Prologue: Introduction

I dedicate this book to the redhead who definitely failed to distract me from passing my 12th grade Integrated Geometry class at my high school and it was quite an astounding year which ended in deep self-exploration, in which I truly established the foundation for my identity as a woman, in which not only did I pass that class and simultaneously, also pass Integrated Algebra 2, but eventually I went on to discover the Gay And Lesbian Corral Sea Islands, in which I initially supported human rights for all humans, in an epic echo of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Eventually, those dramatic events of turbulent first year of adulthood led to my tumultuous new identity and discovery of the fact, that I am truly none other than Chung Li June Fang and I'm also Jamie Lloyd and I've peacefully come to terms with my entire connected life.

Redhead: Today's Epiphany of Thursday, October 3, 2019

 What are you thinking?

This is the introduction

Remember 2007

Miss stalkin' Redhead


You're not that interesting


And I have the evidence

You sat next to me in geometry class

The whole school year of 2007


I never said

More than

5 statements

The entire school year of 2007


You could never distract me

If your life depended on it

To be perfectly honest

The only reason I even said

Those 5 statements



We had 5 group activities

In the entire geometry

Class that entire


The entire

School year

Of 2007


That Redhead

She could never get the best of me

You never had a chance

Do you know I'm telling the truth

The first teacher

Was a blonde

The second teacher

Was Mr. East

To the reader, come to your own conclusions

Whenever you read this

About my Integrated Geometry class

2 years prior to this

I already changed into a trans-

Gender woman

Sometimes I wake up and the birds are chirpin'


I already had

This planned 

Inside my head


I already had this planned

Way before I even knew you

Back in early childhood

In my imagination

I already had

This planned


I'm not tinking about that girl

But you stalked me

And you followed me

All the way to 2019

It's now 2019

I don't have anything for you

I can not tutor you

Even if I wanted to


That was such a long time ago

I can barely remember you

I remember the teachers

I'm actually telling the truth

I'm already a woman

I don't need a 2nd woman

"We already have 1 Gail Weathers

We don't need 2." 

-Steve the Bodyguard, Scream 3

Girl you better recognize the game

Let me be very clear

I didn't know that you exist

Until I thought about this


In this rhyme

Why are you at my church?

Can I even


My church service

Without you watching me

What are you thinking?

What's your motive?

Do you know what a psycopath is?

I'm through

With you!!

Epilogue: Psychological Duel Conclusions, To Be Continued.......

"So in closing"  Gail Weathers quote from her speech in Scream 3.

It's just like the duel between the 2 dictators in World War 2, with 

Hitler Vs. Stalin

Stalin may have rationally won the war

But Hitler who was definitely driven deep life forces passion won the mental duel!!

The greatest warlord in history!

I say this because the astounding psychological duel between myself and Redhead was one of the greatest psychological duels in my personal life and both my business life's history.

Chung Li June Fang Vs. The Redhead, was definitely my life's epicenter psychological battle equivalent of the Battle Of Stalingrad between the psychological prowesses of Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany and Comrade Joseph Stalin during the epic and apoocalyptic and grandiose, long-term impact battle of World War II.

Because to put it bluntly it was similar to the duel between Hitler and Stalin, in which this duel place between 2 persons, who at the time were comrades and not enemies, or in the very practical case of me against the Redhead, classmates.


Publication Date: 10-04-2019

All Rights Reserved

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