kelly hurry up your going to be late. ok mom comming. i couldn't wait today i was axctually fonna do my dream. i always dreamed of being a horse rider and now i have the chance. i loaded my stuff in the truck. today i was traveling all the way to england to go to horse academy. for people who love horses and are naturals just like me. i have been riding horses since the whom. ok maybe not the whom but since i was 3 and since then i have fell in love with stallions. i got in the truck and my mom rode off.
i got out the car and walked up to horse academy. it was so beautiful just as i had dreamed. i saw a whole bunch of people. Boom! oh im sorry. its ok you new. yeah im kelly and you. im mya. oh hi i said hey mya do you know were room 306 is. yeah she should me to the room. i walked in i saw a boy. umm are you in the wrong room i asked. no are you. i lauhged see i was told to come to room 306. he showed me his paper i was too. oh thats strange. so whats your name i asked. im john. oh im kelly.hey. hey i said as i unloaded my stuff and put them in the drawers. after that i hoped on my bed and fell fast asleep wondering what tommorow would be like.

Chapter Two

Beep Beep. would you turn that stupid thing off yelled john. oh im sorry its just. he walked away. i felt stupid but i had other time to think about that i walked to the shower and got in. then i walked to get my clothes to get ready for todays lesson at horse academy. I got my clothes on brushed my teeth, washed my face and walked out the door. i walked to the saddle. i saw a bunch of people with there horses. hi im kelly and im suppose to be here. oh yes , the lady walked to the ranch and showed me my horse. wow hes beautiful. his name is black eyed jank. wow i rubbed his soft black silky hair. well today were going to ride them. yes im so excited i said. i hoped on black eyed jank and rode him to the saddle. ok today you are all here to be great horseback riders. yeah everybody shouted. ok ok settle down now, today we are going to just ride for awhile to get a hang of our horses. i couldn't wait to ride him. now go ride said the lady. black eyed jank started to gallop to the woods. i followed mya who i met yesterday. i catched up to her.


Publication Date: 03-26-2012

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i dedicate this book to my friends and family.

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