"Through his perceptions, Universe shapes itself. Through his thoughts, the Universe is delivering its glories. He is the medium through which the Universe becomes conscious of its existence. We call Him


And His Work





 A Human shaped super intellectual mathematician accidentally created the universe according to some deliberate design. And later he realized that the whole of his creation was running according to the will of Satan and Satan could spell the apex of his creation to the brink of destruction. And he could save the humanity if destroys the Satan. And if he destroys the Satan, he himself will be destroyed, and then there can be no meaning of existence. So he decides to wind up the clockwork, even before Satan could spell the end of humanity. But at the same time God thought he would be utterly maniac if he destroys the humanity instead of saving it by some means. Meanwhile an accident smashes the earth like a hammer smashing a window. And intelligent predator who began as a mineral and then emerged into plant life and into the animal state and then to being human dooms to extinction.


The Evidence for Belief



  • If the universe were merely the by-product of an accident, then the universe could have been a conglomeration of objects each going its own way.
  • But everything we see in the universe follows laws, without exception.
  • Hence why should the universe obey laws if there is no law-giver?
  • The universe obeys laws because it exists in a plan which is governed by a set of equations that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance.

GOD HYPOTHESIS: How God Created the Universe?





"The magic is only in what the bible says, how he stitched the patches of the mystery together into one garment for us."




   In the beginning God took the time and he multiplied it by the factor called the speed of light to generate an empty space. And the space had no form. It was covered with darkness and bounded by laws which it had no choice but to obey. And the spirit of God was moving over the darkness. Then, keeping the speed of light constant God moved the time forward. And a remarkable consequence of this was that space started expanding at a rate that was proportional to its volume. God then realized that the universe was expanding in a runaway mode, accelerating without limit, plunging into darkness and cold. And in order to slow down the expansion, God made the matter to be created out of E=MC^2 (E stood for energy, M for mass and C for the speed of light). And the Lord God said: "Let there be a continuous exchange of a massless graviton between one matter and the other." And God saw that the exchange was good enough to produce a force called gravity. And the dragging pull of gravity caused the expansion rate of the universe to slow down. And the mind of god was a symphony of vibrating strings. So God divided the matter into vibrating strings of energy hν (h stood for Planck’s constant and ν for frequency − the number of vibrations per second). And God said, "Let the string be free to vibrate at different frequency and different vibrational frequencies of the string represent the different masses, and let the different masses be seen as different particles (One mode of vibration made the string to appear as an electron, another as a quark or a gluon)." And the concept of charge and spin had a central and fundamental position in the mind of God. So, quantities such as charge and spin were correlated with mass. And God said, let there be a number of different varieties of quarks: there be six flavors (up, down, strange, charmed, bottom, and top), each flavor come in three colors - red, green, and blue. And God treated these flavors with gluons. And as a result, protons, neutrons and other particles began to form. A proton contained two up quarks and one down quark; a neutron contained two down and one up. And other particles contained other quarks (strange, charmed, bottom, and top), but these all had a much greater mass and decayed very rapidly into protons and neutrons. And God gave different properties to the different particles in the universe.


  • Proton

Mass: 1.672 × 10 ^ — 27 kg

Electric charge: +1e

Spin: ½

  • Electron

Mass: 9.109 × 10 ^— 31 kg

Electric charge: –1e

Spin: ½

  • Neutron

Mass: 1.674  × 10 ^— 27 kg

Electric charge: 0

Spin: ½


And God made a particle with mass (m) to accelerate (a) when a net force (F = ma) was applied to it. And He added the positive energy due to matter to the negative energy due to gravity; the sum was close to zero. "I refute it thus," said God, clambering down from the rock on which he had been sitting. And He shouted till his lungs rasped. And there was no answer from anyone. And there was no one to hear him or speak to him. He lapsed into a frantic kind of silence. And then he questioned to himself well that can't be right because positive and negative charges don't cancel out, therefore, how the universe can be the ultimate free lunch. Well, he calculated the total amount of positive charge and the total amount of negative charge in the universe and summed it up. And God saw that the universe had a zero net charge. And his brain somersaulted. He went mad for a while. And he just took his mind off the hook for a bit. He added up all the spins of the particles. And God saw all that the universe had a zero spin, zero charge and zero matter energy content. And the universe was the ultimate free lunch. And God angrily stubbed his toe on a large stone and said, let this be a plausible explanation for the origin of the atheism. And atheism fails to account for the logical, orderly state of the universe. And God just twisted time and space the right way, and he created an entirely new universe. And He blessed the empty space and said, "Be fruitful and produce vacuum fluctuations." And the vacuum fluctuations became virtual particle − antiparticle pairs of energy E = ħ/2t (ħ stood for reduced Planck’s constant). And then all of a sudden God peered through the gates of Feynman Lectures. And He was shocked by quantum theory: virtual particles that erupt from the vacuum fluctuations; they exist on borrowed energy, consistent with the uncertainty principle, and disappear directly after t seconds, thereby repaying the energy loan. So God commanded the particles to move more and more randomly and at greater and greater speeds and collide with the virtual particle − antiparticle pairs before the completion of t seconds. And God saw that the collision was strong enough to tear apart the pair, producing enough energy to make the virtual particle - antiparticle materialize in real space. And a consequence of this was that there were more particles than antiparticles in the universe. And God then said, "Let there be light, and matter and antimatter annihilate each other to produce photons, and there was light." And God called the photons "bosons"; and the gathering together of the matter particles He called "fermions": and God said, "Let the electrons and protons be prevented from decaying into lighter particles – such as photons and less massive neutrinos (with very little mass, no electric charge, and no radius — and, adding insult to injury, no strong force acted on it)." And there were no electrically charged particles lighter than an electron and a proton. And God saw that it was good. Then God said, "Let the mass of the electron be less than the neutron-proton mass difference, and let neutron be heavier than the proton, but not so much heavier that neutrons cannot be decayed into a proton (plus a positron and a neutrino), and it was so." And God was pleased with what he saw. And God blessed the free neutrons, saying, "Be fruitful, and combine with protons to form nuclei of radius R = R0 A^ 1/3 (R0 stood for constant and A for the mass number)." And then God said, "Let there be a continuous exchange of virtual photons between the nuclei and the electrons." And God saw that the exchange was good enough to produce — what else? — A force (proportional to a quantity called their charge and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them). And that force pulled the electrons towards the nuclei to form neutral atoms. And then God said, "Let the atoms reflect, absorb, and scatter photons." And there was cosmic microwave background radiation. And God watched the majesty of creation for a moment or two. And suddenly his computer beeped. And there were uncombined protons and electrons. And God said, "Let the ratio FE/FG be 10^39 (FE stood for electrostatic force of attraction between the electron and proton and FG for the gravitational force of attraction between electron and proton). And a consequence of this was that hydrogen atoms appeared and combined to form giant molecular clouds." And God was pleased with what he saw. And then he commanded, "Let the nuclear reaction, initiate to transform hydrogen to helium to carbon with the release of an enormous amount of energy in the


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