One day Alice and Jordan went to school out camp an met joe cross he is a lifeguard at bury st edmund swimmimg centre he was helping out will at school out camp we went down to the gym and played basketball and jordan aliceand other were on joe side at 1.00 clock we went up to sudio 1 and had lunch the at about 1.30 pm we went dwon to the track with sean,will and joe. Jordan and alice and some other children went with sean and the rest of the group went with joe and will. With sean we played capture the flag.then we swaped round and went with will and joe we played frisby golf then it got hot so we went to the swimming pools and played water polo with sean and joe. Will went on the space hoppers. Jordan and alice wanted to be on joe's team. so we were on joe's side we won coz we were better than seans team. Then at 4.30 we went back to sutdio 1 and got our stuff. me and alice went home with matt (alices step dad).

The End


Publication Date: 02-08-2012

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