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Whenever I browse the internet looking for art inspiration, I get distracted by many things, sometimes just by all that stunning art I find. But for inspiration something simple is enough. So I came up with the idea of creating a book full of pose sketches that doesn't offer too many details in order to leave enough room for your own creativity.
In order to stimulate creativity a little more, the poses are not sorted by categories, so the individual ideas can be better mixed with one other.

This book isn't just meant for furry artists, but as a furry artist myself, I just got a thing for cat-girls. Sorry!

So let's get creative.

Sascha Brandt

Interviw with the artist

Q: Why did you become a furry artist?

A: It was back in 1995 when the beat 'em up game Paws of Fury came out on the Amiga and there was that fighter called Foxy Roxy, and I thought that she was quite sexy, so I wanted to draw a picture of her. After that, I did two more pictures with that character, that became the first version of Sarah Fox. She didn't have a name back then. After that, I think the game Lionheart had an influence on me, and I came up with the


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Publication Date: 09-04-2021
ISBN: 978-3-7487-9322-9

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