Hitoku Minashi



Hiroki Minashi


Age: 19

Height: 6'5”

Weight: 215 Pounds

Build: Muscular Athletic




Hiroki has lived in the house two doors down from his childhood friend, and it more recently lover, for as long as he can remember, he can't even remember when they moved in to that old house at the end of the row him and his family lived on, however the Hiroki and the girl hit it off quite quickly. They had been the best of friends ever since, but ever since they had been 13, their relationship changed. It went from being something platonic to something much more involved. It all started the day that she had just waltzed right in to his room at his house without even announcing herself, as usual, and had caught him right in the middle of stuffing his cock back in to his boxers from his release just mere moments before she had just intruded in on his room, and lucky for him, she hadn't caught him during the act, but he hadn't had time to clean up the mess that his activities had caused, and like usual, not a damn thing escaped her perfect vision, and she spotted it, just a few feet away from Hiroki's bed, what what appeared to be a thick milky looking substance. Hiroki seeing her go and start investigate it, gave a low groan to himself, he knew she'd spot it, nothing gets past her he thought, and when he sat up and looked over at his childhood friend, she had already scooped up a bit of it on to her finger and her tongue was extended and right at this moment, his jaw dropped, he couldn't believe it, his childhood friend was going to be the very first to taste his cum. She licked her finger and gave a low moan then a huge smile. That stuff is so delicious, and then she gave a sideways glance at him, and then a huge grin and blurted out as she scooped the rest of it on to her finger, “This is your cum isn't it!” and with that she licked every last bit off her finger giving a loud moan, and pulled her finger out with a loud POP noise. “Hiro, I want more of that thick creamy stuff it was so delicious, I want more!” With this Hiroki knew his friend ship was never ever going to be the same again, and he wasn't sure if he wanted it to be this way or not. Hiroki's feels were always jumbled when it came to her.


Publication Date: 08-21-2016

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