This story began before I was born and even as I tell it I feel that there is so much for me know and understand about family.I remember moments of my life from inside of my Mothers womb, and up until recently it was the only reality that I connected to inside of the greater story of myself and my family. When I was a child I remember my mother at the moment of my exsistance. From that second she seemed to be everything that I understood of myself, and everything I felt for the world. Keep in mind this was from inside of my mothers womb and from there I began to respond to her and to gain my independence for my own path through life.


My mother made me feel as if she was awaiting me. I remember communicating with her in thought and her responding to me. She being my mother of course she talked to me , but there where moments of genious where I knew only she could understand me. My name is Jamaal Rasheeve Lovett and I am the "Golden child" born King Tutankhamun as of ancient Egypt child prodigy, and this is the story of my life.


Text: Antoinette Jones-Lovette
Images: Antoinette Jones-Lovette
Editing/Proofreading: Antoinette Jones-Lovette
Translation: Antoinette Jones-Lovette
Publication Date: 12-12-2012

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This for the true believers in all of us.

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