Just when I thought everything was about to collapse to an end
Just when I thought my world had fallen apart
Something big and quite amazing happened
Something better than me and bigger than my heart
Pulls my heart strings to heaven
From heaven to a peace of mind transformed into genuine happiness
Glorious happiness rooted in your flourishing garden
The garden of your stabbing eyes real definition of righteousness
Sending me over the golden horizons like orange kites or paper planes
To fly over the blue healing skies of the universe
To find freedom underneath the heartbeats of my pain
To raise green hope of destiny and dare taste the blind curse
That your love reverses into chemistry to recharge my batteries
Killing my disjointing pieces to hold me tight in the territory of passion
Flooding me in silky joy tasty like sweet strawberries
And rain pleasure in the kingdom of my mind to crash poison
Your static poison flaming my nerves to the center of satiety
Like electricity that rips me out of proportion
With smiley new faces waving farewell to my misery
You know it’s something that sent me completely free
Something feeling so good that it must come from God
Like gifted talents that makes us proud and happy
Unordinary speaking languages of the odds
It’s something that sleeps inside of me to keep me encaged
Away from fear, anger, lies, and imperfection
Something seducing, excited or heated
Dragging the force within me in search of affection
Quenching my thirsts with your sharpen smile
It’s something that slashes me open
With a key unlocking me up with a new lifestyle
In which I breathe you, my oxygen
Out of beautiful days drizzling out the sky
With the sun and the moon sparkling in my life
It’s something too powerful that makes me kneel and cry
Because I used to crack my heart open with a knife
To never crawl on nasty mud of isolation
To overturn overwhelmed and mixed feelings
Into a drastic whole perfect new situation
Because I found something amusing
In you other version of me
Something that makes me strong like a warrior
Something that brings the best out of me
A fairytale that turns me into your handy motor

Angel Sent.-

On July 1st destiny found in me drowning in the ocean of painful memories
With a blade on my hand I was about to ripped my heart open
To kill the pain and the scattered sequence of my life
Because I became a nymph of misery with myriad tears on my face
Stock in the negative side of my mind
Dying full of fading hopes and joy
Broken by my promises I felt twisted with hatred
Betrayal sealed on the walls of my heart with my own blood
I was lost in the lugubrious land of sorrow
Away from joy and reality
I set myself on fire
Burning alive hopeless with the wind
But just when I was about to die
God sent an angel to save me
To raise my stakes up with my head high
And set a new bar
To suspend worries and anger
And surprisingly in this divine rescue
I found you my escape hatch
Veering toward my heart
Merging me into your cage
To release my compressed feelings
Just when I eradicated the meaning of my name
To die away in my dull brain
You found a treasure map to follow me
Building a cozy spot in the shade to rest me
You treated me with kids gloves
And gave me delicious mornings
You came to me like the rain
Playing a melody in my mind
If today I no longer hide my light under a bushel
It’s because I found you my eternal desire
Desire, wish made when I didn’t know what love was
If today I can stand up to hug you
It’s because I stopped swirling on icy tops of irrational fears
To jump back into life with destiny and present
Because I want to return the flavor
With a new taste of my own
In beautiful words that my brain keep flipping
To tell you that you’re the best I ever had

A Woman.-

Let me show you the strength within
I’ll show you the force stamped on a woman’s skin
A woman who flips her pain into spinning colors
A woman who turns the wheels of time in her favor
Because her beauty hides the face of tiger
Her tears sealed love in hearts with an eternal marker
And turn rainy days into sunny skies
Because the flame of power dances into her piercing eyes
Like a candle shining in the beauty of the night
Her hope flies with the birds over the sunset
A light that destroys all prints of regrets
A woman who stands out like a stunning portrait
A woman burning in fire because she deserves a better fate
Because her sword beats obstructions and fears
To never wear fragile caps and frail gears
Walking in the dark to fight for her legacy
Because her smile tear down all sense of anarchy
Standing in the flames with the blade of justice
Attacking obstacles in every axis
Because unsteady ground can’t make her pullback
To win over rejection she’ll play blackjack
Naked exhibition of a daring woman
With ripping eyes killing every men
Mixing seduction and fascination
Because she demands more than attraction
She is more than a sexual allusion
She is a weapon of fantasy; a fatal temptation
Yet she possesses the potency to pursue her dreams
For what she deserves with all her might she screams
Like mortal foxes subsisting in the valley of death
She fights the moon and the sun out of breath
For the stars to explode her mind out of misery
To find the treasure that identifies her priority
Her eyes transpierce the universe with desire
In search of hope and joy that the sky inspires
A new life digging down a her throat
As tough as a tornado reversing a boat
Because she opens her arms to embrace dignity
Her pride that cannot be bought by insanity
Because her mind doesn’t belong to stupidity
Men can’t caress her to absurdity and idiocy
Men may treat her like an intimate object
But they can’t erase the meaning of life that she reflects
Like a mirror in the sun can reflect light into a person's eyes
A woman is more than just beauty; she is wisdom not a prize
Because she’s an absolute muse; the nymph of love
And the purity of her heart comes from the grace above

Being Without You.-

Being without you is going to a place where my dream dies
It’s like my universe faints in grey and black skies
With a giant wind vanishing my sweet memories
To fade your beautiful face in the sand of dying seas
Being without is drowning hopelessly in my tears
It’s like walking in despair in the land of fear
Where my mind shut down to bow in misery
Begging for you to calm my heart crying for mercy
Being without you is strangling desperately for integrity
It’s like the thought of you is stabbing my mind infinitely
To finally bleed my burning passion aside my promises
Destroying your idol in my fortress with blazing kisses
Being without you is running naked after your eyes
To catch their magic expression before they say goodbye
It’s like dying with destiny in the pursuit of false hopes
Triggering my wings to never find a world of scope
Being without you is crashing planes to end our voyage
As if my life was infected by a blind fatal rage
Ripping my laughter of the reminder of your appeal
As if your humor was the cure that makes me heal
Being without is losing a part of me
To destroy our love tree and history
It’s like the Moon drown in space
Hiding from the sunlight to never shine its face
Being without you is never drink the juice of pleasure
That your passion used to rain over my hunger
It’s having a one way ticket to hell
Burning in fire to ring the death bell
Being without is stopping the clock of time
Crumbling all mountains I ever tried to climb
Burying all faith to never find another you
Crying my heart out to hum your eternal adieu

A Warrior's Fight To Succeed I .-

The sky unfolds under his feet
Revealing an unknown path to success
Success wanted, success that makes him ambitious
Success desired, success his wondering star
Success that makes him weak and strong
Success dissolved in his tears
A sensation that strives him to a greater peak
The peaks of victory pushing him to reach the absolute
To reach the zenith of his thirst of triumph
It’s like a craving of the unknown will
With an ability to predict its flavor
Flavor of accomplishment, flavor of the proud warrior
Blend in his own war where only courage keeps him alive
Success become melted sugar of hard work swollen with honey
Meaning of the power of a rebellious soldier
Who raises ruthless hopes with sweat scrolling down his face
With potential strength ready to fight any possible failure
Success become a stinging envy to be forever on top
Decoding hidden talents within him way to happiness
Testing himself by climbing the highest mountains
Because his clock says opportunity awaits on top of the hill
Because the sunburn on his skin can only make him stronger
While the alarm goes off
To make him see the world like a rainbow
In which each color defines his state of mind
And each day his mind wears the colors of success
Like nature green grants him a freedom to pursue new ideas
With a need for change and growth
Or red that increases enthusiasm or interest
By taking action and confidence to go after his dreams
And gold that symbolizes personal growth and success
Where each day wakes up with the positive
Unfurling his wishes to connote victory
Sending his eagle to catch precision
Precision merge into hopeful tactics to predict the future
By switching gears to fool obstacles
Because success become this blind undying envy
This mysterious symbol of a star drew in his heart
The light that guides him through the dark
Faith tumbles his walls of uncertainty
By eradicating his thoughts of hasty decisions
Because if he had no destination
He’ll unfold a new road by building a new bridge
Waking the God inside him to walk on air to success

A Warrior's Fight To Succeed II.-

A roaring fire aflame his heart with desire
The star of his heart lighten to aspire
While the sun black out in his mind
To walk in the desert of the blind
In search of the golden ring; eyes sought by the wise
Where fear and worries won’t crystallize
Dreams and wishes covered beneath dried soil
To overtake the world his will would not spoil
When the wind blow to destroy determination
He fulfills his heart with pride not dreadful actions
Climbing hills because the angels gave him a gift
A journey of the future deeds to get a lift
To break free from life’s restrictions
And grow imaginary wings to perceive perfections
Because it’s time to work his will
To use all his power and all his skill
Awaken the champion within to make magic
For after dark aspirations; hope must rise with tactics
To decide what’s important today
And give a thought to find a way
To gain the prize that can’t be bought
And the respect that can’t be fought
Finding a point at which he meets
A form of bond that can’t be tweet
Infaillible inpiration walking on shaky ground
A burning envy of the undiscovered not found
Dusty mountains are just mirage of failures
Like hitting the ground is only a thirst of new aventures
That makes his wheels roll as the clock of time
Staying still can only prevent from the prize of self prime
Because he dwells between force and flaws
A fatal mission in which he can’t withdraw
Turning one rain drop into an ocean
Drinking patience's potion leading to devotion
For the promises and the must pursued dreams
Swirling birds can’t beak away his self esteem
His visions has no limits and boundaries
For he stands in positive to befriend enemies
Where war take place in darkness to silence
His gleaming shields make a light with violence
Revealing the power within a soldier
As if he was a sword breaking barriers
To make the blindness see the riches of life
Where pride and success lie without strife
With a force that keeps his eyes on a fixed aim
To an immortal undertaker handling the future’s reins

When I Look At You.-

When I look at you I feel invisible
You grasp my heart and throw me in the air like colorful bubbles
It’s like your sultry stare throws rocks at me
Breaking my walls to set me free
When I look at you I feel pinned to a shooting star
With a globe of fire inside my heart burning my scars
When I look at you I see blurry
My surroundings seem hazy or cuckoo I feel crazy
With a thousand butterflies inside my tummy
Thickening the meaning of this mystery
When I look at you I see a warrior
Blend in the flesh of a tiger
I see love with a crooked smirk
Shining in the skylight like flamboyant fireworks
I see fascination seducing me in Desire
To melt me like candles on fire
When I look at you I feel a tingly envy
To kiss and taste your soften lips of candy
When I look at you I see beautiful skies
That reminds me of the day we magnified
Like big curtains tangling up in each other
Defining us sublime and everlasting lovers
When I look at you I say “dream come true”
Because I never knew
That the ocean of my tears will find their boundaries
To crash into you happily
Sending me in heaven; the paradise of your sharp eyes
Cutting me in pieces like stars to decorate your night sky
Because when I look at you I see a light fading me away
In its piercing rays driving me in disarray
I become quivering cords of an old violin
Playing a classic melody hypnotized by your grin
Glancing fleetingly at the mirror of your soul
As if your brown eyes were dying over my soul
Because when I look at you I feel transparent
Like giant balloons in atmosphere
Blowing up in space speechless and silent
And underneath your fatal gaze I disappear

Being In Love With You.-

Being in love with you is like becoming surreal
It’s like the monstrous beast of my heart is becoming real
Real, in a world where my universe lies inside your eyes
Piercing eyes or blinding light, blue or sunny skies
Skies tied up with ribbons of love reclining in retro fashion
Being in love with you is like smoking cigars of passion
It’s like mixing up colors, blue and pink or black and blue
Maybe becoming the rainbow itself and crash into you
Plunging under the sea of zeal like multicolored fishes
To escape our mournful lives and unburied a million wishes
Divine wishes or golden hope of nature shining over the horizon
Flying over the last rays of the sun to find our favorite zone
Being in love with you is finding who I really am
Into splattered pieces inside your heart alive not condemned
To draw the meaning of my love in the mirror of your life
Painting an abstract portrait molded up into a picture perfect of your wife
Being in love with you is becoming the unforgettable fire of pleasure
Pleasure of your mornings and nights or a precious tangible treasure
It’s like a blistering sun beneath my feet driving me crazy
Making me clumsy, transferred clumsiness now I’m naughty
Reversing naughty into something sexy and beautiful
So powerful and sensual it’s unusual it’s too much I love you in plural
Being in love with you is coming out of my shell
To become wild and sweet, fierce and innocent another dimension of Jodelle
It’s like becoming a bigger ME in a new planet where I stand for extreme
So intense I grow longer wings chasing my sweetest dreams
It’s becoming the heroine that I am, a goddess or a soldier
A superhuman or an angel, a fighter or a sweet lover
Being in love with you is dying under your skin
In search of this sensation, this feeling that makes us twins
So damn real it’s truly odd drowning us in the bizarre
Unreal and strange we reach the underworld chasing lovely sea stars
To decorate our night sky with a varied new taste
Defining our love and this strong chemistry in a new place
With kisses and hugs, stares and glances
Bigger than our hearts making new faces or babies
Being in love with you is bringing the best out of me
Perfect writer, lovely than ever, simpler and pretty
It’s like ripping pages out of my mind
Pages of inspiration to read what has not been defined
And whisper in your ears the signs of my heart
Translated in human words to express its beautiful art
Being in love with you is flooding in the river of my metaphors
With a force that keeps me conscious to be your cure
Melting into your spirit to keep you immortal
Because being in love with you is a battle in which I’m unbreakable


Eyes meet eyes with passion
Melting under the heat of compassion
Awaken desire floating beneath each glance
Endures an infallible envy of thrilling romance
Body against body blending in each other
Fusion at the tip of each lip is an unending fever
Of marvelous shadows painted over the walls
With lights of passing cars imprinted in each eyeballs
Faces swallowing face unleashing a river of flames
Hands meet fingers to rip out skins like paper on fire defining two lover’s name
While tongues consume each other out of zeal
Then saliva and blazing breaths gather to paint what’s real
As if lips were drowning in lips in search of a treasure
Hair muddled up setting rocking nerves in pleasure
Hearts racing with shortness of breath in complete bliss
Amalgamation of pleasure fading over one kiss
Join up with soften caresses lighting for affection
Into every inch quivering over such infatuation
Like skins biting skins to devour one another
With fire dripping out their pores of eager
And under the tangled sheets two souls embrace
To unify themselves in divine grace
Like finger clinching fingers out of fury
To feel extreme bodies gone freaky
With pitchy moans floating in the air
Like pipe’s smoke betraying a sex affair
Like sensual clamors mixed with the night’s sound
Stares can only be measured through heart’s bond
Intense love flooding desire in sensuality
Connecting two collapsing kingdoms sexually
With sweat kissing sweat over ecstasy
A river scrolling down to fantasy
To awake fading emotion and itchy feelings
To make magic as if the rainbow was screaming
For rain to wet it’s dried out soil
In a sexiest manners to mix and boil
Blood and feet succumbing out of flaw
To shake and burn them out of straw
Where orgasm meets colorful skies
As if lightning strike twice in paradise
Colliding electricity through cupid’s dart
As air filters in veins to dip in flaming hearts


Publication Date: 10-05-2009

All Rights Reserved

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