chapter one.

Groggily I open my eyes and wake up. Slipping out of bed I walk over to my closet and pick out a dress. Maybe I’ll go for a walk, I thought to myself as I slip the dress on. Smoothing the dress out I walk out of my bedroom into the bathroom across the hall. I grabbed my brush from the counter and brush all the bed head out. After I brushed my blond hair which was now carefully cascading down my back to my waist, I brushed my teeth till they were a pearly white. I put on eyeliner and walk out of the bathroom down the stairs. Grabbing the handle to the front door I was stopped from going outside by the calling of my name.

“Yes mum,” I ask with my heavy British accent. My mum ran into the living room from the kitchen then looked at me.

“Where you going,” she asked looking from my face to my hand which was still on the door handle.

“I’m going for a walk, I’ll be back soon, I love you mum.” And with that I opened the door and started to walk towards the dock barely a mile away. I passed along houses and families I don’t know. When the dock comes into view my lips curve into a smile. I slow down when I see someone was sitting on the dock. Walking up to the person I sit down next to them, my legs dangling off the edge. I slowly scoot myself away from the boy my age but still sit.

“Who are you,” I said into the silence looking at the boy. He turned his head and looked at me.

“Brendan,” he replied sadly then looked at me in a confused face and continued, “who are you?”

“Valentina, I was just wondering who you were because I come here to the dock everyday and I never seen you before,” I explained looking at him wondering why he is here. He doesn’t sound like us, he has this weird accent.

“You have a weird way you say words Valentina,” Brendan responded then chuckled.

“How odd, because I was thinking the same thing about the way your words come out,” I mocked scooting a little closer to this odd boy.

“Where am I, Valentina?” I sat there puzzled, didn’t he know. Maybe he wondered away from home? Wouldn’t he still know where he is?

“England, why? Where are you from,” I wondered then looked at him trying to figure out this odd boy.

“A place far from here I suppose, a place where you never grow up.” I sat there swinging my legs puzzled again. Anywhere you are you grow up, it’s part of life. You get older and you learn right from wrong, you learn that not everything can be funny. My parents say I’ve grown beyond my age, 16. At school I feel out of place, everyone having fun without me.

“What do you mean ‘never grow up’, that’s not possible,” I wondered out loud and stopped swinging my legs starring out at the water. I never heard of such a place. I honestly couldn’t image a place full of children, it would be chaotic.

“Come with me and I’ll show you,” Brendan said taking my hand, I was about to protest but I was too late. The most remarkable thing had happen, I had been teleported. A second ago I was sitting on the dock now I was here sitting on sand.

“Where am I,” I ask frantically looking all over. I stood up and wiped off all the sand from my dress, oh no it’s ruined I thought as only some of the sand came off but the rest stayed. Brendan came to my side with a giant smile reaching his eyes.

“This is my home,” he said taking my hand again leading me to somewhere unknown. I’m just imagining this, I thought to myself, it’s just a dream. He stopped walking and smiled at me, I look around and all I see is vines and a playground type place. I raise my eyebrow and examine it more, this is so childish. I shake my head in disapproval. Brendan saw it and looked at me in a confused way.

“What’s wrong Val,” he worried. Val? I never had a nickname my parents thought it would be childish to have one. Everything here is childish.

“I understand why you said ‘a place where you never grow up’ this place is so childish,” I exclaimed looking around then I looked at Brendan, he looked even more confused.

“Isn’t that good?” I looked down at the ground and think to myself silently. Is it? I never thought so, it seems like you are wasting your time, and if you don’t grow up I don’t know.

“How do you live life without growing up, growing up is great and I have all the reasons to believe so, but I never stopped and thought about it the other way, so I don’t know,” I mumbled to the ground my hair falling in my face. I push the hair out of my face and look up at Brendan, he looked back at me.

“You talk like an adult would,” he murmured to me wincing at the thought.

“What’s so bad about that? Being like an adult is great, in the real would like England it gets you far in life, being a child never growing up doesn’t.” I walked over to the swing and sat on it, I studied around me wondering where I am, of course this is a dream this place doesn’t even exist.

“I need to change your mind,” he noted walking over to me pulling me off the swing. Holding my hand he whistled and I became confused. Everything this boy does confuses me. A second after his whistle 6 people joined around him, 4 boys and 2 girls.

“Bren, who’s that,” one on the boys asked Brendan. Everyone was starring at me.

“This is Val, and we need to make her have fun,” he told them like it was a mission. Well this is a mission impossible, I thought to myself.

“Valentina,” I corrected him.

“Why does she talk funny,” another one of the boys asked. I frowned, I do not talk funny it’s my accent.


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