A gift

Her crys echo in my ears. Her voice will never leave my dreams. I will be haunted by what I have done I know, but how can I walk away from her now when she grants me forgiveness. It is a gift I deserve not, a favor best not granted and I know she wishes all to be forgotten but how can I do that when I hear her screams every night. When I can no longer live because I have commited sins that will have me damned. I cannot accept this gift because my sins will not allow it.

The Lies I tell

I often see him, in my dreams only though. He walks them, as if to remind me of what I have lost when I sleep beside another night after night. Never speaks. The dreams are filled with an echoing silence that screams the truth to me, that passes beyond the lies I tell when I say I am okay and the one I told when I said I do again, and the lie I tell when I say I love you, because I speak those words to the wrong person. Day by day, night by night I lie to him.


I let them go. I let their bodies go down the river, I let them leave me. I cry for my children, and at them. How could they leave me like this? Leave me with nothing but the knowledge that they will not be coming back. All thats left of them is ghots of memoies and a longing that fails to leave as time goes on. They left me. Now, I am nothing so why keep trying? Mosters they were, but it is of no matter now. Gone. Who cares? I certainly dont. Not after what they did to me


Publication Date: 08-15-2010

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