It’s kind of hard to think of a memorable person in your lifetime. Yet again, it’s easy to think of the bad memorable things in your life. One bad memorable person in my life would be my biological dad. My family and I grew up in this world helping each other survive. Then again, it was always the one person that messed everything up, cut dreams, and band hopes.
It was about two in the morning and I was sleep. The only thing urging to wake me up was the bickering, arguing, fusing, and fighting between my mom and dad. It got to the point to where he kicked her out. “He kicked my mom out in the cold”. The worst thing about it is that it was winter. When he kicked her out he took my two sisters, and my oldest brother. They all left and walked to my mom’s friend’s house. “They had to walk…in the cold winter season”. There is one little note; I didn’t know any of this until I got to the age of 17. I guess some family and friends felt the need to tell me about my father’s wrong deeds. So, that late morning I woke up, when in the kitchen, and ate breakfast. Then an event took place.
Someone rang the doorbell. I sat there suspicious of where all of my family had gone. That same moment my dad was about to tell me where, I guess. When my dad opened the door the police walked in along with my mom. I looked out the window and my brother, and two sisters stood in the car. The police stood inside the perimeter of the house in each room while my mom went upstairs to get her clothes. I was ten years old at the time. After my mom got her clothes I went outside with her as she got in the car with her friend, a lady from our church. I tried to get in the car with my mom, but the police wouldn’t let me. Tears started to flood down my eyes as I seen my mom, brother, and two sisters drive off. That day all I did was cry, weep, and cry. My dad tried to come to me and make a long story short. But I guess he had only told me his version. “Not everyone tells the truth, you know”. Nothing my dad told me could sweep the tears off my face.
I went up to my room and stayed there for the rest of the day crying. I ended up finding out my dad had custody of me and my four little brothers. My mom and dad filed a divorce, restraining order, and that was the end of that. About a year later my dad found some kind of a way to be acquaintances with my mom. It was around Christmas time when she came back around along with the other side of my family. We had somewhat a good time. To give a personal answer, I the only reason I had a good time was because I got to see my mom again.
They stayed with us for a couple of hours and left. Then expectedly, I started to cry again. I didn’t want them to leave. More importantly, I didn’t want my mom to leave my brothers and I. So that Christmas we didn’t get anything. It was just so much going on that everything made a huge downfall. Both the family and finance dropped. The only thing that I could remember getting for that Christmas was a toy wrestling man, and a bag of chips. They both came from my friend named Rommel. He was my best friend back then, even though he was a couple years older. We always use to play the drums together. He would come to my church and surprise me. I would have a big smile on my face, and go up there and play.
So for several years my father had custody of us. During this same time period, my mom had been fighting to get custody of us and I hadn’t even known it. Turns out a few years later my mom finally won. She came to pick us up. When we all saw her we ran to her, and greeted her with all the love we could give. It was like the happiest moment of our lives. I tell you, it’s nothing like being with your mom. Especially when you’re a mama’s boy. So for half of a year we stayed at the shelter with my mom. Then we ended up moving to my aunt’s house. A year later we had to move to a better place since the block had been so ghetto. Now if you notice, every time we moved we got better and better.
The next time we moved, we moved to 39th street. It was better because it was kind of quiet. But then again my dad wasn’t there for us .Who knows why, at least I don’t. We lived over there for a couple years. The house that we were living in was a duplex. So we had upstairs neighbors. (Sad face) Every set of upstairs neighbors that we ever had been always dirty, unorganized, filthy, and smelly. One day my dad called us and told us he was coming to pick us up. I didn’t get so excited because it was only once a month he would call for something he wanted to do with us. So he took us out to eat that day, and I came home like, “oh well, just another day gone by”.
After we couldn’t take anymore of it, my mom met this man. He had been in the army for 28 years then he retired. He was attending this big party at the ball or something, and his niece knew my mom. His niece told him someone who knew how to do pictures. So my mom ended up doing the pictures for his little celebration. After the party he told my mom that he wanted to keep in touch. They looked so happy with each other, and my mom looked happy to be with him. I had never seen her so happy in her life…except the day when she got custody of us. Turns out, the guy’s name I Willie Howard. When we met him, he was the nicest guy that I ever met. As their little relationship improved we ended up buying a house in Glendale. To make a long story short, he is still here with us today, and he is a better father to me than my biological dad will ever be.


Publication Date: 07-15-2010

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