Short Story 1: Walk Away, Fly Away



Cameron Fox is used to having people walk away from him. From his parents to his siblings, friends and lover, he's used to it, but they are not used to him walking away. What happens when things go too far and not only he walks away, he flies...




Seventeen year old Cameron Fox woke up on a sunny yet, dull day, turning his head towards his digital clock which was displayed on his night stand, he jolted up. He had only twenty five minutes before school started, running in towards the bathroom, he cleaned himself up and put on some clothes before walking out the door without breakfast or a "good morning" to any of his family.


As Cameron walked to school, a cool breeze hit his body, he purposely forgotten a jacket, he liked the cold weather much better than the warm or even hot weather. People thought of him as insane when he wore shorts on a snowing day, five people walked away from him and Cameron watached.


"Yo! Cam!" Lucas, one of Cameron's friends, who have not yet walked away, waved over to his friend to join. Cameron obliged and turned his body and headed over to the picnic table set outside of the school. "Hey Cam, we were just talking about you."


Cameron only nodded, not speaking a word as usual. Cameron's friends knew he was mute, not deaf, mute. No one knew how he became mute whether it was on purpose or something raptured in his brain that caused his speaking abilities to fall.


"Oh yes, we were talking about you letting people take advantage of you then walking away. Doesn't that hurt you?" Tamara, a crush Cameron has had since the fifth grade as well as his few close friends asked, swinging her legs.


Cameron Fox shrugged as the bell rang.




"What were you're going freak." Liam, Cameron's long time bully since kindergarten scowled as he ran towards his group of friends, one of them being Jamie, a former friend of Cameron's who walked away. Jamie eyed Cameron with both a cold and a lonely impression before he walked away with his buddies.


Grabbing his books, Cameron set off for his first period by lunchtime, he would do his daily routine and ditch the second half of school, walking to the park, to think, to swing, to imagine what would it be like to fly.


"Does anybody know where Tamara is?" Ms. Frankline Moore asked as everyone in her class, including Cameron Fox, looked around, suddenly, they heard the door knob jingle and someone coming in. Tamara.


"Sorry I'm late, I had to just the restroom." Tamara apologized as she took her seat next to Cameron ignoring the flirtatious looks from Cameron's former friends now bully. The girl turned over to Cameron and smiled her sweet smile before paying somewhat attention to the teacher.


Cameron Fox blushed.




Oh how he would die if he didn't ask her out, no, how he would die a slow painful death if she rejected him and went with someone else, someone better than him. Lucas, Issac, Elijah, and Cameron himself knew how much Tamara meant to him and how much she made his life seem so much easier when it doesn't look like it.


Cameron had a purple envelope, a small envelope, and inside was a small poem, a poem he had told her long ago, in freshman year and she loved it. He still remembered what she told him the evening he read it to her.


"When you find just the right girl. The one that makes your heart beat like a racecar and your soul soar like a bird, give this to her and she'll know, she's the one you've always thought of."


Cameron knew purple was her favorite color so not only was the envelope purple but so was the note inside of it. As he walked towards her locker, he waited until the hall was clear enough to slip the note inside.


Cameron Fox, hoped, prayed, and dreamed.




As she skipped to her locker, she didn't pay attention to the group of boys gawking and eyeing her, like a hawk ready to strike against it's prey. When she opened her locker, a small purple envelope dropped down at her feet and when she picked it up, the smell of lavender, her favorite scent filled her nostrils.


She opened the envelope to reveal a purple note, a smile formed on her face as she read the note with a giggle here and there for every joke put on it. Then, her eyes widen at the poem, it was the poem he shared with her way back then.


"Hey! Someone left a note in my locker. Whose it from?" She yelled out, waving the note, the boys all shrugged their shoulders and shook their head, all but two. "Well then, step foward if you are the young man who wrote and gave me this wonderful note."


Before he could walk towards her, he was pushed roughly onto the cold hard ground of the hallway by none other than the one guy he wished he never see or hear from for hours and hours to come. Fear conquored him as the guy wrapped his arms around her waist.


"I did." He said with a smirk.




*One Week and Three Days Later*  


Cameron got up from a good night's rest minus the nightmares he would get and checked the time, 6:20am and then the calender, it has now been a week and three days since Tamara and Liam have been dating, it did hurt Cameron a lot when Tamara accepted Liam as her secret admirer and his proposal for her to be his girlfriend.


He didn't know what hurt the most, the fact that she accepted or the fact she kissed him, in plain sight, where he would see. He now dreaded going to school, having to see the two so happy, so in love, Tamara will walk away from him. She will, and the others will join.


Cameron got dressed, skipped breakfast once again, and walked to school, ignoring all the students yelling, screaming at each other as he walked inside to come in contact with Tamara's legs wrapped around Liam's waist, one hand in the mess of his hair as he supported her. The two were kissing, kissing like lovers.


Cameron Fox left the scene, heart broken, and soul shattered.




Liam smirked a devil's smirk at the reaction of his victim, Cameron Fox. Liam knew well he wasn't the one who wrote and gave the note to Tamara but that was his oppertunity to get his hands on her and break Cameron to the core.


He had succeeded.


"Hey babes, we better get going to class." Tamara giggled, tugging on his hair, a moan escaped from his lips in which she kissed. He nodded with a smile and placed her down as they walked together to class hand-in-hand.


As they walked inside their first class, he noticed Cameron sitting amongst his friends, Lucas, Elijiah, and Issac, the same devil's smirk appeared on his face as he took his seat next to his new girlfriend, a sinister thought appeared in his mind.


"Let us see who you fare when you are alone." Liam thought as he leaned back against his chair and acted like he was interested and paid attention to the teacher teaching Physics.




Cameron knew his friends were acting weird and so was he, he actuall stayed passed lunch, did not ditch or even tried to. He wanted to see how Tamara was doing with her new boyfriend, if she was happy then he will try as well, for her.


He leaned against his locker and waited to Tamara and Liam so they could maybe have lunch together with Lucas, Issac, and Elijah along with Liam's friends. When he saw them coming his way, he moved away from the locker and waved at them with a smile.


Cameron's smile dropped when Tamara did the one thing she promised she never do, wrapping her arm around Liam making him pull her closer to him, Tamara Parks, walked away.


A large piece of Cameron Fox's heart flew away as he ran out of the school, crying, frusterated, angry.




"Oh  come on, you know how Liam means to me and if he says walk away from Cameron Fox, you better or else we will make school one big hell hole." Tamara threatened. Being with Liam changed her, not only her clothes revealed so much, she no longer wore her usual pony tail or braid but kept her hair down, her attitude changed as well, she now acted like a spoiled, rotten, Queen Bee.


Lucas, Issac, and Elijah all looked at each other with concern for her and worry for Cameron. When they were about to shake their head, Jamie presented three brown paper bags full of money, hundreds of them.


Their eyes widen as they dug into their own bags to feel and see the money, their first thought was it's fake but after examining the money, all was real, as real as they are, as real as the clothes they wear, and the places they've been to.


"All you have to do is walk away from Cameron Fox and all of that will be your's plus popularity." Liam said as Jamie took the bags of money and took a step back until he was next to his friend, his boss.


Once again, the three friends looked at each other, silence filled the room as they either nodded or shook their head while mumbling so no one but the three can hear. Not long after, Lucas stood up from his seat and walked towards Liam.


"Deal." Lucas said as they all shook hands.




Cameron Fox couldn't believe what he saw, what his friends did. When he saw them coming right towards him, he thought they had managed to threaten Liam and his friends to stop bullying him but he was wrong, dead wrong.


Instead, when he saw them, their clothes were rich, they had boys and girls swoon over them, Cameron tried to speak but all, ALL, walked away from him but not before they all took turns using him as punching bag.


Groaning in pain, Tamara and Lucas both kicked him in the stomach and ribcage before they spit at his face and taunted him. Tears threatened to fall down Cameron's face as they walked away from them. As he watched, Cameron Fox lost the will.


"Let's fly." He whispered as he got up and left the school.




Cameron Fox did not bother with a note for he knew and everyone knew what the reason was and why. It was all their fault, they all made promises and none of them kept it.  Cameron now hated people and promises. He let out a roar and demolished his whole room, he was glad his parents were gone and his little brother was still at school. He checked the time, 3:40, they were all either at home or at the mall.


It's time.


Wearing only jeans and a t-shirt, Cameron began to walk outside and towards a bridge, along the way, he saw Liam and his friends, Liam slowed his car so his speed was the same as Cameron's, all together they threw trash at him.


"Hey Cam wanna come oh wait, you can't!" Elijah shouted out as they all laughed and Liam speed up sending mud and tiny rocks flying towards Cameron.


Cameron Fox had no more tears left.




As Cameron stood on the ledge of the bridge, he looked down to see the cold ocean below calling for him. He smiled then looked behind him and a flashback appeared, they were the times when he was not lonely, and no one walked away. The images changed and it was when one by one, they all walked away from him.


Cameron Fox looked to the sky and whisperd, a smile, a true happy yet sorrowful smile formed on his lips and into his eyes as he spread his arms out, eagle style. With no one to save him, to one to stop him, Cameron Fox said his last words.


"Let's fly."




*The Next Day*


"Thanks for letting us sleep over Jamie." Issac said as they cleaned up their mess from last night's party. Jamie nodded then heard the phone ring, everybody stopped when he went over to see the Caller ID, his eyes widen as he answered.


"Yes? Hello?" Jamie started as he listened to the man on the other line. As everyone walked towards him, leaving the bags and a little bit of the mess, Jamie began to shudder, quiver, and sob. "No, no it can't, it can't...DAD!"


Mr. Moore, father of Liam, heard his son cry and immedately ran to him and took over talking to the man. "Yes? Oh, hello Officer what can I do for you?....what?"


Everybody looked at Jamie who was now crying, his newly-found boyfriend, Issac, tried to comfort him but he seemed to cry only harder, apologizing to who knows. All knelt down and took turns rubbing either his arm or his back.


"Jamie, what happened?" Tamara asked. No one spoke for a while, silence conquored them all. It was after Mr. Moore hung up on the phone did he break the silence.


"Cameron dead."


No one cheered or cried, they just simply...couldn't believe it.


Cameron Fox, walked away, flew away.


From them.




*Two Weeks Later, Cameron Fox's Funeral*


All came, all didn't want to for the guilt they now have but all came none-the-less. As they listened to the Priest resting their now deceased friend to the Afterlife, six men lowered the casket which had the body of Cameron Fox onto the ground.


They all took turns mumbling their apologizes and shovling dirt onto the casket. They went too far, they had all walked away from Cameron, tormented him, left him alone and now they all paid the ultimate price.


The death of their friend.


Even Liam felt guilty bullying him and told Tamara the truth which made her mad but she was too sad and felt too guilty to hit him or yell at him for her usual long period of time. Jamie cried on Issac's shoulder who was crying as well, as Lucas, Elijah, and the rest of the gang all stared down at the grave as if Cameron will soon pop out.


One by one, everyone placed flowers and/or pictures of Cameron and them before paying their respects and walking away. Soon, everybody left except for them.


Tamara knelt down at the grave and sobbed, her hair back in a ponytail, and her clothes covering most of her body. She cried and cried, apologized, apologized, but she knew and they knew, it won't bring Cameron Fox back, nothing will.


"I'm sorry Cameron, we broke our promise." She sobbed as they all heard thunder and rain started to pour but they all ignored it. They deserved the pain they are going to have for the next few years. The promise they all kept once before, now broken, they all shattered Cameron Fox just for the popularity of being someone.


Cameron H. Fox, the boy who finally...


Walked Away.


Flew Away.


Into the sky, where all below cannot see or hear him ever again.

The Choice



This is your choice. What will you do?





The horror plays like a melody over and over

All I see is terror, all I hear is the cries of us people

There is no hope left, There is no where to run

Death will get to you sooner or later

This is our time

Our time to go

Our time to die

No matter which path you take

Death will come and greet you

The choice is your's

Face the fire of the enemy

Or jump




Mr. Connor Maxwell has lived in New York since his birth in the early 1980's. Now 33 years old, Connor Maxwell has no idea he was about to face Death itself in the eye.




"Do you have to go to work dad?" Daniel, Connor's eight year old son asked hugging himself around his dad's leg, not wanting him to go to work. Daniel was a small kid for his age but a quick thinker and runner for being eight, Connor was proud of his son and he always will be.


A chuckle escaped from the man's lips as he ruffled his son's blonde hair which he got from his mother, Liana. Connor picked his son off from his leg and settled him on his hip, his arm wrapped around his little waist. The man placed a gentle kiss on his son and smiled.


"I will return son, and when I do, let us go to a ball-game, I hear the Yankees are playing against the Red Sox," Connor promised bouncing his son a bit making him giggle. "And after, we can go to Tutti Fruitie, you're favorite icecream place."


Daniel smiled and nodded at the plan then was set down so Connor could kiss his wife good-bye. Daniel made a face of disgust making them chuckle in amusment. All three embraced and Liana whispered in Connor's ear making him nod. Connor used to be a selfish man, thinking of himself before others but ever since his son was arriving on earth, he had a sudden change of mind and heart and not everything and everyone revolved around him.


"Good-bye my family, I shall return soon." Connor called out, holding his breif-case in one hand and waving his hand with the other. His family waved back with smiles on their faces as they watch the man of the house departe from their house and off to work at the Twin Towers.




Working at the Twin Towers was never a bore to Connor cause the majority of his childhood friends were there to help entertain him. He did not own Twin Towers nor did he manage it but he was widely recongized and the boss just loves his hard-work, determination, sense of humor, social skills, and new and improve ways to settle documents and things need providing.


"Ah, Mr. Maxwell," Mr. Fredrick O'Donald exclaimed, embracing his friend/employeer with a hug, clapping his hand on Connor's back. "How is that family of your's?"

Connor laughed and together, with their arms over each other's shoulder, they walk towards Connor's office which was across from Fredrick's own office.


"Oh they are just great and I swear Daniel has grown a few inches since the last week," Connor said, feeling a sense of pride. Fredrick smiled widely and nodded. He knew what it was like to be the smallest of the class and in the family and now he stands an inch taller than Connor who is well built at being 6'3". "My wife told me to tell you, to tell your wie she enjoyed the lasanga dish very much and is looking forward to another get-together we do on Fridays."


Fredrick smile got wider and his eyes beamed with excitment. "I shall pass on the praise and we shall be there. Same time on Friday, same meal, diffrent desserts". The two laughed and kept on the conversation until they reached Connor's office where they departed from each other and Connor opened the door to his office and began to work.




As work moved on smoothly and might I admit, slowly, we all head down to the resting area to grab ourselves a cup of coffee and cookies to munch on. As we talked and laughed about, we left a shook. Thinking it was just one of those "accidents" we went about out business.


"So, what plans do you have with your family Mr. Maxwell?" Mr. Sean Carter, a neighbor and client asked Connor who laughed and explained about the baseball game. "Oh what fun, I'm taking my daughter dress shopping. Can you believe her Quinenera is here? Oh god, I don't think I can bear to see my baby girl a grown woman."


Sean Carter was the only full blood Mexican with an American name in the building, his daughter, being 15 meant she was a full grown woman, it brought tears to his eyes, for a father to see his baby girl grow was one of the hardest.


"But, know me well, I will not let her date until she is well 18....or maybe 30." Mr. Carter joked as he and the rest of the workers laughed along.




The loud noise and the shaking ground went on and on. This worried Connor. Getting up from his desk, he looked out his window to see two helicopters coming straight towards them. Odd. He doesn't remember any documents about a deliverly.


Then, it strucked him.


As the helicopter came in closer and closer at full speed, Connor ran out of the office and towards the right side of the room as far as he could. The copter didn't looked damaged but the next thing nerved them all.


From outside, the man inside the helicopter pressed a button and out came a missle bomb, destroying a large portion of the building. Cries and shouts reign through the building as the men and women inside all tried to run for their lives.


Horror settled in Connor's eyes as he watched his friends cry and flee. More bombs destoryed the building, glass shattered everywhere, cutting people as they used their arms to shield their eyes. Finally getting up, Connor stumbled towards the stairs but was stopped by another bomb blocking the way.


He was stuck.




Running around trying to find a way out, Connor took out his cellphone and speed dialed home, if he isn't to come back home alive, his family should have the right to know that they will be safe and he loves them.


"Hello? Hello?" He asked as a voice messanger picked up instead of his wife or son. Cursing under his breathe, Connor sent the message. "Hello, my dearest wife and son, I am sorry but I will not be able to make it back home. We've been attacked and their is no way out. I just want you to know that, I..."




The explosion deafens his ears as the vibration made him jerk away from the phone, unable to hold his balance and get back to finishing his message to his wife. Breathing heavily, Connor's world seemed to turn and play in slow-motion. Screams and shouts were now becoming distant as his mind began to race.


There was no time, time has moved both quickly and slowly. No matter where he chooses, death will come and greet him with open arms. Closing his eyes, Connor's mind replayed all the wonderful times he had with his wife, son, and friends. This is the end.


Exhaling his last breath, Connor did his best to ignore the explosion and the rumbling trying it's best to bring him down on his knees as he ran towards the un-shattered window with all his might. Covering his face with his arms, Connor jumpped.




The time was 10:28am and the cops and firefighters were roaming around the destruction the terrorists had made. Bodies were still being found, none were even close to being ressurected let alone alive.


Mothers, childrens, wives, friends, brothers, and sisters all looked over at the massive destructive mess with tears falling down from their eyes as some of them cried out in agony and dispair as they watch a relative, friend, or a lover being dragged out of the rumble by the cops and firefighters, a white blanket covering their whole body and face symbolizing their death.


"Excuse me, are you Ms. Liana Maxwell?" A cop asked, not wanting to be the one to bring the news to the poor woman who held her son close to her.


Liana nodded as tears was about to fall but she blinked her eyes, "yes, yes I am her. What is it?"


Sighing, the cop looked down at his feet before looking up into her eyes to tell her his tale. After he was done, this left her in a state of shock, shaking, she fell down on her knees as the cop fanned her with his hat trying his best to keep her awake from fainting.




Looking down from Heaven, Connor felt his heart shattered at the image of his wife crying out for him and his son becoming mad at him for the promise he made when he was alive was now broken. If he was alive, Connor would have felt his own tears fall down on his cheeks.


"Come, it's time." An angel said, gesturing towards the gates of Heaven which opened up for him. Turning around, Connor started to walk then stopped and looked back over his shoulder to glance at his family and the destruction now being cleaned up by cops, firefighters, and volunteers.


"Good-bye my love, my son." Connor whispered as he turned his attention and walked inside Heaven.

The Whispers I Get At Night


Three part Short Story of Jack the Ripper. Told by Ian, a doctor, David, Ian's son, and Jack the Ripper himself. Story 1: A doctor sufferes whispers of death threats he gets at night. Will he face his threats like a man? Or will cowardice take over? Story 2: David, son of the doctor Ian, wants both justice and to avenge his father. Will he get his justice/revenge or something more? Story 3: The begining, the birth of Jack the Ripper as told by the killer himself




The Whispers I Get At Night


As I walk down the cobblestone streets of London in the evening; rumors of a killer called Jack the Ripper haunt the very city of White Chapel. I am not worried about the "new", mysterious killer on the loose oh no, I am more worried about these whispers I keep hearing every night when I go home to retire.


"Dead,dead,dead you soon will be. Ripped apart by my hands of steel. Silent you shall be when death comes after you." The whispers inside my head tell me, making me afraid to ever sleep at night. Like a little child who needed a candle to scare away the monsters who might take them away.


I am but a thirty-four year old doctor named Ian. I shouldn't be afraid of these death-threat whispers, I shouldn't need a candle at night, and I should be able to sleep peacefully at night. Unfortunally those will never happen. The more I try and sleep the more death-threat whispers I get, telling me that death is on its way.




"Ok madam, I need you to take a deep breathe. In and out, in and out." I soothed her, trying not to scare her for she's about to give birth for the very first time. Her husband held her hand as she pushes her body towards me and takes deep breathes like I showed her.


She was sweating along with her husband and I too was sweating from both hard work and the fear of the whispers at night. I know this isn't a good thing to think about when with a patient, for they will ask "what's the matter?" and I'll have to explain truthfully. That, what I would have to tell them, would scare them frightfully.


"When is it coming out?!" Her husband asked frantically, worried as he squeezes his wife's hand tighter, telling her that he isn't going anywhere until this was over.


I smiled a huge smile and told them that its done and they have a daughter, a beautiful, healthy daughter. I washed the little baby, wrapped her in a clean cloth and held her out to for her mother to hold and love.


They named her... Evangeline.




Why couldn't night-time come... never? I am dreading the night more and more. The sun is setting and I am not home yet.


The cool breeze chilling my spine as I walk down the poverty part of London. All the people begging me for money, food, clothing. Being generous, I give them those things they beg and require.


I made it to my home, my wife and children are asleep and I have to work still. Sitting on my chair in front of my desk, I take out my quill pen and began to finish the work my client sent me a few days ago.


Before I knew it and this has happened before, the candles blew out, the breeze became a strong wind, blowing the papers away, and the whispers then became a screeching sound, like a woman cursing you! Oh dear lord above help me!!!


Then it stopped. Silence comes and reigns over, everything is still, absolutely still. I went over to pick up the papers when... I saw a shadow, of a man. I became numbed, paralyzed with fear, afraid to turn around to see who it was, what the whispers I get at night were coming from.


"Your time is here, death is here. Blood shall spill from your very veins; ripped apart I said you were going to be. Here is your time, the dead awaits you." The whispers said making me shake with terror.




Still looking down from the shadows, I see the silhouette raise a knife above and upon me, ready to strike any moment, thus ending my life here forever.


I closed my eyes tight for a second then opened them. Getting up in a flash and twisting my body around, I was then, face to face with none other than the White Chapel murderer, Jack the Ripper.


"You're...You're the White Chapel murderer. Jack the Ripper!" I said, pointing a shaking finger towards him.


"And many more." He smiled a cruel evil smile and we both knew what he meant by 'many more'. He lashed down his weapon of steel terror, trying to kill me as he once try and do before.


I dodged, I ran, I cried out for my wife and children to run while I try and lure Jack the Ripper towards the night-shift police.


I hear my wife and children scream in terror as the neighborhood friends come out and about to comfort them while their brothers, husbands, fathers, uncles, and male cousins all went out to help me and capture Jack the Ripper.




I am trapped, there is no way out. A wall blocked my way and Jack is now right behind me, blocking my escape. His killer smile making my knees shake, my heart pound, and my breathe nearly impossible to control. I felt as if I am about to faint right here and now.


I had no weapons to protect me, even if I did, this man, this killer, is an expert when it comes to knives and swords I believe. Closing my eyes and breathing my last, I wait for death to take me away.


I heard the foot-steps of the killer, Jack the Ripper, his chuckling becoming a menacing laughter as he raises the knife, preparing it to be lashed down upon my flesh.


"Say good-bye life and hello death." Jack said as I repeated the words in a whisper and I also whispered, "Take care my lovely wife and children, protect one another as I did to you.


The knife lashed down again and again. I fell to the hard ground and wait until I breathed my last.




My name is Ian. I'm a thirty-four year old doctor, with a wife named Clarissa, and two children named: David and Marie. I am now dead, killed by the White Chapel murderer, Jack the Ripper.




The Whispers I Get At Night 2: The Revenge



My name is David, I am a fourteen year old, my mother is named Clarissa and my little sister is named Marie. I am off, off to the murder spree of Jack the Ripper.


I do not care so much about the others who were murdered by him, no; the only person who matters most in my life is my father, Ian.


My father, Ian, was a thirty-four year old doctor, the best man any boy could ever have as a father, friend, and teacher. The killer, Jack the Ripper killed him. I will not just sit here at home in fear and let Jack get away with everything.


“Davy, where are you going?” Marie, my sister asked glancing at my nearly packed bag.

Not answering her question, I head out the door, determined to bring Jack the Ripper to justice. I didn’t care how much pain, emotionally or physically I will bear this very time, he will be brought down to justice.


For my father and all those who were murdered by the White Chapel Murderer.




My friend, Charles McCalvin, raced towards me and asked where I was heading to.


"I'm going to find Jack." I said not stopping to tell more but kept going down the cobble streets.


"Jack? Jack Morrison or...Jack the Ripper?" Charles asked in a low, nervous tone. I nodded my head for the second Jack. Charles was taken aback and shook his head and asked if I was becoming mad in which I knew I wasn't.


I shook my head. "No, I'm not. I want justice to be brought, people are becoming too scared to walk out at night even sleep. I want to bring Jack down for all he has done." I explained making a turn towards an alley.


I thought Charles would run off and mind his own business but he kept walking towards me, following me.


"I am coming too. You might need help, just in case." He said with a broad smile but in his eyes, he knew he will regret it. I nodded my head thanks and we both head off to find The Ripper.




"Extras! Extras! The White Chapel Murder has struck again! A woman of high society has been murdered last night at midnight!" A young news-girl shouted out for the people to hear around.


At first I didn't recognize the girl then I did as I came in closer, it was Lucy, another one of my friends. I have to admit day by day, night by night she has become more and more beautiful.


"Charles! David!" Lucy shouted out when she spotted us then ran towards us hugging us to death.


Smiling, we hugged back then withdrew to give each other space.


"So what are you guys doing out here?" Lucy asked handing a young gentleman a newspaper then receiving her shillings.


Charles explained that we were looking for The Ripper; Lucy gasped then lowered her voice so only they can hear.


"Are you mad?! He'll kill you you apart." Lucy whispered.


"We know that's why I brought a few weapons to protect us." I said showing, secretly, the weapons to Lucy who shook her head skeptically.


We said out good-byes and departed. I look back to see Lucy's beautiful figure before I was rudely nudged by Charles' elbow.


"Wait! I'm coming with you!" Lucy cried out, running towards us.


I look over at my friend who shook his head frantically.


"Don't bother telling me I shouldn't come along. This, I say is also an adventure and besides, I know where he last struck." Lucy stated, leading us to where Jack last struck.




When we finally arrived at a mansion, we hide behind a bush, crouched down as far as we can go.


"There, he murdered her there." Lucy whispered pointing towards the mansion's stables.


I crawled out of the bush, keeping low, I headed towards the stable the rest of my friends followed.


We were careful not to be seen or heard. Two huge dogs almost caught us off guard but luckily, I was an expert with dogs of all kinds.


When we arrived, I slowly, quietly opened the stables to let the others in before going in myself.


"Now what?" Lucy asked, standing up and looking around.


"Well, we look for clues." I said quietly.


We searched and searched all over but there was nothing. "I could have sworn he attacked her here. I've seen it." Lucy said placing her hands on her hips.


"Well this is the stables; the horses could have covered it." Charles said giving me an idea.


I got on my knees and began moving the hay quickly, the others joined in until we found evidence, a letter.


"Dear, my love, I know what I have done is wrong. I know that I would be hung for what I did, know that I will always love you forever. Yours truly, Julianna." I read out loud to my friends.




Walking outside in the cold dead night, I read and re-read the letter over and over again.


"Who is Julianna?" I wondered out loud, trying to figure out who this woman was.


"Julianna was my lover." A man said making us jump with fear.


Not turning around, I noticed by the light of the light post a shadow of a man with a knife.


'Jack.' I thought now terrified. Turning my body around slowly, with my head planted face down on the ground, I then look up slowly to my father's murderer, Jack the Ripper.


"You're...You're the man who killed my father, and the others." I stammered, trying very hard to be brave but to no avail, I couldn't hide my fear.


I looked up into the eyes of Jack the Ripper. Gulping, I held my head up high and demanded he is to report himself to the police.


Laughing, I saw Jack raise his knife, I thought he was going to strike us but he didn't. Instead he put his knife in his pocket.


"Now you listen well boy, you are not worthy for me to kill yet or your friends. But keep this a secret among us. I, Jack the Ripper, am your father’s younger brother." Jack said in a low tone.


Before I could ask questions he turned around to leave us in the dark, leaving us with many, many questions.




"Jack the Ripper was your uncle?!" Charles asked, just as surprised as Lucy and I was.


I thought all of these questions. 'How was he my uncle? Will I be a murder just like him? Was my father one? And who was Julianna really?'


"Just be happy he isn't murdering you yet. And I am sorry you haven't brought him to justice." Lucy said in an apologetic tone.


Not being able to take it anymore, I gathered her in my arms and kissed her a sweet, gentle kiss. A kiss that would last forever and never be killed.




The Whispers I Get At Night 3: The Beginning



It was only 9:00 and already I was bored to death, my brother, Ian seemed to be enjoying himself with a woman whose name was Clarissa.


My name is Jack, well not really, I go by the name Jack since I wanted to keep my real name a secret, why? Well I don't really like it, there are too many men who have my name. Jack, not many people have that name plus I like the sound of it.


"Jack, why so down?" Ian, my brother asked placing a strong hand on my shoulder.


Taking two glasses of whiskey that was coming our way, I gave one to Ian who began chugging it down like he always does, as for me, I take sips. I like to enjoy the sweet flavoring of the whiskey.


Before I could speak a word, Clarissa came by and stood next to Ian. She was beautiful I admit but I can plainly see that she only had the heart for my cousin.


Ian deserved it, there had been so many women who rejected him, he nearly given up so I'm glad he founded someone, someone who loved him.


"Brother, this is Clarissa." Ian said with a broad smile. Lifting her hand to kiss her knuckles, I smiled and told her how very lucky she is to be with my cousin.




I left before the party ended, wasn't feeling so well after fifteen glasses of whiskeys. Walking slowing towards my carriage, I told the driver to send me home. The cobble stones made the ride bumpy, making my stomach and head feel even more worse than it was before.


"Oh dear lord, why did I drink so much?" I muttered to myself, regretting all the whiskeys I've drunken at the party.




It was only a few blocks away from my house when suddenly; I felt a huge bump making me jump from my seat.


"Stop the carriage!" I yelled out, getting ready to see what we just hit.


Once my driver pulled the reins, I stepped out and walked behind to see a man lying dead on the ground, blood trickling down from the corner of his mouth


"Oh my, oh my oh my. What have I done?!" I thought out loud, thinking I've done it.


This whole scene then draws attention to everyone around White Chapel. People began muttering, thinking the same thing I did. My brother arrived with Clarissa and more people, few were his friends.


"Jack," Ian said looking down at the body in both concern and horror. "Did you do this?"


I couldn't speak a word at first; I didn't know what I did. "I-I think so. I-I don't know! Oh Ian help me!" I cried out as Ian came over and a few other men to helped me with the body.


'I'm so sorry.' I whispered so low that only I could hear but in my head, it shouted out, "more, more, more. Do it again!"




That night, I had nightmares about that man and all the voices inside my head saying to do it again. I am not a killer! Am I? But I couldn't be. What would society think of me? They'll start calling me "The White Chapel Murderer".


'No! I am NOT a murderer!' I screamed in my head causing me to have a great headache. Sitting up, I lit a candle and walked downstairs for a glass of water. No more of the whiskey tonight or ever.


Gulping down three glasses of water, I look up to see a full moon shining down a silver knife that was lying on the table, forgotten until used tomorrow. I walked over slowly, my focus only on the knife.


Placing the glass down gently, I pick up the knife gently and ran my finger up and down the silver blade. From the bottom to the very tip of it, careful not to prick myself.


All of a sudden, my mind went mad.




Mary Ann Nichols, the daughter of a locksmith, came walking down the streets of London with a basket in her arms.


"Oh, hello Jack, lovely night we have. The moon is shining bright and..." Mary started but stopped when she saw the state I was in.


"Um, Jack, something the matter? Jack?" Mary said taking a few steps back. I began to walk towards her. "Jack!" With that final scream, I lashed down the knife to her heart, killing her.


Over and over I stabbed her until I was sure I heard footsteps and people talking. Not leaving any evidence behind, I ran into the shadows and walked home.




The next morning, the news came out about "The Murder of Mary Ann Nichols near White Chapel".


"Must have been someone drunk." Someone said.


"I don't think so," said another, "I don't think there has been a drunken man who would stab a woman many more times than once and leave no evidence."


When Ian saw all the commotion, he ordered the carriage to stop a few feet away from the scene.


"What happened?" He asked pushing through the crowd to see the body being covered by a white lenin cloth.


"Murder?" He wondered, then out loud he asked who did it.


No one knew.




I knew I knew who did it and it felt good which was most odd. Could it be that someone in my family was a murder and that his murderous blood was now coming to me? Putting my coat and hat on, I walk downstairs to get the same knife I used the night I killed Mary Ann Nichols.


"Well, let’s do it again." I whispered to myself, sneaking out of the place in the shadows, making myself invisible.




"Extra! Extra! Annie Chapman was murdered by the Leather Apron, also known as The White Chapel Murder!" A boy shouted out giving out the news to the people and receiving shillings for every news he sells.


"Oh my, two murders. Will there be more?" A woman asked scared to death and worried about her children.


"I dunno, maybe." The boy said shrugging his shoulders then turning back to his work. Ian came again into the scene and read the news at the spot.


'Oh my lord.' Ian thought not paying full attention to his now wife's concern look, who was also pregnant with their first child.


"A letter, to Mr. Ian." A man said giving Ian the letter. Taking the letter from the young middle aged man, Ian opened it and read it...


"They call me many names. The White Chapel Murder, Sir, Leather Apron and so on. You called me brother; Jack. Yes, I killed them and more will come. I am now and forever more...Jack the Ripper."

Dear Boss, From Hell



Jack the Ripper is back along with David now married to Lucy, pregnant with thier first child. Jack is now working for Boss but who is the REAL villian? Jack the Ripper, The Boss, or the new-comer? 




Dear Boss, I keep on hearing the police have caught me but they wont fix me just yet. I have laughed when they look so clever and talk about being on the right track. That joke about Leather Apron gave me real fits. I am down on whores and I shant quit ripping them till I do get buckled. Grand work the last job was. I gave the lady no time to squeal. How can they catch me now. I love my work and want to start again. You will soon hear of me with my funny little games. I saved some of the proper red stuff in a ginger beer bottle over the last job to write with but it went thick like glue and I cant use it. Red ink is fit enough I hope ha. ha. The next job I do I shall clip the ladys ears off and send to the police officers just for jolly wouldn't you. Keep this letter back till I do a bit more work, then give it out straight. My knife's so nice and sharp I want to get to work right away if I get a chance. Good Luck.


Yours truly Jack the Ripper


Dont mind me giving the trade name


PS Wasnt good enough to post this before I got all the red ink off my hands curse it No luck yet. They say I'm a doctor now. ha ha.




Jack re-read his letter before giving himself a satisfying nod and a chuckle to go with it. He folded the paper with delicantcy, placing it in the envelope with the ignitaled stamp, J.R.


He got up from his chair and blew out his candle, the only light igniting the inside of his house as he walked out into the cold streets of London where someone a little pass White Chapel, will be there to deliver his message to his boss.


The boy waiting for Jack had his arms crossed over his chest and one leg over the other. There was fear in his eyes, his arms and legs shivering from both the short meet of Jack and the cold. He was of poverty and needed the money, no matter the cost.


He heard footsteps approaching closer and closer to him but he could not see any figure; left and right front and back he looked, the street lights of London lighting the streets but no one was there. Must be the sounding steps of Jack himself.


"Boy," Jack chuckled, appearing right beside the boy, his small head turned away from the killer. "You're shaking like mad. Do I frighten you?"


The boy looked up at the man to see an amused smile. A smile that would make any man's pants wet with fear, terror. Taking a deep breathe, he puffed out his chest to show a bit of courage.


"I believe not Mr. Ripper. The breeze is just cold and Is has no proper clothing to warmth myself with." The boy said, shivering, his voice almost in a stammer.


Jack nodded, still amused that the boy tried not to fear him when he knew well that everyone feared him. He handed the boy the letter and threatened not to tell the invesegators or he would have dear price to pay. The little boy nodded and made his way to the boss's house.


Jack watched until he could no longer see the boy before departing back home where a surprise was waiting for him right on his doorstep.




"Do you have everything dear?" David asked frantically, looking worrily over at his wife who was pregnant with their first child.


Lucy, his wife, nodded and the loud sound of a "click" was heard in the room. David rushed over and lifted both suit cases with both his hands while Lucy took the lighter cases.


"I hope you haven't gone completely mad my husband, not you are completely mad. This is insanity! This is Jack the Ripper you're talking about." She said as she followed her husband down the stairs and out the door, into the carriage.


Her husband nodded, helping the coachman load the luggage up. "I know dear, but he is also my uncle, and the only chance we got. We may have either found his match or something worse than the White Chapel Murder."




The murderer looked down at his doorstep to see his grown nephew, his wife, and their new up-coming child. Jack crossed his arms and stared down at them in a cold dead glance.


"Pray tell are you doing on my doorstep David?" He asked, waiting both patiently and impatiently for a reply.


David stood up and took his hat off to show respect for the murderer. He, everyone, would never show respect to a murder but they would most certainly show respect to a family memeber and though Jack was indeed a killer, he was also family to David.


"If you would be so kind uncle, as to let us in first so we may speak of it privately, tis urgent and must not be heard by the others. Please uncle." David pleaded, his fingers held tightly around the brim of his hat.


His uncle thought for what seemed like hours before letting them in. Lucy was hesitant but her husband made certain Jack wouldn't do anything. He mumbled a few words the two could not make out and all went inside.




Jack lit the house up with lanterns and candles then showed Lucy where she and her husband will be staying for the night or until otherwise.


Once he was finished, he closed the door so she could have privacy and went straight to his nephew who had seated himself on a chair in his kitchens. The steaming smell of a warm chicken stew filled the air and their nostrils.


The murderer seated himself across from David and folded his hands together, resting his elbows on the wooded table and looked straight into the grown boy's eyes.




David took a deep breathe and sipped on some warm water he found searching through the kitchens before telling the tale to his uncle, his only hope.


"Uncle, we have news that there is someone, out there in London, that may have bested you. No one knows who he is, no trace of anything like with you. I, we need you're help and we are willing pay loads if you execute this killer, he is a swift killer. Calls himself The Shadowman." David said, letting the story soak into Jack.




Jack thought hard about the story David told. His nephew and neice in law both fell asleep in the dead of night while Jack remained wide awake.


After a few more paces, the murderer sat himself down, igniting a candle to light his desk. Dipping the pen in the bottle of ink, he began his letter to Boss.


Dear Boss,

As you may well know by now, a new murderer has made it's way to London. My nephew has warned me, feared that this newcomer may be more sinister than me. Ha! Unlikely. There is no mere man more sinister than I. I shall find this killer and end his life just like I do to my victims. I shall see this Shadowman soon.


Yours truly,


Jack the Ripper


The Leather Apron sealed the letter with the oiled stamp with his ignitials and walked out the door to deliver the message.




He caught up with the same boy from before and asked to deliever the letter straight away without being caught again. The boy nodded and ran down the streets to do the deed for the killer.


Jack watched until the boy was no where to be seen and walked back towards his house, the single candle illuminating the whole house.The murderer knew nothing would go wrong. The boy was quick as the lighting when it struck but something stirred him. He ignored the feeling inside and slept.


Morning came soon after. Jack woke up and cracked his neck and knuckles. In one swift movement he got out of his bed and took a deep breathe only to inhale the smell of food. Smoke filled the air the closer the killer came towards the food.


"Morning uncle, hope you had no troubles sleeping." David said motioning for his wife to rest as he took over the finishing touches of breakfast before he served the food to the two then himself before he sat down next to his beloved wife and soon-to-be child.


Jack nodded his head in return and sat himself down across from his nephew. He picked up the spoon next to his bowl and started to eat. He was quite amazed at his nephew's cooking. His mouth start to open to praise David about his cooking but he quickly closed.


Lucy looked up from her bowl and at the killer with a bright smile. She nodded to him knowingly before she went back to her fasting of break with still, a smile on her bright face.




After David's wife helped me with my shave, I dress myself in a more presentable suit before we all headed out the door and inside a chariot awaiting for us just outside. It was a black chariot with a borwn mustang of a beast. The coachman sitting above tipped his hat in respect as I did the same while my nephew helpped with his wife to get inside.


"Now uncle, you know and I know well who you really are but they don't. So this may-be the first time the coppers won't be coming after you." David said, turning his head to look into my dark eyes.


I nodded in return, "good, I could use a break from them. But the minute they start to become suspicious of me, I will be sure you will not see any light until I say you could".


No sooner than expected, we arrived at the Scotland Yard investiation house. My nephew walked up the stoned steps to ring the door bell. He took a few steps down to make room for the doors to open for us. A man with red hair with a beard and mustache to match opened the doors and hugged David before he gave a welcome kiss on the cheek to Lucy.


"And who might you be my good sir?" The red-haired man asked. I was about to introduce myself as well as David but someone else did, someone I recongized from my younger years, before I become widely known as, Jack the Ripper.


"Edric Culbourne. Why, I haven't even seen you since the party years ago. You were quite the quiet one. Nothing like your brother, Ian. By the way my good friend, I am forever sorry for the lose, Ian was an excellent doctor, best we've ever had in our time," Fenwick said with a head bow as he let us through. "So what brings you all here in this fine hour of the day?"


I stopped where I was and the grandfather clock that stood against the wall not too far from another door caught my dearest attention. I tapped lightly on the clock and watched the hands move everso timely clockwise.


"We are here to help you with your business. Your...Shadowman killer." I said, not turning my head to look at the face of the two men in the room. A sly smirk formed on my lips as I continue to watch the hands move, listening to the sound.


"Tik tok, tik tok".




Fenwick poured us all a glass of whiskey before he finally poured himself one. He seated himself where Copper Graeme Holmes stood behind. Lucy was most enchanted by the author who was presented in the Scotland Yard house, Charles Dickens.


"I must say, Mr. Dickens, your stories are just one of the most remarkable reads I have ever laid my eyes on, I hope to read more of your wonderous writings." Lucy complimented recieving a blush from the author.


"Why thank you my dear, I shall take request and be sure you are the very first of my readers to get my next story." Charles said, taking a sip of his glass. Lucy thanked him over and over until another Copper, Copper Thatcher Sykes cleared his throat.


Every one of the other Coppers and investigators all nodded. Fenwick set his glass down and stood back up. He began to pace back and forth, his hands entangled together behind his back as he spoke of the Shadowman Killer and his could be whereabouts.


"I have a proposal," I suddenly said, twirling my whiskey in which I have no drank yet since after Fenwick poured me some. All eyes turned on me as I finally took a small sip. "Why not we use a theory?"


Copper Graeme raised his eyebrow in confusion, "and pray tell is that theory Mr. Culbourne?"




I looked straight at the copper and smiled. I knew well he will come and try to find me, bring me justice but, here, now I was not Jack the Ripper, I was Edric Culbourne. My real name.


"My theory is, we get another killer to find the Shadowman Killer and bring him down so then you rest could all do your thing. Besides, what better man to find a killer, is another? For with killers, their minds think alike." I explained, as I engulfed the rest of my drink in one motion.


Copper Graeme and Thatcher both looked at me as if I were some madman, Charles Dickens looked at me as if I were the next protangonist or antagonist of his next story, my nephew and his wife both looked like me the same as the two Coppers, while the red-hair, Vincent Van Gough, the uprising painter, and Fenwick both just looked at me.




All was silent until Fenwick clapped his hands, "then it is settled, bring out our smartest prisoner from the prison jail and we will get started". Copper Thatcher was about to leave but then I stopped him by speaking more.


"Oh, finding a killer is naught about smarts. We need someone with both smarts, stealth. Someone who can lure the killer into killing, move into the shadows as well. A swindler. I highly doubt you have any of those," I said as I poured myself another glass of whiskey.


"And pray tell again, do you have in mind Mr. Culbourne?" Copper Graeme asked, again, all eyes turned to me as I drank my glass yet again.


"Jack the Ripper".




The name of my name became an outburst to all. The two Coppers became raging mad about not being able to catch the killer while the author became intreage. The painter, buried his face in his hands as if he were having an anxiety attack.


"Jack? The Jack the Ripper? We all be damned if we ask him for our help. He would laugh at us like the mysterious madman he is! No, no absolutly not. I forbid it!" Fenwick shouted, waving his arms around like a madman. Lucy was nearly hit by the movement of his hands but dodged just in time. The dodge took a lot in her, she began to pant more and more than usual. All turned to her when she began to groan loud.


Lucy turned to her husband to whisper in his ear. His eyes widen as he looked down at her adombent then back up at her. She began to sweat just like him, her eyes widen more than his' as she knelt down on the floor in agony.


"My child's coming! Oh my god! We need to get her to a doctor!" David shouted as he helped with wife up with the aid of Vincent who removed himself from his anxiety attack to help.


"We don't have time! You'll have to birth the baby here David." Lucy panted as Fenwick lead us all to his bedroom as he shouted for a doctor to come, and fast.




David, Charles, Vincent, and I all waited in the other room as we awaited for the new babe to arrive on this earth. In my opinion to state the matter, they were taking too bloody long. Both Vincent and David looked as if they were going to face the devil Satan himself.


"By lord God above! What is taking them?" David asked frantically as he slumpped himself down on a near by chair. The servant there offered him a drink in which he took with no hesitation. I couldn't help but grin. He reminded so much of my older brother on his first day of when Clarissa had David and then Maria.


Minutes went on like hours, hours like days, days like months, months like years until finally, the doctor who was presented to help with the birth opened the door and stepped out of the room with a smile on his face as he cleaned his hand with a handerkief.


"David, come meet your new baby. It's a little baby girl." The doctor said with a smile as he gestured towards the room where his wife laid on the bed, his new daughter in a bundle of blankets wrapped around her small figure. I noticed how shyly David walked towards his wife and new child. A slight smile curled on my lips as I leaned against the door hinges, my arms crossed over my chest as my nephew held her.




Night has fallen upon faster than we all had realized. The meeting we once had was cut off from the birth of the child so we all decided to meet up the week after the next. David, Lucy, and Cathrine all came back with me to my house. The candles a-lighting the whole house as the three of my family all went above stairs to retire.


I sat near the window of my house and waited patiently for the sun to arisen. Sleep was taking it's toll on me, my head began to rock like a drunken fool. The sound of running footsteps and waving of a lantern woke me slightly. It was the boy.


I got up from my seating and went to open the door, just in time as well, the boy would have damaged his, if not already damaged, poverted looking face. He panted like a dog before he gave me two letters, one from my boss, the other fro the other claimed killer himself. A sly smile formed on my lips as I gestured a seat for the boy and fixed up a warm drink.


I came back and handed the boy the warm drink beofre I sat near the brightest light in the house and read the letter from my boss.




The boy had fallen asleep on my couch, the empty glass dangling from his hand which was outreached from the couch. I had just started reading the other killer's letter when I decided to cover the boy. The letter which laid on my desk called to me like my knife.


Dear Ripper,

I have heard so much rumors about you, how you are like me, but know my dear fellow killer, we are naught alike. You know very well how, so I will not go into details, but know. There can only be one famous killer in London and it will not be you. But here is what I most definitly agree with you, women do indeed need to be punished, children as well for they start to grow just like them, I hope soon we shall meet but not tonight nor the next, we are both far too busy for each other to set a date.


Yours truly,




I placed the letter down on my desk tempting to burn it but, I was stopped by a train of thought, to use to this letter as to my advantage towards the coppers, to capture the Shadowman as they so desparetly want to catch me, although, it will give me great pleasure to not turn him, but to kill him myself.


A smile formed on my lips, and a slight twinkle in my eyes. Soon we shall meet, soon we shall meet. I leaned over to blow out the remaining burning candle before I retired.




The break for fast was to be held at the investigator's home. The boy came along, before he left, he promised to say naught but a word about me. David, Lucy, and the boy were the only ones who knew about me and knew what I can do if they dare to turn me in.


We had had just finished our meal when Copper Graeme appeared. All heads turned to the copper as he took his coat off nad hung it up on the coat rack that stood at the side of the door.


"Ah, Copper Graeme, so nice of you to join us this fine morning, you care for some food to fill your possible famished stomach?" Fenwick asked setting his tea back in it's plate.


"I must refuse sir for I have eaten before the hour of coming, now as soon as we can get started, I have indeed some friends who have claimed they spotted our Shadowman." The Copper said placing his hands behind his back as he stood where the boy was seated, eating like a wild boar.


"Excellent work Copper, please, have something to drink and we will get started." Fenwick said, he called upon a servant for a drink.




A young woman with black hair emeraged from the room with a try filled with both tea and whiskey. She gave tea to Fenwick, the boy, and Lucy, warm milk for the baby, and the whiskey for the other men.


When she came towards me, she stopped and stared, as if she had seen me before in her nightmares. She leaned in closer not realizing yet the whiskey on the try slipped and fell upon my lap. A crash was heard when the glass collided with the hard ground.


"Evangeline! Could you not be any less clumsy? By god, no wonder your father sent you here to learn the fine arts of ladyship, you have the movements of a common pig." Fenwick scold the lady as she used a wet clothe to clean my lap, where the moister of the liquiod laid the most was near my crotch, she was a very attractive woman, I stopped her and took the clothe from her to wipe the liquiod off my crotch.


Evangeline went down on her knees and picked up the pieces of glass carefully with her apron. Once she was finished, she bowed low and ran to the kitchen to give me my drink.


When she came back, I thanked her with a nod and Fenwick smiled, a reward the red-haired servant was grateful for. "Now, let us get started" Fenwick started as I laid back on my seat, thinking not but of the woman.



"I know what you are picturing in your mind sir," Vincent said, taking me aback, I had naught heard in come in the room! "You are thinking about that woman, Evangeline."

Wow, I was in denfinate, surprised that a painter with anxiety such was Vincent van Gough would know such things. He smiled at me knowingly before he took a few steps closer. He picked up a silvery glass piece of a goblet and examined it as if it were something extraordinary.


"You should talk to her, might be interested." He said, leaving the room, the goblet exactly where he left it. I looked down at my own reflection where the goblet stood, capturing my reflection. Was he right? Could she be She couldn't. Could she?




Days have turned into weeks, tonight was the night. It was time for me to introduce myself to this, Shadowman. I finished dressing myself, at last I placed on my coat, my hat on my head, and my favorite knife in my pocket waistband beofre I headed out of my house and out into the streets of London in search for the killer.


I looked at the letter once more in my hand and looked closely at the writings of the killer. It was a bit more danty, more feminine than the writings as compared to my boss. A small smile formed on my lips as I thought, "well Shadowman, here we are, about to meet face to face".


I ventured out of the door and down the dim-lighted streets of London. I passed the Scotland Yard department and pass White Chapel where I do my infamous killings. The time has come, I leaned against the nearest tree, the shadows hiding my figure in the best of ways.


"So, you are him," The voice sounded gruff but one could clearly hear the feminine in it. "You are the infamous Ripper they try so hard to find."


I turn my head to face where the Shadowman/woman was standing, his/her hands deep within the pockets of the black coat. My cloack had always been on the brown side but it was indeed dark enough to blend in with the shadows.


"Indeed I am, and I plan on keeping them in this goose-chase as they all state. You must be the Shadowman or Shadowwoman." I smirked, clearly I had guessed her gender right for her foot began to tap nervously.




", could have you known? I had been able to keep myself a secret..." She started but I stopped her by stepping out of the shadows and the woods.


"Up until now. But it 'twas naught but a huge mystery, your hand-writing in your letter given to me by my client gave it away. If you have written it by a differ hand, I would not have noticed." I explained with a tip of my hat. Clearly, I made her angry, angry at herself.


The woman yelled and lashed out her knife, the shine of the blade twinkled in the moonlight and the faded lights of London. She began to charge like a wild animal but being the man, I dodged, sending her down on the ground.


She got up from the ground, no hesitation, I could not see her face for she had it covered very well, with only two holes for her dark eyes to see. I lashed out my knife, it was bigger than her's considering mine was more kitchen knife than a mere picking knife. How she managed to kill her victims with that little knife I will never indeed know.


"You, are not bad my lady." I said in my aristocratic tone, I noticed she had managed to cut a piece of my clothing. It laid abandonded on the ground, near me. I picked it up and placed the cut clothe in my pocket. I will give no Scotland Yard investigators clues, not even a a drop of my own blood.


"Why I thank you sir Ripper, but you must forget, I am a woman by birth, one scream can send the whole awake and you will be captured." Shadowwoman said with a smirk grin. Horror and surprise struck my heart for I knew she was right, dead right.




She started to scream but I ran fast to her and covered her mouth with my black-gloved hand. I was left handed so I covered her with my right. She muffled her screams, I pushed my hand deeper towards her mouth, she gave up and kneed me on my private and vulnerable part.


I staggered back and placed my hands over my private part, I had no idea why I or any other men do this, it doesn't heal the bruise that may come in. But damn, it hurt so.


"Looks like I've found your weakness. 'Tis every man's weakness and worse nightmare, no surprise there." Shadowwoman said with a smile oh so devilish. I striaghtened up and completely ignored the throbbing pain.


"But here is where you are wrong, I am no cryer." I said with a grin. I recieved a screech from the female killer and once again a charge from her.




Finally, after fighting, dodging each other's attack, I was able to ge the small pathetic knife out of her reach and my knife right under her throat, my signature killing blow. Victory was all mine.

"You wouldn't hurt your own lover now would you?" She asked in her sweetest tone of voice. I staggered back, taken aback. She turned to face me and took off her disguise. "Hello love, miss me?"


I could not believe what I was seeing. I did not want to believe it, and no longer did I want to see it. I should have stayed a home, I should have let Scotland Yard find her, it would have been better than me finding out or...worse.


As if my body had betrayed my mind, my legs began to carry me towards the woman with red-hair, the one who called me "love". My one hand without a knife reached up to touch her bright red cheek, still my mind was going all sorts of crazy places, like a man drunk.



The Heart



Darren is a well-known bully, being neither popular nor at the bottom of the food-chain. His therapist, Dr. Ian James is the only person who knows why Darren bullies alot.   This is for EverAfterDarling's contest "Megan's Contest" my number is 12: A bully, a therapist, and a dying heart A/N: This is based on my former bible study leader's friend whose father gave up his heart so his son will live




"Did you get it all done?" Darren asked coldly, his hand clentched into a fist, ready to strike if the boy shook his head no. The boy's name is Gerald, he's top nerd and everyone, not including the teachers, knew that Darren will force Gerald to do all his work. "Well?"


Gulping, Gerald meekly shook his head "no" without any hesitation Darren swung his fist into the boy's face, punching his jaw. A loud crack erupted the hall as everyone gathered to see him pulverise poor Gerald, no matter how many times we tried to apologize or cover his face and body, Darren was stronger and he liked the thrill of hitting people weaker and smaller than him.


Darren left the boy, nearly dead and even more terrified for life. A smirk/scoff crept up on his face as he walked down the halls and into his first class.


As it went by, Darren looked out of the window in a daze, his seat was always right in the middle and near the window, and no one, not even the teachers dare move him from his seat, they knew well what would happen. Darren's family is highly rich, with his father as a cop and his mother a fasion designer for both men and women, nothing bad will happen to Darren.


At least, that's what everyone thinks.




"So Darren, how are you feeling today?" Dr. Ian James, Darren's therapist asked in a profession tone. Darren sighed looking up at the ceiling above him. He was lying down on a red velet narrow bed at a therapy office. Silence filled the room as Darren thought about the doctor's question.


How was he feeling? Did he feel good? Worse? Sick? Thrilled? Darren never knew how he felt. How was he suppose to feel? If only there was a button that he can push so it could give him that emotion he wants to feel. Desires to feel.


"I guess I'm fine." Darren said not looking away from the ceiling. Dr. James nodded before writing down something on his clipboard.


"And, how are you and your parents dealing with your situation?" He asked. That triggered something in Darren's mind and he turned his attention to his therapist. His eyes darkened and his lips curled into a tight frown. Sadness crawled all over him.


Darren shook his head sadly, "they're too busy and too tired after a long day's work to listen what I've got to say. I never told them I bully people let alone about my condition".


After a long silence, Dr. James looked down at his clipboard and wrote something else before he excused Darren out the door. Watching the young boy walk home, he sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He loved the boy as if he were his own. He do anything for Darren.






*Several Weeks Later*


It's time Darren thought to himself, taking a deep breathe. his cousin, Cody was there but he needed to tell his parents the truth and both were having a two week off. Darren could feel his heart beat faster which pained him more. For the past few days, Darren was bed-ridden due to sickness. His parents thought it was the flu but he knew it was much more; much, much more.


Taking a deep breathe, Darren descended from the upstairs and came down to see his mother and father drinking coffee while his cousin was grabbing a bite to eat. Nervousness struck him, not only will he tell about the bullyings and possibly being grounded for years and years to come, but he'll also need to tell about his condition.


"Mom, dad, can I talk to you?" Darren asked, hoping they will pay attention to him for once and not brag about what a good student he was and how he'll go into Havard and become a rich businessman, a CEO.


His father was the first to look up at his son and nod, "yes son, what is it"?


"Mom, dad, I've been bullying people from my sch...." But before he could finish, his father shot up, his fist hitting the table with such force Darren was surprised that the table was still standing.


"You are grounded young man! Until you get into Havard and graduated. Did you kill anyone? I've had the right of mine to whip your arse with my belt!" His father roared. Shaking terribly now, Darren sighed when he was being sent to his room and not to come out until dinner was ready.


As Darren began walking, he stopped and turned around, walking towards them. He ignored his father's glare and his cousin's scoff. His mother completely ignored him.


"I thought I..." His father growled but Darren shouted his reponse before he could finish what he wanted to say.


"I have heart-failure!"




A deathly silence filled the room making Darren feel more and more afraid about what his parents and cousin will say next. Will they believe him or not?


"So...the...the pills in you're room, when I found them and asked if they were drugs, you said "yes" but they were actually your medication?" His mother asked in near tears.


Darren could not speak a single word so he nodded. That triggered his mother, she dropped her coffe, the glass shattering all over the floor and the liquid ruining the tiled floor. Getting up from her seat, she hugged her only son, her only son that was dying.


"Why didn't you tell us?" Cody asked, not wanting to believe a single word that his little cousin, who he considers as his brother, was dying of a heart-failure.


"I...I was afriad..." He mumbled squishing himself against his mother, sobbing as the rest of his family gather into the small circle to embrace him.




Ian James paced back and forth into his living room thinking. The last time Darren called, he had told his parents a few days ago along with the bullyings and now he's at the hospital, getting worse and worse. When the news came to Ian that Darren might be unplugged from Life Support, sorrow struck him.


Collasping on the couch, Ian buried his face in his hands and sobbed for both the boy and his family. He was so young and had so much left to live for. After a few minutes of sobbing, Ian lifted his head up, his eyes filled with determination.

He knew exactly what he had to do.





Walking inside the hospital where Darren was staying, Ian passed his room to hear a woman, his mother sobbing "my baby, my baby boy". Ian tried his best not to let his own tears fall but he could not help himself. Darren was like a son to him and Darren loved him in return often visiting him even when he didn't have therapy.


Making his way to the desk, he demanded to see the head doctor. The lady working behind the desk nodded and summonded the head doctor to come see Ian immeditately.


"Ah, Dr. James, how are you this fine evening?" Dr. Trevor Moore asked, shaking hands with the therapist who smiled and shook back.


"I am well, do you know Darren Foxworth?" Ian asked. Dr. Trevor nodded sadly. He knew who Ian was talking about, the dying patient. "Yes, well, I would ask if you could do something for me."


"Anything my friend, what is it you ask for?" He asked. The therapist took a deep breathe and placed a hand on his heart and looked down at it. He felt the vibration of his hearting heart through his hand and the sound. It sounded like a steady drum.


"I want you to give my heart to Darren."




*One Month Later...*


Darren woke up from his long coma after the surgery. He groaned in aching pain as he lifted his gown down to notice a long scar across his chest where his heart was. What has happened? Shouldn't he be long dead? Question reign through his mind as he got off from his bed and walked outside.


"Oh my darling!" His mother was the first to shot up from her seat and run up to kiss her son on both cheeks and the forehead. "My darling boy, how are you?"


Darren looked to see his cousin Cody, his aunt and uncle, his parents, and Dr. Trevor Moore all gather around him. Confusion crept up in his mind.


"What's going on?" He asked.


Again, silence filled the room, no one wanted to talk about what had happened a month ago, they were afriad of what his reaction would be if they told him. Dr. Moore was the first and only person in the circle, to break the long silence.


"You better sit down for this," Dr. Moore gestured to a seat behind Darren, everyone sat down while Dr. Moore was still standing up. "Here."


Taking a folded piece of paper from the doctor's hand, Darren unfolded it and read it. Word by word.



Dear Darren,


By this time, I will be long gone. I have given my heart to you so you can live a long lasting life. Be happy, be with your family and in the future, provide a new family. 


My time has come to an end, I am "old" as you would see it though I doubt being 36 is middle age. Hahaha

Anyways, I have given you a new therapist, he was my best-friend and roommate when we both went to collage to study psychology. He is as good as me.


Darren, do not shed any tears for me, I am not worth it as I am not worth living on if you died.

I loved you as a son and I will always be watching over you always.

Good-bye, my son.


You're friend, second father, and therapist,


Ian F. James 




I spoke to the principal about your condition and the bullying, you got a week suspension but it will not go on your record due to your pass heart condition. Have fun on your week vaction hahaha.

Sylvia Likens


With sisters Sylvia Likens and Jenny Likens under the care of Gertrude Baniszewski while they're parents worked on getting the carnival prepared, the sisters' lives are about to turn upside down and only one is going to make it out the door alive.  A/N: Based on the true story of murder, lust for blood, and torture in Indianapolis during the 1960's 




"Do we really have to dad? Why can't we go with you? We would help, we're big girls now. We don't need a babysitter." Sylvia protested, trying to get her dad, Lester Likens, to agree with her. Her father only chuckle and messed her hair witha bright smile before kneeling down on one knee to level himself to her eyes.


"Now now Sylvia, you know why. Yes, you two are big girls but I'm afriad this type of work is for the grown-ups only. Don't worry, Gertrude has a daughter and a son for you two can play with and you can invite your friends and neighbors as well, I'm sure she won't mind. Plus, we can't turn her down, we promised her 20 dollars for every day she babysits you both, we wouldn't want to break her heart would we?" Her father questioned.


Sylvia shook her head vigoriously with a grin on her face as her mother, Elizabeth Likens and her sister, Jenny Likens came in to join. Sylvia's life, in her eyes, was perfect. She had a loving family, great home, and the carousel to ride on when the carnival opens.


If there was anything she looked foward to at the carnival, it's not the games or the food or even the entertainment but the carousel. Riding on one of the horses, going round and round, up and down, it made her giggle and laugh with glee. There, she left wild and more free. But when Sylvia didn't know was that her world and her sister's were gonna turn upside down.




Tying her shoe-laces, Sylvia got up from the edge of her bed and checked herself in the mirror. She wanted to look her best when she and her sister arrive at the Baniszewski's home. Smiling at the curles of her hair, she knocked on her sister's door multiple times.


"Jenny? Are you ready?" She asked, waiting patiently for a reply.


"Yes sis, I'm ready." Jenny called back, opening the door. Jenny was younger but slightly taller, she had long blond hair and brown eyes while Sylvia had short brown curly hair and near hazel eyes. Penny was wearing a white t-shirt and over-all shorts. Sylvia was wearing shorts that were rolled up one time, a light green shirt with puff sleeves.


The two, hand in hand, walked downstairs together to meet their parents. Their mother was helping their father with his bow tie then turning around, he, in return, helped his wife with her pear necklace. After they were done, they faced their daughters with proud smiles.


"Well aren't you both just gorgeous," Their mother praised hugging them both, giving each of them a kiss on the cheek. Their father nodded in approval before hugging them. "Well, I guess we are ready then. Ready to go dearies?"


The sisters nodded vigrously, excited/anxious to meet the Baniszewski's. They could only imagine how wonderful their baby-sitter might be and her children. All the games they can play, the snacks, the friends they can invite, all that.




Driving down the rode, Sylvia looked out of her window to watch the scenery go by her. Jenny was playing with her doll, pretending to be a hair-stylist as their parents talked about the carnival, what might needed to be done, and what they could add or take away.


Sylvia felt the car jerk to a stop causing her to look up and away from her window noticing a two-story white and dark green house, taking her seat-belt off and opening her door, Sylvia followed her family up the porch.


Lester rang the door-bell and Gertrude, the girls' baby-siiter answered. She had brownish-blond hair, piercing but kind eyes, she was slim with just a bit of chubbiness due to her giving birth to her children. She was wearing a flower printed dress and an apron, she must have been in the kitchen cooking for cleaning the house.


"Are you Ms Gertrude?" Lester asked waiting for a reply.


"Yes, I am Gertrude. Are you the Likens family?" She asked, glancing at Sylvia and Jenny like a mother hawk watching her younglings.


"Yes, I am Lester Likens and this is my wife Elizabeth and our wonder daughters, Sylvia and Jenny." He introduced his family, gesturing to each other them. Gertrude nodded with a smile and stepped to the side so they can enter. As Sylvia walked in, she admired the wonderful things that she had in her home what she didn't know was the slight darkness that Gertrude had in her eyes.




The parents hugged their daughters good-bye and paid Gertrude the first twenty-dollar for her baby-sitting before they left the house and into their car. Sylvia and her sister Jenny waved at their parents as they drove off to work.


"Children, come down, I want you all to meet two children that will be staying with us for a couple of weeks," Gertrude called out and no sooner than later, seven children came down. Two were Syliva's age, three were Jenny's age, one was younger, but the youngest was just a babe, being carried by the oldest boy. "Children, this is Sylvia and Jenny. The two Likens sisters I was telling you about.


No one spoke a word. Silence overcame everybody and only the sound of the tickling wall clock hung up in the kitchen was heard. Sending down an awkward silence, the children averted their eyes everywhere as not to make it even more awkward, it was only when the youngest Baniszewski child came up.


"Hi, I'm Dennis." Dennis stuck his hand out for a shake and smiled at the two sisters. No sooner than later did the rest of Gertrude's children introduced themselves. Putting on a smile, Gertrude clapped her hands together and went into the kitchen to make some snacks and bring out some apple-juice for the kids.




The first few days with the Baniszewski children were just a blast but Sylvia could not help but get a funny feeling about Gertrude. The woman kept eyeing her as if she were a prey, as if she had done something wrong and Gertrude's stare would make her confess to whatever sin she had committed.

Sylvia was a good girl, always had been, always will. What was the matter with Gertrude? She seemed so nice and with them all now she is distant, quiet, secretive...


"Well, I bet we'll have loads of fun, we got TV to watch, toys to play, we can have friends over, we have a fort, and all sorts of things," The eldest daughter of Gertrude said, getting up from her chair to put her paper plate and empty apple juice box in the trash. She turned her attention back to Syliva and Jenny with a smile. "Once you're done, let's go outside and play on the swings and slide yeah?"


As Syliva watched her leave out side with two of her siblings, Jenny nibbled on a cracker set on her plate and eyed the near youngest boy who was drinking his apple juice. When the door closed and the three siblings were out of sight, Sylvia could hear shouts of excitment and games of pretend, a smile formed on her face but one cold look from Gertrude got Sylvia's smile to turn.




For the past few days, all were fun and games but Syliva still had a funny awkward creepy feeling about Gertrude and did her best to avoid her and not give her any contact. Let's see how far she can go.


While all were seated at the dinner table, Sylvia was next to her sister who was talking to one of Gertrude's girls around her age while eating and drinking her meal. Sylvia felt the cold hard eyes of her babysitter cast down on her as if she was trying to set her on fire. This nerved Sylvia and suddenly, she was no longer hungry.


"Why aren't you eating Sylvia?" Gertrude asked in her sweet mother voice which Sylvia no longer trust. Not looking at her, she shrugged, this made Gertrude mad. She slammed her hands ont he table to stompped over to Sylvia and lifted her chin up so she was facing her. Gertrude gave her a hard look before slapping her across the face. "You will eat now or else no food for a week! Understand?!"


Sylvia nodded vigrously now frightened as her babysitter stompped back to her eat and pointed at Sylvia's food with her own fork as a demand to eat it all or else no food for a week.




After slapping Sylvia across the face, Gertrude had a tingling sense, she wanted more, she wanted to abuse Sylvia more. Summoning her children down into the living room while the Liken sisters were sleeping. Her youngest son was still sleepy so he was being carried by her oldest daughter.


"Mother, why did you call us down for?" John, her oldest son asked, yawning a bit as he stretched his body. Gertrude scowled at his additude and slapped him across the face, her nails grazing putting a scratch on him and a few drips of blood.


"I want you all to beat and torture Sylvia, convince her sister that she is a worthless whore meant to be punished for being a prostitute cause that's what Sylvia is. We all must cleanse her if she wants to be free and the only way to do that is by fire and razors," Gertrude explained recieving multiple gasps and shaking heads. Straighting her back to look more intimidating, she gazed down hard and coldly at her children. "Fine, refuse to clean Sylvia with me and I will kill you all."


The Baniszewski children had no choice.




With all his might and dignity, no matter how much it's going to hurt him and her, John punched Sylvia in the stomach and yelled, "wake up you whore!" Sylvia woke up with a start and stared at John dumbstrucked. He had been so nice to her, why would he punch her?


Quickly getting out of bed, Sylvia kept quiet and started to head for a shower but before she could, Paula, the eldest child of all grabbed her by the hair and threw her down face first and laughed as the others did. Still on the floor, Sylvia did her best not to let tears fall. What was wrong with them?


"Now you can bathe you slut," Paula growled kicking her at the ribcage, sending Slyvia down at the floor more. Paula turned her attention to Jenny with a smile. "Oh Jenny, come, we must keep you away from the devil. You're sister has been possessed by the sin of lust. She must be cleansed."


Jenny looked up at Paula then at her sister who was still groaning in pain. Jenny shook her head and went over to her sister and hugged her. Scowling Paula and Stephanie both pried Jenny away from her older sister and both glared hard at her and showed her a knife then explained, in a whisper, what they would do to her if she doesn't do what Gertrude said. Sylvia's sister's eyes widen then she looked down at her older sister and mouthed, "I'm sorry" before slapping her across the face.




Feeling her stress and depression level rising, Gertrude immeditately ran to one of the drawers of her bedroom and took out a cigar and a lighter and began to smoke to calm her but now, it wasn't enough, clenching her free hand into a tight fist, she waited impatiently for Sylvia to get done.


As soon as Gertrude heard the shower go off, she made her way towards the guest bedroom where Sylvia and her sister stayed to sleep and get dressed. Rage, stress, and depression filled her mind as she clenched her free hand into a fist, the smoke of the cigar drifting off into the air as she opened the door to see Sylvia putting her pants on. She had on a shirt but her thighs and private part was still bear.


"You little slut." Gertrude growled slapping the girl across her face along with the cigar. Sylvia cried out in pain from both the slap and the burning of the cigar. That gave Gertrude a cruel, sinister, sadistic idea.



*five days later...*



Sylvia had no idea what she did wrong or why everyone was now turning against her, what confused her the most was her sister's betrayal, she had joined the gang of abusers and they promised each other at a very tender age never to harm one another, to always be together.


"Why?" Mouthed Sylvia as Jenny glared coldly at her. Dropping her head, Sylvia began to cry as all mocked her while Gertrude phoned some friends to join in all the "fun". Tears streamed down her face but she made no effort to stop them, having her sister become one of her abusers was just too much and for five days, five days, Jenny had abused her, tormented her, laughed at her.


When will the torment end? Was this all just one big nightmare? A punch and a kick in her stomach and thigh answered her question as once again, Sylvia was lying on the floor, curled up in a fatal ball.


No, no, this was all real...




Hours went by and Gertrude did not let Sylvia rest, burning the girl's thighs with her cigars, having her children and Jenny punch, slap, and kick Sylvia while crying out "slut" with every hit and spit. The torture was too much for Sylvia to bear and no matter how much she begged and begged for mercy or medical help, her tormentors increased their abuse.


"Ah, they've arrived," Gertrude said with a cruel smile, turning her attention to two boys from the neighborhood, Coy Hubbard and Robin Hobbs. "You've arrived just in time, it wouldn't be a party without you two here."


The boy, Robin Hobbs, looked to be about sixteen while Coy looked to be about nineteen, Sylvia looked up at the two boys, shaking vigrously, tears streaming down her eyes, she was black, blue, and red all over. She mouthed "help me".


One of the boys, Coy, knelt down and smiled a kind smile, at first Sylvia thought that the boys were here to save her, that she was going to get out of this and take Jenny with her as well.


She was wrong...




*one week later*


"Get her down into the basement and hold her down!" Gertrude yelled as a weak Sylvia thrust about frantically as Coy, John, and Robin all carried her down into the basement where all of Sylvia's nightmares from the past and now come together.


"No, no, please!" She begged but all laughed or spit at her, calling her a "slut" as well. The three boys dropped her on the cold concrete floor of the basement not caring if it hurt her or not and they all held her arms and legs down.


"You know, maybe Gertrude will be kind enough for me to rape the slut." Coy taunted as Sylvia screamed bloody murdered, thrashing about but she was no match for the boys. They were taller and stronger than her, she was small, meek, and weak from all the torture.


Gertrude came down into the basement to join her children, Sylvia's sister, and the two neighboring boys, a grin curled up on the woman's face as she took out her lighter and lit the needle she had in her other hand. Waiting for what seemed like hours to Sylvia, she began to quiver in fear as the woman walked towards her and knelt down by Robin's side.


Taking the heated needle, Gertrude guided the sharp end where it was burnt the most and started to carve onto Sylvia's stomach. She cried out in pain and thrashed about again as the woman yelled at the boys to hold her down with more force while slapping Sylvia across the face to silence her.


Gertrude finished carving her victim's stomach and stood up to admire her work.


"I'm a prostitute and I'm proud of it!"


"Tie her up on that collum over there, make sure the wood is stabbing against her backside and why don't all take turns beating Sylvia with this." Gertrude said, taking out a wooden basball bat. Coy was the first to take the bat and a cruel smile appeared on both his face and eyes as he and Robin tied Sylvia against the collum.




With her backside aching in pain, restrained, helpless, and hopeless, Sylvia made no effort to cry out for mercy, she knew now she'll never recieve mercy, only torture. As the two boys, Gertrude's children, and Jenny all took turns hitting, burning, touching, and mutilating Sylvia, she began to see white spots in a distant as their taunts became a distant as well.


"Wait," Gertrude commanded as she walked over and untied Sylvia then threw her down onto the floor face first, the floor busted her nose but they could all care less, even Sylvia, she just wanted out, she didn't care how, she just wanted to get out of this abusive torture chamber. Feeling herself being lifted up by the hair, Gertrude guided her to a table. "Write, write to your pathetic parents about you as a slut and sleeping with six boys, willingly. Do it!"


Taking the pencil from her hand, Sylvia started to write. Her hands shaking vigrously as she tried to stay awake to do as Gertrude had said. With every moment Sylvia had tried to fall asleep, she was either slapped and shaken but soon, Sylvia could not write another sentence.


"You little bitch, write!" Gertrude screamed when she saw Sylvia's head drop and the pencil fall off from her hand, she slapped her across the face with full force sending the girl flying off the chair and onto the cold hard floor. "Pathetic slut."




*one day later*


Paula, Robin, and Jenny all walked downstairs into the basement to torment Sylvia some more but once they got their, they saw the face and body of Sylvia Likens, unmoving and eyes widen. Relazation hit them all. Sylvia was dead.


As the rest of the Baniszewski children came down along with Coy, Marie, the third daughter of Gertrude Baniszewski shook her head, tears running down her eyes as she and the rest of the children all crowded around the dead body of Sylvia Likens not wanting to believe one bit of what they had done to her.


"Enough is enough." Marie sobbed as she ran upstairs to phone the police. This ends now and as Jenny knelt down at her sister's side, crying for her spirit to forgive her, Jenny had a thought, if she couldn't safe Sylvia she could catch her killer.




When the police arrived, already they could smell the foul stench of death but before one of the officers could go in along with the rest, Jenny came out of the door, tears still running down from her eyes.


"What happened?" The police officer asked with concern.


Sobbing and wiping her eyes, Jenny looked up at the police officer with guilt, regret, and sorrow. Taking a deep breath, the girl looked into the eyes of the officer.


"Get me out of here and I'll explain everything."




*two weeks later*


"We find, Gertrude Baniszewski, guilty, of first-degree murder." The jury said announcing what Gertrude is at the face of the court. Everyone agreed, some were still mourning over the death of Sylvia, others were angry at Gertrude and wanted her to burn in the deepest parts of Hell.


Taking her away, Gertrude had recieved a sentence of life-imprisonment with parole. Sitting in her jail cell, a flash of light blinded the woman as she used her arms and cuffed hands to cover her eyes from the blinding light.


A few seconds later the light dimmed down and the spirit of Sylvia Likens, without all the bruises, cuts, and burnt marks were all gone but torture was still in her eyes as Sylvia stared directly into Gertrude's own eyes.

X-mas Cookies




Don't mess with this boy's cookies...





Ten year old Ben walked home from his last day of school with hid head down, his hood over his face, and his hands in his Jean pockets. It wad the worst day ever. Everyone in his class threw ornaments, tintsles, wreathes, and cookies.


He didn't care much about the decorations but when it came to the cookies, that hurt him for when he saw the cookies on the floor being consumed by dirt and all broken in pieces. Tears would fall and more would attempt to fall but the boy would not allow it.


When he opened the door, he heard his step-mom yell at his dad who was trying to bake cookies for the first time. When he heard the news earlier, he was thrilled, excited and wanted to try it even if they weren't going to be good.


The yelling continued, growing louder and stronger that Ben's aunt had to take him away when his step-mom threw a cookie tray at his dad which hit him on the face.


"Aunty. Why is momma and daddy fighting?" Ben asked looking up at his aunt who placed him on her lap. But before she could awnser, the shrill screech of his mother gave him his awnser.


"These are the WORST ever! These cookies are damned! Aweful! I hate them! We should have gotten rid of this tradition a long time ago and just buy them!" Ben's step-mom screamed out as Ben covered his ears.


Hearing the fact of buying cookies was worse than burning them to crisp. Ben could not stand it any longer. He got down from his aunt's lap and ran up to his room.




Lying awake on his bed, the little boy stares up at his ceiling and plans a plan. A devilish plan, to make all the people who dare try and take away the Xmas cookies tradition.


The clock on his wall continues to tik. The hands moving to the rythym of the tiking, moving slowly and fast at the same time. When the clock striked midnight, Ben quietly got out of bed and headed towards his step-mother's room. She had his dad sleep in one of the guest bedrooms. The whole place was soundproof so no one outside could hear.


Ben had a clothe in one hand and a baseball bat in the other. He walked over to his step-mother's side, his eyes filled with revenge and anger. She was going to pay for yelling at his dad and trying to take away his favorite tradition.


Once the boy was by his mother's side, he gently shook her awake. The first try was unsuccessful, he tried again and he got slapped that infuriated him. He raised his bat and hit his mom with it awake. She jolted up and whispered/yelled at him.


"Ben! What are you doing? Go. To. Bed!" She turned her body around so her back was facing him and went back to sleep. The boy shook his head and climbed up on the bed after he set his bat down.


He quickly tied the clothe around her mouth, gagging her from screaming. She tossed and turned, trying to get him off of her, they both fell onto the floor. Ben picked up his bat and gave his mom a good wack on the head.


When his mom blacked out. He tightened the gag and dragged her towards the kitchen. He locked the door so no one could get in and duct taped his mom's mouth for good measure.




He searched through the kitchen and grabed a bowl, a wooden spoon, a cooking pan, a rolling pin, a few designed Xmas cookie cutters and he turned on the oven so it could be heating up. Ben couldn't help but smile. It was time.


His step-mom woke up, when her vision became clear she found herself in the kitchen at the mercy of her son with a rolling pin in his hand. She mumbled ot him "what the hell"? But Ben, her son, only grinnned wider and started beating his mom.


No matter how much she screamed or cry, the gag and duct tape prevented from the others to hear. Seeing that he was a little too weak to beat her up, he took out a kitchen knife and stabbed her until she was dead. Blood poured out of her torso and head from both the stabbing and the beating.


Ben carved out her stomach open with a knife and with his hands and knife, he cut out her organs and placed them into a bowl. He stood up on a stool and turned on the blender to mix his step-mom's flesh and blood well with the sugar.


He hummed through the sound then turned it off once it was stirred right. He took out his wooden spoon and stired it around, he took it out of the bowl and licked it clean. He loved the taste of it.


He took out the cookingpan and set it right beside the bowl. He jumpped down to retrieve the Xmas cookie disign cutters. He walked back and stood up on the stool again. He began to spread out the "dough" with his hands onto the other pan. Once it was flat, Ben began to cut out the "dough" with the Xmas cutters.


There was a Xmas tree, santa, elf, stocking, ornament, snowman, and a Xmas bow. He genlty placed the designed cookies on to the cooking pan and went over to the oven. He opened it, feeling the heat of the oven hit on his face. He carefully placed the cooking pan in the oven and started the timer.




As soon as the cookies were done, Ben put on his small oven mitt and carefully opened the oven and took the cookies out of the oven. He placed it on the couner so it'll cool.


While it was cleaning, the boy searched through for a metal spatula to remove the cookies from the pan and onto the designed platter but before he did that, Ben decided to decorate it.


Frostings and sprinkles covered the blood he decided to have a bit of it showing, his dad and family member would think it was only strawberry, cherry, rasberry, or cranberry.


Looking at his plate of cookies, he smiled a devilish smile. His revenge was bought to justice. He felt no guilt whatsoever before doing this, while doing this, and after doing this.


He set the platter down on the coffee table in the living room and went back to bed. Xmas time came and he woke up first. He ran down and saw his presents but he didn't care about that, all he cared about was the cookies. He wanted to have his family taste the cookies.


Ben called his family acting all excited that santa came. The family came down, few yawning but they all smiled when they saw Ben beside a plate of cookies.


"Did you make these Ben? All by yourself?" His dad asked, picking him up. Ben wrapped himself around his dad and nodded excitedly. "Well I think I'll have a taste". With one hand he held onto his son and carefully bent down to retireve one of the cookies with his free hand.


The rest of the family took their share and they all took a bite. They commented on how they loved it.


"These are very good. What's in it?" His counsin, Daniel asked taking another bit. Ben jumpped down from his dad and took a cookie. He took a bite and swallowed before answering.


He smirked at them all widely, letting the blood drip out from his lips. His aunt and female cousins screamed while the men all gasped in horror.


"Sugar, flesh, and blood." Ben said, taking another bite while his family dropped their cookies which angered Ben.


Seeing the look on the boy's face, his family picked up the cookies and set them on the plate, not wanting to anger him further.


"Whose flesh and blood is it Ben?" His uncle asked as they leaned in to hear the answer. Ben looked at each of them one at a time and giggled. His giggled turned into a chuckle, which turned into a menacing laugh.


"My step-mom." Ben replied as his family ran into the kitchen to reveal a beaten, stabbed, cut up woman lying on the tiled floor in a pool of blood. They turned around when they heard the door close. It was Ben and he was eating yet another cookie.


The boy smiled down at his dead step-mom while eating a cookie. "No one takes away my tradition".

Sociopathic Cookies



PLOT!!!  Ben, now fifteen and freshman in highschool, has his whole family under his thumb and watched 24/7 no matter where they are. No one but his family knows of Ben's "condition" and if they dare tell, he will make them his personal delicious cookies.  Takes place four years after X-Mas Cookies




As I watched my father go outside and into his car to head off to work. I saw my father turn his head over his shoulder and glanced up at me.


I knew well he was afraid of me, who wouldn't? I threatened them all when they had tried to call the police and the mental insitution.


When my father finished glancing up at me, he unlocked his car door and went in. Placing the key in the ignition, he started off and drove away, listening to some music to keep his mind off his me.


I turn my heel around and grabbed my school bag. I didn't allow my aunt, uncle, and cousins to leave the house ever. I smiled at them when they greeted me with so much nervousness.


"Now remember our deal unless you want to end up like her." I threatened, refering to my step-mother whom I killed four years ago.


They all nodded in fear as they watched the fourteen year old me go out the door and wait for the bus to come pick me up.




At school, no one knew of what I've done. All they knew that my step-mother died and my father worked hard to keep me in high spirits so it was said I live with my aunt, uncle and cousins. 


Everyone who had known me since my first day of coming, all would think I'm innocent, pure, a person who wouldn't dare to hurt a fly.


As I continue my way to his locker, two males blocked my locker, my path. Both were sixteen, tall. Could snap me in two like twigs on the ground.


I looked up at the two. Fear unknown to me. No terror in my eyes. No movement of sheer quiverment. "I need to get into my locker".


The two looked at each other then at me before laughing their heads off as if it were some kind of joke.


"This is your locker? Oh, our bad, here, let us get your texts," One said forming a fist and punched the locker, opening it. He and the other looked inside and tossed the books out before grabbing the bag of cookies. "My, look what we have here. Treats."


I stood there and watched every movement of the dark brown haired as he opened his bag of cookies that he freshly made. A slight sneer formed in my eyes, like a hawk waiting for it's prey. Before I could react, the elder dumped the cookies on the ground before crushing them with his filthy shoe.


That angered me greatly. I couldn't do anything as the two walked away, laughing their heads off. 




I return home from school, a scheme on my mind, and the smell of food invading my nostrils. When my plan came to mind, full proof, a sly smirk formed. My cousin came down in time to see the smirk. He winced, hoping it wasn't for him. "Was, was that for me"? 


I looked up at him and smiled, making him flinch in fear and nervousness. "No cousin, it isn't for you just yet". I walked away from him but not before hearing a sigh of relief. 


In my room, I lay down on my bed and imagined my plan coming into place on the two boys. How dare they do that to my cookies, I had worked hard to make them perfect now they were destroyed on the ground by their filthy feet.


They are going to pay. Tonight.




I knew where the two would go late at night after their dinner time. My window is the perfect setting place to see where my victims go.


I grabbed my jacket then head down into the kitchen and grabbed a rolling pin, a kitchen knife, and a few cookie cutters before I went outside, the hood of my jacket over my head. I walked a few miles when I heard laughter, a laughter I recongize.


"Hey, hey yo guys. It's that kid, Ben." One of the guys shouted out as they began to surround me. I may be small and frigile looking but they will soon know I am not the one ot mess with so lightly.


"Hello boys, I have come to punish you for destorying my cookies." I said, as calm and sly as a snake, ready to strike. They all laughed.


"Punish us? Dude, you're short, you're skrawny, you're..." But before he could finished, I jabbed the rolling pin to his private part. He fell and soon the rest came after me.


I stabbed the next one with my kitchen knife between his eye then swung the rolling pin at the side of the head of the other then beat his head up until he was dead like the other.


Soon there were two left. The one I jabbed my rolling pin into his private part the other was clean but dropped his cellphone when he saw me face him. Their friends were now cold-stone dead.


"Time to pay".




I had them just where I wanted. I commanded the boys, who were shaking visibly, to carry them to their house and into the kitchen.


When we got there, I told them to place them next to the oven which I turned on to 450 degress to heat up. I raised my knife and sliced them both open so I could see to their flesh.


"Get me a cookie plater, now!" I commanded the blonde hair who vigoriously searched for a plater. He found one and handed to me, a perfect size. I thanked him which made him jump.


I cut the two other boys' flesh up from their bodies and made cookie shapes out of them with my cookie cutters them placed them on the platter.


Sprinkling some powered sugar on them, I told the brown hair to do the same I did with the other. He shook his head for no and I drived a knife on his thigh and ran it down to his leg. I showed no mercy as he screamed in agony.


I kept going until he agreed to do as I said. Taking the other dead boy, the brown haired mimiced what I did but with shaking hands and fear.




Once the cookies were ready to be cooked, I placed them both in the oven and we waited for an hour and a half before they were ready.


I took them both out one at a time and placed them on a plate once they cooled off. I told them both to eat their friends. I smiled a devil's smile as they eat the flesh and blood of their deceased friends.


"Now, tell anyone, and I will kill you. Just like I did to your friends, just like I did to my step-mother." I expained, taking a bite of my cookie.


"So, the stories we all have been told were not true? You, you killed her? The exact way to killed our friends?" The blonde asked, shaking, nibbling on his cookie.


I nodded and looked over at the decapitated, sliced up bodies all laying down in a pool of blood. I now not only have my family under my thumb but them two as well.




No one dares to harm my cookies, holiday or not. All cookies deserve to be treated with respect.

Sewn Up Jaime- A *madeup* CreepyPasta Story By Me



Jaime was once your regular stoner of a 17 year old until the fateful evening he was attack by an animal leaving his right face scarred for life and bullying began to rise. As the hours pass by, Jaime could no longer stand the bickering and the shouting of the people at his school and decides to take matters into his own hand...





Taking out the cigar from his lips to let the smoke fly up into the air, Jaime looks up into the blue and white sky, eyes averted away from the sunlight's rays as the bell rang indicating lunch was over. Gathering his things, Jaime walked into school, careful not to make eye contact or touch anyone, not even the slightest.


The boy, Jaime, has always seem to be the type that blends in with the shadows and the darkness of both the night and thrilling horror, putting on his earplugs, he turned up the volume of his IPod to block out the shouts and bickering he so despised, he had to do about that someday, but what...


Walking towards home to school, Jaime decides to take a detour into the woods where he knew coyotes roamed the place. Everybody had said once before when people move into the neighborhood to not go deep inside the woods, but Jaime didn't care, if he wanted to walk deep within the woods, he will.

As he walked further and further inside the woods, he heard the unmistaken-able sound of dead leaves being crumbled and sticks snapping under the feet of many. Jaime stopped in his tracks and looked around before dropping his used cigar on the ground and continued on his way.


The further he walked, the louder the feet sounded, it reigned in his ears, like drums at a war. Jaime scowled and turned around only to come face to face with not a pack full but just one coyote. The two stared down for what seemed like forever before the animal plunged into Jaime before he could even make the first step to running and clawed his right face just before Jaime stabbed it in the windpipe with a Swiss Army Knife, given to him by his father. Panting and glancing down at the dead animal, Jaime got up and ran home to tend the wound but he knew, the scar will remain.




"Did you see Jaime?" "He lookslike a freak show." "Ugh, and I thought he was hot, guess not.""I bet he cried for mummy". Taunts tormented the mind of Jaime as heplaced his hood over his head and hid his scar with his hair as he walked tohis usual spot for lunch, away from the crowd, away from the noise, away fromeverything.


As Jaime ate his sandwich, a doll came hurlingtowards him and landed at his feet, he looked down at the torn up doll andheard children crying out to his school's gate, picking up the doll, he walkedtowards three children, two boys and one girl.


The boys were arguing while the girl was crying about her torn up doll, reaching into his pocket, Jaime took outa mini sewing kit and began to sew the doll back together, he had learned howto sew from his grandmother, she thought it be a good thing if someone, whether it's a male or a female to learn how to sew. After he was done, he returned the doll back to the girl who hugged it as tight as a mother would to her firstborn baby before running away from the bullies and towards her teacher as Jaime walked back into the high-school building. 




"How long until we have to suffer with that?" One girl, obviously a cheerleader, whined, glancing coldly at Jaime who was lost in the world of music, blocking out all the gossip, shouts, and bickering that went on before the teacher came in. "I mean come on, it's not like he's going to make it far well, unless he actually joins the circus." Everybody laughed and all in a while, Jaime scowled.


When will they shut up?






It was late at night and the girl, obviously drunk, staggered out of her boyfriend's house and towards her car, she looks up to notice Jaime was walking down the neighborhood, with a drunk-like devilish's grin, she staggered towards him and draped an arm around his shoulder much to his protest.


"Hey hot handsome one, let's have more fun at your place, I'm sure my parents won't mind one more hour." She said, swaying from side to side as she drank more from the bottle of beer she had in her hand.


Jaime glared coldly at her and pried her off of her, sending her down on the ground but she was too drunk to care and laughed and laughed. Her laughter snapped Jaime and he lifted her over his shoulder and took her "home".




An abandoned small house was his home, hidden from society; it was once a lovely home until a tornado hit and the house crumbled and landed here when it flew away. Sitting her on a rusted chair, the wood of the chair poked out, scratching her arms, small backside, and thighs but Jaime didn't care, he had to shut her up but first, he had to make her sober. Grabbing a bucket full of cold water, he tossed the water at her face, waking her up from her drunken state.


"Where the hell am I?!" She yelled/demanded as she struggled to free herself. She smelled the unmistaken-able smell of cigars and knew there was only one person who smokes that heavily, Jaime.


Jaime, annoyed, crossed his arms over his chest as he listened and listened to her rants and struggles, a slight chuckle escaped from his lips knowing she couldn't possibly free herself unless she had a knife. Walking towards her, he grabbed the back of her hair and pulled on it so she was facing him eye to eye.


"Do you not know how to shut up?" He asked coldly sending shivers down her spine. The cold, brave, Queen Bee gone and out comes a helpless girl begging for mercy and help but that just made Jaime laugh like a madman.




Taking a step back, he admires his helpless victim begging him to let her go but he knew and very soon, she knew, he never will. Digging into his pocket, he took out his mini sewing kit. "Now, time to shut you up."


Jaime took out a black thread and placed it into the needle as the girl tried her best to get away from him but to of no avail; he grabbed her by the back of the neck and began to sew her mouth shut and right eye. Taking a step back, he admired his work before taking a knife and slitting the throat then sewing it but he already knew, before he had sewn her throat, she was dead.

A Popular's Dilema

PLOT:He was popular, the most popular guy in the school. Girls want to date him, boys want to be him; teachers, staff members, and families all love him. He provided so much for the community, he was the alpha dog, he was likeable, he had everything he'd always wanted so why did he do it?






Smiling broadly at the crowd of students surrounding him, Aleks high fived every students he could as he walked down the hallway and towards football practice. Aleks was known to be widely popular, very likeable, and helpful in many ways. He was not your stereotypical jock most people have seen or even read in stories, never slept with more than one girl, never getting into fights, and never letting anyone bring him down.


"Hey, can't wait for the big game Aleks, it's gonna be awesome!" One of his teammates, Ryan, exclaimed as he skipped through the crowd whooping loudly. Aleks could not help but shout out his own cheer.




Publication Date: 05-01-2014

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