Chapter 1 (How AIDS Travelled to Africa)

How AIDS Travelled to Africa




Let's all help those with HIV AIDS because God expects us to love one another and we shouldn't fight or hurt one another because we are One family.  I believe we exist in order to help the vulnerable people mentally and physically.

There is a mighty force controlling us and this is why i believe so,  We are not in control of some uncontrollable situations which occurs in our daily lives, that's why some die and some live. If you think you are in total control of yourselves, then how come you couldn't choose your skin colour or place of birth? How come you don't choose your parents and your kids? How come we don't even know when we are going to die and what kind of friends, wife or girlfriends you will have in future? None of us knows whether they will come out disabled or not.a you? Or me? If we can't control our destinies the way we like. How many of you dream of driving a Ferrari but it's not going to happen? No matter how much you want it to happen somehow it doesn't and something always gets in the way, not your fault usually. This could be lack of opportunities or broken family and also a poor community.e

This is why I believe we are controlled by a mighty force, this force is responsible for the Karmas people get as a way of punishment and the so-called good luck as a reward for good work, for example, being humble and kind


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Black poor people and their African nations are simply calling for equal rights because they are human beings just like white people and other races. We are all human beings and our mission is to help one another not to destroy oneanother. it has become a world of survival of the fittest in terms of Wealth.

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