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As she walked past the corridors every eye was taking her in, she was a beauty of her own kind. She is almost 5’6, perfect curvaceous body, and perfect features enough to become a top model. Her cat like green eyes held every one’s attention, her long lashes batted as she took the surroundings in. She walked gracefully; her heels had a faint rhythm to it when she walked. She was real version for a Barbie doll.

“Hello…Are you new here?” One of the guys took the courage to ask her. She studied him for a while. “Yes…”she said and without a word she passed by him. Her voice was musical.

“Do you need any help?” Another one asked. She ignored him and walked straight to the office. She got her schedule and made her way to her class. All the boys followed her like bees.

She found an empty and corner seat. She made her way to it hopeful that none would disturb her there. She hated all the attention she was getting. She knew they were just attracted to her as everyone did. She shifted herself uncomfortably as one of the boys slipped to the empty seat next to her.

“Hi…”he said, she gave a weak smile and pretended to read the empty notes. He was thinking hardly as to what he should say next.

She thanked the teacher for coming in soon. She walked to her and handed her slip. “Welcome, Shana Evans…Do you…” She begged her to not to ask introduction and luckily the teacher listened to her. She was a woman in mid 30’s, round and kind.

At the corner seat a boy was eying Shana as she walked back to her place, he recognized her as soon as he saw her. She is so much like her father, he thought yet more fragile.

She made her way back to place and he observed that she had a dislike to people who invaded her space and felt uncomfortable about it.

He watched her all the day and she didn’t even make a conversation with anyone not even when they tried to. He could see all the guys drooling over her beauty.

Shana could feel the intense gaze of someone all the day, she tried to pinpoint the direction and met with the most mesmerizing eyes, as soon as he realized she was watching him, he turned away. Shana resumed scribbling the notes.

She walked back home with a sigh; that she got through the first day, It was her third school in the semester. She wished that at least now she would stay put.

“How was the day?” her mother asked as she walked in. She nodded her head and sighed. She walked away to her room without turning back.

She was not much a talker and she hated being around people who doesn’t care a damn about her other than her beauty and wealth. “Shana…What do you want for dinner?” Her mom called.

“Anything that you like…”She called back. She didn’t know why her mom kept asking her about such trivial things maybe because that were the only things that she could actually get an answer from her.

She finished her work and waited for her mom to call. She finished her dinner without a word and walked back to her room. She climbed up the roof where she could see her two favorite things, the night sky and her own meadow. She gazed at the full moon and involuntary smile crept up her face that brightened her face. Away from a long distance Erin was watching her from the top of the tree.

She fell asleep on the roof, Erin wanted to take her in to the safety on indoors but he couldn’t do it. He jumped from one tree to another until he reached the roof. He walked up to her careful not to make any noise, she sat beside her and watched over her.

Three weeks passed by and Shana didn’t make a friend yet. She liked being alone, soon the boys resigned from bugging her since she didn’t respond but she could always feel the mesmerizing eyes watching her. She came to know that he was the famous ‘Erin’ of the college whom the girls of the school always drool about. She also learned that he is a big flirt, he is in all the sports and had a good physique not to mention his mesmerizing black eyes which set all the girls hearts to fire. It irritated Shana to see him always watching her.

Shana observed the whole class and decided that they weren’t good enough for her to befriend them except for the one girl whom they all make fun as a weirdo. Her name was Jane; she is a good looking girl covered behind the unfashionable outfits. She has a kind heart and always ignored their comments with a friendly smile. Shana liked her and spoke to her sometimes.

“Shana…Did you finish your English assignment?”Jane asked. “I am planning to do it on weekend…” Shana replied with a gentle smile.

“Um…Can I come over to your place…? I have some doubts about it…”Jane asked tentatively. Jane was good at every subject except for English which Shana perfected. Shana is a beauty with brains; she has a photographic memory which helped her secure straight A’s every time.

“Sure…”Shana gave her best of inviting smiles. She walked back home feeling happy because for the first in her life someone is actually coming to her home.

“Mom…I invited a friend of mine tomorrow…” Mrs. Evans face lit up as she heard that her daughter had actually made a friend in years.

“Is it a boy or girl?”She asked. “Mom…” Shana left without answering her.

“Mom…She is Jane…”Shana introduced her new friend to her mom who gave a gentle smile and warm welcome to the guest.

“Mom…We’ll go to meadow and will be back by the time of lunch…”she called over to her. Jane tried to keep up with Shana who was now sprinting with joy towards the meadow. She never saw her so joyous, she understood her reason for joy as she saw the vast stretch of green grass and a few trees here and there. It was like heaven on earth. Shana’s face had an unusual glow and her eyes twinkled and her green colored eyes were much brighter than they already were.

They sat down by the tree where Shana spread a blanket. They worked on their assignment all the while Shana hummed tunes. Erin was watching Shana from the far away tree, he was surprised to see her so joyous and he also observed the unusual glow in her eyes.

“Since we finished our work how about we go for a walk before lunch…?”Shana asked excited as soon as they finished their work.

Jane found it hard to tag along with her; Shana was full of excitement when she showed Jane her favorite places in the meadow. “It seems that you like this place a lot…”Jane asked.

“I spent the best days of my childhood here and there is something in this meadow that makes me feel home…”Shana winked.

“Do you want to have a fruit?” Shana asked eying the apples on the tree. Jane nodded. They tried to climb the tree to pluck them but couldn’t reach them.

Jane searched for a stone and tried to aim the apple. “No…please don’t. The tree will get hurt…”Shana called out to her standing on the trunk of the tree. Jane stared at her dumb founded; she was actually speaking like the tree was a person.

“How do you plan to get the fruit…?” Jane asked. Erin was amused to see the girls trying so hard to pluck the apples; he was as surprised as Jane when Shana said that the tree would get hurt.

“Hello…Miss. Green…” a windy voice echoed. “Ash…is that you…?” Shana shouted excited. “Yes…Miss. Green…”he said stepping out of the tree’s shadow. Shana tried to come down but lost her footing and fell from the tree and Ash caught her safe in his hands. “You will never learn to climb the tree…”Ash grinned. He was a guy of about Shana’s age… he was about 6’1, fair skinned and had the same intense green eyes like Shana, he has muscular body.
“Boy…you have grown so much…”Shana replied as he set her down. Shana introduced Jane to him and he curtsied to her in an elder gentleman fashion. Jane giggled which surprised Shana very much.

“What were you two ladies trying to do?” Ash asked. Shana looked at the apples longingly.

Ash walked to the tree…he climbed up the tree and plucked the apples and gave each of them one almost in a blur…

“How did you do that?” Jane asked surprised. “He’s been doing that since my childhood days so we can say that he got used to it.” Shana replied taking a bite from the apple.

Erin was watching the new guy from his tree, He hated him at first sight and when he touched her, he razed with fury…He wanted to strangle him but restrained himself from doing it. When he plucked the apples he registered his every movement which was difficult for a human eye to see. He realized who he must be, his agility and his green cat like eyes gave him away, and he was a woodland warrior, the other half of Shana’s family. He studied her from the tree… What was her dominant trait? She had the beauty and brains of our vampires that came down to her from her father and she had the green cat like eyes and grace from her mother tribe woodland fairies. Shana didn’t even know how complicated her life was and soon she was going to know and he wished that she took it well and promised to be with her whatever she decides to do.

Shana felt excited about having a whole day in the meadow and today she promised to help her mom with chores. She cleaned her room first and when she was sure that there wasn’t any tiny speck of dust left. She helped her mom with cooking, She spent the whole day doing cleaning and arranging her house in order. She didn’t ask why she has to do it but she did it. Shana never talked back; she always did whatever her mom asked too.

In the evening her mother and she watched a sci-fi movie until late night. Her mother drifted into sleep in the couch, Shana wrapped a blanket around her and left to her room. She found suddenly tired of all the day work and went to deep sleep.

“How was your day?” Jane asked sitting beside her. “I spent my whole day cleaning…” she said in a casual tone.

Shana felt that she was being watched; she shifted uncomfortably and hid her face under the yellow pages of the library book. Jane was immersed preparing notes; Shana scanned the entire area to see who it was. She was once again met with the mesmerizing eyes of Erin. He was still staring at her which was odd because whenever she found him staring he would face away. He was sitting on the bonnet of his car parked just outside the library; a group of boys surrounded him as usual.

She grew uncomfortable under his gaze and broke their eye contact. She wanted to be away in a place where he wouldn’t see. “Jane…I have to go…”She mumbled. Jane nodded not taking her eyes away from the book. She walked out of the room in quick strides.

She made her way out of the library and peeked at him to see if he was still staring at the now vacant place of hers. He wasn’t there in the group, she sighed and started walking back home.

The roads were deserted and the cool breezes chilled her senses, the trees on the both sides of waved to her gently, the gentle breeze caressed her cheeks, she felt tingly at the touch and laughed. The air carried a familiar scent in it; she searched for the familiarity in her mind. The gentle breezes surrounded her whole form as if it was walking with her. The musky scent of woods filled her nostrils as it played with her curls. Ash…She mumbled. She was so lost in the serene beauty of nature around here, that she didn’t see Erin stepping right in front of her.

She felt jumpy and stumbled a little bit, Erin caught her before falling. She was lost for a minute in his eyes; his eyes were full of love and passion. Erin was overwhelmed by the scent of her, her cheeks flushed at his touch; he was so lost in the depth of her deep green eyes. He was the player here and he didn’t want to be played by her beauty. They held together for many seconds lost in their own world, the magical moment ended as soon as they heard a honk right behind them.

They moved aside awkwardly giving way for the vehicle. Shana started to walk away when Erin side stepped and blocked her way. “Coffee…?”He asked.

Shana ignored him and walked away from him. Erin thought for a moment that Shana was going to say yes but he wasn’t disappointed at all when she ignored him.

“What are you doing, brother? You are here to protect her not to…”Erin cut him off. “I was just having a little fun here…Surely he wouldn’t mind that…” he grinned. Her brother nodded his head in disbelief.

Erin watched the wind howling at him, he knew he pissed off Ash for a while and that brought an evil smile to his face.

“I don’t know why her father would trust you with her protection knowing your reputation for girls…” Erin’s brother complained. He was a skinny vampire, he was so like his brother but he lacked the charm that Erin had.

“Because I’m the best guardian…” Erin boasted off.

Later that night when Erin walked up to the roof where she was sleeping, he remembered how it felt to touch her, it was like his whole body was electrified with her simple touch, he had never experienced that before. He longed to see her deep green that held his attention all the time. He pulled back the strands of hair that hid her beautiful face from him. She rolled to the side and the wind moved gently in the direction she rolled enveloping her in her warmth. She smiled as the wind embraced her in deep hug.

Erin hated it so much to see the wind caressing her gently. She might be related to her but why couldn’t she leave her alone when she was with him? The wind tenderly wrapped around her ignoring Erin’s glare.

“Erin…” Shana whispered. Erin leaned forward to listen what she was saying, When she pronounced his name, his stomach lurched, his name never felt so good. She is falling for him…He grinned at the thought.

Shana woke up as the morning rays gently chided her to wake up. She tip toed into her room and was ready in few minutes. She wondered about the dream that she had last night; Erin was holding her in his arms and looking at her with full of love. You can’t expect a guy like Erin to show such kind of love, for him it’s just a play…Shana scolded her mind for playing tricks on her.

Erin could feel Ash’s presence all the time around her; He was getting irritated about it. He was doing his duty same as you do, he assured himself but that didn’t lessen his rage.


Publication Date: 11-22-2011

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