standing under the moon
blood staining your hands
thousands of body benight your feet
did you find yourself
with all that revenge
did you lose yourself
when the darkness took your soul
and now you plegued with the nightmares
of all the sins your mind has commited
and now you cant remeber
what you had for a purpose
stareing down that loaded gun
like its you savor
sliting your wrist to the sound of your haunted souls screaming
are you happy now?
all this blood staining your hands
did you ever wonder what would happen when all those bodies came back alive
did you ever wonder what would happen when all those nightmares came alive
yea your mind is lost
your soul is gone
and your heart is cold
and honey we are all shivering
and we are all alone
cause we were all drug in the dark along with your stolen soul
so come on lets plegue this world
with all this hate
and all these lies
dont forget to breath
dont forget to wake
cause in the end all they are is nightmares
of a guilty soul
so lets go fucking insane and forget this dreadful world and live inside our minds

all this mindless guilt
and im drowning in your blood
that i made last night
and the stars are a reminder of the way your eyes will never shine again
but honey dont fret ill see you in hell
and ill countiue with my torment
and youve got a nice smile
but i liked the way you screamed for mercey better
and you have paid for your sins
and the blood on my hands quenche my thirst
for all the glory i could never have
and you should have run the other way when you saw me
and you should have never tried to walk away from me
i have no mercey
i have no heart
but i still drown in guilt every night
and sing a song to the rythm of a ticking clock
hopeing that this endless exsitance will end soon
so i can meet you in hell
under the tree of souls
so i can feel you one more time
before the flames consume my soul
so i say goodnight to you
but my love i will never say goodbye

sing the song of the dead
drink your blood
and say goodnight
to all the sins you have commited
and your mind is a ticking clock
a broken will
to match your broken soul
you wont sing tonight
cause honey we have all gone
into another place
so say goodbye
and say goodnight
and forget all these dirty lies
you have nothing on fate
so just stop and stare
as the fire burns away your sins

i took your love
and made a light
and now it shines bright
like the stars love the moon
and i see a face in the sky
and i know you are smileing at me in the skys above
i guess there was just not enough time
to say ill stay with you
and i should have know
that the world would keep on going
even though your not here to make it better
my hand in yours
stareing in youres
how could it be that these dreams feel so real
and i just wanted another chance
but i never got it
and no matter how many shotting stars
your not there to wish with me

im feeling so alone
and again i wonder if i should keep on walking
or if i should just sit down and rest
ive lost count of all the times i tried to forget the beating of my heart
and the way your eyes seemed to shine and warm my soul
ive tried to hate
ive tried to fall for someone else
but everytime i lay resined to the fact that i could never stop loveing you
four years of regret
four years of my tears
but never enough time it seems could takeaway this pounding heart
so here i am again thinking of you
my heart pounding
my eyes felt with bitter tears
wonderin should i keep on walking
of should i just sit down and rest

your a ghost
looking down on me
as i try to steal away
im runing
from this love that just wont stop haunting me
no point in denying
that im lost without a cause
is this what love is
countless tears
and lies
im always denying the way i feel
but inside i know
deep down under
there is a love thats haunting me
could this be the way it should be
and should i accept this heart renching
i guess i could run
down this winding path
but at least i wouldnt be lost no more
cause im in love with you forever
and theres nothing i can do to change it
and i know that no matter the time
i could never stop loveing you
from the day i saw your big brown eyes
and the day i saw your smile i guess from there thats the day i started running


Publication Date: 11-26-2011

All Rights Reserved

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