Nights given freely with a cost, 

Nights taken with gruesome force.

It all weighs and it all squirms,

In your life of unchecked remorse.


When your sanity leaks away,

When the tomb is consuming,

Helping hands you do not take,

Because life is undeserving.


The torment etched into your skin,

The heartache worn on your sleeve,

You hide not and you care not,  

For those who will forget to breathe.


Try to mend a mind deeply cracked,

Try to heal a body so worn,

Is a fight you will not make,

So we have all resigned to mourn.


For dying is your scathing plight,

For heartache is your calling,

My friend, I have called enough!

On a cause that is defeating.


Where once patience was so plenty,

Where sympathy did once reign,

Now does lie a hardened shell,

Of such bitterness and such pain.


For the demons in the mirror,

For the failings of mankind,

And the tortures you speak of,

Are now festering in my mind.


Selfish, you may say

Callous, you might claim

But to you I say the same.


Publication Date: 01-30-2014

All Rights Reserved

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