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My e-book "Party Recipes" contains several delicious recipes for parties, from appetizing snacks over epicurean fish and meat dishes to delicious desserts. I show you easy recipes that are suitable for beginners, quickly prepared (some recipes take less than 30 minutes to complete), very tasty and almost all (except perhaps the Tafelspitz recipe) are not expensive. Most recipes are made for about 20 to 30 servings. With fewer guests simply reduce the ingredients, with more guests add. Enjoy shopping, cooking, celebrating and, of course, eating!


Table of contents - Party Recipes


Garden Party

Original tropical recipes and decoration (crab appetizers, melon salad, Waldorf salad, cold soup with cucumber and yogurt

Baguette with onion cream

Banana with meringue

Pears with chocolate sauce / Chocolate Cookies


Bruschetta with smoked cheese and marjoram

Capri Canapés

Capri salad with tomato, mozzarella and marjoram

Chef's salad

Chinese pudding

Exotic chicken thighs

Excellent honey cake

Farmer omelet

Fish fillet with Roquefort

Flambéed bananas

Fried noddles with pork and vegetables

Filled salad

Greek rice

Chicken salad

Potatoes with cheddar cheese (potato skins)

Potatoes with bacon and thyme

Potato specialty from the oven

Cheese sausage skewers

Coconut cheese bonnet

Watercress soup

Pumpkin Corn Salad

Mexican Party dishes: Vegan Chili, chili nachos and jalapeno dip

Mini meatballs with sauce


Papaya and mango Rafraichis

Penne pasta with bacon and marjoram

Pudding with chocolate confectionery

Fast pasta salad “Quick Finish”

Fast white bread snack (cold, salty cake)

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate mousse

Spaghetti alla carbonara

Shortbread cookies

Boiled beef Tafelspitz with aromatic herbs

Tomato salad with red onions

White bean stew

White cabbage-sausage salad


Garden parties


Garden parties, which are ideal for the summer months but also in spring and autumn in favorable weather conditions or on the terrace, let the hearts of many gardening enthusiasts beat faster. However, a successful garden party requires a lot of organization and planning!

Even at a garden party you should provide sufficient seating posibilities, although most guests prefer to walk around or standing around. Nevertheless, the weather may become an obstacle sometimes, so that you might have to change to a garden shed or terrace.


Planning a garden party

According to the number of guests: glasses, plates, cutlery and napkins should be available.Based on your guest list: Plan how many drinks, ice, meat, salads, bread, dessert or other foods are needed. Especially clever is that version of the garden party, where each guest brings something: drinks, a cake, a salad or something to nibble.

You`re going to throw a themed party? Then you could adjust the decorations accordingly. Colorful table cloth of thin fleece, crepe or plastic materials will be rolled out quickly. Decoration can be prepared at home, inter alia, made of foam rubber. Add a few candles, vases and of course music. The party continues until the night? So you need lighting; how about hollowed pumpkins, fragrance lamps, light strings, colorful lanterns or even floating candles? How about lanterns or mosquito lights on the tables?

Party Food


What should be eaten? Cheap and quick to make and easy to handle are appetizers that you can also take with the fingers, skewers with meat, vegetables, cheese and fruit. Do not forget an attractive table decoration for example with edible sugared flowers or any other kind of edible decorations.

Especially popular is, of course, barbecue. No matter if charcoal grill or electric grill: Normally meat and sausages are served. Grill as well potatoes, fish, pineapples, bananas, etc. And make lots of photos!



Original Tropical Recipes and Decoration


Tropical decoration for the table

At a tropical party the entire decoration should be exotic: palm leaves, coconut shells, melon and orange halves, pineapple and flowers, baskets from natural materials. As tablecloths color I recommend cheerful orange. Invitations could be small tropical fruits in half coconut shells, wrapped in a plastic bag, decorated with a flower. For table decoration: Test tubes can be used with orchid flowers or roses (put into narrow water glasses).


Crab appetizers Kami, pineapple surimi, red fruit sauce

As an "appetizer" offer little crab pieces; it may also be surimi (false crabmeat) or Kami. Cut into cubes and fix them with toothpicks on a pineapple.


Serve together with a sauce on red fruits:

Put 1 cup frozen red fruits into the mixer, 4 tablespoons olive oil, 1 tablespoon corn oil and add ½ tablespoon of vinegar. Pour into small bowl.


For the fruity melon salad you will need:

4 cups diced honeydew melon



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