How It Came To Be

One day I was at school and a new HOT boy walked toward me and scooped me up. When we got to class he put me down and gave me a kiss on the cheek thats when I knew I was in love.

We walked into class I sat at my desk well kind of I sat on his lap.After lunch that day he leaned over gave me his number and told me to call him when I was on my way to the graveyard.
So I put his number in my pocket and walked away.I couldn't understand why he was doing this.

that night I called him and told him I was on my way he said ok.
when I got there his hair was parted he had dinner ready.He also had rose peatles scatterd around.He had a c.d. player and one thing I could not help but noticehe had fangs and they were not fake.Was he a vampire?

So I went over there and we started dinner. As i was eating my pork he leaned over and kissed me . It was a long kiss but it was good. After that we danced we laughed our butts of.
Then I asked him if he was a vampire and he said yes I asked if he would turn me into a full vampire. He said ok so he leaned over and bit me it was done i'm a vampire.

love life

The next day at school I almost had a love life it was awesome.
That night he took me for a walk all around the city. We kissed we stoped said goodbye and went home.(end of chapter 2)

New Boyfriend

Then at school after 2 weeks of not talking to eachother he came up to me and said I love you and I want to know will yoube my girlfriend I said said yes theres my new boyfriend and I said bye love you see you next week.


Publication Date: 11-21-2011

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my mom my dad and my boyfriend

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