What has Math got to do with Scripture

Justify your arguments. Any court on earth begins with opening arguments. They take the form of accusations and denials. Why does this seem as if it is a universal theme? This is undoubtedly Scriptures basis as we read the debate between God and Satan for the soul of Job, which is the earliest book of the Scriptures known.
Understandably then it stands to reason that mathematics also needs to be proven as the basis for Scripture if WE intend to move forward in any direction, equating math with Scripture. This shall be the opening of this book.
You’ll notice I used the word WE in the previous paragraph and not the word I. This of course is a subliminal message as I begin this book. For it is not I alone who is involved with writing this book. It is the Lord and I as you will soon discover through the manifold wisdom involved here.
If it were merely I, this book would have never been written. Therefore I must include the Lord in its opening credits. This then, becomes the reason for the word WE.
So just what has math got to do with Scripture? One cannot help but notice the innumerable times certain numbers come up in the Scriptures. The numbers one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, fifteen, seventeen, thirty, thirty nine, forty, fifty, and myriad combinations of these are scattered throughout the Scriptures.
Yet although scattered, they seem to hold mysteries as they are used time and time again in patterns and rhythms which boggle the human mind. Can this be but mere coincidence? Or is there a much higher reasoning behind such things, which intends for us to find this symmetry?
It is beyond my intellect to believe that mere coincidence could be behind any such anomaly. Rather, it begs us to consider that the mind behind such things could only be called God if one uses rational thinking.
Therefore, this shall be my opening argument for that with which this book shall deal. For it behooves me, to argue on behalf of my God and His Son Yeshua commonly called Jesus, who is known as the Christ and rightfully so.
With this thought then, let us, (God and I), move forward. There is much to teach, much to enlighten, and much to explain. Let us begin with the word opposites. For the old saying that opposites attract, is one that is commonly known across the globe.
It is almost as if to say that Scripture and mathematics could be considered opposite sides of the same coin so to speak. By this I mean that they are worlds apart, and yet compliment each other as positive and negative, night and day, right and left, or spiritual and physical.
For the mind of God can only be seen by the physical attributes of this creation known as the fabric of space and time. This being the case let us take a closer look at the mind of God through mathematics, which is the measurement of both space, and time?
Why the question mark? It is because although it appears as if both can be measured, modern science is in the throws of discovering that both are illusions. By illusions, I mean that both are merely shadows of a much greater reality, which has already passed by.
For those of you familiar with quantum physics you already have a clue as to what I’m talking about. For those less fortunate who remain ignorant of this sector of science, what I am about to reveal will be both astonishing and eye opening.
But what has quantum physics got to do with Scripture you might ask? Much more than most are capable of either accepting or grasping. Nonetheless, I will try to show their relationship without causing you to think I’ve gone mad or am suffering from vain delusion.
Science has ascertained that all matter is composed of photons which are particles not of energy, but rather light. Since this is the case, we find that Scripture backs this finding in a couple of places.
Genesis tells us that in the beginning of the spoken Word of God, light is prime or first. Genesis 1:3-5. These Scriptures showing plainly that all things would require light to exist. Far fetched? Let’s add another Scripture.
John 9:5 “…I am the light of the world.” This Scripture showing that Jesus who also is prime, or the firstborn of the dead, considered Himself to be the light of the world.
Of course Jesus was speaking of Himself as our leader showing us the way of righteousness which was to follow Him in word and deed, crucifying our flesh through His death and resurrection. Nonetheless, He calls Himself our light or our understanding.
I want you to consider for a moment that He used light as His word of explanation for a logical reason. For all things that can be known about God are known through the physical attributes of our known universe. We find this same logic in Romans 1:19-20.
Since Jesus calls Himself the light or our understanding of just who God is, we can safely say that Jesus equated light with understanding and since light is prime or first, it takes understanding or reasoning to know God.
So then reasoning itself becomes prime or first. Logic based on what can be seen becomes our rationale for both believing on and loving our God. But we could take it one step further.
We could also say, that it is God’s understanding which created all things. Since light and understanding are equated by Jesus Himself. Therefore, we could say that Jesus is the manifestation or light of God’s thoughts.
The person of Jesus then, held all God’s thoughts showed them to us in increments. Bite sized pieces of light or understanding which showed to us the mind or thought process of God so we could understand Him.
Jesus knew all things pertaining to creation, since He Himself was the essence of all creation. He is God the Son, and is the light of the world. All things made, exist through Him. Therefore, all things exist through light or understanding. So then it is only one step further to equating that light is the manifestation of understanding or logic in the physical universe.
If indeed this is the case, then light reveals the intellect or reasoning of God. Hence, the logical order of creation reveals the logical mind or reasoning of God, thus showing His existence and His love.
I am speaking scientifically because mankind is physical and needs physical instruments to measure things by. He discerns by what his five senses can grasp. According to God, this is enough of an explanation or proof that He exists and loves. Romans 1:19-20.
Since God declares this to be a truth, it is only logical, that the proof of God should start with the very prime or elemental fabric which links all things together. This would be light. Genesis 1:3-5.
Therefore, science saying that the visible universe is created out of photons which are the smallest particles of light would not be wrong in its assumptions. But there is a mystery when the universe is viewed this way.
Photons have no mass! This creates an enigma. For in order for the universe to exist, indeed mankind himself, there must be mass. Mass is the amount of space something takes up. If there is no mass, there is no object!
For our conception of reality is one in which all things take up a certain amount of space which gives us the element of time as well. For time cannot be measured outside of a starting point.
Now perhaps you can see sciences dilemma. For if our very fabric of space has no mass, then time also has no measurability since it lacks a starting point to measure it by. Therefore, what is, is. Nothing can be added or subtracted from it. It is, and always has been, complete and unchangeable.
Are these not the attributes of our God? “I am the Lord I change not!” Malachi 3:6. “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8. Jesus then, has God’s attributes within Himself. He is God. He is, and has always been complete within Himself as well, just as His Father is.
But let’s get back to science and the study of quantum physics. Photons, from which everything is made, have no mass. Therefore, what we know as creation should not and cannot exist using conventional logic.
Yet everything within us tells us that it does exist. For we experience it with our five senses. What this tells us is that either it exists, or we don’t! Now our logical mind tells us that this universe exists. Therefore it would be lunacy to say otherwise?
Yet according to our tools for measuring this universe which are made from the rudimentary elements of our planet such as gold, silver, copper, physics, knowledge of electronics, etc., This universe itself is beyond our measurement capability. This, because photons have no mass. Even when using our minds in combination with these elements, we fall short of a standard measuring facility based upon photons having no mass.
But if we use our minds alone, we can measure the things, which we know as creation. We find that both time and space are measurable. But our minds have created the very fabric of what we call measurements.
For measurements of both time and space are impossible through what is known as science. They have already proven this through their studies of quantum physics. Photons have no mass and since all creation is made up of photons, creation has no mass. It does not exist!
Yet we can discern it with our minds. So which is it? Does it exist or doesn’t it? The most logical reasoning will tell us that it exists within our minds! But if that is the case, who put it there?
Since it is evident that mankind cannot even figure out this enigma through his own intellect, it requires a higher intellect to have done it. We call Him God and Father. He it is who is responsible for what we experience on a daily basis. He is responsible for what is known as creation.
So we see then that the Word of God is true when it says that God created everything out of nothing. For if indeed photons have no mass, then all things made with them have no mass. Hence, this creation was made out of nothing!
Now any being that can make something out of nothing should be called God. Hence this is the logic for both believing and giving Him honor. To be otherwise minded would be foolishness. Hence, Romans 1:18-32.
Once again, science is in the midst of a dilemma. If they try to locate a photon’s position, they cannot find its speed, if they measure the speed of a photon, they cannot discern its location. It loses its mass.
The most logical conclusion then, would be that time and space are one. One, being merely the reflection of the other. Much like electromagnetism is the opposite of magnetism, or energy is the opposite of matter. Or Scripturally, Jesus being the reflection of His Father.
What we know as time, would be the equivalent of creation, which is the equivalent of what God calls His Word, or which the Church calls Jesus Christ, the Word of God.
What is known as space would be the equivalent of God the Father within whom, are all things pertaining to creation. Hence, Jesus’ words concerning Himself being in the Father, and the Father being in Him would be extremely accurate.
Of course I am speaking scientifically, but this is how mankind measures things. God and Jesus are in fact persons, not mere physics. But since mankind is himself a person, he should be able to ascertain that it takes sound reasoning to believe in God. For creation and his study of it, demand he reach this conclusion.
Or what other logical conclusion is there that the universe is made out of nothing? I can find none. You are welcome to keep trying if you wish to befuddle yourself. But God and I know this is foolishness.
This would be the reason for several Scriptures, which appear to be both in the present tense and the past. The chieftest or prime of these Scriptures being Ecclesiastes 3:15; “That which is (exists) now, has already been; and that which will be (will exist in the future), is nothing new (has always existed as well).”
So we see that God is, and nothing can ever change what is, because all else is vanity. It doesn’t really exist except in the sense of God creating it using nothing. It cannot challenge God since it is nothing, and God is! He alone exists!
This is an excerpt from my book; "Mathematics and Scripture. See website for more info.


Text: Jesus Villalobos
Editing: Jesus Villalobos
Publication Date: 03-22-2012

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