Chapter One

Arriane and Myra laughed along with me. We were at the carnival in Brownwood, Texas right now, it is a lot of fun. "Selfie time!!" Myra shouted, whipping out her phone. Arriane and I groaned, "Seriooouuussslllyyyyy???? This is like...the fifty-millionith time you've said, 'Selfie time!'" I said. Myra rolled her eyes, "Come on, please, just one more selfie Nunki and Ari??" We groaned and posed for the camera.

Just as Myra snapped a picture, I was suddenly turned around and...kissed, in my shock I responded by kissing back. 'Man, he's a really good kisser.' I thought, then flashbacks came to me and I remembered myself and immediatley pushed him away, gasping. The guy had a confused look on his face when I pushed him away, 'He must be popular or something if he's confused as he is....' "Myra, Afri, let's go, please." I said in a quiet voice, careful not to look at the guy.

Myra and Arriane nodded at the same time, "Yeah, let's go....just, I'll be right behind y'all!" Arriane said, and Myra and I nodded, "Meet you at the Musical Express." Myra said and we were off.

(Arriane's P.O.V)

I gave them a smile before turning around to face the guy, narrowing my eyes. "You, sir, mind your manners and think twice before doing stuff like that!" The guy raised an eyebrow, "What? It was a dare." I growled, "Yeah, well, you have no idea how hurt she'd gotten, by a guy, a couple years back. Don't you even think for one minute she'll fall for you or....any of y'all for that matter!!" The guy backed away, his hands in front of him, as if surrendering, "Jeez, okay, I had no idea." Arriane huffed, "Yeah well, thanks for listening Aaron. By the way, I know your game, you a playa just like your friends over there. Don't. Ever. Mess. With. My. Best. Friend." With that, I turned and left them to themselves and went over to wait for my best friends to get off the Musical Express.


Chapter Two

(Aaron's P.O.V)

As I walked away with my buddies, I thought about the girl I had kissed. She had waist-length black, wavy hair, her skin was olive toned. Her eyes were the most gorgeous hazel/brown eyes I ever saw. She has plump, pink lips, her teeth were white. I sighed, thinking of how beautiful she is...but she does not seem to think or even know it, at least not with the way she carried herself.

'Wait a minute...why am I thinking of her?? I am a player...not someone who is commited to relationships!! Could it be that she's my mate??? No, that's impossible...she pushed me away and I didn't feel anything.'

Yes, you did Aaron, at least I did!!!! She's our mate!!! I want to make her ours!!!!

I jumped at the sound of my wolf, John, responding to my thought. 'We can't just walk up to her and...say she's my mate. I seriously doubt she even knows that werewolves, much less the supernatural world is real!!'

Well, we have to get her close somehow!!!!

I groaned, 'Fine, we'll figure out a way.' I sighed, "Hey guys, I may have found my least according to my wolf. He's going pratically nuts just thinking about it." Sebastian spoke up first, "Who do you think it is??" "Uhm...that girl you dared me to kiss..." I replied and his jaw dropped, "Duuuddeee!!! Someone really powerful must like you 'cause she hawt!!!!" I growled at him, "No one else gets to say she's hot! She's mine!" Sebastian held his hands up as if to surrender, "Alright, alright, chill man." He said. "We gotta tell your parents man!" Deacen said and I nodded, "Yeah, they'll want to know...I'm anyways tired, let's go back home."

Chapter Three

(Nunki's P.O.V)

I am in my room now, drawing and listening to music, singing along. I was not really paying attention to what I was drawing, so when I looked down to see my progress, I realized I drew a drawing of the guy who had kissed me earlier. Probably on a bet though. I could feel my cheeks turn red and I immediatley ripped the page out and stuffed it under my bed.

When I reached to my back to scratch an itchy spot that has been bugging me for a while now, I felt something...soft to the touch. The shirt I am wearing is not that soft... I looked back and my eyes widened, 'What the? How is this possible????!!!!!'  I got up and went into the bathroom adjoining the room and looked in the mirror. I heard a squeak escaping my mouth, I...I have wings. Angel wings that are white, with light grey edging the feathers. I gulped and texted my best friends, 'Guys, come 2 my house. Plz!' I immediatley got texts back saying, 'Coming!'

I put down the phone and looked into the mirror. It won't take them long to get over to the house, they were both on the opposite sides of the house I live in. The door opened and they went upstairs. "Nunki? Where are you?" They called out and I yelled out, "In the bathroom!" I opened the door and their eyes widened. "Nunki? Is that...wings???" Arriane asked, looking at Myra. They had an unreadable look on their faces. I nodded, "Yeah....any clue as to why?!" I replied, on the verge of freaking out. Arriane spoke, "Calm down Nunki, we can explain....."

I looked at them, "How? I mean...this isn't possible!!" Myra sighed, "Let's go down to the living room where you can sit down and we''ll explain." I nodded and we went down to the living room, I sat down on the sofa. "Explain. Please." I said and Myra and Arriane nodded. "Alright, we've known the supernatural world is real since...all of our lives, we couldn't tell's a secret we ALL have to keep or we'll be wiped out by the human race." Arriane said. "Wh...What are y'all? What am I???" I asked and Arriane took a deep breath before replying, "I am a gypsy healer...the strongest of all of my kind, even the most powerful ones that are dead." Myra spoke up quickly before I could say anything, "And I am a werewolf....the Alpha's daughter....Aaron, the guy who uhh...kissed you, is my brother. I just pretend I don't know him in public, he's extremely annoying. Don't worry, I got onto him for kissing you."

Arriane nodded, "Yeah...hey, give me your hand. Now that you know about the supernatural world, I can tell what, exactly you are. You could be a hybrid." I nodded, unable to say anything, and gave her my hand. She gasped at the contact and let go quickly. "Y...You're powerful beyond words. You have Angel, Wizard, and Werewolf blood in you. Angel and Werewolf being the strongest." She said, her eyes wide. Myra quickly spoke up, "We need to get you over to my house, my parents need to know about you." I nodded again, "O...o..okay"

I stood up and my wings immediatley came into my back as if on instinct. I looked at my back to double check. "How..." I started, trailing off, realizing I should not ask, it is instinct.

Chapter Four

We reached Myra's house, the house was huge, pratically like a mansion, it had at least a million rooms!! It was a white-painted house with a black roof. There were bricks lining the bottom of the looked...I don't know, homey? On the inside, it was a different story, everything was huge, a chandelier peeking out from what looks like the dining room for goodness sakes!!! Myra called for her parents. "Mom! Dad!!" They came from the living room and her mom asked, "Yes Myra??" Myra spoke to them, saying, "Mom, Nunki is part of the supernatural world...she just now discovered today." "Really??? What is she???" Her dad asked and Arriane jumped in, "Nunki has Wizard, Werewolf, and Angel blood in her, Werewolf and Angel being strongest in her. She is the most powerful kind I have ever classified, I had to pull away quickly...I felt like I was going to burn up from the strength of her powers."

Myra's parents looked at me and the mom said, "I'm Thira and this is my husband, Joseph. We are the state Alphas. It is nice to meet you Nunki. Our daughter, Myra, talk of you all the time! She has many nice things to say about you." "Mooooommmm, she doesn't need to know that, she knows she nice and everything." Myra said in a complaining tone. Thira acted like she was not talking, "Come into the living room and meet the rest of the pack."

I nodded and we went into the living room, my eyes immediatley landing on Myra's brother, Aaron, the guy who had kissed me earlier at the carnival. I immediatley looked away and Aaron came over. "Hey there!! Her name is Nunki...right lil sis??" He asked Myra and Myra growled at him, "Leave her alone Aaron, she doesn't need you and your playa self and don't call me lil sis!!!" Aaron glared at Myra, "You ain't the boss of me lil sis!" Thira sighed and said, "Aaron, Myra, we have a guest over!" "Sorry Mom!" Aaron and Myra said at the same time and shut up, Aaron still looking at me, elevator eyeing me, causing me to shiver and edge closer to my best friend, Arriane.

Arriane gave Aaron the evil-eye, warning him to leave me alone. She snapped, "Stop eye-raping Nunki!" Aaron jumped and looked away, growling a little. I whispered to Myra, "Why is he looking at me, of all people, looking at me like that?" Myra sighed and did not answer for a little while, but when she did, she whispered, "Because he thinks you're his mate. His wolf is telling him that." I squeaked and looked at Myra, without realizing it, I yelled, "Seriously?!" " might want to tone it down...just a smidge..." She replied in a quiet voice and I looked around, noticing everyone was looking at me and my cheeks heated up, turning a bright red. "Oops." I said. Aaron had a smug smile on his face, Myra glaring at him. Crap. He knew I knew. "I'm just gonna go back to my house..." I said, trailing off.

Thira shook her head, "This place is your house're a supernatural creature, and if Arriane is correct, which I don't doubt, you'll have to learn how to control your powers...otherwise, when you're really angry or feeling some emotion strongly, things will happen, whether good or bad." I whined and my jaw dropped, "Whhhhaaattttt?!" I yelled, "But I don't wanna stay here!!! Not with a whole bunch of other people I barely know!!" Arriane and Myra patted me comfortingly, and knowingly. They knew my other person does. Besides my father. Who is in prison.

Joseph sighed, "I'm sorry, there is no other choice. Myra will be showing you to your room." I nodded and walked up the stairs, following Myra and Arriane. The reached a door and opened it. This room had a bed facing the middle of the wall on the right. There is a dresser next to it, another door next to a door, I opened it and it is the closet, a walk-in closet more like. I opened the other door and it is a bathroom. I sighed and closed both doors, then flopped onto the bed.

"Can y'all please leave? I need some time to myself." I asked my best friends and they left the room, the door closing behind them. Only then, did I start crying into my pillow, I was crying because of the memories of my past. I never did trust ANYONE easily ever since...that day. Or rather, those couple of years.

Chapter Five

I must have went to sleep because it was morning when I opened my eyes. I yawned and stretched, sitting up when it all came back to me. I sighed and got out of bed, maybe I can just escape for the day. I probably would not be allowed to, after all, I was forced to spend the night...well, move here more like. I looked in the dresser and found some underwear, I grabbed a bra and panties, then some socks. I looked into the closet and found clothes in it. I shrugged and grabbed an outfit, it had a white flowery/semi-lacy top and a blue skirt, I thought would look cute on me.

I went into the bathroom and hopped into the shower when the water became the perfect temperature. I felt myself relaxing under the torrent of water as it hit my back. I put shampoo and conditioner in my hair and rinsed it out, then I put on body wash and rinsed that out. I turned off the water, hopped out, and put on my clothes. I went up to the counter and found make-up there. I put on black mascara, red lipstick, a hint of clear lipgloss, careful not to mess up the lipstick, and some white with grey eyeshadow. I left my waist-length wavy, black hair down, looked into the mirror, and satisfied with my look, I went out of the room and downstairs into the kitchen.

I went to the fridge and got out some strudels, wild berry flavored! Yum! I took two out and popped them into the toaster, then grabbed the two packets of icing and put that to the side before putting the box back into the freezer. I then started looking for the cups while waiting for the toaster to pop up the strudels. "Need help finding the cups??" A deep, rich voice asked. I jumped, my head was in the bottom cabinets, so I hit the top of the bottom of the counter. "Ouch!" I yelled and whined, standing up and rubbing my head.

The person who spoke was Aaron. I sighed and replied, "Yeah...I'm kind sorta too short to reach the cabinet handles..." I am 4 feet 9 inches tall, do not judge! I hate being short!! Aaron chuckled and said, "Sure." He opened a cabinet door, and grabbed a clear cup, handing it to me. I muttered, "Thanks," before turning to the sink and putting some water into it. I set it down on the counter and started getting my strudels when I realized something and groaned. "I need a plate...I don't know where those are...can you please get one for me??" I asked Aaron with a sigh. He nodded and grabbed a plate, setting it down in front of me. He leaned against the counter, watching me. I put the strudels on the plate and put the frosting on them, then I began to eat them.

Chapter Six

I was eating my strudels when something went around my waist. I looked down and growled, an arm was circling my waist. "Get your arm offa my waist. I'm sure Arriane told you not to mess with me." I said in a deathly low voice. I felt him shrug and Aaron still kept his arm where it is, my waist, "So??" He asked. I turned around and pushed him away, "So, I don't want you touching me or even going near me!" I said, my voice raising with every word, my eyes staring into his eyes.

He had a look of hurt on his face when he asked, "Why do you keep pushing me away?? Surely you can feel that we're mates??" I looked down, remembering the things my father did to me, the things my boyfriend did while we were dating, when I spoke again, my voice broke, "Be...because, I can't guys. N...Not anymore at le...least." There were tears trying to break free, I heard a sigh and then, "Alright, I'll give you time....I'll try not to push you..," then I heard footsteps slowly fading away.

I bit my bottom lip and went out of the kitchen, walking into the living room where my two best friends are. "Hey Arriane, Myra....Imma go out for a bit of air just in case you wonder." They glanced at each other, then back at me and nodded, "Okay, see you later." I gave them a small smile and went out the back door.


Chapter Seven

I sat down on a bench in the backyard, listening to the birds chirping their songs and the wind howling. The bench was extremely polished looking kind of wood though. I sighed and looked down at my hands, remembering the things my ex-boyfriend had forced me to do. Without realizing it, I began singing.


Let it Go by Disney(Sung by Idina Menzel as Elsa)


The snow glows white on the mountain tonight

Not a footprint to be seen

A kingdom of isolation,

And it looks like I'm the queen.


The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside

Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried!


Don't let them in, don't let them see

Be the good girl you always have to be

Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know

Well, now they know!


Let it go, let it go

Can't hold it back anymore

Let it go, let it go

Turn away and slam the door!


I don't care

What they're going to say

Let the storm rage on,

The cold never bothered me anyway!


It's funny how some distance

Makes everything seem small

And the fears that once controlled me

Can't get to me at all!


It's time to see what

I can do

To test the limits and break through

No right, no wrong, no rules for me I'm free!


Let it go, let it go

I am one with the wind and sky

Let it go, let it go

You'll never see me cry!


Here I stand

And here I'll stay

Let the storm rage on!


My power flurries through the air into the ground

My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around

And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast

I'm never going back,

The past is in the past!


Let it go, let it go

And I'll rise like the break of dawn

Let it go, let it go

That perfect girl is gone!


Here I stand

In the light of day

Let the storm rage on,

The cold never bothered me anyway!



Tears were creeping out of my eyes and rolling down my cheeks, I closed my eyes, trying to shut the pain away, to not feel it, unsuccesfully. Soon, sobs were racking my body and I felt arms wrap around me and pull me to the owner of the arms. Without a fight, I buried my face into the owner's chest, I knew who it was who was holding me without looking, Aaron.

"Hey, Nunki, it's alright, whatever hurt you in the past won't hurt you ever again, not with me around. And trust me, I'll always be around whereever you are." He said, his voice comforting me. My voice came out cracked when I spoke, "I...I know, I...I just...the pain is too mu...much. They say the past is the past, my past keeps coming back to me, hurting me all over again. I...I just wish there was some way erase all of this pain. To keep from remembering everything that's happened." I heard a sigh, his arms tightening around me.


Chapter Eight

(Aaron's P.O.V)


I sighed, my arms tightening around my mate. It broke my heart, seeing her like this, so and in soo much pain. She looked up into my eyes and I could have sworn my heart shattered right there when I saw the pain in her eyes, they left me breathless from the intensity of them. I gave her a weak smile and we both leaned in, closing the space between our lips.

The kiss, explosions went off, as if there were fireworks being shot up into the sky. There was so much emotion put into it, it's like she's pushing all of her pain and sadness into this kiss. There was also a bit of salt too, I was tasting her tears. My tongue flicked across her bottom lip, asking for entrance, when she would not give it to me, I squeezed her ass, causing her to gasp, giving me entrance. I could feel her hands going up my shirt and tracing my abs, causing me to shiver and moan into her mouth.

She suddenly pulled away and looked down, a shy smile on her face, I could feel a smile creeping onto my face. She spoke, breathing hard, "I...I haven't felt this way in a...a long time....I don't think I...I've felt this w...way....ever." My wolf was going crazy at the sound of her voice, all breathless-like from our kiss. I answered, "I won't ever, ever hurt you Nunki, ever. I haven't felt that way ever, that is, until now. Please, please be mine Nunki, you have no idea how badly I want you." She laughed a musical laugh, her cheeks turning redder and redder with each minute, man does she have a beautiful laugh, I wanted to just sit here and listen to it all night...possibly all year, every single day. She replied, "You don't have to say that Aaron, now I know, I know that I...I can trust you with my heart, the kiss showed me that...I don't know how, but I literally felt what you were feeling while we were kissing...anyways back to the subject, it'll take me a while to...completely trust you, but at least you have some of my trust. My trust is extremely hard to get...especially with what happened in my past. I...I can't believe I...I'm saying this...b....but I...I...I love you." She started chewing on her bottom lip, uncertain of herself.


Chapter Nine

(Nunki's P.O.V)

I suddenly heard slow clapping coming from the far corner and I looked up to the direction along with Aaron and a sharp gasp escaped me and I cowered into Aaron. My eyes were wide, probably as wide a deer about to get hit on the road. My breath came in short gasps as my fear of him took over me, curling up at the pit of my stomach, I didn't even feel like I was here.

I must have been making scaredy noises or something because Myra and Arriane came bursting into the backyard, along with the rest of the gang. It took one look at the situation, seeing him, and Arriane bursted into angry shouts, "YOU!" Myra half yelled half snarled, jumping after him, well, more like on him. "WHY DIDN'T YOU PICK YOUR SORRY ASS UP AND LEAVE!!! WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!" She yelled, tearing at his hair, scaring me. I whimpered, cowering into Aaron even more. He held me tightly at first, watching the scene, then he let go of me, kissing the top of my head, causing me to whimper from fright, I didn't want to be alone. I wanted to be near someone, especially when the guy who hurt me badly is around. 

"Hey, it's alright Nunki, I won't let anyone get you." He said to me, then looked up and spoke sharp orders to the other guys, "Sebastian, Deacan, keep close to Nunki, and don't either of y'all get any ideas," They nodded and he turned around, pulling Myra and the guy, Ty, apart, "Who are you and what the hell is going on?!" He snarled at Ty. Myra answered for him, "That guy there is Ty freaking bastard Willis, the guy who damaged your mate so badly she can barely, just barely trust guys!"

When I saw his face, he had a look of such rage, so much that it wasn't even possible. He looked down at Ty and let Myra go, he growled, then spoke again, "You. Are. Never. EVER going to come back here. Ever. Not for one reason, if you're the whatever delivery guy, get someone else to deliver the food to this address," He dropped Ty, purposefully. Ty just stood there like, 'what the hell?' "GO!" Aaron roared at him and he scrambled away hurridely.

Aaron looked over at me and walked to me, as he walked to me, his face softened. His hair is shaggy and dirty-blonde. He has gorgeous blue/green eyes that said the owner of those eyes would move the world for me, his skin is tan. He looked into my eyes and I gasped at the intensity of them, I swallowed hard and got up, putting my arms around his waist and hugging him tightly, he tensed sligthly at first, then relaxed, hugging me back. I whispered, "T...Thank you f...for making him go away." I could sense a smile creeping onto his face, then I saw the smile when he put his fingers under my chin, lifting it, to get me to look into his eyes, "Anything for you my little Luna." He whispered back and kissed me, I kissed him back.

Chapter Ten

I heard wolf-whistles and people saying, "Get a room!!" I blushed and quickly pulled away, looking down. Aaron chuckled and I yawned, a wave of exhaustion washing over me. "I'm tired...I want to take a nap." I muttered to him, quitely. "Okay, I'll take you upstiars." He said and I nodded, "Okay." Suddenly, I felt myself getting lifted into the air and I shrieked as he put me in bridal-style carrying position. I put my hand over my heart and breathed fast, "Dude!!! I'm short!!! I'm not good with heights! AT ALL!!!!" I screamed, looking down to the ground, then quickly looked back up. He must be at least 6 feet something! He chuckled and replied, "Oops, sorry, didn't know." I glared at him and he just shrugged, then started his way up the stairs and towards his room.

"WAIT A SEC!" I yelled, Aaron looked at me with a confused look, "What??" I looked at him with a pointed look and he rolled his eyes, "I'm not gonna try anything okay!?" I sighed, he would not let me get out of this anyway, so I just let him take me to his room. His room had white walls with another two doors in it, much like the ones in my room, he had a dresser and a bed in it. The bedspreads were all sorts of colors, orange, green, dark blue, black, you name it. The dresser had three drawers, like mine.

He pulled back the blankets and put me in bed, that is, after my shoes were taken off, then he stripped down to his boxers and laid down next to me, putting his arms around my waist and pulling me towards him until my back touched his chest. I sighed and closed my eyes after murmuring, "Love you." I faintly heard him saying, "Love you too."

Chapter Eleven

When I woke up, it was dark in the room, meaning it was night time. Wow, that is one long nap, I thought and looked around. When I tried to move, something around my waist restricted me, I looked down, then behind me and saw Aaron. I sighed and stayed still, not wanting to wake him up, but I did turn around so I was facing his chest. I absent-mindely placed my hand on his chest and traced the markings on him, they were an intricate design, probably tribal-style. He shivered and grabbed my wrist, looking down at me. Woops. I woke him up. "Sorry...I didn't mean to wake you up Aaron." I said sheepishly, his eyes fluttered when I said his name. "Say my name Nunki." I gave him a confused look, but I still did as he said, "Aaron....why?"

Suddenly, he pressed his lips on mine roughly, "Mmmm." I said from shock and kissed him back, moving my lips along with his. He nipped my bottom lip, asking for entrance, teasing him, I did not open my mouth so he squeezed my ass, causing me to gasp, he took the advantage and stuck his tongue right in. Our tongues explored each other's mouth as he attempted to lift up my shirt, note the word, attempted, I pulled away and stopped his hand, shaking my head.

He looked into my eyes and studied me closely, after a moment, he spoke, "You're hiding something. What are you hiding?" I bit my bottom lip and shook my head, "I....It's n-n-nothing." I said, fully aware of how bad a liar I am. His eyes darkened and he growled, "Tell me Nunki." I shook my head again and he growled again, pushing up my shirt. He lost control of himself and began growling and snarling and yelling, "What the hell happened?! Why is that there?!" Were some of the many sentences he had yelled. I felt frightened.


Chapter Twelve

The door suddenly banged open and Myra and Arriane came in, they took one glance at me and Aaron and sighed. I shrugged, my eyes wide, "I couldn't stop him from seeing it." I said. They rolled their eyes and Arriane said, "Well, you're going to have to get dressed and come downstairs and explain the that Aaron knows, and he woke up the whole entire mansion with his growling and snarling." Myra snapped at Aaron, "Stop your growling and snarling would you?!" Aaron looked at Myra and relented, finally calming down, but not much. "Put the shirt back on and explain." He said to his mate, handing her the shirt.

Nunki sighed and put it back on, then stood up and began her way downstairs into the living room. Everyone was in the living room, except for Aaron, he still had to get dressed. She sat down on a couch and waited for him to come downstairs. A few minutes later, he came downstairs in jeans and a white button down shirt, he walked over to me, picked me up, sat down where I was sitting, and then set me down on his lap. I glared at him, "Hey, that was my spot!" I whined. That earned a few chuckles, Aaron just glared, "Nunki, explain, now. Before my wolf takes over and tears this house down." I squeaked and sighed.

(Aaron's P.O.V) 


Nunki launched into the story, "This was a few years back...before my father got thrown into jail, before my mother left me. My father hated me to bits, he would cut me, he would hurt me, he touched me," Her eyes were becoming shiny and a tear trickled down her cheek, "until one day, my best friend, Arriane, looked through the window...she had suspected some things...and saw my father cutting me, he was going to kill me this time. Put an end to my life...I was ready to embrace death, I was sick of it all. I was sick of life. I had just wanted to die. Anyways, he managed to cut from about three inches above my belly button to three inches below my belly button before the police came and threw him away from me. I was bleeding so badly...I...I could barely breath, I was barely alive, there was a lot of blood. The cut was deep...I could feel myself fading away. I actually saw my life flash before my eyes...I actually saw the light. I was rushed to the hospital, I was told that, on the way there, my heart stopped beating for one full minute. They said I was extremely lucky that I lived, that Arriane had the same type blood as me and donated the blood to me. My type blood is the rarest kind...they didn't have any in stock then. I woke up, according to them, from a five month coma. I had missed my 15th birthday, my group of really really good friends and best friend had told me they were so so so scared I would not wake up, that I would...die. After that, I never, ever took anything for granted. My mother had left me, she was extremely scared too, she didn't want to deal with the fear she had. This is why I am so untrusting of guys...added to the fact that I caught my ex-boyfriend cheating on me. And this is why I have this scar."

When she finished the story, she started sobbing, great big sobs. She turned around in my lap and hid her face in my chest. I rubbed her back, soothing her.


Text: Savannah Jackson
Publication Date: 06-10-2014

All Rights Reserved

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