Author's Note

 I will do my best to finish this book up when I can. Til' then, enjoy what I have already written.

A Normal Day Life

I was walking to school when I saw my crush Brandan, wlaking right behind me! He staied right behind me in till I got the front doors of the school. It was like he was walking me to school! Well the reason why I have a crush on Brandan is because 1) he's sweet 2) HOT and 3) sensitive guy in th world. Well back to what was happenig in reality...


I was at my locker when he just happened to walk by and waved right at me. ME!! I want to faint right then an there. -It seems like he knows that I like him- I was thinking about it to myself, with my back to my locker with this love puppy written all over my face. He walked up to me and said, "Hey gourgeouse! What's with the crushing looking face?" I was about to have a heartache right then and there. He was talking to me!! "Umm...what crush looking face? No crush looking face here." I thought I covered that pretty well. "Oh really now. You where standing there like that since I walked by a few minutes ago." OMG!! He's on to me!! "Really? No one crushing here." Okay, I don't think he things that I have a crush on him when like...I MAJORALLY DO!! "I thought you did because you have had a crush on my since like, kindergarten. Say you like me to my face then." OMG!! I can't believe he just said that to me!! What am I suppose to do now?


Okay, I can do this, it's simply, just act like I'm not when...I TOTALLY AM!! I'm so digging his body right now. "Yeah, right. Why would I have a crush on you?" "Well because you think I'm totally HOT. Is there any other better reason why?" I started to think a little, I wanted to say something that might make him think off topic so I could make my run for it. "If I said that I know a girl...and that she REALLY likes you, what would you say?" Okay, that make him think for a bit. "I guess it depends on the girl...if it's you, then I would say totally, let's go on a date." OMG!! He totally is digging me. Why would he like someone like me? There's nothing really specail about me. "Well I know that she would say yes." "I'll pick you up at 7." OMG!! "Can't wait...I mean, she can't wait." I think I covered that up pretty well. Before he could leave, I did the most stupist thing a girl could do. I KISSED him on the cheek then left!! What is wrong with me?


I totally walked away from that, I think I handled that pretty well for a girl like me. I so had this butterfly feeling in my stomache. I think I might be in love!!


Later during the school...all of a sudden, my friends, who are girls, they came squealing to me at our table. They sat down and staired at me for about five minutes, with smirks on their faces. I finially said something, "What!?" One of my closest friends replyed, "You, popular girl, are going out with the popular HOT guy from the football team. It's going around the school, like, right now!" "THE WHOLE SCHOOL ALREADY KNOWS!!" "YES!! Everyone is talking about it. Does he want to like you know, kiss you?" "I don't know..." We all where talking when Brandan came and sat down with us. He sat down besides me and kissed me on the cheek!! "Hey babe! Can't wait for our date!" "Yeah, I can't wait to." OMG!! After I said that, all my girls fainted right there. They are so hoplessly in shock right now, still.


At the end of school...I was walking with Aric to my locker so we can talk about our science project. Brandan wasn't that far from where we were, he could see Aric and I talking, he started to get a little worried. He could tell that Aric was flirtting with me, he walked towards us. "Hey babe! Who is the dude?" "This is ARix, he is my best guy friend." What was up with that just now, he asked about Aric, did he think that I was going to cheat on him or something. "Oh, I knew that." Aric had to put his two scence in, "Who's the guy Ashley?" "Oh, this is Brandan, he is the captian of the football team. Also he is my boyfriend." "Like she said, I'm her guy so I would like you not to flirt with my girl, please." Aric just rolled his eye's, Brandan saw this so I put a little more force into holding on to him. "Okay, I didn't know. May bad, dude." "Brandan? It's not his fault, he didn't know." Brandan loosen a little, he was still tense though. "Okay, I know I'm sorry Ashley. I'll come by at seven to pick you up." He kissed me and walked away, he left Aric and I standing there alone. OMG!! He just left me there, even after what he said.


Later on at my house..."So...what do think about my idea?" Aric was sitting across from at the kitchen table. "Good. Oh, I have to go now." "Okay, I'll walk you to the door." We got up and headed to the door, what I didn't know was that Brandan and his friends were spying on us from the bushes. "Wait! I have something I need to give you." He walked back to where I was standing, he cupped my face and kissed me!! OMG!! That dumb ass kissed me!! 


You should have seen Brandan's face, he didn't talk to me all night long. *as you can see, he picked up for the date* When he got to my house, he didn't even look at me let alone say goodnight to me. I was about to get out of the car when he finially spoke up. "Why? Why did you kiss him?" "You where there spying on me!! You don't trust me do you?" "I trust a little too much. You kissed him!!" "You should trust me and fwi...he kissed me, I didn't kiss him back." "You never kissed a boy, have you?" "No! My ex-boyfriends would always cheat on I never really kissed a guy before." I lookat my lap, I was ready for him to say something would make me seem like I bad girl. "Really?! I'm sorry, I didn't know." He didn't chew out for it. "It's doesn't really matter now...we are over, apprently so bye Brandan." "WAIT!!" I had already gotten out of the car and had gone inside. I leaned agaisnt the door, I looked up the ceiling, I let all the tears roll down my face. "I will always love you, Ashley!"


The next day at school...I was at my locker getting some stuff for my first period class when a bunch of guys crowed around my locker. "Umm...hi boys! Is there something I can help you with?" I looked at them in confusion but could figure out why they are here really soon. "Well if you don't excuse me, I'm going to be late for class."  pushed my way through and walked off towards class. My first period is sciecen, ugh! The good thing is that Brandan isn't in my first class, thats a realife for me. At least I'm partner with my best friend and I hear, that his partner is Miranda. The super smart girl in my class. Well when I get to class, I don't see Aric waiting for me. I sit down where I alwasy sit. Finially our teacher, Mt. Baldwen walked in. "Goodmorning class! We will be having a new student join our class. Brandan if you would sit with Ashley, since Miranda is out sick and Aric is who knows where." That's just great, the one guy I didn't want in my class, is in my class! That's just great! He sat dow.n next to me. "Class you are to with your partner of your science project. Brandan, Ahsley, you are now partners." Everyone cheered because the smart kid, is out sick! "You may starter/or finished up." Brandan turned towards me, it looked like he wanted to say something to or about to say something to me. "Hey...I'm sorry about last night on our date. I I still love you with all my heart still babe. I can trust you, I just got jelouse that's all." "I'm sorry to. It's just that I didn't want to lose you, you are the best thing that ever happened to me." I look around, everyone was doing their project but I felt that some where trying to listen on what were talking about. I looked back at Brandan, "We need to talk...some private." "Now!!" "Now! I will ask if we can go out in the hallway so we can talk." "Okay, sounds like a good idea." "Mr. Baldwen? Can we go out in the hallway to talk about our project?" "Yes you may clowing around." We got up and went to the hall. We sat a few feet from the classroom. "Okay well after I went into my house, I was thinking about you...I thought that I lost an amazing guy that was willing to protect me like that....cheesey, huh." I looked down at the ground, thinking that would keep me from seeing his face right now. "It's not chessey so you feel that way about me?" "Well do you feel about me?" "Well...I love this amazing girl, she makes me feel like I can be myself around you...plsu she is like the HOTTEST girl I know!" He winked at me. I blushed anf giggled a little. "You are a sweety guy...any girl would lucky to be your girl." "Well I don't want just any girl...I want you!" I looked at him, he wasn't lieing about it. "Does that mean you want to get back with me, Ashley?" "I say yes!" *RING* *RING* The bell went off, everyone was leaving class, he got up and helped me up. "I'll see you later babe." I smiled and kissed on the cheek before walking away.


Later on at my house...Brittany and I were popping popcorn, we were about to watch a chick flick. We really need this girl time! I was about to get the popcorn out when I heard the doorbell. "Brittant, can you get the popcorn out, I'm going to go see who is at the door." "Okay, I will!" I walked to the front door, I had opened to see Brandan standng there. He had flowers in his hand. I was about to say something when Brittany came to my side at the door. "Hi girls! What are ya'll about to do?" "We are about to watch a chick flick. It has A LOT of romance in it, something that you don't like." "Can I come in and watch?" We both looked at each then back at him."Okay, you can come in BUT you can not invite your buddies over." He looked like I had somethng insulting. "Okay, I won't babe." I blushed at that, I could tell he noticed and smirked at me. We had sat down and watching the movie when I heard the phone ring. I got up to see who was calling. I walked back in and told that it was just mom checking up on me, making sure that things where going okay.


The next morning...when I woke up, I noticed that we all had fallen alseep in the livingroom. Brittany was on the floor asleep on pillows, Brand and I, were on the couch, right next to each other. We all were still in our clothes, thank goodness. I decided to get up and take a shower before they woke up, I was gone long when they started to stir. 


They started to wake up, they still were hald a sleep when they noticed that someone was missing. They looked around and looked under things, they couldn't find me. I had finished my shower and put on my rob, I was walking down stairs, drying my hair with another towel. They all ran up to me, "Where were you?" I looked down at myself and back at them, I can't believe they just asked that. "I was up stairs in my room taking a shower, as you can see. Why?" I was looking at them confused by thier question, I wasn't sure what they were trying to get at. "We thought that someone had kiilled you! or they could have kid napped you. Well never mind that now, you are safe and sound, that's all that matters right now." "Well just to let you know, I had woken up and saw that ya'll were still asleep so I decided to go up and shower before ya'll woke up. I'm sorry that I scared you guys." I looked down at my feet then back at them, I could see that they saw that I was sorry for giving them such a fright. They looked at me and could see that I did fell bad that I scared them like that. They both gave toward me, they gave me hugs while saying, "It's okay, we just were worried about you but now we know that you were never ever hurt to begin with." "Aaawww, guys! Ya'll are the best."


At school, at my locker...I saw that Aric was walking towars me. "Hi Aric!" "Hey Ashley!" "How's it going?" "Nothing much, you?" "I heard that Brandan was over at your house." I looked at him like, how did you know that. I didn't tell anyone, only Brittant and I knew about it, unless...she went around telling people about last night. "Were you spying on us last night, in my bushes!!" He looked away from my sight. "I was there along with some of his bro's. They were thinking of going in and just starting a PARTY!!" "You did and I will hurt you personally. All three of us and fun with or without having a party. If you please reframe from saying things like that, then I will tell the office that I have someone stalking me." I turned around and walked away from him. I could tell that he is looking at my back, I kept walking till I rounded the corner to my locker.


It was lunch time now...I was sitting with my girls when Aric walked up. He acted like he wasn't going to walk by but instead he sat right next to me, he put his arm around my shoulder. "Hey babe!" "Can I help you with something?" "Well I know that you got a boyfriend and everything but that doesn't mean you can't like you know...have anouther guy to mess with." OMG!! I can't believe this ass was trying to get me to cheat on my boyfriend. "Well here's the thing having a boyfriend means that I ONLY have eye's for him and JUST him." "Well then can you do my one favor? I want you to just kiss me once then I will leave you alone." I looked at him like he was on crazy pills. I can't believe he just said that though! "Why? I'm taken so that should show you that I'm not going to do that." He looked at me like he had just gotten stapped in the heart. I could tell he was about to tell me something that wasn't going to be what I wanted to hear. "Well here's the thing sweety, your popluar and HOT so there are your reason's to be my girlfriend instead." OMG!! I can't believe him!! "You know what, you stay here and I will be right back once I visit the bathroom." i got up and my girls followed me, I was trying to find a way to get away from him and he's loud month. 

Brandan was sitting close by and could hear every word that was said. He was proud of me that I stood up and defended out relationship. He couldn't help but smile at how I handled things.


I had thrown my trash away and then put my tray on the tray rack. I decided then leaving then I just headed over to where Brandan was with his bor's. I found him sitting a few tables away from ours, I headed in that direction before Aric could see me. When I got closer, I could tell that he was with five other boys. I saw a sit open for me to sit down so I took the spot. "Hey babe!" He gave me a kiss on the cheek, I sat down next to him. "Hey sweety! Anyting new?" He point at Ryan so he could tell me what they were planning. "Hey! I'm Ryan. I'm having a party at my house." "What does that have to do with me?" "He wants us to be the guest of honor." "Okay, I'll go. What type of party is it?" "I'' text you when I'm ready. See you later sweety." I got up and kissed on the cheek and headed of the cafateria. I had left the cafateria when Ryan had said something surprised Brandan. "Why did you tell her that you would pick her up? She would have been there with her girls later on" "I would be the first time to see her in a two piece swim suit, I want to be the first one to see my girlriend in one." That made much more sense after he has explained his reasoning.


While at the mall...I was looking for a new two piece swim suit. When Aric walked in, he was watching us the whole time we were looking. I could tell that he was watching from somewhere in the store. I just ignored him. I was trying ones that I thought that would look good on me. I was looking for hours it felt like, I had finially found the one that would make Brandan drool. 

The Pool Party

At my house...I was putting on my swim suit with a shirt that shows a little of my belly and booty shorts. I was about to put my cute sandals when I heard the door. I ran down stairs with shows in hand, I opened  the door, there stood Brandan waiting for me. He looked me up and down. "Wow! You look HOT! I might need to watch the boys to make sure they flirt with my girl." "Thanks! I'm glad you like it, I bet you should watch your boys. Who knows if they would make a move or not." "Well let's go show off on how HOT you look. I want them to see my beautiful girlfriend." We got in the car and drove to Ryan's house. I wasn't sure what would happen while the pool party was going on. I was actually neverous a little.


We have arrived shortly, we got out and walk around the house to the gate. I could see the pool, it was HUGE!! We walked in and everyone cheered for us. I felt like a queen with my king. Ryan had a table reserved for just Brandan and I, I walked over to the table and started to take my shirt and shorts off. The minute I turned around with my two piece full shown, he was drooling like a dog wanting his bone. I tourched him a little right before I dived in, I swam over to my girls who were going crazy over my swim suit. I was chatting with my girls by the side of pool, when Brandan decided to get in and do a little surprise on me. He dived in and swam up under me, he lefted me up on his shoulders. I took that minute to his eigth pack and how his muscles where...OMG!! What I'm I thinking right now. I flet so honored to have this HOT of a boyfriend treating me like his princess. *fwi it's a hot pink bikni withblack rim around the edges, just in case you were wondering* 


I got out for a breather when...all the girls came around me. It was like I was a celebrate or something. I was sitting at our table when thier boyfriend came up to them and asked them something. They left and I was sitting there all alone. Brandan saw how lonely I was and came and sat down next to me, he out his around me. We sat there for hours talking and laughing, it was the best moment ever!! I could tell the other girls were jelous that they couldn't have him. Ryan came out on the stage, "How are ya'll doing tonight!! I have a special band that will be performing for ya'll. Enjoy!" *fwi it is my band, did i forget to tell you that...sillly me*


Band members:


Brandan-lead guitorsit


My girls-back up singers

Mick-bass guitar

Ashley-lead singer


We are: The Dreamers


 We walked up on stage, the crowd was going wild. We started off with out #1 hit..."I Need You!!" We were killing it out, the song was about over when I noticed the boys in the crowd where drooling over me. I noticed that Brandan notice that they were. When the song was over, Brandan walked over to me, he planted to most passionte kiss on me right then and there. OMG!! My beat was beating so fast that I bet he could have heard it. No had noticed Aric get on stage, Brandan had finished the kiss when next thing I knew, he had gotten punched!! I ran to Brandan's side, "Brandan! Brandan! BRANDAN!!" He shock it off and stood up. "Why did you punch my boyfriend?" I looked at him for answer. Aric had planned this out the minutes he got on stage with us. "I'll make a deal with you..." I looked at him like I could tell what was coming next. "You kiss me right here, in front of everyone, even your boyfriend." I looked at everyone and back at Brandan, he was as mad as I was especiall after hearing his stupid deal.

 "Babe?" I turned around and looked at him, I could tell in his eye's that he just wanted to get it over with. "Just do it babe. He said after you did, he would leave us alone." I looked back at Aric, I knew I should just get it over with so he would be away from us. I walked up to him, "Okay, fine. I will let you kiss me." He had this big smirk on his face, he apprently knew something that I didn't know. He acted like he was putting breath mint in he mouth. He breathed it out on me so I could smell it.


He knows, that everyone knows, that everyone goes to magic school. Yes, there is a school for magical beings. He also knows that if I kiss him, he gets to take all my powers away. What aht means for me, I'm under his control, like there is no one of getting me out from under his control. Which in other words means...I fall madly in love with him. That isn't a good thing.


I leaned in to kiss him, but he dippes me. He kissed me square on the lips. He put me back to standing straight up. "HAHAHAHA!! Now, I have all her love power!!" I didn't know what he was talking about and everyone else just look like he was comepetly crazy. "She belongs to me now Brandan." I looked at him in honor, what?! I could feel something tingling, I saw a glow coming around me. All of sudden I turned a well different version of me. *fwi same person but differnt clothes and attitude* Everyone was confused, they couldn't understand why I couldn't help them anymore. He walked up beside me and wrapped a arm around my waist. There was part of me that wanted to just push him away but I couldn't. I couldn't even tell Brandan that all of this wasn't the real me. I had walked up to him, I wanted to so badly say that this isn't me. I was able to force it to kiss him. Minutes later I was back to my old self. I had gotten the power that I never knew I had, back from Aric. The werid thing is, he turned into a little five year old boy.

Once the pary was over, Brandan took me home.


The Sweet Night & The Situation Yet To Come

At my front door..."Well that was really fun up intill he changed me. That wasn't the funnies thing in the world. "Yeah...but I am glad that I ave my girl back. He leaned toward me and kissed me passionatly. I was so flastered that I didn't even know that I was kissing him back. I had opened the door and we have been able to walk inside, we were standing in the living room, practically making out. When we finially parted for some air, I has to ask him something I knew that we both would like. "Do you umm...want to like...stay over for the night? It's Saturday so it isn't going to really matter that much..." He stopped me by kissing me. OMG!! That was like the best way to make me shut up. " that a yes?" "That's a BIG fat yes." 


We both changed into our pajamas. *fwi he went home to get his pajamas* I had on a pink tank with black booty shorts. I look really good! Lol!! We sat down on the couch together, I had leaned against him, I put my head on his shoulder. In now time, we had both fallen asleep. I wasn't sure when but I have fallen asleep on his shoulder, he had his head on mine. 


All of a sudden I heard the door bell. I tried to get up but was too sleepy to get up. "Sweety?" "What is it babe?" "Someone is at the door." "Well what do you want me to do about it babe?" "Can you go see who it is." He got up and walked to the door, he opened it and there was my MOM!! "Who are you?" "I am Ashley's mom. Who are you?" "I'm Ashley's boyfriend, Brandan." I walked to the door the best I coul, before I could say anything, I fell back asleep. Good thing Brandan catched me and put on the couch. My mom looked like she just something that freaked her out. "What in the hell did you do to my daughter!!" He looked at her, wtf!! "Go to the kitchen right now!!" He walked toward the kitchen, he didn't want to find out what would happen if he didn't. He went into the kitchen and poured himself some juice.


I had wolken up, I looked around, I couldn't find Brandan anywhere. I walked into the kitchen thinking that he had gotten him something to drink. I saw my mom standing in the kitchen instead. "Where did Brandan go?" "He well left honey. Why do you ask?" "Because I love him mom!! You had no right to do that to him." "Well honey...I found you a better guy though. He's name is Steven, he's supper hot." I couldn't stand there and take that. I ran up stairs to my room crying, I can't believe she did that to Brandan. 


I had been in my room for a couple a minutes when I heard a knock on the door. "Go away mom!!" "It's not your mom, it's your boyfriend. Can I come in?" "Is my mom with you by any chance?" "No, she isn't with me." "Alright, you can come in then." He came in and sat down on the bed next to where I was laying. I turned my face toward him, he leaned down and started kissing me. "WAIT!!" He looked at me, like he didn't know what was wrong. "Why? Is was getting really good." "I know but..." I looked down at my hands then back at him. "I need to lock the door first." I looked away again, I wasn't sure what he would say about it. "Oh! Okay, heary babe." I got up and locked the door, I turned aroudn and looked at him smiling. I walked to the bed, I was motioning him to come to me. He walked over to me and started kiss me. We fell over on the bed, kissing passionaly.

Romance With The Boyfriend/Unexpected Meeting

It has been 25 minutes at least...we where on the bed in our pajamas. *fwi we didn't go all the way as you can tell* I was about to say something to him when I heard the door bell. I got up to, looked out the window to see someone standing there. Brandan had gotten up and walked over to where I was looking. "Who is that babe?" I looked at him, "I think my mom doesn't like you so...she invited that dude over. That's why I was crying earlier." I could tell him was starting to get angry. "Oh, babe? Do you want me to beat him up for you?" "No...not yet. I have a plan, just stick close till you hear the key word for you to step in. He looked at me like I had just lost it. "What is it?" "I can flirt with him then call you when he started to like you know, get a little grabbie. But first, I need to get something HOT on." He looked at me, he didn't think I could become this kind of way. "Okay, what are you going to wear then?" I looked at him, it was like he didn't even now me. "It's a short dress and have a low v-neck." I went to my closet, i shut the door. I came out and he was checking me out. "Yeah! This is work with that kind of outfite babe." Before I left, he kissed me on the lips for good luck.


I went down stairs and I could hear my mom tlaking to this guy Steve. "There's my lovely daughter." "You look...HOT Ashley. Can we date?" I looked at him, like wtf man, I just met you and now you are wanting to date me, something isn't right there. "Well why don't we get to know each other better before thinking about dating.""Okay, that sound duable, where shall we talk? We can sit here or up in your room?" I looked at him, you just fell right into a new trap I set up. I looked at him, I tird my best to look the sexiest that I could. "Okay, that's fine with me. Let me just go put something away first." I turned around an ran upstairs. I told Brandan the new plan, he hid the closet till it wast time for him reveal himself.


I had gone back down stairs to get Steven, I lead to me room, as we were headed that way, I couldn't help thinking...what was he planning to do in my room. We had reached were my room was, I opned it and offered him to come in. "Ladies first." He was trying to cover something he was planning up witht at act of his. He came in behind me, I heard the door close, I turned around to see him lock the door. He walked over to my bed and tried his best to sit hot. I wanted to puke in my mouth. "So cute boy...I have something to tell you." He looked at me, he seemed to think that it was about him. "Okay, what is sweet thang?" I walked over to the closet, "I would like you to met my boyfriend, Brandan. Just to warn you, he doesn't like when other boys try to touch what belongs to him." Brandan wallked out, he put his arm around my waist. I could tell that he was staring daggers at him. 


Steven couldn't believe that he fell for my trap. He was starting to act strang...he then said something that started to make me think about what's going on in his mind. "FINE!! I don't need that piece of trash..." I started to cry into Brandan's chest. "Yea I said it, she is a piece of TRASH!!" Brandan let go of his grip on, he pushed me behind him. ""Lookat what you did to that beautiful face of hers!! She doesn't need to be told that and I'm going to tech you a leasson about saying that kind of stuff to my girlfriend." Steven just looked at us, he was started to laugh. "You are guys are compelte idiots. I don't want the girl...I want their money." I was able to stop crying to say, "You are fat jerk!! No one girl needs a guy like you in their life." 


He walked right towards me, he rasided his hand and slapped me across the face. I fell to the floor, I hit my closet door with a big THUD. I opened my eyes to see that they boys were fight now. I looked up just as Steven punch Brandan in the mouth. I fell to the floor with blood coming out. I ran to his side. I looked at Steven, he was such a bully. I started to think that someone needed to stop him and fast. Next thing I knew, he was walking towards Brandan. I used my powers, love, to portect the one I love. He kept hitting the sheild, harder and harder. I finially collasped under all that pressure. He saw that we both were down, he knew the job was done and left. 


When Brandan woke up, he saw that I was tending to his bloddly noise. He sat up the best he could, with the help from me as well. He pulled my face towards him, he planted a kiss on right there. I didn't care about the blood, I was able to hold my boyfriend.

The Phone Call/Explaining

My mom heard the phone ring, she then called for me to come down stairs. I looked at Brandan, letting him know that I would be right back. 


I walked down stairs to see what my mom needed from me. She told me that Brittant was on the phone and that she was trying to call since seven. "What's up?" "The princeapal wants all the non-pops (popular=pops). to got to school today." I was confused by what she said. "Then...why are you telling me this?" "He's popular!! He's the leader of the basketball team, remember?" "Oh yeah...never mind then." I was still confused why she called to tell me that. "Okay well...I will talk to you later girl." "Okay, bye" I hung up the phone, I was about to go up stairs when my mom stopped me in my tracks.

"Where's Steven?"

"He's gone but Brandan and I are going to be up in m room so later, bye." 

I turn around an run the stairs before my mom could say something about it. I got back to my room, Brandan was laying on my bed, he looked asleep. I took a second to just look at how cute he is sleeping. I walked over to where he was and sat down beside him, I felt a strong arm around my waist. Brandan had pulled me down next to him. I grabbed my radio remote and turned on some music. We just laied there talking, laughing and what ever couple does, we kissed ever now or then.

We had finally fall sleep around ten, it was school so we did stuff that make our energy run out so we could sleep.

The New Student

I had woken up before Brandan did, i was busy putting on my skirt/w leggings and boots. I had a really hot shirt to that. I was ready for school. I had to wake Brandan up before we became late. While he was getting ready, I went down stairs to get my key sot my convertiable. Brandan was drive so I could sit the passanger spot for once, what she doesn't know won't hurt her.

We ha arrived at school, we could see him bro's and my girls waiting for us. We got out, well Brandan got out and came around to open the door so I could get out. The girls needed to talk to me, it's time for private girl time.


At girls boyfriends, where sitting with my Brandan at their table. We all heard that there was a new kid, we haven't seen him yet though. We walked over and sat with the boys. We saw where they were, we started to walk in their direction.

"Who's the hot girl?"

"Who" Brandan started to search the room for who he was talking about.

"The one that's walking this direction." Brandan finailly saw that he was talking about me, he had werid feeling but ignored it and answer him.

"Her? That's my girlfriend, Ashley."

"Is she popular?" Brandan looked at him all confused by what he said.

"Yeah, why?"

"I want to meet her, Brandan." He wasn't sure what he meant but he answered anyway.

"Sure, it looks like they are coming this way anyway." They looked back at us, we weren't that far from where they were sitting now.

I walked to where Brandan was sitting but there wasn't enough room for me. he tunred out a little so I could sit on his lap. I sat down, "Hey babe." I kissed him on the cheek, "Hey sweety." We just all sat talking and I didn't notice a new face at the table yet. "Oh babe...I would like you to meet our new friend Matthew." I looked at where he gustering to, I looked at him a minute that waved, "Hi Matthew, I'm Ashley." He looked at me, "I think you are the cutest girl in our school." I couldn't but blushed at that. "That isn't ture, everyone girl is beautiful in their own way."

I looked at Brandan then remembered why I came over in the first place.

"Oh Brandan, I have something to tell you." I couldn't help but smile as I said it.

"Okay, what is it babe?" He looked at my confused by the question then saw that I was smiling about it as well, he starting to have a strange feeling about what I was about to ask.

"My girls and I, are having a party, we are inviting our whole grade. Can you please spread that around our class?" 

"Okay, I can do that, just tell me what else I can do to help ya'll out." I smiled and kissed him square the lips. I could tell Matthew was excited by what I said a few minutes ago. I got up, kisses Brandan on the cheek, and walked away with my girls talking about the party.

Preparing For The Party

 Later on at my house...let me describe to you my house. *fwi I live by myself since my mom has her boyfriend over all the time so I decided they need their "space" so I moved out and I got a pretty good house* It's a two-story house, has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. I also have a kitchen, a den, livingroom, a BIG game room. I also have a HUG backyard. My backyard also has a pool, a hot tube and a dance floor with a DJ, it came with it. I did I mention that I have tons of chairs and drinking bar. If you wondering, i moved in a week ago and everything I owned, moved to this house. Well enough about my house, let's get back to the party that is going to be happening soon.

Pool Party

I was putting on my newest swim suit, I was going to wait for the guests to arrive. The first people t show up was Brandan and Matthew. Every since they got there, Matthew wouldn't leave my side, it was getting annoying. I thought that diving into the deep end would make it stop...which it did. Brandan noticed that he was staying close by, he decided that it was time for the boyfriend that he is, to protect the one he loves. He stopped hanging around me for now. He hangs around just not close, he is watching for Matthew trying to get next to me.


I'm happy that Brandan is watching my back, well that only person he does have to watch for is Matthew. 

Everyone was having a lot of fun!! I'm glad to see they are. Since I moved in, I added a few rooms in the backyard, just in case a emergency happens. MY girls, they rented a room for the night, I think Brandan's going to ask me something right now. He's walking in my direction, just watiching him came towards me with his eight pack, that sends butterfly's in my stomach.

"Hey babe, I need to ask you something?" I was trying to keep my cool but I couldn't help from smiling. 

"Sure, what's on your mind." I was thinking that he was going to ask about the rooms in the backyard but what he asked me, it really made me feel really low.

"Why does Matthew hang around you a lot?" He was looking around to see if he was near by. I just stood there, I wasn't sure what to say to him. He was asking me something I didn't know the answer to and it was really getting my hopes up.

"I don't know..." I looked away, I felt like he was only caring about why he was then how I feel about it. I honestly thought that he was going to ask me something important didn't turn out that way.

"You kissed him, didn't you!!" 

"WHAT!! I would never do that, you should know that better than anyone else!!" I CAN'T BELIEVE HE JUST SAID THAT TO ME!! WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS!! I WOULD NEVER KISS ANOTHER GUY INTILL I GOT HIS PERMISION FIRST!! UGH!!

"Then explain why he is following you everywhere then." I looked away from him, I had tear falling down my cheek. I looked right back at him and looked in the eye.

"I don't know...he might have a crush on me. I'm not sure, I hardly ever talked to the guy, I did when I was with you then that was it." Brandan looked at me like I was trying to show that nothing was going on bewtween me and him.

"He can't date you though, you are my girlfriend. I'm not letting anyone take you away from me." He cupped my face with his strong hand. I looked at his beauitful blue eye's. 

"Then go ask him, Mr. Tough guy." I started to joke with him, I came to his side, got on my tippy toes, I kissed him on the cheek.

He smiked at me. "I will smart mouth." He grabbed me, dipped me and planted a kiss on me. I couldn't stop my heart from beating so fast.


We walked together to find where Matthew was in the backyard. When he found him, he was making love eye's in my direction. I stepped behind Brandan so he could see that I wasn't sure why he was doing that towards me. I followed behing Brandan.

"Why are you always by my girl?" He said rather loudly, everyone turned around looked at us.

"I don't know what your talking about dud. I can't believe that you are acusing me of something I'm not even doing." He tired to sound like he didn't do anyting wrong when we all know that he has been

"You have near my girl, Ashley. Ever since you showed up here. Why can't you leave my girl alone?" Everyone crowded around to see what was going on.

"Who's Ashley?" He was trying to act like he didn't even know me now.

"My girlfriend, Ashley. Remember, you met her at school today."

"Oh, that's Ashley? I did met her, I didn't know she was your girlfriend though."

"Well now that you know who she is, can you please stay away from her then. You are making her uncomfortable."

"Fine...I didn't even like her anyway, dude." 

"Good! Now I think it's best that you leave now..." 

He turned around, he headed to the door so he could leave. Everyone went back to what they were doing. I could tell that Brandan was still upset about the whole Matthew thing.


He walked away from where I was, he dived into the deep, swam to the other side and just sat there. I felt bad for him, all the guys try to get close to me and date me, I'm causing him so much pain. 


After everyone had left and my girls went to their rooms (the ones they rented). I was sitting at a table, drinking a cold water. I saw Brandan get up from where he was, he walked over to where I was. He sat down near me. 

"We need to talk..."

"Okay, what about?" I got this feeling deep in my stomach that what he wants to talk about, it isn't going to make me happy in the end.

"I think we should umm..."

"Are you trying to break up with me? Why?"

"All the you. I don't thik I can do this anymore..." I looked at him, I couldn't tell if he was doing this for us or just for the sake of him.

"I will always love you...but, if that's the way you feel then...fine. Good bye Brandan." I didn't touch him or try to give him a kiss on the cheek. I just got up and walked away, when I knew I was far enough, I ran the rest of the way to the house. Brandan looked back at me running to the house, he could tell that it hurt me to hear that from him. He had a single tear roll down his cheek.

The Hard Day

At school the next was a lame morning. It was lunch time before I knew it. I turned my happy face on so my girls wouldn't worry about me.


I grabbed my lunch, I walked to where my girls where waiting for me. The minute I sat down, the questions started. 

"What's wrong, Ashley?" Brittany could tell that something was wrong.

"Brandan dumped me last night, right after the pool party." I looked like I wanted to cry but I wasn't about to cry over it. It was his choice to do that so I'm going to move on and be with my girls.


"Why does Ashley look happy?"

"I don't know, why?"

"Because she is sitting over there with a really hot guy."

"What?! Your joking with me bro."

"No I'm not. Turn around and look for yourself than."

Brandan turned around and looked in the direction Ryan was talking about. Sure enough, there I was sitting with a hot guy, talking and laughing. He started to get mad, but he needs to remember that he was the one that dumped me.

"How does she already have another guy?"

"Dude, your not popular anymore."

"What are you talking about?"

"Because your not her boyfriend anymore. She has turned more popular than you are. Your not popular anymore."

"Dang! I regrete dumping her now..."

"I know bro..."


During the day...Brandan would see walk around with him. This guy's name is Issac. I would look all happy and I would be on his arm. It looked like I was really happy but I wasn't happy at all.

The Hard Situation

 One day...Ryan was following Issac and I, when I thought that we were alone. I brought up something surprised me and Ryan at the same time.

"Okay...where's my money?"

"You have to act like my girlfriend three more days than you can have your worth. Your single so you shouldn't be worrying about your relationship states right now."

"I lied to me then. HELP!! SOMEONE HELP!!"

Ryan ran to where Brandan was sitting in the cafateria. He told him everything he heard, they started running to where he last saw us.


They were right around the corner when they saw something that shouldn't have been seen. Issac was slapping me, he was letting me drop to the floor and pick me back up, he did it over and over again. Brandan couldn't watch as he kept doing that to me. Brandan did something he didn't think he would ever do.

"Let her go!!"

Issac and I turned to see Brandan standing there. Issac let me drop to the floor, he walked a little towards him.

"Who's going to stop me?"

"ME!! I'm going to stop you."

Issac started to walk more towards him, I could only watch as things happened right before my eye's.

"Don't hurt Brandan, please!!"

"Shut up Ashley!!"

"Leave her alone I said!!"

Brandan punched him, kicked him, that didn't last long when Issac fell to the ground all beat up. When Brandan knew he wouldn't be getting up any time soon, he walked over to I was. He gave me his hang to get up, I shouldn't have taken it but I did.

"Thank you. Well I should be going...bye Brandan."

As I walked away, he turned around and watched, yet again.



He walked towards me, I didn't move or anything, nothing made me move away. My heart started to beat really fast. He cupped my face and passionatly kissed me. I couldn't believe that he could kiss this good. That felt like it last for ten minutes at least. We finially parted, he looked at me, I felt like I was going to cry.

"Ashley...I can't stop thinking about you. Day and night, I love you, I can't pictured my life without you."

I just looked at him then smiled at him.

"I feel the same way...but we sren't the best together though. When you said that you couldn't handle on the guys, I thought about it, I couldn't handle all the girls that would get around you.

"Does that mean your not my girlfriend then?"

"I just think that we need a break for a while, doesn't mean we can't talk but there isn't going to anything else besides friendship."

I wasn't sure what he would say about what I just said but I could tell it broke his heart and that he was getting angry. I could tell he felt used for helping me now, I could tell that he was going to say something.

"Fine! Who needs a cheating girlfriend anyway."

I looked at him, started walking away with tears rolling down my eye's. When I turned the corner was when Ryan saw me, he went with me so he could make sure I didn't something that I would regrete.


Back where Brandan was staning...

"Why did I say that to her. She won't take me back. I feel teriable that I said that to her. How can I show her that I love her and don't want to break up again?


He stood in the hallway till he heard the bell ring. He saw me at my locker, his classroom is near my locker and he didn't really think that it was the best to walk right by me right now. I got my stuff and headed to class, now he could get to his class. The one thing that I don't really like right now, he has the same class as me right now. The good thing is that our seats are no where near each other.

The teacher finially walked in, it took the tenchion out of the air. I was busy writing to noticed Brandan was watching me. I wasn't going to pat attention, i wanted to writie my story. I was writing about a princess and her handsome prince charming. 

Brandan writes, about wars and wizards. He is very childish. I shouldn't be the one talking, I to write some childish stories.


Our class was over, I ran out of there as fast I could. I alwasy go to my locker before heading home, also to meet Issac but he is history now. Brandan left the classroom first because he wanted to talk to me, he knew I always went to my locker before heading home. Lol!! I wasn't going to my locker today, I was heading straight home. He stood there waiting, he finially realized that I had already left. I had gone home because my mom told me to come straight home after school was over.

Mom Strikes Again

 Brandan drove up to my house. He saw a car that he has never seen here before. He walked up to the door, he heard voices inside. He couldn't tell if it was me or not, he listened till he though it was stupid and just knocked on the door.


I was inside talking to me mom and this random guy. i heard the door bell, I opned it, there stood Brandan smiling.

"You made it!

I leaned in, kissed him on he lips.

"Come on in sweety." I said tha rather loudly.

He walked in, I could tell that he was confused about what was going on. 

"Brittant, ARic, this is Brandan. This is Brittany and her boyfriend Eric.

Brandan sat down next to me and put his arm around me. We all talked intill Brittant and Eric had to leave. Now it was Brandan and I.

"Wy did you call me your boyfriend?"

"Well here's the think, I told her all about us, she wanted to come see you. She doesn't that we had broken up yet, I haven't told her yet."

"Oh, okay. Bye then!"

He walked towards the door, I was about to regrete what i was about to ask.

"Wait Brandan."

He turned around, he looked at me.

"What is it?"

"Do you have a crush on someone?" 

I shouldn't have asked that, I should already know that the answer to that.

"Yeah, why are you asking?"

"Is she pretty? Does she like you back?"

"I hope she still loves me. She is the prettiest girl in school though."

"I think she still love you as a boyfriend..."

"She does?!"

"Yeah, what's her name though?"

"I will always trust her for now on. Her name is, Ashley Martin."

"Oh Brandan...I love you too!"


I ran into his arms, we kissed. Ever time I kiss him, i alwasy fall back in love with him.

"Brandan, do you really do love me, right?"

"Yes! I have had a crush on you since kindergarten."

"Really?! Your just like me in away."

By tehn, we were sitting on the couch, in front of the fire place. We bout fell asleep. 


When I woke up, Brandan was gone! I got up, looked around for him. No sign of him anywhere! 

Uneasy Day

 Later on at school...I was at my locker, fixing my make-up when Brandan was leaning against the locker next to mine. We started talking and laughing, holding hands. The other students noticed, it seemed that I only look happy when I'm with Brandan. My friends noticed it as well. We held hands while we were walking to class. Call me crazy but it looked like we were in love, when we get to our classroom, we would depart and go to our seats, depending on which class we were going to.


We both go the Mr. Baldwen's class, science. I sit by the window sometimes. 
"Brittany and Miranda are sick this week so Brandan, Ashley, ya'll will be partners."

Brandan walked over to where I was sitting, when he sat down, Mr. Baldwen started with what we had to do today.

"You can finish your projects, you begin."


I turned toward Brandan, we smiled at each other. We were smart and worked on it during the week end so we had finished early.

"Mr. Baldwen?"

"Yes Ashley."

"What do we do when we have finished the project?"

"You can read, go to the libary, draw but ONLY the popular's can text."

Brandan and I looked at each other, we smiled then pulled out our phones.


"I can't believe that we can text during class!!"

"I know! What do you want to talk about?"

"I don't really know. What are you doing for Christmas break?"

"My mom is coming, my cousins and thier kids. What about you?"

"My family doesn't really care...they don't care what I do anymore plus they stopped doing Christmas together..."

"I'm sorry to hear that...I have an idea!"

"What is it? Don't leave me hanging babe."

"Well you can spend Christmas with me...but my mom doesn't like you that much though. What do you say?"

"Okay, when do you want me there?"

"Before my family comes, so they can meet you before my mom does."

"Okay, what time though?"

"I guess around twelve but some come around eleven-thirty."

"Okay, thanks for letting me spend it with ya'll, babe."

"Welcome! That's what girlfriend are for, aren't they?"


 By then the bell rang, we turned our phones off and left the classroom. We were walking to my locker, holding hands as usual, when my friends were thinink that we were up to something. We were at my locker when Issac walked up to us.

"Babe, why are holding hands with him and not your actual boyfriend."

I was about to punch him when I turned around and looked at him, dead in the eye.

""Your not my boyfriend, you slapped me more than once, you kept doing it over and over. That kind of guy will not be my boyfriend, plus I already have one."

"Maybe I should it again since you didn't learn your lesson little girl."

Brandan started to get really angry, I was wondering when he would show that he was angry. He finially stepped in like I knew he would.

"You need to leaver her alone already."

"Who's going to make me?"

I started to feel a little scared now, I don't like when someone is trying to start a fight with Brandan when all he's trying to do is, protect the one he loves.

"ME! That's who."

I got out from behind Brandan and stood in between them, I'm going to try to make sure that they don't fight right here in school. I don't want Brandan exspended because he was trying to protect me.

"STOP!! Issac, we are over. Get that through your head already. My heart and love is to only to Brandan, no one else."

"Fine! Id on't need you, there are plenty of girls that would want to go out with all this."

"You should go look for her then...she's probably long gone by then cutie."

I made face when I said that to him, I made sure he didn't take it as something also, other then a sarcasim thing towards his girl.

He finially walked away after a while, he didn't say anything but he just turn, walked away without saying anything.

"Nice one babe."

i started to realized that the people around us, they heard everything that was going on. I doubt that he would find a girlfriend now, sucker!


I noticed that they were also paying attention to what he did and said together. They started to realize that we were in ded together and no one, I mean no one could break us a part.

The Un-needed Meeting

At my house...I was picking out an outfit for the Christmas Eve, when I heard the door bell. I was hoping it was Brandan. I went down stairs to see who it was when...IT WAS MY MOM!! I started to feel now, Brandan would get here when my mom is already here. Later on, the rest of them showed up. I didn't want to throw them out and make them wait till Brandan got here. I knew my mom came to give me something early but I wasn't sure if it was going to be something that I didn't really want.

"Where is my early Christmas present?"

"It will be here any minute now, daughter."

"Okay, mom. I guess I can wait then."

"Okay, Ashley."

I'm starting to really hate when my mom does that to me. I was taken away from my thoughts when I heard the door bell. I went to answer the door to see...Brandan! 

"I'm here, babe."

"Come on in, please."

" she early? Is that way you are acting this way."

"Yeah but please come on in."


He cam in, I shut the door behind him. I lead him to where my parents where, they were sitting on the couch in the livingroom.


"Mom, look who it is?"

My mom turned around expecting someone else.

"What is he doing here?"

I looked at dad for help, he just looked at me like I should know that he wasn't going to go against her. I shot mom my 'stop or your going to make me leave the house again.'  

"That's a long story on why he's here but you need to be nice or we can leave."

"Fine but...why isn't he with his family though?"

I looked at her like she was ensane, I shot her a look of 'your really going to ask that when I already said that it was going to be a long-ish story about why he is here. 

"MOM!! Your being very rude, you are making to where I will leave. He is my boyfriend and you are not allowed to be rude in my house, mother."

"Oh look, I think I smell my cookies."

I shot her another glare, 'your really going to do that.'  She left for the kitchen, I turned toward Brandan, I could tell he was thinking of walking out. I pulled him from his thoughts, I grabbed his arm, I looked at him like...'please don't go sweety.'  He sent me a look, he was showing me that he okay and wouldn't go.

"I have something for you babe."

"You shouldn't have gotten me something, I feel bad now. I didn't get you anything."

"It's okay, being here with you, it's present enough and here."

"I'll put under the tree, I'll open it when it's time."


He placed it under the tree, I sat down on the couch as he put his coat on the back of the couch. He sat down next to me, put his arm around me.


It felt like hours till i heard the door bell again. This time mom, she ran to it before anyone else could answer. She motioned for me to sitt back down while she got the door, I could hear voices but wasn't sure what she had in minded. I could tell that she was excited about something but wasn't sure what. I then heard a male voice that i have heard before. I got up, Brandan looked at me funny, I walked to the door with Brandan behind me. You will never guess who was at the ex Ken.

"Ashley, look who's here."

I looked at him, glared and turned my head away from him.

"MOM! Why is that jerk here? He's in my house, you can't go an invite whoever you want, this is m house."

I could tell that Ken was smiling at me, I didn't want to look but I had to. He was smiling and I just glared at him. I didn't want him here, there were reasons why I got away from him.

"Ashley, you look beautiful."

Brandan stepped in his way.

"Nice to see you to, Brandan."

"Why are you here?"

"I'm here for Ashley."

"You are a little bit too late Ken."

"Ken leave, right now."


All of a parents were all tied up on the wall. Brandan was also like my parents where.


I saw a glow around me, he changed my clothes.

"Leave her alone Ken!"

"Not intil she dumps the sorry likes of you...and dates me."

He smile, smirked when he saw that Brandan wasn't happy. They both were looking at me, it was like they wanted me to make choice right now but if I choose the wrong thing, Brandan could get hurt because of me. I can't live with myself if that happens. There is only one thing I can do. I looked Ken right in the eye, smirked then held my hands out (like a croos).

"I renounce my powers!!"

I float into the air, I was glowing. Minutes later, ever once of my powers where gone. I fell to the floor. Ken was mad, my parents and Brandan were released. Brandan ran over to where I was laying...

"Why did you do that?'

"I didn't want...Ken to hurt you because of me."

"But that means..."

"Yes, I know. I'm gonna miss you teriably."

" can't leave me here. I need you."

"I knew this would happen when I did that, I did it, to protect you. Please understand, Brandan. I love you too much to see you get hurt because of me."

" can't leave me yet. Ashley come back!!"

I started to disappear from in his arms. All my stuff moved to another locker, I was now back at a normal house (but wihtout my parents though).


Back where Brandan was...he was sitting in the lot of where my house use to be. 

"I will find you Ashley, I will find you."

Normal Life/ Normal School

 It was after Christmas break now...I went to a normal school this morning. The only thing that I still have of that's still me, I'm still the best at everything. I walked to where my locker was, I could tell that there were boys checking me out. I didn't care, I wasn't interested in them. I had opened my locker, on the door was Brandan and I at the park during the summer last year. I couldn't bare to look at it, I took it off and put it on the shelf in my locker. A boy name James wlaked up to me, I heard that he is the captain of the football team.

"Hi, I'm James! What's your name, new girl?"

"Ashley, nice to met you James."

"Want to hang out some time? It's the first day, it's going to be an easy day."

"One questio first?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No, why?"

"I don't like to hang out with other girls boyfriends."

"Oh okay, I promise that I don't have one."

"Okay...what do you want to do?"

He showed me around the school, I met his bros. Some of the girls who are his friends, they welcomed me into their group. Ya know, this might be the best thing that happened to me.

One Year Later

Brandan, he tried to find away to get into a normal school so he can see during and be able to see me after.


"You should try out for cheerleadering."

"Okay, when is it?"

"During lunch."

James and I, we are still like best friends but I don't know, there may be something there. 


I went to try out and the weirdest thing happened...they elegted me as there captain. I didn't know that they didn't their captain that well, but I'm glad that I am. I am a good leader though.


After school...we were having out first practice on the football filed when the football players came out to pratice. The grils waved to their boyfriends as the came out, the only one who I'm guessing doesn't have a girlfriend is James.


After pratice was over, I was still in my uniform, I went looking for James. I found him at his locker, gathering up his stuff to leave. I ran up to him and jumped on his back, he laughed as he let me donwe.

"Guess what?"


I couldn't help but notice his smile.

"Your looking at the new captain for the cheerleaders."


He gave me a hug.


Brandan was out in the bushes, waiting for me to come out of school. He saw me walking out with James. Brandan started to jump to conclusions about what's going on. I waved bye to James as I headed to my car. I heard someone yell something, I turned around and James was running towards me.

"Wait, don't go yet."

"What is it?"

"I want to ask you something since the begining of the year so I'm going to ask you now."

"Okay, what is it?"

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?"


I jumped into his arms, I hugged him around the neck as he held me around the waist. He put me back down.

"That means I will see you at the game tomorrow then, babe."

"Totalm swety."

Be both hugged one more time then headed off in different directions.

The Big Game

I was at my locker in my uniform, I was getting ready for my first class. James walked up behind me and wrapped me his arms around my waist then moved to where he could see my face.

"Hey babe! Looking good in your uniform."

"Thanks sweety! Your looking good in your jacket, cause like you know..."

I looked down at the floor, he put his hand under my chin, he lifted it up so I would look at him. He smiled at me, I think I'm blushing.

"Thanks babe."




"I'll see you at lunch sweety."

"Okay, be careful babe."

I looked back at him like 'arent' I always carful.'  He smiled and went back to walk to his class.


I got to class, my new best friend in Mr. Lean's class sit with me. Mr. Lean walked in, he didn't look that good alright. 

"Class, we have a new student joining us today. Everyone please welcome Brandan Smith."

"Hey everyone!"

OMG!! NO!! How did he get here, I though magical beings couldn't be in the human world for long. I'm not sure what he's planning but I'm not really happy about it. I sent him a glare from where I was sitting.

"Brandan, you can sit behind Ashley."

He walked to his seat, I ignored him and turned to see what Miranda wanted to ask me.

"Do you have a picture of him."


I pulled out my phone, found the phote, showed it to her, she was melting like an ice cream.

"Hey cheerleaders! What are ya'll talk about?"

We three looked at each other then back at him...

"About the game and football captain."

All of a sudden, James walked in.

"The other class said that this is my new class, Mr. Leans."

"YEs, you are in my class. You can sit across from Ashley."


Author's Note


I had a diagram of the seatig chart looked like in my paper copy but I'm not sure that I can show it  on here. Sorry about that, I was wanting to show ya'll but can't.



He walked ot his seat, he looked my way, I couldnt help but stare back at him.

"Hey sweety!"

"Hey babe!"

I then heard that Miranda had to put her two cent in about us.

"You two make such a cute couple!"

James looked at who was now sitting behind me, he sent me a look showig me that he was confused on who that was.

"Who's that girls?"

"New guy, Brandan."



After class...James and I, we walked out holding hands. It has been all classes now, it's lunch time now. It's also our last class period for the day since the game is later on.

Locker Meeting

 James left my locker a few minutes later...Brandan walked up.

"Hey Ashley!"

I turned aorund to see Brandan standing there, I wasn't sure what he wanted by I knew that I would find out.

"BRANDAN, why are you here?"

"I came to see my girl."

I looked away from him, I can't believe he said that so naturally. It's still hard for him to understand that I'm not he's kind anymore and that we couldn't even date, even if we wanted to.

"I told you already, we can't date now. Why can't you understand that."

He looked away from my line of vision, he then looked back, he was looking at what I was wearing instead.

"Your a cheerleader now?

I looked at him, are you seriously asking met hat question.

"Yeah I am...well bye Brandan."

I turned away from him and walked off. I didn't want to know what else he has to say.


I shut my locker door and walked off.


Author's Note


Sorry that this chapter was a little short, it was suppose to me a short meeting between the two and that Brandan finds out that she has become a cheerleader now. I'm still sorry that it wasn't as long as the rest of the chapters.


Enjoy! :)

The Big Game

 School was over now...I was at my locker in my cheer uniform, I was putting on some sparkly make-up for the game. I also was waiting for James to come walk with me to the game. I heard foot steps coming down the hallway, I knew that it was James. He came up behind me, wrapped his arms around me, he grabbed my hand and we head to the football field. 


When we got to the field, he had to get changed for the game. Before he went, I kissed him on the cheek for good luck. Brandan of all people, he was in the crowd. I figured that he only came so he could watch e instead.


The game has started! 


It was the last quarter now, it was three more points to win! James called a time out, for some reason, he asked the refear for 10-15 minute time out. We were saying our cheer to incourage the team more. James came over to me.

"Where about to loose this game. Where toast!"

I could see the sadness in how he said that, I wasn't sure what I could say to help cheer him up about it.

"Don't say that James. Will this help?"

He looked at me like, what are you saying will help? I leaned toward him, kissed him square the lips. He moved back to see what he would say.

"Thanks babe! That helped A LOT!!"

"Your welcome!! Now go win this game, sweety!"

"Okay, let's do this."


He ran back onto the field, they hudled up, they made a plan. The game was about to be over in 15 seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...TOUCH DOWN!! Our team won the game. Everyone ran onto the feild. I ran into Jame's arms, he kissed me. We all cheered, the team won the game!


Brandan, I guess, he started dating a cheerleader. Apprently the cheerleader fell for his lie of a story but she will learn what that means now.

The Awesome-ist Day Ever!!

 The next day...the princeapal said we could have a free day since our team won the game.


All the cheerleaders went and put their cheer uniforms on anyway since we are suppose to wear them the next day, that is if we win that night. 


I was at my locker putting on make-up when James came up behind me. He leaned agaisnt the locker next to mine, he put his arm around my wasit, the best he could. We started talking, laughing and looking happy together, it was just another normal day for us. 


Brandan was coming down the hall that we were on. He remembered that this is how he would do me but then noticed that James was there, he was kissing me for a very long time. He would stop, talk about about us, how happy I was making him. 


"Can I interupt for a second, you two love birds?"

I looked to see Miranda standing there, I wasn't sure what she wanted but turned my attention towards her.

"Yeah, what is it Miranda?"

"The team annd cheerleaders are meeting together, they are planning a pool party."

I could tell that he didn't want to go and stop our fun, we decieded that it was best that we show up and see what everyone is planning.

"We will be there in a second."

"Okay, see you two."

She turned away after she smiled in James direction. He just looked after her, he turned his head to see my glaring at him. He wrapped his arm around my waist, he showed me that there is noting to be worried about. He shut my locker, we followed after her.


When we got there, I noticed that the cheerleaders still have there uniforms on. Good thing I kept mine, too! We all started to talk about the party, where it should be and what time it should be also. I decide it was best to hold it at my "new" house. I don't think I have invited anyone over since the whole gicing up my powers situatuion.

"It can be at my house! I live alone, I bought the house myself so we can do it there, if you would like to."

They all agreed that it should be at my house. It apprently is tonight, so I must have a lot of decorating to do before the party.

Parking Lot Talk

 In the parking lot...James and I were talking before we had to part ways for a little while.

"I can't wait for you to see my new two piece swim suit I got!"

"I can't wait any longer now, babe. I guess I will see you at your house then?"

"Yes you will!."

I kisssed him goodbye, he got in his car an drove away.


Author's Note


Sorry that this one isn't very long either. I don't like whent here short but I hope that you are loving the book so far, though. Please comment, live or favorite book. I'll be glad that you did. I hope your enjoying!


Enjoy even more! :)


P.S. Don't be afraid to send me a message, I'm always looking for new people to chat. I will be waiting for your message.

Setting Up

I was setting up when I heard my cell ring. 

"Hey girl!"

"Can I bring a freind to the party tonight?"

I started to think that she was wondering if she could bring someone that wasn't from our class or something but decided not to ask about the person.

"Sure you can."

"Thanks! I'll be there in ten minutes!"

I rung up the phone, I went back to finishing up the last bit of decorating I had to do before people started to show up.


Author's Note


Again, I'm sorry about the short chapter. It's the way I raft drafted it, I'm so sorry guys.Please continue reading.


Enjoy :)

The Pool Party 2

 Everyone was here now...the one person that I didn't show up was James yet. I started to wonder where he could be or if he even really wanted to show up...


Publication Date: 10-14-2015

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