" maddison " i say looking around a empty parking lot " where is she ? " i start dialing her number and seeing if she picks up her phone " hello " i here a voice on the other line " blake " i hear maddison but she is having trouble breathing " maddison where are you " i start looking around " maddison stay with me " i look under the cars to see for feet moving , i hear someone else on the phone " this is what you get , you deserved everything that was coming to you " i hear a person talking and suddenly " ARGH !!" a scream coming from the floor above me " maddison " i start running up the stairs .When i open the door its quit and i see nothing but darkness and cars " maddison you up here " i start walking around looking for her " what the hell " i say looking at the floor and seeing a trail of blood " shit " i start walking towards it . When i notice that her body was dragged some where " blake " i hear maddison's voice when i turn to see where its coming from i see its right next to a car on the corner of the parking lot " maddison " i walk slowly towards the sound , when i see maddison on the floor bleeding out " oh no " i run to her and hold her " what happen " i say looking at her waiting for a response " blake there still here " she says looking up at some thing . I turn around dialing 911 on my phone " hello 911 i need a ambulance my ex girlfriend she is hurt badly " i stop when i see a hooded figure run across the parking lot running for the exit " Hey" i run after them.

The hooded figure turns and see's me running towards them , they ignore me and leave down the stairs " stop running " i say going after him. When i follow them into the lower part of the parking lot they disappear " dam it " i run back up stairs and go check on maddison , when i run upstairs and see her i notice her phone ringing. I grab her phone " Unknown Caller"

i answer the phone " hello , who is this " all i hear on the other line is a voice breathing heavily " who the fuck is this " i say waiting for a reply " you shouldnt have gotten involved kid " i hear a man's voice on the other line " why ?, what did she do to you " i ask him " she knew to much " he says opening a car door " she knew to much ? " i stand up " yeah and know your going to have to pay " the man says " wait what do you" the man hangs up the phone before i could finish speaking " shit " i look back at maddison " your going to be fine " i start to tear up " blake you have to leave now " she says trying to get herself up " why is this happening i need this to stop , i know she isnt going to make it "

. I notice something on the floor " is that a knife " i pick it up seeing blood on it " maddison is this the murder weapon " i look at her . She isn't moving anymore " no no no no you cant die " i try to wake her up telling her " look its not that bad , its not even that" i stop and i get up " she's gone"


" Ever have that moment where you try your best at something but you fail miserable , well that's how i feel right now and i dont know who to blame the man who did this or me for not being able to save her "

I get up and hear someone coming up the steps " what the hell " i see red and blue lights , suddenly a burst through the door " alright dont move " i see lights being pointed at me " put your hands where i can see them " a group of officer's say to me " put the knife down " they start coming closer to me " chief there's a body over here , she's dead " the man steps away from maddison's dead body " sir im not going to ask you again put your hands were i can see them " the officer steps closer to me pointing his gun at me " i dont think i can do that officer " i say dropping the knife " dont do something your going to regret " the officer says coming closer " men surround him " he yells trying to grab me . I start to run away from the man ducking under the cars , i start to crawl under the cars hoping they dont see me " men shoot him if you have to " the officer says flashing his flashlight all over the parking lot . I get up and begin to head for the exit door when i look behind me and see bullets being fired , fired at me " get him he is escaping " they start to run after me . When i open the door i see more lights coming from the bottom floor " shit " i start to run up the stairs and hoping they dont look for me up here.

When i get up to the roof top i try to open the door but " its locked , shit " i keep trying to make it budge , but it wont open. I try to see if there coming but when i check i hear foot steps coming up " check upstairs " i see flash lights being pointed at me again " stop or this time we will shoot " i get tackled and they grab my arms and put them behind my back " your under arrest anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law " i try to shake them off " men tasar him " i feel a tingle hit my body then a bunch of pain " get up " i get lifted up and taken back to the policemen's car. When we get down to it , i see people pulling out there phones and taking pictures and making video's as though this is just another youtube video people can watch " get in " the police officer open's the door and shove's me in the car " your going to jail " .

Driving in the back of a cop car for minutes but it feels like hours " you have to try and escape from these hand cuff's"

i think to myself " hey kid what's your name " i look up and see the officer talking to me " blake " i tell him trying to brak the hand cuff's " officer there has been a mistake i called you guys because i found her body , and the murder weapon " i tell him " if it was a mistake why did you run from us and had blood all over you " he says pulling up to the police station. He steps out of the car and open's my door " alright kid you re" i headbutt him and start to run " SON OF A BITCH" the officer wipe's the blood coming from his nose and he starts running after me i run into the woods " shit shit shit , i need to hide " i fall into a pond and wait to see if i hear someone " i need to get home "

when i think the coast is clear i start to run to my house " maybe my dad can help me ".

When i reach my block i see police men at my parents house " no " i hide in the bushes hoping no one saw me " what the hell " i feel my leg vibrate , i try pulling it out but it falls and i see it's maddison's phone " Unknown Caller"

i use my hand to answer the phone " listen i don't know who you are but i want you to know im going to fucking kill you " i say trying to pick up the phone " its not going to be easy your friend maddison tried and look what happened to her" i hear him laughing as though its a joke " you know don't you , that i am being framed for what you did " i say standing up " who do you think called the cops " he says to me " but i called " i get stopped " called them a little to late i wanted to frame you don't you get it , i told maddison to call you and i left the knife there so you can pick it up and leave your finger prints you idiot ITS ALL PART OF MY PLAN " he says hanging up . I see the cops leaving my house " dad " i start run to my house and banging on the door " open guys please " i see lights come on and my mom open's the door " honey " i walk in there and call my dad to come downstairs " honey the police told us everything , why did you do it " my mom says tearing up " mom you have to believe me i didn't do it " i tell her running into the kitchen " son " i hear my dad coming downstairs " dad i need you to help me get these hand cuff's off me " i tell him " did you really kill maddison " he says to me " dad please you have to believe me " i say walking towards the garage " blake " i turn around and see a police officer standing outside the open door " i need you to come with me " he says pulling out his gun " what's going on " my brother comes running upstairs from the basement " i didnt kill her " i tell the officer " just come with me and we can talk " he says walking closer to me " i dont want to talk about it " i charge at him head first and he elbows me to the ground " enough no more games " i look at my brother and he grabs a pan and smacks the cop over the head " dont touch my brother you shit face " he says smacking him constantly " michael stop " my dad grabs him and forces him to drop the pan " blake come with me " i hear my dad open the garage door " let's get those hand cuff's off " he says with a disappointing look " okay stand there " he says taking out a hammer and starts hitting the hand cuff's until they break loose " thanks dad " i tell him running upstairs to my room " i need some things " i grab a book bag and fill it with stuff i will need , and i change my clothes and start heading out the door when i hear " blake take this " i see my dad hand me a wallet " you will need money , i know its not going to be much but take it " i take it and ask for the car keys " here sweetie " my mom gives me them with tears running down her face " i love guys " i leave out the door knowing im not going to come back.

Stand Alone

Lights going by so fast driving into nowhere " im lost

" i stop the car in front of sunny motel

. "Hey what can i help you with" a man with fair hair and glasses comes to the counter " yes can i have a room" i tell him pulling out my dad's credit card. " It will $150" he tells me taking my card and swiping it " okay your room is 23 A". I walk outside into the cold night, walking up the stairs

In search for my room " 23 A" i swipe my card though the door and walk in.Bring

its Madison's phone " 1 unread message" i look at it " let the game begin" i look to see who sent it but all it says is unknown caller

. I throw the phone on the bed and sit down and begin to think. " Why is this happening " bring

i grab the phone " 1 unread message " i read it " there coming for you , no way of escaping" i start to text back " listen you sick bastard i don't know who you are but i will find you" i get interrupted by a knock at the door " open up ". I stop i feel time go by slow " open NOW" they begin to bang on the door even harder, walking closer towards the door i walk to the window hoping to see who

it was " who is it" i turn the curtains to see who it was " its micheal" he says. I open the door and as soon as Micheal get's in i close the door and lock it " what are you doing here" i ask him " i followed you here on my bike, you really need to go to a motel that isn't 2 miles away from where we live" he puts a bag down " do mom and dad know your here" i tell him sitting down on a old recliner " no i ran out while they were helping the officer regain conciseness" he says grabbing his phone out of his pocket. " what are you doing" i ask him " turning off the GPS ,mom and dad can have the cops track us like that.. here turn yours off" he throws me maddisons phone " no i have mine's in my pocket " i take my phone out and turn off the GPS " then who's phone is that " Micheal asks me with curiosity " it's" i stop talking and look down in shame as though im guilty of

something "Blake ... did you kill maddison " Micheal sits down next to me " no .. but i was there with her i felt her going cold and talking to me" i say with tears running down my face " did you see who did it" Micheal begins to walk toward his backpack " no they were wearing a black hoodie " i look up " you know what this sounds like " Micheal begins to smile in a cheesy way " like what? " i ask him knowing what he is going to say " Pretty Little Liars

it seems just like it " i begin to shake my head " but i have been getting calls and texts from the person who killed her" i act serious. Micheal begins to run to his get his phone and begins to dial someone " who are you calling" i stand up " hello Nellie yeah its me Micheal" i get closer hoping to hear what there talking about " i need your help with something, when can we meet up" Micheal says pushing me away as though he was trying to keep his conversation private " tomorrow night at your house , okay thanks " micheal hangs up the phone " what was that about " i ask him " i know how we can find who killed Maddison".

I begin to walk around the motel room thinking " okay if we find out we cant just call the cops" i say " if we find out well make them confess on tape " Micheal begins to grab his jacket " what are you doing" i say looking confused " im hungry im going to find a vending machine down stairs" he says grabbing his hat " wait,lets go eat somewhere" i tell him not wanting him to go alone " okay well can we go now im really hungry".We start heading out the door when i remember to take Maddison's phone to see if i get another text or call. We start driving to a restaurant that we use to go to when we were kids maybe going back to the past will make me forget about my future and how messed up it is. When we get there we see the sign and how bright it still is Johnny Rockets

when we start walking i here a vibration " who is that" Micheal says i pull the phone out noticing that i left my phone in the car. " 1 new unread message" i look at my brother " read it". I slide open the phone and read it out loud " Cops are not the only one hunting you" i look up " hey wait there is an attachment" Micheal says clicking on it " what the hell" we both see that its a picture of me and micheal walking out of the car " wait look" Micheal grabs the phone " the angle he took the picture" he points to a dark forest " wait you see that" i say looking closer " there is someone there" micheal says running towards them " MICHEAL" i say running after him.

Darkness cant see anything around me i yell out " Micheal" and stop hoping to hear foot prints. When i see someone standing there " micheal ?" i can see there face " Blake move " i see my brother running right behind me " Its you" without thinking i start running at them with full force " Blake he has a gun" i look at his hand moving up pointing a gun towards me " Move" i hear my brother push me to the ground. BANG

i hear a gun shot go off " micheal" i see him laying on the floor not moving, then i look at the dark hooded figure standing the with his hand raised up " who are you" i say to them. They don't reply " owww my head " i hear my brother yell standing up " you didn't shoot him , why". The hooded figure begins to run again " No your not getting away from me" i start running after them following on his tracks when we both end up on the road. They stop running and turn around, i tackle them full force and we both fall hard on the ground " where do you think your going" i say grabbing them by the leg " lets see who you are " i pull the hoodie down only to see a teenage boy with blonde hair looking at me " who are you" i grab him shaking him hoping he would get scared and tell me " STOP don't hurt me, this wasn't part of the deal" i begin to punch him taking out all my anger " who sent you" i pick him up and throw him hard on the pavement " listen this is more complicated them you think, the person who sent me here you ... you dont want to meet him" the boy says pulling himself up " Blake " i turn around and see micheal standing there with blood coming from his head " behind you " micheal says pointing at the teenage boy " let him go " i tell micheal walking towards him " hey wait look " micheal says running to grab a phone on the floor " he must have dropped it when i was" i stopped " that wasn't him .. well the killer" Micheal begins to walk closer " look what i found " i pulls out a gun from his pocket " where did you-" " the guy must have dropped it when you started chasing him" Micheal hands me the gun.

"Lets go someone might see us, we better go " i start walking when i hear a groaning sound " your hungry aren't you" i begin to laugh " yeah, but if you want we can eat somewhere else " he begins to walk behind me " no thats stupid were already here might as well eat". After all that just happened i cant believe we are suppose to act like nothing happened, everything is normal.Maybe im not alone in all this i have my younger brother with me and we have the killers phone maybe everything is going to work out.


Text: Jonathan Lerma
Images: Jonathan Lerma
Editing/Proofreading: Jonathan Lerma
Translation: Jonathan Lerma
Publication Date: 08-06-2012

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