Chapter 1- New school, new home, new country!

California is nothing like England! What is with this heat? Ughhhhhh, i actually miss the rain haha! I know, it should be the other way round, but i don’t like getting sweaty... although i do love to get my rugby sweat on... oh i’m sorry, i mean ‘football’ for my American friends.

I got here a two weeks before starting school, so i had time to make friends with what i think will be my two best friends, Samantha and Joe.

I walked through the car park, admiring all the spoiled children’s top of the range sports cars pulling in to park. I mean come on parents, handing your children everything on a silver platter will only make them more spoiled and not appreciate the little things in life... but how i envied them!

“owwwww” I was knocked, hard, out of my thoughts. I turn to beat the guy who dared to drive his car into my leg... until i bestowed my eyes upon the mother of all sports cars, a silver BMW hybrid sports car!!! Ahhhhhh!! I had only heard legends that they were starting to sell them, but i didn’t think your average Joe could start buying them... but then again there was nothing average about the students here... or the driver, Ian Marsh!

I wiped the drool from my chin, and aggressively flew my arms up meaning ‘what’s your problem’ then carrying on, past the lunch tables outside and up the stairs into the hell hole, also known as school!

Samantha and Joe were already waiting for me at my locker and i was happy to see them first thing on my first ever day at an American high school!

“Sam! Joe!” I embraced them both into a tight hug

“Mia!!!” they both shouted back as we sucked the air out of each other.

“So what have you got first?” I asked, hoping and praying that at least one of them would be in my lesson!

“erm...” they both rustled through their class schedules.

“I have sports! Oh yeah!!” Joe fist pumped the air because he love, just as much as i did.

“I have DRAMA!!!!” Sam practically screamed the last part, but no one can argue... she is dramatic!

“so what do you have Mia?” Joe questioned, trying to ignore Sam as best as we both could. Oh i had forgotten to check myself.

I rustled through my panda styled back pack in search for my time table. I found the sheet in the corner of my bag and as i lifted it into the light...

“i have...” I couldn’t speak, my face went numb! Why does this only happen to me? “nooo! Maths! Ughhhh! Just my luck”

I swung my head down with misery and began to fake cry by shaking my shoulders furiously up and down.

Joe and Sam each took a shoulder to sympathetically fake pat me better and we all broke out into laughter. Wow, i had only known these two for two weeks and yet i feel as though they know me better than any of my friends back home!

I looked at them both in admiration as they laughed and talked between themselves. Sam’s deep brown eyes danced with joy at Joes jokes. Her sun kissed skin cheeks had cute dimples and her light pink lips perfectly circled her perfect white teeth. She had a body like mine, petite and curvy but i was 5ft7, and she was 5ft5.

But that was nothing as we were shadowed by Joe’s 6ft muscular body, thanks to all his days playing football. He was quite handsome with his knock out smile, dirty blond hair like mine that he spiked and brown eyes.

The bell rang and as the halls cleared we said our goodbyes and made our way to class. I had only got halfway down the hall before i was lost! i had no idea where i was going and i had forgot to ask Sam or Joe for help, GREAT!

I wondered the halls for a while, looking down at my class time table trying to figure out the door number system until i walked into a wall, making me lose my balance and i landed on my arse! owwwww! Could my day get any worse!!

I looked up to find it wasn't a wall, but a tall, maybe 6ft 4 Ian Marsh and he was hot! My eyes slowly made their way up his god like physique, from his tight black top showing off his hard muscles beneath and up to his face. wow, he must have been a model with a face like that! He had a defined jaw and cheek bones, light haze eyes that could melt your heart.. as it did to mine… and not forgetting those lush pink lips, so so so.. kissable! I just wanted to run my fingers through his short, rough black hair and pushing his lips roughly onto mine!!

He had sun kissed skin, which seemed to be a running theme to those who lived in California! how i envied them with my pale skin.. gee thanks horrible English weather!!

A little grin appeared on his face, crap, he had noticed me staring! I shook my head to force myself from my daydream…

“hay watch were you’re going!” I tried to act cool, to cover up for my embarrassment of both falling on my arse in front of the oh so popular captain of the football team and checking him out! I got up and dusted myself off, but keeping my face down as heat rushed to my cheeks and i started to blush from the memories of his body!!

“i was standing still, you’re the one that walked into me!” He put his hands up in a defensive way and his smile grew wider.

“Whatever, i just need to get to class!” I tried to push passed him but failed when he snaked an arm around my waste.

“wow, wait a sec little monkey, is that a British accent i can hear..?” His smile was now splitting his face in half. But i didn’t listen to him, i was too busy trying to release myself from his grasp... wait,

“did you just call me monkey!?!” i pulled back and faced him, anger in my voice and i waved my finger in his face.

“yep, definitely British! You have just gotten sexier, if that were possible!” I looked at him confused as he looked me up and down, basically eye raping me. He stared at my face, at my deep dark blue eyes. I started to feel a bit awkward so I tucked my long dirty blond hair behind my ear and focused on the floor, trying to hide the heat that was rushing to my cheeks.. he thinks i'm sexy?

I had a heart shaped face, high cheek bones and big eyes, too big for my petite body! Although I was small, I was doing great in the breast department and thanks to the many years playing football, my body was a little muscular.. I didn’t have hideously muscly arms, but instead I had a nice 6 pack!

After I had composed myself, cooling down, I went for my escape again! He moved his hand out in front of me but I swiftly dodged and ran down the halls

“bye monkey!” I heard him shout down the halls after me.. why monkey? He was really starting to piss me off!! I stopped at the double doors at the end of the halls,

“Bye prick!” I shouted and turned on my heal, walking away until he shouted for my attention again,

“You’ll regret saying that, monkey!” What!?! He will regret ever calling me ‘monkey’! he is really pissing me off now! And if he thinks I will fall at his feet like every other girl in school, then he will have to think again!

Feeling confident I shouted back, “Bring it!!!” Oh crap, did I really say that! After seeing his cheeky smiling face that said ‘challenge accepted’ all over it, I was actually scared.. what could he do? I shook my head, I had to concentrate on getting to class!

-Ian's P.O.V-

I was talking to Aaron when a small but sexy girl bumped into me! I was angry at first, but after I saw her deep blue eyes checking me out I had… fallen for her! When her eyes had met mine, it felt as though she was looking deep into my soul and I instantly relaxed around her! I have never felt like this before.. was this what they call love at first sight?

When she had realised I had noticed her checking me out her cheeks turned red on her perfect heart shaped face surrounded by dirty blond hair and those lips… I just wanted to taste those lips! I’ve decided, I was going to make her mine, and I always get what I want!

“hay watch were you’re going” oh, she’s a feisty one.. I like challenges!

“i was standing still, you’re the one that walked into me!” I put my hands up in a defensive way and couldn’t resist smiling at her, maybe it came out a bit rude, but I wanted to test how far she would dare to take this.. or if she would just cave straight away, like most girls do because of either my looks or my money!

“Whatever, i just need to get to class!” It disappointed me that she was giving up so quickly.. guess she’s just like the others, that’s disappointing.. because she’s hot!!

But wait… what accent is that? Is that British, oh I love accents on women, even more so the British one!! She tried to escape, but I loved playing with her, and I wanted to hear her talk more! So I wrapped my arm around her waist… this sent electric shocks through my body, just from touching her… this isn’t like me!

“wow, wait a sec little monkey, is that a British accent i can hear..?” I have her my best smile to see what I usually see, girls fall at my feet.. but this was different, she fought back!

“did you just call me monkey!?!” She pulled back from my grasp to face me, waving her long finger in my face, wow even her fingers were attractive!!

“yep, definitely British! You have just gotten sexier, if that were possible!” the words escaped my mouth before I could stop them! I don’t ever slip up like this.. I always played it smooth!

My remark seemed to have angered her, and after she had cooled down she went to escape again… but I wasn’t done! I lifted my arm to block her, but she swerved it and ran down the hall! I froze! That shocked me.. that was a quicker response than most of the guys on my football team, I’m… impressed!! I shook my head…

“bye monkey!” I shouted down the hall after her, making her stop before she walked through the double doors… I did not expect what she was going to say next!

“Bye prick!” she shouted back! I was wrong… she does bite back! She turned away again…

“You’ll regret saying that, monkey!” STOP TALKING! I shouted to myself!! But I didn’t listen because I wanted her back.. to have her close to me…

Oh boy, that really angered her… “Bring it!!!” she shouted back, full of confidence! Oh, I like her!! I stood there for a moment, thinking only of her… until Aaron taped me on the shoulder,

“you ok man? What was all that about?” he asked me, more shocked at my behaviour than I was..

“I don’t know… do you know who that is?” I don’t even know her name! how could I not, surely I would have remembered the name of someone that sexy!

“oh she must be the new girl, but I don’t know her name” of course! No wonder she didn’t react like other girls.. she mustn’t know who I am.. or who my family is.. but still, she should know about the Marsh name as we have companies worth millions all around the world! Oh how I’m going to enjoy spending more time with her!

“its going to be a fun year!” I laughed and walked to maths.. still thinking of her…

Chapter 2- Late

-Mia's P.O.V-

10 minutes later I had finally found my room!! I flung the door open and all eyes were now on me.. shit!

I slowly walked over to the teacher, a judgmental look painted all over his face,

"Not a good start miss.." He shuffled through the stack of unorganized papers on his desk before finding mine, "miss Mia Owens. I’m your math teacher, Mr Kay” I looked him up and down, from his ugly, out of date, brown check pattern suit with matching ugly brown boat shoes- To his messy comb over grey hair, he looked 60 but I’m guessing he was in his 40’s. I hated him already… and the year hasn’t even started yet!

“Class…” Mr Kay croaked out, sounding like he smokes 50 a day, “This is Mia, please make her feel welcome.” I turned my attention to the class, the guys were all gawking at me, some even drooled, but everyone else just sat bored..

in response the class all joined in on an off key “yeah”

Mr Kay pointed to where I was going to be sitting for the rest of my senior year. My eyes followed his finger to my seat, in the far corner... and who would be sitting in the desk next to mine… none other than Ian! He sat there with a smug smile of his hot face.. He was so sexy but I was still annoyed from our meeting in the hall, and even angrier that I was turned on by the mere sight of him!

As i walked to my chair i felt all eyes were on me. I got a few drawling looks from the guys and hate stares from the girls, but i was use to it! I tucked my hair that reached under my big breasts behind my ear and it then gave the class the full view of my pale, heart shaped face and my piercing blue eyes. Maybe it wasn’t a good choice to wear a tank top, revealing my breast, but not too much like the few sluts I saw in my class, or the denim mini shorts revealing my long legs.

I sat at my desk, already bored from Mr Kay’s monotone teaching! But my attention wasn’t on Mr Kay, it was on the annoyingly hot man sitting next to me, I could feel his eyes burning into the side of my head. I have had enough of feeling like a fish in a glass bowl so I flicked my head to him, anger clearly showing on my face.

When I saw him, he had a mischievous look on his face, like he was planning something... maybe the revenge he had promised me, but two can play at that game so I raised an eye brow and smugly smiled at him back.

His smile grew at my challenge, as if he was impressed with my bravery... my stupidity!


Maths took too long! So I was happy when I heard the bell go, signalling the end of the lesson. As I packed up my things I could feel Ian looming around me, waiting to talk to me but I didn’t want to talk to that prick, hence I was grateful when one of the sluts and her followers walked over to Ian and started to flirt, horribly if that, with him.

She had died bleach blond hair, skin that has been over exposed to the sun and a dress that covered nothing of her lady parts… seriously!

I laughed at her and rolled my eyes at them, does he just flirt with everything that moves? But I felt a little sad, was I jealous? NO! Ian is a stuck up, spoiled prick!


It was lunch, me and Sam had met up and were now in the cafeteria, Sam was sitting opposite me, I was stuffing my mouth with the food thinking … lies, its all lies! When people say school food is horrible were lying… this is delicious!!!

“mmmmmm” the moan escaped my mouth. I finished mine quickly and started to eye up Sam’s lunch. with a cute giggle she pushed her hardly touched plate over to me and I grinned, picking up my fork again to finish hers.

“hahaha!” Joe laughed at my appetite as he walked over to our table, with his newly found friends from the football team… including him! If I wasn’t so hungry Ian would have put me off my second meal, but instead I ignored him and hugged Joe as he sat next to me. The other boy’s where huge!! All at least 6ft and all so muscular, but still out of them all Ian stood out as he was bigger! They surrounded our table, followed by some cheerleading sluts to sit on their laps… ewwww!

Joe introduced them all to me, but none of their names stuck except two, Aaron and David because they were Ian’s closest friends and followed him everywhere, stuck up for him and backed him up!

Aaron had short light brown hair, shaven at the sides a little and curly at the top. He had glowing green eyes and cute dimples, and out of all of the guys he was the least play boy of them all, he has only had two previous girlfriends and doesn’t sleep around… which surprised me seeing as he was one of the hottest men at our table. Then there was David he had dark brown hair, shaven pretty short and almost black eyes, which fitted his personality well, as he was the complete opposite to Aaron… he slept with everyone and anyone and has never had a serious relationship!

Ian sat at the head of the table, unfortunately that was the seat next to me! When he sat the little blond bimbo jumped into his lap and started to suck his face off.. get a room!

-Ian’s P.O.V-

I couldn’t get rid of the blond from maths.. I think her name was Sarah, Sam, no its Sophie.. yeah Sophie! I wanted to talk to the new but she just strutted over to me, flirting terribly to me while new girl walked out before I could talk to her!

I only brought Sophie with me because I was feeling horny from my encounter with the new girl and I could use Sophie to let off a little steam!! Also I saw that the new girl was jealous from us being together.. I could use Sophie to get the new girl.. wait does this mean she likes me!?!

When me and my fellow team mates walked into the cafeteria, all eyes were on us! Even our new recruit, Joe was getting a lot of attention.. he was fitting in nicely! The cafeteria was filled and there was hardly anywhere to sit. We usually sit in the centre of the room, but instead Joe said he was going to say hi to his friends…

I followed him to a table in the corner, occupied by two petite girls… and one of them was my girl!! I instantly stood and followed Joe to sit with them, I needed to know more about her.. at least her name!

“come on guys lets go say hi to Joe’s friends!” The guys all shocked and surprised, but still followed me over.

I watched as Joe lent in to hug the new girl.. my girl!! I was pissed.. were they going out? But he called her Mia.. was that her name! what a beautiful name for a sexy woman! My Mia…

-Mia's P.O.V-

I was talking to Sam about the party she was thinking of having,

“Oh a party, sounds great we’ll come!” David said as he separated momentarily from the lips of the slut on his lap. All the guys grunted and agreed, wanting to come and a silent nod and smile came from Ian’s direction.. no! I’m not going if he is!!

I heard that when it came down to the game, truth or dare he was ruthless!! There are rumours that a girl had to move schools after she was dared to record herself sleeping with one of the jocks… but ‘somehow’ the tape was released and spread across school and when her parents found out, they went ape shit on her arse and sent her to a boarding school! Wow!

I shot a pleading look to Sam begging her not to agree… but just like her, she winked at me and said “sure guys, come around 6-ish… but remember we’re keeping this small, just a few games.. a little alcohol, you know!” I scowled at her, noooooo!! But she only smiled at me…

Chapter 3- Spilled milk

I kept feeling Ian’s eyes burn into my head, and when I took the chance to look back, all I saw was the slut’s jealousy.. easy girl, you can have him! But even though I thought this, it still hurt. My chest went tighter, I can’t believe it, am I jealous.. but what’s there to be jealous about, he’s a prick and she’s a slut, they are perfect for each other!

To distract myself I went back to hungrily stuffing down my food…

“fat bitch…” the blond bimbo whispered under her breath thinking I didn’t hear it! Oh. No. she. Didn’t!!

“Excuse me… see, I hope, for your sake that you didn’t say that to me!” Shock and fear filled her plastic surgery filled face, until she started to feel confidant because she was in Ian’s arms… but Ian made no attempt to protect her! ha!

“And what if it was, you fat, poor…” Before she could finish I had stood up, pushing my chair making it fly across the room and slapping her so hard that she fell from Ian’s lap and onto the floor.. I was quite proud of myself to be honest! Haha!

The once gossip and chatting filled cafeteria had now turned into silence with the occasional whisper… all eyes were now on me…

I didn’t mean to go that far but it was when she mentioned poor, that was my weak point!! I can’t help being poor… its not like it was a life choice, like me and my mother are doing it for fun!!

She stood up, cupping her now red hot cheek with my hand print marked deep… oooooo, nice that going to mark!

Anger filled her, her eyes burning- but she knew she couldn’t take me.. not with my many years of football under my belt.

She went towards Ian, tugging on his arm, “look baby, look what that bitch did to me!” Ian pulled his arm away from her and up in a defensive position,

“you dug your own grave here, this is your fight!” haha! This made the smile on my face spread wider in satisfaction over no-one taking her side… not even the guy I thought was my enemy!

Now realising that no one was going to help her, she swiftly turned on her heal, toward the table. In one swift movement she had flung my meal on the floor- smashing the plate into tiny pieces and wasting all the delicious food that still remained on it… that was the final straw!

I did nothing but stand still, looking at the floor where the remains of my food laid. No one moved nor said anything.. obviously sensing the anger boiling from within me.

“Oh no” Joe whispered in horror

“Why what, she just knocked her plate over…” Aaron said confused at why I would get so angry over food on the floor, and I know the saying, ‘there’s no use in crying over spilled milk’ but when you’re poor like me and don’t know when, where or what you next meal will be.. when you do get food you take it and don’t waste one single piece!

“Yeah, but there are two things you do not want to mess with Mia over, one- to say that football is better than rugby, the second is to not mess with her food!!” With Joe’s serious face, the other guys stopped joking and laughing, and mirrored the scare in his voice, realising that he was being deadly serious!

I snapped from my thoughts, only anger filling my mind as I charged, full force at that whore! Only seeing red, steam rising from my ears, my fist curling at my sides.. I was going to do some serious damage to her face!!

I pulled back my arm to build momentum, but before I had the chance, strong arms curled around my waste, pulling me away from making a big mistake of teaching this bimbo a lesson and getting myself in big trouble! I struggled in the protective arms wrapped around my slender waist, wishing he let me finish my fight.. but also wishing to never be apart from the warmth and protectiveness I was feeling!

The bimbo ran out of the room, taking advantage the opportunity that has saved her life. It took a while for me to calm down, and the room began to build with noise again, but the arm never left my body.

Now completely relaxed I turned in the strangers arms to see who had restrained me, to find Ian. He wasn’t his usual stuck up self, instead I saw a strong and powerful man with what seemed like lust in his eyes… when I focused I felt something a little hard on my stomach and I began to giggle at Ian’s erection!

His cheeks turned slightly red, showing his embarrassment, but he still held me close.. even pulling me closer to him! I loved the comfort that the warmth of his body gave me and I didn’t want to let go.. I didn’t ever want to leave his arms, instead I wanted to wrap my arms around him, closing the little space that there was between us.

His erection pressed harder against me, turning me on to the point where I started to feel wet between my legs.. oh no! I needed to stop this.. but I couldn’t!

I lifted my arms to place them around his hard body.. until the bell went, saving me from embarrassing myself, from giving into Ian charms.

We pulled away from each other, I ran my hands through my smooth dirty blond hair and Ian coughed, and adjusted his belt- trying to fix the problem in his pants.

“How about we have the party at mine, my parents are out of town and the alcohol has been topped up!” Ian said and the guys chaired at the mention of alcohol

“Sure I don’t mind..” Sam added before picking up her back and following the guys to her next lesson, do I really have no say in the matter!! Noticing I was going to be left with Ian as the room began to empty I quickly grabbed my back and ran after Sam.

“what are you playing at!!” I shouted at Sam as I grabbed her arm and pulled her back to face me. “I’m not going!”

“Awwww no! why?”

“Erm… because not only is Ian going… but its now at his house!!”

“Yeah so… I’ll pick you up and 5:30 tonight.. oh and wear something cute.” She winked at me and left me standing there in amazement.. did she not hear what I said!! Ughhhh! This was going to be a long Friday night…

-Ian's P.O.V-

Wow, where did all that anger and power come from in such a petite woman!! I was impressed, but when I held her close, I could feel her muscles on my body.. did she like sports!! she just keeps surprising me and getting hotter and hotter!

How was I going to go through the rest of today thinking of her body, her body so close to mine... and she was coming to mine tonight!! oh crap! my dick hardened even more just thinking about her.. I needed to sort it out before I suffer through class!

Chapter 4- Its all fun and games

-Mia's P.O.V-

As promised Sam arrived at my house, precisely at 5:30! I lived in the poorer part of town and to put it into perspective at one end of the street there are homeless people, at the other there was a report of a stabbing!! Home sweet home.. hay!!

I lived in a bungalow, it was run down with a load of home improvements that where desperately needed.. if only we could afford to fix them! It has two bedrooms and a bathroom to the right of the main entrance and to the left a small living room with a kitchen attached. The decoration was very minimal, consisting of just cream coloured painted walls and wooden floors!

Oh and due to the high prices in heating.. we hardly ever put the fire on, so our house was perinatal cold.. but I don’t really know any different so I’m use to it!

I live with just my mum, but she works two jobs and when she's home i'm at school so we haven't been seeing much of each other recently! I loved my mother and I knew how much she sacrifices to try and provide for me.. and I am so grateful! she even picked up and left everything in England, all her friends and family because she heard she could earn more money ever here...

Only Sam and Joe knew about where I lived, and because of the type of people I went to school with.. I didn’t want to bring up the fact that I had to sleep with almost ten layers of clothing on just to stay warm at night! I bet even their servants lived better than I did!!

“hayyyyy!” Sam screamed as I opened the door to her. She stepped inside as I grabbed my cheap phone and keys of the table and dropped them into my backpack. I had decided to wear skinny black jeans, a see through, white smart top that shown my lacy white bra under it and my leather jacket and black convers.

Sam stood by the door, covering up the fact that she was cold and shivering, but she would never mention anything like ‘why don’t you turn on the heating’ because she knew my situation..

She nodded in approval at my outfit then we made our way out the house and into her black Beatle car. It was a good car for getting you from 'A to B' but not like any of Ian's cars!

Sam flicked on the radio and, although we both had zero talent, we still sung our hearts out! Having fun with Sam made the journey go faster..

“we’re here!” Sam shouted excitedly.. she loves parties!

We pulled up into a long drive way, driving past the vast amount of land surrounding his house. With statues and... an actual football field in the front yard!!

Sam parked amongst the many cars already here and then we headed to the house. As we got closer, I realised that calling this building a ‘house’ would be an understatement!! It was at least four stories high, white and even had Greek styled columns on the front porch… I was definitely far from home!

I shut my mouth, which I had unconsciously opened in awe at this magnificent structure when I heard laughter coming from the front door. Ian was laughing at me! I quickly shot him an evil look to try and compensate for the heat that was now rushing to my cheeks from embarrassment.

As we walked into this castle, the inside was even more spectacular than the outside! There were chandeliers hung from the high ceiling, lighting up the huge hall we were standing in. In front of us was a big stair case leading to the many floors above, to our right was a door to the kitchen, that was at least the size of my actual house!! But we were led to the left, through double doors to a amazingly big room.. that you could probably call the living room… it had long couches facing the 80” TV, that I thought was unnecessarily big, but I was still jealous!

Everyone else was here and filling all of the chairs and even some where forced to the floor. It was all the football team and there whores, I shot them all a disgusted look, but then I found Aaron and Joe amongst them all I smiled at them.

With no where to sit.. I guess I had to pick a lap to sit on! I scanned the room, looking for a possible contestant! Ian coughed behind me, suggesting I sit on his legs, but instead I giggled and walked over to Joe and sat on his legs, hugging close to his chest. Don't get me wrong though, me and Joe are purely friends!

Joe went stiff and pulled his arms from around my waist. I looked at him confused, why was he so uncomfortable around me all of a sudden? but he didn't look at me back, all his focus was on Ian. Ian was sending Joe death stairs, fire filling Ian eyes from jealousy?


We decided to sit on the floor in a circle and play truth or dare… I was not looking forward to my turn with Ian here!

It was my turn, “truth or dare?” Sam asked, all eyes on me.. but is wasn’t really a question because if you picked truth you were a party pooper and If you pick dare, it got the party started! So there was only on you could pick..

“dare!” I felt a little more confident because I was a little drunk, which was my plan from the start.. it was the only thing that could get me through tonight..

Ian shot me a evil look, lifted his eyebrow and gave me a hot, splitting smile across his face.. oh no! what was he going to ask me to do!!

But before he could talk, Sam had cut in before him,

“I dare you to kiss Ian on the lips for a full minute!!” I pulled my gaze from Ian and snapped it to Sam… oh I hate her, but a part of me was.. happy, I would get to kiss Ian.

I stood up and made my way to Ian, I sat on his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck then leaned into him, placing my lips on his. His lips were soft and tasted sweet I wanted more!! He licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance and I gladly gave it to him. His tongue shot into my mouth and our tongues began to play with each other.. His warmth filling me and I couldn't get enough of him!!

I closed the little space there was between us by lifting my hand up to head and fisting some of his soft hair in my hands and he did the same to mine making the kiss rougher. As we got closer and closer, I could feel Ian getting harder and harder and it made me happy to see I had the same effect on him like he had on me.. and I was going to make him suffer!

I slowly wiggled my hips on his lap.. teasing his erection then pulled away from the kiss and made my way back to where I was sitting. I got a few shocked looks from the girls and some approving nods and open mouths from the guys, making my smile spread wider!! Haha! revenge is sweet!!

It was now Ian’s turn.. and I had thought of a great dear!!

“dare” Oh Ian, you are going to regret this!!

“I dare you to kiss…” I looked around the circle and laughed, “… all the GUYS in this circle on the lips!!”

Ian looked around the room at his football team and stood up, giving them an apologetic look before planting a wet peck on each member’s lips! It had all the girls on the floor laughing. After he had finished he was now serious.. oh crap, he was going to get me back!!

“d..dare” I said, not to confident anymore. Ian’s face lit up in excitement…

“I dare you to stay here tonight, with me and I can do whatever I want!” What!! He looked so please with himself.. but there was no way I could let him do anything he wanted to do! Although I was scared, it also excited me! I wanted Ian.. but I wanted him to work for it first!!

“no! there is no way!!” I shouted back.. trying to sound horrified and hide the lust I was feeling for him!

“If you don’t then the penalty is… is to spend a night with every guy here!” I just looked at Ian frozen.. he wouldn’t! But by looking at his face, I could see that he meant what he said…

Even though he meant what he said he there was a look hidden beneath his cocky exterior that said he didn’t want to share me because he looked hurt from his own words. His eyebrows fell and I felt as though he was begging me to pick the first option, which I was going to take gladly! I would much rather spend one night with Ian than a load of nights spent with each member of the football team!!

“Fine… I’ll go with the first option!” All the guys sighed in disappointment at their missed opportunity to spend a night with me which upset a few of the girls.

Ian was keeping it cool but looked like he was bouncing off the walls with excitement in his head!.. so was I! a night with Ian, it frightened me but also turned me on…

Chapter 5- A night to remember

Even after begging and pleading with everyone… even getting on my knees with Sam and Joe, they just flashed me a smile and a wink, “you’ll be fine, go get him!” Sam whispered to me before closing the door behind her and leaving just me and Ian alone… I hated her, and love her so much.. ugh why do friends do this!!

Knowing that there was no hope, I turned to face Ian hoping he would get the embarrassment over with..

He was standing at the foot of the stairs, arms crossed and smiling the handsome goofy smile at me almost making me weak at the knees if I wasn’t so angry at him! Was he just doing this to get back at me!!

He only nodded his head in the direction of the stairs, signalling that he wanted me to follow him upstairs.. but no way was I going up there, there was more of a chance of me losing it and actually giving into his charms, just like I almost did when we kissed! So I refused, I turned quickly and ran for the front door- to my freedom!

Before I could even twist the door knob he had wrapped his big, protective muscular arms around my waist and pulled me easily over his shoulder. I screamed for my release.. when he finally gave it to me, placing me down on the floor… we were in a different room, his bedroom!!

At my confusion Ian smiled, his heart melting smile… I shook my head and rush towards the door but once again he had stopped me by grabbing my wrist. He tugged on my arm and in one swift movement he had turned me around and up close to his hard chest.. oh how I wish I could stroke my hand up his 6 pack!!

He gently placed his hand on my lower back, pulling me closer to him and in a daze from his close contact he placed his fingered under my chin and slowly lifted my head to met his lustful hazel eyes then his lush, pink lips where pushed onto mine and we were straight into kissing, roughly, and I loved it!

I lifted my hands and brushed them through his hair. He bit my bottom lip forcing me to moan that gave him entrance to explore my mouth! He tasted sweet and warm in my mouth, I never wanted him to leave my side.

As our kiss got rougher he pushed me back and slammed me into the wall, I moaned but It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it was going to… still, our lips never left each other’s.

He slid his hand to my butt, rubbing and caressing it. He lifted me up and I wrapped my lags around his waist, now feeling his erection that had built in his pants, Without thinking my body reacted on its own and began lustfully shaking my hips, rubbing against his shaft with my wetness

no! this is too soon! And I don’t want a video of us to be spread around school and.. and I don’t want to be another one of his sluts that he just sleeps with and then throws away!

A tear burned my cheek as it fell, I wanted this, I wanted Ian but I know he doesn’t want me as much I as I wanted him.. I was just another sex doll to him! wow! When did I start to feel so much for Ian!!

I put my hand on his hard chest and regrettably pushed away from the most passionate kiss I have ever had and it was with a player who didn’t want me! I swung my head in shame for crying over something so silly,

-Ian’s P.O.V-

I was so happy when Mia chose to spend the night with me, instead of every other guy! Why was I stupid enough to even mention that! And now we were passionately kissing!! She taste just how I thought, so sweet and warm!! I needed more of her! I pushed her to the wall and when we hit it , she gave off a little moan.. that was it, she had just turned me completely hard!

Being so close, my man hood was pushed onto her, and after feeling the warmth of her body being so close made it want to be in her, to feel her walls wrap around my cock! She began to sway her hips against me, teasing me!

But instead of wanting more she stopped and moved her hands down to my chest and pushed me away!!! What no!!! I needed her.. I wanted her, only her!

Being pushed away I could see the tears escaping her eyes and it sickened me that it was my fault, that I did this to her!!

-Mia’s P.O.V-

“no…” I whispered, barely audible “…stop… I don’t want this!” I shook my head and wiped the tears away. He lifted my chin up, but I still didn’t give him eye contact.

He slowly let me down and gently rubbed a tear that had escaped away, even a little of touches like that had sent sparks through my body! I already missed the warmth and protection his body gave me.

He took a few steps back, he looked so hurt.. I wanted to take back what I said! I wanted to be back in his hold and on his lips, but I couldn’t because it would end badly for me.
He cleared his throat, “you can take my bed, I’ll take one of the guest rooms down the hall…” was Ian upset! Did he really want me that much!!

Nothing else was said so Ian quietly left the room.. I was alone! I felt so cold without him so I shuffled to his bed, in search for the warmth that could replace him… it that was possible. But when I wrapped myself up in his covers, it smelt like him, like cologne and man! and I was comforted again, but it still wasn’t like having Ian here…

-Ian’s P.O.V-

Didn’t she want me.. was I wrong! No I wasn’t I could feel it in the kiss we shared, in the looks she gave me, from the way her body reacts… she wanted me but she didn’t want to admit it!

But I couldn’t think straight, I turned away from her. If I looked at her, I wouldn’t be able to control myself and I would rip off her clothes and just take her on the floor, here and now!

Upset, there was a lump in my throat.. I coughed it out before I spoke, I didn’t want to show her I was weak! “you can take my bed, I’ll take one of the guest rooms down the hall…” then I rushed out the room and ran down the halls and into the guest room. I slumped down on the bed, already missing her touch.. the sparks I got from just touching her!

Chapter 6- Good Morning?

-Mia’s P.O.V-

I was awoken by a buzzing sound.. no I don’t want to get up!! I was having a lovely dream that I was with Ian and he had his arms wrapped around me, hugging me close to him… wiping away all my worries..

Buzzzzz, buzzzzz!!

What was that!?! I opened my eyes only slightly but closed them instantly when the burning sun fell through the window.. why didn’t I shut the curtain last night!?!

After slowly getting adjusted to the early morning sun, I went in search for this annoying buzzing sound.. shit! Its my phone!! I flipped the covers off my body… but I wasn’t met by the usual freezing coldness of my bedroom.. pushing that thought aside I rustled into my jeans pockets to retrieve the buzzing phone, but why was I still wearing my clothes?

“Hello?” I answered the phone, weary of who would be calling me at this time!! I am not a morning person!!

“WHERE ARE YOU?” My mother asked worried.. What was she talking about, I’m in my room!

“huh!? What are you talking ab…” I fully opened my eyes and searched the room I was in. I lifted my eyes from the king size, soft bed with white Egyptian cotton blankets, and over to the far side where two doors next to each other faced me.. bathroom? Wardrobe?

The walls were coloured black and white, and a few family pictures on the wall.. of IAN!! I was in his room… I was in his bed!!!

I jumped out and quickly searched the room, which was at least three times as big as my room.. in search for Ian, but he wasn’t here with me. I was relived for being on my own… but I was also disappointed, I wanted him here with me.. I wanted my dream to be true!

“Mia…? Where are you!” My mum repeated.

“oh..erm… I’m at my friends Sam’s house. She had a sleepover.. just me and her..” Would she believe my lie?

“oh ok! But next time, could you please text me so I won’t have a heart attack when I find you’re not home!!” I love my mum, she was so kind and caring.. and always put me first!

“haha! Sorry mum, I’ll be home in a 5 minutes.. will you still be there?” With the hours my mum worked, we hardly ever saw each other.. so when she had mornings or nights off from her many jobs, we would spend every second with each other.. and I loved it!

“you bet ya honey!! I have the morning off so hurry on back!” at the mention of seeing my mum, my heart lifted.. and I had completely forgotten about where I was… wait, where is Ian house exactly… oh crap!

“see you soon! Love you”

“love you to baby!” we hung up and I stood frozen, trying to think of a plan.. could I get out of the house without being noticed?

I went to what I thought was the bedroom door, but instead I found a walk in wardrobe… was that necessary! On my next attempt I found a bathroom which was a little bigger than my bedroom! Was he serious!! Before I had shut the door, a note on a pile of clothes caught my attention. I walked over to the bathroom counter, under a large mirror and read the note…

‘Mia, you slept in your clothes… so I thought you would appreciate a clean change of clothes after a hot shower… breakfast is downstairs once you’re done,

His words made me start to fall even more in love with him.. he cared! Ahhhh!

Wait! Stop this Mia! He probably got one of his maids to do this for him… don't fall for it! So I ignored the letter and went back to my search for the exit. Although I wanted to leave… the hot shower was tempting as I think its been a year since I’ve had a warm shower because of the bills, hot water is our last concern!

I forced the temptation away!! I had to leave!

With only one more door to try, I was successful! I slowly opened it and looked both ways down the long hall way of wooden doors.. god knows what is behind them!! I quietly shut the door and made my way towards the stairs and down into the mail hall.. the Front door was in my sight!!

As I walked closer and closer… I was beginning to get more scared, my hands were beginning to sweat, my mouth went dry, but why… its not like I broke into the house, or like I was robbing the place! I was invited in and asked to stay. But I still kept quiet…

I passed the kitchen, the door a little open so I risked the chance to look into the giant, perfectly designed room.. to find Ian! He stood, leaning on one hand on the counter, the other lifting a cup of coffee to his beautiful mouth as he read the newspaper below him on the counter as busy kitchen workers buzzed around him preparing breakfast.

I stood, staring at him… gazing at his muscular physique, was it really possible for a man to be this sexy whilst wearing casual jeans and a grey top.. he doesn’t even try and he still looks like a model!

He brought the cup up to his lips once more and I couldn’t help but follow it with my eyes… Those lips.. the thought of what happened last night and the feel of his lips roughly on mine! I was starting to heat up, my cheeks turning as red as a tomato! I had to swallow the lump in my throat… pushing away the lust I felt for him!

“Oh Mia..” Ian shouted over to me, waking his hand for me to come join him. His sudden actions dragged me from my thoughts and instinctively I turned away and ran for the door.. I had to leave!

“MIA!!” Ian shouted behind me and as I made it out into the long driveway, I could hear him running behind me so I picked up the pace!

I was about to make to the gates that lead onto he main roan, before he overtook me and stood in front of me, forcing me to stop. I was breathing heavily from the running, whilst Ian looked like he never even broke out into a sweat! Ughhh!! why is he so perfect!

-Ian’s P.O.V-

When I caught up with her we both had to get our breath back.. wow she’s a fast runner!
Why was she running away from me? And she’s still in her own clothes, did she not read the note? Or did she just not want to be with me at all!?! my heart sank.. I needed her!

“where are you going?” I finally said, not wanting an answer.. instead I would happily pull her over my shoulder, take her back into my house and lock her in my room forever.. just so no other person could have her, and no one could take her away from me!!

“Home” It was a blunt answer, and she never once made eye contact with me.. what had I done wrong!!

“have I done something to upset you?” I had to ask.. I would do anything to make her love me! But her reaction was not what I expected.. she looked even more hurt from my question, should I have known what I did do hurt her!!

She never answered, instead she just scoffed and pushed passed me to carry on walking down the road.. ‘don’t let her leave!’ My subconscious screamed at me.. I never want to be away from her!!

I grabbed her arm, forcing her to turn to face me… anger now showing more on her beautiful face… but I still found her so irresistible! How could she do this to me!?!

“WHAT!” she shouted.

I was shocked by her outburst. I wanted to answer by telling her to never leave, or to ask her to give me answer to why she was so angry.. but instead I settle with the fact she wouldn’t tell me even if I asked,

“At least let me take you home…”

She looked at me for a while.. clearly thinking hard about how to answer the question… why? Doesn’t she want me to know where she lives or something?

-Mia’s P.O.V-

“At least let me take you home…” he asked me… what? No! I can’t let the richest and most powerful guy at my school see where I live, see my run down, poor house… I wasn’t up for his jokes, not while I was angry at him for treating me like another one of his whores, and then playing dumb about it!!

I pulled my arm from his strong grasp.. he didn’t want to let me go! I only wish he wanted me to stay because he loved me…

“No! I’ll make my own way home!!” I turned and briskly made my way home. I just wanted to get home and spend time with my mum and forget this weekend all together!

Chapter 7- Party

-Mia’s P.O.V-

I met up with Sam in the cafeteria, but my thoughts were all on what happened on Friday and Saturday… I still had the feel of Ian’s lips on mine, the way his tongue stroked mine and how his sweetness tasted!

Stop Mia!! I had to tell myself, I was beginning to get turned on just from the thought of him, from the thought of how he felt when we touch, the sparks that fly through my body!

I regret leaving the way I did, but I had to.. my mind goes to mush whenever I’m around him and I know that if I were to have stayed I would have regretted it by doing something embarrassing! Although I want him, I want him to want me first!

“MIA!!” Sam screamed at me.. grabbing my attention.


“I’ve been talking to you for 10 minutes, and you’ve just sat there looking like a zombie! What’s wrong?” Sam could always tell when I wasn’t feeling alright, I could never lie to her…

“oh sorry and.. It’s Ian.. last night after you left..” I told Sam everything and she gave me sympathetic look because she knew how much I was falling in love with him, but she also knew how much of a player Ian was.

“oh Mia, I’m sorry! If I had known how you felt I wouldn’t have pushed you to stay with him that night… but I have something that could make you feel better… “ I raised and eye brow at her suspiciously…

“what…?” I was too scared to ask, but her joking mischievous smile made me laugh

“We’re going to a party tonight!! And our plan is, we’re going to make Ian jealous and wish he never fooled my Mia!!" We both broke out into laughter over our evil plan!

Ian and the rest of the jocks surrounded our table, each taking an available seat. Ian, taking his now usual seat at the head of the table next to me.. I didn’t like being this close, not after the weekend we had!

He didn’t look his usual cocky self, but instead he looked at me with caution… weary of my response. This confused me, why was he so considerate over what I thought of him. I couldn’t be with him right now, not with my emotions flying everywhere… I needed to clear my head!

I stood up and took my exit from the table, but as I turned I caught a glimpse of Ian. His eye brows were pushed together and his eyes shown hurt.. he was upset! but was it over me leaving? I shook my head.. I was being stupid! So I carried on walking away.


I walked out the school, knocking into the fellow students as eager as me, trying to exit the school to freedom at the end of the day. I walked up the grass and admired the blissful sunny day. The sun rays gently covering my body with warmth, bringing a genuine smile to my face.

Sam was already at her car, leaning on the driver’s side door waiting for me. As I got closer to her little black Beatle… it really couldn’t be admired amongst the many rare and beautiful cars that surrounded her.

The ride back to Sam’s house was quick as she only lived a few blocks away. We were going back to Sam’s because we agreed that she would have sexier clothes I could wear to impress and also she could do my hair and make up… oh joy…

We pulled into the drive way of Sam’s house.. it was huge! But after seeing Ian’s, no other house could compare in size! It was styled like a cottage, with mostly white or wooden deign. It looked beautiful!

We made our way to her room. Her room was double the size of mine, a queen size bed on the right, a huge window with cushions on the window sill so you were able to sit and watch the world go by… Opposite the bed was the walk in wardrobe and next to the door leading into the bedroom was her bathroom. The walls were painted pink and white.. Sam was a girly girl!

“Here” Sam forced a small black dress in my face, “try it on!!” Sam loved getting all dressed up, and loved it even more when I let her do my make up and hair..

I took one look at the dress then looked back at Sam, “is this a top!! There is no way I am going to wear this!”

“trust me! It will look great on you!” trust her! What! I looked back at the dress in my hands… fine! Without saying another word I stomped into the bathroom to get dressed.

I slid the dress up my body and zipped it up the side. When I looked in the floor length mirror, I was surprised.. the dress didn’t make me look like a whore like I thought it would, but instead it came down close to the top of my knee and hugged my curves in the right places making my boobs look huge and my waist even smaller!! There was a V line cut, but only slightly so it only shown a little of my cleavage.. but enough to tease!

I walked out, and Sam looked at me with her mouth wide open, “no more dresses, that is the one!! Now let me do your hair!” I looked down at the dress again, it was a nice dress!

Sam wore a short red dress that came off one of her shoulders and straightened her hair. She loosely curled my hair and applied my makeup. I didn’t recognise myself at first… I was completely different, but in a good way- I looked hot!


As we turned down a familiar road, I flicked my eyes out each car window to try and get a better view of where we were. It wasn’t until Sam pulled up Ian drive way when I knew why everything looked so familiar…

“The parties at Ian’s house!!!!” I screamed as I turned to Sam, searching for answers.

“oh.. didn’t I mention that.. haha!” I stared at her in complete disbelief..

“Yes, you did forget to mention that MAJOR detail!” I jumped back into my seat and crossed my arm like a little child pulling a temper tantrum.

All up the driveway and even on Ian’s perfectly maintained yard were cars parked from the owners enjoying the party. You could hear the music and the sound of teenagers having a good time blasting from the house from miles away, Sam began to get more and more excited but I was the complete opposite!

We parked randomly on the grass and Sam got out and around to my side of the car. When she realised I wasn’t going to get out she banged on the window!

“come on Mia!! We need to put our plan in action!”

“no! I can’t go in there with Ian and all his sluts there with him!”

“Do you really think if you went in there with that sexy outfit on and started flirting with other guys that he would even notice other girls!” Sam is very good at persuading.. and she was right! And at least if I fail I would get a few guys numbers for a rebound…

I unenthusiastically got out the car and we both made our way to the party arm in arm.

As we stepped in I quickly searched for Ian. He was standing by the DJ, which had been placed next to the kitchen and surprise surprise, he was surrounded by girls. I wanted to make my presents known, so I walked as sexy as I could, swinging my hips towards the kitchen to get a drink. As I passed Ian, I quickly shot him a glance with no emotion to tell him that I didn’t care about the many girls around him, when actually, on the inside it killed me!!

But when I looked at him, his eyes were filled with lust as he looked me up and down. Ha! Payback is sweet! His eyes were basically eye raping me, imagining my clothes being ripped off.. and I did the same to him… his Jeans fell low on his waist and his black top was quite loose, but tight on his huge muscular arms.

Stop Mia! I needed to stop myself because as much as I wanted to rip his clothes off, and to have his lips on mine.. I couldn’t until he can show me he wants me! But what if he doesn’t love me, and never will… why Heart? why? That sudden thought sickened me and I had to fight the tears. Alcohol will solve this.. and I will need lots of it!

After downing my fifth vodka shot my vision was becoming a little blurry and my speech was slurred. Good, because I was also becoming numb.. forgetting Ian.. well at least trying to.

A pair of arms snaked around my waist and for a brief moment I thought.. no, I wished that they would be Ian’s, but they didn’t send sparks up and down my body, nor did I feel protected and safe in them.

I swiftly turned, still in the strangers grasp, as I came face to face with David.. I guess flirting with someone I actually know was better than with a stranger…

“Hay” David’s voice was deep and seductive, I guess that’s how he gets the ladies! But not to mention he was 6ft1 and had a well-toned physique! I smiled… guess its time to get my flirt on!

“Hayya you!” that sounded sooo much smoother in my head, guess I’m officially drunk!

“wow, someone’s been drinking!” David chuckled, he had nice white teeth and his smile could melt hearts.. but not the same as Ian, he would have me weak at the knees! But I can’t keep comparing David to Ian, I needed Ian out of my mind!

“You betcha mr.. mr flirty pants!” What was I saying! Someone please stop me before I make a complete fool out of myself!

David laughed, “would you like to dance with Mr flirty pants?” If I didn’t know how much of a whore David was, and I wasn’t so head over heals in love with Ian… I would actually like David! Or it could just be because I am an easy target…

I put my hand in David’s, weary of whether this was a good idea or not, but before I had the chance to think it over, I was already being dragged into the main room and dancing in David’s arms, grinding seductively up his body…

-Ian’s P.O.V-

What’s wrong with me! I’m having a party and I’m surrounded by hot girls who would gladly give themselves to me, and yet I can’t get Mia out of my head! She had been blanking me all day and its killing me! I just want to hold her close in my arms and take away every worry I seen hidden beneath her hard exterior.

A few of the girls around me were grabbing onto my arm asking for a dance, but there was no way I could concentrate on what they were saying when Mia walked in wearing the dress she did.

The dress was short, showing her long legs and shown some of her sexy, supple breast but it was still modest. It also hugged her body perfectly, showing off every curve of her hour glass figure. She searched the room, full of guys who had now turned their full attention to her and drooling while eye raping her.. just like I was! I didn’t like the other guys seeing her like this… I just wanted her to only wear this dress when she was with me!

She looked lost until our eyes met and I had to swallow away the lump in my throat from the lust I was feeling. I also noticed I was beginning to get hard.. just from looking at her! I needed her!

She slowly made her way over in my direction, sexily swaying her hips, teasing me and my rock hard cock in my pants!!

Our eyes met once more before she made her way into the kitchen. I wanted to grab her, to take her to my room and claim her as mine once and for all.. so no other guy could touch her because they would all know she was mine! But I was stopped by the crowd of girls that had now formed around me, all pulling me towards the dance floor, one dance and then I would go and search fore her!

After the dance was over, I was about to make my way into the kitchen when Mia and David emerged hand in hand and walking onto the dance floor. Mia was stumbling and leaning into David for support.. she was completely drunk!!

I had never been so angry! My hands curled into fists at my side to try and contain some of the anger.. how could David do this.. to MY girl!! I wanted to just go beat the shit out of him for even talking to her, let alone touch her!!

Chapter 8- Jealous

-Ian’s P.O.V-

When a song started to play, their bodies moved together, grinding seductively on each other… I couldn’t take it anymore! She can only do that with me!

I don’t even remember how I got over to them, but next thing I know David was on the floor under me and I kept punching his face over and over again until blood was pouring from everywhere. He looked like shit! David was my best friend and I wanted to stop .. but I couldn’t! So I kept pounding away till there was more blood than skin.

“stop! What are you doing!” was that Mia shouting? her soft and gentle voice was telling me to stop… and I did, only she could control me like this.

I got up and turned to find Mia standing beside us, horror spread across her face. I never want her to look at me like that ever again.. it made me so sad and angry at myself! I couldn’t take it anymore so I swiftly picked up her petite body and swung her over my shoulder.. she didn’t resist as much as she did last time thanks to the many drinks she has had!

When we got to my room, I locked the door and gently placed her down, leaning her back against the door. I closed the spaced between us, warping my arm around her waist and using the other to lift her chin so our eyes could meet.

As I lifted her head slowly, I could see all Mia’s features on her face close up.. she was so sexy! She was the hottest girl I had ever seen! When her eyes met mine, the deep pools of blue looked back into mine and I couldn’t resist any longer.. I leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

I wanted to go deeper, to taste her, to close the gap between us as much as possible because it was driving me crazy not being together, not being touched by her all day! When I went to go deeper I was stopped by something wet hit my face. I backed away slowly, still in a daze from the contact of our bodies to find Mia crying!

My body reacted on its own, now programed to always put Mia first, to make my Mia better! I hugged her, moving my arms from her waist, up to the top of her back and one on her head. I stroked her soft hair to try and calm her and pushed her even closer into my chest, absorbing her tears in my top.

After a while she seemed to calm down as her crying turned into a little whimper. I felt her lift up her arms and place them on my chest, at first I was excited because I thought that finally she loved me back, but instead she used it to push us apart!

I didn’t want to move- and I didn’t for a while, but when Mia was starting to get uncomfortable around me, it hurt me more to be close with her. I took three steps back.. I was away from her, but not too far!

-Mia’s P.O.V-

I pushed on his chest, I couldn’t take this anymore! My heart can’t take any more beatings! My heart keeps feeling like it being smashed every time I’m around Ian.. and its killing me! The way he comforted me when I was upset.. wouldn’t you fall for his charm to!?

At first he didn’t move.. no matter how hard I pushed against his muscular body, he wouldn’t budge. I started to feel uncomfortable with Ian’s arms around me as I thought about every other girl had tricked by using these move. After a while he took a few steps back.. but he was still so close…

“stop.. why are you doing this to me, I don’t want to be one of your many whores” Wow, where did this confidence come from… oh the many shots of vodka.. well this is going to be fun!

“what?!” Ian asked both angry and confused. He looked at me for a while before it clicked, “is that why you were angry with me? Mia no..” he stepped towards me but I took a step back but was stopped by the door.. there was nowhere for me to run!

“please… don’t..” I whispered, all my energy had now left my body through the many tears that I have cried thanks to Ian. But it didn’t stop him, before I could focus properly through the tears he had his arms gently wrapped around me. I felt comforted and warm, the electric sparks flying through my body.. but I have to stick my ground!

“no, get of me! No!” I was now waving my arms everywhere and kicking my legs to try and get Ian away from me, but instead his hug got tighter, subconsciously calming me down until I was relaxed in his arms.

He lifted me up and took me over to his bed. I was expecting to be thrown, so I winced in preparation for the pain, but instead Ian softly placed me on the bed. He followed me down and used his body to stop me from escaping, his hands on either side of me and he had saddled my body.. making me feel his horny cock! Was he going to rape me!!

How could he! I began to wake my arms around and push against him! “Don’t touch me you pervert!”

Ian did nothing, but sit there laughing. His deep sexy laugh warmed me and I stopped my unsuccessful attempt to hurt Ian. His teeth were white like pearls and his lips.. oh his lips! So pink and full.. I just wanted to kiss him and never stop!

He grabbed my wrist and pushed them to the bed.. I couldn’t move at all! He leaned in closer so that his lips brushed my ear,

“I love you” He whispered… well that stopped me from fidgeting! I shot my face to his with a shock and confusion painted all over my face. I didn’t speak, I couldn’t!

“I know I was a player before but after I bumped into you with my car, I couldn’t take my eyes off you.. you were not like any other person I had ever seen! And then you walked into me and I thought it must have been fait!” He was now looking at me, face to face and in the eyes.. he wasn’t lying!! “I’ve wanted you Mia for a long time, please.. I love you!” I was shocked by his words, tears building in my eyes. We were both frozen, no one moved until I swung my arms around his neck and pushed my lips on his roughly.

At first Ian was confused, but then his lips began to move with mine, roughly. I had missed the feel of his lips on mine, the taste of sweet honey and the pleasure and protection it made me feel.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, lost in the moment and pushing myself closer to the bulge in his pants. Rubbing my wetness against him, slowly and teasing him until he let out a small moan, giving me entrance to his mouth.

Ian seductively slid his hand up the inside of my thigh and brushed his hand across my panties that were now soaked from the lust I felt for him.

“wait…” What! Why did I say this!! Am I stupid, I don’t want to wait!! I want him!!! my body kept screaming at me, But I had to…

“What’s wrong” Ian said between breaths, trying to connect our lips once more…

“not yet.. not until you can prove that you don’t just want me for my body..” no!! shut up I want this, I tried to keep telling myself, but for some reason my logic took over..
Ian laughed and laid beside me, “I have to prove it to you, huh… and how would one do this?” This made me laugh to… surely by telling me he loved me was enough, but there was part of me that said he was used to getting what he always wanted and I wanted him to fight for it…

“hummmm… I’m not sure, but when I see it I’ll know!” I turned and smiled at him to witch he returned with a handsome smile, splitting his face.

“If you don’t know, how am I supposed to know!” I leaned into him and placed my hand on his chest,

“it should come to you if you really want it to” without another word Ian placed his hand over mine and pulled me closer to him. He moved both his hands around my waist protectively and I rested my head on his chest… laying like this, in his warmth and safeness I fell asleep almost instantly!


My eyes fluttered open to find the sun light brightening the room with its gentle rays, I really need to start closing those curtains! I tried to sit up and stretch, but I couldn’t move my limbs.. I open my eyes fully to find Ian still fast asleep. We were still cuddled close to each other, his arm over mine protectively.

I looked up at his face calm sleeping face, it was refreshing to see him so defenceless for once! I laid back slightly so I could have the full view of him, so peaceful, so beautiful and all mine!

“Do you like what you see?” Ian raised his eyebrow and smiled, showing his perfectly straight white teeth that reached his ears. Heat rushed to my cheeks and I pushed my head into his chest to hide my shame.

Ian chuckled at my shame and I tried to keep a straight face, but his laugh was contagious and we both fell into hysterical laughter.

Chapter 9- Ride Home

Buzzzzzz buzzzzzz!

No!! I don’t want to my phone to ruin this moment! But I knew it was my mum… so I slowly got out of bed, leaving the warmth of Ian’s arms in search for my phone.

“Hello?” I answered

“hay honey! How’s Sam?”

“oh… fine.. we’ve just got up” I hate lying to my mum, but I couldn’t tell her that I had spent the whole night with Ian because I think she would kill me!!

“oh good, because I’ll be home in an hour if you want to go out somewhere?”

“really!?! Yeah I’ll be there soon! Love you bye”

“love you to, bye bye!” I hung up and put my phone on the dresser when Ian came up behind me and snaked his arms around my waist, hugging my back close to his front. He placed a little kiss on my neck and lifting his lips to my ear,

“who was that?” he whispered with jealousy mixed with his words, sending chills down my spine.. how can someone turn me on so much with just the littlest of touch! I turned away to hide my now red coloured face.

“Erm, just my mum… I’m going to go..” but I don’t want to go! I want to stay with Ian! I went to pick up my bag by the door but Ian grabbed my arm and spun me to face him.

“Why the rush? I’ll take to in my car” I had to be careful of what I said.. there is no way I can let Ian see where I live, but I also know its just as impossible for Ian to back own!

“My mum has the morning off so we’re going to spend time with each other… and its ok.. I live close so I’ll make my own way.” I hate all the lying I had done today, but it was all necessary. I turned and grabbed my bag, making sure my back was turned to Ian when I told my little white lie.

“if its so close than it will be even closer if I drive you there..” Ian smiled, I knew he wasn’t going to drop this.. I had to think of something and fast! My mouth was going dry and my palms were sweating, what was I going to do!!


In the end Ian forced me to let him drive me home, but I didn’t mind as much anymore as he was driving me in his silver BMW hybrid sports car.. one day I am going to drive this car!!

I directed Ian all the way, until we pulled up outside a big, and beautiful cottage styled house.. Sam’s house! I couldn’t take him to my house.. not yet at least! Not until I can fully trust Ian and let him into my life completely!

“Wow! I love your house! And I didn’t know you lived so close to school!” Ian leaned on his wheel to get a better look out the window at Sam’s house.

“erm.. thanks… bye!” I went for the door handle, I wanted to get out of here as soon as I can and wash away the horrible feeling of lying to Ian, the last person I wanted to fool! But he pulled on my arm, forcing me to turn and face him. He kissed me softly on my lips, but it was too short! I wanted it to last forever.

“Bye, see you tomorrow!” Ian looked hopeful as he waited for my reply. He wants to see me tomorrow!! Ahhhh! I can’t believe that last weekend I had ran from him, and now we were making plans to fill our days with each other.

“Yes, definitely! Bye” I smiled and went for the door again but he stopped me once more… and pulled me into him, our lips meeting passionately. Before it got deeper he pulled away, causing me to moan.

“I love you!” oh my! I love this man!! I giggled at his actions

“I love you to!” I got out the car and made my way to the front door, waving goodbye as Ian drove off. After I knew Ian was far enough away, I ran back down the driveway and up the road, back to my actual house which was far from this paradise!

-Ian’s P.O.V-

I leaned in and kissed her passionately, “I love you” I told her and she smiled, just a little smile at first, but as it grew it pressed her rosy cheeks up and slowly revelled her teeth, like a perfect Pearl necklace. Finally the smile reached her eyes, lighting them, causing them to crinkle at the corners. In that moment she was everything i had ever hoped for, she was everything i would ever need.

“I love you to!” She said, the three Most magical words I could hope to hear from her mouth.. you hear that guys.. SHE’S MINE!!

She got out the car and made her way to her house… it was a really beautiful house, for a beautiful woman! But for some reason I never thought Mia would be this rich because she doesn’t come across as someone who has money. I guess its true, you can never judge a book by its cover.

She waved goodbye as I drove off, I was already missing her, missing her warmth, the comfort she brought me and the softness of her skin against mine! but she promised I could see her tomorrow, but that was too far away!

Chapter 10- It's a deal!

School was going soooo slow! It must have known that I have another date with IAN MARSH!!!

Finally the bell rang and everyone rushed out of school for freedom. I waited by the doors, the spot we had both decided to meet until I saw Ian and his Football gang walk my way.

“Hay!” Ian shouted before placing a kiss on my lips.

“Hi! Hi everyone”

“HAY!” they all shouted back, we had all become quite close with the amount of time I had been spending with Ian over the past week. They were actually good guys! I barely noticed Joe at the back, I can’t believe I once thought Joe was huge because compared to the rest of the guys… he’s small!!

“Hi Joeeee!!” I ran over to Joe and jumped into his arms. Joe was one of the greatest friends I have and because of Ian, I had hardly spent any time with him!

“oh hay stranger! What have you been up to?” We both laughed, but I felt hurt that I was leaving my best friend out of my life!

“oh nothing much.. just this and that!” He rubbed the top of my head,

“well that’s very vague!!” He laughed, hard and I couldn’t help but join him.

*cough* Ian coughed brining our attention back to the group who were all staring at me and Joe in silence then back to Ian who just stared at Joe, with a look that said he could kill him!! was Ian jealous.. over Joe!?!

“well, lets get going…” I clapped my hands, bringing everyone’s attention back then walked over to Ian and forced his gaze away from Joe who was fidgeting under his killer gaze and down my mine before placing a reassuring kiss on his lips, telling him that he was the only man for me! “I love you!”

From my words I could see him relax, bringing his arms around my waist and lowering his head to mine.. “I love you more!”

We walked up the grass to Ian’s silver BMW hybrid sports car, and although he had many other cars.. this was my favourite!

The other guys squashed into two other cars, as I stood.. my mouth drooling in awe at Ian's car!

“can I drive?” I looked at Ian, hoping!! I even tried to give him my puppy dog eyes…

“I’m sorry baby.. but this is my other baby!”

“you don’t trust me!” I pretended to cry and pull a temper tantrum but Ian just laughed!

“no!” I laughed to, because to be fare, if I had this car I wouldn’t let anyone drive it either!


We all sat, surrounding the T.V watch American football. I don’t mind being the only girl here because when rugby was involved.. I loved being one of the guys!

With all of the football team occupying every chair and even some forced to sit on the floor, but I sat comfortably on Ian’s lap with my head snuggled into his neck as I watched the match.

“what a load of girls!” I shouted at the screen, giving me the attention of everyone in the house.. oh crap!

“I thought you liked football?” Ian turned his head slightly, looking confused. But I got off his lap and crossed my arms!

“no! I love rugby.. this is American football, it doesn’t even compare!” To my reply every single person in the room stood, anger now showing on their face.. maybe I shouldn’t have said this in a room full of football players… but I will always stick up for the sport I love, just as much as they would!

“what!?! In what way is rugby better?” Ian asked

“well for starters… Rugby players aren’t filled with pussies who can’t even take a tackle!” I had now became angry and defensive, almost shouting at Ian..

“what the..” was repeated around the room by the many men I had now pissed off! Ian just stood their shocked, waiting for me to explain myself..

“In American football it is mandatory that you wear your football kit plus the numerous amounts of protective gear such as leg, shoulder and crotch padding also a helmet and face guard plus much more… where as in rugby the only thing you have to wear is shorts, a top, socks and shoes… therefore making you football players girls!!”

“that’s only because us football players play more rough and don’t just roll around in the mud like you rugby players” some blond 6ft3 man said from behind me. I turned with disgust on my face,

“Actually as of 2003, the metal helmet that use to be mandatory was banned due to the fact that it caused more damage due to the roughness of the game, now if players want to use a ‘helmet’ its just a little bit of cloth…!!” I turned back to Ian, but not to see anger but instead he was both amused and impressed…

“I guess there’s only one way to settle this, we have a game!” Ian suggested, instantly bringing a smile to my face! I love challenges and I love playing rugby.. it’s on!!

“sounds like fun, but I hope you don’t cry when I beat you!” me and Ian exchanged playful stairs, but the rest of the team were being deadly serious.

“but who is going to be on your team?” oh yeah… I forgot about that! I mean I’m good, but not good enough to take own all these muscular men!! Wait,

“Joe!” I pointed to Joe because I knew he agreed with me when it came to Rugby… that’s mostly how we became such good friends! Joe proudly stepped forward and stood behind me.

“I agree with Mia!” Aaron stepped forward, instantly making me proud to call him my favourite of the group!

“Me to!” From the back, out stood David and I could feel Ian tense up… Ian still hadn’t forgiven David for hitting on me, even though I have told him it was my fault! David’s face was still really badly damaged, with cuts on his lips and eyebrows and bruises taking up more of his face than skin- it must be painful!!

With the three brave men behind me, I turned back to Ian…

“I have my 3 players.. so lets play a mini game of 4 on 4!”

“Well I wouldn’t say there was 4.. more like 3 and a half!” Ian patted me on the head, highlighting that I was only half the person that these men were… but I had skill on my side!

“oh, are you scared of little ol' me!”

“haha! No! but how about we make this interesting… how about we make a bet!”

“alright you’re on! If I win… erm…” I thought hard at what Ian could do, or had that I wanted until- it hit me and a smile cracked my face in half, showing all my teeth in happiness! “I want to drive your silver BMW hybrid sports car.. for a week!!” this was my only chance, I had to take it!!!

He looked at me in disbelief “there is no way…”

“fine, you’re scared because you know I’ll win!” I started to pick at my nails.. pretending to act snobby, but trying hard to contain my smile!

“Ok then you can drive my car for the week, but WHEN I win you have to admit that I’m your boyfriend and that I have passed your test!”

I thought about it for a while.. but in my mind and in my heart, he had already passed the test! It was a win win for me anyway, if I won I go the car, if I lost I got a smoking hot boyfriend to call my own… what girl wouldn’t agree!!

Ian stuck out his hand and I took it.. agreeing to the terms, it was on!

Chapter 11- Touch down!

We all walked out onto Ian’s huge front yard and up to his football field. Ian and his chosen 3 players, who I had forgotten their names as soon as they had told me walked to the left and me and my team walked to the right.

on the way I looked at Ian and he was staring at me, giving me a cheeky smile… confident that he was going to win, but there was no way I could let him!

To show I wasn’t shaken from his cockiness, I blew him a kiss and winked at him. His face brightened up as a smile spread across his face… wow! I love that man!

“Ok guys, lets huddle!” I shouted to my team and turned to join them, leaning down to join the huddle. “its 4 on 4, so we’re having 2 in attack and 2 in defence. I’m taking the attack..” I got a few judgemental looks from David and Aaron..

“Shouldn’t one of us take the attack… I mean we are stronger and against Ian, we’ll need that!”

“trust her guys… she could take on Ian!” Joe reassured them, we had played many times and I had beat him so easily! Ha ha!

“also, I need yours and Aarons strength in defence, if they do get past me or Joe I need you two to do whatever you can to stop them! You got it!” being able to control these guys.. this power, now I know why Ian loved it so much!

“yeah!” they all shouted back as we began to walk into position

“oh, and WHEN we win I’ll all let you all have a go driving Ian’s car!” I said it just loud enough for Ian to hear… and boy was he angry. The look of horror spread across his face until his smug smile was completely gone! But after a moment or two he changed to an evil smile, raising an eyebrow,

“Oh and WHEN we win, maybe we can pick up from where we left off!” as I remembered the night of his party, the night we almost had sex… my cheeks turned bright red from embarrassment and my head shot down to the ground because all the guys turned to gawk at me, smiling and nodding their heads. Some even patted Ian on the shoulder, appraising him.. that’s it!! I’m winning this game and driving his car into the river just to see him cry!!!!

I walked over and stood in front of Ian, who was the attacker for his team and quickly tied my long hair into a cute messy pony tail.

I bent down in front of Joe, placing the ball in front of me… although there are some rule and regulations different between American football and rugby, American football is quite similar to rugby so we compromised that we would start the game off in the style of American football, but the guys wouldn’t wear protective gear like rugby.

I looked up at Ian who was crouching in front of me in preparation for the game to start.. but he wasn’t concentrating on the ball, instead he was red with anger… no it was jealousy! Because I was so close to Joe in this way!

Ha ha! I can use this jealousy as a distraction in my favour to win this! I closed my eyes, bit my lip and moaned.. take that Ian!!

-Ian’s P.O.V-

Mia made her way into position, her cheeks were still red from embarrassment and her head hung in shame… but that only added fuel to the fire! I wanted her more and if I win I finally get to call her my girlfriend!

I bent down into position, but when I looked up Mia was bent down in front of Joe!!! I couldn’t help but get jealous and angry I wanted to punch the life out of Joe for standing so close to MY MIA!

I snapped my gaze back to Mia and she had her amazing smile sculptured on her face, after watching her for a short while I began to relax. That was until, she could see my jealousy and her smile grew and she raised her eyebrow.

I was confused at first but when she closed her eyes and bit her lip… I knew where she was going!

She moaned, a sexy sound that travelled down my body to my now hard cock! I couldn’t control myself, I couldn’t control the jealousy and I began to sake with rage! I knew she was playing with me… but it her trick worked, she had this hold on me… and she now knew how to use it.

She slowly lifted her eyes and looked up at me through her eye long eye lashes then winked and smiled playfully… I could have taken her here and now!!

Oh so she wants to play dirty, well two can play at that game!

“HUT HUT HUT!” She shouted before throwing the ball behind her and to Joe.. I was going to take revenge… I dodged Mia and headed straight for Joe! He saw me coming, his eyes widened in fear as my body came full speed to his!

I was to caught up in getting revenge to notice the ball pass my head as Joe passed it to Mia.

With a big thud, I crash into Joe’s chest… surprised I didn’t break anything, but he would have some serious bruises! I got off Joe and helped him up, now feeling bad for hurting him.. I knew it wasn’t his fault, but it felt good letting out my frustration.

I heard the other team members scream Mia’s name so I swung my head around and my mouth dropped to the floor! Mia was dodging the other men on my team, and they were huge, the smallest being 6ft3, and yet she was just swerving past them with her sexy slender body!

Aaron and David had also ran up to help her, both taking quite the beating to protect Mia, I appreciate that they were protecting my woman from harm!

Once she had cleared my team, she ran full speed down the field, ahead of them by at least 2 yards… she was amazing!

She threw the ball down hard on the floor and flung her arms up in the air, “TOUCH DOWN!!”
Her face split in half from her perfect smile! I licked my lips, Oh how I wanted to fling my arms around her waist! How her body will feel close to mine.. how my cock would feel in her!

Damn! I have gotten hard, just from thinking about the warmth of her body. I shifted my pants, trying to cover my penis that was now pushing against my zipper… but I couldn’t take my eyes away from her… I needed to win! I needed her to be mine!


-Mia’s P.O.V-

The scores were now, my team with 16 and Ian’s with 18… we only had 5 more minutes on the clock, all we need is a touchdown and that would secure us 6 point!!

I gathered my team in a huddle.. we needed a good plan to win this!

“Ok guys, all we need is a touchdown, so here’s what we’re going to do…” I looked around the group, all eyes on me, all the eyes of hot, sweaty guys who have risked their body to protect mine! They respected me and it almost brought tears to my eyes.

They were covered in mud, blood and bruises… yet I didn’t have a scratch on me! “Ian so far hasn’t gone for me, and won’t because he doesn’t want to hurt me.. so we’re going to use that to our advantage! I’ll pass the ball back to Joe who will then fake pass it to Aaron who is going to run up the right side, where as I will run to the touchdown zone up the left and when I get far enough, Joe throw it to me! David, will you protect me?” I smiled to David, who gave we a charming smile,

“sure thing babe!” he winked and we all smiled and broke from the huddle.

We got into position one more time. I crouched down in front of Ian, who mirrored my action. I put the ball on the floor, between my legs then sharply inhaled…

“HUT HUT HUT!” We followed the plan down to the last detail… until I was running up the left side and I turned to see Ian right behind me!! SHIT!! I tried to run faster, but Ian picked up his pace more, closing the space between us.

David came charging towards Ian, but Ian just jumped over David's attempt to tackle him to the ground. The space between me and Ian got less and less, but I was so close to the line, just a little…

My thought was cut off by a great forced to my back, Ian tackled me!! Owwwwww!

I was still under Ian’s body, angry at first with the pain but then his warmth seeped into me and I was comforted for being in his embrace, healing the pain

The whole crowed gasped. I felt Ian Get up and sit next to me and said nothing…
WHY? WHAT? Had we won? Lost?

I lifted my head to see where I had landed… slowly, more and more light entered my vision until I had the ball in my sight… I…

Chapter 12- Winner?

My eyes adjusted to the light and I focused on the position of the ball… I couldn’t speak… no way…

I stood looking around in shock… no…

“WE WONNNNNN!” Ian shouted… I had lost.. NO!!!

Everyone ran over to Ian and lifted him in the air, celebrating his victory. Once his feet were back on the ground he came over to me. I was still frozen in shock… I couldn’t believe it, we were so close to the line!!

My eyes were glued to the floor, but I could still feel Ian walk up to me and stand in front of me. I slowly lifted my head… not wanting to see Ian’s face while I felt this ashamed! Our eyes finally met, and as I looked into his captivating hazel eyes I didn’t see cockiness, nor did I see that he was bragging… instead I saw reassurance but mostly, lust!

He lifted his hands to my cheeks, sending pleasurable sparks through my body and he looked even deeper into my eyes. He leaned closer to my face until there was just a little space between us,

“So now your my girlfriend… hum.. that has a nice ring to it” before I could respond he yanked me to him and covered my mouth with his in a hungry kiss. I responded immediately, surprising myself. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips, softer than I could have imagined. He tasted tentatively with his tongue, and I opened my mouth with a low moan.

I lifted my hands to the back of his head, fisting some of his soft hair and trying to push him closer to me…


We broke apart, both breathing heavily and I turned swiftly around, Ian’s arms now around my waist, keeping me close to his body. When we turned we saw everyone staring at us, some blushing but all had big smiles on their face!

“Do you want us to leave?” David said jokingly as he pointed in the direction of the gates.

“Yes.. if you wouldn’t mind!” Ian said laughing and rested his head on my shoulder. But I pulled away,

“oi, no guys you don’t have to go! come on” Heat rushed to me cheeks with embarrassment and I pushed away from Ian, slapping him on the arm before rushing back into the house.

Everyone eventually followed me back into the house and we all gathered in to watch T.V but this time.. something we all agreed to watch so that we didn’t argue again! I sat on Ian’s lap, snuggled into his chest, into his warm embrace as he wrapped his protective arms around my body…

Ian was so comfortable, protective, sexy and MINE! My boyfriend! AHHH! maybe I didn't loose...


Ian dropped me off at Sam’s house again, still thinking that it was mine. It pains me to keep lying to Ian, even more so now that we’re getting closer but I had to… I was scared in case he would leave me because I’m poor, and now I’m scared that he will leave because I’m lying to him! ughhhh! Why wasn’t I honest from the start!!

I waved goodbye as Ian drove off and then I made the long walk back to my house.

As I got closer to my house, I noticed the kitchen light on… my mum was home!! I was now running as fast as I could to see her. I burst into the kitchen, breathing heavily and smiling, ready to hug my mum.

Instead of being squeezed in one of my mother’s famous tight hugs, she staid sitting on the small dining table at the far side of our small kitchen. She lifted her head from her hands… it was obvious now that she had been crying,

“oh mum, what’s wrong?” I rushed to my mums side, rubbing her arm to try and comfort her. I know it should be her comforting me, but I am stronger than my mum and I am always the one to comfort her… I’ve had to do it more so in the current situation we’ve been in! we’ve always been poor.. its just, times are tough…

“its nothing dear..” she patted my hand “…just these stupid bills!”

“but I thought that your two cleaning jobs covered the bills…”

“I.. I was fired from one of my jobs…” It was barely audible as my mum whispered her excuse..

“what!?! When? Why?” I was now standing and looking down at my mum, her head swung in shame over not being able to support me. I felt sorry for her, but most times I had to stand up to her like this so she can be more motivated!

“about two weeks ag…” She couldn't even finish her sentence before I cut in with anger,

“TWO WEEKS!” that’s longer than I expected!! No wonder there have been power cuts!

“I’m so sorry, love…” Tears escaped my mum’s eyes and I sat next to her once more to comfort her,

“Its ok mum.. I just wish you had told me sooner! I’ll look for a job in the morning so that we have more money for the house, you just focus on getting another job!” I hugged her and rubbed her arm… wow, I actually was the mother in this family!


Next morning I sat crossed legged on my bed looking through the newspapers for a job available for a 17 year old…

Babysitter.. no, doesn’t pay enough, Cleaner…. Bad hours, Waitress.. hum… it had good hours, after school every day and has a good pay, I’ll take it!!

I rang the number provided and arranged for an interview, but they said to just swing by! Oh great.. I can already tell it’s not the ‘cleanest’ of Café’s meaning its going to be full of thugs… but what did I expect living in an area like mine!

When I arrived at the café, I was right about its appearance! It was a little café just off the main road, a little run down and in major need of re-painting.. but the customers were surprisingly nice, well most of them were! and the staff, Sue and Alex the other two waitresses were so kind and helpful!

I could see I was going to enjoy spending all my free time with them, even though I would miss spending it with Ian...


Monday came too quickly! I was starting to hate walking down these same halls everyday.. and the only thing getting me through the day was… my boyfriend!!

Wow it just rolls off my tongue. MY boyfriend.. Ian is mine!

I walked into the lunch hall, my favourite part of the day, being able to eat!! My stomach growled from the lack of food I haven’t been eating! With working in a diner I get a free meal, so to save money I haven’t been eating at all during the day… ITS KILLING ME!!

I sat at the already filled table and fell into usual seat. Sam gave me a sympathetic look as I had phoned her after work last night and informed her about my stupid mother… I know she wanted to help us, and she had offered us money, but I cannot and will not take money off anyone! Me and my mum can provide for ourselves!.. kind of...

Noticing my stubbornness she giggled and pushed her untouched plate over to me! I smiled widely and clapped my hand… now that’s what friends are for!!

I had just put a large spoonful of spaghetti into my mouth when Ian chose that time to talk to me! He leaned in so that his lips brushed my ear, sending a shiver down my spine. I swallowed the food and bit my lip to try and keep back the lust I feel for this man!

“How about you come to mine after school?” He whispered seductively.. and oh boy I wish I could! My body was creaming ‘YES!’ but I couldn’t…

“oh tonight.. erm.. I can’t.. I have family coming over from England…” Ian looked at me suspiciously.. does he know I’m lying!?!

“Can’t you just miss it this once…”

“Sorry I can’t… but I’ll text you later! Anyway, I’ve got to go, Bye!” I quickly stepped away from Ian so that I wouldn’t have time to re-think and go back to him. Instead I ran for the doors leading out of the cafeteria… I don’t know how long I can keep this up! Its killing me having to lie to the one person who cares for me, who comforts me… who I love and who loves me!!

-Ian’s P.O.V-

She ran out of the cafeteria so quick that I didn’t have time to grab her… why did she lie to me! What was she really doing tonight that she couldn’t tell me about! I think it hurts more to be lied to by her than to actually know what the secret is… I needed to know!!

I snapped my head to Sam.. she must know, they are best friends…

Under my scrutinizing gaze, Sam began to fidget and play on her phone.. oh she definitely knew! I smiled and began to interrogate her…

“Hi Sam!” I asked in my friendliest manner

“Erm.. oh… hello” She was acting so nervous, as if she was on trial for murder!

“So… Mia’s family are coming all the way from England… that must be exciting!”

“Yes.. Mia’s really happy..”

I began to play dumb “Oh really, she didn’t seem happy…”

“Oh really, then they mustn’t be close”

“Don’t you know, surely Mia would have told you everything about them…” Sam’s eyes widened

“y…yes she sh.. she did” I raised my eyebrow]

“Ok, spill what’s really happening tonight!” Sam’s eyes spread open and she looked up at me in horror.. pleading for me not to continue but that only made me more curious.. what was this secret!?!

“wh.. what do you mean!”

“You know what I mean!! I know there’s something Mia’s not telling me! Please Sam, she’s my girlfriends and I’m worried about her” Sam’s expression turned to a sympathetic one.. she understood what I was saying but she still couldn’t break the promise she must have made with Mia.
“Its not for me to tell... I mean.. if there was a secret.. BUT THERES NOT! Oh is that the time.. bye!” Sam jumped to her feet and ran out, the same as Mia… what is the secret!

Chapter 13- Secrets

-Ian’s P.O.V-

I kept pacing in my room, tapping my shin with my finger… why won’t she tell me her secret!?! What could her secret be? UGHHHHH I can’t take this anymore.. if she’s not going to tell me I have to find out! I walked to my door, but stopped as I reached for the handle, What if she’s with another man… Is she cheating on me!

I shook my head, no I can see it in her eyes… in her kisses, she wants me just as much as I want her! I continued out the door and out to my car.

“Mr Edwards… Mr Edwards!!” one of my maids came running out the house screaming my name and waving their hand frantically in the air signalling for me to stop.

“Yes Anna” I didn’t have time for this… I needed Mia!

“Your farther has just called…” My eyes widened at the mention of my ‘father’… what did he want now, for me to fly to China, go for a meal with his business partners? That’s the only reason he ever calls… for my help in our family business!

It all because of what happened last year... I had sat in on my first ever meeting and although I would never mention this to my father… but I loved it.. I felt at home! I would argue with other business partners and I had memorised all our facts and figures, so no one could call me out!

I had never seen my father more proud than when our business partners kept complimenting me and saying he did a good job raising me… more like the many nannies did a good job!!

I know that one day I’m going to have to take over, but not yet- not until I’ve lived my life- until I have Mia!

“What is it this time…” I asked so unenthusiastic

“He wants you to go to a meeting, he’s in China and can’t go himself” I rubbed my forehead to heal my now banging headache.

“What time is it starting… do I have time to go to see Mia first?” I asked hopefully.. I needed to see my Mia! But Anna just looked down at her shoes,

“I’m afraid not.. he wants you there immediately.”

I could feel myself getting angrier! My hands curled into a fist by my side, how can my father do this to me- even when he’s half way across the world!

I didn’t respond, instead I just mumbled angrily… now I won’t be able to see Mia until tomorrow! My heart felt empty.. Mia’s usual happy laughing face would brighten up my day, the warmth of her body hugging mine, her soft and sweet lips on mine… now gone! I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms fro her..

I turned and jumped into my car, slamming the door in frustration and made my way to the meeting… maybe a little faster than I should have…


The meeting went on longer than I thought as the clock in my car read 1:23AM. I was now on the motorway on my way back home, but I am finding it hard to keep my eyes open.. my car swerved as I fell deeper into the unknown... shit!

I saw a little run down Café of the motorway… great, I’ll get a coffee to wake myself up.

I parked up in front of the diner. Light from inside beamed out the windows, lighting up my car. I looked around… this must have been the poorer side of town! Graffiti everywhere, thugs lingering in every dark corner, acting suspicious… I didn’t really want to leave my car here, but I needed something to wake me up!

I was about to open my door when something in the diner caught my eye… a beautiful girl in the diners themed pink and white coloured dress… it was MIA!!

I froze.. I just sat there in my car, admiring the magnificent creature that was in front of me! She gracefully swayed table to table, the dress clinging to her every curve and cut low, revealing and eye full of her breast!

But I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who was checking her out… but I was the ONLY one who is allowed to look!

She was taking an order from a table full of shady looking men.. none looking at her in the eyes! I began to shake with anger, I wanted to beat the crap out of them all for looking at my woman, but when one of the men shifted slightly in his chair- I got a full view of the gun wedged in his belt… I needed to get Mia out of danger!!

But why was she working here.. her family have money? Don’t they? I never want her to step a foot in this area again!! Seeing her in potential danger was my nightmare… I wanted to keep her locked up in my room and never let her out!

I flung my door wide open and jumped out of my car to go save my woman, but when I got closer to the door- so did she! She was walking out the doors so I ran back to my car… why was I running from her? Why don’t I go confront her about working here… was this her secret?

I focused on Mia in my car mirror. She began to walk down the road… further and further into the darkness of this place! I can’t leave her.. not when she could need my help!

I drove some distance behind her until she turned into a little road of small, run down houses and up the path way to a door… was this her house? She took out a bunch of keys and opened the door…

Why would she lie to me about where she lived!? Did she think that I wouldn’t love her just because she’s poor!! I sat there for a while… just staring at her house… I could never leave Mia, even if she didn’t have a house I would still love her with all my heart!

I took a deep breath to calm myself. I was hurt that she doesn’t feel close enough to tell me… but I can’t keep that against her!

I need to make a plan! I needed to help my Mia!

Chapter 14- In the loop

-Mia’s P.O.V-

Driving to school with Sam, I rested my head on the cold window and thought of last night after work… it felt as though someone was following me! It was weird because although I should have been scared of the possible rapist or stalker.. I felt safe… I wonder if there was someone following me, but who?

We pulled up into school but I was too tired to move! All these long hours… how was I going to cope working these hours if I can’t even cope with just one night!

Sam walked me to Maths, to which I was grateful for as I don’t think I could have made it on my own… I don’t think I wanted to! When I walked into class, everyone was already there and sitting at their desks chatting away.

As I made my way to the back, I exchanged looks with Ian… he too looked like he had stayed up all night, a little stubble on his chiselled jaw, bags under his big hazel eyes and he had a look of worry in his eyes.. like he had stayed up all night thinking about something so much he couldn’t sleep! Yet with the lack of care and sleep, he stilled looked like a Greek god!! The 5o’clock shadow even made him look sexier.. like a bad boy!

He noticed me and smiled, even though he looks the way he does.. he put everything into his smile, it was a genuine smile that instantly made me happier! I smiled back, but mine was nowhere near as convincing as his and he saw that.. as he pushed his eyebrows together and his smile faded slightly.

I slouched into my chair.. finally I might be able to get some rest!

Mr Kay walked in and instantly demanded the attention of the class. I leaned my head in my arms on the table and closed my eyes. I could feel Ian’s eyes burning into the back of my head… but I was too tired to move.. just a little nap and then I’ll be fine. Next thing I knew I was being surrounded by darkness and into my dream land!

-Ian’s P.O.V-

I had stayed up all night, thinking about how I would talk to Mia.. if I would confront her at all! If she hadn’t told me herself then I don’t want to talk to her if she’s not ready and I don’t want to force her to tell me something she is so obviously uncomfortable with… but I feel distant from her!

I was too tied up in my thoughts to notice Mia walk in the classroom. She looked how I feel.. tired and physically drained… but she did not show it! Although her eyes were tired, she looked hot! How could she possibly think I wouldn’t love her anymore just because she’s poor!

I smiled.. putting all my lasting energy into making it believable but when she tried to smile back, it wasn’t her usual wide spread smile.. she was exhausted! i just wanted to hug her close and tell her she would never have to work or worry about money again because I will never leave her… and I will always provide for her!

She slouched into her desk and rested her head in her arms. I just stared at her sleeping calmly, all her worried fading away as she slept.. It killed me to see her like this! I couldn’t concentrate on maths… or anything else for that matter… only Mia!

“Mrs Owns!” Mr Kay shouted as he noticed Mia had fallen asleep. Mia’s eyebrows pushed together… no! I can’t let this prick wake Mia, I don’t want her to look upset and tired, instead I wanted her peaceful like she is now.

“Don’t wake her!” I shouted at Mr Kay, surprising myself..

“WHAT!?!” At my sudden outburst, Mr Kay was red with anger… how dare he talk to me like that! I don’t usually like to bring my money and power into arguments, but I would do anything to keep Mia happy!

I stood quietly, making sure I made no further sound, “I would like to remind you that my father is on the board of directors for this school and is the biggest contributor to this school.. If you wake up Mia, you will have no job at this school or any school for that matter!”

The whole class looked at me with shock painted on their faced… maybe I went a little too far… I took my seat and Mr Kay was still frozen at the front, looking at me in horror!

The rest of the lesson went quite quickly as the whole time I sat staring at how peaceful Mia looked, instantly making me feel relaxed. The lesson was also almost completely silent as even some of my fellow class mates were scared of me!

The lesson ended sooner than usual and everyone exited the classroom quicker than a speeding bullet, however I staid seated, looking at Mia.

-Mia’s P.O.V-

I jumped from my refreshing sleep thanks to that annoying school bell!! Oh crap, had I slept the whole lesson!! I fluttered my eyes open and found that the classroom was deserted… there was no-one here!

I shot up, but it was too quick and I stumbled… readying myself for the pain of hitting the hard floor. But instead I was swooped into an embrace by strong, warm arms!

Collecting myself together, I looked up at my saviour to find non other that Ian… my hero!

I stayed in his arms as I admired his masculine featured and felt the hardness of his abs rippling to my touch. His smile widened and he let out a deep laugh that sent butterflies to my stomach until I figured out he was laughing at me for staring at him!!

I shot out of his arms and brushed myself of… acting as if nothing had happened… but trying hard to hide my tomato coloured face. I looked up at Ian to find the corners of his lips curling, involuntary- he fought back, hard, but it was no use as his laughter erupted through the classroom. I went weak at the knees just from the sound of his deep laughter vibrating through me!

I lost control of my body as I rushed to him, pushing my lips onto his. He joined me and our lips move in sync with each other. He bit my bottom lip hard, but so pleasurable! I let out a wild moan, giving him entrance into my mouth.

Our tongues played with each other as we deepened the kiss, Ian now moving his arms to my waist, pulling me closer to his manhood… that was now getting harder as he pushed his shaft against my stomach.

Our kiss got rougher and I rapped my legs around his muscular waist and he supported me by playfully grasping my butt!

I slowly began to grind my now wet pussy up and down his shaft, teasing him! He moaned, deep in his chest, pulling away from our passionate kiss…

“Oh how I want to continue!”

“then lets!” I moved my lips on his.. continuing from where we left off until the school bell forced us apart once more.. both of us breathing heavily, but never leaving eye contact.

“lets just not go to lesson!” Ian snorted as he let me down,

“No, we need to go…” no! lets carry on!! I crossed my arms and jokingly acted like a child, but he just placed his hand in mine and led me out the class room… now I know how he feels when I cock blocked him! haha!


I threw my backpack down next to my front door and made my way into the kitchen, to see if there was any food in the house to eat before my 9 hour shift at the diner.

As I walked into the kitchen I was met by my mother’s arms wrapped around me, almost pushing me to the ground! She was so happy and instantly, I also beamed with laughter!

“What are you so happy about?” I asked as my eyes followed her jumping up and down

“Read this, it came this morning!” she handed me a brown envelope whilst still jumping and laughing and I read the letter..

‘Dear Ms Owens,

As of yesterday we are now under new management and therefore you have a new landlord, Homes&Landlords Inc.

At Homes&Landlords Inc, we hope you would welcome us and to ensure a pleasurable living experience, therefore we would like to offer you a complimentary food basket… filled with free nutritious food, home accessories and necessities. We would also like for you to contact us whenever you have a problem as it would be our please to help with any worries you and your family may experience.

It has also come to our attention that your previous landlord was over-charging your family for your living at your current residence, and therefore we would like to compensate you back all money that is owed to apologise for any inconvenience this might have brought you.

You will find an enclosed check with this letter addressed to a Ms Laura Owens for $5,294. We hope this is to your satisfaction.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

Home&Landlords Inc.’

“OH. MY. GOD!!!!” I screamed and joined my mother, jumping uncontrollably around the kitchen!

“we’re rich!!” We both burst out in fits of laughter and fell on our hard, cold wooden floor in exhaustion.

My mum nudges my arm “hay.. this means you don’t need to work anymore!” I smiled at the thought of not having to stay up late working and now having time to spend with Ian…
maybe there is a god, and maybe for once he’s looking down on me and my mother!

“Thank you..” I whispered as I looked up at the celling.. thanking who ever had brought us this luck!

“Did you say something honey?” My mum got up off the floor and headed straight for the basket on the kitchen table, full of all kinds of amazing foods!

“no..” I got up to and joined my mother in making our feast, we were going to eat like kings tonight!

Chapter 15- Money can’t buy you everything!

Walking down the school halls didn’t seem so gloomy anymore, I don’t know whether it was because its Friday, or that last night i didn’t have to spend long hours at work because we have some amazing new landlords!!

I couldn’t keep the smile off my face all day, even through all my boring lessons, I couldn’t stop smiling until before I knew it, it was the end of the day! Wow, this day just keeps getting better and better!

After class I stopped off at my lockers to bet my backpack… if only I didn’t have homework, then this day would have been perfect, I thought to myself.

“Hay” a sexy, deep man’s voice vibrated down my ear as his lips brushed against the nape of my neck and his arms wrapped around my waist.

“oh hello to you to” I turned in Ian's arms and draped my arms around his neck. My smile now wide with joy… another reason why this day was so perfect!

“Do you want to come back to mine?” how could I possibly say no!

“hummm, I don’t know, I’m might have to ask my boyfriend.. you see he gets really jealous!” Ian’s eyes sparkled and the corner of his lips curled up as he tried to contain his laughter.

“oh really, he sounds like a really hot and sexy and caring boyfriend”

“He’s not that sexy you know…” we both laughed then he picked me up and flung me over his shoulder and slapped me on my arse.

“Ahh!” I yelped in pain.. but yet all I felt was pleasure!


We burst through Ian’s front door, in each other’s arms, kissing intensely. Ian shut the door then pushed me up against it.

I ran my fingers through his soft hair, fisting some and pushing his head closer to mine so that his lips went rougher on mine! He was so irresistible, I needed to taste him more and more!

*ring ring* The house phone rang, echoing throughout the castle like mansion.

“I need to get that..” Ian whispered disappointed between breaths. He pulled away slowly, my eyes still closed trying to savour the feel of him close to my body, the feel of his lips on mine! and moaned from his absence.

He grabbed my hand and guided me to his study in one of the many rooms off the long hall way.

As he picked up the phone to take the call, I looked around this magnificent room. The huge, dominant wooden desk at the far side of the room with floor to floor windows behind it, demanding the attention of the room. To both the side of the room there were book shelves filled with every book you could imagine.

I walked over to the book shelf and ran my finger across the immaculately kept books, flicking my eyes across the titles as I made my way over to the desk.

He stood there like a model posing for a business magazine. One hand on his hip and the phone in his other hand, gazing off out the window as he concentrated on the phone call… so professional! I could imagine him in here working as our children ran around him and I stood like this, just admiring my family.. our family!

I shook my head, bringing myself from my hopeful dreams and walked closer to Ian. I sat on the desk and tapped him on the shoulder, turning his attention to me.

He looked down at me, a little confused at first until I placed my hands on his cheeks and brought him down to my lips. He moved in between my legs and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

He put the phone to his chest, “I really need to take this” He smiled… oh there was no way I was going to leave it like this… let’s have a little fun!

I trailed kisses from the corner of his mouth, grazing my teeth over his jaw and down his neck. When I got to the nape of his neck I bit and sucked hard and he let out a little moan. A moan that had me wanting to moan... making me almost dripping wet from lust! I looked up at him through my eye lashes and smiled in triumph!

“oh, sorry.. no.. I have a cough” Ian tried to explain himself to the man on the other side of the phone. He looked down at me, lust and anger boiling in his gaze… oh this is fun!

“I’m sorry but I’m going to have to call you back” Ian hung up and now put all his attention on me, fire burning in his eyes… “that was mean!” I burst out into uncontrollable laughter.

“what was..” I looked away, pretending to acting dumb. Ian placed his hand under my chin, directing my gaze to his… but it wasn’t him that caught my eye, but instead the papers on his desk! I pulled my head from his grasp and picked up one of the documents on the desk…

“no.. wait!” Ian tried to take the paper from my hand but I jumped off the desk and put distance between us. In the top corner of the page there was the hames&landlords inc logo… why…

“why do you have these…?” my smile faded. He didn’t answer, instead he just stared at me “you own Homes&Landlords inc!?! so you…”

“yes… I know.. about you…” He closed the space between us, grabbing my hands, but I pulled away from his caress and stepped back. I was so embarrassed and hurt,

“I can handle myself! I DON’T NEED YOUR CHARITY!” I shouted, I know he was only trying to help… but I hate it when people think me and my mum are too weak and defenceless to fend for ourselves! I hate having to owe someone! I threw the paper on the floor and ran out the door and into the main hall.

“wait Mia! WAIT!” Ian shouted behind me. When I didn’t stop I heard him run after me until he grabbed my wrist, spinning me around to face him… but I was too angry!

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” I tugged my hand way from his grasp.

I looked up to his face, his eyebrows were pushed together and his eyes were glazed with fear and sadness… he was so hurt! I wanted to stop, to hug him close and apologise for saying and doing what I did.. for what I was about to do, but I need to get myself away from him!

Once before some rich man tried to ‘help’ us with his money by marrying my mother.. but when he didn’t get what he wanted he took all his money away and more! Leaving us in more debt!! His name was Alex and he was the reason we left England… and there was no way I could do that to my mother, not again!

I turned myself away from Ian… unable to cope with the pain in his face.

“please.. don’t go!” he whispered, begging me!

“don’t Ian… just please, just leave me alone!” I couldn’t take it anymore.. I know if I stay any longer, I will cave and take him back, but I can’t… not while he acts like he does, using money to solve everything! I pulled away from him and headed for the front door.

He grabbed my hand again, but I didn’t turn to face him.

“please… please! I only did what I did to help you! It killed me seeing you not eat… not sleep! I wanted you to be safe, to be happy… and the only way I know of doing that is with money, its all I’ve ever known, all I’ve ever been taught!!” I tugged on his hand to walk way, but I got pulled back because he never let go.

Instead my arm was tugged downwards. I turned to find Ian on his knees! “Please… don’t go… I need you!” A tear fell down Ian cheek, something I never thought I would see Ian do! And I had to hold back my tears, I had to stay strong, I had to leave!

“let me go Ian…” I whispered as tears threatened to spill from my eyes. I pulled hard from Ian’s grasp and ran for the door. I risked a glance back to find Ian on his knees and hands, his head down… I had never seen Ian so low.. so vulnerable! I did this! I had broken and hurt him!

I ran out the driveway and down the road, I didn’t stop running until I knew I was a far distance from Ian I let myself go! I clutched my knees, catching my breath and crying with every little bit of energy I had left!

Why did this have to happen!?! UGHHHHH! why do I have to love this stupid prick!

Chapter 16- I love you!

It had gotten dark by the time I had made my way home. My eyes were sore from the many tears I had cried, my legs were aching form the many, god knows how long, hours I had ran.

I stumbled to the bathroom and turned on the ice cold shower. I didn’t bother getting undressed because I would be warmer with more layers on and I sat under the heavy fall of ice droplets falling hard on my head and shoulders. I hugged my knees to my chest for more comfort and warmth then closed my eyes to try and blank out the image of Ian that kept appearing in my head…

The water mixed with the fresh tears I cried… I didn’t know how much I loved Ian until I left him! I don’t think I’ll be able to face Ian without bursting into tears ever again.

But I have to stay strong because I can’t go down that road again! and no love I feel for Ian could outweigh the love and care I feel for my mother! I told myself that I would never let my mother breakdown again like she did after Alex divorced her and ruined our lives!

After my eyes dried up and I could officially not cry a single more tear I turned the tap off and struggled to my feet. The cold air instantly hit me and I began to shiver… seriously, when are we going to get hot water!! I miss hot showers!

I completely stripped all item of clothing off and wrapped a thick fluffy towel around my shivering body, seeking its warmth. I quickly dashed to my bedroom, changed into my black PJ bottoms and slipped on a white vest top and a two sizes too big hoodie, immediately returning me back to a normal body temperature.

My bed had never looked so irresistible so I dove under the covers and curled up into the fatuous position, my eyes began to get heavy and I almost fell asleep until,

*buzzzz buzzzzz*

My phone vibrated on the night stand next to my bed… there could only be one person who would be calling me!

I picked up the phone, squinting my eyes to get adjusted to the light and saw a goofy picture I had taken of Ian.. it was so cute and I remember Ian begging me to change it, but that only made me was it more!

Remembering the good times we had shared made my eyes cloud over with tears and the picture on my phone went. Only seconds later the picture appeared again as he tried to call me again, but I can’t do this to myself! I can’t put myself through the pain!

I hung up and opened up a new message,

‘Stop calling me!’

Ian replied instantly,

‘Please Mia, please just let me talk to you! Let me explain myself!
I can’t live without you, my heart is breaking without you!
I love you!! ’

His words broke my heart more! Why was I doing this to him, to us!?! I didn’t reply, I couldn’t! I turned off my phone and rolled over to try and turn away from all my troubled… eventually I fell asleep.


Monday morning came too quickly! It might have been because I had spent the whole weekend curled up in my bed, ignoring the infinite amount of calls from Ian.

Sam had herd from Joe about us and stayed over at mine last night, we stayed up all night! It was full of me explaining then crying and then Sam comforting me until we gradually fell asleep… Sam understood why I left Ian because she knows about Alex…

We loaded into her car and I leaned my head on the window, physically and mentally drained from the events of the weekend! The drive to school went so quickly.. as if the world knows that I really don’t want to be at school or see Ian so has decided to speed everything up so I get to school sooner!

Sam switched off the engine and turned to me, “You ready?” she knew that it was a stupid question, but she asked it anyway!

“UGHHH! NO!” I moaned, pleading with Sam to take me back home, before anyone notices me! But instead she shot me a sympathetic look and got out the car and walked around to my side.

She opened the door, but I stayed seated. She exhaled sharply, unbuckling my seatbelt then grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the car. She wasn’t strong enough so I ended up falling on the floor!

“HAY!” I shouted angrily, but when I saw her lips curled at the sides and her eyes wrinkle at the side trying to contain the laughter… I couldn’t help but smile.

“Sorry…” She raised her hands into a defensive position and burst out into laughter! I love Sam, she always makes me feel so much better in the darkest times of my life!

Our laughter was halted when I saw something in the corner of my eye, Sam had parked next to all of the football team!! I turned my head and my eyes met Ian… He looked like shit!

He had gotten no sleep because of the bags under his eyes and the red around his eyes was like mine, from crying! I had made him cry, I had made a strong and powerful man break and cry! he was staring at me, hope and sadness in his eyes and he smiled weakly at me.

I wanted to smile back, I wanted to rewind time and wish that none of this ever happened.

But I can’t.. I had ruined it! I turned my head away from Ian before I broke out into tears and fall to the floor from the exhaustion,

“Come on Sam” I whispered. I started to walk away before I even got a answer from Sam who stood for a moment, looking from Me to Ian, giving Ian an apologetic look then running after me.


3rd period… the lesson I was dredging all day.. maths! I wasn’t up for sitting in the same room with Ian, let alone sitting next to him!!

I opened the door, all the class had arrived before me and as soon as I had took a step into the room all the gossiping and laughing had stopped… all eyes were now on me, including Ian’s!

…I guess mine and Ian’s break up had already made its way around school, but it didn’t surprise me because Ian is the most eligible bachelor there is so when the girls of our school hear he’s available again, they pounce on him like a cat on a mouse!

I made the dreaded walk to my desk, all eyes following every step I took and I felt sick with all the attention now on me… all the eyes burning a deep hole in the side of my head.. WHAT, haven’t they heard of a break up in California before!?!

I slipped into my seat, not even risking a small glance at Ian but I could feel his intense stair in the side of my head… please stop, please!

Mr Kay walked in and began his lesson, oblivious to the tension in the room, where as I couldn’t help but notice.. I began to fidget, I felt like I was a fish in a glass bowl and everyone was looking in on me, I felt uncomfortable!!

I suddenly stood, squeaking my chair legs against the hard floor, forcing every head to turn to me… what was I doing!! I tried to stop by body, but it was reacting on its own!

I picked up my bag and ran out the door, Mr Kay never said a word, instead he just stood there frozen... shocked.

“MIA STOP! PLEASE!!” Ian shouted behind me.. oh great, the last thing I needed!

Knowing I wasn’t going to stop, Ian picked up the pace until he was in front of me.

“Move!” I can’t do this now, not while the scars are still fresh on my heart!

I pushed past him and rushed out the school doors, down the field and into the car park… I needed to leave! I thought I could handle being around Ian, but when I see him, when I look into his loving hazel eyes… it brings back the feelings, the love I feel!

A hand circled my arm once more, twisting me to face him and into his hard chest. He hugged me tight, squeezing the life from me. I tried to push away, but his hold on me just got tighter and tighter!

“Ian.. please.. don’t!” I couldn’t hold it in any longer, being so close to Ian, in his warm and protective arms and yet I couldn’t hug him back.. hot tears began to stream down my cheeks and I began to weep into Ian’s chest.

“Oh baby, please don’t cry!” Ian kept his arms around me, but leaned back so he could see my face. He whipped a tear away with his thumb, keeping his hand on my cheek. “Why are you doing this.. its killing us both, I can see you don’t want this! Shhhh, please don’t cry, I love you!”

He really does love me! But he will never love me more than his money!

“no.. stop lying! You love your money and power more than you’ll ever love me! And if you want me to stop crying then.. let me go…” At my words his grasp weakened as shock took over his face, I took that chance to push away from him and run!

“I’m not lying and I’ll never let you go!” Ian shouted behind me.. he wasn’t going to give up easy and for a moment a smile replaced my tears.. I loved his determines and I love him!

Chapter 17- Innocent

I turned into my road.. finally home at last!

No… my heart sank as I saw Ian’s car pulled up in front of my house. He was leaning against the side of the car, his arms crossed… sending butterflies to my stomach at how the man standing in front of me could be so god damn hot!

I coughed, taking myself away from my lustful thoughts and carried on walking to my house. I ignored Ian and walked to my front door.

“Come on Mia, please just talk to me!” He ran up to me, stopping only inches away.

“Ian, why do you keep doing this!! Just leave!” He took another step forward but I held up my hand, signalling for him to stop. I dug for my keys in my bag and turned to unlock my door but I was all fingers and thumbs… prolonging the process, ughh why!!! I heard Ian let out a quiet chuckle.. the sound of his deep voice so irresistible!

My cheeks began to heat, turning as red as a tomato.. stop! I can’t think about Ian like that, not at a time like this!

I finally opened my door and pushed it shut.. but it didn’t shut fully, Ian had stopped it!

“What are you doing?”

“Just let me explain… we need to talk!”

“I have nothing to say to you..”

“Then let me talk!” I tried to shut the door once more, but he pushed harder.. opening it wider, until it had completely swung open. His huge, sexy muscular body filled the frame and he leaned against the door frame, smiling wide in victory!

I threw my hands in the air and walked to my room! “Talk all you want.. I’ll be in my room!” I heard Ian shut and lock the front door and follow me to my room.

“Hay, that wasn’t an invitat…” I was stopped half way by Ian’s lips on mine! His hands snaked around my waist, pulling me closer to him. My lips began to move involuntary with his… damn hormones!!

His full lips were warm and tasted sweet like honey.. oh how I missed this! I lifted my hands to his head, fisting his hair to push him closer to me! I need him.. I needed more of him! He bit my bottom lip and I moaned, giving him full access to my mouth, as if he read my mind!

I played with his tongue, our mouths and body’s moving in sync with each other sending a shock wave through my body. This was definitely the best kiss we had shared… until he pulled away harshly.. no!!

We were breathing hard, trying to get our breaths back. He leaned down, brushing his lips against my ear,

“Do you have any idea what you do to me.. the power you have over me Mia Owens!” He said as he bit on my ear lobe.

At his words, the muscles deep in my stomach clenched with excitement. I closed my eyes, savouring his words and the feeling it gave me! He put his fingers under my chin, caressing it softly, pulling my gaze to his.. I was hypnotized by his hazel eyes that was staring into mine.. so full of love and lust!

He leaned down again and kissed me. Placing his firm and demanding lips on mine he lifted my legs around his waist and walking over to my bed.

He softly placed me on my bed, with his body looming over mine… our lips still connected!

He moved his kisses down my chin, my jaw and my neck while he started to lift my top up and over my head, throwing it to other side of the room followed by my bra. He knelt, one leg on either side of me, and gazed at me.. thank god I had decided to wear my matching black lace underwear!!

“Oh Mia…” he whispered and I could feel my cheeks burn from embarrassment. I tried to cover myself up, but he grabbed my hands… stopping me, “you’re so beautiful! I want to see all of you!” He placed a quick kiss on my lips before removing his top and throwing it with mine.

Our lips connected once more, his kiss was demanding and needy, I moaned as his tongue playfully flicks mine. He moved his arms around me and lifts me closer to his body… skin on skin! He moved one of his hands down and gently squeezed my arse, pushing my hips onto his erection. I moan again into his mouth.

He snapped the waist band of my jeans, “We need to get rid of these!”

I could hardly control my hormones, I wanted him so badly! He tugged on my pants, bringing my panties down with them and they joined the rest of my discarded clothes.. I was now fully naked in front of him!

He took a sharp inhale as his eyes scanned every inch of my body. “You are so beautiful Mia.. and I’m going to make you all mine!” His words were so demanding and powerful… It was so sexy and took my breath away! He was making me so horney.. so wet! I needed him in me to take the throbbing pain from in between my legs!

He stood and removed a foil packet.. a condom? Before slowly removed his pants… teasing me, until his erection sprung free. Wow! He was a big boy.. I kept thinking how the hell would he fit that in me!

He smiled as he caught me looking and his impressive length, “like what you see?” I only licked my lips as a response… oh boy do i!

He growled from my response and leaned down over me grasping both my ankles, positioning himself between my legs. I was now squirming with need..i needed him!

But he continued to tease me, he leaned down and grasped my breast in one hand and sucked on the other. Nibbling the nipple making me moan, load! My nipples harden at his touch wanting more and he complied to my unspoken order by biting down and sucking, hard again on one nipple as he rolled my other nipple with his thumb.. I moaned.. I couldn’t take any more!

“oh… please.. ple…” I groaned as the sweet sensation of his touch travelled down my body all the way to my groin … I’m getting so wet just from the littlest touch!

He lifted his head to my ear once more, “Are you ready baby!” I could only manage a moan in response! He unpackaged the condom and slid it down his shaft then positioned himself between my legs.. I could feel the head of his erection on the entrance of my innocence. This was it, I was giving my everything to Ian.. and I am happy its him!

He thrusted, hard into me.

“AHHHH!” I shouted as a strange stinging sensation tore through my virginity. He stilled, only half of his shaft in me and gazed down at me, his eyes filled will lust.

“are you alright baby?” I nodded, it was painful but I didn’t want him to stop, not now, not ever! He proceeded to fill me, taking a sharp breath, “You’re so tight!”

I moaned as he completely filled me! Throwing my head back from the extreme pleasure.

He then began to pull out slowly and thrust back in, harder.. deeper! I cried and he stilled once more…

“Don’t… stop!” I said between breaths. He chucked, his deep and alluring laugh and continued, moving faster causing me to moan louder, but he didn’t stop! And I became use to the strange feeling, my hips instinctively began to move with his and he picked up the speed and the rhythm.

I began to moan at the intense pleasure I was feeling!

“come for me baby!” Ian murmured and I did! I fell apart under him.. convulsing and shattering into pieces.. that was extraordinary.. breath taking!

After a few more thrust, Ian joins me in the orgasm… pumping his hot liquid into me! Then he fell next to me.. wrapping me in his arms both of us fighting for our breath. This is were I should be.. in Ian's protective and safe arms! I snuggled close to his warmth, burying my head in his chest… letting the tiredness engulf me!

Chapter 18- Mine!

-Ian’s P.O.V-

The morning sun hit my face as it entered the room, waking me from the most amazing dream! Oh no… please tell me that wasn’t a dream!!

I shot my head around the room, It was small and minimalistic with just a bed, wardrobe and a desk… it was Mia’s room! Thank god!!

I tried to sit up, but there was something around my waist, pulling me back, Mia. She was asleep, her arms wrapped around my body, her head was resting on my chest… my sleeping beauty! She looked so beautiful and relaxed, her sculptured full lips were parted slightly and a few strands of her long dirty blond hair had fallen on her face.

I laid back down, not wanting to disturb her peaceful sleep and tucked the fallen strands behind her ear, thinking about last night and how she gave herself to me… now she is mine! I will never let her go, never again!

Her skin was so soft as our naked bodies touched. I lifted my hand and gently stroked her back whilst staring at her sleeping face- I could gaze at her all day!

I turned to the clock, next to her bed and it read 6:45AM… I don’t want to move, but it is a school day.

I really want to skip today and spend all my time in this house, this room, this bed with Mia! But I really wanted to go to school to show everyone that me and Mia were back together.. at least then all the girls would leave me alone, but more importantly, all the guys would leave Mia alone!

I slipped out of bed and shrugged on some pants. I walked into her living room-kitchen-dining room… I had never seen a house so small, I didn’t even think that someone could live like this!

I made my way to the kitchen and rummaged through the cupboards trying to find some food to make breakfast, but all I could see was a butter, but no bread.. milk but no cereal! How can people live like this!

“what are you doing?” I swiftly turned on my heal to find Mia leaning in the door way. My jaw dropped as she was only wearing my top to cover herself… oh how she turned me on!

She giggled when she noticed me checking her out, basically eye raping her and I smiled back. I pointed to the cupboards, “searching for food.. which you don’t have much of by the way”

“welcome to my life!” she smiled and walked over to me, placing her lips softly on mine.

“What was that for?” I asked in shock but with a wicked smile on my face.. it’s unusual for Mia to kiss me first, but when it does happen it makes me so happy because it shows me that she loves me as much as I love her!

“thank you for last night” she whispered before connecting our lips once more.

“if you’re that grateful, then lets do it again!” I jokingly lifted her over my shoulder and slapped her on her arse, making her giggle so seductively

“no… we need to get ready for school!” she screeched between the laughter. I placed her down on the kitchen counter, standing between her legs and pressing my bare stomach against her naked, warm pussy! It was making my cock twitch and push against my zipper.. wanting to be freed!

“don’t… or we won’t be able to stop!” she was breathing heavily.. her want of me obvious in her voice! How was I supposed to stop if everything she does turns me on!

She pushed me away and ran into her bedroom laughing! I followed her in…

“hay! That doesn’t mean we’re going to have sex! I’m getting ready!!” She shouted amused at my determination. I groaned, wanting her, wanting to be inside her!

While my thoughts were else were, she took that opportunity to run into the bathroom and lock the door behind her! I banged on the door, but all I could hear was her laughing at me in victory! Oh I am going to get her back!!


-Mia’s P.O.V-

Ahhh! Finally, its last period.. and I have none other than P.E!!! what a great way to end the day! Its also the only lesson I’m with Sam, so we use it to catch up. Even though I love sports.. I sit it out most times to talk with Sam because Sam is the worst at every and any sport!!

I walked into the changing rooms and saw Sam already there.

“Hiii Sam!” I shouted and she turned, with confusion on her face..

“Why are you so happy all of sudden?” oh yeah… she mustn’t know about me and Ian yet..

“Well… me and Ian.. made up” She looked me up and down, raising an eyebrow then she gasped and covered her mouth. She raised a hand and pointed at me,

“You.. you did it with Ian!!!” She announced, now every girl in the changing room at turned their attention to me… burning me with their hateful gazes! I rushed to Sam and covered her mouth with my hands.

“what.. no!” I pretended to act dumb so I wouldn’t get murdered by every girl in the U.S.A!! “shut up!! Do you want me to die!!” I shouted down her ear so only she could hear and slowly removed my hands from her mouth.

I stepped away, but she remained frozen. He mouth was wide open from shock, yet humour danced In her eyes. She pushed her lips into a straight line, trying to hide the smile.

“YAAAAYYYYY!!!” she screamed in excitement!

“wait, what?”

“Don’t you know how much I wanted you and Ian to work out!! You’ve been giving each other lovey dovey stares even before you admitted it to yourselves that you loved one another and know you’re together… and bonded, in more ways than one!” she winked at me and I blushed, turning the colour of a tomato.

Sam calmed down after begging for all the dirty details and we got dressed and made our way outside. We were playing basketball.. a sport I didn’t mind skipping, so me and Sam sat on the benches at the side.

“Sam… you’ve known Ian for a long time…” She turned to me, curious over where this was leading…

“yessss… why?”

“Well… were are his parents, I’ve never seen them around his house…”

“I don’t know if I should tell you.. if Ian hasn’t already..” Her lack of answer really intrigued me... could it really be that bad?

“Please Sam, I want to know!”

“Well, when he was 5 his mother passed away…” what! Oh no.. now I feel so bad, maybe I should have waited till Ian had told me himself… Sam continued, “She had cancer, and her father flew her all around the world to try and get her treated by the best doctors.. but I guess money can’t buy you everything!”

I looked down at my knotted fingers.. and I thought my past was sad! “and his father…?” I didn’t want to ask, I didn’t want to pry any further, but I couldn’t stop myself!

“He’s your cliché rich man! He’s hardly ever home because he’s on many business trips and when he does come home he treats Ian like another one of his business men and teaches Ian about the ‘family business’ by dragging him to many meetings”

Oh so he’s a man that puts his work before family… I hate people like that! Next time I see Ian, I’m just going to hug him so tight.. no wonder he thought he could solve my problem with money, that’s what he was brought up with! I’m so sorry Ian!!

"that's... so..." was all I could manage as I felt the pain of tears threatening to fall

"I know.." Sam replied, knowing exactly what I meant.


Lesson ended and Ian met up with me outside the changing rooms. I ran over to him and jumped into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist,

“well hello to you to!” he laughed whilst lifting his arms and tying them around me for support.

“I’m sorry!” I whispered into his ear.. I’m sorry for everything!! I began to cry.. but not for me, but for the pain I felt for Ian.. for the horrible childhood he had…

“Shhhh, don’t cry baby! What wrong?” Ian sounded worried, bringing more tears to my eyes… how can he be so loving, so caring when he was shown none of that when he was brought up!

“nothing.. I just love you so much!” Ian tightened his hold on me, pushing me closer to his hard chest.

“I love you to!”

Chapter 19- Meeting Mother

One Week Later…

-Mia’s P.O.V-

It had already been a week since me and Ian had... made up. I had told my mother all about Ian and thought it was time she met him.

“Would you stop faffing around!” I shouted at my mum as she ran around the house trying to clean and neaten the place up more. Even though its impossible to clean any more as she had spent the whole night and morning cleaning! My mum had even got the day off work, which was surprising as Saturdays were her busiest days.

“I can’t stop love, it’s the first time he’ll be here and I want to make a good impression” oh yeah.. i haven’t told her that he has already been here before… that he has spent the night.. but I think I’ll save that information for later.. much, much later in life!

*ding dong*

The door bell rang and In frantically ran for the door to get there before my mother. I swung the door open, revealing the magnificent, god like Ian. His 6ft4 muscular body filled the door frame.

I leaned into his body, wrapping my arms around his neck, standing on my tip toes so that my mouth could reach his ear.

“my mum doesn’t know that you’ve spent the night… play along!” I whispered in his ears. I pulled away to find an amused smile spreading on his face, it scared and excited me, like I was going to have to owe him for lying…

“Hello, I’m Laura Owens, Mia’s Mother. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you” My mum stretched out her hand to greet Ian. Ian took her hand,

“the pleasure is all mine!” who is this man?! I scoffed He has never acted this… nicely around me! Although I was grateful because his fake gentleman behaviour gave me the creeps!

“This way” I cut in as my mother was beginning to check Ian out! Oh behave mother!! I guided Ian to our kitchen and sat him on our small four placing table in between me and my mother.


“That was delicious, thank you Mrs Owens!”

“please, call me Laura. And you’re most welcome” My mother smiled brightly at the complement as she took our plates away. “Oh Mia, love, could you go get me some more ice from the garage”

“sure” I walked out the kitchen and to the back door when I felt Ian grab my hand and pull me in the opposite direction. “what are you doing?!?” I quickly turned my head to the direction of my mother, but she had her back to us washing the dishes. Thank god!

“shhh!” Ian whispered as he pulled me into my bedroom. He shut the door. And before I could question him he had his lips on mine! It felt so exciting making out while my mother was in the next room.

Ian pushed me against the wall and instinctively I wrapped my legs around his waist pushing his hard cock against my wet pussy, lusting for him. He started to rock his shaft against me and I let out a moan from desire which gave him access to go deeper into my mouth. He expertly exploring my mouth, our tongues stroking and playing with each other. He tasted so sweet! I wanted him, he wanted me, here, now!!

 “no… not… here” I whispered through my heavy breaths, I want to do this, but not when my mother is only inches away! I tried to push him away but before I knew it he had both of my hands in one of his above my head, his other slowly making its way down my body. He guided his hand teasingly over my now oversensitive breast and down to my throbbing pussy that was screaming for his touch!

He teasing pulled his hand back up and my breast, pulling and flicking my nipple over the fabric of my dress.. I needed him!

“please…!” I gasped begging, my body was starting to quiver from the pleasurable pain between my legs. I could feel his smile as he kisses me… he was enjoying the power he had over me!

He slid his hand back down and into my panties… only inches away!

“say my name” he stilled his movement and leaned down and kisses me.

“Ian…” I moan and he pushes two fingers into me, slowly and tantalizingly moving them in and out! But I was too hungry for him to play his tricks so I began to move my hips and push down on him… needing release!! “please…. “ I cried.

“mmmm! You’re so wet.. I could just leave you like this..” Ian smiled his wicked smile, NO! please don’t!

Now its time I teased him into give me what I want. I try to push against the restraints of his hand so I can pleasure myself.. I was getting so worked up and I needed release!

I leaned into him, my lips brushing against his ear. I bit down on his earlobe then seductively licked it.. “please…Ian..” He breath was hot against my neck as I felt the smile spread across his face, and his thumb relentlessly began to circle my clitoris and his inserted fingers picked up speed.

I moaned, loud! But muzzled my face into Ian to try and mute the sound that uncontrollably left me.. I can’t let my mother hear.. but knowing someone was right next to us turned me on more!!

He continued the rhythmical movement inside me, my legs began to stiffen and I push against my restraints, I am so close to the edge…

“come for me baby!” Ian comanded in my ear and that was all my body needed! I convulse around him as I climax, one of the most extreme orgasms I had ever had! I shatter into a million pieces and Ian stills his tantalizing movements and pulls from me, lifting my limp body into his arms.

I was spent! Panting heavily. I looked up to see Ian looking deeply into my eyes. His hazel eyes full of lust and love… damn how much I love this man!!


We sorted ourselves out before exiting my bedroom. I rubbed my sore wrist from faint hand impression left from Ian’s restraining. He smirked down at me, his hand at the small of my back as he lead us back into the kitchen.

“Where’s the ice honey?” Oh crap… I forgot the ice! But it was for a good reason, one I would love to repeat.

I flush as I think about what I’ve just done and smile shyly.. “Oh…sorry… I got side-tracked..” and I quickly ran out the room giggling.

Chapter 20- Hotel

-Ian’s P.O.V-

I really love Tuesday after school because I have football practice and so does Mia! I get to look at her run around, bouncing her lush big breast and getting all sweaty. I also love the concentration on her face as she plays then the jaw dropping smile and little victory dance when she scores a touch down! I could watch her all day, but when I do, even for a moment I start to go hard…

“Everyone gather!” Coach Scott boomed through the speaker, getting my football team’s and Mia’s attention. I ran over to him in the middle of the huge field and met up with Mia. Not having her in my arms, not having her warmth fill me and comfort me- I felt lost!

I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me, protecting her from the many stairs of the guys. I stair back at them until they quiver in their shoes and quickly snap their heads away.

Scott was not in the greatest shape, considering he was a sports teacher. He was balding in the middle, with hair only on the sides of his head, and I think it is because of his looks that he has been getting angrier and angrier when he talked to people.

“Ok, hush down!” Scott shouted, silencing the crowd before he continued. “The playoffs are in a couple of weeks and it has officially been announced that we will be facing Oakland high school and it’ll be in their home grounds.” The crowd moaned… there’s less chance of winning when you’re on the opponants turf because you don’t have as much of the crowd supporting your team because of the distance.. but I have faith in our team. We’ll crush them! “So get your guardians to sign these because we’ll be staying overnight in a hotel, so bring a check of $150 for the hotel  room by Friday, latest!”

At the mention of money, I could feel Mia tense beneath me and instinctively my hold on her tightened. I wanted to help her out, but I don’t want a repeat of last time by throwing my money at her… I want to help, but I also have to tread lightly because I promised myself I would never let Mia cry over something I did!

I leaned down, resting my chin on her shoulder and brushed my lips on her ear “I have a great idea!”

From my sudden contact, Mia jumped but soon relaxed and lened into me, “hum, and what would that be?” a curious smile stretched across her flawless face, just when I think its impossible for her to become more beautiful!

“How about we get a room with a double bed?” this benefits us both, Mia wouldn’t have to pay and I will get to snuggle into my Mia all night!

“Why Ian, if I didn’t know you any better I would think you’re trying to have your way with me!” she giggled as she tried to act innocent, bringing an even bigger smile to my face.

“Oh, Miss Owens I am hurt that you would think I would do such a thing!” we both burst out into laughter.

“but on one condition..” Mia suddenly went serious and turned to face me “we split the bill..” she really was stubborn, but that just added to her charm because it is the first time a girl loved me for me and not because of my money.

I exhaled, “no need to worry, my family own the hotel so its free anyway” I looked away not sure of how she would take it, if she would except my offer.

She surprised me by gently placing her hands on my cheeks, guiding my eyes back to her intense loving gaze. “sounds great” she whispered then softly placed her lips on mine. It made me so happy that she's letting me look after her, caring for her for once! I pulled her closer to my chest trying to close the space between us, I hated being apart from her.

“I love you!”

“I love you to!”

“Oh, and since I had the pleasure of meeting your mom, I would like you to meet my father. He’s coming back from his business trip from China for a week and I thought he would like to meet my girl!” I’m worried over how my father will react to Mia being poor, but maybe now he will stop forcing me to go on dates with rich daughters of his business partners.

“I can’t wait to meet him! and wait… so I’m you’re girl now!” the corners of Mia’s lips curled as she tried to maintain a straight face, but was failing miserably.

I kissed her roughly on her full, sweet lips, “Yes mine!” I felt her hot breath on my lips from the little chuckle that escaped her mouth causing a twitch in my pants! Ughh! I need her!

Chapter 21- the father figure

-Mia’s P.O.V-

“My father said he’ll be here in 10 minutes…” Ian walked over to me and pulled me off his couch and lifted into his arms. “…and have I told you how amazing you look?” I was wearing my most expensive and classy dress… granted it only cost $20, but to me that’s a lot! It was black, short and gathered nicely under my breast making them look more voluptuous.

“you might have mentioned that once or twice” I blushed and lightly kissed him on the lips but he took advantage and crushed his lips onto mine when I tried to pull away. Desire shot through me like fireworks and my hands knotted in his hair pushing him closer. He moaned, a deep, sexy sound in the back of his throat, giving me access into his mouth. I slide my tongue into his mouth and he does the same to me, caressing my tongue. Ian’s hand slowly moves down my body tp my thigh, up my dress to my butt. He groans as he squeezes, his fingers  digging into my flesh.

He breaks off the kiss, both of us panting to try and get our breaths back. His eyes filled with lust and burning desire, forcing me to swallow the dryness of passion in my throat. Ian whips his head to the door way and I follow his gaze, realising the reason why he had pulled away so forcefully, his father!!

Oh crap.. what a great first impression. He exhaled heavily and disgustingly looked me up and down, sizing up my cheapness as I did the same to his designer three piece suit! And other than the strong masculine jaw and cheek bones, he looked nothing like Ian! Ian had soft and loving hazel eyes whereas all I saw in his father’s black eyes was darkness and anger. I could tell he hated me already just from looking at me- and I hated him to!

“Hello father” Ian broke off our awkward stare-down oblivious to the sudden tension in the room and shook his father’s hand. “Mia this is my father, Richard Marsh. Father this is my girlfriend, Mia” Ian stood to his side, His back now straight and the look for both fear and respect for his father in his eyes. It sent a shiver down my spine, it was like I was looking at a completely different man!

I didn’t want to disgrace Ian so I pushed my anger aside and forced a smile on my face, “Its nice to meet you Mr Marsh.” I shook his hand, obvious that I was faking my happiness… but I thought I should keep this formal.

“Mia” He took my hand and strongly shook it, proving he had the upper hand over me… what! That’s all he’s going to say.. prick!! God, I am so glad Ian doesn’t act this stuck up!

Ian took my hand and we followed his father into the dining room. The room was huge… but no surprise there!

We took our seats at the top of the table that looked like it could seat 50 people! Richard took the head of the table, whilst me and Ian sat opposite each other next to Richard.

Throughout our meal, Richard didn’t once strike a conversation with me, all he talked about was work, meetings and the business deals he had made in China… purposely leading the question away from anything I could have input on. Ian noticed and tried to turn it so he could include me, but impressing, not once did Richard let it happen.. I would be impressed if he wasn’t acting like such a child!

*buzz buzzzz* Ian phone rang stopping all the conversation. He looked down at the caller ID, “sorry I have to take this..” I shot him a look, with my best puppy dog eyes, asking- begging for him to stay but he stood and answered the phone, miming and apology before leaving the room… leaving just me and daddy-o!

We sat in silence, occasionally looking at each other and exchanging judgmental, evil looks waiting to see which one of us would talk first. Seeing as I was most confused over why he hated me so much, without even knowing me, I began.

“Have I done something to offend…” before I could even finish, his royal arrogant highness cut me off!

“What are your intentions with my son.. are you just his thing on the side? A little fling? Nothing serious right, I mean why would he want to spend time with someone with no financial status…” He swilled the wine in his glace as if he was just talking about the weather!

“Excuse me!” that is all I could manage to say, I am still in shock! Who does he think he is calling me a ‘thing’ so casually!!

“What is it you want? Money? A house? Tickets for you and your mother back to England?”

“We have a house and I don’t want you disgusting money…” then it clicked.. “You’ve done a background search on me!?!”

“I needed to, Ian is my son and I want him to make the right decisions.”

“And why am I not a right decision!” I feel sick! How could such a person act like this.. Ian I need you! Come back quick!

“I’m sure you’re a nice girl, just not the right one for my family. How about you take the money and forget about Ian, huh..” WHAT!

“I don’t want your money! I want Ian”

“I tried to play nice, but if you’re going to act like a spoiled brat then you leave me no choice..” Richard intimidatingly stared into my eyes. They were black and fired with anger and frustration… I could understand why even Ian who was strong and confident was scared of him. “You either break it off completely with Ian, or I can and will make life difficult for you and your mother!” I doesn’t bother me if he hurts me, but not my mother.. that was it, the final straw! My body instinctively took over.

I shot up from my seat, the chair legs squeaking as it slid on the floor and I pointed in Richards face to make my point seem more threatening!

“Listen here Dick! For all the time I have spent with Ian, not once have you been brought up in conversation, nor have you even been home to see your son! so from what I gather, you love your work more than your own son, so don’t you think you can control our relationship after only spending one minute with me! And then you think you can bribe and then threaten me and my family into doing what you say, just because you have money!! My answer is no! I love your son and he loves me, GET USE TO IT!”

(let me just clarify that in England, Dick is actually short for Richard… hehe ^^)

Richard was frozen with shock! Ha! Before Richard could reply Ian walked back in the room.

“Sorry, I had to take th…” he stopped after seeing me stood at the table, obvious tension slicing through the room “is everything ok here?”

“Everything’s fine, I was just telling your father that I think I should be going now.” I fought back the tears that were now stinging my eyes, wanting to fall and instead forced a smile so Ian would let me leave without questions. I needed to leave, I can’t spend one more second with this arrogant, vain bastard!

“Oh ok, are you sure you’re alright?”

“um-hum I’m fine” I began to walk to the front door with Ian, when I turned back to face Richard “It was nice meeting you Richard” i lied through my teeth!

“The pleasure is all mine” Our acting skills were amazing, and believable to Ian who knew nothing about what had just happened, but to us it was all said in spite.

Chapter 22- Threat

“Hi mum I’m home!” I shouted when I walked through the door.

“oh hi love, how was school?” She call back from in the kitchen. I threw my bag on the couch and joined her at the kitchen table.

“hum… it was alright” I sighed heavily, I haven’t been able to concentrate all day because of the meal I had with the most arrogant man alive last night! Every time I think of Richard Marsh I get so angry!

“do you want to talk about it?” I love my mum, she could always see right through me. I smiled warmly with the love I felt.

“No, everything’s fine” my mum nodded her head slowly and smiled… she wasn’t believing any of it!

“ok then… anyway, I need to get to work, bring home the bacon and all!” she giggled, a sweet innocent smile splitting her face that made me laugh to.

*ring ring*

“I’ll get it” My mother ran to the phone on her way out of the house.

“Hello?... oh, I’m just on my way.. what? Why? Have I done something wrong?” My mother’s eye brows pushed together in confusion and sadness… who was that on the phone? She sat down, bracing herself from what was being said on the other side of the phone. “ok.. bye” he last words were just whispers, scaring me more!

“are you ok mum? Who was that?” I ran over to her and knelt in front of her but she only dazed off into the distant, unable to speak. “mum?”

“that was the cleaning agency… all my clients have asked for another cleaner in my place and because of my apparent ‘poor service’ I’m fired…”

“but you’re their best worker!” wait… no! “Richard..” I whispered

“what love?”

“oh nothing.. I’ll talk to Ian, he can help us out!” I ran out of the house, how could Richard do this?! He actually used his money and power to fire my mother, just so that I would leave his son!

I stopped running and doubled over, clutching my knees to get my breath back.. where am I going? What am I going to do? I can’t go to Ian’s because his father’s probably there… I love Ian, and I can’t break up with him! but then my mother… we need that job to live UGHHHH! It was all going so well before that prick came!

I fell to my knees and I couldn’t hold back the tears any longer… I love both Ian and my mother and now I have to decide to be with either one or the other, how could someone ask such a thing!


I didn’t know where else to go so I ran to Sam’s and told her everything!

“What a… a… BASTARD!!!” Sam jumped up from her bed in anger, whilst I stayed sitting, hugging my knees to my chest.

“I know… and I don’t know what to do”

“Why don’t you talk it through with Ian?”

“Because I don’t want to get between him and his father.. even though his father is pure evil, Ian respects and loves him… and Richard is the only parent he has, I can’t take him away from that, I can’t make him choose between me and his father!”

“But isn’t that what Richard’s asking of you? To choose between your mom and Ian?”

“That’s why I don’t want to put Ian in that position, because I know how it feels!” We sat in silence for a moment, thinking of the possible ways to approach my problem.

“I know you don’t like it, but I could always give you and your mom money until you’re on your feet again…” Sam is so kind, and I love her so much!

“thank you, but no.. I can’t. I don’t like owing people.. not since…” since Alex… I can’t go back to that, I can’t put me and my mother through the pain, through having to owe someone so much!

“I’m sorry… I forgot”

“It’s ok” I swung my head in exhaustion and began to cry, hugging my legs closer to my chest for comfort.

“shhhh, everything’s going to be alright Mia” Sam cuddled up next to me. Brushing the hair from my face and rubbing my back. I was so tired from all that has happened this week and cried myself into a deep sleep, cuddling up to the warmth of my friend.


“So what are you going to do today?” Sam asked as she brushed her teeth, shouting from the bathroom. I slipped on the top I had borrowed from Sam, it wasn’t much just a plain black t-shirt and a hoodie over it and dark blue jeans… I didn’t feel up to dressing up.

“I’m going to miss school today, I need to find a job.. and soon!” I can’t forget that now Ian’s family own my house.. so I have to act fast before Rchard finds out that Ian had bought it.. “Also I don’t think I could face Ian. He’ll know instantly that there’s something wrong and will force it out of me and I don’t think I’m ready to tell him yet.”

Sam stood in the bathroom doorway, her eyebrows pulled together… I really hate it when people feel sorry for me, its always the same look…

“Everything’s fine Sam, thank you for letting me stay last night” I put on my best possible smile. “Oh and if Ian asks, please just say I’m not well, please!” I knew Sam wasn’t the best at lying.. but I begged her to try.

“I will, don’t worry!” Her shaky smile from uncertainty made me worry more… maybe I should have asked Joe to lie for me, he is a much better liar. I hugged her and left, in search for a job and I couldn’t shake this feeling that I hadn’t heard the last of Richard Marsh…


“Sorry, we’re just not hiring” The acne covered teen manager said after hearing my name.. this is my ninth job interview and its all the same, as soon as they hear my name suddenly they’re not hiring anymore or the spot has already been filled…

“But there’s a sign outside saying ‘help wanted’”

“erm.. well.. we forgot to take that down.. that spot was filled this morning..” did he expect me to buy this shit! Something smelt fishy!

“oh ok, but before I leave can I ask who owns Mikes Milkshakes?” I tried to act calmly....

“well actually, as of this morning Marsh&Son Inc…” I knew it! Richard had already gotten around to every possible work place and told them not to hire me!! I scrunched my hands into a fist by my sides to try and control some of the anger, but it didn’t work.. my whole world was crashing down around me just because I fell in love with some rich, arrogant man’s son!!!

In my rage I knocked over the table and smashed a few glasses before storming out the café, it didn't help the situation but it sure did make me feel a whole lot better!

I shook my head out of my rage, I needed to concentrate! If he’s already gotten this far… then he must already know about our house! “MUM!” I screamed before running as fast as I could home… please let it be ok, please, please…

Chapter 23- Home Sweet Home

As I got closer to my house, thankfully I didn’t see any moving vans or people trying to force my mum out of the house. I took a deep sigh of relief and walked into the house.

My mum was knelt on the floor, crying her eyes out and holding a piece of paper tightly in her hands… I might have celebrated too early. I didn’t want to walk in… I didn’t want it to be true. I shut my eyes tightly wishing that when I opened them I would wake up in my bed and this was all just a really bad nightmare!

To my disappointment, when I slowly lifted my eyelids I was met by the same picture, my mother slouched on the floor, her beautiful blue eyes swollen and red from the many tears that were falling from her eyes.

I ran to my mother’s side, “mum, what’s wrong…” I asked, but I already had an idea of what she was going to say.

She didn’t say anything, unable to speak through her whimper, but instead she just passed me the paper in her hands.

I froze, I didn’t read it all, I only read the heading ‘EVICTION NOTICE’ in big red letters. I sank to the floor, joining my mother, cradling her and falling apart. Hot tears streamed down my face, my world was ending.. the world I thought I had everything in… gone… 


After crying non-stop for half an hour, our cries had turned into little whimpers…

“So what are we going to do now mum?”

“I have a friend in Utah who said he has a free room…” Utah!! I’m going to miss my friends but I suppose i have to, and at least it will give me distance from Ian.

“Ok, I’ll pack tonight…” I began to get up before my mum grabbed my arm, turning me to face her.

“No honey, you’re not going…”

“what?! Where am I supposed to stay?” She wanted to leave me! To split us up… I tilted my head and looked at her confused and hurt.

“Here, you’re staying here! You’ve gotten into a really good school and I don’t want to ruin any chances you have from taking you away from here.” My mum wiped my tears away, proudness beaming on her face.. I couldn’t say no, not while the only happiness she found from this situation was that I was still receiving the best possible education, I couldn’t take that away from her!

“um- ok, but where am I going to stay?”

“Oh, Helen Jones next door”

“Ms Jones!” Mrs Jones was our next door neighbour, and one of the sweetest woman you will ever meet. She was the stereotypical old woman, knitting on her little rocking chair, with white permed hair and those florist designed cloths.

“It’ll be fine! Any way she spends most of her time at her daughters in the city so you’ll have the house to yourself most of the time!” My mum optimistically included, thinking that’s what’s going to win me over. I forced a smile, something I’ve been doing a lot of recently and went to me room to pack my things.

-Ian’s P.O.V-

I have searched all over school and I still hadn’t seen Mia! She’s also been avoiding my calls… I just hope she isn’t skipping school again to work!

I ran to the cafeteria, I know that if Mia would be anywhere it would be there! I love her appetite, its refreshing to see amongst the many girls dieting, too scared to even eat a lettuce leaf! Bursting the doors open, all eyes were now on me. I scanned the room looking for Mia, my heart sank and my eyebrows involuntary pushed inwards at the absence of my Mia…

I slowly made my way to our regular table, double checking the room once more before I sat down, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything- anyone!

“Where’s Mia?” I slumped into my usual chair, which coincidently was also next to Sam and got straight down to the interrogation.. I felt lost without Mia and the absence of her warmth made me sick… when did I get this bad? When did I fall completely in love with Mia?

The gentle touch of her soft skin sent electric bolts through my body! Her lips were so soft, yet rough when she wanted to be- And when I was inside her… her warmth around me made me feel whole! Oh no.. I need to stop this! I shifted my pants to try and hide the semi-hard that was developing.. just the thought of her touch made me want her.. I needed her!

Sam looked down at her meal which she had done purposely to avoid eye contact with me. “She’s not feeling well so she’s taking a few days off..” Her eyes darted nervously around her plate full of food that she just push around with her fork- I knew something was wrong!

“Sam, I don’t have time for this please just tell me!” I don’t want to be kept in the dark… not like before because that had turned out so wrong and I never want that to happen, I don’t want to see Mia unhappy, not ever again!

“I told you she’s ill!”

“Sam…” Before I could finish Joe cut in…

“Its her mom, her mom isn’t well so she’s taken time off to look after her and she asked for everyone to stay away, just for a while because she wants to put all her attention on treating her mother and if we were around she would get put off” Why did Sam lie to me then? I don’t understand.. Either Joe is telling the truth or is a really good liar!

“Why didn’t she just tell me?” I am confused, does she still not trust me? Doesn’t she love me!?!

“Because she knew that if she told you, you would just run and help… and you know what Mia’s like!” I settled back down into my chair.. he was right, I would run/climb/ swim to help Mia and she doesn’t like that, I need to try and give her distance so I don’t push her away further. But what angered me more was how Joe knew more about MY girlfriend’s life than I did!! I need to keep a close eye on him!

“Fine, I’ll give her 3 days… then I’m banging down her door!” The whole table just looked at me like I was a mad man, but they don’t understand… just one day of her absence and I was already looking like an addict off drugs, so after 3 days I’m going to look like a crazy person!!


-Mia’s P.O.V-

*buzzzz buzz*

I stopped unpacking my things into Ms Jones’s guest room and quickly ran to my phone, but I made sure to check the caller ID… just in case it was Ian! I’m not ready for that conversation- not yet!

“Hi Joe!” I was soo happy to hear from Joe, it has seemed like forever since we had last spoken!

“hay stranger! Missed you today..”

“I know I’m sorry we haven’t seen much of each other, and I had a few things to sort out today…”

“No need to explain baby, and your welcome…” what? What was Joe talking about?

“Welcome for what?”

“Well Sam was covering for you.. and doing a really bad job at lying, so I took over and have given you an additional 3 days without Ian, I don’t know what he’s done this time.. but if he asks, your mom’s sick an you’re not asking for our help because you’re a stubborn ass!” I giggled, the first genuine smile I had in days! I love Joe.. he’s like the older brother I’ve always wanted!!

“I’m not a stubborn arse! Anyway thanks Joe, I owe you!”

“Yes you do! Bye”

I fell back onto my bed and looked up and the plain white celling… 3 days without Ian! 3 days to think of a plan… I curled into a ball on my side, grabbing my knees and pulling them to my chest for comfort and I cried, hard! I really don’t know what to do!! I need my mum.. I need Ian!!!

Chapter 24- Times up

-Mia’s P.O.V-

It had now been 3 days, and finally I had found a job, well actually I found 2! they was cash in hand so Richard will never know, nor have any control over my job status there as in the records, its written as I still don’t even have a job. One is working on construction. My job is to direct the traffic at night time and then in the days I work in a factory, packaging items… its not ideal but its good pay and keeping busy has kept my mind off Ian.

I knew that I will be hearing from Ian sooner or later as this was the last day he had promised to leave me alone…

I heard a car driving down the road, headlights filling my room so I darted to the window. In this neighbourhood you have to be on high alert.. especially because I’m alone now that my mum has left me and also Mrs Jones!

I sighed with relief as Sam parked up outside my old house, now abandoned.. It didn’t bother me as much because we hadn’t been living there long- only been living there for two months however I’m only sad because it was the first place we could call our own. Now we have nothing, I don’t even have my mother to cry to because she had to move straight away… I miss her so much!

I could see Sam walking up the path and knock on the door from Mrs Jones guest bedroom window and giggled to myself as she stood there waiting for an answer. After a while of tormenting Sam, making her think that I had left her, I ran out and tapped her on the shoulder making her jump with shock.

“Oh Mia.. YOU SCARED ME!!” I just laughed uncontrollably at her reaction, clutching my sides from the pain and wiping the tears from my eyes. “I’m glad you found it funny… anyway..” Sam flicked her head from my old house to Mrs Jones’s “Do I have amnesia or have you always lived there?” I laughed harder but was silenced when she slapped me really hard on the shoulder.

“I’m sorry, and no there’s nothing wrong with you! Come inside- I’ll explain everything.” I sighed… I didn’t want to tell my life out load because then it becomes more real, then it has less chance of being a horrible nightmare and more reality!


I filled Sam in on everything that had happened since I had last seen her.. in that short space of time, it had been a lot!

She just sat froze, her mouth open in shock.. this is not making me feel any better! “I’m so sorry Mia, please let me help y..” Before she could finish I lifted my hand up signalling for her to stop, and she obeyed- pushing her lips into a straight line, trying to hold back her protest.

“I just want to forget it!” slamming my eyes shut I shook my head.. thinking it would wipe the memories from my mind.. but it didn’t.. I was still miserable, poor, unwanted Mia… perfect!

Softly, Sam squeezed my shoulder trying to give me support “I have something that will make you feel happier.. a PAR-TAYYYY!”

I summoned all the strength I had left to lift my head from my hands and look at her. I tilted my head to the side.. I didn’t need to say anything- my confused expression said a thousand words!

“come on it will do you good to forget about Ian! We’ll get you drunk, so drunk that you won’t be able to feel any pain! Haha!” I smiled from her explanation… I could use with drowning out the pain with alcohol.. forget everything, even if it is just for one night!

“Fine!” Sam jumped into the air screeching in victory before viciously grabbing my arm and dragging my upstairs to my temporary room to get ready for tonight!


“You thought that to get Ian off my mind… YOU’LL TAKE ME TO A PARTY AT IAN’S HOUSE!!!!” I screamed into Sam’s ear as she pulled up into Ian’s drive way. I attempted to open the door and jump out before I was seen, but stupid Sam had locked the doors so that it could only be opened from the outside, but I still tried!

I vigorously pulled at the door handle, almost snapping it off, yet the door didn’t budge. “LET ME OUT SAM!”

“No, this will do you good!”

“How.. the only thing I can see is my food in your face!” Sam only smiled. She pulled into the only space left available… it looked like all of our high school was here!!

“come on Sam, you knew you were going to have to face Ian sooner or later, at least this way you can face him after consuming a shit load of alcohol!” She had a point.. if I was going to do this, I needed something that was going to numb the pain!

I uncrossed my arms in surrender and Sam ran around to my side of the car to release me.


I headed straight to the alcohol, if I was going to survive tonight it was going to be thanks to my friend Jack Daniels!

“Starting a little early are we?” Oh how I’ve missed that deep and charming voice. I swiftly turn on my heals and bestow my eyes upon a god! I down my drink in one and quickly poured myself another to help clear my nerves and to swallow down the lump in my throat from the pure lust for this man!

“I don’t think you need anymore.. we don’t want a repeat of last time!” Ian took my drink off me, downing it himself as I blushed remembering the time I was last here for a party.. being with David.. a shiver crawled up my spine from the thought of being with any other man!

“Lets dance” wow, where did my confidence come from… I guess the alcohol is already kicking in! I took Ian’s hand and guided him to the centre of the dance floor and next to Sam who was dancing with Aaron.

They looked so sweet and innocent together.. their eyes not leaving each other’s as their bodies rubbed against one anothers- oh how I envy them!

The music had a good beat, but it was a little slower and I lost control of my body as it followed the rhythm, slowly grinding up against Ian! I was enjoy the occasional touch our bodies would make and then the electric bolts surge through my body… I needed him!!

 I turned and faced him, getting closer and closer.. screaming to be kissed! But in that moment, the only thing I could think of was my house, my mum! And how she was living miles away without me… I couldn’t stop myself…

“I can’t do this anymore Ian…” I was out before I could stop it. Ian’s smile faded and I instantly regretted it! Please forgive me Ian, I love you but I can’t be with you!

“what…” His voice was barely audible over the music. We had already got the attention of the hormonal dancers around us, including Sam and Aaron who also looked at me in shock but when I flicked my gaze to Sam, in one look I asked her to back me up.. I know she would always…

“I don’t… I don’t love you Ian… I’m sorry… I'm breaking up with you!” I could barely finish the sentence of lies! It was so hard trying to fight back the tears, it took everything I had, but I don’t have much energy left… not whilst staring into the eyes of a man who once looked at me with love, lust, passion but now all I saw was sadness, anger and pleading… “I’m sorry…” I whispered before running towards the exit, Sam hot on my trail.

“Mia!” she shouted but I couldn’t stop, until I knew I was far, far from this horrible memory that was once my happiest!

I jumped into her car and buckled up as she joined me, quickly slipping into the drivers seat and without a question she started the car and pulled into the driveway. I couldn’t keep it in any longer… hot tears burned my cheeks as they descended… goodbye Ian…


Ian was at the side of the car banging on the window “MIA! MIA! PLEASE.. I LOVE YOU!!”

I turned my head away, I couldn’t see his broken face.. I couldn’t cope with what I was doing to him, to both of us!

“please... drive Sam…” Sam obeyed and drove off down the pathway and onto the main road… but it didn’t stop Ian, he ran, he ran as fast as he could trying to keep up with us… soon he was just a dot in the rear view mirror. I fell apart.. my heart was smashed into a thousand pieces!

I hate you Richard!!! But this was my fault to, I should know my place in this world. And if I was to pick between my family and some man who I had a teenage crush on, it would be my mother… but if that were true, then why is this killing me!!!


Sam pulled up outside my new house, we sat in silence as the tears kept streaming from my eyes.

*Buzzz buzzzz* Sam’s phone went off disturbing the silence

“Hello? …. What!?? WHERE!?!” She brashly hung up and ran out the car and around to my side.

“What’s going on?” My voice wobbled through the whimper..  I was really confused, what was going on?

“That was Aaron.. he said Ian got in his car and is on his way here.. he almost ran someone over!!” I didn’t want to see Ian, i couldn't  so I ran into the house and up to my room, sitting on my bed hugging my knees to my chest and trying to forget everything… but failing miserably!

“I’m so sorry Mia!”

“No its fine, I’ll be fine… go!” Sam had to go because she had to babysit her younger brother.. and to be honest I needed to be alone!

“Ok..bye.. I love you baby!” She kissed me on the head and walked out the room. I heard the front door slam shut… silence at last!

“WHERE’S MIA!” I had spoken too soon… Ian was already here!

“She… she’s not here…”

“DON’T LIE! MIA!!” I jumped to the window and saw Ian push past Sam and up the pathway next door. “MIA!! PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!!” He repeatedly banged on the front door! I was surprised that the door was still on its hinges as he kicked, punched and beat at the door, calling my name over and over again!

“SAM WHERE’S MIA!?!” Sam jumped into her car and quickly drove off.. she was the worst liar and we all knew she would have told Ian sooner or later!

Unable to see Ian in this state, I shuffled to the bed. Scrunching into a little ball I cried into the pillow, listening to the sounds of Ian’s despair as he screamed my name… Ian!

Chapter 25- Aftermath

Ian had been banging the door and screaming my name for almost an hour now.. I was more surprised that the police hadn’t been called! I got up from my bed and walked over to the window.

 I had a clear view of Ian… his long masculine fingers scrunching his messy black hair as he sat in front of the door, his head swung and staring at the floor. “MIA!” he yelled once more.

“WOULD YOU SHUT UP!! ITS 4 IN THE FUCKING MORNING!!” My other neighbour had now joined my love quarrel, She stood on her doorstep, pulling her dressing gown tightly around her small waist for extra warmth. I didn’t know her name, as I had kept my safe distance from her and her drug taking ‘male friends’ that walked in and out of her house daily!

“Where’s Mia!?!” Ian shot up and pointed to the door.

“Who? Oh the mother and daughter that moved out…” She mumbled through her drowsiness… I was just thankful that she was too drugged up to notice that I had only moved next door!

“WHAT!?!” He growled. Next thing, the door cracked against the cement block wall of my old house and I knew that Ian had forced his way in. After a full minute of silence, I heard Ian yell from inside… “WHERE IS SHE!!”

“I don’t know where she is!” My neighbour shouted angrier than before. The door slammed shut and sudden nausea overwhelmed me as I waited for what Ian was going to do next…

After several minutes of silence, Ian made a call then jumped into his car and drove off down the road.

I finally fell asleep at 5 in the morning and purposely overslept remembering that it was now Sunday- wow the week had gone so quickly! Knowing that last weekend I had the undoubtable terror of meeting Richard Marsh, last weekend I had everything… no I have nothing!

*buzzzz buzzzz*

My phone rang and rang non stop, and no matter how many times I ignored it, it just kept ringing. I moaned and I lifted my arm in search for it on the table next to my bed, feeling around for the familiar object. When I finally found it, I brought the flashing screen to my face.. slowly lifting my eyelids as they adjusted to the sudden light, an unknown number… I don’t know whether I should risk it, but then again if it was Ian his stupidly cute face would pop up. Thinking back to Ian brought coldness to my broken heart. ‘He doesn’t deserve me!’ I kept telling myself… the only thing that could help, even if it didn’t help much!

“H..hello?” I kept my voice low

“Ah, finally I’ve got you Miss Owens!” I shuddered as the Richard spoke.. a voice I thought, no, wished I would never had to hear again

“What do you want! And how did you get this number!?!” I snapped, was nothing kept private anymore!!

“now, now Mia nothing can be kept from me…” his arrogance unconsciously made me roll my eyes, “and may I just applaud you for your Oscar winning performance from last night!”

“What? How…?”

“Well, I wasn’t going to leave Ian alone not after finding out what type of girl he brings home so I installed cameras, and may I just say bravo!” The mother fucker!! Is everything he says about me an insult!!

“NO LISTEN HERE YOU PRICK.....” Richard cut me off before I could finish my rant.. something I had wanted to say to him ever since I met him!

“therefore, I will now leave you and your family alone.” He hung up before I could reply!

I guess you can say order is restored? But why do I still have this sick feeling in my stomach? I don’t think I could ever love another man… I will always love Ian, but he needs to move on, to find a rich woman that his father approves of!

The thought brought hot tears again to my eyes, burning my cheeks as they fell. I laid my head back down on my pillows, allowing them to absorb the tears as I curled into a ball… could I really say goodbye to Ian?


I had cried myself to sleep last night and slept in once more… I wasn’t going into school today, the wound was too fresh…

I fished out my phone from under my covers to call Sam. I was actually quite proud that she hadn’t told Ian where I was because if she had he would have banged down my door!

“hay..” Sam kept quiet, I know she didn’t approve my actions..

“Hi, how was school?” I didn’t want to ask- but I needed to know when he’s moved on… then maybe I could to…

“Ian was crazy! He was kicked out of Maths when you didn’t show up to lesson because he smashed and threw a few tables and chairs! I told him that you couldn’t be with a man who puts money before you and that you had moved away with your mom”

“Thanks Sam, and I’m sorry for bringing you into this!”

“You know I would do anything for you Mia.. but this is killing Ian- he’s loosing it! You need to end it with him properly! When will you be back in school?”

“I know I have to and I’ll be back tomorrow, the principle called because I have a poor attendance… I’ll see you then?”

“ok, bye” I hung up the phone and began to strip off my clothes for a relaxing shower.. trying to wash away some of the tears that seemed to never end! I was not looking forward to tomorrow!!

Chapter 26- Back To School

I finally got to school. I declined Sam’s offer for a ride, I wanted to take my time to think things over and get my head straight before I meet Ian.. what was I even going to say to him?

I was a few minutes late because I kept stopping a few times and considered turning back, but I couldn’t run away! Ian needed an explanation, even if it was going to be a lie he needed to move on…

The school halls were dead as the lessons were already in session, great.. now I’m going to have to walk in and all eyes will be on me- Ian’s eyes! It scared me to think what mood he’ll be in. If he would make a scene in front of everyone, if he would just walk out, or if he won’t let me walk out! If we are alone, by tonight he would have convinced me to get back with him and my mother will pay the price… I shut my eyes momentarily to fight the tears, ‘stay strong for mum!’ my subconscious said, giving me the strength to carry on.

I reached for the handle to maths. My hands were beginning to sweat, my mouth dry and butterflies in my stomach… I don’t want to this!! ‘do it, do it, DO IT!!’ my mind told me over and over again for encouragement.  And I used all my little strength left to turn the handle and slowly open the door to reveal the classroom.

Just like I though, all eyes were glued to me, following my every move.. its no surprise that our break up would be the talk of school, seeing as all of the school witnessed it! I lifted my head and slowly the classroom filled my sight, every gaze meeting mine- except one.. Ian wasn’t here!

I exhaled the air I unconsciously held and relaxed… at least I wouldn’t have to sit next to him uncomfortably for an hour! But where is he?


Today was very strange, I went through college and it was as if nothing had happened! Other than all the staring, roomers and gossiping it was like any other day.

It was Tuesday so I had football practice, finally I can use this to let out all the anger and frustration I had been feeling the past week after thinking about Richard! Oh how I would love to punch him so hard in the face!! ‘calm Mia… we’ll have our payback, some day!’

“SAM!” I shouted and waved as I ran over to Sam sitting in on the bench at the side of the boys football practice, with Aaron.. I guess things between those two are getting serious! They are perfect for each other, the way he holds her close in his arms- protecting her.. how I miss and envy that! A sharp pain shot through my chest and tears stung my eyes, threatening to fall. ‘pull it together Mia!’

Sam noticed me and pulled away a little from Aaron, “MIA!!” she screamed back before running and jumping into my arms.

“Hi Aaron…” things felt strange between me and Aaron, but I understood- I broke his best friend’s heart and embarrassed him in front of everyone!

“Hi… erm… I’ve got to get back to practice, bye babe” He quickly kissed Sam before returning to practice. As soon as we were alone Sam hit me hard on the arm!

“OWW! What?”

“Ian missed school because he’s been out looking for you!!” What! No! well that explains why I have luckily not spent an awkward moment with him yet… I didn’t think he would go that far to search for me!

“I didn’t ask him to…” I whispered, not meaning the words that came out. I swung my head down and looked at my feet.

Sam picked up on my depression, she understood that I had no choice.. “I’m sorry Mia… its just, I see how happy you are with Ian an how happy Ian is when you’re around, and I want you to be together…”

I didn’t reply.. I didn’t know what to say, instead I just walked off to practice and try and get my mind off things- that’s going to be hard!


It was late and dark by the time I got outside. I was the last to leave, there was no one waiting for me at home so I offered to clean up. I locked the sports hall like I was instructed and made my way out and over the grass to the deserted car park, well empty except for one… the sports car of my dreams with the man of my dreams leaning against the door.


Shocked, I froze! Ian's dark form walked into one of the street lights, highlighting his pale, ill, unshaven face…

“Oh Ian you look like hell…”

“I’ve been dragged through hell over the past few days.. we need to talk!”

“I’m just on my way home, I’ll call you tomorrow…”

“No you won’t, I want to talk now!”


“I’ll give up my job, my inheritance! I won’t work for my father, I’ll donate all my money to a charity of you choosing I'll give everything up, so please... please Mia...I need you!!” hope shined in his eyes.. he thinks we’ve broken up because he loves his money more than me… its better than knowing the truth! When I didn’t respond his hope disappeared..

“I don’t know what you want me to say Ian!”

“Say you love me, say you’ll take me back…”

My jaw locked and i shut my eyes trying to contain the tears “I don’t love you Ian..”

Ian stumbled back and his eyes glazed over in tears, “We both know that’s not true, I love you Mia more than my own life!! I haven’t been able to sleep, eat even think straight without you!!!”

“Ian…stop…” I’m almost at breaking point… please stop Ian!

“no! its killing me Mia! Please… I know I’ve done wrong, I just want to look after you, to care for you and money’s the only way I know how!!” He was begging, his voice breaking as tears began to fall from Ian’s beautiful hazel eyes and down his sculptured cheek bones… I can’t look at him, or I would break down to! I took that chance to run past him and try to escape.

Ian quickly grabbed my wrist, spinning me around and then I was in his arms, his lips pressed on mine!

I didn’t move my mouth, I kept it shut.. it took all my strength to resist him, to resist relaxing in his muscular embrace and kiss him back. “Please..kiss me!” His hold got tighter, pulling my body so close to his that there was no space left, his lips went rougher on mine but still I staid still. From my lack of a reaction, I felt the wetness of his tears on my cheek before he pulled away..

“Leave me alone… Ian… we’re over”

His eyebrows pushed closer together as he winced.. “Don’t say that…” all the strength in his body escaped and Ian collapsed to the floor and onto his knees. I could look anymore, I had destroyed the once strong and powerful Ian Marsh… I’m sorry!

I turned and ran out of the school and down the long road to my house. Tears uncontrollably streamed down my cold face as the wind hit my face.

I didn’t realise that I had ran to Joe’s before I was in his warm arms. He brushed his hands through my hair, comforting me but I didn’t want to be in his arms… I wanted Ian, I needed him! only he could make this better… only Ian!

"Shhhh, what's wrong?"

"Ia...Ian..." Was all i could say between my hysterical crying.

"I'ts ok baby girl... everythings going to be alright!"

-Ian’s P.O.V-

“Leave me alone…. Ian… we’re over” The words stuttered out her mouth, words I thought I would never hear. They were like a punch to the gut, sucking all the air out of my body till I couldn’t breathe!

“Don’t say that…” It was all I was capable of saying. I know she doesn’t really want to… I can see its killing her just as much as it Is me… but then why is she doing this? I couldn’t think straight… I had no strength left and collapsed onto the floor. Hot tears stinging as they fell, The love of my life is leaving me and there’s nothing I can do… Mia, I need you, I love you!!

Chapter 27- Utah!

Maths seems to take forever! I fidgeted because could feel Ian’s stare burning a hole in the side of my head throughout the whole lesson, but I just faced forward and tried to ignore Ian’s intense gaze.

“I need everyone to complete these sheets, please work with the person next to you…” why! Why god, why have you forsaken me!! I hated Mr Kay!

I could hear Ian’s desk squeak on the floor as he slid his desk next to mine.. *cough* he cleared his throat, trying to catch my attention, but i kept my focus forward… my cheeks turning red from the embarrassment.. I felt naked in front of him as he just stared at me.

“Hi Mia..” His voice croaked in a whisper. He was trying to act normal.. so should I, so I risked a look, turning my head slowly and the god like figure that was Ian fill my sight. He had shaved, but he still looked like he hadn’t slept in ages from the bags under his eyes.. I couldn’t look anymore, I flicked my head back down to the sheet of math equations being placed on our desk.

“we should start these…” I reached into my back in search for my pen, but I had forgotten one, my mind had been somewhere else the past few days.

“Here.” I looked up to find Ian handing me his pen. He smiled weakly at me, I guess he too had no strength left.

“Thank you” I offered him an awkward smile in return and took the pen. As I completed the sheet Ian sat close to me, brushing his muscular arm on my thin arm, thanks to my lack of appetite since we broke up. His touch still sent electric shots through my body, and I could tell he felt it to as he started to breath heavily.. the air between us filling with lust, until I couldn’t breath properly- I needed him! I needed those lips on mine!

Before I had realised I was facing him, my focus on his lips! They were so plump and pink.. so kissable! Ian could sense the change in mood and started to lean into me.. our lips so close.. no.. this.. can’t… but i didn’t listen, instead I closed my eyes getting ready for the sweet taste of Ian- my drug!

The bell rang snapping me back to reality! I fluttered open my eyes and pulled away from Ian.. our lips were only centimetres away. It was hard to resists, but I had to stay strong!! I more than eagerly grabbed my bag and ran out the classroom before anyone… before Ian.


Through the whole week, what had been getting me through is the thought that today, me and my football and the guys football team are going to Utah and beet the raining champs at football! Although Ian will be there, we would hardly see each other! We needed the break.

I met up with my team and boarded the bus. Sam was also there because she was a cheerleader and also because she had been crying to coach Scott to let her go… mostly because she wanted to spend a night with Aaron. I rolled my eyes as she and Aaron boarded bus 1, but was happy when I saw Ian on bus 2! Yay! I can sit with my best friend Sam and not have to sit with Ian’s awkward gazes for 3 hours!!

I ran over to bus 1 as I saw it was getting fuller and fuller and I needed to get my seat.

“… and 30..” Coach Scott’s arm chopped down in front of me, refusing me access “bus 1 is full.. Everyone to bus 2!” I could feel my stomach in my mouth.. I was going to be sick!! Why am I so unlucky!

I was last on the bus… less eager for the 3 hour drive that was a head of me- 3 hours of being in a enclosed space with Ian!

There were only a few spear seats left at the front, and I began to feel better- at least I wouldn’t have to sit next to Ian.

“MIA!” I turned my attention to the row at the back of the bus where the ‘cool’ people sit to find Joe shouting me. I smile with relief from it not being Ian!

The were two seats available at the back, one next to Joe that he had saved for me.. one next to Ian. My eyebrows pushed together at the thought that Ian had kindly saved me a seat next to him, and here I was going to ignore him and sit next to Joe… but my sympathy soon vanished when Ian’s face brightened up when one of the cheerleading whores sat there!!

Jealousy fuelled my rage.. fine, I don’t care.. I’m glad he’s moving on! …. Ahhh!! who an I kidding! A part of me always thought… wished that he would never love someone else, but I guess with the face and power Ian had, its not hard for someone to soon replace me.

I took my seat next to Joe. I had a clear view of Ian and that bimbo on his lap! I wanted to scream ‘get off my man!’ but he’s not mine.. not anymore…


The 3 hours felt like a life time! The whole journey here, I tired talking and distracting myself with Joe, but whenever I start to forget Ian was there, that whore would laugh her annoying high pitch laugh.

The hotel was amazing!! We drove into the front and we all rushed out and stretched our stiff limbs.. all tired and ready for bed even though it was only 9..

Everyone rushed into the lobby to claim their room keys but I staid frozen, looking up at this magnificent building in awe.. probably making the poor person stick out more! I shook my head from my daydream and followed the rest of my team to the desk.

“Hello and welcome to the Four Seasons Hotel my name is Linda, how may I be of assistance?” Linda was a very slim woman, with all of her long black hair perfectly tied away into a neat bun on the top of her head.

“Hello erm.. I’m a part of the California state high school football team- a room for Mia Owens” Linda quickly typed away at her computer

“I’m sorry, but there is no room boked under that name..” I turned my head to the side in confusion until it clicked.. shit! Ian booked a room for us to share! “There is however a room booked for a Ian and Mia Marsh from California..” MIA MARSH!! what the...

“Are there any other rooms!!” I rushed out before she could finish, I couldn’t spend 2 nights with Ian.. that is the complete opposite of keeping our distances!

“I’m sorry ma’am but every other room is booked..” no… my heart sank! I felt weak at the knees.. I knew if it wouldn’t turn out good if I was forced to sleep in the same room as Ian…

My mind scrambled in search for an answer…


“She’ll take the room..” I felt Ian’s presence behind me, his body so close to mine that I could smell his alluring smell of lavender and man! I flicked my head around to see a smug smile on his face.. this is just what he wanted!!!

Linda stiffened, brushing her dress flat as she was in the presence of her boss.. at least I know I’m not the only one who is intimidated by a Marsh!

“No I will not!” I pushed the key card back towards Linda like a little pulling a tantrum! Ian crossed his arms in resistance and I copied- I wasn’t going to back down! We stayed like this for a while, staring into each other’s eyes, both resisting the urge to look away!

“excuse me ma’am but there are no other rooms..”


“You can take the couch!!” I dropped my bag on the bed and pointed to the coach at the other side of the room.. how did this happen.. he is really good at persuading people.. now I just have survive the night!

-Ian’s P.O.V-

“You can take the couch!” She pointed to the sofa on the other side of the room that faced the bed. I didn’t mind where I slept as long as I was in the same room as Mia! Now there was nowhere for her to run! We needed to talk this out, I know she still loved me, I felt it when we were in maths! If only that stupid bell hadn’t gone off then we would have kissed and she would be mine again!! Now I just need to know why she broke up with me…

I threw my bag on the floor jumped onto the sofa. I smiled- I had a clear view of the bed from here.. a clear view of Mia!

She unzipped her bag and started to unpack her belongings and carefully hang them into the wardrobe. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, everything she did was perfection! But It wounded me to see she’s lost so much weight! Why can’t she see that breaking up with me has made her so unwell! If we get back together we could both be so much happier… why!?!

He usual shiny hair had gone dull from lack of nutrition, her lips once pink and perfect had gone dry.. when was the last time she had eaten! My attention, however soon went to her body! Even with the weight she had clearly lost, her breast were still full and perk!

My mind flicked back to the time I had claimed her as mine… I was her first, I am her only! The way her warmth surrounded me, the tightness.. how wet she was for me! Ughhh! I was getting hard.. my cock was now forcefully pushing against my zipper…

I coughed and jumped from the sofa.. “I’m going to get a shower…” She didn’t even look at me, but I’m glad she didn’t as I couldn’t hide my lust for her!

I ran into the bathroom, undressed quickly and turned the shower on cold, very cold.. but I still couldn’t get soft… no matter how long I stayed under this cold downfall, I will never be able to stop loving Mia! Only she can make me happy!

Chapter 28- The view..

-Mia’s P.O.V-

Ian was taking ages in the shower, so I took this time to slip into my pyjamas that consisted of short shorts and a black vest top… I wish I could re-pack because I was showing a lot of skin.. but I had totally forgotten that I would be spending the night with Ian!

 I shook my head and began to look around our… Ian’s breath-taking penthouse suite. It was huge! Probably the size of my whole house!

As soon as you walk into the room, there was the living room with black leather couches facing the latest TV and sound system available. Adjacent to this wonderful room was the master bedroom, separated by white wooden sliding doors.

In the bedroom there was the queen size bed at the far side wall, big enough to fit 5 people in comfortably with Egyptian cotton cream sheets that felt like you were laying on a cloud! A mahogany double doored wardrobe stood to the right, a desk and couch to the left.. you know the cliché 6 star bedroom furniture! I laughed to myself as this was probably the first and only time I will ever stay in a room of such quality.

I turned to face the floor to ceiling windows, with a door that lead to the balcony looking out onto all of Utah below, it was tempting to go out to get a better look, but I decided to stay in the warmth and instead I stood there watching the sun set below.. it was mesmerising!

 “how the other half live..” I whispered to myself…

*Click* The bathroom door opened and I turned on my heal, revealing the sexy god that was Ian Marsh, topless and his hair still wet from the shower and dripping down onto his bare muscular chest.. oh how I wanted to run my hands up and down that chest once more!

He smiled his cocky smile, confidently putting his hands on his hips… “Like what you see?” oh yes, YES! But I needed to keep cool.. damn that’s going to be hard!

I swallowed away the dryness in my throat and dragged my eyes away from his body trying to hide my red cheeks from Ian. “pushhhhhh no..” Great Mia.. that was soooo cool! Even my subconscious was against me! “could you please put a top on!”

“no, I know you love my abs.. so I’ll leave off” His eyes lit up slightly and he smiled genuinely for the first time in a while making me instinctively smile back.

I coughed, realising I had let my guard down, “I’m going to bed, night!” I ran over to the bed and submerged myself beneath the many fluffy covers and followed Ian with my eyes as he slowly made his way to couch, teasing me by slightly lowering his pants, revealing more of his happy trail… just watching him made me wet between my legs… my body craved him!

Silence hit as we both laid in our separate beds, only metres away from each other.

“Mia…” Ian’s deep voice broke the silence.. but scared me, I knew where this was going, but it was inevitable that we would talk about it at some point…  “Why?.. I know you want me! I know you love me.. I can feel the tense lust atmosphere when were together.. so why?”

I staid still, unable to answer his question.. what could I tell him! I wanted to tell him the truth, so badly, but even though Richard is a prick he was the only parent Ian had left and I can’t take that away from him!

“You know” was all I was able to say, thinking that it would be enough and maybe- hopefully Ian would end it there.. but I knew he wouldn’t!

“No I don’t know so please tell me!” Ian sat up from his make-do bed and stared at me directly in the eyes.. I began to tremble…

“You love money more than..”

“No! I know you’re lying!! We’ve already faced and overcome that problem Mia! Why won’t you tell me…” His eyebrows pushed together with both confusion and sadness but I didn’t answer. He shook his head, looking from his feet as he thought then back to my face,

“If you won’t tell me then let me sleep with you, just one last time… If we really are over then this could be my last chance to hold you Mia…”


“Please Mia”

“No Ian!”

“Then tell me why you’re breaking up with me!”


The room went silent once more and I turned away, unable to face Ian any longer… but before I noticed Ian had walked over to the bed and climbed on me. He trapped both my hands above my head with only one of his and saddled me at the waist… I was trapped!

“Tell me…” He leaned down and with his free hand he released my boobs from my top and bra and cups my breast, kissing and sucking it hard then moving onto the next doing the same and my body came alive! I groan as I was dripping with lust between my legs… he was torturing me into telling him!

When he realised I wasn’t going to talk he slowly, teasingly moves up, licking and kissing until he reaches my neck, biting down and nuzzling me while he begins to move his hips… rubbing his hard cock against my throbbing pussy! I let out a low moan with need! Instinctively I move my hips with his.. needing him inside me!

I could feel him smile against my neck. He lifts his hand to my face, stroking my cheek before roughly and passionately kissing me. I allow him access to my mouth straight away and our tongues start to dance with each other as we explore each others mouth.. deepening the kiss with need.

Ian harshly pulls away and I pant, trying to catch my breath.. why did he stop!! I need him!!

“Tell me and I can end this torture!” He spoke deeply, seductively! Ughhh I need him, but I can’t tell him…

“there’s… not.. nothing to tell…” I could barely speak as his hips picked up the rhythm, relentlessly rubbing my now soaking pussy!

In one swift move Ian had removed my shorts and panties, throwing them on the floor and he released his hard and more than ready cock from his pants.. Yes.. please, I need him inside of me!

He slipped his shaft into me and the pleasure erupts throughout my body, but as quickly as he was in me, he was back out.. his cock resting at my entrance.. teasing me more! I couldn’t take this!!

A tear ran down my check as he repeated this another 3 times.. letting me taste the pleasure, but only to take it away- it was killing me.. I needed release!!!

“please…” I begged. He gently rubbed my tear away with his long-fingered hands, and I’m helpless, pressed into the mattress, at his mercy when a look of shock flushes over him.. I know he didn’t want to hurt me, and he knew it to.

“I’m sorry baby, I just.. I just want to know!” He kissed me again, I kissed him back, passionately “I love you” he groans and abruptly is inside me … He leans over, releases my hands, and pulls me upright so I am practically sitting on him, straddling him!

He places his hands on my waist and guides my body up and down, finally pleasure exploded through me and I could feel myself reaching my climax..

“Cum for me baby… only me!” Ian whispered in my ear and I did, I climaxed around his huge shaft, moaning loadly as I found my release. After a few more thrusts Ian followed in my climax, shooting his hot liquid inside of me and I felt whole again.. I was complete!

We fell asleep… Ian still inside of me. My warmth surrounding him as his safe, protective arms wrapped around my body, pulling me close to his chest and I fell into the best sleep I’ve had in weeks..


Chapter 29- Wake up

My eyes slowly fluttered open, adjusting to the light. I feel so refreshed after having the best sleep I've had in a long time!

My body felt a little stiff and as I tried to stretch out something strong wrapped tighter around my waist and arms. I jumped, shocked until I realised it was Ian asleep and hugging onto my body... both of us still very naked!

Heat rushed to my cheeks with embarrassment from the contact of his skin on mine, with nothing to hide my shame behind. We did it! No no no!! I needed to stay away from him, but instead I sleep with him!!!

I tried pushing my self away again, but the more I struggled, the tighter Ian pulled me to his muscular chest. He was awake!!

"Get off me Ian!"

"I'm never letting you go, never again!"

"We have to get ready for practice"

Ian started laugh, deep, vibrating against me.. sending delicious shivers through my body! "Its already 12.. we're already late so we might as well miss it"

"WHAT!" I pushed with all my strength again.. so warm, inviting, but I had to stay focused and to do that I needed to be away from him so I can think clearly! But it was no use, he's too strong and I couldn't move away.

"Please Ian... let me go..."

"I can't let you go- not after I've just gotten you back! Please Mia, just tell me why you feel like you have to leave me! I won't get angry or upset if that's what you're worried about"

"Its... nothing..." Ian's getting close to getting the truth out of me and I don't know how much longer I can last while being so close to him... I need to think of something and quick!

"MIA WOULD YOU STOP LYING TO ME!!" Ian's hold got tighter and I could feel his body tense and shake with anger. I should have felt scared but instead I strangely felt safe in his arms.

"Its...I.. " Think brain think! Should I tell him the truth or should it be yet another lie... I hate lying to him but its for his own good! "I got scared okay!? We were getting so close and i've never been with someone, i've never shared my life with another man before so i freaked!" I ended whispering the last part as it hurt saying it out loud.. breaking my heart all over again!

It wasn't the truth but it wasn't a lie either...

Ian's grip loosened and we both sat up, cross legged facing each other. I realised that we were both still naked! My gaze fell to Ian and his man hood, I blushed scarlet and turned to hide my innocent shame as I rustled the covers over myself. Ian's eyes lit with amusement before he used the blankets to cover himself also.

"But what made you so scared all of a sudden? One day we were fine, w both confessed our love and I was the happiest man alive. I was fucking floating on cloud nine. But then the next day you disappear and now you tell me it was going too fast and ended it because you were scared!"

Ian was angry, I had never seen him this way before. I backed away and lowered my head, unable to verbally answer so i just nod.

"That's not fucking okay Mia!"

I flinched at his harsh words as hot tears ran down my cheeks. Ian lifted me and rested me on his lap, wrapping his arms around my waist and arms for comfort and I pushed my head into his chest. "If you had just come to me, told me how you were feeling then we could have sorted this out. Fuck... " Ian sighs "I would have done anything if it meant you staid and save all this heartache"

Ian tried to stay calm for my sake, but I could feel his anger raging through him.. he did truly love me, and it hurt him to hear that I was hurt- it melted my heart, I love him so much!

We just sat there in silence.

"I'm sorry.." I whispered so quiet I hardly heard it myself!

"What for baby?" Ian genuinely sounded confused

"because I'm a disappointment... no wonder no one has loved me before" Ian's grip on my arm tightened as his fingers dug into my skin.. "owww!"

"I'm sorry baby!" Ian's eyebrows pushed together, realising he was taking his anger out on me "I didn't mean to, I love you! I. LOVE. YOU!! Always and forever!" he loved me! Even after everything I had put him trough, he still loved me, he still wanted to be with me.. I had to be with him, we couldn't be apart any longer!!

"Ian..." Anger vanished from his face at the sound of me calling his name. His gaze fell to mine, giving me his full attention "I love you" Light glimmered in Ian's eyes as the corners of his mouth rose into a face splitting smile revelling his perfect pearl teeth.. oh how I've missed this!



"Say it again"

I giggled, but obliged "I love you"

In one swoop Ian lifted me of him and onto the bed. He hovered over me, his hands on either side of me. I giggled, delighted by Ian's joyful expression. "You don't know how long I've been waiting to hear that!"

Ian slowly leaned in for a kiss, I lifted my finger to his lips, stopping him mid-way.

"What's wrong?" confusion replaced Ian's happiness

"We can only do this if you promise not to tell anyone!" Ian smiled again, happy lines formed around his big hazel eyes..

"Tell anyone about what?"

"About us, not even your father, no one!"


"Just not yet, please"

"I promise, but soon! I want everyone to know that you're mine!" Knowing Richard won't find out, I couldn't resist Ian's lips again and so welcomed his plump and firm lips that sent shocks through my body.. oh how I do love this man!!

Chapter 30- Keeping a secret

The 2 days in Utah went too quickly, but that was mostly due to the fact we never left our hotel room! We only left to go to the football game.. which we won! So my weekend was the best! I got my two loves back, Ian and football!

Being with Ian again made me feel whole again.. I felt complete, and I know that’s all lovey- dovey crap… but its true! I don’t think I could physical or mentally handle being apart from Ian.. my body couldn’t take the strain.. I never want us to be apart and the only think, or should I say the only person getting in our way is Richard! As long as we don’t tell anyone and keep our secret quiet then no one will have to get hurt- hopefully…


It had been 5 weeks since our weekend getaway and as I struggle through the crowds in the school hallway, its seems that of a distant memory!

Ian has surprisingly been good at keeping our secret. We act like casual friends in front of everyone and then when we’re alone… oh when we’re alone! I couldn’t shake the smile off my face from think of Ian, of his body… the way his sweat dripped down his pecks and down is perfectly sculptured abs while we have sex!

Oh no… I was starting to get turned on, just from the though of him.. of him inside of me! My checks flushed red and I quickly looked around seeing if anyone had noticed my dirty thoughts.. but no one did.  Sighhhhh! Everyone was just focused on fighting their way through the crowds to their next lessons

Next think I knew hands appeared frim nowhere and pulled me into an empty, dark classroom. My kidnapper locked the door behind us before pushing me against it and trapping both my hands above my body in one of his, while the other covered my mouth to silence me… I started to panic and fight against my strong opponent!

“AHHHHH” I tried to scream through his hand.. the room was too dark, I couldn’t see his face.. but he smelt familiar..

“Shhhhh” The hand covering my mouth moved and gently caressed my cheek, soothing my screams and panic. My kidnapper moved into the light shinning from one of the Chemistry windows.. It was Ian!! My heart sank and I instantly relaxed..

“I thought you were going to kill me!!!” I shouted, angry and relived.

“Shhhh! You don’t want people to hear us.. and we have to be quick before students start to come in the classroom…” Ian shot me a devilish smile… no.. he doesn’t want to do it here!!

“no Ian.. not..” I was silenced by his lips. My lips instinctively started to move with his, passionately and roughly. He bites my bottom lip asking for entrance to my mouth which I gladly give to him and our tongues start to dance. Ughhhh he tasted so sweet I couldn’t resist!

Wrapping his free arm around my waist he pulls me closer to him and I instinctively wrap my lags around him, holding me in place as his other had lets my hands free and start to explore my body. I pull away from Ian and gape at his hansom face and shot him a look saying ‘are we really going to do this here.. with people just outside the door!’

He unzipped his pants and pulls my panties to the side, slipping his huge shaft into my wet and wanting pussy.. “I’m so glad you wore a dress..” He grunted softly in my ear.

He lifts me slowly off his cock before filling me again, picking up the rhythm and my body was exploding with pleasure…

Students from outside banged on the door as the halls filled, but I’m not paying attention.. I am only focused on every move Ian makes.. His fingers now sliding to my clit and I moan into Ian’s chest to try and silence it but it was no use, the pleasure was too much! His fingers relentlessly circling my clit while he fills me over and over until I explode around him…

After a few more thrust, Ian joins me in my climax and we slide to the floor in each other’s arms. Panting hard, trying to catch our breaths.

“Come on.. we need to go…” Ian lifted us both up and pulled himself from me, as he did I winced with pleasure as he rubs my throbbing pussy on his exit!


Tonight my football practice was cancelled, so I thought I would walk home and take in summers fresh air.. the sun rays gently stroking my face, so peaceful!

As I strolled out the school gates and bump into a hard wall forcing me to fall on my arse!

“Owww!” I looked up to find a huge man in a black suit and black sunglasses in my way, looking down at me with no emotion on his face!

I dusted myself off, “Hay watch were you’re going!” why was he just randomly standing there!! But he didn’t respond to my anger, instead he just stepped aside giving me full view of the Limo he was guarding… Ian? No he was at football practice.. then… RICHARD!!

Chapter 31- you might have won the battle…

I turned quickly on my heal and ran in the opposite direction, until strong arms circled my waist and pulled me back and threw me into the back of the limo.

“HAY!! STOP!! I’M BEING KIDNAPED!!” I screamed before the door slammed in my face but no one came to my rescue.. I was screwed!

The car pulled away and started to drive to my unknown destination…

“Hello Mia… we meet again.” I turned to find Richard sitting at the far end of the limo like a mob boss

“Unfortunately…” I said under my breath, too scared to say out loud. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see…” was all he said before we sat awkwardly in the back together… I rested my head against the black out windows giving me no clue to where we were going!


The car stopped and the bodyguard rushed to Richard’s door. I ran out after him, too eager to see my destination.. he wouldn’t kill me… right…

I was home.. “You drove me home?...” Richard smiled. It was creepy, obviously an expression he’s not use to having on his face! He lifted his hand, insinuating that I walk first and open the door and I obediently complied, holding the door open after me for his highness!

As soon as he entered he judged every inch of Mrs Jones house.. his lips pouting in disgust.. there’s the Richard I know! I roll my eyes and threw my bag down.

“So what can I…” I stop as my face collided with Richard’s hand and I fell to the floor, he slapped me! My hand instantly covers my red, throbbing cheek.

“YOU HAD ONE JOB! You insolent little girl!!”

“” he knows! But how!?! Not even Sam knows!!

“I couldn’t trust that you would so simply leave.. stupid little girl, you didn't even notice the cameras around schools. Especially the ones in the class rooms, you WHORE!” A sickening smile split his wrinkled face sending a shiver down my spine with disgust! “So I’ve seen all your little ‘get together’ with my son… you’re quite the whore, like your mother!!” Tears blurred my vision as the descended my cheeks..

“Don’t talk about my mother like that, you bastard!” I spat through my teeth.. how dare he insult my mother!!

“Don’t talk to me like that you bitch!” Richard slapped me again before lifting me by my hair to my feet.

“Owwww! Stop!!” I begged but he continued to drag me until my back hit the wall and his hand wrapped around my neck, keeping me in place no matter how much I struggled against it!

“I tried to play nice.. but you just keep disobeying me! All you had to do was stay away from my son!”

“I tried… I tried so hard! I left him, I told him it was over between us.. but he wouldn’t leave me alone!! I’ve tried..” I laughed to myself “I guess he loves me more than I thought.. ha..” It had just clicked, all I had put Ian through… he still loved me and wanted to be with me!

My thoughts were cut of my an almighty blow to my head.. Richard was now using his fists, punching me over and over again, I remember tasting blood in my mouth before I passed out cold on the floor… lying in my own pool of blood as I watch Richard leave…

so this is the end.. I never even got the chance to tell Ian the truth… Ian….

Chapter 32- Hospital

-Ian’s P.O.V-

Mia hadn’t been answering any of my calls, and I was starting to get worried! I know she said not to visit her home so that we wouldn’t get caught.. but I needed to know she was safe!!

I knocked frantically on her door, but there was no answer.. I tried the door.. it was open! She shouldn’t keep this unlocked or anyone could walk in!

My mouth went dry and I froze in the door frame as I saw the love of my life lying cold on the floor in a pool of her own blood.. I ran to her side, shaking her trying to get to respond. I couldn’t think properly as the only reason for my sanity was laying close to death in my arms!!

Ok concentrate Ian.. check her pulse… shit! Its so faint!! Next, call the ambulance!!

“Mia.. please be ok… please…”


-Mia’s P.O.V-

My eyes fluttered open.. where was I?

I scanned the white and clean room to find medical equipment. I looked down to see tubes and needles attached to me everywhere.. what happened! I sat up, but fell back down instantly as my head pounded with pain… oh right Richard! But how did I get here…

I looked over to Ian asleep, his head resting on my hand. His stubble told me I had been here for a while.. had he stayed with me all this time! My heart melted.. and I felt tears filling my eyes.

A nurse burst into the room, flicking through her charts.. it took her a while to notice I was awake, but it was funny to see her stumble with shock when she did.

“Oh honey, you’re awake” From her words, Ian’s head shot up and his tired hazel eyes looked deeply into mine before he engulfed me into a hug.

“Oh Mia… I thought I lost you…”  His voice broke from the tears falling down his perfectly sculptured cheekbones. Even from the lack of care and hygiene.. he still looked like a super model!

“I…Ian….” My voice was too dry to talk “w……” I pointed to the cool looking jug of water on the table next to me. Ian chuckled and poured me a cupful and in seconds I had chugged it down and held out the empty cup, wanting more!

“Steady yourself Miss Owens! You’ve only just come out of surgery…”


“shhh, its ok now baby. Everything’s fine!” Ian smiled and instantly felt reassured.. as long as Ian was here I felt so safe and secure… even if it was his father that did this!

“Who did this to you baby?....” Ian shook with anger, his face turning red as he looked at my bandages.

“I… I don’t know… I think it might have been.. a robber… I can’t remember…” I looked away from Ian, unable to lie to his face, not anymore..

“Mia…” Ian questioned my response, not believing the answer I gave.

“Its understandable that you would forget due to the force struck to your head. Now would you please leave Mr Marsh while I talk with Mia” The nurse was strict but I appreciated that she stuck up for me and that she was asking Ian to give me some space for a while…

“NO! I’m not leaving her side… not again!” Ian’s hand tightened on mine as he became more protective.

“Are you a family member? Mia’s husband?”

“No, I’m her boyfriend!”

“Then I’m going to have to ask you to leave!” They were both staring at each other, neither of them backing down. I tugged on Ian’s arm until he broke off with the nurse and gently gazed into my eyes

“Please Ian… she only wanted to help…”

“That’s right Mr Marsh. I promise as soon as I’m done, you can come back in!”

In surrender Ian gently kissed my forehead before exiting the room.

“Now Mia, you took a tremendous force to your head and lost a lot of blood, but you’ll be happy to know that your baby is fine and healthy…” I blanked out to the rest… WHAT!! BABY!!!

“wait… what was that!” I looked at her confused and shock spread across my face.

“oh… you didn’t know.. yes you are around 5 weeks pregnant.. its still early but from what we can see, the baby is doing fine! But don’t worry, we get young parents a lot and we can provide psychological and nursing help or we can look down the path of abortion.”

I’m pregnant! I’m only a baby myself!! I shouldn’t keep this baby should i? but I can’t kill what is part me and part Ian.. Ian, shit he dosen’t know… how will he take the news that he’s a father? What about Richard! If he finds out I’m pregnant, both me and the baby will be in danger…

“You don’t have to make a decision right away Mia, but if you’re going to abort.. the sooner the better because it will effect your body less.”

My eyes darted around the room, trying to think of anything.. what was I going to do?

“Miss…” The nurse brought my attention back and I focused on her…

“I’m keeping the baby!”

Chapter 33- Baby on board

 I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant, I’M PREGNANT!! These words kept repeating in my mind as I laid there alone in the hospital bed. How could I have been so careless… we are having sex a lot! And without protection, so of course this was going to happen! How could we have been so stupid!

*knock knock*

Ian entered with a huge bouquet of red roses and a smile on his face, trying to cover the worry and blame he felt in his eyes.

“How are you feeling?”

“I… I’m feeling better…” I still couldn’t snap out of my trance. My mind was still consumed by the thoughts of the mini me growing inside of me!

“whats wrong?” oh crap, Ian can see right through me while my mind is somewhere else!

I inhaled deeply and forced a wide smile on my face, “Nothing… just… tired of sitting in here all day.. when can I go home?”  

Ian’s sadness was replaced by query as he questioned my response. “Well good news, I came to tell you that you can leave today!”


Ian wheeled me out of the hospital in a rental wheelchair and down to his huge black 4 by 4. He lifted me and gently places me in the passenger seat as if I was a china plate- so fragile…

“Ian, I’m fine! You don’t need to tread me so carefully!” He laughed, deeply as he continued to secure me to the seat. I gave in and sat there as he slowly shut my door and ran to his side.

He pulled out of the hospital car park and began to drive home.. finally…

Resting my head against the cold window, I gazed at the world passing by… oh how mine will soon end when I give birth! I won’t even be able to finish school! So I’ll have to get a job that won’t even pay enough and look after mini me on my own… unless Ian wants to be a father. Then he’ll go to work for his father who doesn’t want anything to do with me. And Ian will never let me lift another finger, buy me everything and care for me the rest of my life… I don’t like either situations!

I wrapped my arms around my stomach.. I’ve always wanted children but not now! Not while I’m still a child and can’t fend for myself!! I love you mini me, but I don’t think you will love me back if I bring you into such a hateful world…

I looked back out the window and noticed that the further Ian drove, the bigger the houses became…

“Where are we going?” I was confused, I thought Ian was talking me back to Mrs Jones's…

“Home” Ian briefly looked from the road to me,

“But I live on the other side of town… this is the way to yours…”

“No, its now our house!” What!? I can’t move in with Ian, not with his father there!

“No Ian!! I want to go home!” Ian kept his eyes on the road, his grasp on the wheel went tighter with rage

“I’m never letting you go back to that place.. its not safe!” Ian spat. But if only he knew that going back to his house would be the least safest!

I tried to open the car door. I had to think about mini me now and I don’t want them to be anywhere near the reincarnation of the devil, also known as Richard. “Please Ian… take me home!” I begged

“Why!? I can protect you if you stay with me. If I let you go back there, I won’t be able to sleep or eat knowing you’re so far away and so vulnerable! I know its selfish, but please… I need you to stay with me…” oh Ian, its not selfish of you at all! I want to stay with you but…

“What about Richard” It slipped out before I could stop the words. Ian confused, looked at me and turned his head to the side working out what relevance this situation had to his father.

“…he’s hardly ever home.. he has an apartment closer to his office…” Ian explained still confused, but I felt relieved knowing that Richard won’t be there, but also that If I was with Ian at all times then his father hopefully wouldn’t attempt anything in front of him!


“Perfect!” Ian finished tucking me tightly into his bed and took a step back to admire his work. He slipped into the bed next to me, pressing play on the DVD remote and wrapped his arms around me. I rested my hand over mini me,

“Perfect…” I whispered to myself.

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Chapter 34- Revealed

“Ian, don’t give me those puppy dog eyes! You need to go to school!” Ian laid next to me, snuggling and hugging me trying to persuade me that he should stay home with me… he was so cute, but I really needed some alone time!

“But I need to stay with you”

“No! its been a week already, I don’t want you to miss out…” and also I was starting to show! Mini me has started to grow and therefore the bump is beginning to get bigger and bigger…If Ian stays by my side any longer he will start to notice…

“Alright… but I will come home as quick as I can!” He kissed my forehead before shuffling out his bedroom. Finally I was alone!

I slowly wobbled off the bed – it had been so long since I had walked on my own, Ian didn’t leave my side he whole time! I even had to argue with him to let me go to the toilet on my own!!

I stretched all my limbs as the adjusted to new movements my body made and I wobbled to the suitcase Ian had brought from Mrs Jones’s house filled with my belongings. I rustled through my clothes until I came across the pregnancy test I had took at the hospital just after hearing the news… I didn’t believe them and I needed to see it for myself- 2 pink lines, yep.. pregnant!

“What are you doing here!” I turned on my heal to find Richard at the door and my mouth instinctively dried, sweat beading on my forehead with fear. I quickly hid the pregnancy test behind my back while my other hand covered my stomach, protecting mini me… I guess my motherly instincts are kicking in!     

“n…n…no, erm… Ian….” I couldn’t talk, I was too scared to form a proper sentence.

“What are you hiding?!”

“N….nothing!” I pushed the test further behind my back, hoping Richard wouldn’t notice… but I was never that lucky! Richard stomped towards me and tightly griped my wrist, too strong for me to resist and fight against, he pulled my arm from my back and before him was my positive pregnancy test…

We stood there in silence… he had nothing to say, but I could feel the rage flow through him. His grip on my wrist tightened making me loose grip of the test making it fall to the ground.

“YOU’RE PREGNANT!!” Richard spat as he threw me across the room. My back smash against the wall and I slid to the floor... “YOU WHORE!! YOU’RE PREGNANT!”

I could see the anger fill Richards gaze… I cowered with fear, this was the scariest I had ever seen him. I scrunched into a ball to protect my stomach from any attack but Richard just lifted my up against the wall by my neck. I scrambled, trying to release myself before the oxygen left me.

“I would have thought the first time I asked you to stay away from here would be enough, I mean I even threatened your own mom, but you just couldn’t stay away!! Then when I left you for dead in your own fucking pool of blood- I thought that the message would have gotten through that thick skull of yours but you just keep coming back like a pest!” Richard spat through his clenched teeth.

“I will never leave again… I love Ian and no matter what you do to me he will always love me back!” I don’t know where I summoned the strength to say that but I surprised myself. I winced, waiting for the sharp contact of his fist to my body… Instead I was released. I was confused.. but my body collapsed and I passed out.

-Ian P.O.V-       

Richard held Mia up by her throat.. My hands clenched into a tight fist- he was the reason we had broken up and it was my fault her mother had to move away and why she ended up in hospital! It was all my fault!! But why would my father do this… to the woman I love, to the person who was carrying my child!

I couldn’t control my anger any longer, I had heard enough! And before I know it I had burst into the room and pulled Richard off Mia and on the floor repeatedly punching his face until I felt the stickiness of his blood on my fist! I couldn’t stop, he had hurt the one person I had ever truly loved, the only person whom I’ve ever had to fight for… the mother of my child!!

Richard stilled beneath me and with one last punch I stopped… his heart beat was faint, I couldn’t kill him, even though he was a wanker- he was my father…

I got to my feet and walked over to Mia who had passed out. How could I have not known… why didn’t she tell me!

I lifted her gently and carried her to a guest bedroom, as far away from my father as I could and placed her on the bed, making sure she was comfortable. I laid next to her, wrapping one arm around her neck pulling her closer to my body, whilst the other carefulling rested on her stomach, over my child… I was never letting her out of my sight again!

As I laid there looking at her calm beautiful face asleep, I calmed down and thought back to when Mia confessed her love.. even when threatened she did it all out of love. She even stupidly risked her life for me!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I thought of our child. How lucky it would be to have a mother like Mia and how I will do everything in my power to make sure the baby and Mia are safe! she and the baby were my only family now... i just need to sort out what to do with my father...

Chapter 35- Aftermath

-Ian’s P.O.V-

“Yes I know that he’s my father… I just need to know if you’re still with me, with my company!” I’ve been trying to persuade our partners in China to stay with me in my family company for the past hour!

My father left last night, but not before smashing a few vases on the way out. Like I guessed he’s also been on the phone to our business partners since early this morning… some have stayed loyal to my father, however most have stayed with me. However, I needn’t worry about business because once my mother passed she left me all of her shares in our family business, meaning I own more of MarchINC than my father.

“So you’re with me… fantastic, its will be a pleasure working with you…” I hung up, another successful business deal. I turned and placed my phone on the desk but froze when something caught my attention in the corner of my eye… Mia…

Her head was hung, looking at her feet… she couldn’t look me in the eyes… She thinks I’m angry with her- no never! I don’t like her lying to me, but I know she did it out of love and to protect her family.. I will always love her!

She took a step forward, shutting my office door behind her. But I couldn’t take my eyes from her flawless beautiful face… it was glowing! Her lips were more pink and her beautiful breast even more full! How could I have not known sooner that she was pregnant!!

I smiled, she was carrying my child- our child!! The thought of spending the rest of my life with her, with our family. Hopefully she will want more children, because with Mia, I want many!!

She cleared her throat, breaking the silence and pulling me from my fantasy.

“i... I’m…I’m sorry…” Her voice was so small and filled with fear.

“what… no…” I ran to her and covered her tiny, fragile hands in mine “don’t apologise.. you did nothing wrong…” I pulled her to my chest and wrapped my arms around her. She was thinner than usual and especially now that she was carrying our child! She really needed to start to eat more!

As I held her close, she relaxed and began to weep in my arms. “But.. I lied.. to you!”

“shhhh, you only did it to protect yourself..” I pulled away and placed my hand gently over her stomach, “To protect our baby!” I smiled to reassure her that she shouldn’t blame herself- it was my fault for not protecting her like I should have!

Her eyes wrinkled at the edge as her lips slowly rose into a perfect, pearl teeth smile. Her radiance brightened the whole room and her smile became contagious as I joined her laughing.

I picked her up and twirled her around in my arms, her laughter now erupting and filling the room. I stopped, but still held her up. She grabbed my cheeks and puched her sweet lips onto mine briefly…

“I love you Ian!”

I placed her down gently before falling to my knees and hugging her stomach “I love you little one, just as much as I love your mother!”

I looked up at Mia, she was smiling brightly, brushing her thin elegant fingers through my hair.. the sight was breath-taking…

I pulled out something from my pant pocket that I had been waiting to show Mia since the moment I met her..

“Will you marry me Mia Owens?” I produced my mother’s ring that had been passed down through all her family.

The smile spread wider across her face but she remained still.. shock?

“No..” what, WHAT!! She said no!! my heart sank… she dosen’t love me… but why is she still laughing!

“I… I don’t understand… I thought…”

“Let me ride your car!!” she beamed, as if this was a personal joke. My heart lifted at her joy and I mirrored her smile.

“wait, your telling me that our future together rest on me letting you drive my car…” unbelievable… only Mia would request such a thing, keeping me on my toes! She nodded eagerly “I will give you the car, all my cars, everything if you’ll be mine!”

she jumped into my arms laughing “you have a deal Mr Marsh!”

“anything for you Mrs Marsh… My wife!” The words caress my tongue as they leave my mouth.. I could get use to saying them!

Chapter 36- 25 weeks later...

-Mia’s P.O.V-

“Push!” the nurse repeated. I can’t push any harder!! Ughhhh!! This is soooo painful!

I was squeezing Ian’s hand to try and numb some of the pain. “We are having NO MORE CHILDREN!!” I creamed down his ear as another contraction waved over me. No more!!

“I can see the baby’s head, just a little more Mrs Marsh…” Has this nurse never had children before.. I can’t push any more.. please let this be over soon!

“Mrs Marsh…” Ian Whispered seductively down my ear

“Now is NOT the time IANNNNNNN!” I was too tired to play.. I pushed, hard and with everything I had left and finally the pain went. I fell back down to my pillow as the baby’s screams filled the corridor. Finally!

“Would the father like to cut the cord?” Ian more than eagerly jumped at the opportunity.

“Where…where is my baby…” I was tired, but I needed to see them, I needed to know my baby is fine before I collaps from exhaustion!

“Congratulations Mrs Marsh, we have a beautiful baby boy!” Ian cradled our baby in a soft blue blanket as her walked over to me and carefully placed our baby in my arms.

He was beautiful! “He has your eyes…” My baby looked back at me with Ian’s big hazel eyes…

“But he has your beauty” Ian kissed my sweaty head.

“Do you have any ideas for a name?” The nurse questioned.. oh yeah! I looked at Ian for inspiration…

“How about James…” We both looked down at our child…

“Perfect…” Our little baby James.



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