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‎July ‎25, ‎2011
When the end is getting closer,
And the earth has burned th sky,
Now repent because it's all over,
Here's a masoleum fit for me,
Lived a hundred years a hundred years i didn't see,
I gave all my hope away is there any left for me?
Bombs are spittin automs what can the futur bring?
When we fill a million choirs,
We can't even hear the children sing,
We could walk a million miles,
End up in the sea,
Our lungs just keep filling,
And lying when we breath,
The world is filled with liars like you or me,
I look at a child,
Its fine the feeling inside,
Eyes blue like the sky,
I can see all it's meaning,
I reach up to god and ask him if im dreaming,
So sorry i don't have them things you are desperatly needing,
Goodbye im leaving,
As i lay here broken,
& i am carried to the light,
My heart is finally open,
Everybody says greetings and goodbyes,
Everybody pays no one know's the price,
Of sin and sacraface,
I know i'll sin again but who can save me twice?
How much can we ask for,
You get the answer first,
How much can we kneel for?
With air that chills the earth,
My knee's keep hitten the dirt,
The innocent can cry without the guilty getting hurt.
I knew i couldn't survive this smoke much longer,
As the emtion over powers me,
I fear i won't make it out alive,
Now i've died in my head once befor,
This time gods not hear to save me
It was already to late to fall for the answers,
I already had,
As i struggled to free myself,
I heard a voice,
God's voice,
Telling me to get the answers... i already had them,
I just had to burry deep within myself and find them,
Every occasion has its chaos or mask of distruction,
How did i fall over again, i must've whent back in,
As the thick emotion covers me entirly and im sucked in,
I still fear if my eyes close i will not be able to open them again,
That scared me,
If i fell i knew i wouldn't get back up again either,
Now christ sacrafaced everything so that i could live,
And be rid of my burdens,
It was my responcibility to keep my self alive for him,
Now i call upon everything christ has tuaght me,
no matter how afraid i might be,
I could never give up,
I stand here coughing and clueless as to what i should do now,
If i died go give me the strength to make my heart beat once more,
To survive the mistakes i'm drowning in,
Thinking of what im trying to accomplish,
I'll set people strait cause now i know where we are headed...
Strange things happen but their not all because of me,
I wouldn't worry about it anyway if i already moved on....
I think our emotions were messing with our heads,
violence, un-solved issues, and pain,
alot of it...
But the person i look up to now a long time he reached His hand out for me he sabved me and thats the first time i didn't feel alone...
Loved you, you mad me hate me,
See? it saved me,
These tears i cry are deadly,
I can't believe im still steady after all these years of feeling happy,
You ripped that awat though,
Like a broken thread that kept my heart beating steady,
When it loosend it became deadly,
My heart crumpled to the ground ever so badly,
like a time bomb waiting to be launched at me,
What should i do?
I can't find those threads,
In this black pool i feel lonely,
The black mist covering me entirly,
Maybe i could hot glue these peices back together,
There's a possibility,
That if my hear shall shatter again it won't matter to me then like it has now,
When my hearts threads were found.
miserable, WITHOUT my family...
What kind of life will i be headed to?
One where i will always be alone or be reviled,
Is there no hope nore a chance,
I will not join this family, this certain rule to put others down,
Its like im playing a role more then being myself,
But my act is cut short by the greedy, guilty, and the pain of being the same,
Only to be taking cruelity,
But yet i long to have team a group a family of my own who will care and love me for ever.
Now i'd seen how they work it, a family,
I am just in-experianced,
The scene was inexpressible,
Splender of a family working together,
Matchless, amazing unity, for which a single word fit, layolty.
The beyond
Through the bolts of lightning & thunder,
Our history of mankind is read,
By whom we do not no nore need to,
But within out souls lays the answer,
And the "had" between to lands,,,
The living and the dead,
Forsake the heavenly ladder,
The tomb of our souls,
Bring human's and animals together,
Bring pelt and bone befor us,
The work god's been doing is nearly done,
For this is only the begining,
Head the call of christ,,,
Toward the setting sun.
Just as the nattives say our body's may be flesh,
But our souls are punctur proof.
What was this for?
Why was i placed in this situation,
Why was i judged,
Why, was i put on earth,
If i do not belong with it's people,
To take crueilty from the one's i loved,
To lose a game i haven't excepted to play,
Why me?
What was the point in me living if i feel dead?
Watching myself from far away almost like watching my life's movie and it is stuck on the Playback on my life,
I know my times not here yet,,,
Why must i go through the worst.
Grieving constantly,
I am wishing this would change,
That i would change,
But, whats the point in wishing when there was no genie to for-fill my wishes.
Who in the hell am i?
Life is slow...
but we are all running to fast.
we thought the victory of winning the race would be sensational.
but only to find you left 10 20 30 50 years of your life behind. and when you win a race like that you fast foward to the end of you life,
befor youve had a chance to live it.
to make mistakes and make mistakes again,
to argue your point and argue again.
to hit and punch and assult your husband or wife and face the consequences.
that is life.
to be continued....


Publication Date: 09-13-2011

All Rights Reserved

A girl had a voice but didn't bother to speak up, This story she tells her thoughts and she puts them in the form of poems each describing how life looked from her point of view.

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