Operation Plankton


Written by KateJadzia, drawn by Jutta, edited by Nick and

wanted by Elizabeth





Text:                                  KateJadzia

Pictures:                            Jutta E. Schröder

Wanted poster:                 Elizabeth Berger

Edited:                              FirstEditing™


This compelling and humorous story tells the tale of Terence, a fox terrier on a scientific mission, and his great adventures sailing the seas to achieve it. Determined to get to difficult destination to succeed in “Operation Plankton,” Terence embarks on a wild journey with a so-called Captain Kitty and various other quirky feline and canine crewmembers.

With a mysterious and clever tone, the plot unravels in consistent suspense through the eyes of Terence. His new friends are a rambunctious group with a profound love for rum who together manage to pull of a wild trip and sophisticated schemes.

Captain Kitty proves himself on various accounts, tricking and fleeing from wolves, sailing through wild storms, and never revealing his big secret. Meanwhile, the little terrier learns to sail, unknowingly falls in love, and goes above and beyond achieving his goal. Arriving at his destination is no easy feat but well worth it in the end. It is a story of adventure, love, and improvements in liquid-crystal display technology.



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 For Elizabeth, who soon might have more knowledge of PDP and LCD technology than I do





Chapter One



It was still dark in Castle Yorkshire of the Royal Dog Clan. The sun was just rising from the North Sea and a rough breeze of sea air was blowing over the royal castle garden right into the throne room.

Princess Victoria, Countess of Yorkshire, was one of the few early risers in the palace. As the oldest princess, she was primarily responsible for the organization of the court. She was the only one who had the overview of the clan’s money matters, and since this task required a lot of time and power, she was almost always in a bad mood. Nevertheless, there was one thing she absolutely enjoyed and therefore indulged in every morning. Before breakfast, she would ask to see individual courtiers to tell them how lazy they actually were.

Today, for example, she had Baron von Setter summoned. This phlegmatic and taciturn treasurer paid a lot of attention to his elegant, dark-brown fur and loved admiring himself in the many mirrors of the castle. Apart from the registration of the crown jewels, he was also responsible for making sure that her mother, the queen, only got presents befitting her social status for all possible occasions. Birthday presents, especially, had to be chosen carefully and prepared a long time beforehand.

But Victoria and Philipp von Setter were not the only ones already awake so early in the morning. There was somebody else creeping through the castle as well.

Katherine of Norway was one of the few cats here at the royal court. Upon returning from her nocturnal hunting walk, she heard loud voices coming from the throne room. She had become curious and therefore slowly sneaked up to the ajar door and listened.

 “What do you mean you can’t procure it?” Countess Victoria growled at her treasurer. When Katherine heard that, she smiled into her small, white gloves while peeping through the open door in the audience room.

“And what do you mean with two million pounds?” the princess continued to yelp. In doing so, she bared her small, pointed teeth, tore an obviously disagreeable piece of writing with her paws, and crumpled it up to a small paper ball that she elegantly kicked into the blazing fireplace with her right hind paw.

“Plus VAT,” Baron von Setter added without any emotions. Katherine licked her white bib to avoid a laughing fit. She knew that the baron only passed on copies to the princess after the last scandal and that he didn’t mind what she did with it. But when she heard him say, “Without counting in how much Tiger Khan’s visits cost us,” she knew that anger was about to come up.

Even Baron von Setter was aware of it. And although he was considerably taller than the small, currently very angry Yorkshire princess, he drew in his horns as a precaution and distanced himself.

‘Dogs are so foolish,’ Katherine thought. Expectantly, she remained at the door and continued to listen.

“What does this CAT have to do with the birthday present for the queen?” Victoria grumbled menacingly.

“This TOMCAT has the prototype, Your Highness, and in addition to that—endless dough. Surely that’s also the reason why your honourable mother allows this hoodlum to enter and leave this court without restrictions.”

“This tomcat is only ONE of my mother’s business partners.”

“Who has almost entirely pinched our beautiful island, madam. Everyone here knows that the queen dances to his tune. Or how else do you explain that there are already cats sneaking about as court ladies?”

Suddenly, Katherine wasn’t that tickled anymore. Her tail moved threateningly back and forth, and she was thinking about jumping from her lair and slapping Setter with her inner paw. But the pretty, small wildcat controlled herself. Carefully, she looked around the corner once more and heard Victoria snarling at her treasurer in a sweet-sour manner: “First of all, my MOTHER doesn’t dance; she reigns. Secondly, Katherine of Norway is a pedigree cat and has no relationship whatsoever to this grubby cat. On the contrary, she has some of those seldom-seen qualities, such as cleverness and faith. You might almost think she has a certain dog mind. And you, dear baron, should use your brains so that King Louis de Labrador won’t portray the queen as old fashioned and technically backwards on her birthday again.”

“The calendar shows the 1st of May, and the queen’s birthday is on 31st of October, madam. But until the end of the year, it is unlikely that we will have two million pounds for such folderol left, my lady,” the baron sighed.

“Don’t be impertinent! That’s no folderol; it’s politics. Prestige, do you understand?”

And before the baron was able to reply, Lady Yorkshire jumped onto her red divan, turned three times around herself, pushed her front paws elegantly forward, and stretched out.

After a while, she said yawningly, “The Secret Intelligence Service has already got a plan to avoid those two million pounds. I really don’t have to emphasize that it would have been your responsibility, Mr. Baron. If you continue to be so reckless, you will find yourself in India as the responsible person for the yeti census.”

“The last yetis have been sighted in Nepal, madam,” Baron von Setter corrected stiffly.

“Then I will send you there!” Victoria grumbled, resting her small dog’s nose on her front paws.

Again, Katherine chortled into her paws, thinking to herself: ‘Somebody should tell those dogs that Nepal has never been part of their kingdom.’

But just as Katherine of Norway


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For Elizabeth, who soon might have more knowledge of PDP and LCD technology than I do and for my friend Indihex who is a true friend

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