After the scene with Jacob I didn't hear from him...time for me to go to the reservation.I drove there at eighty-seven miles per hour.When I got there no one came running out.I knocked lightly on the door and it cracked open.I went in and went into Jacobs' room."Jacob?"I whispered seeing his empty bed."OK Jacob you can come out now!"I called looking around and listening closely.I ran outside and drove down to La Push hoping to find Jacob.I got there and looked tan boy whatsoever.I tried dialing his cell phone but nothing."Jacb...where are you?"I drove to the Cullens' house and of course Edward answered the door."Edward!"I said standing on my tiptoes and throwing my arms' around his neck.He put his arms' around me.We stood there for awhile till I could move."Edward...something happened to Jacob and his whole clan."I cried.He looked away as if he was ashamed by something."Bella,I think its best...if you come inside and I show you something."he said.I looked at him but followed him.He sat me down on the expensive polyester couch."Bella,the CLAN"his voice was smooth but the way he said cland sounded like nails on a chalkboard."The clan has left Forks for another place in another Country and another State."he said."They couldn't have!"I cried the tears spilling over."Where'd they go?"I begged."They went to the United Kingdom."he said."No!!!!"I begged."You're LIEINGGGG!!!!!!!"I yelled and that got the Cullens gathering around us."Bella what is it?"Alice asked.I shook my head."Alice....we're going to the united Kingdom."I said.


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