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I personally do not know a single person who never procastinate. Everyone procastinates sometimes. The notch to which procastination wraps your life is an issue this book attempts to address. But before proceeding with procastination escapades, first and foremost, what is procastination? There are many definitions of procastination but they all come down to giving less preference to important tasks and opting to do pleasurable activities. My own definition of procastination is misdirection of efforts and energies from critical tasks to less important ones. Motivation has everything to do with procastination because an aroused person will not think twice about finishing a piece of work no matter how hard it may be. If you are not motivated, you are not likely to do something well or at all because you lack the “self-push” that is needed to start and complete the work. A motivated person can work harder and longer as compared to someone who does not have adrenaline rushing in their bloodstream. Be that as it may, procastination is generally not a good habit. A student procastinating to study for his examinations or tests is one of the most common episodes of procastination. How many of us have not hidden away from books when we still know that exams are fast approaching? The problem is not only just procastination, but also what it does to you and your life as a whole. Normally students cover up by studying on the eleventh hour, which entails staying up all night to cram a few chapters. Any type of work is never friendly to someone who does it late. If you are the type who thinks that you can do a magnitude of work and make progress on the eleventh hour, you may be right but this will tax on you and your health. You cannot expect to complete for example, a 2500 words assignment in one day can you? We have to know that by procastinating to do the work, we are also prolonging the pain that comes with doing the work. Imagine this scenario.


Your paper on Corporate Finance is due tomorrow at 10:30 am and you have not even written a word. You cannot break the work into pieces because there is no time and there is only one option- to stay up all night. Although you finish the paper that night, you still have quite a bit of editing to do and its now 4:30 am. Mistakenly, you did not think of editing your work which is going to take time and effort by the way. By chance you get the work done however, it’s now 8:30 am and you do not brush up your teeth on the way to school. You still have to run hard to catch up with time as there are a lot of tasks pending- printing, binding and then submitting. Finally you manage to pull all these tasks together and then submit at 10:28 am just before the lecturer locks his office.


From the scenario I have just given, you will notice that you really suffered because of your procastination. You did not even have time to go over your work and your heart was racing a marathon all the time. Besides that, you have been running around to locate a printer and someone to


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