Gun For A Friend

Got a gun
To my head
Light like sun
Drop by you
Shocked and scared
Feel terrible too
Did nothing when
I had life
To your sin
Don't even know
That when I
Had to go
I meant it

(About a some one who shot themselves infront of somebody else who did nothing to stop the situation. They thought they were joking and a lie.)


You said eww
I said cool
You said emo
I said is that so
You said whore
I said I love you more
You said meanie
I said bitchy
You said stop
I said nope
You said please no
I said why should I though
You said I'm sorry
I said Don't worry
You said thank you for sparing me I was selfish
I said you wish

(Someone told this person they were gross and everything now they have had enough. They go and have a hunting spree and killed the one who had messed with them through their lives)

Stop Me

Makes me stronger
Makes me live longer
You can't stop me
Makes me smarter
Makes me happier
You can't stop me
Makes me harder
Makes me faster
You can't stop me
Death is better

(Some one is imagining of themselves dead and how good it would be to have these abilities.)

Little Boy Blue

Eyes are red
Skin is blue
Soul in dread
You never knew
Body you fed
None have a clue
The boy they've led
Came straight to you

(Some one murdered a young boy and showed what he looked like. Police did investigation and caught that person.)

Sleep Forever

Silence is right
Can never take flight
Blood on my palm
Giving me harm
Round the hurt
Heart on mild
There's no peace
A tender we're wild
Sleep forever
Sleep forever

(Taken from Silent night, a lullaby for a young teen who wants to sleep. Cutting herself and harming herself while she wants to die and never wake up)

The Journey

I hear laughing
I see nothing
I feel freezing
I think something
I can't do anything
I cry for everything
To stop me from leaving
Not my fault I'm going
Angels are singing
Demons are calling
Now the light is what I'm seeing
My soul is flouting
Into paradise now panicking
I left the children playing
Now I worrying
Because they look like they are now sleeping

(Some one is murdeed and they are going up to heaven, they have no idea where to go but choses heaven. They now remember they left children somewhere and are now dead)


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Publication Date: 11-29-2012

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