Chapter one

awoke on a Saturday afternoon. Ever since the crash, I've been sleeping in all week. It's July and it's hot sooo hot! It was July when my parents died in a car crash on their way to pick me up from school. They died instantly. I never got a phone call from the police. No one came to my house to see how I was doing, nope, none of that rubbish. And the saddest part is, is I had to find out on the news. After that, I was so sure that I was alone. But then I remembered my best friend, maria. Maria has been my best friend ever since we were babies. And it was maria that I knew I could count on. I don't have any family. Except one auntie. She's a kooky old lady, she went to their funeral but thought it was my dogs. Scruffs. And when she asked me why they weren't there I just ran off crying. So now it's just me. A sixteen year old living on her own. Some times I get scared when I hear strangers walk past the house. Sometimes I get frightened when I go to work. I know, I know, weird right? Zara white gets scared.


Publication Date: 07-24-2011

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