There are things that can be wished for. There are things that cannot. One cannot think about these things… their wants…their desires….their needs…and theirs alone…without stepping across that invisible line…that line between Mortality and immortality… between human and non human…sanity and insanity... Love, Money, wealth, fame, power, these are but simple things of many that can drive a person when they have the option to have them…But what if a certain person… or persons and hedgehogs and others alike…discover that their wishes can be granted?... even disregarding the price they will have to pay in the long run, as something cannot be wished without having paying something in equal to gain it. Is this a curse... or merely a blessing…well…that would be telling you what will happen now wouldn't it?

Chapter one:
Destined to be with you Part 1 / The girl locked away and the guy who rescued her.

*Flashback (3 years ago)*

“D...Don’t leave me alone too…I trusted you…please…”A girl that looked no older than 13 with purple straight hair that went half way down her back a blind fold covering her scarlet and amber eyes. Her cat like ears twitched as she heard him walk away and without saying anything. She slowly stood to her feet stumbling a bit before she could gain her balance as she tried to follow him. she wore a simple black dress with two thin straps and a buckled strap under her small bust The dress covered most of her small frail body “Please…”she pleaded her voice filled with sadness and desperation in hopes that he would listen to her cries for him to stay with her. A few sobs escaped her peach lips as tears ran down her pale light peach like face somewhat seeping through the black blindfold that restricted her vision. Her voice lowered down to a whisper as his footsteps faded away “please…don’t leave me here…” another tear drop fell down her face when she was unable to hear or see him again. The last thing she heard was silence before sleep took hold of her saddened thoughts.

3 Years later
Morning 7:50AM

A girl with purple hair no older or younger than 16 her actual age unknown sat alone in the dark room that she was left alone in 3 years ago, she was unable to take off the blind fold she wore. Her hair had grown a bit and the color of her hair darkened to a dark purple color and her dress had gotten a bit smaller and tighter. Her cat like ears twitched at the sound of footsteps walking towards her. Her child like personality kicking in as she slowly stood up on her feet her body weakened as she attempted to search for the sound of the footsteps as they approached her louder. “H-hello…” she spoke with a hint of confusion and sadness in her voice along with a bit of hope, hope that the person that once left her alone in that dark place had somehow came back for her. “Do you wish to leave this place…” his kind yet stern voice asked her as she nodded her head. “Y-yes ...I do...” she said as she followed the direction of his voice as he placed his hand gently on top of her head and began to pet her head gently. He spoke once more his voice remained kind as he spoke to her “the one who left you here…he no longer wants you...He has someone else…” his voice lowered to a whisper, a hint of sadness could be heard in his voice as her ears twitched under his touch “I...I see…The contract made has been broken…” she said as a few tears fell down her face and a few sobs escaped her lips as she began to cry. The man leaned down and held her in attempts to comfort her and assure her that everything was alright as he continued to pet her ears softly as he let her cry. “W...will you take me from this place…” she finally spoke in between sobs as he pulled her away gently and told her “yes...I will…” her lips curled into a smile as she continued to hold him and they stayed like that for what seemed like hours but were merely five minutes.

*several minutes later outside*

“So…what’s your name?” the man asked her as he held her hand to help guide her down the stairs of an old abandoned cathedral that seemed to look over forty years old. Vines covered a portion of the decaying building. A few stones could be seen missing from the building here and there. “Well…I was given the name ...Maru…” she said as she kept a firm grip on his hand and his on hers. “Judging from your appearance, were you like...I don’t know...” he spoke as he continued to guide her until they reached his car as she finished his sentence “if... You are asking if I was a slave… then no...I was merely used to grant wishes to whomever I deemed worthy of a former contractor…he abandoned me before he could make his wish...but somehow…I knew…” she spoke casually her voice filled with sadness as she told him her story as they approached the car the man looked down at her before he spoke. “I’m going to open the door alright?..” maru nodded her head as they released each other’s grip on their hands as he pulled out a pair of car keys from his pocket on his white coat and placed them in the door twisting the key as the car door unlocked and he opened the door as he lead her inside of the car and closing the door after making sure she was fully inside of the car. He made his way over to the driver’s side once he was sure she was alright as he opened the door and got inside of the car. The man took another glance at the girl before he spoke again as he started the car. “I was wondering…if I may ask… how you were you able to survive until now...” he asked as they pulled off from the spot he was parked at near a scarlet leafed tree. Maru looked at him as he focused on the road her ears twitched every now and then as she heard the sounds of the car’s engine and the birds as they flew by as well as other cars before she finally spoke “well… I don’t know exactly…but I know every once in a while…someone would bring me food…although I don’t understand why they didn’t free me from that place sooner…” she said as she looked away from him as the man spoke. “Well think of it this way… you’re out of there now. “ She sighed as she heard what he said and knew that he was right and that he did have a point. She WAS free from that awful place after all so she could be happy for that. “I suppose you’re right…but mind if I ask you your name?..” she said as she looked at him, his eyes never leaving the road as he drove the car and after a few minutes pondering he finally spoke “ my name is…Arkious…Arkious the hedgehog” she smiled as he told her his name “ that’s a nice name…Arkious…” she said as she leaned her back onto the seat as sleep slowly began to take over her thoughts her smile never leaving her lips. After several hours of driving they had arrived at an average but nice and spacious tan and redwood Estate. Arkious pulled into the driveway as he looked over at Maru to see if she had woken up but he sighed when he saw she was still sleeping. “G.U.N probably won’t be too happy if they found out that I actually did find something or... someone inside of that old cathedral”. He said to his self as he exited the car and walked over to the passenger side of the car opening the door as he carefully and gently shook maru in attempts to wake her up as she began to stir.
“Wake up…” he called to her as her ears perked up at the sound of his voice as she stretched. “Where...are we…” Maru said as she turned in his direction, her blind fold still covering her eyes. “We’re at my estate/laboratory...” he said as he helped her out of the car, closing and locking it once he made sure she was out of the car. He led her up the stairs of the estate. A smile appeared on his lips when he saw his wife and maid and butler waiting for him after they walked up the stone steps. “Welcome home...” his wife said as she smiled at him before kissing him on the cheek as they approached. Her attention darted to the girl that stood next to him before she looked at her husband again “So this is what you found…” she said as she smiled at the girl. His wife was a maroon hedgehog with soft teal eyes that held wisdom in them her hair was long and scarlet with a few strands of gray. She looked around the age of thirty. She wore a brown/tan sun dress that complimented her fur color and wore a pair of small Metal rimmed round glasses that helped her pull off the ‘perfect middle aged wife look’. Her husband was a dark grey hedgehog with amber eyes that held a sad tale within them. He wore a casual black suit and tie and also wore a lab coat over the suit. He had goggles that dangled around his neck. He looked to be thirty one years old.
“Should we introduce her to her sister?” his wife asked him after she turned her attention to her husband. Maru looked up at the couple as her ears twitched helping her indicate that there was indeed someone talking to the man. “Well it would be a good idea... Karu hasn’t had anyone to play with…besides…” his wife looked at him with sad and depressed eyes knowing what he meant by those words. “Well...Should we get her settled in? “The butler spoke as he looked at the couple. “I’ll go and prepare something to eat for the poor dear...She probably hasn’t eaten in a while “the maid looked at maru taking note of her small frail form before she took hold of her hand. Arkious looked down at maru as he spoke “it’s alright maru… that’s our maid she’s going to prepare something for you to eat alright? “Maru turned her head her ears twitching every once in a while upon hearing his voice. “o-ok…” she spoke a bit shakily before letting go of his hand and followed the maid as she led her to the dining area. The couple walked inside the estate entering the grand hall before walking up the stairs to their room as the butler closed the main door. Arkious stopped midway turning around to his butler and his loyal friend. “Make sure to find her a nice outfit to wear tomorrow and something to sleep in ok my old friend? “ The butler nodded and bowed before he walked off in the direction of the guest rooms As Arkious continued his walk with his wife up to their room. He was a purple fox with a white tip tail and gold red eyes which held a dark and saddened tale within them. He wore the usual butler attire which consisted of a black suit and an old fashioned coat tail jacket. He looked to be around thirty four.

*Meanwhile at G.U.N’s main business building*
Afternoon 12:00PM

A black hedgehog with deep red streaks was currently looking over one of his partners cases that he was assigned to. As close as he was to his partner as if they were father and son considering their age difference, He still didn’t know that much about him and what he studied. He only knew that he was assigned to take a look at the old cathedral. He picked up a vanilla folder with a title that caught his eye “someone that could grant wishes…a wish maker...” he smirked at the many thoughts he had. To be once again with his Maria, his friend, how he missed the times they played hide and seek aboard the Ark and gazed at the earth from the observation area of the ark and how they helped Gerald with his many experiments and the way she smiled always seemed to brighten his day. She was like a sister to him and Gerald was like his father. He opened the folder to look at the contents and the information that was filled out on the papers but he frowned when he saw the results. “The “PROJECT” or creature was abandoned and left to die...Little is known about the whereabouts of the creature only that it was locked away in an old cathedral in a secret secured room within its walls…” shadows smirk faded and was replaced with a frown as he placed the information back into the folder. “Well I’ll have to go and have a look for myself…” Shadow said as he picked up the folder along with its contents before standing up and pushing his chair into the mahogany rectangle shaped desk that held several drawers and a computer that sat nicely on top of the desk along with a few pens and pencils as well as a medium stack of papers. Shadow let out a huge sigh as he looked at the papers before he looked over to rouge’s desk. The bat had called off sick that day. He knew her well and knew that she was with the echidna knuckles. Shadow released a small chuckle as he took part of the medium stack of papers and placed them on her desk as he passed by the empty desk that belonged to his bat friend.

*Meanwhile elsewhere*

A certain Ivory colored bat was walking with or dragging her boyfriend knuckles around as if she was looking for something. “Rouge can we slow down?” he asked as he looked at his girlfriend who didn’t really pay much attention to his plea for her to slow down. She was on a mission and she was damn well going to accomplish it! She stopped suddenly releasing a sneeze her boyfriend bumped into her shoulder but not hard enough to make the bat fall as he looked at her “something wrong?” he asked. His voice filled with concern at she looked at him with her sparkling aqua blue eyes as she smiled “yeah, I’m alright …I think someone was either talking about me…or thinking about me…” she gasped slightly as knuckles captured her in an embrace releasing a small growl “well...I’m the only one thinking about you...” he said as he smirked. His purple eyes focused on her aqua ones and rouged giggled. “Well... I know that…now…where was I...” she said as she looked around. A sweat drop sliding on the side of knuckles face. “Well…we are looking for a present for Amy…it’s her birthday tomorrow remember?” knuckles said as he released rouge from his embrace and held her hand. “That’s right! Well what are we waiting for! Let’s go!” rouge said as she ran dragging knuckles along with her.

Chapter Two:
Destined to be with you Part 2 / what an investigation?! Who was playing hooky?

*At Arkious’s estate/Underground laboratory*
Sunset 6:00pm

He looked and searched through every available document he could find under well you know how the expression goes “under the sun” well this could barely describe how much stress he was feeling over how little information he managed to find. “Dammit!...there has to be something more to this…no one can simply grant wishes at will….” A very upset, TIRED and angered Arkious looked at the papers scattered in front of him as he rubbed his temples with his fingers attempting to calm down. He had left his room after his wife fell asleep moments later to continue his research. “You should try calming down old friend…” Arkious nearly jumped a shocked expression on his face as he turned around at the direction of the voice thinking someone had found out what he was up to. His expression softened and changed when he saw his butler and friend but calmed down when he realized his friend was talking to him as he approached him holding a beautiful silver round tray that held a china tea set which included a small marble clay cup and a medium size tea pot with a “A” painted on it along with a glass plate with a few sandwiches’ on top of it. “Thanks old friend…I needed that…” Arkious said as his friend and butler placed the tray neatly on a table next to him as he smiled whole heartedly. “Don’t mention it…besides what were you working on?” he said as he turned his attention to the papers that were scattered on the desk. “Well…I was trying to gather more information...” As if his friend read his mind he finished his sentence “you mean the girl...maru?” he said as Arkious nodded. “I had tried to give G.U.N as little information as possible and made sure they thought I found nothing at the site they sent me to investigate… but I fear of what they will do should they discover…” His friend looked at him, concern and worry could be seen in his eyes. “I understand… but please be careful alright...”Arkious nodded his head in understanding as his friend left him to continue his research.


Shadow had arrived to the old abandoned cathedral and parked his black and red motorcycle leaning it against a nearby tree as he took off his helmet he looked around “ So this is the place…Arkious…what did you find…if you indeed found anything here…” He questioned himself his voice only a whisper as he said the last part. He approached the old building he spotted a Scarlet red haired bat that appeared to be in her mid thirties gazing at the building she slowly turned around as if she knew he would be heading towards the building she stood in front of. Shadow looked at her in awe as he looked at her eyes, one was a light purple and one was an ocean blue that held such wisdom for a person her age. She wore a black sleeveless short ruffled dress “so you have returned…” she finally spoke erasing any look of complete awe in shadows face as he frowned. “What are you talking about...” he asked arching an eyebrow at the woman. “Seeing as you don’t know… you are not him… but I sense you WILL find what you are looking for… but be warned…what you may find could either be a curse on you or could bring you happiness… that choice is for you to decide…” Shadow continued to look at the woman a dumbfounded look on his face. For a character like shadow this is completely out of character, but what can you expect to say when someone says something like “something will happen” or some other bullshit as if they could see the future not saying that it’s impossible right? Like a complete what the hell moment when you try and figure whatever cryptic message someone told you if that is even possible. Normally someone would simply say “what the HELL are you saying?” and they would probably get an answer or they wouldn’t believe a word of it and just shrug it off as if saying “probably just some creepy old lady”. Shadow knew better but was actually kind of interested in what the strange woman told him he looked up at the building at the spot the woman was looking at earlier as he arrived. “We will see…” shadow said as he gave his signature smirk before walking into the building. The woman simply shook her head a frown on her face as she whispered but shadow heard her. “You have been warned boy…” shadow shrugged and continued into the building as the woman walked away.

*Shadows’ POV (point of view)*

I shrugged off what the woman had told me as I ventured into the old building that was once a glorious cathedral. “Now…where is it…” I looked around the building taking note of its current condition, the missing stones or bricks, broken windows here and there the vines or plants that encircled part of the windows and the walls. The chairs have already begun to rot away or decay; damn bastards didn’t think to at least fix the place up every now and then. I stopped as I got to the middle of the main room which looked to be like the place where the minister would preach as people sat in the chairs in front of him. I was ready to get this over with hopefully with time to spare so I can find a present for rose for her birthday tomorrow. Rouge was supposed to be taking her to her club for the party. I scoffed at the thought, “just another excuse for that bat to get drunk…” I said to myself as I continued to look around the old abandoned church until something caught my eye. An odd looking door with a weird looking crest on it part of it being hidden by part of the wall that had fallen in front of it. As I began to approach the door my ears twitched to the oncoming footsteps. “Look… whatever it is you want woman or whatever you’re going to tell me forget it. “ I said with annoyance in my voice as I continued to walk towards the strange door. “Is that any way to treat your partner shadow?” I sighed a bit as I stopped in my tracks not even turning around to face her “what is it rouge? I’m kind of busy here.” She tends to appear at the oddest of times I swear sometimes I wonder if that bat I met earlier was related to her or something…

*End Shadow’s POV (Point of view)*

“Well…I don’t know… I got a call from work apparently I have some unfiled paperwork on my desk, care to explain that?” rouge said as she sat on one of the old chairs her arms crossing across her chest as she glared at shadow. “It’s not my fault I wasn’t the one who called in sick just to hang out with my boyfriend” he said as he turned to glare at rouge an annoyed expression on both of their faces before rouge grinned. “Oh my shadow I didn’t think of you to be into...Males” rouge said her grin never leaving her face as shadow growled in annoyance at the bat’s statement. “You know damn well I’m straight rouge” shadow said his voice laced with venom and anger as rouge shrugged her shoulders “well anyway, what are you doing? “She said as she looked at the door behind shadow. “That’s none of your concern… I’m checking up on a case a friend of ours had to make sure his findings were correct…” shadow said bluntly as he turned around towards the door as he pushed and moved what he could of the crumbled stone from in front of the door. “Need some help there shadow? “Rouge said as she stood up and walked over to him and helped him moved the rest of the stone away. Her eyes darting towards the markings on the door, once they were done removing the last stone. “What do you think it is shadow?” rouge said as she continued staring at the door. “well if you were at WORK you would know…” shadow said as he placed his hand on the door before quickly removing it. “Rouge…” shadow spoke again as he looked at the bat, her eyes never leaving the door. “Don’t you feel something odd from this door...” rouge nodded before she turned her attention to him. “It’s faint…but I can sort of sense chaos energy from the door…as well as the room behind this door…like a chaos emerald…but it’s different…” rouge said as she mumbled the last part to herself.


After eating the food that was prepared for her, the maid walked maru to one of the guest rooms on the first floor of the estate. “Umm…excuse me…I don’t mean to be rude but…can you tell me what your name is...” the maid, a purple fox wearing the usual maid attire, Her hair in a ponytail with a few strands of hair sticking to the side, her auburn eyes, holding a secret within them. she looked at the girl as she led her to a cherry wood door before she finally spoke. “My name is mitsu…this is where you will be sleeping…the butler Hito will be here shortly to bring you something to sleep in as well as an outfit for today and tomorrow, so please feel free to explore and look around the room alright dear?” maru nodded as she let go of the maids hand. “Umm…could you…stay with me until he gets here…” maru said as she looked at the woman her ears twitched a bit hoping to hear the maid’s reply. “Of course…as long as Arkious doesn’t mind. But I have a question…why are you wearing a blind fold it’s obviously blocking your vision. “Mitsu said as she grabbed maru’s hand once again. They walked into the room; the walls were a maroon color with two large black steel window like doors with blood red and black sheer curtains. The window leading out onto a good sized balcony, a queen size canopy bed, a large ebony chest lined on the wall with a medium sized ebony dresser a few feet away and a ebony chair with scarlet red cushions sat at the edge of the bed. A door leading to a bathroom as well as an ebony night stand that sat near the side of the bed. “Well…I’m unable to take off this blind fold actually…unless there is a wish to be granted by my contractor…and I sense that you don’t have a wish…” maru said as she looked up at the maid. Mitsu giggled as she patted maru gently on top of her head earning a small smile and giggle from maru. Mitsu led maru over to the queen sized bed as she sighed before her smile returned to her cherry lips. “well…do you think you can tell me a bit more about yourself maru? “ maru sat down on the bed as she stared in mitsu's direction. “well…I don’t remember much…to be honest I forgot how I even came to be…all I know is that I was alone in a cold darkness…surrounded by silence… until one day my …former contractor came to take me away from that darkness…I could tell when I first laid eyes on his ruby ones…he had a wish…his eyes were filled with so much sadness yet happiness when he looked at me…but it was short lived…and he locked me away…I guess he didn’t want me to grant his wish because he knew of the price he had to pay… I’m not sure…” maru’s ears flattened at she looked down into her lap and sighed. “That’s terrible maru…I’m pretty sure he had a really good reason, I’m sure of it!” mitsu said as she looked at maru with fire in her eyes and her voice filled with hope. They continued their conversation discussing and talking about their pasts and the things they did until a sudden knock on the door stopped their conversation as mitsu turned her attention from maru to the person who knocked on the door, a somewhat annoyed expression could be seen on her face as she sighed before standing up from the bed and walked towards the butler and her partner, hito. “I was keeping the dear company until you came with the clothes that Arkious had requested. Hito looked at mitsu and nodded in response before walking to maru holding a small pile of clothes in hand. “Arkious told me to give these to you…” maru looked up at hito her ears twitching as she lifted her head in hito’s direction. “Well... I have to go and lock up the house for the evening…Mitsu…could you make sure maru gets dressed in her night clothes ok? “ Hito said as he placed the clothes in maru’s hands before heading out of the room as mitsu sighed before turning around to face maru. “Alright dear…let’s get your pajamas on you, then I can give you a tour of the estate and also Arkious would like to talk to you. “Mitsu said as she smiled at maru before taking the clothes out of her hand and sitting them on the bed.

*Meanwhile at the cathedral ruins*

“You’re sure about that rouge...” shadow said as he looked at the bat as she nodded. “I’m sure of it…besides whatever that WAS in there…it’s gone now…” shadow looked at the door his expression never changed as he placed a hand on the door once more before slowly opening the door. “Be careful shadow “rouge said as she watched him before her attention darted towards the door again.”There’s nothing to worry about rouge” shadow said bluntly as he peered inside the dark and dimly lit room. “There doesn’t seem to be anything in there…but it does look like some or something was in there look…” rouge said as she looked into the room and pointed to an old and torn blanket and a small burlap bag. “Seems like it…” as he looked in the directions rouge pointed to. ‘Just what are you planning Arkious….’shadow thought to his self as he let out a sigh before turning to leave. “Wait shadow!” rouge said as she walked up next to shadow. “You do remember Amy’s birthday is tomorrow right? “Rouge said as she looked at the hedgehog that appeared to be in deep thought. Shadow snapped out of his thoughts as he looked at the bat before stopping as they made their way to the entrance. “Yes, I remember that rose’s birthday is tomorrow. “Shadow said before he continued to walk and exited the building heading towards his parked motorcycle rouge following behind. “Well if you come up with anything shadow give me a call alright?” rouge said as she opened her wings and took off into the sky. Shadow sighed as he started the motor cycle and placed the helmet over his head before taking off back to his apartment. ‘I’ll pay my old friend arkious a visit…later’ shadow thought to his self as he drove towards his apartment in moon lit city. His friend Arkious had gotten him an apartment when he had found out that he didn’t really have a place to stay. As much as shadow refused and threatened the man, he just wouldn’t back down! Talk about persistent. Shadow had eventually sighed and gave in to his friends’ offer of getting him an apartment and a few things to start off with.
A top of the old cathedral a red bat stood, her medium length hair swayed in the breeze as if they were dancing. She smirked as she watched shadow and rouge go their separate ways. “well now…I have a feeling things will get interesting…beware hedgehog for you do not know what trouble you are getting yourself into…” her two toned eyes focused on him as he rode away. She let out a soft sigh as she opened her wings and took flight.

Chapter Three:
Answers / wait who are you? Part 1: An untold wish and Escape from the burning building!

*Arkious’s estate/ Main hall*
Mid day/Evening 6:50PM

“So this is my new sister?” a gray and scarlet hedgehog said as she looked at maru. She wore a cream colored Lolita dress that stopped a little below her knees and a pair of cream Lolita shoes that held a medium sized bow on each shoe. Mitsu nodded as she looked at miru who wore a dress the opposite color and style than the girl in front of her that stared at her with her teal eyes and a kind smile on her round face as she tilted her head to the side her semi short hair that perfectly framed her face bounced. She appeared to be 13 years old. “Yes, your father found her all alone…and decided to adopt her, maru this is karu and karu this is maru. “Mitsu said as she let go of maru’s hand. She guided them to the indoor garden of the estate as maru looked around her ears twitched as karu stepped closer to mitsu and whispered to her. “Any reason she has that blind fold?” karu whispered to mitsu. “I’m afraid I’ll have to tell you later miss karu…”mitsu whispered to karu before she lead them to a nice white steel garden table set that held three chairs that surrounded an elegant and flowery oval shaped table. “I’ll go and tell Arkious where you two are and he will be here shortly, and I will be back with dinner alright?” mitsu said as she bowed before walking out of the flower and planted filled room.
“So, Maru did you have a family before my dad found you and adopted you?” Karu spoke up after several minutes of silence as she stared at Maru as she fiddled with her dress to adjust it. Maru sighed as her ears twitched. How was someone supposed to answer this type of question when you barely knew the answer yourself and you weren’t probably human or animal either? ‘Hello I’m your new sister and your father didn’t find me he rescued me from my imprisonment because my previous contractor locked me away for some reason that even I don’t know? ’

and after a minute of silence and tossing the ridiculous thought that had crept its way into her head it was quickly tossed to the side maru looked in karu’s direction. “I’m unsure of that myself…I’m sorry…” maru stated as karu sighed. “Oh well…so how do you like the place so far?” karu said as she looked around the room. “Well…I can’t really tell…” maru said as karu finished her sentence. “The blind fold right? “Karu said as maru nodded her answer. “Now, now karu… I will, you’ll find out more about your sister later, for now it’s time for dinner. “ the both turned around to see Arkious walking into the room a warm smile on his lips as mitsu walked in behind him wheeling a medium sized silver tray with several plates with silver bell like covers on them.

“I was just getting to know my new sister better is all dad.” karu said, as she walked up to her father and hugging his waist, as he patted his daughter on her head. “Dinner is ready. Everyone” mitsu said as she prepared the table, placing a few plates on the table in front of each of the seats as karu sat down and Arkious helped maru into the other chair before he hat down as mitsu placed the food onto each of the plates. “For tonight’s meal we have nice well cooked sirloin steaks with a side of rice and beef gravy, and small chunks of potatoes and French rolls at the side. The drinks are as followed; for Arkious a glass of red French wine, and for the two ladies a two cups of freshly brewed French tea.” Mitsu said as she pured their drinks and bowed slightly before staring at arkious. “I will be taking my leave, please let me know if there is anything you need. “ Maru and karu nodded as arkious spoke. “Thank you mitsu, the food looks wonderful, tell hito that both of you have tonight off alright? “ Arkious said as mitsu nodded before turning around and walking out of the room as maru, karu and arkious began eating.

*Meanwhile, With Shadow*
Evening 9:00PM

Shadow was riding his motorcycle towards Arkious’s Estate since it was on the out skirts of Moon lit city.He stopped by his apartment earlier but He was unable to think about anything let along stay in his apartment for too long. But he needed answers Dammit! Because the earlier findings and the strange woman and the cryptic words and warning she had given the hedgehog and he was intent on finding out from his friend who had done research or found the case deep within the archives of the G.U.N’s “lost files” Seriously even shadow was wondering how his friend stumbled upon this case anyway.

“So you have returned…” she finally spoke erasing any look of complete awe in shadows face as he frowned. “What are you talking about...” he asked arching an eyebrow at the woman. “Seeing as you don’t know… you are not him… but I sense you WILL find what you are looking for… but be warned…what you may find could either be a curse on you or could bring you happiness… that choice is for you to decide…”
*End Flashback*

“Just what the hell is going on…?” Shadow whispered to himself His expressionless face hidden by the helmet he wore as he continued his ride over to his friend’s house.

*Meanwhile Back at Arkious’s Estate/Laboratory*
Evening 9:00PM

“I’m...Not sure about this…” maru said hesitantly as she looked around while arkious had her hand leading her down a flight of stairs and to the door of his laboratory Karu was placed in bed a while earlier. “ There is something that you need to see besides, I have been researching you…to be honest my father, He told me a story about a woman who appeared after he wished into the night sky … in front of the master emerald alter. On a rare scarlet full moon even” Maru’s ears twitched as she heard the story. A somewhat shocked look could be seen on her face as Arkious told her the story.

*Flashback Twenty five years ago*
Arkious’s POV (Point of View)
“But dad, what happened after you made the wish that night?” I looked up at my father as I lay in bed about to sleep as my father sat on the edge of my bed telling me the story of how he met an actual live star…I was six at the time and my father was Thirty five even though he didn’t show it. I remember how he looked…before and after he made the wish...He was a grey hedgehog, his Lilac eyes told a story…a story of pain, suffering and loss. He wore a scarlet and black suit. His hair tied in a small pony tail with a few strands on both sides of his face. He pushed his black steel glasses up to his nose as he sighed. “I’m tired…”he said. It had been a few months since mother died…dad was heartbroken. I could tell from the small black round bags that developed under his eyes that told he didn’t get much sleep after I went to bed. He continued to tell me about how he had wished he were to live longer…to that woman in the stars…he didn’t care about the price that he paid…even if it was his soul he would pay it just to be able to find a way to see HER smile again…oh how he loved mom’s smile…” son you should have seen it… it was such a wonderful sight…after doing research over countless hours… barely sleeping…” he said as he looked at me with that smile I had come to know very well. Although his outer appearance looked that of a 25 year old…he was 50 on the inside. He continued to speak that happy expression never leaving his face “ She was beautiful…her long purple hair… pulled into two pig tails and long black ribbons that flowed around them seemed as if they intertwined with one another… he scarlet and amber hue eyes…her ears…her light tan and pale skin ,her whole appearance… and her power…I had asked knuckles if I could make a wish at the master emerald alter during that once in 10 year scarlet filled moon…I asked if she could make me younger…because I was told… I didn’t have too long to live… I was depressed after losing your mother in that tragic accident…and so she granted my wish…but that would mean my life was shortened a bit even more…” I simply stared at him in awe as I continued to listen to his story until I fell asleep.
*End Flashback*

“Such a sad story…” maru said as they approached the door and arkious opening the door several seconds later. “ Sadly…he died 5 years later as far as I could tell or he simply disappeared…but there was something I discovered in his notes…and this…” Akrious said as he walked over to a wall that held several pictures as he moved one of the pictures a creaking sound could be heard along with the sound of moving gears as marus’ ears twitched to the sound. “He kept mother’s body hidden and preserved…in hopes of meeting that girl again…to help bring back mom…” maru gasped as Arkious glanced at the large silver stasis pod as it slowly hovered down into place as the walls containing the pictures moved out of the way. “ I…is this why you released me?” maru said her voice hinted a tiny bit of sadness as she turned to arkious and he shook his head, His attention turning from the stasis pod to her. “No…I wanted to do that on my own… I wanted to do the best I could…to be honest I was a bit shocked when hito and mitsu told me about this…” Arkious said as he kneeled down a bit to get within eye level of maru as he places his hands on the blind fold about to take it off before an alarm sounded. “Sir there appears to be intruders forcing their way into the estate. “ a female robotic monotone voice boomed from what appeared to be the walls as arkious stood up and pressed a button on the wall hiding the stasis pod once again as he looked at maru once again. “Shit…they found out… listen maru… please if anything happens to me take care of karu as if she was your sister alright? Can you do that for me? “Maru nodded as he took the blind fold off of maru revealing her Scarlet and amber eyes. “You have removed the blind fold…and so you have formed this contract “maru said her voice and eyes held no emotion as she looked at him ” I hereby accept you as the contractor and therefore I will protect karu…please get somewhere safe.” Maru said as she ran up the stairs to karu.

*Meanwhile, outside*

“Just what the hell is going on?!” Mitsu said as she fired several rounds from her sniper .05 sniper rifle at the oncoming G.U.N soldiers as Hito attacked the oncoming G.U.N Soldiers with his sword dodging any in coming bullets as he growled. “I have no idea! But we have to protect Arkious and the others no matter what!” Hito said as he side stepped an oncoming G.U.N soldier as he ran towards Hito, attempting to stab him with a switch blade and hito slashing the soldier in the back and falling down onto the ground dead blood splattered on parts of Hito’s suit as he sighed. “I just cleaned this suit…” he said before continuing to attack the soldiers. The soldiers pulled away moments later as a human in a white casual suit approached the house with a Mecha muscle suited G.U.N soldier walking along side him as Hito and Mitsu watched keeping their eyes and weapons aimed at him. “ We are not here to fight…we want to know if my old friend Arkious found something in that old cathedral that I sent him to investigate. “ he said as he looked at Hito and then mitsu who sat on the roof of the house. “You received the reports and findings as well as the results he didn’t find anything.” Hito stated bluntly as he stared at the two humans a look of anger and hatred could be seen in his eyes. “ you see…I have a problem believing that…” he said as he smirked before snapping his fingers as the large muscle suited figure grunted before walking slowly towards Hito’s direction. “Hito! “Mitsu shouted as she quickly reloaded her gun and began to open fire on the large muscle suited man. Hito remained in his attack position as he continued to stare at the man as he approached him. Mitsu growled in annoyance as the bullets bounced off of the mecha muscle suited and did little to no damage as it stopped in front of hito and raised its mechanical arm about to hit hito. “Hito look out!” Mitsu said as hito rolled out of the way as the mechanical arm slammed into the ground where hito once stood. “dammit…what is that thing…” hito said as he stood up again and got into a defense position, his angered expression never left his face.


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