Once upon a time, there lived a pack.There were 4 of them.The Leader's name is Hunter,the second Leader's name is Flamms,the third Leader's name is Sonya.And the pup's name is Zoey.Now one day the pack went to go hunting,and they killed 2 Bull Elks (Male) and killed 3 Cow Elks (Female) so they went back, to there Den.They ate 2 of the Bull Elks,and saved the rest fot tomorrow.Everyone one went to sleep.The Next Day. Hunter,Flamms,Sonya and Zoey went hunting for rabbits, so they went in the holes of where the rabbits are.They killed the hole family! There were 39 of the rabbits,and now died. Now Wolves of
Beyond went back home and, Moon Pack went to there Den and stole every food they got!Hunter said "What the F*** they stoled our food!!!"


Publication Date: 11-11-2010

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