Can't see you
Can't hear you
Can't touch you
Can't love you
Can't trust you
Can't believe you
Can't be with you
Why can't I
Have a choice

(Some body who can no longer see, hear, touch, love, believe or be with a loved one no matter what. Since that person has no choice it seems as if she is controlled by a relative or something to keep them away.)


Forever Alone
Forever No Bone
Forever A Clone
Forever Friend Zone
Forever Not Shown

(Forever alone meaning they are always alone, forever no bone saying they are calling themselves they are nothing not even bone. Forever a clone if they tried to fit in they would only be a copy of some one else. Forever friend zone they never had a relationship with another and forever not shown meaning no one sees that person or people just don't want to let everyone notice.)

I Did

I watched
I wrote
I swore
I cared
I befriended
I talked
I hugged
I kissed
I sexed
But Never
Kept my loved

(A person has done everything a human being could ever do. Every thing except keep a loved one.)

Yes and No

Dad says no
Heart says yes
Mum says no
Hope says yes
Bestie says no
Belief says yes
They say no
I say yes
Everything yes
But for you
It's always a no

(Everyone of the person's family, peers and friends have told them no to be with someone else except for him/herself and not sure what to do since everything else they do is a yes for her loved ones. Everything but the one they want the most.)

Alphabet Tears

Another day
Baring not to cry
Caring and missing you
Daring not to run
Every memory
Finds its way
Graving in my head
Hiding away
In total depression
Judging what I did
Kindness you gave
Loving each other so
Missing you say
Nothing will take you
Opposite to me
Pressure in my heart
Quivering in the corner
Running from fear
Scared of losing
Torn apart
Under my sheets
Vibes saying leave
Wanting to die
X-ray show no bone
Yellping for help
Zipping myself
inside eternal darkness

(It starts the line in order of the alphabet showing how much a young person or child can have as much heart break as an adult can. Losing a family member that was so close to them or an ability they have had for a very long time that kept them going through their young lives. Except young children can feel our darkness as much or even more as everyone else can.)

When I

When I dream I see you
When I awake I miss you
When I was young I had you
When I love now they took you
When I believe I am with you
When I am home I am without you
Now in my days
It ends with pain

(Everyday life for this person shows a little of what happened in their loved life. It seems as if love is forbidden between each other young and old. Star crossed lovers and they can only feel pain as they go on.)

I Wanna

I wanna live
I wanna love
I wanna talk
I wanna stalk
I wanna drink
I wanna think
I wanna cry
I wanna lie

(Some one who wants to do things they want but death took over for a simple heart break. Living is hard, Loving is harder. To talk takes effort, stalking a loved one is an adventure. Drinking is like youth, thinking no one realises it's uncontrollable. Crying is filled with fear, sadness and happiness. Lying is like another riddle to be solved, except this person is completely nothing.)

The Truth

In a white dress
Walking down the aisle
Finding a man at the end
Roses in hand
Tear running down my face
Once I reach my destination
He says I'm beautiful
Slides a ring on my finger
I do the same
Then we stare at each others eyes
Saying our vows
And we have the one kiss
That lasts for so long
Closing my eyes
Once I open them
You're not there
I'm in bed all alone
Hoping he was still here
I love him
He is so close
But our love is forbidden
Fighting through pain
I can not fight no more
Wish he could come back
But I know that he won't
It's my only a wish
That will never come true

(A woman who dreams of her forbidden love who married her, but she wakes knowing it will never come true. Though that they are deeply in love her wish will never come true.)

Can I

Can I say I love you
Can I say I miss you
Can I say I wanna be with you
Can I say I want you
Can I say I wanna family with you
Can I say all the things I want
Can I express my feelings to him?
Cause you never let me with him

(A girl who loves a particular boy who she can't see and has no contact. She asks some one that won't allow her with the boy and asks her so many questions and hates how they forbid her to be with the boy that she is desperate to stay with)

May Be

May be a Doctor
May be an Author
May be a Teacher
May be a Preacher
But you'll never be
My Lover

(Somebody has owned a lot of jobs trying to get with a rich person, except they don't care about the amount of jobs they try to get to own as much money to afford with them. They just don't love them.)

You and Him

You kissed me
I felt nothing
He kissed me
Felt like flying
You hugged me
I hugged in response
He hugged me
I melted from his pulse
You said you love me
I nodded to reply
He said he loves me
Heart in his hands where it now lays
You have done so much
But I regret to say
That I don't love you

(A girl is in love triangle but picks one leaving the other boy down hearted, she doesn't want to hurt him. He loves her so much but she tries to explain her feelings. Admitting that she doesn't love him)


I said I'll die in 60 seconds
You said wait a minute
I said I'm dying today
You said I'll get back to you tomorrow
It seems like you have no time
To spare for me in your life time

(Some one is upset knowing that this person will never have to time to talk or think about them. Not even death to give them.)


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