A Beacon Of Light

A beacon of light in a much hurting world
Can't help but try to claim some sense of identity,
Strength and encouragement can only come from above
Amidst in the distance s trapped seagull lies,

Frightened but still yet adrift,
In a vengeful fashion striking the passing fish !
A source of hope, a triumphal beam,
The beacon of light shines forth,

Passerby's can err escape the helping hand of it's sparkling radiance !


A Doorway Of Hope !

As I slowly languished through the many hours of the day,

The doorway of hope was finally wide opened..,
Behind the facade of what appeared to be real,
Perhaps another game of Let's Make A Deal ?
Oft, we get caught up in all the give and take,

Time to smell all of the roses,

Although a bit perplexed were oft' torn between the lines..,

Those brutal lies !
Yet we choose to go with what flies.,
With the shield of protection that will stick like glue..,

Enabling for others what we should do,

Yet the lie of self has been revealed.. !
Doth the barren tree shed leaves ?
Still like the tree we all fall short..,
Hidden behind the garb of false compromise,

Can't anyone see through all of those hidden lies ?

We play on that one last string we are given,
Yet I might be willing to give love one last chance ?

A Fragrance Of Truth

There is an element of truth,
Tainted through so many false lies..,
We all are made for better things,
Stop changing all of the time,

Everyday the innocent our found to be guilty ?
The guilty go free with no sense of remorse ?
Without any real sign of conviction
No true sense of sorrowful repentance ?

They are all off in the distance riding on their horses..,
Saying, I'm not accountable to you !
You have to take some pride in what you do,

Just look at the Keebler Elf !

Very busy in his work,

Some may claim he's just an alien from the outer space,

Others just believe he's Captain Kirk ?

Although it's fragrance may vanish with the passing of time..,

Never once to be found broke, waiting at the soup kitchen,

Way down to his last thin dime,

Yet all of us are very aware of the mighty fork in the road !

Still we oft' just keep on driving ?

Longing to reach our ultimate destination,

Just to pause to have an effective break,
On a missed long awaited vacation..,
Still life's journey is based on what one makes of it,

Now take off your silly disguise !

Lift off your hollow egg shell mask,

Perhaps in some great way we all like the way we are ?

Yet far too ashamed to reveal to others our true selves...?

With an element of vital truth,

Still it may be all for some just a will for power !

Nothing more !

The challenge to be set free is a question of time !


A Letter To God

Dear God,

You see what one visibly see's
May not be a reality ?
Although at times I may want to blush,

Well bellow in this empty visible spectrum..,

Sometimes I hide things too deep inside ?

Yet still your loving hand is found to be outstretched in which to help,

In which to warn and comfort me..,

For we see beyond !
Yet still your loving hand is out for all to see !

This is in order to comfort me..,

It must have been very terrifying ?

To watch on as your only begotten son,

Stood hanging at the cross !

Still this wasn't some tragic loss..,
Hence, in the pain,
There burns a strong yet hidden desire !

Now I suppose there will be hope for me ?
Perhaps its better if I wait for it tomorrow ?

Oft' we all like to hide behind the obstacle,
Launch our missile in the sky then we tend to hide ?

Hence, to hide behind the garb of compromise and sin,
The Edge Of Night !


A Lonely Tug Boat

Out on the brink at the river's edge,

Across the rocks with stone flats,
Stood a lonely tug boat,
With the awesome colors of blue and green,
Just a quiet little vessel that was always humble..,

Never found to be mean !

Then one day, came a lone sly fox trotter..,
The Sly Fox side swiped the lonely Tug,
For no one would even comfort him ?
No one ever bothered to give him a hug ?

Instead he took out his snorkel down by the Great Bayou Reef..,

Fearing for his life he wanted some heavenly relief,

The lonely Tug didn't get very far,
Sly Fox drained out all of his diesel,
Now a very lonely tug boat..,
Shortened to a very tiny vessel,

That was until, Side Swipe Annie came out of no where !

A lonely tug was the worse for wear,
Just then Annie came out with something in which to share..,

With a loving smile having a very sweet toot !

Just with one common courteous but simple warning !
Try not to pollute !
Finally one lonely tug had met his match,
For it was Side Swipe Annie who was Donal Trump's vessel..,

This meant a whole lot of cash !
Now his lonely tug drove away carefree,
Straight out to sea !
Never again to even fret nor worry,

A sweet marriage that was meant to be !

Peace be still !


A Miracle Glow

With two precious soul's..,
Left out to fight,
One had grasped out for straws..,
While the other looked on and laughed,

To fear a frown out of a noble soul,
Long weekends just relaxing at the Hampton's..,
With so many a tune of soft rock and roll..,
We all rolled the dice unto a new but quite different life..,

Oft' we form our mild yet mediocre opinions..,
Perhaps it's best that we all wait until tomorrow ?
We get our thought out of a garbage can !
We base our decisions on a worn out crayon..,

Yet still deep inside we are all the same,
A charge of the rain,
Falls freely on the outside of the window pane,
Within all of us shines a brightened miracle glow !

It only longs to tell us which way we should go..,


A Return Home, Only Time Will Tell

Oh, blessed hope,

Both hardly a dream..,

Sweltering heat with the blood shed out in the street !

Send the troops home !

There is no reason for them to roam !

For these are desolate times !

Yet we all have chosen ill but faded rhymes..,

Still the casualties are enormous,
For a stated cause that's atrocious !
Send the troops home,
No reason for them to roam !

These are desolate times !
Yet we have chosen ill faded rhymes,
The casualties are enormous..,
For a stated cause that's just atrocious,

A mothers; cry as the door chime rings,
Vanishing salute to freedom as the church choir sings..,

Let's look above to the heavenly love !

Merciful one, take this chip off my shoulder
Stop all the senseless fighting before our nation grows colder !
Seeds were dropped out from a farmers bag,
In time roots spring up out of the fertile soil,

As the sun heats up,
Time will tell when this harvest will boil..,
In the game of life one's time is very brief,
Yet the soul yearns for its heavenly relief..,
Share with others who may want to turn over a brand new leaf,

Time will tell of the importance of helping one another,
To never give into the harsh criticism that our society puts out..,

Like a fighter is in the final bout..,

Time will tell of the safe return home of a loved one !


A Tearful Cry

A tearful cry sent a chill down my spine..,
The heavenly host were ushered before the whitened throne,

For reasons that were not even relevant,

Suddenly a shout was heard across the aisle...
You had known it all the great while,
A blade of grass was cut down to size,
In truth it pays to become a bit wise,

Oft' we rolled the dice in honor of the game,
When we look around there really is no one to blame,

Yet a small spark had been lit to a much heightened flame,

God is in the business of changing lanes..,
For this had sparked a shear enthusiasm,
Very oft' I don't like being bothered,
Even a little bit perplexed at times ?

Can't we all seem to read between the lines..,
Although I hit a tender soft spot..,
A majestic shrine of turqoise blue !
We are all in the same cage here !

I'm just a beggar telling another beggar where to get some bread..,

There really isn't anything by which to fear,
For now an eclipse of the sun hath tainted my clear vision..,

Let all of us try to take a look at God,
For truly in him is all that you have been waiting for..,
A soft tale spoken in the dark,

Hath now been brought into the light !

There is a direct correlation between black and white !


A Very Noble Story

I'm very puzzled today when I see people who substitute truth for actual reason,

One famous fellow had penned,

A very noble story !

About a king who reigned in glory !

Yet unlike a story this adaptation is so very true !

For we will be known forever,

By the very tracks we leave behind

Ponder what we choose to do each day,

Further, each moment for that matter,

Will forever be echoed throughout all of eternity,

For some it's the bottle !

With a hope in which to numb the inner pain,

For others its in vice...,

Yet that will be the end of their game,

Still will quite frankly drive one totally insane !

Many are influence in the notion of free will,

Others couldn't be bothered their just too over the hill..,

Yet there is a spirit which still loom's about

Beyond the parchment paper out on the window sill,

Still one can't find this in some magazine..,


A Vibrant Child

We all stand in awe through the vast pestilence,

A charge to wit set forth in which to endure...
Although the crowd was enormous,
Still the surpassing challenge had been won,
Yet for some has it just begun ?

Some of us shrink back from the clear adventure...
Fascinated by the light's and sound,
Oft, not holding firm to it's tightened reins
One can feel this in their inner veins,

Yet you were once a very vibrant child...
Now your darkened through its puzzled expression,

Although we have been once bitten,

Still try to ponder a rescue of sorts...
Yet some of us were twice as shy,
Forget about looking back at the plow..,
Or even getting a bit high !

Seek to hold up the pie in the beautiful sky !
Yet we all waver in disbelief..,
Although most are sandwiched between two slices of Italian bread..,

Try to ponder every thought that comes inside of your head !!!


A Way Of Escape

Faith will be rewarded..,
It's not something that is just intellectualized,
It just is...
According to your belief,

We must believe that he is,
That he is a friend to those who diligently seek him,

Although for now we only see through just a very tiny little portal,

Yet to ponder that the light still oft' glimmer's
To a vast way of escape..,
Behind the hidden garb of desolate compromise,

Oft' we are left wandering in the vats desert all alone,
At our own discretion we are led vulnerable,

Yet we oft' encounter many violent obstacles,
Which oft' will be perplexed to haunt us...
With the complexity of the most chaotic society..,
Cold but yet still fascinating,
The dawn of a brand new day !

We are oft' longing to recapture our late youth,
Far from the loud desolate cries of yesterday !
Still we pause to release the inner tension,
We will oft' bow our head to pray,

Yet still the underscore read..,
"As light as the limber Timber Wolf"..,
Feel the heat from it's haunting lips..,
With the shortness of breathe,

Through the adaptation of time,
When fellowship sweet is suddenly broken,
One can't regain another magic ticket nor token ?
Still we oft' rely on luck to better see our eternal future !

Although for now we wander and are a bit perplexed..,
The light that was once found dim,
Has now come full circle into its full fruition !
Yet the truth is suddenly revealed,
Only through the sacrifice of what Christ did on that cross !

Not anything that is of the flesh !
Nor anything a bit manufactured..,
Further, an intense personal relationship with the risen Lord Jesus !


An Angel In Waiting

Today the door bell suddenly rang !
At my house today,

As I answered..,

There appeared an elderly woman,

A bit helpless and hurting inside ?
Having only rags for shoes,
My simple reply was,
"By all means come inside",
"Warm yourself by the fire !"

I had exclaimed,

Still the woman in question seems to be very happy !
Seemed happy at first, then feeling more concerned,
Not really concerned with those material things,
Rather with the inner soul,

Her next reply was gracious and sincere,
Do you know Jesus is drawing near ?
For I had muttered not a single word back to her,
As if I had not even heard a word,

That kind one gets as a sliver,
It was part of the actual rugged cross,
Still I had no real clue to what she was really after ?
I still poised a question to her ?

For what really hurts you the most ?
Her reply was quite sincere..,

Lost soul's dying without the Holy Spirit !
Then the hour's came and went,
That's when she had headed toward the door,
Then there sparked a light glimmer in her eye,

Never once did I see her again after that day ?

Oft, holding firmly to that tiny piece of wood,
As I slowly bow my head to pray,
For never will I humbly forget that most mysterious day !

Perhaps she might have been an angel in waiting ?
Releasing to me some sort of spiritual seed,
For that is what I was craving,
In this life when the devil is knocking at your door,

On the other side of it have Jesus answer it for you,
Oft, an angel in waiting,
For we have no reason by which to run away and hide !

An Angel With A Sweet Desire

A cunning devil had a deceptive plan,

With the sullen demise of all men...

Spring ahead to make a fresh new start,

After you get a taste of all the world's perks,

These are never lasting and really worth it !

Not a small thing to ever violate nor waste,

Suddenly the door bell rang !

A sudden tune of temporal romance...
With quite a simple reply,
Lest I refrain...,
Yet she still dances out on that ring of fire,

An angel with a sweet desire,

Nor a word to the wise,
Reach into your inner soul,
Too late to run away and hide...
There is an angel on our side !

With fresh fallen snow,
This is a very different way in which to go ?
Oft', we had been a little bit scared,
Of all our new found fame !

None the worse for wear..,
A last dance to celebrate,
One small tear will surely dedicate,
A lonely heart felt smile within us all !

Sing praise to the Lord !


An Eclipse Of The Sun

As a younger child I used to dream of those radiant night's...

Coupled with a cool breeze of comfort,
Within my backyard I oft' longed to paint a picture in the sky,

Those reacuring dream's...,

A secret door where an old woman had lived,
This had curved my enthusiasm and fascination !

A long tunnel would connect to a shopping mall at the end !

This was at a nice Italian restaurant,

An eclipse of the sun had tainted my vision...,

Through the year's that little boy grew !
At times he didn't know what he should do ?
Made a shoe horn out of a strange kazoo !

Painted pictures of people's faces out of the sky..,

A tapestry made from times gone by,
For tonight instead of a nice lobster salad,
I'll just have to settle for a ham on rye,
Oft', dreams that suddenly came true..,

My search for love had brought me closer to you,
We had erected false idols to honor the dead,

What is going on inside our head ?
Hence, the highway continued to bleed !
What shall fulfill our true earnest need ?
Perhaps a covenant love to plant a nice seed ?

Yet were being called to the yonder shore !

It is there we will find our true calling card,
No it doesn't have to be so sweet,
Maybe a little bit tough ?

An eclipse of the sun
For a given chance by which to have a bit of fun,

Now that's it for my pen for all is done,
There is a true need to be heard,
In this society of idolatry we are lead to believe the lie !

Toward our parting cause,
When I was young I had those dreams
Some were fulfilled,
While others are just waiting to be hatched !


An Enchanting Hike

You put a nail in my coffin today,

Even though I looked out at the dense sea...

Moses even spoke to the rock twice..,

With a loving toss of the dice,
Perhaps next time this will make you think twice ?

a thief come into the darkened night !

Oft, he would go through the window ?
For he come only to kill, steal and destroy,
Tonight was very different..,
Before I went to bed my feet were totally bare,

As I awake I had something in which to wear...

The thief had been quite a nice gentleman..,
This wasn't an average run of the mill home invasion ?

For a blanket was put on top of my feet
With the warmth of the pillow in which to heat
A nice glass of port was kept on the table with care..,

No, St. Nicholas was no way in his care ?
Such kindness out of a very thoughtful thief..,
None the worse for wear,
Was there something that I said ?

All of those thoughts were in my head,
I'm just grateful I didn't wake up dead..,
For a kind gentleman thief escaped in the night !

Even though he may have taken my only golden noodle..,

He had managed to leave behind my expensive antique bike ?

For now I will gather all my belonging's..,

To pursue an enchanting hike !


Between Here and Eternity

Love is not found in the concept of autonomy,

Hence, there is a direct correlation between truth and mere justification..,

With wisdom being the most principle thing...

In this life we all get one chance..,

Whether is be heaven where God is,
Hence, or Hell with Satan !
There is no in between,
No given sense of compromise !

Nor paradise or even Hell,
Now would you like to change the story ?
For today take the initial time in reading the moral of that biblical story !

About a new fond faith that came out of glory,

With one word out of his mouth,
Mountains were brought into existence,
Trees embellished without any habitation,
Yet one may long for rest on a long awaited vacation !

Winds, mammals and vast habitation !
Yet one may long for more ?
Hence, a vacation from what ?
Still God provides us with no known retirement plan !

A given chance by which to turn the page ?
Still there is no great need by which to pretend,

Today middle aged women oft' lie down on their sofa !

They gossip to your face until they don't even know you..,

Yet when something gets out into the air,
A tearful eye begins to tear !
Which is so oft' too much for some to even bare,

Yet Oh ! None the worse for wear..,
So why does one even bother to care !
One sorrowful moment can lead one to despare !


Destination Excellence

In the past I was once a lonesome sinner ?

Today I'm just a common beggar !

Just telling another beggar where to get some bread..,

Yet what really went inside my head ?
That simple truth is it's all about Jesus !
Still keep the conversation set on one object,
Yet each of us still is quite different then the next ?

What one experiences may not necessarily be what the next one gets ?

Hence, let us be ever more motivated to destination excellence !

We all have every reason to be very confident,
One life's arena score is rooted in the relationship !
Based primarily through the covenant of reconciliation.


For the love of God

Beneath the silence,

A life doth trod..,

Through the vast perpetual silence.,

One line was drawn in the sand...

Hence, where does one even begin ?

Amidst a world that's torn between truth and lies,

Somehow all of this has to tie ?

A frozen moment hidden in time,

Oft, we are a bit puzzled but yet...

Focus is still the essential key !

In reaching out to the vast moral clarity...,

Let us make the great amends !

Yet one can't associate with a criminal,
Rather, have a keen sense in who you really are !
Hence in the inside parts..,
Appreciate the things that you choose do do..,

Savor each moment in your life !
For they are an essential blessing,

Yet for today could be your very last !

Hence, focus is the key to long lasting fate,
Integrity in which to share with one another...
Don't ever try to become somebody your not !
People see through all of those shallow lies,

Instead choose to become unique,
By showing no remorse for your inner faith !

No sense of lapse or compromise,
Now take off that silly disguise...
Rather, become selfless yet proud of who you really are !

Within this vast spectrum,
Caught up between time and space,
It is imperative to have a crystal clear vision !
Focus is the essential key !

For the love of God is here to stay,
Now and for all of eternity !


Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone


A time only when it's vulnerable,

To those attacks of Satan !
Yet is you have a heart you can assume that God,

Along with his people long to get ahead !

Setting a strong example for us all...
Upon leading our communities..,
Yet doth a broken yet contrite heart,
Oft' will help them to see it...

A given need,

To touch different people's hearts'...

Tis' better to assume most people don't care,
Yet we all must take the initiative !
For emergency worker's are all of God's people,

Hence, the truth is all the same,
Yet only the names have changed ?
It still doesn't matter when people are dying,
What matter's most is when they get rescued !

Sharing in the leadership role..,
People's lives are at stake,
Whether God's rescue worker's are all together !

Yet God tells us to hook up with friends,
All a part of a great relationship,
Yet what did God say to me today ?
I must wait until I bow my head to pray..,

Learning to do what makes God very happy !

Isn't it amazing about what that other person really cares about ?
What did Jesus do ?
Keeping from breaking Jesus' heart !

The power to change to talk about him,

Christ Jesus with his very good news !
Or else you'd be singing the blues..,
On Jesus' behalf we must go forward to proceed !

Getting beyond our true Christian jargon,
Mobilizing believer's that we are associated with,

Go out to try to win a soul !

Calling all the people everywhere to true Christian witness..,

Planning to achieve a selfless goal !

Forget about all of that death toll...


God In Is Nature Has A Way !

The silence still throughout the valley squall,

With leaves torn,
In the distance fresh cement sprayed along the path...

Acorns scattered in a mass plight !

A lonely squirrel would use them to fight..,
Betwixt the time and logic...
Nature had a very unique plan !
From a down pour of rain,

A lonely flickering light had glimmered,
Throughout the majestic vast valley of decor !

Flattered by the mere silence,
Where is the death to be found ?

Along with a mass glare of hope...,

Amidst frozen reason and torn logic,
A lonely face had smiled,
An inflamed pause in which to both ponder and reflect..,

Along with a modest but sincere amount of gratitude,

Hear the noise..,

With marsh along the misted dew,
Yet who knew ?

Portions of dust now scattered,
Further to brave the enchanted ambiance..,
A glittering rainbow proceeded to cover the beautiful color's !!

This is in order to enhance the day !
Along with nature's cry,
Hence, of burdened day's gone by...
With a bird passing tribute singing a lovely yet softened lullaby...,

Does this all come as a big surprise ?

A twilight gleam piercing the sky,
Oft, in nature with a beautiful way !
Out of portraying a pretty flower bouquet...


An Inspiration To Us All

Today there is a dire need

To knowing the great price...,

That we have been called to,

With an inspiration to us all !

One set it's course straight ahead...

While for the other,
Perhaps to be better off dead ?
Then to betray the son of man with a kiss !
Oft' we both would pray,

In the most silence of our tender hearts...

For anyone who would venture out to make a very fresh start,

That one would sell his soul for only thirty pieces of silver ?
Along with the other a huge victory crown !
That great price was paid..,

For both you and me,

With an inspiration to us all..,
Upon open arms to us all...
This was in order to with stand the true test of time !

* Mario William Vitale has clearly demonstrated his love for poetry in a very positive light..,

After his many year's of heartache through the loss of loved one's..,
Those friends and family member's who were addicted to drugs and alcohol..,

A disturbing message of pain,
Yet within this vast spectrum between time and space,
Mario has embraced the creative art of poetry with a passion..,
* His dire need to tell others of the good news of Jesus Christ,

*In life, although not very vocal about sharing his faith..,
Rather choosing to write to share his real love..,
* Further, hoping that this could be a clear revelation to us all...,


Like A Bird On A Wire

Painted faces all around without having any substance..,

With the lovely lavender ivy dew on the ground..,

Street light's turning off and on..,

Has our nation become rather socially distorted ?

Like a bird on a wire..,
To pledge a gun for hire,
We are all down to our last resources,
Shaped out of a figment of your imagination

Perhaps one is in dire need of a rest on a long awaited vacation ?

We need to stand up on our own two feet...

Learn to think for yourself
Yet try not to get too deep,
This power we use can only come from above,
Sent by an angel on the wings of love...

Mark the man who would be willing to explore,
A walk of faith attached to nothing more...

Some of us have drawn a little weary on this vast journey ?

Having hunched over shoulders pointing down,

Like a bird on a wire too afraid to come down...


My Castle In The Sky

Each of us longs to choose their own personal destiny..,

Yet what will that be ?

We oft' question the world's lie.. ?

Yet this still doesn't have an answer for all to claim ?

A white dove soars throughout the air very carefree..,

Sought a destination by which to choose a definite way..,

Oft' we ponder with the notion of free will ?
By giving it some chance...
Yet it's very end will lead to sudden disaster !

Now do you all know what I'm after ?

Still, one can make a choose either death or life ?

Perhaps, even not making one is still not making a choice ?

The world is not a deformed supermarket !

Where one can take a cart and pick and choose
If that is the case ?
We have everything in which to lose !
For Jesus Christ himself had paid the ultimate price on that cross !

Does that give you pause to think ?

If that's the case..?

Hence, to bow at the altar in which to pray..,

We can all be very certain to win !
In my view there needs to be more love
Sent out of heaven above !
No hanging wires like some puppet on a string..,

We have become mere vagabonds on the Earth,
Now, where does one even ponder to begin ?
Where all sort of complex and fenced in...
Hence, like a hanging chad !

Yet one ponders the idea of time,

My castle in the sky is not made by man made hands..,

We all must make or break our trust,
Oft' I think of a beautiful place that is so vast and unreal...

My castle in the sky,
Hence, not to ponder or even worry,
Nor, a remorseful tear in which to shed...
A mere beggar in search for his bread,

We our all living on borrowed time...

Yet time awaits for no one,
For no one is promised with tomorrow...
Treasure each and every day,
When it runs out is anyone's certain guess ?

Still I oft' seek to escape to peace and quiet,
Away from all of this mess,

My castle in the sky !
For one day soon it will surely seal the deal...
When we see our king face to face,
Who will wipe away every single tear..,
So for today don't you even hesitate nor even fret, nor even fear !


A Love Poem

At first light,
I treasured a delicate rose...
It was placed in a nice antique vase with care,
Reflect upon the stone pier..,

We filled our stomach's

With pasta and wine !
Song's were sung,
Not to mention a little Rosemary and Thyme..,
In this life one will get one chance,

To make a good first impression,
For which I looked into your eyes,
I saw my distant future !
With lips that were softened and sweet..,

Filled with a soft fragrance of love !

With romance to create a lasting bond,
For many it's just a nice sweet song..,
The smile on the frightened lonesome child,
A friendly neighbor who holds open a door.,

With a direct look !

To watch as an Eagle soar's !
Yet within love their is found much pain,
Just not having you in my arms...
Is driving me insane !

For now as we both walk hand in hand,
Within my heart their beats a vibrant melody !
Your eyes how they sparkle in the sun light !
You shelter me in your arms..,

A voice that puts me in an angelic trance..,

To ponder a walk on the beach
Our soul's at time's may seem to be out of reach !

Those peaceful memories of time with loving care..,

A bond of love,

As an enchanting angel who seems to really care !


All Fall Short

Mankind has been lost !

From that first bite of the forbidden fruit..,
To ponder Cain with Abel ?
A mark was placed upon Cain..,
To distinguish him from others.,

The intermingling from human with angels ?

No wonder we got a Goliath of a giant ?

A mammoth of a man !
Yet sin has many consequences.,
It's actions in which human rebel against God,
Miss their true purpose for their live..,

Surrender to the prince of the air,
More that God because their deeds were evil.,
The demise of Lucifer's fall !
Taking over one third of the angels with him..,

Yet he was once himself a glittering light !
His sin of pride wanting to become like the most high God !

With Job and his wife.,

Stating, "Curse God and Die !"
Peter's Denial, with the cock crowing thrice..,

Another Russian roulette, nor a given chance by which to roll the dice.,

The Apostle Paul in killing many Christian's ?

Yet why do you persecute me ?
Jesus came in order to open our hearts,
To turn our eyes from darkness to light..,
From the power of Satan onto God..,

Cause all their deed were very evil !

Yet all of us fall short,
It's not about me...
It's all about Jesus !
For what he did on that cross,

Fulfilled all of mankind's answer to sin.,

Yet where do I even begin ?
I plead the blood...
Apart from faith in him,
No one can please God.,

Nor can be saved..,
One is certainly bond for Hell !
Hence, completely lost...


My Castle In The Sky

Each of of us longs to choose their own destiny,

Hence, what will that be ?

We oft, question the lie.. ?

Yet it doesn't have any answer for us..,
To it's ultimate claim !
A white dove soars through the air carefree !
Sought a destination in which to choose the way,

Some ponder with free will by giving it a chance ?

Yet it's end leads to fatal disaster !
Still one can make a choose,
Between death or life !
Perhaps, even not making one.. ?

Still you have made a choice...
The world is not a supermarket..,
Where one can take a cart and pick and choose..,

If that's the case,
We have everything in which to lose..,
For it was Jesus Christ himself who had paid
That supreme ultimate price !

Does that give one pause in which to think twice ?
In that case..,
Hence to bow at the altar in which to pray !


My One Last Hope Is Summer's End

In this life not everyone is going to like you,

Nor for that matter, who are they ?
For look what the people did to our Lord !
But Oh !!!

This was no tragic loss..,

Yet for some had thought ?
What had sealed the deal ?
In three days he would rise again !
Jesus had but an end to all known suffering..,

He had conquered sin by stamping on Satan's head !
To finally put an end to all known sin..,
For there is an enemy that will fight you on every point !

With a very vicious type of bite !

One who will lean to monitor your every weakness..,
Where is the love ?

Remember those quaint family get together ?
Going to church and sitting in the back pew..,
To afraid to be noticed ?
Now we all no longer know what we should do..,

Has love been masked by lust ?

We all should desire that kind that come from above !

With such a real but tender touch,
Within a world that's in quite a rush..,
Hence, we all long to cling to one another..,
Like brother helping your fellow brother.. !

Having a true heart that's saturated with the truth,
This is in order to with stand the true test of time !

Yet grafted in his grand design,
My one last hope is Summer's end..,
Still one need a very kind and compassionate friend,

With whom one can depend..,
There is a burden in our society,
For a dire need in which to love !
Oft, we drag it out into the pavement ?

Yet from our eager anticipation..,
Perhaps in need of a break on a long awaited vacation ?

There is something in us all !

That we all need to share..,
A very thoughtful need with much care !

When will all the idol men learn ?
Someday it might be too late !
Perhaps he or she may burn ?


With this vast spectrum of time and space..,

* The Lord has brought all of us into a place,
Hence, of solace and peace...
My poetry in effect, for the past twenty years,
Has taken on a free verse type genre..,

* After studying the works of C.S. Lewis and many other comtemporary Christian poets..,

I have come to the unique realization that there is nothing I can't accomplish through the creative art of poetry..,

* Many will give up after the first editor's critique..,
Rather, I see this as a challenge to excel in the opportunity to reach the mass populace...
Richly through the written word..,
* One need a heart that is saturated with the truth..,
This is in order to withstand the true test of time !

* Choose to be brave and walk by faith,
Not by sight in accomplishing this primary goal for one's life..,

*Lastly, in developing a positive platform..,
This is in order to show case your work...
By paying attention to your subject matter,
Always in a very positive attribute !


No One Can Live Up To Your Standard

Within faith there tends to evoke reason..,

Yet some are a bit trivial and sympathetic ?
Others oft, ponder the hidden ambiance to a hidden Shakespear tragedy !

Hence, others feel when one dies,

You just dig a hole to simply dump one in !
Like watching that classic tale of Rin Tin Tin !

Others look forward to a better type of ressurection ?

Yet far too few in between if you know what I mean ?

For everyone is given life yet attached to a free will !

What one chooses is their ultimate final decision..,

Yet there can be no excuse for one to be very mean !
Don't even sweat the small stuff..,

As if this life is some grand comedy !
Still one frightened ego hath longed in which to explore..,

A parting question to the destination nothing more !

Seek to expose that ultimate lie..,

For many people claim I am what I do !

They all really don't have a clue..,


A Thought In Which To Ponder

Beneath the sod the Earth doth trod,

Yet a seed first grow..,
Next will succumb to full grown fruition !
Now is their something else that I have been missing ?

Who ?

The Lord Jesus Christ came down to open our hearts..,
Turn our eyes out of darkness to light,
To the power of Satan unto God..,

That we may have forgiveness of sin's and inheritance among us..,
That is sanctified by faith that is in thee !

What ?

We all have an adversary that will do anything,
and everything to make us all lose our testimony !

Where ?

Since the foundation of the world,

Why ?

So that evil men can come to the knowledge of the living truth and be saved !

How ?
His name is Jesus Christ !

Need I say more ?


Within every heart their beats a hidden melodic tone !

This should send a clear message from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet !

For the given truth to be revealed,

Yet this is not another game of Let's Make A Deal !

What did Pilate say ?

What is truth !

Therefore, as a simple rule of thumb,

For some it's best to stay where you are..,

Then to go where you don't even want to go...

Yet still one is found to be a bit perplexed..,

Not to mention their hidden melodic past..,

To pay one back what they eternally owe,

Like the Pharisee that questioned in the silence of the temple..,
Even if there is to be found one lost sheep..,

God's love for you is that great eternal promise.. !

In the midst of one's everyday walk..,

Even when one fail..,
God still extends his hand with gratitude love !


Open Your Heart

Although I had pinched a very tender nerve..,
One will get what they surely deserve !
For a given day is coming whence every knee will bow !
Forget about looking back at the plow !

When all of creation shall stand before its maker !
A seed of hope to a dying world in dire need !

Look at the cross to watch as the savior will bleed !

With pain that was so very intense !
Woman behold thy son !
As a beacon of light,
To a much hurting world in need..,

There comes a time when we have to plant the seed..,

Oft, the porter will go ahead of the shepherd..,

For even Jesus reached out to the lonely leopard ?

That cause was so very great..,
For the stake is so very high,
Don't ever settle for spam/
When you can order a nice ham on rye !

The cross that took,
A pain and shook...
Where all the faces were turned to silence..,
Amidst the one who hung !

Upon the cross...
Which Satan thought he had won !
Yet to his great surprise..,
Our Lord too a descent through all those bitter lies,

What was his mass appeal ?
To let all sinner's know,
That truly he was the real deal !


The Circle

As a young child,
I used to dream of radiant nights with sun beamed days'

The duration of time has created a nice melodic type of rhyme !

To discover the in tuned harmony to the hidden beasts' menagerie..,

It's the melancholy feeling out of the silence that I'm dealing,

A beat of the clock to watch the grand tick tock !
Let us look to the ancients to their historical perspectives..,

To bask in the vast array of it's hidden inner beauty..,

That passes all known wisdom !

A moment of silence,

No one can replace nor even fathom !

The challenge to be set free is a certain question of time !

My one solution is using my mind..,
Living on the edge and it's going to my head,
Sitting up at night,
All alone in bed,

Following the rainbow to the sky..,
I see a crystal clear vision of you pass me by...
This circle we all face can leave behind an eternal trace..,

An emergence of saving grace can lift the down trodden soul..,

A day is set and time will tell,
The salesman's intent on what he must sell..,
From the newspaper headlines reading, "The Circle Unfolds "..,


The Day The Earth Stood Still

Whitened stone upon the vast water front

At the edge of the clift,
Beneath the expanse of the vast radius of stars !

Oft, to learn of new frontiers
Within this valley of fallen tears..,
Like a caged rat that's hidden in a tiny hole,
Let us turn from every evil desire

Turn toward the vast radiance of the son !

Have the ancients spoken in vain ?
There is no lazy walk..,
Perhaps a picnic in the monumental park ?
You had lit the dim lit spark that had lit the flame..,

That day the Earth stood still !

With one word spoken out of his mouth..,
A picture of a two edged sword,
Although no one had spoken a single word
It was the beginning of the end,

When the four horsemen rode off into the sunset
This will not be a good time to hide and play !
The day the Earth Stood Still..,
We all need a true repentant heart..,

That is saturated with the truth..,
This is in order to with stand that true test of time !

Let us run to stand the truth,
In regaining sight to the blind !
That time is now...


The Devine One

The devine one works in mysterious ways..,

Perceived to most as being quite futile,
Yet still transformed between the lines...

Among heaven's door !

To that place of vast solace..,

There is a direct coorelation out of time and space...

The cross to the present century,
Thank you Mr. Bernanke !
With your warm helping hand you had led us,
Right out of a would be Great Depression !

For now, we as a nation...
Have suddenly lost our way,

Throughout the moral decay...
The bitter sweet motive,
We have suddenly lost all sense of integrity !
In retrospect..,

Fainting amidst a cold but bitter chill..,

Some having turned inward,
Have wandered from the faith...

Yet some may get lost in a type of purple haze,
Hence, clearer head prevail... !
When your tied up in knots,
Then there is a dozen of pots in your sink...

Can't even wink to dismiss this Earthly bliss in thought ?

Yet this is the given pathway in which we have chosen...,

Can we visibly see a devine hand ?

Still look upwards !

Unto the great master's plan...

Within a moments notice in which to depend,
The ever changing currents to life's changing flow !


The End Of The Age Of Innocence

When I was young, it had oft' sparked..,

My hidden curiosity to walk so carefree !

Although we oft' lived in the land of make believe..,

There are many of us today that want to live as they please...

Nor to watch us bleed !

When one lives by sight,
This will surely send quite a fright !
Oft, we seek to justify our sin...
Out of no regard to personal preference,

Such as a caged rat that's hidden in a tiny hole ?

Who shall release us from this character assination ?

To the end of the age of innocence..,

Forget about it if it feels right just do it !

Such as monkey see to monkey do...
Who would have known ?
My words shall spring forth out...

Fresh out of the sugar bowl !
Who shall seperate us from this inner battle ?

Nor plague, tempest or pestilence..,

Such as the strong arm of Moses !
Speak to the rock !
Let my people be set free !
If curiosity killed the cat ?

Then what do we do with curiosity ?

Yet I shall go forth to ponder and cherish,
A delicate rose that was picked for me so long ago !
Although we have been beaten through the storm,

Yet we ponder a rescue of sorts
Still after been bitten,
Some of us were just twice as shy ?
Hence, to falter to take hold of that pie in the sky !


The Face

Amidst this mystic granduer we call life,
We venture forth !
On wayward to our chartered course...
I was young once,

Yet now I'm old,
Furthermore, let the truth be told...,

To no avail some may even venture forth out to set sail !

To the proceeded found danger zone,
The line drawn in the sand...
You all heard our plea for help !
A silent whisper in the darkened night,

Amidst the dense and mirky sea !

In the barren distance a cry was heard..,
Hence, a passing facade nor lullabye ?
Yet many there be that cry !
Then suddenly their appeareth the face..,

That rainbow drew a plough in which to see !

A farmer lends a helpless hand,
A smile from a lonesome Grandma...
Even though this is killing her inside !
Yet we all tend to vant yet what does that gain ?

In desperate times of sorrow, lax nor pain...
Yet the lazy man is burdened from the inside !
The secret nights with my pillow being soaked with tears,

Hence, thing's in the natural doesn't turn out to what they really appear ?

Jesus still knows how to change a toughened ego..,

Raise a family the right way !
Muzzle an ox in flight,
Although as strange as it may really seem..
His love will be forever amazing throughout all of eternity !

Even though at the moment we are oft' charged to fight !

Those vast turbulent waves that may soon come our way..,

Yet still he has all of his children in his sight !
The precious saviour who spilled his own blood..,
Hence, for the whole entire world to see,
A roman soldier pierced his side..,

When you see him one may have every reason to run away and hide !

Still look at Calvary to that bllod stained cross..,
A teenager then gently rubbed their lip gloss..,
To that which appeared to being a book on the floor,
In then opening the door,

An invitation to accept or reject the Lord ?

Still with pieced bloody hands and scars !
Jesus has pointed to the vast amounts of stars..,
All this my child was made for you to see !
That vast array of slendor filled with intense love !

Although a bit complex as it may seem ?
Jesus with opened arms and hands,
Gently smiled and then pointed to The Face !


The Fall Of The Church

Have we become a bit lukewarm, cold or indifferent ?

Can you please refrain from speaking ?

What more can I say to dampen out the gossip that you have been bleeding..,

Grace dot stregnthen the heart...

We are all headed for soon to come disaster !
You see,
Condemnation with fear brings most of us apart..,

Let us take a long look at that man in the mirror,
Does this come at a big surprise ?
Satan is working over time in providing us with his whole host of lies !

Just look at the way the church is today ?

Instead of truth we have settled for a moral decay..,
Whatever happened to the true compassion ?

We all tend to hid ehind the hidden garb of false compromise ?
Forget about what you have heard start to cling to Jesus and his every word !


The Great Compromise

A house on a hill,
With white picket fence to line up its path...
Yet we all paint with a fine brush,
Out of a canvas of a world in quite a rush !

Some heart's are heavily bound,
Just don't think that you can look for it in the lost and found !

Looking through mirrored glasses..,

We all notice something quite different ?
A carousel with the smile of youth !
Watch the American flag,
Now look a bit closer...

We slowly notice something extra different ?

Why are people so down right mean ?
It has been this way since the beginning of time..,

Ever since the devil dropped Eve that first line,
All of us one time or another,
Have bitten into it's forbidden fruit !

Just at first but bitter in taste,
Filled with moistened lies !

We all played the fool of compromise !
Hidden behind the false garb of flash, flesh and bitter lies !
Now does all of this come as a big surprise ?

Satan was never a friend..,
Someone by whom you can depend ?
Now as painting begins to dry..,
In the distance, the cry of children slowly diminishes,

What one is left with is only a lasting memory !


The Land Of Make Believe

A chance to dine with the master of all time !

Do you all remember when you were broke ?
Down to your last thin dime ?
Then you couldn't even cope..,
When you had a big fight with that soap on a rope !

We are all living in the last days !

Don't get trapped in some purple haze..,
Let us all long to sit at the master's feet !
Within the land of make believe...
A softened reply to the one who bleeds,

Yet we think we have a tight grip on what is real ?
Perhaps a game of Let's Make A Deal ?
Hence, we all live in our much sheltered homes !
Having every convenience that is known to man..,

Still why can't we even shake our neighbor's hand ?
Don't you believe in what the television may say..,
That mere gossip at your local flea market !
Even what other's may have read..,

It's a matter of heart how one truly feels..,

For some, its all a grand illusion that were all living in..,

The Land Of Make Believe !
There can only be one devine purpose..,
To ultimately win that great crown of life !
At last a chance to dine with the master of all of creation !


The Mountain Man

A rock was suddenly thrown from far up above !

As I began to look up,
Another black pebble began to drop on my head...
I was itching like crazy all over my entire body !
As I look up again..,

Those two piercing eyes were looking right back at me !

This was really quite a bit of surprise !
Clearly, I was lost in the wilderness,
The next thing I knew the man was right in front of me,

Perhaps he wanted something but what ?

Instead of a spear he had extended his hand !
For the mountain man only wanted some peace..,
Just needed for me to be his friend,
Next he took me to an enchanting village..,

Where the Mic Mac Indians lived,
To the ancient lake were prayers they would give..,

As I again looked above,
Suddenly a large brown hawk flew in the sky !
For who was I ?
Just some ordinary guy..,

Yet we all sat their and laughed !

Later on we all smoked a large peace pipe..,
After the prayers were all said we left to the open plain !

Then I learned the true art of throwing the tomahawk !
Among the sheer thrill of dancing in the rain..,
What a true champion of a man !
For some had thought that he was quite absurd..,

Forget about whatever you had learned and heard !
The mountain man continues to protect all of the land !
By taking me to his heightened place !

For he had to show me his master plan...
Hence, from the world I knew before,
Was nothing until I choose to explore !
This sudden charge to truly learn would open heaven's door...


An Open Door

In each of our lives,
Springs a root of growth...
A barren seed waiting to blossom !
Still within the barren silence,

There lieth a beckoning call..,
A torn rose petal loses it's beauty !
With two white doves waiting to file suit..,
In anticipation to watch the clock,

Yet there is still a bit of silence ?

Over mere desolate places..,
While you still left a trace...
To wake to oft, ponder
That true common but richest way !

Hence, the time never stops for anyone..,
The open door,
Let's go inside to see those that light
That can relate to it's true message,

Although, today a tear drop fell
Through the stained pain of glass..,
Yet still we all need to learn,
The true value of the enchanted...

Let the open door egnite a brand new desire.,
Out of a fallen world that seems to be calling me a liar !

Rather, to quick to judge a book by it's cover !


The Red Door

It was in Autumn,
Yet green grass was out !
For I had swallowed a solid but bitter pill,
Then came a long cold Winter chill !

As if we were all buried alive,

With no sense of remorse..
We are all getting a little off course ?
Next to the apartment where Grandma lived !
The red door..,

Oft, we would visit and rest
Always modest but a very simple lady..,
Nothing from her was ever shady,
Although she had kept a secret about the red door ?

Please don't ever go in !

Grandma would oft' explain..,
Oft' I would try to sneek a little peak !
Aside from going a little bit insane ?
Perhaps it was the place to keep the dead !

Those were many questions in which I had pondered in my head..,

Then Christmas came !

A brief vacation before I went insane,
Now the Red Door had been opened..,
This was the time when all was showing !
Inside was where all of the presents where kept,

Then The Red Door was no longer a kept secret..,
Then suddenly their came my new shiney cho-cho !

Finally, grandma explained that I could keep it !


Remembrance Of A Loved One

How you had fought so hard and fierce,

My one true love was gone from here ?
The challenge to be made free was a question of time..,

My one solution is using my mind !

Living on the edge and it's going to my head...
Sitting up at night all alone in bed
Following the rainbow to the sky...
I see a crystal clear vision of you pass me by !

Our war were in is almost over
It's hard to believe I lost my lover ?


The Rock Ledge

Stone upon the waterfront,
A papal setting that pleases the eye..,
An approaching passerby,
Hence, it's the turning of the tide !

A flock of soaring seagulls fly through the sky !

Time has been very precious to most...
As the seagull continues to fly out on the coast..,
Shelter lieth dormant to the lonesome child,

A soft breathe
The silence of the wind ?
Yet for one honest approach to the way we all live..,

A heart felt reason in which to forgive,
Within the setting of the sun...
Quaint, lasting brightness to the approaching light of day...

Jesus will forever be one heart beat away !


The True Artist Never Dies

The true artist never dies,
Rather lives on in the many heart's of many...
A wise soul will always want to learn.,
That living by sight will often cause one to burn !

A memory can be tainted by lies...

Oft, we hear a word that was spoken in the dark,

Within pain that can be released in the light
Never give up on the fight !
With pain, that can turn away..,
Choose to bow the knee to pray,

Don't ever assume that everything is quite all right..,

By painting the town,
Both by living by sight !
Be captivated by who you really are..,
This source of real truth,

Oft, we get a bit tired and perplexed ?

The challenge to be set free is a question of time !

Like a leaning tower,
Not even from Pisa !
We are so afraid to reveal to the average stranger..,

Hiding behind four perplexed walls !

With bars made out of steel
Don't ever give up on the fight
Nor what is for real !
Sheltered from the bitter cold !

It is true the artist never dies...
We all will cherish every single moment,
Until at last we will open heaven's door !


There Is A Place

We all oft, ponder with our future,
Still some of us reflect on the past..,
Yet other's tend to go where no one has ventured before.. !

From an open window,
To the closing of a door !
For some this may sound like such a bore,
Yet who would have known ?

The human heart beats forth !

There is a place,
Where no one taunts or even accuses..,
Still she likes to dance on a ring of fire !
For many this seems to amuse !

Yet she throws off a single challenge with a sincere shrug..,

Yet their is a place were men are very kind !
Oft, I go theie to get away from it all..,
You can't find this at a fair or even at your local mall...,

Now what's in this place ?

It's in embedded in my very heart,
That is where I had learned to make a brand new start !
Now the challenge to be made free is a question of time,

My best solution now is just to smile to be kind !

Even though the world around me can be so blind !

I will choose to never forget,

"There Is A Place !"


Through The Hourglass In Time

Within the great expanse with time..,

There will disclose a very vibrant view,
A soft parallel of sorts ?
Mark the man who will be willing to explore !
With the final plea to the great nothing more,

Hence, a tug to it's gravitational pull !

To have faith in the sender of life..,
In the one who will pull you up,
Still holding on to a firm grip to his tender hand !

Don't ever be afraid to take a stand !
Never to stick it to the man..,
Oft, along with kindness cometh a bit of tender love...

This was all sent by the Lord up above !

A little angel once whispered into my delicate ear,

"You can't stop your wandering".
There can be no reason by which to swear.,
No right nor reason by which to fear !

Without a salty fleeting fancy nor lazy idol care !

Yet the car in the garage was still running ?
Through the visual hour glass we oft, encounter snap shot memories !

Fleeting moments that can't be erased within the passing of time..,

Do you all remember when you were broke ?
Down to your last thin dime..,

We all must be armed and ready for the action,
Put on the full armour of God,
Although, gradually twisted at the seams !
Yet you powder your puff along with all those bees !

Yet long to be relaxing with all those leaves..,

Along with mere laghter their cometh a certain pain..,

Still one can easily rejoice !
In heightened splendor..,
Along with a pickled fancy and relax,
Gone are all those days that left us with Sid and Nancy ?

Yet one can't set the standard !
Now we are all free in which to soar..,
Look at the Eagle as it lift's out to the shore !


To The Unknown Soul

For there is no one that can fully understand the frailty of the human condition ?

Today, with the later half..

A bell rang to summon a closing time !
Yet I was still broke,
Wanting while down to my last thin dime ?
Oft, I had created sweet melodic rhymes within my head,

Boxed wwithin a three by six cell..,
Perhaps I'm better off dead ?

Yet to my great surprise,
A light spark of reassurance..,
Passed before my delicate eyes,
Although time has healed a lonesome smile

Still I knew all the great while,
How that a whistle once blew ?
Who would have known ?

For there is no one that can fully understand the real human condition ?

Today with the later half..,
A bell rang to summon a closing time !
Yet I was still broke wanting ?
Down to my last thin dime..,

Oft, I had created sweet rhymes within my head,

Somehow along the way
Mankind has become far too confused ?
While Satan himself grows more and more amused,
Who would have known ?

That fatal cost to the unknown soul ...
Hence, look out at the given undertoe,
A change at which to rock and roll ?
Who would have known ?

That fatal cost to the unknown soul ?



You fell from grace today
Vanity sent a chill down my spine
The wind can bring about a great change
What's a pebble from that of a little stone !

A voice continues to speak...,

This is a cold and mirky day !

For we are all living on borrowed time,
Hence, a love doth know..,
How precious a flower grows !
One soul delights in pickled fancy..,

Gone from all those days when Sid met Nancy,

There was a slight but yet deafening tone..,
Far from all the pastures that we used to roam,
As if a dog would even need a bone..,

Furthermore, the band played on !


Walking On Broken Glass

In the early morning light,
Footsteps within the green ivy dew
Oft, surreal from the actual norm ?
We like to hide behind tiny boxes,

Masked beneath the cloke of dispare
Pierced in the side by the social spear !
Our true model criteria to spiritual idolatry,
Due to the fatal onslaught of the innocent unborn !

We all have become wounded and torn !

Lost in a weary land !
Like a caged rat hidden in a hole
Who shall release us from this present death toll ?

At night we sleep beneath satin sheets
We erect pious yet false portals with promise..,

Between the hidden garb of false compromise
We are living in the last of days
Let us not get caught in some purple haze
Forced to choose from right to wrong..,

We often stretch ourselves out for nothing,
With the hope of eternal glorification ?
Let us now loose the bonds to our meager existence..,
Stand up for what is right,

Choose to become a beacon of light !

To a much hurting world in desperate need..,


With Open Arms

A white dove flew in the air !

Freely soaring without a sense or care,
Let go with the fear that made you stay..,
A prisoner of sort..,
Yet we all long to hold onto a dream
Things don't actually appear what they may seem,

Let us bask in the cool of the day !
A normal walk in the woods...
There enfolds an element of lies,
Does all this come as a big surprise ?

Our heightened ambiance to a bigger picture,
There is something we all long to capture !
A word spoken in the dark,
Hath now come into the light !

A papal view of sorts
Set out to win the fight !
With open arms we long to choose to explore.
We ponder a day of rest..,


With Waves That Crash !

The dream she had,
Turn from the fabric of all imagination
Broken dreams eft at the back door
Oft, to learn of brand new things

At last we can bask,

In the ultimate vast array !
Although, the light was very dim..
For all the while,
I had searched for hope !

On the brink of utter despare,
A shining light !
We should visit the house near the ocean ?
Safe away from all known danger !

With waves that would crash,
Look to the seagulls that would soar !
A fresh breathe of air,
Even sport a tan,

If only one would obey the master ?

In submitting to his perfect will and plan !


* The final poem demonstrates a deep connection with God,
In demonstarting his invisible attributes,

Within Light Cometh Darkness

It was starting to rain,

On that night when my cat escaped !
Although, through the tainted glass I noticed,
A slight figure of an elderly woman..,
At first I was very frightened by her mere presence,

Far in the distance I heard sounds of laughter

Hence, a smile from a passing child,
Awaiting the arrival of a father...
A broken glass,
With the chime of the door bell rang,

That's when I saw that woman sing !

Oft, someone would appear outside my window
Never before had I seen her figure ?
with the sound of amazing grace,
A fragrant tune in my Payton Place,

On the eve I came to ponder a way of escape ?

Hence, to hide behind the garb of pain !
Within ligh cometh darkness..,
A tear had been shed,
For the angels must have cried from heaven ?

Perhaps a quick top at your local Seven Eleven ?

In what had appeared out of the corner of my eye,
The woman in question had disappeared ?
In a large puff of smoke !
Who would have known ?

Within light cometh darkness,
This wasn't a no second class stage hand !
Not even a circus clown..,
Perhaps exit stage left she went ?

Hence, after painting the town !


Go A Little Deeper

This morn, a cross a rose in my head
Betwixt the Autumn dew..,
With the pouring rain !
Hence, with nothing to do..,

Yet who really knew ?

The pains of life came creeping in...

Nor a mere solace field,
Whence hidden spiral shaped fences,
With a common look of expression ?
Soft but a bit delirious !

We set our course between the radiant papal isle..,

With the confusion of the day !

Marked with a pyramid of vast confusion...
Some thought it only as an illusion ?

Sought a common dilemna out of the actual norm..,

Curse the given day I was actually born !
Amid the tryanny of the situation.. ?
Yet betwixt the light of the new day !
Until the vast darkness of all night's..,

A cross arose between the lines !

Amidst a mirage of perpetual confusion,
We should all strive to go a little bit deeper !
Among the many tempers a fire !

Perhaps to oft, ponder a lonely gun for hire !
What is this vast heightened place ?
In order to fulfill your biggest desire..,
A beacon of hope to a dire world in need !

With vast tempers a fire !

Enough to certainly make one bleed..,
Yet within each of our lives
We all long to fulfill a lasting need !

* ( Often we all long for some big break in life,
Away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday existence,
In this life,
There are forces that powers that be,
That will try to delegate your eternal destiny.,

Yet within life,
We often find pain..,
The sense of delegation that borders the insane.,
Yet we oft' smile to call it a good day !
Paying no homage to the suffering ?
We tend to hide behind the wall of compromise.,
Tainted by emmense yet mystical lies.,

Does all of this come at a big surprise ?


Publication Date: 12-21-2009

All Rights Reserved

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