Chapter 1- Calm Before The Storm

-Nick’s P.O.V-

We dominated the halls, me and pack- but we’re better known around high school as the football team. Our werewolf strength and instincts gained us the upper hand during games, heck, we even go easy on them! If we tried as much as we do when we train with each other, we would have killed off all the competition!

Jay, my right hand man hit my shoulder, snatching my attention. He was Korean but tall, standing at 6ft with short black Mohawk styled hair. “Oh look Nick, target acquired!” Jay pointed and I followed his arm to a small, weak, runt at his lockers… its funny how weak he is- especially compared to us!

Mike, my other best friend ran up behind the nerd, slamming him down hard onto the floor, sending his glasses sliding to my foot. Mike stood up and looked down at his pray with glee and admiration of his work. I lifted my foot and crushed it down on his specs as he blindly searched for them.

“What’s wrong four eyes?! Can’t see!?” I teased, kicking his smashed glasses back to him. Yeah, I know… it’s mean, but we’re the school bullies. In our defence, its in our wild nature to pick out the weak to survive!

Mike continuously kicked powerful blows to the nerd’s stomach until he started to cough up blood, but we all just laughed. Crowds began to circle around us, yet no one dared interfered not even the teachers with the kind of hold my family have over the schools board members!

“STOP!... WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” a girl shouted as she pushed through the crowd and had used her petite body to try and protect the nerd from further abuse.

My heart missed a beat and time seemed to slow down as my eyes ran over her slender but curvy body. She brushed the dark brown curly strand of hair that had fallen over her beautiful big hazel eyes back into her bun. My eyes drifted down her perfect heart shaped face to her pink lush lips… so kissable… I wondered what she taste like! Wait! What am I saying!?! She can’t be.. a human is my.. my mate!

“Hahaha! You have to get your girlfriend to save you!” Mike joked and everyone laughed excepted me, instead I uncontrollably growled at the thought of my mate being someone else’s. Instantly my pack silenced from my alpha growl and turn to me, slowly one by one the look of realisation and shock takes over- I’m protecting my mate! We all stare at her with shock… this can’t be possible!

My mate takes our silence as the opportunity to help the geek up and push through the crowds to escape.

“Wait!” I shout after her. The crowds part out of my way and there she stood, with the geeks arm around her slender waist for support and I growl again with anger! I just wanted to smash his brains out against the wall for touching her!!

“Wait?! For what!? Haven’t you had enough of bullying us!?!” she was angry with me… she was defending the nerd, making my blood boil more! But seeing how sexy she was when she was mad.. oh how much I wanted her!! But I never wanted to see that pain in her eyes, never again! ‘Take her, mate with her!!’ my inner wolf yelled, but not here, not while she still hates me!

Before I could defend myself she had already left… I needed her, she had to be mine!

-Eva’s P.O.V-

I jumped in front of Peter to protect him from the dickheads that are the football team, but mostly from the team captain, Nick! Everyday they pick on Peter for no reason other than their own enjoyment and today they were going too far!!

“Hahaha! You have to get your girlfriend to save you!” one of the pricks joked, sending the crowed into fits of laughter that echoed down the hall, yet Nick stayed silent until he let out a deep, primal growl that silenced everyone instantly!

I lifted my eyes from the floor, daringly looking up at Nick. His 6ft 2 structure stood intimidatingly over my small 5ft 3 frame. Here stood Nick Lewis, a god amongst men. His grey t-shirt stretched across his broad shoulders, taunting me as it hugged his well-defined chest and his hard pecs tensing with each movement.

My eyes drifted higher to perfectly sculptured face, his short-ish messed hair that was as black a night and really brought the attention to his deep dark blue eyes, screaming for my attention!

In that instant, all my self- control spilled. Thoughts raced around my head as I gazed at him, frozen in place a chill raced the length of my spine and I continued to take in the sight of Nick… the way he looked at me with such wanting and lust, like he was sizing me up- looking for his next meal! Surely not… why would Nick want me!?!

I shook my head to snap out of my deranged state and took their stillness as an opportunity to flee! I helped Peter to his feel, supporting him by placing his hand around my waist and through the hall filled with students.

“Wait!” Nick shouted from behind us. On his command the crowd parted like Moses parting the red sea!

My anger was still boiling from how much of a bastard he is to my friends and at how freaked out I still am from suddenly feeling like I did… but I can’t let myself get caught up in Nick’s tricks of seducing woman, like he had done to every other girl at school.

“Wait?! Wait for what!? Haven’t you had enough of bullying us!?!” He went silent once more. My mouth went Sahara desert dry, I was actually talking back to Nick Lewis… was I crazy!! Do I want to get killed in the last year of high school!!

I looked up and our eyes met. We stared deeply into each other’s eyes and it felt as though he could see right into my soul! The way he looks at me.. Being around him, makes me feel whole- as if without him, I’m missing a piece of myself! Oh my, I sound crazy!!

I needed to be away from him, I needed to clear my head! I pulled closer to Peter and turned back around and exited down the hallway.

Chapter 2- The Storm

I made it to chemistry before the rush of pupils to avoid them noticing me. The more they notice the more they gossip and with my encounter with Nick, I do not want to be on the bad side of the girls who idolise him, nor his football team who look like they could take out a truck!

I took my seat at the front, like a nerd I know! I would love to hide away at the back, but unfortunately they’re all reserved for the ’popular’ kids…

The school bell rang and my class mates fell into the classroom, one by one but I paid no attention and hung my head down to stare at my books. A sudden rush of oak and fresh flowers infiltrated my senses, like I was in a blooming forest. I flicked my head to the now looming shadow cast over my desk and up at Nick.

He smelt so fresh and inviting. Our eyes met once more and he stood at the side of my desk frozen. My heart began to beat faster, my cheeks were heating to a red colour and my mouth went dry… why was it so intense just standing with him!

The sides of Nick’s lips curled at the sides and the corners of his eyes crinkled as he flashed me a heart breaking smile in achievement over my blushing. I shot my heat back to my fiddling thumbs under the desk to hide my embarrassment. As he walked away, our arms brushed only slightly, yet a spark rushed through my body that sent lustful tingles up my spine. My body reacted on its own… I needed him, his touch, his caress!


As I sat in my stool, I tried so hard to concentrate on Mr Lowe teaching us chemistry but I can’t when I can feel Nick’s intense stare burning a hole in the back of my head!

Why was he looking at me!? Was it because I shouted at him inform of everyone this morning? And what was with the way he looked at me before… with those lust filled eyes! No way! I laughed to myself, there’s no way someone like him could possibly like someone like me!

I couldn’t take is scrutinising stare any longer… his sudden attention was making me feel uncomfortable… yet turned on!

I excused myself from class and slipped to the bathroom, but before she could say anything I was already half way down the corridor and in the girls toilets.

Staggering over to the sink, I splashed cold water onto my face to try and cool down the lust heating my cheeks… but it was no good, I couldn’t get Nicks face, his body out of my mind! Why was I so suddenly into Nick, why do I have this strange pull towards him?!

The toilet door slams open to reveal the huge beast that is Nick. His huge, muscular figure fills the door frame and instantly back away. Every step he takes forward, I mirror stepping back until my back his the wall, his hands slam on the wall next to me and I’m trapped!

“What are you…”

“Are you going out with him!?!” Before I could finish he cut in. His voice deep and commanding sending pleasurable vibrations through my body. What was he talking about? Was I going out with who?

“What..” I whispered, barely audible as the unusual feel of lust blocked my vocal cords.

“Whatever his name is… the boy from the hall… are you two going out!?!” Peter? Why would I go out with Peter, we’re only friends, in fact Peter’s my only friend… but more importantly, why does he care so much! Is he jealous!?

“no… we’re only friends” why was I explaining myself to this monster!

“good..” his leg snaked between mine, pinning them in place. The fingers around my waist, softer than iron manacles but no less firm, set fire to my skin without giving me any room to move. I shook my body to try and get out of his grip… he’s only joking with me.. surely!

With his free hand, he firmly trapped both of my hand in his one above my head while the other stayed gently caressing on my waist.

He ran his face along the line of my hair and down to the nape of my neck, taking in a deep breath and making an appreciative growl in his throat. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day!” he murmured, not acknowledging my resistance to pull from his iron grip. “the way your body reacts just from the little contact, your smell..”

I swallowed, trying to ignore the sudden flutter in my stomach. No, I thought desperately, I can’t be turned on by this prick!! But the way he looms over me, his hard body pressing against me was making my head whirl and limbs aching to wrap around his waist. No, I can’t!


“Let me go!” I said between my clenched teeth, fighting back the urges! “This is wrong, I don’t want…” 


I had a brief close-up glimpse of a familiar handsome face and dark blue eyes, then his lips crashed against mine. My body trembled as his lips worked against mine. His pressure was confined and demanding but there was something else… something raw and primal! His kissed tasted possessive, like he was claiming me as his!

I responded, arching my body closer- deepening the kiss. I tried to move my arms to touch his chest- to run my hands through his messy black hair, but they stayed trapped above my body. His free arm lifted me effortlessly and thrust back against the wall, a hard body between my legs, then I felt his solid shaft by my wet entrance.

Breathy moans escaped my lips as he began to rock his hips. His lips left mine and my breathing stuttered with the sudden rush of oxygen. He released my hands and they fell to his hair. His mouth moved lower, sucking and nibbling on the sensitive skin of my neck..

“Mine!” He groaned before I felt the graze of his teeth, sinking into my flesh! The heat of his breath on my neck and I fisted a clump of his hair. His hips relentlessly rubbed his hard cock against my now throbbing pussy, pleasure rushed through me until I climax, one of the most extreme orgasms I had ever had! I shattered into a million pieces! Nick stills his tantalizing movements pulling my limp body into his arms.

He licked at the pierced skin before lifting his head to mine. I was sandwiched between his hot body and the hard bathroom wall. When the coldness of the tiles and the sound of students passing the door, rushing to get home and the chill against my wet thighs gave me the wake-up call I needed! How could I have let him get this close!!

I pressed as hard as I could against his hard shoulders, my body still limp. Nick stepped back, still supporting my weight with his large hands under my backside then slowly lowered me to the floor. I wobbled when my feet made contact with the floor, gripping his arm for support before stepping away.

“Let me take you home”

As soon as I herd his words I shook my head and stepped away from him. My body heated with shame, my head swung, looking at my feet as I was unable to look at him. “I need to catch the bus” I whispered.

A finger came under my chin and tilted my head up until I was looking into that handsome face. His face was impassive but I could see concern and protectiveness in his beautiful blue eyes. “Please,” he said softly.

My body still responded to his touch; I wanted to lay my cheek against the rough skin of his hand. Tears pricked my eyes at the silly sentiment – was I really getting drawn in by his player ways, with lines he probably repeats like an old record!

I stepped back again, pulling from his grip. Clearing my throat and forcing myself not to act any more of a fool. I looked him in the eye. “I need to catch the bus.” Keeping my head high even as shame made me want to crawl away and hide.

I slid past him and made my way to the exit, when his clamp like grip circled my arm. My arm felt so tiny in his warm grasp and I felt a jolt of electricity from the touch.

“Eva… please..” The plead in his voice triggered the hot tears to burn my cheeks on their decent.

“No Nick! I don’t want this!” He pulled on my arm, turning my body to his. My watery eyes now streaming as I looked up at his speechless, heartbroken face… “I don’t want you!” His eyebrows pushed together and his grip went limp. I couldn’t stop myself! I didn’t want to hurt him because it hurt me more to say such words, yet I needed to get away… I didn’t want to be the laughing stock of school when he tell everyone that he got in my pants!

I snatched my wrist away and moved as quickly as my weak legs took me. I made it down the now deserted hallway before I collapsed against the wall and broke down! I cried and cried… how could he do this to me? as if he had some bond with me! But he’s a prick! Every bone in my body tells me to run, but my heart wants to run back into his warm embrace.

‘get over him Eva! He’s a bully and he’s just messing with you!’ I tried to convince myself.. but failing miserably!

Chapter 3- Aftermath

-Nick’s P.O.V-

As soon as I had gotten back home I stripped out of my clothes and went for a run in my wolf form. Just letting my wild side loose instantly made me feel more relaxed, especially from today’s event!

When we  shared that passionate moment, feeling the passion and lust run through Eva’s veins as my teeth sank into her welcoming neck and sending her into a shattering orgasm! I just wanted to take her there and then.. but we can’t fully mate- not until she knows about me, about who I am!

But how will she handle knowing? She already hates me.. when she ran out the bathroom, I wanted to run after her… but my feet wouldn’t let me! For the first time, a girl told me she didn’t want me! And not only that, my mate!!

The look in her tear filled eyes killed my soul, I just wanted to hug her close to me, to protect her and never let her have that broken, saddening look in her deep hazel eyes... I couldn’t take it I had to see her, be near her and never let her go.

Before I realised I had followed my urges to Eva’s house. I laid out within the tress and bushes in the forest behind her house. Every light was off in the house except Eva’s, the one in the top left. Every now and then her silhouette would appear on the curtains as she walked around her room until her light went out.

I closed my eyes and focused until I could hear her calm and even breaths as she slipped into a deep sleep. Knowing I was close enough to protect my mate helped me relax until I too began to fall asleep in the fresh oak breeze.


-Eva’s P.O.V-

I quickly tied my hair into a cute loose pony tail and pulled out my retainer. One last glance in the mirror, brushing down the wrinkled in my plain black t-shirt and skinny jeans and I guess I was ready for the torture and torment high school.

I jogged down the stairs and into the kitchen. “GOOD MORNING!?” I shouted, my voice echoing through the empty house with no reply… I don’t know why I get my hopes up, I mean I should have given up the dream of running down the steps and into my dad’s loving arms. My mum at the table sipping on her tea and then playing with my older brother Alan.

Instead I go to sleep and wake up alone! Since my parents’ divorce 3 years ago, my mum works day and night to pay the rent for our huge house and my brother use to live with us but one day I came home to him and my mother arguing and next thing I know he’s packing his bags to go live with dad!

I miss my dad and brother a lot, even more so that my mum forbids me from ever mentioning their names in her presence! To this day I still don’t know why my father left us.. but I don’t want to bring up such an awkward conversation to either parent. The only person I talk to is my brother, he’s the kindest person with a heart of gold, but just like everyone else in this family, when the divorce is brought up… he changes the subject!

I’ve never been close to my father, in fact since he left we’ve hardly talked- If anything I hate him and my mother for separating me and Alan!

I shook my head from my upsetting messed up family and checked the time. Shit! I’m late!! I grabbed my bag and left for school… please, please don’t let Nick be in!!


I kept my eyes glued to the floor as I strolled down the school halls, trying to block out the screaming, gossip and chants.

“Hay Eva!” Peter shouted, brining my attention up his scrawny 5ft 9, thin physique leaning against my locker.

“Hi” I don’t have friends, and Peter was my first ever good friend. He understood me and knew when to leave me and how far to push. We met when I stuck up for him on the first day of high school, against non-other than the man who head me spread open against a wall in the girls bathroom!

A shiver ran up my spine at the thought… how could I have done that! Its like my body was possessed!

“What’s wrong?” His eye brow raised with curiosity and my checks heated with embarrassment.

“n..noth.. nothing!” I croaked.

“Yeah whatever! Fine if you don’t want to tell me.. I mean o though we were friends but I guess..” He joked pretending to cry and I couldn’t help but laugh at his warming charm.

“Its nothing!” I protested through the giggles.

Before he could dig further the bell rang. I hugged Peter goodbye and went our separate ways for lesson… I wish he had chemistry with me, but instead I get Nick! Thankfully I hadn’t seen him yet, but I had a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me I hadn’t seen the last of him!

Chapter 4- Chemistry

-Eva's P.O.V-

I got to chemistry early as usual. 5 minutes later the room was filled with the chatter of students and clatter of chairs sliding across the floor as pupils took their usual seats.

The second bell rang and for one moment my heart began to beat normally, I let out the huge breath I didn’t realise I was holding.. Nick wasn’t in! But as soon as the oxygen had left my body, it was just as quickly sucked back in as the door swung open and revealed the almighty Nick.

I had to force my eyes away from his body… from his tight grey t-shirt revealing the slight outline of his abs and his Blue and white football jock jacket over it. He scanned the room for a moment until he began to make his way further into the classroom, but I couldn’t risk to look, instead I turned my attention left and out the window to the beautiful summer morning and the blooming flowers it brought.

The squeaking of the stool next to me pulled me from my observations… please no, please don’t let this be who I think it is! Slowly turning my head, bit by bit a huge male figure came into focus.. Nick!

I dropped my head into my hands and exhaled deeply in frustration… why me!

Talking and gossip now filled the room, mostly by the girls vocally voicing their anger and jealously over Nick choosing to sit next to me- this was going to be a long lesson.


I could feel Nicks eyes burning a hole in the side of my head and every now and then i would risk a slight look in the corner of my eye. What was his problem… and why hadn’t he spread our little get together around school yet.. what was his game! ‘Focus Eva!’ I told myself, and I tried to focus, but he was very off putting!

“I want everyone to turn to page 93 and do all of task 4” Mr Lowe ordered and I more than happily took that chance to burry my head in my book, trying to release some of the intensity between us. I could feel the heat radiating off his body, the electricity running through my body from just being close to him- my body was starting to react on its own! Damn it!

*cough* Nick cleared his voice, trying to get my attention, but I remained still and focused on my work, which was extremely hard to do with Nick as a distraction!

“Lets start again…” He paused for a reply, but after a while of silence he continued. “I’m Nick, nice to meet you.” He held out his hand, but I was too astonished to move… how could he act so casually around me, we hardly know each other… and after what we did, all ‘those’ things to each other!

Nick took his rejected hand and ran it through his perfect back hair and I remembered how soft his locks were. How being so close to him, he smelt so fresh, so warm… at the thought my body lusted for him and I started to get wet between my legs! No, no , no! stop Eva! But I can’t I want this man… I need him! but why, he’s been nothing but a bastard to me and Peter!

Nick had given up on my silence and so leaned in, brushing his lush lips against my ear “I guess if you won’t talk to me, I’ll ask the rest of the class what they think about our little meeting in the toilets!” he whispered gently.

“WHAT!” I shouted, snatching everyone’s glance to our direction.. “haha… sorry…” I turned back to Nick, horror pushing my eyebrows together and my moth forming an ‘o’ shape whilst his face danced with amusement. It was so handsome! How was it possible for someone to look so amazing whilst they bully someone!?!

“Finally she talks” He joked, but by no means was I amused, not until I knew his true intentions!

“What do you want Nick!?”

“we need to talk… about yesterday!”

“Nothing happened, I did something wrong and it will never happen again! So please don’t bother me and I won’t bother you!” I lifted my head, and our eyes finally met as I begged him to agree and leave me, yet I could feel my heart breaking… didn’t I want him to leave?

I could see the hurt mirror in his eyes, didn’t he want to leave either? I was so confused!

“No! I won’t leave! I really enjoyed it yesterday and I know you did to… but its more than just the physical contact, it was the how I felt just being close to you!”

“i…i… no..” I couldn’t form a proper sentence, I was too stunned from his words. They seemed genuine and I didn’t know what to believe!

“You don’t understand how happy and relieved I felt after I knew there was nothing between you and Peter! Eva please.. give me a chance!”

My mind had too much to think about and I couldn’t think straight! Why was he saying all this! I turned away and back out the window to concentrate. I felt his finger slid under my chin, turning my head back to his attention. My cheeks turned the colour of a tomato, I felt so naked under his gaze… “Please Eva, go out with me.”

YES, YES!! Wait… why do I feel so comfortable with him, it feels so natural being with him.. but I couldn’t ignore my mind and my gut feeling telling me to run for the hills screaming!

“W..why.. why should i?” Our eyes locked. His stare now full of confidence, pride and possession

“Because I love you!”

Chapter 5- I Love You

“Because I love you!” the words sounded so magical as they left his mouth. He reached out and placed my hand in his. Shots of electricity ran through my body, resonating from the contact of his body on mine.

I remained still. Processing what had just been said, gawking at Nick like an idiot!

“w…wh…what…” I whispered

“I know it sounds stupid, and I know we’ve only just met… but Eva I love you, I have this… this bond with you and I want to be with you!” My heart melted from his words. I wanted to jump into his arms and soak up his warmth, feel his protective arms around me because I to could feel this strange pull towards him, a ‘bond’.

“W…w..” I was cut off by the school bell ringing throughout the class room, dragging from my fantasy.

I regrettably snatched my hand back, already missing the comfort of his touch and looked around the emptied classroom… when did everyone leave!? I quickly gathered my belongings and ran to the door.

Nick grabbed my wrist and swung me around to face him.

“Go out with me!” It was more a command than a request!


“Please…” His arrogance left and was instantly replaced by desperation. Did he really feel so deeply! “Please, just one date! I promise I won’t bite, well…” The corner of his lips twitched and his eyes wrinkled as he laughed so beautifully, putting me under its spell.

“” What was I saying. I wanted to scream YES!! But I can’t forget the many years of torment, just over spending one good day with him!

I turned and opened the door to all the hustle and bustle of the school halls. Before I could step out into the chaos, Nick snaked his arms around my waist and pulled me into his body. His lips grazed my earlobe, his hot breath on my neck. “One date.. or I could tell everyone about our hot, steamy night together!”

I pushed from his grip, turning and pointing my finger in his face, “We did nothing!” I shouted in a hushed voice. This only made him laugh, he knew he was getting to me! He took a deep breath in, preparing to speak.

“EVERYONE EVA AND…” I ran over to him and slapped my hand over his mouth. Only a few people stared, but no one suspected much.

“Sshhhhhh! Fine… fine” I slid my hand from his full pink lips and they fell by my sides.

“Fine what..?” His sexy arrogant smile spread across his face! Ughhh! I hate how much I like him!!

“Fine, I’ll go on a date with you..” My whisper was barely audible. It was too embarrassing! And it was the first time I’d be going out with someone!

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I’LL GO OUT WITH YOU!” I shouted, tired of his games but this only made him laugh harder than before.

“Good! I’ll wait for you out in the car park after school.” He winked and walked off to lunch, leaving me to stand there, soaking up the events of today.

What have I just done!?


Pushing past all the eager students wanting to get home and start their weekend, I slowly strolled out the school and past the crowds and into the car park.

Nick leaned against his grey sports car, looking like a super model! With the wind rustling through his thick black hair, his huge muscular arms crossed and then he notices me… his big blue eyes lock onto mine as he drags me in… my legs move on their own as I step closer and closer to him.


I drop my head and face the floor as my cheeks heat. “hi..”

“Are you ready?!” Nick opened the passenger door. I listed all the possible pro’s and con’s of this situation… but a big con is that if I don’t go out with him our secret will be revealed and I would have to transfer schools!

After exhaling deeply, I slid into the car and buckled up. Nick joined me, starting the car “So where are we going?”

“There’s a party at mine tonight… I thought…”


“Really!” He looked shocked, yet more happy then surprised.. I just thought what the heck! The sooner I get this night over with, the sooner I can forget this week!

“Yes… but you promise not to hold what happened yesterday against me anymore!”

“I promise, now let’s go but first babe we’re changing your clothes!”

“what’s wrong with my clothes? And did you just call me babe?!”

He leaned in closer, “My baby!” He seductively murmured before roughly pressing his lips on mine! His lips were soft and tasted sweet I wanted more!! He licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance and I gave it to him, surprising myself. His tongue shot into my mouth and our tongues began to play with each other.. His warmth filling me and I wanted more! I closed the little space there was between us by lifting my hand up to head and fisting some of his soft hair in my hands and he did the same to mine making the kiss rougher.

Suddenly he pulled away. Oxygen rushing to my lungs as I breathed harshly. Nick was doing the same as he stared stunned at me. The unmistakable look of lust consumed his eyes he wanted me! But what scared me more was that I wanted him to!


Chapter 6- Sparks

We pulled up to his house and down his long driveway that was surrounded by acres of land covered with trees.

“Wow..” I said to myself in owe at this magnificent structure that was just as breath-taking as its occupance! I thought I lived in a big house.. but this was something else! I heard Nick chuckle, but there was no way he could have heard me!

I ignored him and looked back at the house, it was three stories high, Victorian England style with stone bricks, wood window frames and vibrant coloured flowers growing up the right side of the house.

Nick parked up and guided me into the house. The main hall way was huge! And filled with staff setting up for the party tonight. I stopped and admired the art work and sculptures that were being re-located so they wouldn’t get damaged during the party, when Nick yanked my arm, turning my attention to the grand stairs.

I was gasping for air by the time we got to the top floor.

“You’re out of breath!” Nick laughed, but I was too busy catching my breath to care!

“And. You’re. not!!” I said between breaths, to which he just laughed harder! “hay! I don’t like exercising… maybe if I was on what you have- I’m sure I could run up these steps in 10 seconds flat!” I joked, I mean he’s huge and great at every sport… it can’t just be good genetics!

“What I’m on?”

“Yeah.. steroids..?” Nick stopped in his tracks, staring down into my eyes. His eyes were burning with seriousness and yet humour from my words.

“I don’t need steroids! I’m just naturally amazing at everything” His arrogant smile was back. I gave no response, just a snort. How can one person love themselves this much!

“What was that snort for?”

“Nothing… just sometimes you can be a real dick!” His deep voiced laughter echoed down the hall as he proceeded to his room. The halls were painted a cream and the walls were filled with expensive paintings and art masterpieces.

Down the long hall, he opens a set of wooden double doors, revealing his bedroom. It was huge... no surprise there! It was very manly with blue and black coloured walls, a flat screen TV opposite the king size bed. The far wall was mostly glass from floor to roof that leads onto a balcony that overlooks the wilderness of the forest surrounding.

“Would you like something to drink?” Nick asked. I just blink at him. When did he turn into the perfect host?

“no, no thanks” I murmur. My attention now to the Forever 21 bag at the foot of his bed. I walk closer to examine the contents. To my surprise there is a dress and a pair of black heals. Who are these for?

“There for you, for the party tonight.” Nick answered my unspoken question. I lifted the dress from the bag, it was a sleeveless, lace bodice V neckline black dress with a chiffon skirt- It was simple yet so beautiful!

Nick laughed at me with my mouth wide open in awe for this dress. I snap my mouth shut and cough, putting the dress back in its packaging.

“Thanks, but I can’t…” I look down at my scruffy plain t-shirt, black jeans and toms “….Anyway, what’s wrong with what I’ve got on?”

He opens his mouth, then shuts it twice. He was lost for words… as though he cared and didn’t want to offend me… no, it can’t be!

He closes the gap between us and suddenly its hard to breath as the air thickens with this lustful tension. I glance up from knotted fingers to catch his eyes, watching me intently, and I freeze. He leans in closer, his hand gently brushes my arm as he reaches into the bag and for a brief moment my senses are filled with the intoxicating smell of fresh oak and lavender. It was pulling me in!

I snap back as I had unconsciously leaned forward to smell more of his luring aroma. He stands back up with the dress held up against the length of my body. Nick starts to talk but I couldn’t concentrate, my heart was pounding from the intense electric pull between us. I can’t think or act rationally with him so close!

Nick stops and clasps my chin, lifting my eyes up to meet his passionate deep dark blue eyes, grabbing all of my attention. His eyes were not like before, they were black with lust like in the school toilets!

“What are you thinking about?” He asked me tenderly. But what could I reply, I’m thinking of you! I’m thinking of your lips, of how you tasted, of our moment together when our bodies touched!!

“n..n…no…nothing!” I coughed and turned my head from his grasp. My cheeks turning bright red like a tomato, but I was already missing his warmth, the charge I felt from his touch! I shook my head and concentrated!

“so… like I was saying… I think this dress will look really sexy on you, please.. just try it on!” He was talking with caution and actually asking my permission, unlike his usual controlling self.

I gave into his big puppy dog eyes and playfully snatched the dress from his hands and wondered off to the bathroom.

Chapter 7- Keeping Up With Appearances


-Nick’s P.O.V-

I wondered around my bedroom, impatiently waiting for Eva. I went out onto the balcony to try and cool down in the evening breeze from the hot intense moment we shared before. She is definitely my mate, I can feel It! And I know she feels it to!

From outside I can still hear her. I can hear her fumble around in the bathroom, worrying about her appearance. But I don’t care what she looks like because whenever I see her, all I see is my beautiful mate!

I stroll back into the room just as the bathroom door clicks and my eyes bestow a vision of magnificence standing before me! The dress was so simple, yet the way it hugged her body and her voluptuous curves made my mouth dry… it was so breath taking! My eyes drifted over her body and then up to her face. Our eyes met once more. I looked into her passionate hazel eyes, locking me in position. Then it hit me, the alluring peach scent, the scent of my mate!

I growled, uncontrollably deep in my throat with lust. –Take her now, make her completely ours!!!- My inner wolf shouts, and I wanted to but I couldn’t mate with her… not yet! I don’t want her to reject me, I don’t want to see her hurt.

I closed the space between us and gently slid my hand into hers. My hands felt so big holding her tiny elegant hand. A jolt of electricity surged through my body just from the smallest touch. Does she know the effect that she has on my body!?!

She gave me a weak smile, and I instinctively mirrored it before tugging on her hand, directing her out of my bedroom and to the party. Now I can introduce her to everyone as mine, and only mine!

We were only half way down the hall when I heard giggling and laughing. Both mine and Eva’s attention shot to their attention. It was Bill, Stephany and Beth. They were popular, but only because no one was tough enough to stand up against them, and they didn’t bother with me and my pack so I usually just ignored them…

“Wow, is that four eyes!” Bill commenced the abuse.

But for some reason I felt scared of being seen with Eva. My popularity persona took over and I uncontrollably and regrettably slipped my hand from hers.

As my hand fell back to my side, time seemed to slow down. I saw the look on Eva’s face, she was hurt and so upset… it broke my heart! What was I doing!?! Why was I so bothered by what people thought of me!

What are you doing to our mate! She’s upset because of you!!-

I ignored my inner wolf… I already felt guilty and wished I had just kept hold of her hand, but I couldn’t move!

“It is, and look she’s, trying to act pretty! Playing dress up like a four eyed little baby!” Stephany and Beth said in unison whilst flicking their bleach blond extensions and giggling at the decibel that only dogs could hear!

-Why are you just standing there! Stop them!-

“And what are you two doing… alone up here?” Bill’s eye brows raised. I just stayed silent... but could feel the cold air between us as Eva took a step away from me… that was it, Eva hated me!

-Eva’s P.O.V-

We walked down the hall. I feel ecstatic being so close to Nick! I feel comforted and protected being close to his body. Suddenly, three of the most hated people in school invade our moment.  

 “Wow, is that four eyes!” Bill commented. I stepped closer to Nick, closing off all the space between us and squeezing his hand, searching and hoping for his protection against the three people that constantly haunt my dreams! But when I wanted Nick the most, when I needed him, his hand released mine- sending it crashing back my side as I looked up to him in horror and melancholy as my heart broke into two.

 “It is, and look she’s, trying to act pretty! Playing dress up like a four eyed little baby!” They said through giggles… oh how I hated that sound, it sent shivers up my spine! But I didn’t care, I wasn’t listening to them! My concentration was solely on Nick when realisation hits me, he wasn’t doing this to be nice to me… he was only… only joking… I was just another joke to him! I took a step back from Nick once protective body, because all I felt was betrayal! And yet my body felt so cold being away from his… why was I acting this way!? 

Tears burned my eyes as the threatened to spill. But I kept them back, I could let Nick win… I couldn’t let him have the satisfaction of seeing me cry!

“And what are you two doing… alone up here?” Bill joked whilst the girls whispered and gossiped… I needed to get out of here- now!

“you’re right! What am I doing here?” I said through clenched teeth before turning on my heal and heading back for the bedroom. I swooped up all my belongings and forced them into my backpack.

Unfortunately the only exit that I know of was back through the hall. I dreaded every second that passed as I got closer and closer to Nick and so began to almost run. As I passed I couldn’t help but glance back at Nick, foolishly thinking that he’ll reconsider and fight for me back, but all I see is Stephany and Beth on either side of him.

“Don’t worry baby, we’ll make you forget about that stalker freak!” Stephany and Beth tried to say seductively.

I couldn’t hold it back any longer! My chest tightened, tears burned my cheeks as they fell and I choked back a sob.  I feel so stupid, why am I crying! He’s made it clear that I will never be his, that I’m stupid for ever believing I could be!

I ran down the stairs and pushed through the thick crowd of drunken teens and then through the front doors to my exit.

Half way down the drive way, I heard Nick shouting my name behind me, each time getting closer and closer until I felt an almighty pull on my arm forcing my body to turn in his direction.

“Let go…!” I stand straight and stare at him. Keeping his arm tightly on mine he takes a step back, eyes wide, shocked. I angrily rub the tears from my eyes. “Don’t touch me!” I hiss as I fight my arm from his huge bear like grip.

“Eva…” He whispers… pleading with me.

“Don’t you dare! What more could you possibly want from me Nick! You got your joke! So… leave me… alone…” I wipe the rebellious tears with the back of my hand.

“Please… its not…”

“You know what Nick… I should thank you because it was my fault for believing you could change, for believing that you could act like a normal human being! But you have also taught me not to trust people easily and that you don’t have a heart… and that there is no chance in hell that I will ever think of you again without feeling sick!”

Nick just stares at me warily. He looked hurt, shocked.. but I couldn’t allow myself to care! I hated him!

“Eva… I’m sorry.. please..”

“What! If you’re sorry then why… why did you make me out to be the fool!?!”

He opened his mouth then closed it, twice… he was speechless. I couldn’t even look at him any longer so I swiftly turned and walked out the gates and onto the main street.

My eyes were blurred from the new tears and I couldn’t think straight. Where am I? where do I go? I am so mad at Nick, but mostly at myself… why does my heart hurt so much? Why have I fallen for such a prick!?!

The sky opened up and rain began to heavily fall on me, mirroring the misery and upset I feel and it mixes with my tears.

Chapter 8- Tears

-Nick’s P.O.V-

“You know what Nick… I should thank you because it was my fault for believing you could change, for believing that you could act like a normal human being! But you have also taught me not to trust people easily and that you don’t have a heart… and that there is no chance in hell that I will ever think of you again without feeling sick!”

My heart broke from her harsh words… but I deserved them! She’s my mate and I was too worried about my reputation to defend her… to protect her! And here I was standing before her, unable to move, unable to comfort her as she cries in front of me.


My wolf was right, I didn’t deserve her... but a werewolf without their mate is nothing!

“Eva… I’m sorry.. please..” I tried to explain.

“What! If you’re sorry then why… why did you make me out to be the fool!?!”

I really couldn’t answer, I did make a fool out of her.. even if it was unintentional! But before I could find the words she had run out of the gates.

-RUN AFTER HER! IF YOU DON’T THEN I WILL! my wolf side took control over my legs and I was running after her.

When i emerged from the gates, I turned to see her gazing up at the cloudy sky, tears streamingdown her cheeks. She was a vision of beauty, standing under the endless rain fall. She was looking up, allowing the droplets to fall on her perfectly flawless heart shaped face. She didn’t see me coming until I tightly wrapped my arms around her. Hugging her body close to mine and trapping her so she wouldn't flee!

“w..what…WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?! LET ME GO!!” She fought against me, but I was far more strong than she was and kept her in my grasp.

“No! you need to listen! I’m sorry.. I sorry…. I know I’m a dick head…” She started to relax in my arms “I should have protected you against those… those…”

“Bastards…?” she finished my sentence and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Yes! Those bastards and from now on I will do anything in my power to never do anything like that again, because seeing the pain in your eyes and knowing that I caused that killed me…” I gently drop my head to her shoulder and burry my nose in her hair, breathing the intoxicating peach smell that relaxes me.

We stay like that for a while, neither of us saying a word. The rain stops and the sky clears. Then she slowly raises her head, looking up at me and I gaze at her face. She gives nothing away, just her eyes tell me she’s thinking hard about what to do next. All I can think about is how breathtakingly sexy she is and how quickly and deeply I have fallen in love with her.

I reach up and gently caress my fingertips over her cheek, she puts me in a trans and I couldn’t help myself.. I lean down and our lips meet! It starts of gentle but then he air changes and my lips grow more urgent against hers. I hear her breathing accelerate and she lifts her hands and cautiously locks them around my neck, and starts twisting my hair with her fingers, deepening the kiss further!

I pull away and rest my forehead on hers as we both try to catch our breath. Her eyes still closed

“I’m sorry…” I whisper “Don’t hate me…”

“I don’t hate you” She looked up at me through her eyelashes, could she get any more irresistible! “I’m sorry to.. for saying you make me sick…”

I couldn’t help but let out a little laugh “don’t be sorry, I asked for it!”

Her eyes danced with humour and her lips crinkled in the corners as she tried to hold back a laugh.

She stepped back and began to cough. “I guess we’ve been out in the rain for too long, let me drive you back before you get more sick”

I held my hand out. She questioned it at first, but then warily accepted and followed me to my car.


Chapter 9- Home Alone


-Eva’s P.O.V-

“turn here…” I guiding Nick into my small drive way. Pulling up to my house that I once thought was big, but now after seeing Nick’s house.. every house looks small in comparison!

Nick parked up and we sat there in awkward silence as the rain rhythmically hit the roof of the car.

I broke the silence when the sudden urge to cough sliced through the stillness in the atmosphere.

“Better get you in before your cough gets any worse!” Nicks gaze burned a hole in the side of my head, and I was only able to nod.

We quickly left the car and ran to the protection of my porch. It wasn’t until then that I had realised Nick had circled his arm around my waist and was standing closer than I had realised. I looked into his eyes and they had turned completely black as his gazed was fixed on me.

I should have been scared, But instead I felt protected… turned on… but I felt too exposed under his intense gaze and regrettably fidgeted out of his hold. But his hand soon returned to my waist, pulling me closer whilst the other cradled the back of my head, tilting it until our eyes met. My hazel to his dark blue eyes, with the same glint of lust as I saw the first time we met. Before I had time to react his lips roughly covered mine.

At first i was frozen with shock. Then his taste and his scent of fresh oak and lavender penetrated my senses.

He hungrily bit my lip wanting more, causing me to gasp. His tongue slid past my lips and, exploring me, owning me! Heat rushed between my thighs, my body was beginning to respond to his touch!

His grip tightened on my waist, greedily bringing me closer to his body. He let out a deep, beastly growl, but I couldn’t question it, I couldn’t concentrate! He was so hot and hard!

My body gave into him and I moaned into his mouth, lifting my arms into his hair to deepen the kiss. The touch of his body so close to mine gave me flashbacks of when we first met and when he brought me to the best orgasm in the bathroom.

He trailed kisses across my jaw and down my neck. A growl vibrated from deep in his throat like a possessive wild animal before both pain and pleasure shot through my body like electricity originating from my neck… he bit me!

I whimpered, biting my lip as he licked away the pain.

-Nick’s P.O.V-

I couldn’t stop. Her skin is so soft and unbelievably flawless! My mate is perfect and like no other girl I’ve been with!

I trailed kisses across her jaw, then down to my ultimate goal. I buried my face in the nape of her neck… I couldn’t resist any longer, my animal instincts took over!

I grazed my teeth over her innocent, sensitive skin. Breathing in her intoxicating peach aroma I sunk my teeth into her neck, claiming her once more! I wanted as much of my sent on her so that no other being can take her!

She whimpered, a sound that went straight to my cock! Ughhhhhhh! I had to have her!

My lips met hers once more for a rough, hot and passionate kiss. She moaned for more, but I tore my mouth away and rested my head on hers. We were both breathing deeply, trying to fill our lungs back up with oxygen.

“Wow” I rasped

“Nick…” she said shakily as her hands caressed me on their descent from my neck to my chest. I gasped from the sweet touch. My cock now painfully pressing against my pants, pleading to be freed! How does she not know the effect that she has on me.

-Eva’s P.O.V-

“Nick…” I said weekly. My hands fell from his neck to his chest, like my muscles had forgoten their purpose and the only thing keeping me up right is Nicks hard and hot body.

With the little strength I had, I shakily pushed out of his grip to create space between us, I really needed to think and the only way to do that is to be far away from the walking god like figure. But as I released myself, my legs stumbled and gave way. I braced myself for my arse to hit the floor when Nick grabbed my elbow, steadying me back onto my feet.

Nick’s eyes were intent on my face. The air around me became thick and hard to breath, it must be the same for Nick because both of our chest heaved as we tried to catch our breath.

“Goodnight Nick” I breathed. Instantly regretting it, I slipped my arm from his sizzling grip and headed for the door.

“W…wait… WHAT?!” Nick couldn’t hide his surprise, his eyes gleamed with loss and sadness. He went from a wild beast to a caged animal!

“P…please… you have to go! My mum is strict and would have a heart attack if she saw you here!” I begged

“I DON’T WANT TO GO!” he protested and it made me smile because I didn’t want him to go either. He then looked up at my abandoned house, with all the light off and screaming ‘she’s lying, nobody’s home!’ he lifted his eyebrow and faced me again “it doesn’t look like anyone’s home…” He joked! Ughhh, he’s so stubborn I hate him! but that cheeky smile of his makes my heart melt and everything is forgotten… god damn it eva! Suck it up!!

“Nick…” I began but he cut me off with a groan, and walked back to his car out in the rain. Was he really giving up that easily? My face dropped and my heart broke…

My eyes followed his figure walking away from me. It brought back traumatic memories of when I stood in this very position and saw my father leave and then my brother.. always.. I’ve always been abandoned… Tears burned my eyes, but I fought them back under control.

He suddenly halted and turned back to face me.

I shot him a confused look, but inside I was rejoicing! What is he doing?

“I’m going to wait right here, until you let me in!” He answered my unspoken question smugly. 

We stood there for a while. Me, trying to call his bluff, whilst he just crossed his arms, causing his biceps to bulge and his lips lifted into a devilish grin that I couldn’t help but melt to! No! stay strong Eva!! Its my turn to leave before my heart is broken any more than it is already! I can’t take any more of this emotional roller-coaster that I call life!

“Ok then, crazy man! Enjoy the rain!” I gave a fake evil laugh before running into my house. Although the heating was on, I couldn’t get as warm as I was when I was entangled with Nicks body…


3 minutes later… I opened the curtains a little to look out. He was still there!! His hair was completely wet and sleeked down flat on his head. His clothes drenched through and clinging to his hard muscular body and outlining every muscle definition, leaving nothing to the imagination… Damn it! Even in this torrential weather, he’s still sexy!

But I had to admit it to myself, if he was doing all of this.. maybe he wants to be with me just as much as I want to be with him. To feel his fingers on my body, his lips on mine… I shut my eyes tightly and thought of all the pro’s and con’s of what would happen if I opened the door…

The pro’s won and I unlocked the front door. His head lifted, causing the collected water on his head to spill and our eyes met. His arms fell to his sides as he analysed me

“Come on…” I exhaled and walked back into the house with a very eager Nick behind me. What was I doing…?


Chapter 10- Family Secrets

-Nick’s P.O.V-

I could hear her pacing back and forth, contemplating letting me in. I could resist the smile that washed over my face.

 Finally she let me in and I jumped at the chance to be close to her. To fill the cold and lonely gap I feel when we’re not together.

My natural body temperature is higher than humans so the rain doesn’t bother me. In fact my clothes had already begun to dry. What bothered me was being apart from Eva, even if it is only for a few moments, because to me I feels like a lifetime. I figure since I’ve bit her and left my mark and sent on her our bond has gotten a stronger. And if it wasn’t for Eva being a human, I would have broken down the door and taken her there and then- completing the bond!

She shut the door behind us. Awkward silence surrounded us. Her eyes wondered over my body, stopping at where my top clung tightly to my abs. Her dazzling hazel eyes widened slightly and she swallowed hard. I can see the effect I have on her, because it is the same reaction I have to the glimpse of her skin I get to see.

“I think we should get out of these wet clothes.” I couldn’t help myself! I know that was a cheesy and cliché line, but I was serious. Her cheeks turned rosy pink and her head swung in embarrassment but we both couldn’t contain the laughter and we burst out laughing breaking the silence.

“You’re right.” She giggled “You can get a shower and I’ll pass you some clothes.”

She turned on her heal and headed upstairs, with me hot on her trail. We reached the landing when she turned back to me.

“Wait here” She was stern and controlling. I liked it! I couldn’t resist a smile. It was so refreshing being told what to do instead of giving orders to the pack, orders that can never be questioned or declined.

She came back, some folded clothes and towels in hand.

 “Sorry, my mum threw away all my dad’s clothes so you’ll have to make do with what my brother left” I looked into her eyes, they were filled with hurt and sadness. It pained me seeing such emotions. Emotions I will do anything to keep from her.

It seemed talking about her past was still painful to her and I didn’t want to push her, not until she’s ready. Not until she can trust me.

“Thank you” I took the clothes from her, causing our hands to touch ever so gently and swiftly but that was still enough so send electric through my body and straight to my cock.


Control yourself!

Control yourself!

Nows not the right time!

I kept repeating over and over in my head, but it wasn’t working with Eva so close- with that delicious peach aroma filling my senses.

I looked down to Eva. Her eyes were pinned to her feet as she tried to hide her cute blush filled cheeks. I inhaled deeply- She felt it to! She can feel the connection between us!

Just one bite! Take her NOW!!

NO! My wolf is killing me! His urges are getting too strong, and sooner or later it will be too overpowering for my human side to control! I just hope I have Eva’s love and trust before that happens or… I don’t know what bad things will happen!

I shook my head, leaving such painful thoughts.

“So the shower is this way?” pointing behind me, asking as calmly as I could.

Her eyes flicked frantically around the room, looking everywhere except at me.

“Y….Y…Yes, just down there on the left”

“Thanks” With that I turned and headed for the bathroom.

I shut and locked the door then leaned against it. Breathing heavily, I hadn’t realised how thick the air had been out there.

Inhaling deep I began to strip from my now  dry clothes and stepped into a well needed cold shower to try and see to my boner, but it was no use! Images of how I felt yesterday, with Eva in my arms. I took hold of my cock and closed my eyes.

I had her pinned against the bathroom wall. My leg between hers, rubbing on her wet and needy entrance.

I ran my face down her smooth, soft skin to the nape of her neck. I inhaled deeply, feeling the heat from her body. Hearing the pulsing blood flow through her voluptuous body… so irresistible! “I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day!” I murmured.

Where ever I went in school, I could smell her. I knew that she was close to me, and that’s the only thing that kept me through the time we spent apart.

Her pulse quickens in response as I whisper in her ear. “And the way your body reacts just from the littlest contact from mine… your smell…” I took another breath, filling my lungs with her sent.

I heard her swallow, trying hard to resist me but I couldn’t let her go that easily. Instead I stepped closer, rubbing against her already throbbing clit- forcing out a sharp breath from her perfectly plumped lips.

UGGGGGHHHHHH! I needed her, I needed release!

“Let me go, this wrong! I don’t want..” she protested, but her will had no force behind it… she wanted it!

I could NEVER let her go! My lips crushed on hers.

Taking her.

Possessing her.

Her body arched, grooving into mine.



I released into my hand with a growl. I’ve never came that forcefully! I needed Eva, I needed to fully claim her… and fast!

I dried off and squeezed into the close Eva provided. Good god, they were so tight! I know I’m big, but her brother must only be 15. I decided to just dress back into my clothes, leaving my top off. Lets make Eva sweat a little. 

Chapter 11- Fear


-Eva’s P.O.V-

I took my time in the shower, letting the hot water cascade over my shivering body.

*cough cough*

Yet I couldn’t shake this cold! I hope I’ve not caught a cold…. That’s just what I need!

I walked into my bedroom. I picked up the dressing gown, slipped it over my shoulders and let the towel circle around my feet. As I did this an unmistakable growl like sound came from behind me.

I spun quickly to be met with Nick’s bare chest “w…what…”

His lips were on mine. Hungry and wanting. He pushed me back and we both fell on my bed, never breaking the connection.

Gently, he trailed his hand from my hip up my waist and across my right breast. My nipples instantly went hard with need from his caress.

He continued this pleasurable torture, trailing his hand to the opening at the top of the robe.

YES!...Woah! what… I… want this! I do, it feels… right

“Nick…” I moaned



I broke our connection and began to panic. “That’s my mum! Quick, you need to leave!”  Shit, what’s she doing back from her business trip so soon!

I hastily pushed against Nick’s chest, but it was no use- it was like trying to push over a building! I looked at him. He had a look of disbelief and resistance as we both remained entwined with each other. His hand sill at the opening of my robe and his hot breath on my neck… oh how I wish we could continue…

I tried to push him away once more, but he still didn’t budge.

“Please. Please leave!” I begged but was soon silenced by the sound of footsteps gradually getting louder as my mother made her way up stairs.

“Honey?! Eva!”

Shit. Shit. Shit.

“please, please, please!” I pleaded “she’ll kill me right after she’s done castrating you!”

This had no effect on Nick, other that the wicked smile that crossed his face and a light gleamed in his eyes... oh no.. that look was bad! What was he thinking! I have no time for his games!

“I will…” He pretended to inspect his nails, whilst effortlessly pinning me on the bed. “I will, if you promise you’ll go out with me tomorrow”

“What!? No!”

“Okay then…” He got off me and headed to the door “I guess I should formally introduce…”

“okay okay! I will” I rushed

He stopped in his tracks and smiled that gorgeous, full white purl smile in triumph “good”. And if it weren’t for the situation, I would have melted there and then… but there was no time!

He strode to the window “I’ll pick you up at 1.30 tomorrow” he winked then jumped… HE JUMPED!

I ran to the window after him and immediately exhaled as I saw him swinging down from the tree outside my bedroom.

“Eva Shaw! I’ve been calling you! What are you doing?”

I turned to my mother tapping her foot in my doorway- I sighed preferring to see Nick standing there…

“EVA! I’m talking to you young lady!”

“oh sorry mum, erm… well… I was… in the shower…”


-Nick’s P.O.V-

My heart was pounding at a million miles an hour! Damn I hate her mother for walking in just as I was about to take Eva! But damn Eva, she looked so sexy in nothing but that gown… If only I got to see under it!

OWOOOOOOOOOOO! My wolf cried out.

I was on an all-time high! The way she moaned my name! GOD! It sounded so sexy coming from her mouth, it sounded like only she is meant to say it. And now I get to see her again tomorrow.

I ran to the lake hidden in the woods. I needed a cool swim to help settle my… urges… but I think I’ll be needing more than just a swim for that. Nevertheless, I striped freeing my hard shaft. Once naked I turned into my wolf and pounced into the water.


I jumped up to my balcony and sneaked into my bedroom to get dressed before joining my pack downstairs.

I heard the majority of voices coming from the kitchen. “Hay guys, what’s going on?” the room silenced at my arrival. Strange… It was crowed and in the middle was my father and Jay. All eyes now on me.  

~”sorry Nick we had to tell him”~ Jay confessed telepathically.

Fuck. Now my father knows about Eva!

“Dad…” I began to explain

“Its okay son, I know its not in your control. Come with me, we need to talk.” Clive, my father reassured me and I instantly calmed. He led me off to his study.

“I take it you were just with her? How long ago did you find out she was the one?” I guess its straight down to business.

“Yes, and 2 days ago”

“Wow” He took a sip of his beer “How did she react when you told her?”

I looked down at my shoes and began to sweat.


“Uh…I …. Uh…” I stuttered

He raised an eyebrow “you have told her about us, about what you are? That she’s your mate, right?”

“Not… exactly”

“Not exactly!?”

“I haven’ told her. But she likes me, she may even love me! It will just take time and I need the right time to tell her! I don’t want to scare her away before she’s even gotten to know me!”

Clive’s jaw clenched “You’re right, but you know you’ll have to tell her soon. This has happened once before, a werewolf mating with a human, and we don’t want history to repeat itself”

I bowed my head “no… no we don’t” I agreed

He was right and I knew it. He spoke of what I feared most, speaking the worries I’ve not stopped thinking since I first saw Eva….

… She’ll never fully be mine!



Chapter 12- Text Message

-Nick’s P.O.V-

 I stumbled into my room and fell onto my bed. Different emotions swamped my mind- I was ecstatic over being able to see Eva tomorrow, but then I’m haunted with fear. The fear of whenever I’m around Eva it may be the last time… and she is the constant reminder of no matter how hard I try or how uncontrollably I fall in love with her, she may never feel the same way!


I buried my head under a pillow in attempt to hide these troubling feelings, but it was no good. I could never escape their haunting.


What the….

I checked my phone but it was switched off. Where is that beeping coming from?

I searched my room until I focused in on the beeping. It was coming from the bathroom… strange.

Finally, I found the phone- it was coming from inside Eva’s bag. She must have forgot it when she left the party before. It’s crazy, but my party seems like a lifetime ago!

Bag in hand, I walked back into my bedroom. Placing it on my bed I sat in front of it, investigating the bag as if it’s an alien object that I have never seen before.

“This is Eva’s bag” I told myself. “This bag could contain secrets, secrets that will bring me closer to her…”

My hand hovered over her phone, still unsure of myself

“This is a bad idea… you’re playing with a double-edged sword!”

“I know but…”


Her phone vibrated once more and all rationality left me as I grabbed the phone and investigated.

It was lit up with multiple text messages and missed calls. My jaw dropped. Who… who was this man texting my Eva!!

His caller ID was a picture of a young man in his 20’s called ‘Ally’…. What!? Ally? Isn’t that a girls name? I laughed.

“Someone’s Jealous!” My wolf sang

“SHUT UP! I’m not… its just… just a funny name!” I snarled.

I took another look at his picture as the phone rang again. He was muscular, I’ll give him that, blond and grey eyes. In the picture they’re at what looks like a lake, he was topless and has his arm around Eva, attempting to push her into the lake. She looks so carefree and happy as Eva is laughing and not even notice the picture being taken. This makes me even angrier… this man is close to Eva, so much that she’s comfortable around him, sharing jokes, jokes that only they know.


I threw the phone to the other side of my bed and began pacing around my room with confused thoughts going wild around my head.

Who is this? He looks nothing like her to be a relative. He’s too old to be her brother, he’s too young to be her father.

I came to an halt “Maybe ‘Ally’s’ her cousin..” I said, trying to convince myself.

Ughhhhhhhhhh! I pulled on my hair hoping it’ll pull out a better explanation from my brain, but it was no good.

“Maybe the text messages will hold some answers!”

My wolf was right! I ran to the bed and swept up the phone but stopped. I can’t invade Eva’s privacy any more than I already have… My gaze fell on the alluring phone resting in my grasp.

“But what about Eva’s privacy”

“You’ve already looked, you might as well get a better understanding.”

I took no more persuading. I swiped open the phone, but was met with a password lock! There was no way in to have an investigative look, so I settle for the limited amounts from the notifications said.

Ally                                                                                        10:35PM

Hay baby girl! Just lettin u know I’m coming to see you…     
    Ally                                                                                        10:50PM

Are you out? Text me when you can :) xxxx

Ally                                                                                        11:01PM

Missed call (2)

Ally                                                                                        11:17PM

This isn’t like you Eva! Are you ok?

Ally                                                                                        11:20PM

Missed call (5)

Ally                                                                                        11:22PM

Ok, officially worried Eva!

Ally                                                                                        11:23PM

Missed call (4)

The phone fell from my hands, as if it had burnt me. I was in a state of shock… who was he?

Anger overtook the heartbreak. I turned and burst through the doors leading out onto the balcony, jumping down and into the forest. Running through the brush and branches of the great oak trees surrounding the house. Nothing would slow me down, I need explanations! I need to know who this man was and what he means to Eva.

My wolf was taking over.


I shifted and my speed increased on my course to Eva’s house.

“STOP!!!” I tried to tame the beast within.

“Why, we need to know who this PRICK is and why he thinks it’s okay to talk to our Eva like that! Who is he? We need to know!” He snarled.

We can’t force her! We can’t let her know that we betrayed her trust by reading her messages. It’ll push her away from us, further than she already is! With time we’ll find out who he is… and then we will sort this ‘Ally’ problem out.


I began to slow down. My breathing heavy. I came to a halt and fell to cold ground, growling up at the moon. My wolf whimpered with defeat.

I want to know who this dick head is to, but confrontation is not the way to solve it. If Eva does lov…lov… like him, then I need to respect that and work to get Eva all to myself.

My breathing steadied and my eyelids grew heavy as I drifted into a restless sleep, dreaming of Eva and that boy.

Chapter 13- I... like you

I…I like you

Eva’s P.O.V.

I couldn’t get to sleep. No matter how much I tossed and turned, I just couldn’t get comfortable… I couldn’t get the thought of Nick out of my mind. A part of me was scared that if I did fall asleep, then I would wake up and this had all been a dream! The way he touched me, the way he kissed me. The feel of his hands caressing my body, how our body’s perfectly moulded to each other. I reacted so intensely to the slightest of touches. Sighing, I closed my eyes replaying his magical, possessive touch roaming me.

I shook my head, bringing myself from my fanaticise and focusing on getting myself ready for today.

After showering, I got dressed in light blue jeans, a cute lose white vest and my fake toms- also known as my usual comfy cloths.

Looking in the mirror, I was ready with 3 hours to spare. I was beginning to get butterflies in the pit of my stomach, and what made it worse was the waiting…

*Knock Knock*

“Come in” I shout, turning my attention to my bedroom door as my mother walks in.

“Have a seat honey” She points to my bed and we both sit at opposite ends.

“What’s up?”

“Excuse me!?” She said sternly, raising an eyebrow waiting for my correction.

“I am sorry, I mean what is wrong mother?” My mother has always been strict, but even more so since the divorce.

“That is better. I am here because I need to talk to you about something very important.” I nodded for her to continue, she cleared her throat “I am going on a business trip, and will be gone for a month. It is part of my agreement and responsibility I withhold since my promotion”

She stood and paced over to my dresser, picking up my treasured photo of me and my brother, something I treasure more than anything.

“So I will be living here alone?” I couldn’t hide the excitement building up within from my voice. Although my mother always came home late, I still felt like her gaze and judgement never left me 24/7. But when she leaves for the weekends on occasional business trips I feel freer! Yet her leaving for a month will give me the separation I’ve been needing from her.

She slammed down the frame and whipped around to face me once more. “Don’t be ridiculous!” she spat, “I have made arrangements for adult supervision” and with that brief response she left.

I ran after her in search for answers, “Wait mother! Who? Who is supervising me?”

Her face scrunched up as if she had just sucked a lemon, “Your brother”. The name flew from her mouth, unwanted from lingering in her speech. I knew she despised the thought of it, however I was screaming with excitement inside!


Shortly after my mum’s announcement, she left for work, but the news that my brother was coming home after 2 years of being apart still hadn’t sunk in! He was going to stay here for a whole month and it’ll just be me and him!

I was on an all-time high! Sure, I talk to my brother and dad all the time but to be able to hug my brother and talk to him face to face will be a million time better.

I jumped into the living room, set my IPod up to the speakers and turned the volume to the maximum.

When the music began, I twirled, twisted and just let my body flow with the music. I flung my head back, raised my hands into the air and sung along to my favourite’s songs blasting from the speakers. By the time the song quietened out I had already broken out into a sweat and was breathing heavily.. I really need to get into better shape!

Whipping the sweat away, I turned and was met with Nick standing in the doorway, watching me.


“Hello Eva, having fun?” He observed with a teasing smirk.

My knee’s almost, but not quite, buckled beneath me. Nick strode towards me, pausing in front of me and I realised to my horror that he had just seen me crazily dancing around the room. My feet were frozen in place as he approached me, his legs lean and long in caramel chinos. I noted the lovely soft blue smart top, I could swear he chose those colour to highlight eyes, those deep blue orbs of mystique.

“W…wh…what are.. doing here?!” I mumbled as the words stumbled embarrassingly from me. He took a step closer, giving me the best opportunity to fill my senses with his welcoming oak and lavender sent. The smell is like a switch that instantly triggers all emotions I’ve felt since I’ve been with Nick. My head intuitively fell from embarrassment to hide my face as it turned all types of red.

“I was knocking on the door for a while… but now I can see that you were somewhat preoccupied” I could hear him trying, and failing, to hide the amusement dancing in his voice. Gently stroking his finger under my chin, he tilts my head up and our eyes lock. All evidence of humour gone as now it is replaced by seriousness and that unmistakable lust sparkle in his eye. My mouth dries and I inhale sharply from the contact. “You looked so content and happy, I didn’t want to interrupt you.”

His eyes softened, with a façade of happiness, yet beneath I could see a look I’ve never seen before, jealousy. “I want you to be that carefree when you’re with me.” He whispered, almost as if it was a thought spoken aloud or I had read it from his mind, trespassing into his deepest of thoughts.

Quickly and gently he moved, my face now in between his hands forcing me stationary and only looking at him. I could look at him all day, it astonished me how god-like his features where. How angels must be jealous of his glowing complexion and Greek gods jealous of his perfectly toned physique.

My thoughts were abruptly put to a halt as his lips crash down onto mine and I gasp. He’s kissing me! So passionately and filled with such deep emotion. There is no time wasted before he used my shock as entrance to deepen the kiss and his tongue is exploring me.

Lust explodes throughout my body and I’m kissing him back. I reach up, digging my fingers into his thick, silk locks and drawing him closer. Claiming his lips as he does the same to mine. I could feel him smiling against her mouth with satisfaction of my response, but I wasn’t sure if I was in control of my own body. It felt as though my body was taking over, yet I didn’t care! I felt so safe and warm in Nick’s arms that I never wanted to leave his protection.

Nick’s hands slowly and teasingly moved their way from my face to my hips, feeling every curve of my body and taking extra time when he passed my breast. My nipples hardened with a chill of excitement, sending the same bolt of electricity throughout my body, focusing more between my legs. He hugged me close to his body. Moving my hands down, I hugged him back.

We broke apart, both gasping. Nick’s stare never left me, with almost as much astonishment as I had. His eyes black with desire, I blink several time before they return to the familiar deep blue colour I love. Was that my imagination… I’m sure his eyes turned black!

“Mine!” he snarls


I push on his chest to create some well needed distance between us so that my brain could function properly, yet his hands never leave my waist. I am grateful for his support as my legs feel like jelly and I lean on his arms till my legs gain the strength back.

Gazing into his eyes, it was always a gateway into his feelings. I was shocked to face a man so vulnerable this time. It was refreshing to see Nick this way compared to his usual strong and leadership-like behaviour.

“I love you Eva, you know that. But I… I need to know… do you… is it possible…” He stuttered, his body tensing up beneath my touch and his voice low and anxious in anticipation of my response, “do you like me?”

I froze, not knowing what to say or what to do. My brain just wasn’t working. All logical thinking had stopped, leaving me with the one thing that had been screaming an answer since my first collision with Nick… my heart.

“I… lo…like you Nick” I whispered shyly. Biting my bottom lip in attempts to contain my emotions and refrain from spilling my true answer from him.

His once anxious eyes began to soften and he visibly relaxed. His eyes once again gleamed with love and pride. Before I could respond further, his arms tightened around me, pressing me into his chest. Resting my head by his neck I just let go and melted into him. This feels right, this is where I’m meant to be. 


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Chapter 14- Maybe...

 Nick’s P.O.V.

I held her in my arms for what feels like a lifetime, never wanting to let her go. There was now no doubt in my mind that this is truly where I’m supposed to be for the rest of my life… with Eva in my embrace… forever.

Her delicate hands push against my chest and regrettably I loosen my hold on her. She looked up at me through her long eye lashes. Her hazel eyes searching deep into mine, looking deep into my soul, reading all my emotions. The corners of her mouth rose. I could look at her smile for hours.

“I thought we were supposed to be going out?” she teased and I couldn’t hide the smile tugging on my lips.

“You’re right, but I think I would much rather stay here with you in my arms.” My reply sent heat rushing to her cheeks. I loved how cute and innocent she was when she blushed. I’ve been with a lot of women but I’ve never met one as fucking perfect as Eva. The innocence in her eyes scream at me. And all I want to do is peal every inch of her clothing off, take her innocence and bury myself in her, but I can’t. I don’t want to break or hurt her. I don’t want to ruin her perfection.


Eva P.O.V.

“You’re right, but I think I would much rather stay here with you in my arms.” His eyes are so hot that I’m on fire with the lust in them. I knew he was thinking dirty thoughts, but so was I. How could I not with this 6ft 2 hunk of pure sexy standing so close to me.

Nick lifts his hand and strokes his fingers along one side of my face, gently caressing my cheek. My eyes close in response, and I lean into his hand. Every part of me sparks to life. My voice is caught in my throat. I can’t speak. I feel the tension building between us and I’m going to melt. I want to melt. I want to stop thinking for a while and lose myself in his kiss. This is so weird for me, but I don’t pull away. I force myself forward. Heat shoots through my body and I feel myself inching toward him, wanting to taste his kiss, wanting to hold him against me. Nick’s fingers brush my hair away from my face, and he dips his head and covers my lips with his. I suck in a jagged breath, unable to hide how much he affects me. Nick’s bottom lip brushes against mine. He kisses me softly, hesitantly at first. Testing whether I wanted this, and I did. More than anything, I wanted his lips on mine, on my body, everywhere.

Each kiss is slow and tentative, wanting to know if I want more. Nipping my bottom lip with his teeth, Nick kisses me and I respond. I lean into him and press my mouth roughly against his. I feel his tongue brush the seam of my lips, asking for them to part. He sweeps against them lightly once, twice, and I open my mouth. Brushing his tongue along the curves of my lips, Nick kisses me deeper. I moan, not wanting it to stop. Every part of my body is burning up. Every bit of me is hyper-sensitive to his touch. As his hands touch my skin, I feel lighter, like I’m floating.

We pull apart. He leans his forehead on mine as we both gasp for our breaths back. With his hands still on either side of my face he backs his head away from me and I feel lost. I feel cold without the heat from Nick’s lips.

Looking up, our eyes met. I couldn’t look anywhere else, as though the world around us ceased to exist while he continued to stare at me so intensely.


Eva’s P.O.V.

We’re sitting in a beautiful restaurant. As soon as Nick walked through the door, the staff were waiting on us hand and foot. Just the mere mention of his family’s name had everyone in this town on their knees in awe.

Looking up from my menu I catch Nick staring at me. I couldn’t quite read what he was thinking. It’s as if he can’t believe that I’m sitting in front of him. The intense gaze makes my stomach twist. This guy is beyond beautiful. Dark locks of perfectly messy black hair sweep across his face, with a few longer pieces by his eyes. An insane urge to lean forward and feel how smooth and silky his hair is between my fingers shoots through me. I shove the sensation back down when a waitress appears to take our order.

“Y’all ready to order?” She sang. Our waitress was petite, and curves in all right places. Hell, even I would find it difficult to keep eye contact but I didn’t want to chance looking over at Nick while he ogled at her body, regretting being here with me.

I gave my order. All the while jealousy raged through me as not once did she look at me. Like most women here, her attention never left Nick. I followed her gaze to the creature before me and I gasped. His attention was on me.

Nick gave his order. His gaze never leaving mine. I fidgeted in my seat and flicked my sight elsewhere to help cool myself down, but in the corner of my eye I could see him continue looking at me as the waitress left.

My body heats.

My sex clenches tight, and I hate that he seems to notice his effect on me.

“I was thinking about you coming back to mine after this and get to know everyone?” he asked.

I’m both aroused and infuriated and this is the most confusing feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. I was jealous. Even if he paid no attention to any other woman here, the fact that he had been with other women. I can see that he thinks he’s the ultimate creation, and he believes every woman here is his Eve, created from his ribcage for him to enjoy. That they had done things with him that I only fantasise about really gets under my skin.

He titled his head and cocked and eyebrow like he was waiting for me to say something. Oh crap. He had asked me a question. Damn those sea blue eyes of his. It was hard to concentrate. I’ve been staring at him unconsciously for too long. This only added fuel to his ego. “Sorry, what did you say?” I asked as my face turned all sorts of red.

His lips curl.

“I said that I was thinking about you coming back to mine after this… and get to know everyone.. I mean after the other night…” Ah the other night at the party when Nick was too embarrassed to be seen with me. He made me feel like a fool. Yet that night feels like a million years ago, compared to the ‘new’ Nick sitting across from me. I was so confused.

I look away. My mouth goes dry and I forced a smile. I close my eyes tightly, in attempt to push away the memories that haunt me.

“are you sure?” I ask.

“Am I sure about what?”

“about… being seen by your friends with… with me?”

Before I had time to respond, Nick’s fingers gently lifted my chin till I met his gaze. He was watching me closely. His eyes were wild and demanding.

“Never think that again. I love you and I want everyone to know it!” he growls, panting.

His animal magnetism is so dominant I think he just took my voice. He’s so close he’s all over my personal space, absorbing it, absorbing me, taking my oxygen and filling it with his alluring scent. I can’t understand the way my heart is beating, the way I’m sitting here, shivering with heat, my body just focusing on the exact spot his hands gently caress me.

With trembling efforts I turn my head, free from his touch and glance at the young waitress retuning with our order.  She places our food down, but I have no appetite anymore. He loved me. But did he want everyone to know about us. Whatever ‘us’ means.

“Is there anything else I can get y’all?” she asked. All attention solely on Nick.

“Yes, could you get some more napkins for my girlfriend”

My eyes shoot up and widen. His girlfriend?! Did I hear that right?

My question is quickly answered by the cocky smile beaming from Nick and the shocked gasp from our waitress. This is the first time she had looked at me and it was with such a jealous and speechless expression.

It takes a while for Nick’s answer to sink in before she responds. “Yes.. yes certainly.”

She leaves, but I pay no notice. All my attention is on Nick.

We sit in silence. My stomach drops. He’s killing me.

I sit back weakly in my chair, I don’t know what he wants from me but I’m tied up in knots because I never expected that I would hear those words from Nick. That I would be claimed as his so soon. It all feels surreal.

“I know you’re not ready to say those words yet. But it would… I would…” He stutters. Rubbing the back of his neck, I see his bicep tense and I’m in awe from his very impressive physique. “damn it, Eva will you be my girlfriend?”

His eyes are wide. He looks so vulnerable as if he had just opened his chest and served his heart up to me. Damn it, damn him! I just want to jump over this table and into his embrace.

“erm… maybe…” is the only response I could muster. I’ve never been in a situation like this before. How would you reply to a question like that? What is the right answer to that question asked by probably the sexiest man alive?

“Does maybe mean yes?” A glimmer of hope shimmers in his deep blues.

“Maybe” I give him a sheepish smile. The only response my shy self could give in this situation.

A wicked grin crosses his face and he visibly relaxes.

“Maybe…” he whispers.

Chapter 15- Brothers

Eva’s P.O.V


Pulling up in front of Nick’s house, painful memories flooded my mind from the other night. The party seems like a lifetime ago, yet the memories burn my mind making me relive it every second since.


My heart sank. I saw a few expensive foreign cars parked outside. “Are you having another party?”, the sadness woven uncontrollably in my voice and written on my face.


He looked at me confused, “No, just friends and family”. That answer didn’t make me feel any better.


His fingers trailed down from my cheek to under my chin, lifting my gaze to his. His eyes fell onto my lips before returning to my eyes.


“Tell me what’s on your mind, Eva” he said softly. I bit my lip, not wanting to embarrass myself by revealing to Nick how the idea of being in that situation terrified me. A situation that would force Nick’s hand into choosing whether he would want to be seen with me in front of his close friends and family. A situation that I knew would not be in my favour. I don’t think my heart could with stand another blow, it was still healing from the last one.


This house just seemed like a constant reminder of just how much I didn’t belong here. Not only was I out of Nick’s league financially and socially but also with appearances. I was nowhere near the level of his previous love affairs. His usual top class models, with their long legs and curvaceous bodies.


And then there was Nick himself, sitting in front of me with an expression of lust and shock as if he can’t believe that I’m sitting in front of him. His intense gaze makes my stomach knot. This guy was beyond beautiful with his perfectly messed black locks. It urging me to lean forward and feel how smooth his hair would feel between my fingers. I shoved the sensation down when I noticed Nick was still waiting for my answer.


“Eve?” One word. Nothing else. But he didn’t need to say anything else. With his clenched jaw and intense gleam in his eyes said it all. I was powerless against him. I leaned towards him, just the sound of my name on those sexy lips made me his.


My eyes left his momentarily to look at the house before returning to his, “I’m scared.” My mouth spilled out before my brain had a chance to stop my confession.


He smiled, pulling me further under his spell. His hands came up and cupped my face. “I know,” he replied “but I promise I will never hurt you again”.


“You can’t promise that” His hold on me tightened. Physically he can protect me but he couldn’t protect me from what I feared the most, him.


“I will spend the rest of my life keeping this promise and proving myself to you.”


Holy crap. The rest of his life! He was already making plans for us in the future. Would we have a future together? I knew that men like Nick Lewis only came around once in a lifetime. He was mine right now, but this fairy tale didn’t belong to me. Nick was someone else’s Prince Charming and once his princess came around I would be left on the side of the road, abandoned and alone.


Nick’s lips gently kissed my forehead, releasing the frown I didn’t notice I was doing. Returning my attention to him. His touch always seemed to calm me. Sending a shiver down my spine and a spark straight to in between my legs. I was melting.


“You are mine. I am yours!” he reassured my unspoken worries. He reached over, wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me onto his lap. The car made it snug, but that didn’t seem to worry Nick. His arms were around me. One brushing the hair from my face, the other on the small of my back pulling me tightly to his chest. He smelt so heavenly. Oak and lavender, my new favourite scent.


“But why?” I demanded weakly.


“Isn’t it obvious,” one of his hands moved into my hair, tilting my head back perfectly for his kiss. He brushed his lips across mine. I moan and part my lips. My worry now forgotten. No longer slow and soft, he deepened the kiss to something more primal and demanding. Our bodies melted together as our tongues danced hot and furiously. Suddenly I want his hands on me, his tongue all over me.


He slows me down with his tongue. His fingers tangled in my hair guide me to the slow rhythm of his mouth. Our lips part and I try to catch my breath. My lips are swollen from our kissing. My body is in a frenzy, I want more, I want Nick.


He sifts his fingers down my hair and guides my head to the crook of his neck, cuddling me close. His chest rising and falling fast under me. He’s so hot and warm that I press tighter against him, his powerfully built arms help draw me closer before he continued, “It’s because I love you. I love you so fucking much Eva!”




A chill runs down my spine as we enter his castle. If Nick wasn’t holding my hand so tightly I think I would have turned and ran for the hills.


Ignoring my reluctance, Nick leads me into a huge open space bestowing such grand elegance. There is a pair of stairs, bordering the hall at each side then meeting at the top. The walls are filled with fine art and décor making the castle seem dated, holding family stories and tales throughout history. It is such a shame and waste that I never got to admire any of it the last time I was here. It’s beautiful.


 The décor doesn’t even make Nick look twice as he leads me through the archway created by the stairs and to the right.


Before we make it into the kitchen, Nick is attacked by multiple guys. I’m in a state of shock before I realise they’re play fighting.


After several greetings, fist bumps and handshakes Jake introduces me to the many people crowding the room. I don’t remember many, only the few I’ve seen Nick hang out around school with.


“This is Jay…” Nick directs my attention to an Asian guy standing next to me. He’s tall, dark hair styled to a small mohican, hard chisels features that complement the defined muscles. He was attractive, not in Nick’s league, but he had a warm smile that looked friendly.


Nick then grabbed the younger version of himself into a head lock. The boy looked exactly like Nick and made me think if that’s what Nick looked like at the age of 15, an adorable cute boy. “And finally, this brat is my younger brother, Jack” Anyone could have known that Jack and Nick were related just by a glance at them.


Nick smiled his boyish grin with his dimples as his brother fights out from his hold. The playfulness sparkle in his eyes melts my heart and I can’t look anywhere but into his deep blue eyes.


Jack straightens out his clothes before turning his attention on me as Nick rumpled his hair. I couldn’t help but smile at him, the abuse he gets from his brother and his friends is obviously only fun to them but to Jack it’s so much more, he just wants to fit in and be friends. I know that because that’s how I felt once upon a time at the start of the year, I would laugh at jokes that weren’t funny and stand by while others were bullied just so I could say I have friends… so I wasn’t the one being bullied.. but we all know that didn’t last long. I was disgusted in myself to watch others in pain until one day I jumped out in front of my so called friends to help Peter.


“Hi Eva, I’m Jack” He returned my smile with his own charming dimple filled smile. Instantly, I felt relaxed and friendly with him.


“Hi jack, its nice to meet you” His grin widened and I saw his cheeks turn pink as he blushed. I couldn’t help but feel my own cheeks fill with heat. I was astonished at why Jack would ever need the approval of Nick and his friends, Jack was handsome and kind and I’m sure very popular.


Nick was quickly at my side, his arm tight around my shoulder keeping me close to his side. So territorial and possessive, it made me feel… wanted, loved being here with Nick and his brother. I’m so used to being alone at home that being here is refreshing and warming.


“Back away kid, you wouldn’t be flirting with my woman would you?” All the humour gone from Nick’s voice, it was cold and angry. I didn’t want to get in between brothers, and I especially didn’t want to be the one on the other side of angry Nick.


“N..No Nick, Not… not at all. I was just saying hi to Eva, that’s all” Jack stumbled, as he bowed his head in submission to his brother. I looked around the room, all eyes on the brothers but none making a move to lighten the sudden escalated heated atmosphere. As I looked around, although no one was talking, I felt as though I was missing out on a whole conversation between the brothers as they just stood there.


“Right, so don’t look at her again. Now go” Nick growled. I jumped at his outburst of anger and I could resist the urge to help Jack because Nick was taking this too far.


“I was only…” Jack tried to explain himself but was cut off by another growl from Nick. Jack began to back away, lowering his head further and even whimpered, earning him snickers from some of the guys.


Now this had turned into bullying, and Nick was doing nothing to defend him! I pulled from Nick’s protective grip I went to Jack’s side. I gently put one hand on his back and the other under his chin, raising his gaze to mine, making the once snickers to gasps.


“Are you okay?” I asked Jack. But he only replied with a quaint nod, not even making eye contact. What had Nick said or done for Jack to feel like it was a crime to even look at me! “Nick that was too far! He was just introducing himself!”


“It was the way he was looking at you, you’re mine and only I can look at you that way!” anger was rolling off of him, but his voiced calmed as he talked to me.


“I’m not a possession, I’m a person! I can talk and look at anyone I want to and anyone can do the same to me! And it certainly doesn’t mean you can bully your brother, he did nothing wrong!” I shook my head, I guess Nick could never actually change from his old self. It may not be me whom he is bullying but it still doesn’t make it right.


“I know, and you’re right and I’m sorry Eva… I just.. when I saw him and heard what he was thi….” he stopped abruptly mid-sentence, seeming to regret what he was saying before he continued, “I just don’t want others to look at you like you’re anything but mine.”


I blinked. He was admitting all of this in front of everyone.


I didn’t know how to react… “Yes, well, if Jack can forgive you then so can I”


Nick came to my side, sliding his arm around my waist and gripping me to his hard chest. Even when I’m angry with him, I can’t resist the shock I get from his touch or the warmth from our bodies as they mould together.


He looked down at me, his eyes soft and apologetic. I offered him a weak smile before he stuck his hand out to his brother. “Jack I’m… Jack…” He sighed “I’m sorry ok” It looked like it took everything in himself to admit he was sorry, and I couldn’t help but giggle. His brother also brightened up with his boyish dimple filled smile reappearing.

“That wasn’t so hard was it?” I couldn’t hide the giggle as I spoke.


Nick circled both arms around me and pulled me to his chest. His head lowering to my ear as he whispered “yes, it actually was. Jack’s going to hold that against me for the rest of my life! I’ve never apologised before, but for you Eva… fuck, I would do anything!” His hot breath in my ear as he sighed, pulling back so our eyes connected, “I’m sorry for how I acted, I thought it was just some fun. But when I saw the way he looked at you Eva it made me so angry because I own you Eva! You’re m..”


“Let me guess, ‘mine’” I finished for him.


“Damn right!” his lips lowered to mine, but they never touched. Only his breath on my lips, he was close- so close! My heart was pounding in my chest, my skin tingling for his touch. “Ask me Eva, ask for my kiss” I felt his words more than I heard them as his lips were only a whisper away from mine. “Just say yes Eva…”


My legs were jelly, my cheeks hot from embarrassment of his request. All other bodies in the room forgotten as the only person I see, I feel is Nick. What was this man doing to me, I had only known him a few days, yet he owned my body, he owned me. How was that possible? I didn’t even know him, but somehow in that moment it didn’t matter.


“Yes” it came out more a moan than an answer.


A strong warm hand cupped the back of my head, fingers threading through my hair drawing me towards him until the magic moment when our lips met. I can’t believe he made me beg almost for this kiss. But it wasn’t just a kiss, it was the control and the power he had over me and the moment our lips met I knew I had lost all my self-control to him.


He was the master of kissing. Slow, hot, demanding, intense. His lips moving with mine as his hands hold me tight against his body, allowing no escape until he said so. He used this kiss to show what control over me he had, to show me how desperate this kiss was to him just like his next breath.


I forgot how to breathe. He took away my breath.


When he pulled away, I let out a shaky breath as I was left wanting. I never wanted it to stop, he was addictive.

It wasn’t until Nick’s gaze flicked behind me until I remembered we weren’t alone. My head fell to Nick’s chest and I could feel the vibrations from his laugh, he obviously found my embarrassment amusing but I only groaned.


“Nick we need to talk” It was Jay who had brought our public make out session to a standstill.


“Ok” Nick pulled me away. His hand on my shoulders as he lowered himself so he became more on my eye level. “I’ll be gone for only a moment” he looked around before his eyes rested on his brother. His lips went into a hard line, the anger still obviously there “just stay with Jack until I get back”


I nodded, I knew that was hard for him to do so I didn’t want to make it harder for him and nag him to stay. I was an adult, and I needed to stop acting like a child. He kissed me on the forehead. Not wanting to part, his lips lingered. Loving the feeling of our connection, I never wanted his body to leave mine.


He stood and followed Jay out of the kitchen but not before stopping in the door frame and giving Jay a cold hard look… a warning, so many thing were said between them but not one word was spoken.


Gone for only a second, my body was cold and I felt lonely. 


Chapter 16- The Truth Hurts

Nick’s P.O.V


Jay lead me into my fathers office. I walked behind the big oak desk and looked out onto the yard to see Eva walking around with Jack. My fist balled at my sides from the way he looked at her, from the way all the un-mated wolves looked at her!


She is so beautiful and mine. That kiss… her need for me clear in her voice as she begged. My cock was…


“What were you thinking bringing her here!” Jay began “She’s in danger from us and we’re in danger from you. She is only a part mated human and we have un-mated males! It’s not their fault, or your brothers, if they can’t leave her alone, so try and not rip everyone’s head off or we won’t have a pack left.”


I went to talk but closed my mouth and lowered my head with a sigh. He was right. Before I complete the mating with Eva I shouldn’t leave her so vulnerable.


“You’re right” I mumble


“What was that?” Jay said as a cocky smile began to spread. What a fucker.


“You know what I said! But you are right, I’ll try and not kill anyone… I can’t promise I won’t hurt them though.” Jay just shook his head and laughed at my stubbornness. He knew my pain, he would do the same if this was his mate Chloe.


“But we’ve only just met, and Eva’s not ready to know or to become a part of this. What do you expect me to do? Tie her down and complete the bond by force!!” it was a ridiculous idea, I would never hurt Eva that way but there was a dark part of my that liked the idea of doing anything to make Eva mine!


“We can’t completely dismiss that idea…”


“This is no time to joke!” I growled “are you forgetting your mate! What if I suggested you hurting Chloe that way, taking her by force! just so these wimps don’t have to fear me! They should fear me, I’m their alpha!”


“okay dude, calm the fuck down! And we both know an alpha is more than scaring the shit out of the pack. A pack is built on trust, the trust you and your father made” He was right, again. I just didn’t know what I was going to do.


“Speaking of hot and irresistible mates, I’m going out with Chloe… hay don’t be jealous of our mutual love and lust for each other!” he laughed and he jogged out the room.


“Yeah, fuck you!” I collapsed into the chair and brought my attention to Eva’s phone on the desk. How was I going to bring up who this man was to her? Was I ready for the truth? I was disturbed by a knock on the office door.


“What know!” I shouted laughing, thinking it was Jay trying to brag some more.


“There are two males from another pack here to see you”. Sitting up straight, I put Eva’s phone in my pocket.

Engaging alpha mode I say “Send them in.”


The two men were obviously father and son, their resemblance quite striking. The only difference being the son having grey eyes and not brown like his father. However I couldn’t care less, after one look at the son, I was speechless and angry… the son was the guy that had been calling Eva!!


Before these mutts had a chance to speak, I’ve jumped over my father’s desk and tackled the little shit to the floor. Pinning him, I force my fist repeatedly onto his head until I don’t know whether the blood is from his face or my fists.


I hear the father and jay shouting and pulling at my shoulders, but I can’t stop! My anger drowning them out, I continue until the warm familiar sent of sweet peached fills my senses. My trance allows Jay a momentarily opportunity to peal me away from the dick. Once on my feet, however, all attention is brought back to the son.


“Why do you smell like her!?” its out of my mouth before it could be stopped, but I don’t care. The need to know how this fuck holds a connection to my precious Eva is too overpowering, its taking all control not to turn and rip this fuck from where he lays pathetically on my floor.


“what?” He leisurely wipes the blood from his lip that has already begun to heal. Each movement pissing me off more than the last the longer the issue goes unresolved.


“Why. Do. You. Smell. Like. Eva?” Each word forced impatiently.


“Eva? How do you know Eva?”


That’s it, I snapped! In one swift movement the fuck’s neck was snugly in my grasp and his body limp against the wall behind him. Lifting him up and building the pressure around his neck. His worthless life in my clasp, how easy it would be to end his miserable life and have Eva all to myself.


“How many times must I repeat myself because of your insolence!! Who are you and how do you know Eva!?”


Unable to speak with the lack of oxygen to his brain, his worried father steps in. “My name is Charles West…” I let go of his sons neck as he tumbles to the floor coughing as oxygen fills his lungs. His father rushes to his side but continues, “… this is my son Alander. And Eva? Eva she’s…”


“She’s my sister…” Alander struggles to speak, his voice raspy from my hold.


I stumble back a step in a haze of confusion. “but… you are…what? How?”


“Obviously there is no blood relation” Charles explains.


“Obviously” my words are only whispers. “so how?”


“I’m sorry but they are private details, I’m sure Eva wouldn’t want some like you to know.” I tear away from Jay’s hold and go at Alander but not before Jay has a chance to stop me once more. With the help from his father Alander staggered to his feet.


His statement angered me more! How dare he? Eva is my mate. “How dare you! You don’t know the Eva I know”


“and how is it that you know my Eva?” his Eva? HIS EVA!? Such arrogance! He has the nerve to speak to me like that. That’s it, I’m going kill him…


“Eva and I… she is my mate” I stood straighter. Proud to tell her “family” who I was to Eva and how much Eva means to me. Its better that her family are werewolves as now they will know how difficult and sometimes rare it is to find ones mate. They will understand how impossible it is for me to be apart from her. Every breath taken without her beside me is almost like not taking a breath at all…


“Impossible” Charles whispers whilst simultaneously Alander says “YOU’RE HER WHAT!?”


“I understand your surprise, but I didn’t know Eva was already accustom to our way of life with such a deep werewolf connection with you both being in her life. I have not told her yet of our engagement to each other. I was quite dreading it, to be honest. However now I cannot wait as things are surely to move swiftly…”


“No!” Alander interrupted. “She does not know of us and what we are, nor must she ever know! She is a human for Christ sakes, and although I do not know how it is possible for you two to be mated she must never know!”


“Impossible! She is my mate and I need…”


“Regardless of what you need, think of my…. Our Eva and what of her needs. I have been protecting her from the likes of us since the knowing of my inheritance and it must stay that way. If you complete the mating, only you would have the bond. What would have happened if I was not her brother but her lover, for example, and you had continued to have treated me the way you did? I am no lesser of a man to admit that you are an alpha and stronger than I, I would have been killed. You would have broken Eva’s trust and lost her love then she would have moved on. But you, you would seek out Eva and ruin any chance of a normal relationship she has with anyone other than yourself because the bond for her would be too strong for you to control yourself.”


I backed away until I hit the desk, leaning against it for support as all my strength both physically and emotionally had been drained. His words, all of it was true. I would be a monster, I am a monster to Eva and if she were to find out about me it is sure to end in doom.


“No… I love her…”


“I’m sure you do. No one could deny the love you have for her as she is your mate. But before it gets too strong and out of control, leave her.”


“I can’t. I know its selfish but I can’t live the rest of my life without her! We… we will just not complete the mating bond…”


“Ha! A werewolf not completing a bond with their mate and going without sex for the rest of his life has never been heard of before! That is assuming you can keep it in your pants and not use another to relieve yourself…”


“You sick fuck!” I shot up to my feet, adding height to remind Alander of my dominance over him. “How dare you insinuate I would sleep with anyone other than Eva?”


His hands went up in surrender. “I’m not insinuating anything….”


A giggle from outside echoed through the office disrupting our heated conversation. The sound of angels from and angel herself. My mate was laughing. She is happy being here instead of scared from the memories of the party when I was such a prick to her. Although I’m overjoyed that she is happy and relaxed here, it angers me that I was not the one to make her laugh, nor was I there to selfishly keep her smile all to myself.


“She’s here?! You brought my sister to a house full of wolves!!!”


“Calm yourself, She’s safe! I would let no harm come to her, you know that!”


Alander exhaled heavily. He knew I was right. Eva is mine, and no harm should ever come her way.


“She’s expected me tomorrow but I thought I would surprise her by coming tonight. I am staying with her whilst her mother has gone out of town, which brings us onto why we are here. We would like to move here permanently and wish for your blessing into your pack.”


“For Eva, anything. Plus it gives me the chance to keep a close eye on you.”


“Keep you friends close, but your enemies closer…”


“Precisely, brother” I snarled. 

Chapter 17- Lost Property

-Eva’s P.O.V -


 I was having a good time with Jack. He’s making me laugh and remind me of normality, which is helping take my mind off the pain I associate with being here. He was showing me their land filled with old trees and such beautiful wildlife and tells me that this is only scratching the surface of the land they own. One day I’m going to ask Nick to show me more of this stunning land.


Jack had also told me stories about his childhood with Nick. But hearing such funny and adventure filled stories only makes me wish I could see this small boy with not a care in the world. Sometimes when I’m with Nick he can be so serious and possessive that he has a front up around me and he looks angry, hungry. But then there are times I get a glimpse of the boy he used to be with his dimple filled smile that brightens any room.


As we walk out of the wooded area and back into the house, Jack has become silent and trying everything to keep a distance from me without running away altogether. Its weird. I have only seen him behave this way when Nick is around. I quickly snap my head behind me to see if Nick is there and angry at Jack, but to my disappointment he isn’t.


I shouldn’t be disappointed… should I? its weird but when Nick’s not around me I feel cold. Without his protective arm around me and his body so close to me, I feel lost...vulnerable.


“Where are we going?” Jack led me through the house and up the stairs. Once we had passes the second floor I knew there was only one place we could be going and it both scared and excited me.


“Nick asked me to take you to his room. He wanted to talk to you and thought you would feel more comfortable if you did in privacy.”


“Oh” was all I could say. Mostly because I was embarrassed that Jack thought that the ‘privacy’ Nick wanted had nothing to do with talking.


Jack left quite swiftly once he had escorted me to Nick’s room. However, Nick wasn’t there yet so I was left to my own thought as I waited and it was driving me crazy thinking what he wanted to talk to be about so privately.


The view from Nick’s floor to ceiling windows is just breath taking. If this were my room, I don’t think I could leave or would always rush home knowing this view was waiting for me. Maybe this would help with the loneliness I’ve been feeling.


I laugh at the thought of how opposite me and Nick really are, not just in appearance but also in the company we keep. Nick has all these people around him who care for him and are so faithful towards him. And then there was me. First my brother is taken from me, then my mother treats me like she never wished I was born and leaves me alone. When I go back home tonight, nobody’s going to be there waiting for me. I smile because my brother will be coming into town tomorrow, but tonight I could just wonder into the woods and let the coldness take my body so I’m not a nuisance to anyone anymore.


My disturbing thoughts are gone when I feel the usual hairs standing on the back of my neck tingle I get when Nick is around. Now I feel his presence in the room before I see him. The click of the door locking just confirms his presents.


Spinning around I see him standing there. Oh sweet God he is gorgeous! From his athletic body to his expressive full lips that make all the women drool over, I was a goner!


As my eyes looked down his body, I noticed that he was tense. His muscles were tight and his jaw set like it was made from concrete. When his eyes met mine, however, he visibly relaxed and his lips tipped up at the sides as he saw me so blatantly checking him out.


The old me would be embarrassed and surprised from these thoughts, but after knowing Nick a short time my body’s thinking ‘what the hell’ enjoy it while it lasts because for all I know this may not last very long.


Unable to move, this handsome creature gracefully made his way to me. The closer he got to me, there more I was able to see his eyes darken from his usual baby blues to his jet black. The intense gaze makes my stomach twist, I was drowning in the emotion behind them. Sorrow, affection, hunger, possessiveness, lust…


His body slammed into mine. His arms wrapped tightly around my waist, almost if to stop me running away from him. He leaned in, pressing his body further into mine. I could feel him everywhere. My breasts to his chest, his hips to my stomach. He was hot and hard.


One of his hands slid from my waist, ever so teasingly past by breast and to my jaw. He cupped my cheek, lifting my head and bringing our eyes to meet.


I need him, I want him. The touch of his lips on mine was like a drug and when he was close like this all rational thought left until the only thing left was need.


“Nick” it was more a plea than a word.


He closed his eyes, as if absorbing my words and rested his forehead on mine. The tightness in his shoulders, the look of anguish on his face, was unbearable and I wanted to sooth him.


“Do you love me?” He whispered and i stilled with shock “I need to know that there is hope for us and this isn’t just one sided. I must know if there is a chance that you love me?” His voice broke. His eyes were wide and begging mine as they hold his unshed tears. “if…if not then I won’t” He squeezed his eyes shut, forcing out his next words “ I won’t bother you again, you will never see me again” His second hand joined the other and cupped my cheek. His voice raw with emotion as he laid everything out.


I wrapped my arms around his waist, He was shaking, but then again so was I. This situation had suddenly become serious and in this moment we were both forcing down our walls that protect our hearts and sharing all. “Don’t… D…Don’t leave me…” was all i could say, it was the truth, I've always hated being alone but with Nick i've never felt the loneliness.


“Say it”


“I…I can’t” He tightened his hold


“Eva, baby, I need to hear you say it before I go crazy and tie you up to my bed and lock you in here so you can never leave and be mine, always!” He growled. A low tortured sound that ripped through my body.


His confession surprised me and somewhat scared me. But what scares me the most is that I want that. I want Nick to have me and only me. Was I really ready to admit this and start this part of my life with Nick?


I looked down, unable to hold his gaze. “I… I… love you”


Releasing my face, he buried his fingers in my hair, tilting my head back as his mouth covered mine. I moan as his tongue roughly explores and claims my mouth. My arms have moved to his neck to hold myself steady on my weak legs and to pulling him closer. I took a small swipe of his mouth and then bit down gently on his lower lip. A small groan came from his throat and the next thing I knew I was being lowered onto the huge bed behind me.


Nick’s body came over mine and the hardness that I knew was his erection pressed between my legs. My eyes rolled back in my head and I heard a helpless moan come from my lips. Oh god I wanted this so bad.





Nick releases me, and I feel a rush of cold air replace where Nicks scolding hot body used to be. I look up at him in confusion. His lips red raw from our passion. I lick my lips wanting more.





He looks back at me, all the blood draining from his body. He reaches into his back pocket and brings out the source of the beeping. My phone.


With a sheepish smile, he returns my phone to me. He sits still and watches for my reaction, almost cautiously as if I was ready to lash out.


I giggled “Why do you look like you’ve just seen a ghost”


“what?... you not… not angry?”


“why would I be?”


“Because I had you phone…?” Nick asked as he began to question it himself “I promise I was going to give you it back after you left it here at the party, but then there was never the right opportunity and then I had it for too long and so then it would be a bit creepy giving your phone back after so lon…”


I interrupted Nick’s word vomit by giggling again “you could have just said ‘Here’s your phone back Eva’” I couldn't help but laugh as he continued to look at me like a crazy person.


“So your no angry?”




Nick sighed loud with relief and joined me laughing. As he was still between my legs, I had the best opportunity to get a close look at carefree Nick with his dimples out and his perfect teeth.





I snaped out of my daydreams and chacked my phone




“What wrong?”Nick’s eyes suddenly soften as worry laces his voice.


“Its nothing…” I get out from under Nick and start walking to the door “My brother’s been texting me non-stop. Oh god he must be so worried when I didn’t answer my phone. I need to get back home. I wasn’t expecting him till tomorrow but he says he’s back early and is waiting at home for me” I say in glee, almost jumping off the walls.


As I look up to Nick, he however does not reciprocate my happiness as he stands there with such a grim expression. He’s immediately at my side, holding me strong in his arms. I try to push away from him to see his face, but he’s much stronger than me and pulls me closer to his chest.


“But I don’t want you to leave me” He almost whimpers as he rests his chin on the top of my head. God he’s just like a needy child sometimes, maybe I should add this Nick to the list, right underneath angry possessive Nick.


I wrap my arms around his solid build and absorb the warmth and comfort of him. “Well I was going to have to leave to go home at some point”






“you can’t leave me Eva. I want you to stay here with me forever”


I pushed at his chest enough to look up at him. Nick was back into his dominant mode and I knew this Nick was hard to escape from.


“I can’t live here with you Nick. I’m only 17! What will our parents think?” I look down, really thinking about this “what would my mother think?” I whisper the last part to myself. Truth be told, I don’t know what she would do if I left. But a part of me was sickened at the thought she would be happy…


“I’ve got to get home” I whispered


“What’s wrong?” His fingers gently clasp my chin and bring my eyes to meet his.


“Nothing…” I pull my chin from him and look away, pushing at his hard body to create space between us but he doesn’t even flinch.


“Eva, Don’t lie to me!” He sighed and shook his head


“I’m not, but I don’t want to talk about the past right now, not yet.” I begged. I wasn’t ready to bring up the past and all the bad memories it holds.


“Fine, for now. But I want to know everything about you Eva”


I nodded hoping it was left at that. “Can you take me home now?”


“Fine, lets meet the family!” Nick Smiled bright but I stood in my tracks


“Just my brother, and only as you drop me off. You stay in the car!” picking up my belongings, we headed down to the car.


“No chance” 


Chapter 18- Over Protective


We pull up outside of my house and just as I thought, Nick was out of the car before I had time to unbuckle my seatbelt. Opening my door like a true gentleman, Nick helps me down from the car. I didn’t miss his true intentions as my body slides down his solid frame. My eyes close and I bite my lip to hold back the moan, but my eyes instantly fly open when I hear a growl come from Nick.


My eyes meet his as his intense stare leaves a trail of burning as he looks down at my cleavage. I follow his gaze to see that my nipple had hardened from the friction of my torso is pressed against his hard chest. But what interests me more is that his eyes have turned black! Surely not.




“WHAT!” Nick growls. I flinch at the harshness of his voice before looking up to see my brother standing in the doorway of my house.


My face flamed with embarrassment and I push against Nick’s chest, but like always it’s useless. Unaffected my greatest attempt, Nick hasn’t even budged and if anything his hold around my waist tightens.


“Stop!” He orders me, but in a much gentler tone than as he spoke to my brother.


“Nick” I whisper “Please, he’s my brother” I plead but to no avail. Nick just grunts and drops his face to my neck, I feel his body relax considerably as placing feather like kisses up and down my neck until he hits a spot that makes me uncontrollably moan out loud. I bury my head on Nick’s shoulder, unable to show my embarrassed face to my brother.


Nick on the other had chuckles with success. “Bingo” He whispers before nibbling that spot again.


“Nick…” I breathed. By the time he pulled away, my body was hot and aching. I have never felt like this before. From one touch Nick had me and I wasn’t sure I liked how quickly I was becoming his. I stared up at a grinning Nick, his dimples showing and I gave an involuntary sigh, damn those things are dangerous. I shake my head and focus, “my… my brother, we need to stop” I didn’t even sound convincing to myself.


His grin disappeared and without looking away from me he addresses my brother. “Go. Inside. Now”


Oh wow, those three words carried so much authority. They weren’t addressed towards me, but even I wanted to follow them! I lean enough past Nick to see my brother unwillingly shut the front door and leave us.


“Problem solved” and with that Nick went back to teasing my neck.


Oh god, his lips were magical, burning my skin and making me want more. But I needed to get away from him. I needed time away from him, time to think about everything.




Nick continued to kiss my neck, up my jaw and finally kissing my lips. Bringing his hands to cup my neck he kisses me long, hard, deep and utterly deliciously.


Summoning strength, I pull us apart. We both breathe heavily as my head falls onto Nick’s chest, my hand on his abs as we both try to control our breathing.


“yes, little one?”


“We need to stop”


Nick puts his head to my neck again and sniffs. He’s sniffing me!?


Suddenly he steps away, and coldness sweeps through my body. I audibly whimper at the loss earning me a respectable growl from Nick.


“Stop growling at me” I pout


“Stop being hot-headed and admit you want me and then we’ll both be happier.”


Not responding, I make my way to the house. Before I reach for the door handle, I’m stopped.


“I’ll give you tomorrow to spend time with your brother” I smile at my win before it is quickly whipped from my face with Nick’s wicked grin “But after that you’ll never leave my side again” and with that Nick turned, got into his car and drove away.


I stare into the distance long after Nick had gone, thinking of everything that just happened.


Yes, we had just shared a very intimate moment in front of my brother. And yes, I am now unable to ever look at my brother in the face without turning red.


Nick apparently likes to sniff and kiss my neck. I like Nick licking and kissing my neck. I liked that a bit too much. And finally, and most importantly, tomorrow seems to be my last day of freedom.


With those thoughts, I shut my mouth and summon up all the courage I could muster and head inside to receive the inevitable wrath of Alander.


I enter the kitchen, My head hung in shame, waiting for Alan to begin his speech. But instead I am met with silence.


As I lift my head to suss the situation a cold wet cloth is thrown at my face. Unable to stop it, it slaps my face before slapping the floor.


“Thought you might want to cool off after that scene out there” He chuckles, oh he’s so fucking happy with himself!


“you…” I point my finger at him. The gleam in my eye warns Alan he better run.


I chase him around the kitchen island. I know he’s running slower for my benefit, but always staying just annoyingly out of reach, the little shit!


“Alright… stop!” I barely get the words out around my panting. I double over, bracing my hands on my knees.

Alan stops, still keeping a safe distance between us. “I don’t trust you…”


“Does…” gasp “It” gasp “look” gasp “oh fuck it” I give up talking and collapse on a chair, barely having enough energy to stand let alone finish my sentence.


Alan stands in front of me, capturing my face between his hands and squeezing my cheeks until my lips looked like fish. “I’ve missed you baby girl”.


“I’ve missed you to, Ally!”


“Hey, you promised you wouldn’t call me that again!”


“Deals off since you called me baby girl…”


“Are you serious about him?” Alander interrupted me with his question as he slides his hands away from me. There are only a few times in the past I have seen Alander this serious, and it scares me. What I think scares me more so are the memories it brings back.


“I… I feel… fuck Alan, I can’t talk about this stuff with you” I jump down from the chair, and wrapped my arms around myself. I suddenly felt vulnerable, I couldn’t even look Alan in the eyes. “You know I don’t have much experience with love. You’re the only person I have ever felt love from. Growing up without a father, who was basically nothing more than just a sperm donor and a mother who has completely disregarded me since birth. I don’t know how to feel love and I don’t know how to trust because so far no one in my life has shown me that such things exist.”


I feel Alan’s arms wrap about me and turn me to face him. “You don’t need him Eva, He will bring you nothing but pain! You have me.”


“Do I Alan?” I pull away from his arms “You left me alone with a woman, who definitely does not deserve the title of mother, to go off to your perfect new family, while I spent my childhood alone in my bedroom or sitting at the dinner table forced to hear my mother rant about how I’m just a waste of space and wonder how she became so unfortunate to have gotten pregnant with the likes of me! So don’t you fucking dare say that all I have is you? And don’t you rip away the one chance I have had in years to be happy with someone, Someone who for some reason genuinely loves me!”


After whipping the tears I didn’t realise had fallen, Alan pulls me into his arms, wrapping them around me and rubbing soothing circles on my back. “I’m so fucking sorry Eva. I wish I could change everything for you because you don’t deserve this shit. And I’m sorry about what I said about Nick. I’m just acting like any over-protective brother would.”


I giggle through a sob, “I know, and you’re right. I’m just so scared Alan. I’m scared that this isn’t real and that Nick will come to his senses and leave me like everyone else has but only this time I won’t be able to pick myself up and put on a fake smile afterwards. I’m scared that I won’t be able to show my love for him and he’ll leave me. I’m falling for him and I’m falling hard, but if he’s not there to catch me then I don’t think I’ll be able to piece myself back together.” I clutch Alan’s top, trying to grasp reality and stop the uncontrollable tears.


“Fuck, Nick owes me one for this” Alan sighs under his breath. I look up in confusion, not quite understanding what he said but before I could ask, Alan explains. “Ignore what I said before. Nick loves you and he won’t ever purposely cause you pain.”


“But how…. How do you know that?”


“Because I’m your brother and if he even thinks of ever hurting you, I’ll rip his cold heart out.” He starts laughing, and it scares me a little.


“So you approve of our relationship?”


“Are you admitting you’re in a relationship?” hmmmm I guess I am.


And just like that the conversation is dropped and I enjoy the time I have with my brother.


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