Residential Air Conditioners

Air conditioners now strive to improve the quality of life with low noise level, low power consumption,  cooling efficiency, high reliability and ease of installation.  Irrespective of the room size whether it is a long room, U-shaped room or L-shaped room, residential air conditioners effectively distribute the chill air to every corner of the room and ensure a pleasant environment for comfortable living.


Air conditioners are now user friendly, and they fulfill different needs of air conditioning across the globe. Residential split air conditioners, Residential multi-air conditioners, Duct type air conditioners, Light commercial air conditioners, Building type air conditioners, and large-sized air conditioners are the different types of residential air conditioners. Every region in the world has its own specific air conditioning needs.  


Wall Mounted Single Split Type: Wall mounted single split air conditioners provide improved air flow, comfort even on the far side of the room, and low gas pressure deduction. The single split air conditioners are available in 2.2TR and 3.0TR. Choosing a wall mounted single split air conditioner will help to save space with style, and easy installation. The air-purifying filter with photocatalytic deodorising function traps microscopic particles, decompose odours and even removes bacteria and viruses. The photocatalytic air purifying filters, wipe-clean flat panels, and mould-proof operation are the clean features found in a wall mounted single split type air conditioner. Wall mounted single split air conditioners use refrigerants that have low impact on the environment.


Floor/Ceiling Suspended Dual Split Type: The slim, light weight units are the best choice for rooms without false ceilings. Floor/Ceiling suspended dual split air conditioners with their vertical auto-swing and wide-angle louvres direct warm/cool air to every corner of a room. Both ceiling suspended and floor-level installation assure evenly air-conditioned rooms.  The Floor standing air conditioners are available in 4.6 TR.  The infra-red sensor, as an Intelligent Eye, in the air conditioner detects human movement. If there is no one in the room for more than twenty minutes, the air conditioner automatically changes to energy saving operation. Inverters in Floor/Ceiling Suspended Dual Split air conditioners help to stabilise temperature by adjusting compressor operation according to load and save energy.


Multi-split type air conditioners:  Multi-split air conditioners are ideal for places that have limited space for outdoor units or insufficient ceiling space for ducting. A multi-split air conditioner can support two to eight rooms using only one outdoor unit.  It also allows individual control of the air-conditioner in each room. Multi-split air conditioners support indoor units with different capacities by providing customised solutions unique to each residential setting. Refrigerants in multi-split air conditioners have zero ozone depletion potential and they reduce the impact on global warming. The advanced inverter and heat pump technologies in multi-split air conditioners help to achieve greater efficiency and energy-savings at lower costs.

Commercial Air Conditioners


Commercial air conditioners effectively cool open-plan areas in offices/banks, trading areas in a retail showroom and also provide a controlled temperature environment in IT server rooms and restaurants.  Even if the outside temperature is high, the commercial air conditioners provide powerful, rapid cooling with their efficient compressors. In addition to the reduction of carbon di oxide emission,  these air conditioners offer efficient operation with less consumption of electricity.   


The intelligent eye selects between energy saving mode and comfort mode based on the activity in the room. The auto-heat detection capacity adjusts the cooling power, air flow level and direction to provide superior smart comfort. As the airflow can reach long distances, optimal cooling comfort becomes possible even for large spaces. While indoor units boast to be whisper quiet, the outdoor units also guarantee not to disturb the quietness of the neighbourhood. The bio-engineering filter ensures superior indoor air quality by removing airborne dust and by eliminating organic contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses and odours. These air conditioners are user friendly and support easy installation, along with easy operating procedures.


Cassette Type: Cassette type air conditioners are ideal for open-plan areas such as classrooms, offices and retail showrooms for they provide both low noise and customisable comfort. The vertical auto-swing function helps to distribute air throughout the room. The compact size of the unit enables it to flush into ceilings and match the building's architectural module, without cutting ceiling tiles.   In round flow ceiling mounted cassette type air conditioners 360° air flow gives uniform airflow distribution with greater comfort and improved energy-saving feature. The auto mode in ceiling mounted cassette type air conditioners allows the setting to change automatically between cool and heat mode depending on the room temperature and the set temperature required. All models use the same size panel that helps to plan ceiling lighting systems and to design interiors. Filters are buckled into place rather than screwed which makes installation quick and easy for anyone.


Ceiling Suspended Type:  Ceiling suspended air conditioners are ideal for rooms without false  ceilings and where a ceiling installation is required due to lack of floor or wall space.  These air conditioners are suitable for any room layout.  The auto-swing feature moves up and down spreading comfortable air throughout the room.   Wide air discharge openings spread 100° airflow, and the air is blown up to 50° in the downward direction.  The fan speed can be switched between high, middle and low.    The humidification feature in the ceiling suspended air conditioner is microprocessor controlled and this prevents abrupt and uncomfortable changes in air temperature. As the filters have long life,  they don't need frequent maintenance. The non-dew flap without bristles minimises clinging dirt and makes cleaning simple and easy. It is also easy to wipe dirt off the flat side and lower surfaces of the unit. 


Wall Mounted Type:  Wall mounted air conditioners are ideal for rooms with no false ceilings or free floor space.   The improved air blow modes ensure comfortable air distribution across the entire room.  The flat, front panel blends easily with any interior décor and is easier to clean.  The auto swing movement can be set between 10° and 70°. The 5-level blow direction setting can be set between 10° to 70° using the remote control. The last blow direction is saved in memory; and it is automatically set the next time when the unit is turned on. The factory setting is 10° for cooling and 70° for heating. All maintenance tasks can be performed from the front of the unit and it makes the detachment and attachment of parts easier. The wall mounted air conditioners are compact and light in weight. This makes the installation easier even in limited spaces.


Floor Standing Type:  Floor standing air conditioners are ideal for for commercial spaces, store corridors, passages and walk-in areas.   The built-in auto swing louver horizontally distributes comfortable air below.  It moves slowly at a speed of 2 to 3 full strokes per minutes,  thus preventing any sudden change.   The vertical air blow direction can be controlled by hand to match the interior space.    The fan speed can be switched between high and low.   The LCD control panel displays text, numbers, and graphics to indicate the temperature, time, fan speed and auto swing speed.  The panel can be detached and used as a remote controller to control airconditioning.   


Ducted Type:   Ducted air conditioners provide uniform air conditioning for large open areas such as libraries, public facilities, and retail stores.  In this air conditioner,  air is sent through ducts from one central location to heat and cool all rooms.  The central control provides an uniform heating or cooling environment that remain constant during the day. All rooms are air conditioned uniformly at the same temperature settings.     


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