Hearing Bee's

It was a normal day in Sheffield on a sunny day. But then i heard a BUZZ. Rushing towards the black comfy sofa. I heard a scream. then another. my mum quickly sped to the window. " OMG ! " she sreamed. They were bees everywhere. What would you do in this situation? Through the window and across the street there was a huge bee stinging a women. " quickly!" I anounced. I ran all the way to the huge black door. I opened the door then ran. I kept sprinting to mcolls because they had bee killer spray. When i made it they were bees behind me. I frew myself in the shop. only one got in.

Adam And Josh

" Ahhhhhh! ", the counter boy were dead, on the ground. nothing but ginomous spots and thick skin. i thought to myself. " run. run for it. " so as quick as lightining i sped all the way back to my house. on the way i saw adam on his bike hurt on the ground. " adam get up. " he got up then limped in pain home. we just got there. adam had a lot of venam in him. but we wern,t quick enough. he died. his last words were " h h help the others b ben." he died all because of those damning bees. just i were getting ready for killing i wondered. wheres josh. i ran to my mum. " wheres josh mum!" i asked. mum pointed out of the window and across the street. josh were getting killed. at that very moment josh fell on the ground. It was only me, lauren and mummy left. unfortualy mum decided to stay behind because it were to much for her. so me and lauren went up to the attick and opened the most powerfull helicopter ever built. after we jumped in. we crashed through the roof and headed straight for the sky.

Safe At Last

because lauren had a broken arm it was hard for her close her door. as soon as she got her right arm to close the red, shiny door the bees got her. i had to kick her out. so after i kicked her out of the helicopter i headed for scotland. i were heading for scotland because my were dad there.( he told me on phone) when i got there, there nothing left exept for that huge, white and powerfull truck owned by my dad. i were shocked. but that didn,t stop me. i went to the i e a because they would do everything to help me. when i got there they had my dad there. so we hugged then waited. i asked " what are we waiting for. " he told me that we were waiting for mummy. after 2 full hours of waiting . the captain of the squad anounced. " hm. attention thackerays. your mum and your wife has been found. she were hurt but we were able to make her live a lot more." mummy came out of those ginormous, steal and silver doors. she looked awfull. she was my mum though. i could tell.that day on i was a lonely child. we cried almost everyday. atleast we had a family still. but the bees were still out there. the next day, the 'I E A' sent patrol out to capture the bees. and it worked. they were no bees left.


Text: '2012 Published.'
Publication Date: 03-24-2012

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This Book Is Dedicated To People In The World To Know What Book Writing Skills I have. And To Just Make Sure You Enjoy Yourselves During Your Life Time! Who Knows, It Might Become A Film!! Ps - This Is A Childs Book (3-10)

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