats it, i began to kiss his neck, i ran my fingers through his hair, i and kissed him hungrily, i wanted this as bad as he did, believe me. I felt his erection against my stomach, oh god..


"Im going to have you" He said


He kissed my neck and sucked on my collar bone i immidietly started to moan. Damn, i would love to wake up like this every morning


"mm that can be aranged" he said, damn my thoughts.


He slipped in side of me, and oo i cant explan how i felt, everything i desired. Feels like forever. God damn... We both were at our finsihing points.

I turned on the radio, while we began to bathe.

I sang loudly not caring

"lullaby lullaby lullaby, aint nothing wrong falling in love. Aint nothing wrong,lullaby lullaby lullaby, im gunna be im gunna be everything youve dreamed. Im gunna sing oh so sweet, boy you make my heart skip a beat." I changed it. Eh song gets annoying

"babe, your singing at the wedding right?"  he says

"nah, im not really comfy with that" i laugh

"hmm" he says i turned off the shower and got out, as did he, i felt hands on my hips, and a kiss on my cheek

"i missed you" i said


"You missed me, i was awake suffering, hating life without you" He chuckled... 

at my desires


"Ilove you" i close my eyes


"I love you." he said kissing me...


arrival yet dissapearable

 I got to school, with adrian hand in hand, the day went by quick full of welcome backs, glad youre okay. Andrew avoided me. Ive seen miranda and Adrian talk a couple times, ive kept my wolf down. 


2 weeks later


Me and adrian got into an argument. So im walking to school alone. The argument was miranda. Theyve been hanging out a lot lately i mean come on... I got to school and saw miranda and adrian hugging she saw me and smirked. reading her lips 'hes mine' she said lip syncing. I got pissed, i could tell adrians feelings were symapthy, she probably pretended to be sad. Than she flipped me off. I got over there


Grabbing her by the hair she fell outta adrians arms onto the floor me pinnign her, i growled, as did she. Shes a wolf. I hear adrian yelling at me but i dont wanna hear it.


"You know what bitch, i am tired of you, he is not yours you whore deal with it, no matter what he'll always love me. Deal with it." i screamed. 3 punches later and shes on the floor bleeding and crying


I turned around and walk away, i knew adrian was gunna help her up


"Help her up and its done." i turned around


He helped her up.

"Rejection." he said he looked away.

I smiled the best i could turned around and walked away.


I started to run a while after, i felt the rejection hitting. I tripped and fell into a grassy area. I saw one flower. It was a Orchid... it was bent broken and torn


"So pretty, so delicate, yet so misunderstood, and so unloved." i whispered.


I got to the house..


"Uhm Saffire, i am sorry, but the weddings off and uhm, your going to stay here still because uhm, your moms outta town and we have no idea where.." she said. I nodded 


Trying to comprehend, i knew my world was tearing down... I walked in the room and boom.

Adrian on top of Miranda. I smiled and walked inside holding the tears inside. I got my bags and started to pack, I dont know where im going. But i know its far far from here. Adrian was pulling up his pants, while miranda was sitting on the bed smiling.


"uhh.. where are you going?" he said in a bored way. 


"Does it matter?" i snapped


"i know youre moms outta town"he said


"as for that, you have no where, so where are you going." he snapped


Ugh i swear. Im pissed

I turned around and faced him

"somewhere, your not." i say


He couldnt read my thought no more since we broke apart. I was done with my stuff, he followed and grabbed me in the hall way.


"where" he said


"as if you care" a ttear slipped down my cheeck. His feelings were full of worry..


I pulled away and ran down stairs


"Thank you mr and mrs kingston but i cannot stay here. I just cannot" i said givving each of them a hug


They nodded tears filled in there eyes, , i felt them put something in one of my bags, i didnt bother to check i just walked out the door. I turned into wolf form and ran into the woods... disappearing.


Adrians p.o.v


                                                              "where" i said boredly trying to sound whatever bout it when really i was worrying, i knew she could sence it. 


"As if you care." she said. I saw the tears. Damn. she pulled away.


What the hell was i thinking bringing miranda in here to yanno... Shit. I saw miranda on the bed smiling. I cant let Saff get to me. I shouldnt care.

'shes your soulmate' my wolf said

Ugh. I dont care, i walked in the room to finish what we started.

I tried, and i tried, i felt no pleasure in this, my heart pounded and dissapointment hit. Why did i do it... Oh yea to prove i was a fucking man. To prove, she didnt own me... Thats why i left her. But i heard jelousy in her voice. Man i already went thru hell with out her, why do i keep doing this I reached my finishing point and told miranda to get out, she stumbled, and just to be  nice i walked her to the door.

My parents stared at me hard core.

"What.?" i said. shit.


They ignored me. I just went to bed fuck this.




I walked in the school to notice only miranda by my side, no sign of saffire. Ugh i dont care.

                                                     "hey guys" i said sitting down at the table, miranda voluntarily sits on my lap. really.

They stared hard core at miranda, in disgust.


"Uhmm is there a problem" i say.


"Wheres saffire" alex says. damn.


"She left" i said


"where?" they said


I shrugged my shoulders, i know they liked saffire, not like that but they all treated her like a sister, they didnt like miranda but i didnt care.


"What do you mean you dont know" alex growled


See alex cared for her most, so did dallas, hes quiet, tho i can sence he wants to rip me apart rn.


"She left." i say


"with her old fam?" alex and dallas say hopefully


"no one know where her family went." i say smiling


"So your trying to fucking tell me, you just let her go, alone!!!!" Dallas yelled. This surprised me


"i fucking offered her to stay, she didnt want to." i yelled right back


"Oh baby, calm down, she was only mad that you rejected her, and than she comes home to find us making love." miranda says, putting her hand on my shoulder. Shit. Dumb bitch.


"YOU WHAT!!!???" all the boys yelled standing up


"I cant believe you, were going to look for her" alex said


"No your not, im alpha, Obey!" i say, my wolf coming out.


"Alpha, really knows how to treat his damn pack." alex says


"remember shes omega, and luna. Part of the damn pack. Understand ALPHA" he says.


"Yes i do know, she chose to leave the pack." i say


"No she left you." Alex had balls.


"I left her" i yell " i am man." i say. damn wolf.


"Says the man that dont know how to treat a woman. A man is a guy, who has respect, not going round fucking hoes." and that was it, he walked out



The guys still ignoring me, barely went to school, to damn busy looking for Saffire... I know, i was wrong... My own parents are ignoring me. Shit, where the hell is saffire. I know i fucking miss her ass so damn much. Ive looked for her time to time, but never wandered to far, there was a very new powerful pack in the woods, that worried me for saff. If i dont find her. The boys will find her.


Alex's p.o.v


I am so pissed at Adrian, i mean ive been pissed for a fucking while, who the hell does that, dont get it twisted, me and saffire, are close... Ive been out looking for her, for A  year now, all the guys are worried. I know shes not dead, because than adrian would be crying like a bitch, and his body aching. He seems fine, tho i can tell hes hurting, he has bags under his eyes, like hes hopping bitch to bitch. I dont want that. I needed a story, a track something to know where she went, Shit, How can i be so stupid. Sence....

I ran to Adrians house

Banging on his damn door

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" I heard him say He opened the door pissed than confused to see my face

"Oh uh.. Wassup foo? he says


"Did saffire leave any things here?" i say


"Uhm i dont think so, but you can look" he says blankly. He looks like hell


I ran up stairs and looked in all his drawrs, I found one of her shirts, i smelt it, weird but yes. lol, she smelt like flowers and love. She really did love his dumb asss. I caught her sent and ran out the house, howling...


the life i made.

 Saffires p.o.v

I ran into the woods, not looking back, the memory hitting me as hard, ive never felt this pain before, something inside feeling so physical, my stomach an empty pit. My heart ripped and burn to ashes with no savior. I ran...


1 year later


I made a life for myself. I once an omega, now an alpha... how? hah, well see this is how, on my run, ive met hundreds of wolfs that were rejected, or kicked out of the pack. I formed a pack, called it, no called us, The toska pack, it stood for  its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. At less morbid levels it is a dull ache of the soul, a longing with nothing to long for, a sick pining, a vague restlessness, mental throes, yearning. In particular cases it may be the desire for somebody or something specific, nostalgia, love-sickness. At the lowest level it grades into ennui, boredom .It basically stood for the hopeless. Some called us the lost ones, others called us the wild ones. We were the largest, most powerfullest pack in the world, may i say dangerous. Deep inside the woods, i reconstructed, all of us did, making a home for us, as for that no one went thru the woods, afraid. I was heartless. And i showed no mercy to the ones who wanted to hurt me, or any of us... I grew in the past year. My frizzy hair now beach curls. Once brown hair, now a light bronze. Blonde in sunlight. My heigh. The same. Curved a little more in my body, my eyes grew bigger once a brown, now a hazel. I have 2 best friends the ones that know everything about me. Aurabella, and johnny. Dont get me wrong, i missed my old pack, i missed alex and dallas the most. Lies... I missed adrian the most. On the full moons where mates called eachother, i heard him call. I never went, trust was a hard thing to earn from me now a days. I ran to my wood house, back from a morning jog, i got into the shower, closing my eyes while memories flashed through me.... Pain yet love.. so complicated. Aurabella and johnny, were out casts, they left there packs and came here, they also found there mates here... I smiled at there hapiness. 

As for me, i am strong. Happy, no. Strong yes. I got out the shower put on a jump suit, it was a silk black, long sleeved, stuck to my body showing my curves. I walked outside. Called a pack meeting.

As for the life i formed myself and houses, have a look.

Im sure its not what you expected, im sure you expected somthing dark well nope. We cleared a part deep in the woods. I continue on expanding. These pasts few months have been harsh, a few. No many of our wolves had died. Fire... Right now i onky have 203 members in my pack. And the second largest packs is 198, Thats adrians....

In the center of the field, my wolfs stood. I stood on a higher hill, given the fact that i am short.


"Wild ones" i smile at the words


"Or for some call us the lose, i perfer the found" My pack smiled


"We lost a lot of members a couple months ago we were at 245 now to 203..." I looked down


"I am sorry, i failed-" i was cut off by a howl. A familiar one. Alex.


"No guys, no attack, everybody inside the cabins, ill continue later, i know this wolf." i say smiling


They all respect my wishes, and do as i say, i run to the howling, oh how i missed him,, i felt joy and i knew it was him. I was happy, yet disappointed it wasnt adrian, than again. No.. I say to myself. I see Johnny and aurabella following me.


"I can handle myself i know this wolf please. Leave" i command.


"Saff please le-" i cut bella off


"Dont call me that" i growled


"please go" i say wishfully. They do as i say.


I ran faster, and saw him in wollf form, i attacked him with a hug


"ALLEEXXX!!!" i scream laughing, startled his face went from horrid, to joyful.

He changed to human form, naked. He grabbed some clothes from his bag and put them on, this no longer bothered me. Ive seen men change lots, when my pack hunts. ust something you have to get used to.

"OMG, Saffire!! How the hell did you survive out here, this is toska territory" he says hugging me

"Well of course you wouldnt know about it, the packs new, sorta" he says


"Uhm.. Thats because im alpha. Hah" i say sheepishly

He looked at me in amazment,

"Youve grown sis, in features of course" I hit him playfully


"Not funny you ass" I giggle... How it feels good to laugh


"How did you manage to form this pack." he asks


I took him by the arm pulling him back to where my home is, explaing everything the way there.

Once i got there, his face was priceless.


"This is the place i built for me and my pack, would you like to meet them, there very kind" i grin


"Oh really, from what i hear there wild, and heartless. They kill with no mercy" he says


"That isnt my pack, they bring me the people who try to hurt any of us. I give of course the people to explain why they were here. They want my place. I kill. Ive changed" i say lifting my head.


"I can see that" he says nudging me


"would youu like to meet them?" i ask again


"sure" he says


I howl, they come out growling


"Play nice" i shout


"Not an enemy, a visitor" i say smiling


"why didnt you just say that" aurabella and john both say, i laugh


"Im aurabella but call me bella" she says giving him a hug


"Im johnny but call me john" he shakes his hand


"Its been a while since i seen saff so happy, who are you to her" john says


"Some what of a brother"he smiles looking at me


"These are my best friends, and this is the rest of the pack" i say


They all wave and returned to there usual day lives.


"They really are nice" alex says

"why yes, they are, so what did you need to find me for" I say

"Adrian." he says whisperly

"He sent you" i say in disbelief

"Sorta... hes been miserable. I see bags under his eyes, he always smells like liquor, please help him, please saff, tonights a full moon, call to him" he says


"No way in hell is she doing that" bella yells

"That bastard hurt her." she says, i look down


"Hes still my mate, bells..." i say in defeat. I need him.


"No." she says


"Are you commanding me" i say in shock


"Listen, it is her mate, leave it to her" alex says. i nodd


"Listen bells, i havent been happy in a year, i need this,.. I need him, if all this time i knew he didnt care, than i woulda left it alone, but bvious enough, hes been miserable." i say

"Alex, hows the pack going?" i say


"Terribly. We on have 104 now..." he says


"shit. Would you all like to join the pack" i say smiling


"You know adrian, would never let you be alpha" he says. True.


"We can both be alphas, i sure there can be some kind of agreement." i say


"mm, we can try" he says


"If not than, i sure as hell aint leaving this pack, and all my hard work for him. If he damages me even more, i will have to start over. I do not want that" i say


"Now that sounds like the saff i know" john winks, i laugh


"Well... Nights coming... Start the bonfires bae" i say to bella


"Im on it" she winks at me

"John set up the food" i say, he does it


"Everyone else, set the tables and chairs" i yell so they all could hear me.


"You really do rule hear." alex says


"Im not crule to them, i care for them all..." I say.


Just in that moment, a girl, small she looked fragile, and frightened. My two biggest wolfs, alaric and derek, brought her to me


"I found her trying to get in alpha." he says, he gives her to me.


I suck up my sympathy, and look at alex, staring at the young girl... Shit... Mate. He looked at me pleading not to kill her... I wont


"What are you doind here, dont you know it is dangerous young girl" i say

She looked away from alex

"y-yes, ma'm, i uh... I was the maid of my old pack, always mis treated... Guess it happens to the ugly ones" alex let off a low growl


"I just wanted a part in this pack, hoping id gain some strength" she says, standing up tall.


"Well hun, do you know you found your mate here too" i smile


"im to ugly for a mate" she says looking at alex


"Believe me, your not," he grins, hugging her and kissing her cheeck. This girl had a goreous smile


"Well hun, a few touch ups, and believe me you are gorgeous, and also welcome to the pack" i say


She was so happy she hugged me, the girl was my height


"name?' i say


"Oh, sorry Delilah" she says


"Fits you well" alex winks


"flirt." I say laughing


"age?" i say


                                                                         "16" she says. Young one. Alex was 18 by the way he was grinning i can tell he didnt care.


" well ima get changed, leave you two love birds to it. Ill howl at midnight " i say







Time to stop running.

I walked up the steps and into my house. There i find my brothers, mother died in a car accident... I found my brothers at the police station, there wolf abilities caused them to heal quickly.  I gave them a hug, and told them to go upstairs and change, the bonfires were setting up, they giggled and ran up. I walked to my room to get ready, I left my natural curly hair as it is, did my make up and put on a random dress, no really caring, thou i should. But i wont. I ended up looking like this



My curls, were wavy since brushed them out...


4 hours later


I was enjoying the bonfire, but than alex pointed at his clock... Here goes nothing.


I howled as if my life depended on it, i howled louly, yet no one heard me... Till i heard someone howl back...


I ran towards the person, ran as fast as i could, not looking back. I could hear followers, and i growled them  away knowing i could go faster, Miles and miles, i hear other steps, slowing down, as for i. Did not stop. The sent intoxicated me though slight alcohol, filling my auroma, feeling the feelings around me i sensed everything. Love, wonder, longlessness. Boom, i felt a warm arms around me, thou i never thought id ever feel them again. I put my arms around that man, wrapping my legs around him. Knowing he was weak he'd fall to the ground


"God damnit, i fucken missed you stupid ass" i said between kisses

I heard a chuckle, i havent heard in so long, that laugh that surrounded me with love.


"Im sorry, i j-" i cut him off


"Shut up." I say

"Come with me asshole" i say jokingly.


And of course, he did as i say. I grabbed him by the hand, pulling him i tugged him,knowing he was weak and by all that he run, he wouldnt be able to go on, Turning into wolf form, my wolf was much bigger now. Why dont i just show you

Alphas are black wolfs... I have white because i was not a true alpha, just a made one.

I huffed for Adrian to get on, while he stared at me in astonishment,


Xaviers p.o.v

I was just about to have my 23rd glass of wine, until i heard a howl... My howl, her howl. I howleed back, while i slurred around, trying to run, than i gained energy, and ran howling, i didnt bother changing into wolf forming, knowing she wasnt either, i ran and ran miles, knowing she left far through out the year than boom she crashed into me, i hugged her tightly, wondering if this was a dream. It was dark i could barely see her, i definitley did smell her, i smelt confidence, and power. Wondering how she wrapped her legs around me, i wasnt so weak, but i fell to the ground wanting her on top of me, and knwoing that is exactly what she wanted i heard those honey words speak


"God damnit i fucken missed your stupid ass" she said, trying to sound serious yet smothering me with kisses in between, i laughed


"im sorry i j-" she cut me off telling me to shut up. I was surprised


"Come with me asshole" she said trying to sound serious damn right she wasnt.


I was weak tho,and from all the energy ive been wasting i couldnt any longer. Im guessing she knew this, she dragged me by the hand,  i couldnt continue. She knew this too. She changed into wolf form. WHAT THE HELL SHES BLACK. I was astonished tho i saw white speckles, she was a made alpha. Not meant to be, but made into one.... Alpha of which pack, i thought? I knew what she wanted so i hopped on her back,damn she one big wolf. Almost as big as me... I thought.

She ran even longer miles, going deeper into the forest, damn. How in the fucking world is she alive. Than i saw trees clearing up, i hopped off her, and her turning into human form, she was naked. My erection building damn, the lights hit her, as she put on her clothes how is she not ashamed, shes not shy no more... WTF?. I stare at her, shes gotten even more beautiful. Was the possible. Her curves even curvier, she was slimmer yet thick. Flat belly, I saw a piercing with a wolf hanging and a tattoo on her wrist saying freedom with birds than another one on her ear, well in back of it saying toska... Shes alpha of the most powerful pack. Tho this should anger me, i find myself proud of her. Thick thighs, boobs not too small, not too big, perfectly round, make up ina perfect cat eye, with gorgeous eyes she almost seemed un real. Her ass, bubble butt as always, waist big as she put her dress on. Her hair no longer frizzy, instead into natural curls, no longer brown instead a bronze, beautiful. Lips fer perfect face, cheeck bones damn. Best part her smile, damn the way she smiles with two dimplez on the side. Finally fully dressed, my erection still grown


she giggled "Put that away, these girls will look at it likr a prize" she laughed coming to me by grabbing my hand. Still in shock, i allow her to drag me her.

'Alex?" i say, he looks at me smiling

"Ahh i see saffire called you, thank god" he says greeting me i smile

"so you are the one who found her?" i say not surprised

"yes, adrian. Thats why i asked if anything of hers was here i sniffed her out" he laughed

"Omg did i smell?" saffire in pure horror

"Naww, it was a flower frgrance" he says laughing

"Well you shall be rewarded" i nod to alex. Letting her pull me


"Adrian meet Aurabella and john" they eye me with hatred. 


"Call me bella." she says blankly.


"You sir, can call me johnathan" he tells me coldly.


Saffire growls, one that even scares me, but also excites me.


"Nice." she snarles

"Im giving him a chance, you guys should too" she says


"Your giving him another chance!" bella squeals

"well in that case, haii" she gives me a hug, as i return


"Hello" i say with a smile


"Sorry, saffs my bestfriend.. Hey call me john" he patts me


"Hey" i say


"Adrian, can we talk?" saffire says sweetly, i nod she grabs my hand, pulling me to a very large h- cabin?


"Adrian" she says whispering


"Saffire"  i say


"seriously tho we need to talk"


"Im sorry" i say, thinking thats what its about, shes unreadable


"not about those things, i have no desire to talk about that."


"Wait okay, first let me get things straight your alpha, of the most powerful pack of the world.. h-how?" i say


"Welll.. see i ran, hurt, weak. The old me. And as i ran, i ran into johnny and aurabella, they became my best friends, we decided to form a pack on wolves we found alone and lost, or heartbroken.. Weak as we were, and become stronger together... Toska.... We named eachother, well you know the meaning already."she smiles weakly

"Anyways, as i tryed to forget.. Hapiness never came. We found many wolves Many, hurt and desorted. At about 106 wolves we decided, to stop going from place to place and build. Tho power and confidence built in me, as  I changed, full moons, ive always hated, i cried tied up to the bed, trying to keep my self from heading to you. that got me strong. We all have scheduals, its not school. Its like a boot camp, but much nicer, easier. Oh and my powers, much more powerful, i can block anything from reading my mind, if your wondering, i can see peoples auras, and well. Strength definitley, and people feelings affect me much more now, so this pity thing you have please stop, itll affect me" she smiled giving me a hug...


"Well thats pretty much it.. you?" she says


"uhm.. pity pretty much describes me" i looked down shameful.








"dont say that." she tells me, she pulled me into a hug.


"No pity" i smile. as does she


"Ive been a terrible alpha." i say


"I know, 3 of your wolves came to me.. ive always had a way, to know about you.. always.." she says shyfully


I should be creeped out but nah, this was cute.


"man i was just a ghetto mixed girl. Talkin wit mah damn slant words, and sat quietly in the back of the damn room, but put up a fight if i had to, what happened?" she laughed

"puberty" i couldnt help but laugh


"shut up" she playfully hit me


"i havent talked like that in so long, always big words" she said


"Okay well back to business" she says rubbing her hands together


"Come on girl, cant we just lay back" i say hoping


"after" she winks biting her lip


"Keep biting your lip and were gunna have to talk about business later" i grab her by the waist and she imedietly lets go of her lipp and loooks at me


"l-later, believe me i want it but this is important." she stutters, i laugh


"Ughh.. okay go for it"


"okay you know how your pack is sorta.. down?" she sayd


                                              "Yeah." i wonder where shes going with this


"Okay so my pack,  lost alot of members and well im alpha, and now that were.. well idk, but um. If we evem are together i know you'd probably wanna go back home.. and well i dont wanna leave my pack, an i know you wont wanna leave yours so..." she says quickly


"keep going" not sure where this is going. "oh and saf, were together" i say winking


"hah, well okay, well i want our pack to combine." she looked down


"uhh.. and im guesssing you wanna be alpha"  noy sure how i feel about this.


"No no, i want us to be co alphas" she says 


"co alphas" i laugh "no ones ever done that before"  i say. she looked down sadly


"Im not leaving my pack." she says sadly.. damn.

"its either you come be with me and our pack, or you leave. And stay gone" she whispers


"Look at me" i say

"look. at. me." i say rather to rouphly


"What" she snaps


suddenly i crush my lips to hers, and next thing you know shes on the bed,and her dress is on the floor im kissing her everywhere and shes just damn. She seemed shocked but now she seems as needy a me, kissing me all over.


"I missed you" she pants


"i love you" i say between breaths and wit that we finish off




"Baaaabe!" she growsls


"ughh what?" i say


"its morning. and you still didnt agree" she says seriously


"didnt the sex answer it" i say, giving her a cheesy smile


Suddenly she pulls me into a huge hug, and we go outside to announce the news.


saffires p.o.v


No one, can tell how i am inside. Im jumping. And excitement is just yass...!!! 

"Wolves" i shout thru the micro phone, all run out and face me and adrian.


"I have an announcement. Today. We have more wolves joining us, we have many empty rooms, so greet them with welcomness. This pack was the moonlight pack, and they want to join us. If you are rude just because they are new or WERE from a different pack, you will be out. aside from that. I am not your only alpha." i joined hands with adrian.

"His name is adrian. You will respect him. Not only because he is my mate, but because hes your alpha. And if you do their will be consequences. If you have problems with this you may leave today." I say. a bit worried people will leave. No one does. I sigh with victory and give adrian a peck.

"You all may return to your scheduals" adrian says.

"Now can we get to ours" i say with a wink

"as much as id love to, i have things to pack' he says cheesily, i sigh,

"fine" i laugh



2 months later...

Saffires p.o.v


"B-babe, wake up" urgency in my voice. i heard and felt something that wasnt mine and adrian was asleep.. It was a heart beat... But one faster than adrians and faster than mine... We were sleeping, this heart beat.. was as if it was awake.


"Babe!!" i screamed, growling.

"what ." he groaned.

"shh, do you hear that" i say. hearing the heart beat getting slower

"Yes your heart beat. Now go to sleep." he says annoyed. I punch him in the arm

"No not just mine. T-theres two" i say scared.

"y-ye- wtf." he says worried

"You have 2 hearts?" he looks at me trying to joke.

I slapped him on te stomach...

I got up and went to the restroom. There was pounding on my stomach.. A-and... i lookd in the mirror i have gained weight... i work out every day. No it cant be.. Okay werewolves take faster in the womb. about 6 months  it is til labor.. so that means two months the baby should be m-moving..

"your lying" he says

"I-i cant be. Im alpha this is too soon. i-i.. Its too dangerous..." i dont need any weaknesses.

"Babe.. i-" i cut him off

"Im pregnant" i say in barley a whisper.

"no" he says.

"Dont be stupid." i say.

"WERE pregnant. Not just you" He says pretending to sound affended. I laugh

"I love you" he whispers in my ear.

"But how?" i say weve been protected.

"Uhmm if the babys moving than your about 2 months. Sooo that means this was 2 months aho, which was about the time we got together. So probably the time we had sex when i first got back. And it just happened" oh yeah huh. We werent protected than..

"What are we gon do" i whisper

"Have a baby" he smiles

"Im gunna be fat" i scream.

"Good" he says

As for that he picks me up and off to bed we go... 



 "Babe. I dont want anybody to know though" i said angrily. No way is anybody knowing my weakness. Got me fucked up.

"Your so stubborn. Your gunna be showing anyway." adrian sounded annoyed. I didnt care.

"No. Adrian,baby,listen. They cant know weakness." i say pleadingly

"Well saff. Youre not gunna be able to hide for long. And training best believe is far off the line for you" oh no.. i cant spar. Just great.

"Ill be inside the house" i smile

"Your alpha. You cant" he says annoyed

"pleeaseeeee" i say

"No." bastard.

"Heard that" he said amused

"Bastard, get outta my head" i said a bit amused


He pulled me closer to him, grabbing me by the waist "What'd you call me" hes obviously still amused.

"Not right now" i say wiggling out of his embrace "Fine" he says kissing me on the cheek

"Now announcement" he says sturnly

"K." i say walking out

"Dont k. me! hold up" he says

"already did,hurry up hoe" i say

"Language." he says jokingly

"Whateva" i say


He finally catches up to me and im already on the podium, calling my wolves or our lol. 

"Slow ass mofo" i say

"Your getting ghetto in public, thats a new one" he says smiling.

I roll my eyes "might as well"


All wolves came

"Well look who decided to come out." bella says smiling at me


"I have An announcement." I say.


Everone goes quiet.


"As you all know, i have not been feeling well.. and well other than that, we have a new pack member." adrian gave me a questingly look.


"Whos the new member" i hear yelling, hoots and all tha began giving me a headace, and i knew adrian could tell cuz he growled and it got all quiet again.


"What she means to say, is this pack member isnt born yet. You all need to stop yeling." adrian says.

I looked down. And everybody began to realize. Bird brains. Next thing i know theres hugging. And crying, i was confused, all these emotions.

"Conratz" i kept getting from people, no ones mad ?? hmm.


"Fucking dick, you did this to me, all this pain, your never touching me again" she growled at me. I smiled and looked at the doctor while her heavy breaths were loud.

"Isnt she charming, so beautiful" i smile and look at the doctor. He gives me a crazed expression.

"baby" i say

"What!" she snaps

Im really enjoying this. shes panting and screaming, her wolf wanting to take over and shes holding on

"I swear to god, once this is over im gunna kick your ass adrian" she screams. Than crying.

46 hours of pure labor, and shes out. I gave my wife, a huge kiss, and grabbed my baby girl.

"Serena valeria knight" i kiss her on the fore head and give her to her mother. Whos finally calmed down.

"I love you saffire"

"I love you adrian"






2 years later...

"Saff, its been 2 years. Dnt you miss your family." he says. god i know i being stubborn but im alpha and refuse to leave my pack here and have my beta in charge. I WILL NOT.

"i have my own!" i say. God damnit im 23. And annoyed with a 2 year old daughter that is sleeping, i hope. Me and adrian done fight often but when we do it never ends well. 

"Babe, please" he pleads.

"Why is this so improtant to you?" i say.

"i promised your little brother he'd see u again.." he says.

I feel the pang in my heart, im being stubborn. I know that if i go i wont want to leave... I remeber when i was being forced to marry adrian, the funniest part about it is i never did. I wonder when he'll propose.. I found my mother. They said she went back home with my brothers. Turned out they had a vacation in cali.. i was relieved.

"Okay. only because i know u iss your family, ya big softy." i jokingly punch him in the shoulder.

"LETS GOOOO!" He screams. wait what? already?

"i packed all your stuff already and serenas." he smiles. fucker knew id say yes. 'Yes this fucker that loves u so much knew you'd say yes'he says in my head. I look at him " get out of my head fucker" i say

"oooooo mommy sad bad bad" serena says. of course she pops out at this moment.

"Serena why arnt u in bed?" i say

"Well mommy dadda sayshh we go bye bye" i glare at her father.

"come on bby girl." i pick her up in my arms. And we head out. I tell the wolfs im out, and lets say im hoping aurabella wont lead them to bad or throw any parties. 'Heard that bish. i wont trust me' Stupid reading minds thingy. I get in the car and were off...


23 hours later.


Yepp thats how far i ran. It took 2 days for me to get here. personallly i run faster than a car but i also get tired. Im outside of my moms house. My little brother shaun now 10. and my other little one is 8. Will he hate me for leaving? 'he wont' Adrian reassures me. I grab his hand and tighten my grip on it. Serena on his shoulders. I ring the door bell.

It opens and i rush in hugging my mother like ever before.

"mommy" i say rather childish but right now i feel how much ive misssed her. and it kills me.

She hugs back and i feel my shirt dampen shes crying. And so am i. She pulls away. My mom doesnt talk any more. She cant. I dont now why she just cant. She turns to adrian who is now smiling ear to ear. She sees serena.

"Serena this grandma, call her ma, or nanny okay mamash?" i say. My mom does a huge smile, grinning ear to ear and nodding grabbing her grand daughter. I smile.

"The boys?" i say

She points upstaires and i grab adrians hand.

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