A new friend

The wind is blowing the sand dunes around me as I walk through the land. “Princess Ali, where have you been? We've been looking everywhere for you.” questioned my friend and servant Serena. I answered “I just went for a walk in the desert. Since we are leaving for Australia tomorrow. Hey I just got the best idea ever you should come with me.” Serena shook her head in disagreement and replied “No, your majesty I can't go. I can’t leave my mother alone with six kids for two months.” “I'll make sure someone is with her twenty four seven to help. She can even stay in the palace. Come on please.” I begged. Serena quickly stated “you know for a princess you are too humble. You are begging a servant to go on vacation with you.” I interrupted “I’m begging a friend, not a servant. And if that means you'll go then I’ll keep begging”. Serena finally gave in and smiled at me and shook her head saying yes she would come with me. Serena walked me back to the palace where my father and his body guards were waiting for me. My father was giving me a death stare as usual. I slumped my head down trying not to look him in the eye. “Aliya where have you been? You were supposed to be in your room you are grounded remember. All this time and I was going to take away your punishment before we left on vacation. But now I’m making it more strict. Go to your room now!” My father commanded. I went to my room as my father told me too. A few hours had passed and I wanted to tell my father of the wonderful plan that I came up with. I snuck out of my room and walked to my mother and father' s bedroom. I heard them talking so I decided I would wait until they finished their conversation before I barged in. “Aaron she is as wild as an untamed horse and as fearless as a lion. You know that reminds me of some I know.” my mother stated. “who?” my father questioned. “Oh Aaron, you. It reminds me of you.” my mother replied. “Yes. The man I used to be and now I have grown into a different more responsible man. Even Ibrahim acts more responsible than her and he's only ten. She seventeen and will be turning eighteen very soon and she needs to act more lady like or no one will ever take her as his bride. Not even a peasant would want her to be his bride he could never control her. Sometimes I wish Serena was our daughter instead.” my father informed. “Aaron, she is our daughter and I don't want to hear you say that again. What if she were to hear you say that? I know she is not the ideal woman, but she is still your daughter and you will treat her as such.” My mother screamed at him. “Fatima you have to understand I’m worried about our kingdom. She will not be able to run it properly if she continues to act like this.” my father interrupted. “So you care more about the kingdom than your own daughter. She was your first child. And after the doctor said we couldn't have any.” my mother questioned. My father stated harshly “yes I do, if the kingdom was in despair and Aliya were in despair I would save the kingdom. What is one person compared to and entire nation?” I busted open the doors to their bedroom and told my father “Serena is coming on vacation with us." They stared at me and I ran out the door and locked myself in my room. The next morning came fast, it was time for our vacation. Mother, Father, Serena, Ibrahim and I were walking through the airport surrounded by body guards. We walked on the jet and sat down. Father and Mother sat beside me. Father opened his mouth as if he was going to say something, but I didn't care I got up and walk over to where the servants were sitting on the jet. Two days had passed and then we finally made it to Australia. We all walked out of the jet and saw a man in a limo was waiting for us. “G'day 'n' welcome to Sydney. My name is Brian. I will be you driver for your vacation.” Said the man. He was a very attractive, he was had short blonde hair, with a slender body and a sweet smile. We all got in the car and drove to a big house where we all were going to be staying. Everyone got out of the car except me. Brian asked “what's wrong little sheila?” “Nothing, really I just don't want to get out yet.” I answered. “Okay I wont force you to get out, but you might want to get out before your dad comes back he'll probably be mad.” said Brian in a caring voice, “oh yeah you should come and meet my brother he is pretty cool. You would probably like him a lot. You remind me of him. Not saying you look like a man or anything your very beautiful and everything.” he continued. I laugh and replied “i understand exactly what you mean. And don't be so formal with me I’m not going to behead you. I'm the nice one in the family.” He smiled and grabbed my hand and led me into the large house. My father was standing at the door waiting for me. “Aliya, you worried me I didn't see you with the group. I decided that I can't trust you to stay by my side at all times, so I’ve hired someone to do that for me. Aliya meet Jack, he works here as an assistant to the chef.” my father relayed. Jack had dirty blonde hair and looked a lot like Brian, i thought it was a coincidence, so I didn't really pay it any attention. “Princess Aliya, this is my brother Jack the one I was telling you about.” Brian explained. I nodded and said “well I’m tired so I'm going to take nap. Jack can you please wake me up at eight o clock, since you have to be with me at all times.” Jack nodded. I grabbed Brian’s hand and he led me to my room where Serena was waiting for me. “Your majesty, where have you been? I've been waiting for you.” Serena questioned. I answered “I've been with Brian. We were just talking. And don't you have your own room why are you waiting for me? I just came here to take a nap so can you please leave I will talk to you later on.” Serena smiled and left with Brian.

Eight o’clock struck and Brian came in “oh little Shelia wake up. It's eight.” he whispered. I was awake but I didn't move. I played if I was sleep. Brian began to shake me. “Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.” he belted. “OKAY BRIAN, I'M UP!!!” I shouted. Brian grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed. He stated “you know your not going to be able to go sleep tonight. I shrugged. I asked “Where is Jack? Why didn't he come to get me? Since father told him not to leave my side.” He answered “Well, I asked your dad if I could be your escort for you vacation and he agreed that it would be better that way since we hit it off so well.” I nodded “what's for dinner?” I asked. Brian stood there with a sneaky look on his face. He grabbed my hand and lead me to the kitchen. I asked “Isn't my father expecting me to eat with him?” He answered “Well princess, everyone has already eaten, except for the workers so I decided I'd take you home and you can eat with me and Jack.” “Cool. I've never eaten with normal people before.” I stated in excitement. “oh really?” Brian replied in a sarcastic tone.



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