What is Gomati Chakra

The Gomati Chakra obtained from the river Gomati in Dwarka is believed to give success, health and wealth.


They are used to protect children, and are also used in various religious ceremonies and to worship yantras.


During Puja Gangajal (sacred water) and sandalwood paste is offered to them.


This spiralling entity represents, Fibonacci Number, The Golden Ratio - Phi - Spiralling Consciousness.


This spiral structure symbolises evolution and growth.


Its been here for centuries and also used by Greeks, ancient Celts and been a part of the Wicca beliefs.


Anything growing takes spiral shape.


These spirals can be seen in galaxies, cellular growth, DNA, tree trunks, etc.

     Naturally obtained Gomati Chakra is a variation of shell stone found in the river Gomati in Dwarka in the State of Gujarat.


It is assumed that it has the ability to bring favourable luck to people and its usage is done in Tantric and spiritual rituals.


Gomati Chakra has a strong resemblance to Sudarshan Chakra (Discus) of Lord Krishna. Its usage is done as Yantra and used in Pujas. There is a belief among people that that Gomati Chakra brings prosperity, health and money.

Positive Vibration


Fortunately,  I read an article on Gomati Chakra.  Luckily,  I could purchase 11 chakras along with a pendant from e-bay for Rs.111.


I included them in my Friday pooja.  After cleansing the stones in the water,  I applied turmeric and kumkum on them. I recited Lakshmi Ashtotharam and did pooja for the 11 chakras.  Assuming them to be representing Lord Vishnu,  I sincerely prayed and recited mantras.


True to believe,  when I included them in my routine Friday pooja,  it kindled positive vibration at home.


I could feel it.  My anxiety lessened and felt confidence at heart. 


Hope I will be able to have a peaceful life with the blessings from god.



Chant Lakshmi Slogas

Check this link to hear the slogas:



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Feeling Blessed with Gomati Chakras

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